Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The gospel of white fascism (Part 4)...anthropology 101, Punnett squares and bamboozled Black pseudo-scholars...

The man with the quasi-maniacal stare in the pictured header above, is a college professor who has acquired an MBA, teaches a variety of courses in economics, finance and management, and interestingly enough, also holds a chairman's position in a corporate holdings company and a national retail franchise. So this person has influence in both collegiate and corporate worlds. And the reason I chose this pic for this post's header, is to illustrate what his stare is really saying...at least to me. In this professor's eyes, you can see the insidious promise to enforce the doctrines of the white fascist social order. And what that means to Black men and women is, this man, and the institution he represents, are hell-bent on teaching us to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, in order to keep our Diaspora in a constant cycle of self-hatred. 

Whether he knows it or not.

Now, I understand the majority of people who read this will think the above statements are wholly relative, but if they say a picture is worth a thousand words, these are but a few I've chosen for this pic...especially in regards to what I know about the american educational system.

Case in point, recently, a 'conscious' Black person made a comment on my post titled, 'white fascist charades and Spike Lee's Chiraq', which spoke to the genetic powers (or lack thereof) of the Black Diaspora. And to say this person's argument(s) are absurdly disturbing is an understatement. But beyond this person's arguments being warped, they were downright subversive and dangerous, in terms of putting an anglophilic spin on the Black Diaspora having the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

So in effect, I told this person to stop making comments on this Blog. Now, for those who think this was unduly harsh or cruel, I need you to understand the nature of this person's argument as it relates to the message of this particular Blog. So rather than reinterpret this person's argument for them, I'll just re-post what they wrote.

For their first comment, this person wrote: 'YOu may be right about the propagandized subliminal messages in Chiraq. And I agree wholeheartedly that Black people need to realize that we are all VICTIMS in this system of white supremacy, from the grown men gang bangers who shoot defenseless 9yr olds to the irresponsible baby-mommas who churn these thugs out...'

Now, right from jump, I could see this person's anglophilic bent. Cause like I keep repeating on this Blog, if we, the Black Diaspora and especially the 'conscious' Black community, can't see that white fascism makes us hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, not only will we always think the worst about ourselves, but we'll think these types of dysfunctions are natural to us (grown-men gang bangers who shoot defenseless 9 yr. olds/irresponsible baby-mommas who churn these THUGS out). Meaning, that Black people are just born with these dysfunctions, and there's nothing we can do to change them. And keeping us feeling this way is the goal of white fascists.

A couple of lines later, this person goes in for the attack on Black genetics, and writes: 'I used to follow that line of thinking: Black people have the genetic propensity to wipe out the white race. Well, that line of thinking only works if Blacks mate with whites within ONE generation and their offsprings marry within the Black community -- recent stats show that Blacks are actually doing the reverse. Unlike slavery, Reconstruction or the Jim Crow era, In 2015 Blacks are not only marrying whites, but so is their offspring because most mulattos are very white-identified.'

After shaking my head repeatedly, I said let me debunk this non-sense straight off, and tell the Black men and women reading this, that 'inter-ethnic' weddings between whites and Blacks, make up less than 1% of overall american marriages. So when this person declares that '...in 2015 Blacks are not only marrying whites, but so is their offspring...', they're basically engaging in a delusional type of 'wish fulfillment'. Meaning, this person in their heart of hearts wants to think that whites and Blacks are marrying each other in droves, so their dreams of marrying a white person will more than likely materialize, even if only in their own mind.

Now, if you don't understand how most whites say they're in favor of 'inter-ethnic' marriages, but the overwhelming majority of them DON'T MARRY US, AND HAVE NO INTEREST IN MARRYING US IN LARGE NUMBERS; then you'll be just as bamboozled as this dumb-founded negro.

Then this person continues and says: 'Black people NEVER needed white people for nary one thing, white people need BLACK people to populate. After all, they mutated from Black Dravidians of India anyway (Aryans) don't believe the hype. WE are the ones increasing their dwindling population if anything, we're certainly not "exterminating" by our DNA as you may think. You have to ask yourself why is there a push to encourage Blacks to mate with whites? Other than to pre-empt the Black Family Unit, the powers that be (not the dummie KKK) understand they need our MELANIN to survive -- if you understood anthropology 101, ain't nothing hardly PURE about recessive-carrying albino white race lololol.'

Now, I gotta' give it to this person, this is the most nuanced and finessed type of reverse psychology I've seen when it comes to this argument. But let's break down what's really being said here...when this person says, '...white people need Black people to populate', a Black person, conscious or not, might be inclined to agree. But what this person doesn't realize, or refuses to realize, is whites don't NEED us to populate, they WANT US TO help them populate or reproduce themselves, by having children with them. And the ultimate goal of that is to GET RID OF 'PURE-BRED', OR 'PURE-BRED-LOOKING', DARKER-SKINNED BLACK PEOPLE WITH THE MOST GENETIC POWER TO BREED THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE!

If whites really want to increase their numbers, they can set up 'breeding farms' (and I wouldn't be surprised if they already have), like they did with us during the Black Holocaust in america.

See, if this person can convince any Black man or woman that whites 'need' us to reproduce themselves, they can hide the fact that white fascists only WANT US to help them reproduce themselves, solely so they can get rid of us. And the goal behind this is to make the white fascist agenda to get rid of Black people seem a lot less insidious. It puts a kinder, gentler face on white fascism. And ultimately, it makes you empathize with white fascists and their 'population plight'. It says that white fascists aren't really as dastardly as we've made them out to be.

And when this person says: 'After all, they mutated from Black Dravidians of India anyway (Aryans) don't believe the hype.

For those Black men and women who don't know, our Black ancestors CREATED WHITE PEOPLE. So they did not 'naturally' mutate from Black 'Dravidians', or anyone else. And let me reinforce this fact by saying, there's NOTHING ORGANIC ABOUT THE ORIGINS OF WHITE PEOPLE...NOTHING! This is the reason greeks and romans have such extensive 'mythologies', cause they basically wanna' convince Black people that they were around as long as us! They know that the physical evidence of our ancient ancestry is completely tangible and global, and the most prevalent case of this is the ancient pyramids, especially in Kemet (what they call Egypt)...and they wanna' take credit for those too!

I had one anglophilic idiot write to me that the Kemetic pyramids were built by hebrew slaves...now, if you were an anglophile posing as a conscious Black person, you wouldn't know that those pyramids were old long before any person calling themselves a hebrew existed. And the term 'hebrew', in relation to our pyramids, is just a euphemism for white people.

And let me say as I've said in the past, the only reason white people are even on this planet, is cause we created them during a eugenic misadventure. But don't take my word for this, check out the story of 'Yakub', and judge for yourself.

And let me make one more fact clear, I can make a distinction between white fascists and white people. This post/Blog is not intending to make any Black man or woman hate white people in general. We all need to understand that not every white person owns and operates a fascist institution with the goal of destroying the Black 'nuclear' family. In this Blog, I'm talking about the 1% of white people who own all the world's resources and restrict access to them. Furthermore, anyone who endeavors to hate anyone else, is ultimately gonna' wind up consumed in a self-hatred. And that's the last thing any Black man or woman needs more of.

Conversely, Black men and women reading this also need to understand that the average poor, working-class, and upper-middle class white person, will more than likely side with whatever white fascist social order they belong to because more often than not, that social order benefits them most. Also understand, that these same white people will go along with this social order even when they're suffering its abuses.

So traversing a balance between these two facts, is where, in my opinion, the Black men and women reading this should focus their 'consciousness'.

But that's ultimately the choice of each Black man and woman looking at this post.

Moving on...

Now back to this certified pre-owned negro...this person's aforementioned diatribe ended with this condescending jab: '...if you understood anthropology 101, ain't nothing hardly PURE about recessive-carrying albino white race lololol.'

First off, I think it's pretty evident that I understand whites AREN'T the ethnic group with the dominant genetics...WE ARE!

Second, let me tell you a little something about a 'scholar' academia calls the 'father of cultural Anthropology'.

Edward Burnett Tylor, who was born in 1832, belonged to a group of so-called scholars known as 'Intellectualists'. And they were not only responsible for the science of Anthropology, but they were also instrumental in paving the way for the modern academic study of religion (coincidence...hmmm?).


Tylor got an 'honorary DOCTORATE' from Oxford university, cause he was a curator of the Oxford university museum. That's how he got his job teaching this subject. So to the person who wrote this and is extolling the virtues of their collegiate education, you know where you can stick your 'Anthropology 101' comment.

But basically, this person's argument comes further down to this, when they write: 'Black genetics are indeed strong, but I've never seen conclusive evidence of our genes 'taking over' the white race, at any point in history. In fact, I've seen quite the opposite: Blacks breeding themselves out to create mulatto castes that wind up being antagonistic to the Black masses. For instance, the Moors bred themselves out of existence, adding much to the arab race, the first progenitors of systematic racism.'

Now, about the above statement, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, and you've looked in a mirror lately, I have to say, congratulations...you've just seen a MOOR!!

The term 'Moor/Muur' was used by whites to describe Black people...PERIOD! And even the grandmaster-teaching Dr. Yoseph Ben-Jochannan, better known as Dr. Ben, referred to 'Moors' as 'Africans'. Now, anyone affiliated with the Moorish Science Temple knows that any Black man or woman would need to adhere to a certain type of religious orthodoxy, to qualify as their kind of 'Moor/Muur', but ancient white people used this term to identify deeply melanated people with traditionally African facial features...to identify US, in other words. And that's what this term means in regards to this argument about 'Black genetics'.

Two more points this picaninny added to their argument were these: 'Where are YOUR examples of Blacks breeding out entire white populations?'

And this: 'The only issue I raised was the CAVEAT that even dominant genes can eventually disappear when REPEATEDLY BRED WITH RECESSIVE GENES. If you do enough Punnett squares the recessive outcome becomes scientifically inevitable.'

Now 'Punnett squares' were named for their creator Reginald Crundall Punnett, who in 1908 was asked at a lecture to explain why recessive phenotypes still persist, and why if brown eyes (Black genetics) were dominant, wasn't the whole country becoming brown-eyed?

So let's break what these two points are saying ALL THE WAY DOWN...

What this brain-washed anglophile and these white fascist sycophants are really saying, is a white person existing anywhere tells us that Black genetics aren't as strong as we thought they were; and white, recessive-traited genetics, aren't as weak. Cause if Black genetics were that powerful, white people would have been bred out of existence already.

Now, to that point, I'll ask this question: if white, recessive-traited genetics were more powerful than we originally thought, then why were white people a global minority centuries ago, and why are they STILL A GLOBAL MINIORITY NOW!?

Shouldn't they have been able to reproduce themselves to the point where they could securely know that they'll be around in the coming few centuries? Especially if their genetics have such high capacities to absorb and eradicate Black genetics?

And they're in an even worse situation that being a global minority, 'cause again, their birthrates are BELOW replacement levels...meaning, they ARE in fact, as I write this, being bred out of existence.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, what I need you to understand more than anything, is no school or university associated with the white fascist global order is gonna' teach you that white birth rates are below replacement levels, and that YOU have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

Mind you, I'm not knocking a 'higher' education, 'cause I've got one myself, but what you need when you sit in front of any professor as a Black person, more than anything else, is DISCERNMENT!! You need to be able to distinguish between information that's gonna' genuinely help you, and information that white fascists will use to make you feel inferior.


And to the shufflin', dumb-founded minstrel who made these comments, don't you realize white fascists are gonna' completely spin the fact that we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence, so it makes that absolute truth look like a fallacy?

If you're in THEIR (A WHITE FASCIST'S) classroom/university, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO SAY?!!

Have you allowed yourself to be that STUPIFIED by these people? And how dare you tell me that I'd grasp your argument if I only understood 'Anthropology 101'!?

Remember, the whole goal of white fascism is to keep Black people feeling INFERIOR! The fact that more and more Black people realize that we have the most genetic power to breed these people out of existence is EMPOWERING! Thus, white fascists have to do away with this fact...and if it means they have to spread bald-faced lies to do it, then so be it.

Now, like I've said in the past, whenever a Black person shows me how knowledgeable they are about ancient Black people, I'm usually impressed by their discourse. But a second after their diatribe is over, I always ask myself: now what is this person thinking SUBCONSCIOUSLY?

Understand, at least half of the Black 'conscious' people you and I meet, are gonna' be UNDERCOVER ANGLOPHILES!



Reason being, is that they've never bothered to bring their conscious knowledge about ancient Black people into their subconscious. So even though they're preaching Black power, they'll forever be conditioned to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them for being Black.

Remember, if you're a 'truly' conscious Black person, you ARE dealing in, and with, the realms of the SUBCONSCIOUS!

Now, I'd be remiss, if I didn't mention that this person might not be Black at all.

There have been several instances where I've caught white men posing as Black women on the internet, so they could traverse the circles of the Black conscious community more easily.

But I do suspect that this was in fact, a brain-washed Black person.

Either way, this person, can never do themselves or anyone else any good in the context of Black 'consciousness'!


KEM WESIR! (The Medu Netcher term for 'Black Power')

MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I know some mixed race persons that marry blacks, I know some that marry whites. I also am aware of some Native Indian tribes that intermixed with blacks, and today those tribes look black. I myself is very dark skinned, but with a slim nose. I have Native Indian and White somewhere back in my ancestry, but I am the color of Gaboury Sidibe. They will never be able to wipe us out, because our genes are so strong. Most whites only really want to marry whites, they may marry fair skinned Asians, because the white person who they truly want did not want them, so they SETTLED for the closest thing. The funny thing is that many of the white guys who are with Asians, don't even find Fairs skinned Asian women attractive after a short while. Many of them down right insult these women looks behind their backs and especially if they are over 40. Many blacks have to appreciate our own phenotype, we have short torsos and long limbs, (legs and arms) which I find beautiful to look at, and let us not forget soft buttery, unwrinkled skin, healthy beautiful white teeth, full lips and full healthy 4b,4c hair, if we were to fully take care of ourselves. whites and Asians do not have those traits generally. There is a reason why Africans could be naked and still be beautiful and Whites and Asians are generally not beautiful to look at naked, unless they are massively airbrushed. What I am trying to say is it will be fine, we can't change the whole world only ourselves. Many blacks will put whites on a pedestal because they don't know any better. Not all but many whites are unattractive, hairy, no lips, short legs, flat asses, and dry leathery, wrinkly skin, but that is okay, they work hard on themselves to make themselves attractive and desirable, whether it is through cosmetic surgery or exercise at least they try and take care of themselves, so I don't fault them for their view of self preservation. We blacks on the other hand have so many natural attractive physical traits, and we don't need plastic surgery, just exercise and healthy eating and we let ourselves go, we don't really adopt the idea of self-preservation, to me self preservation and self care would be beneficial to us.

    By the way in the first part of the article, you talked about a college professor. I have a degree minor in economics, and at my age I will be pursuing an MBA degree in entrepreneurship and finance, along with my white studies, I wanted to learn about west African civilizations before the transatlantic slave trade. The former is for a short time and the latter,I will be learning about for the rest of my life.

    I have been doing the self meditation and for me I will be doing it for the rest of my life and I don't mind one bit. I believe if we blacks can spend hours in unproductive churches on Sundays, we can spend several minutes daily, meditating and truly working on ourselves.


    1. 'FTBF'...

      At the very nucleus of this Blog, is the tenet that I want EVERY Black man and woman who ventures here to come away with...and that tenet/fact is Black men and women have been taught to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, because we have the most genetic power to breed our oppressors (white people) out of existence.

      And the white elite know that our being told this EMPOWERS US!

      So, when this person started trying to undermine that fact with their anglophilic spin on how our genetics are easily absorbed and eradicated by white genetics, I saw their argument for what it really was...wholly subversive.

      Now, whether this person knew that or not is another story, but I found it odd that this would be the part of my Blog's ideology that they would take to task.

      Now, I know Black people AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE! I KNOW THAT IN TERMS OF GENETIC SURVIVAL, WE'RE HERE TO STAY...but when this person tried to make our genetic dominance look like a falsehood, to the point of them debating this fact with another person who frequents this Blog, I had to set that brain-washed negro straight.

      So my kicking that anglophile to the curb, was my way of setting an example to others who wanna' jump on this forum with that same brain-washed non-sense. It emphatically says that if you wanna' act like a certified pre-owned negro, that's your prerogative...BUT GO DO THAT CRAP SOMEWHERE ELSE, NOT HERE!!!

      And I'm glad to hear you're continuing your studies! And I also know the worst vice is ad-vice, but like I tell every Black person who pursues an american education, make sure you go into those classrooms with your DISCERNMENT fully intact! But I know you will.

      And I'm also glad you're pursuing your meditative endeavors. Cause the anglophilic idiot I kicked off this Blog is a prime example of what happens to our Diaspora, when we DON'T endeavor to master our subconscious minds!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. "I've caught white men posing as Black women on the internet" This proves that these white boys are pathology homosexuals. Because they are so obsessed with black male body's, posing as black females on the internet lol and there CULTure puts the white boy body as a sex symbol above the female's smh.

    1. 'Sam'...

      The recessive-traited genetics of white people predisposes them to an assortment of sexual deviancies.

      Don't take my word for it, just look up the terms, coprophilia, bestiality and necrophilia, just to name a few. Then look up which kind of people engage in these activities the most!

      That's one more reason I feel blessed to have been born into a Black man's body, the closest representation to God there is on this earth!