Saturday, February 27, 2016

The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 6)...Quentin Tarantino, Black Lives Matter and the white fascist art of cultural theft...

The man who inspired me to write this Blog is someone who I’d call the perfect anglophile.

Now let me explain what I’m talking about…

This person is a sexually-conflicted and self-hating Black christian, who makes videos about how Black people lack the skills to think critically. And this is exactly how white fascists have taught him to think.

On top of that, this man is also an e-book author who hired a white artist to create his book covers. And even though the characters in his books are supposed to be Black, the white artist has drawn them to look like olive-skinned caucasians, with this Black man’s sanction no less. Now, this same Black man continues to tell Black people how dumb they are in his videos, and because of this, Black readers have stopped supporting him. And in response to that, he’s now blathering on about how Black people don’t support Black business entrepreneurs like himself. See, in the paradigm of Black self-hatred, you’re conditioned to always put the blame on us.

Now, humans don’t physically see with their eyes, we see with the visual cortex of the brain. Cause if we just relied on our physical eyes to see, every image we’d pick up would be upside-down and backwards. So again, it’s the brain that ‘corrects’ these images. But in the case of this particular Black man, he’s so conditioned to hate himself and everyone who looks like him that he can’t physically see that the people on his book covers don’t look Black. Not only that, he can’t mentally see how insane it is for him to ask for our support while he's calling us idiots.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that this man is not stupid. He’s smart and college-educated, but I wanna’ show the Black men and women reading this how much power the subconscious mind has to subvert conscious thought. See, because of the way this man has been programmed to think, more than likely he’ll never have children, meaning they’ll be less Black people for white fascists to deal with and he’ll more than likely hate himself and everyone who looks like him ‘til the day he dies.

And the saddest part of all this is, he doesn’t know it. And probably never will.

And this is the goal of white fascism. It’s also the reason white fascists teach us to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, and again, they ultimately do this cause we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

Now, the reason I’m writing about this man is recently, I watched a third of one of his videos where he said that young Black men are only interested in acquiring items that give them cultural currency. Which is false. Young Black men can’t only be interested in buying items that add to their cultural currency, cause they’re too busy creating the only cultural currency that matters….and that’s Black cultural currency.

And I can hear people saying, c’mon bruh, you can’t say the only culture that matters is ours. Well, if you want another perspective on this, let’s look at a quote made by the popular film maker Quentin Tarantino.

Here’s what this inbred said to Bret Easton Ellis, in an interview for The New York Time’s ‘T’ magazine: “If you’ve made money being a critic in Black culture in the last 20 years, you have to deal with me. You must have an opinion of me. You must deal with what I’m saying and deal with the consequences.”

Now, if that wasn’t crazy enough, Quentin also marched in a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally in New York, on October of 2015. There, he spoke to a crowd of 300 mostly Black people, and told them: “I’m a human being with a conscious. And when I see murder, I cannot stand by, and I have to call the murdered the murdered, and I have to call the murderers the murderers.” Mind you, this is the man who goes out of his way to call our people nigg#rs in his flicks over a hundred times, especially in his last few films.

Now, Harvey Weinstein, the man who distributes Quentin’s movies for the ‘Weinstein company’, was said to be furious over Quentin’s appearance at that New York rally. But Harvey quickly got over it cause just two months later, he put Tarantino’s movie ‘The Hateful Eight’ in theaters nationwide.

So let me cut to the chase and tell you what’s really going on here. Both Harvey and Quentin are letting Black people and the whole world know that Black cultural currency is so important, even people who hate us are compelled to cater to our sensibilities if they want to stay relevant.

Now, you might say, Quentin doesn’t hate Black people, he loves ‘Blaxploitation’ films and wears Kangol hats like Sam L. Jackson. To which I’ll say this: It’s high time that Black people realize that whites can sing, dance, dress and talk like you, while still HATING YOU!!

So, for all the Black people out there who wanna’ give Tarantino a ‘hood pass’, you need to realize that this man is nothing but a queer bigot who ultimately LOVES BLACK CULTURE BUT HATES BLACK PEOPLE!! PERIOD!!

And whites, along with non-Black ethnic groups, can do this without feeling any internal conflict whatsoever!

Now, if you ask what proof I have that Quentin’s queer, all you have to do is like at ‘Pulp Fiction’s’ brutal rape of Marsellus Wallace. And I've heard there’s a scene in The Hateful Eight where a white guy’s giving oral sex to Sam Jackson’s character. Also, in the script Quentin wrote for the movie 'True Romance', the film’s lead character Clarence, says he’d fu#k Elvis in the opening scene. And for those who don’t know, one of Quentin’s first acting jobs was as an Elvis impersonator.

Also, the reason Quentin has a ‘foot fetish’ is because one of the anatomical features that makes a woman exquisitely feminine, at least to a man, is her dainty, or soft and well-manicured feet. And in Quentin’s heart of hearts, he wishes to be that alluring to men himself.

And for the record, I know of ‘conscious’ Black men and women who still see Quentin’s films and get upset over his gratuitous use of the ‘n-word’. To that I’ll say: What the hell did you expect from a Quentin Tarantino film? And good for you for feeling disrespected, cause your dumb-ass shouldn’t of been there in the first place!

So, if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, the next time Quentin puts out a film and you’re itchin’ to see that non-sense. Shake your head clear and go watch ‘The Spook Who Sat by The Door’ one more time. That’s what I do.

And if you can’t help but give in to peer pressures telling you to see this gay bigot’s films, at least buy a bootleg copy off a brotha so someone who looks like you gets that money.

It’s time we stop supporting whites who smile in our face and stab our backs simultaneously. So when queer Quentin brings another of his crap flicks to your town, walk by the theater it’s playing at…and keep walkin’!


MontUHURU Mimia

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The gospel of white fascism (Part 5)...Beyonce, propagandized media and the battle for street credibility...

Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on September 4th, 1981 in Houston, Texas. Her mother, Celeste Ann 'Tina' Knowles, was a hairdresser and salon owner, and her father Mathew Knowles, was a Xerox salesman. After both of Beyonce's parents recognized her talent for singing and dancing in her pre-teens, Beyonce's early gifts were further verified, when she was seven and won a school competition where her singing beat out performers twice her age.

By age eight, Beyonce was friends with Kelly Rowland, and along with LaTavia Roberson, the trio was placed with other young females to form the singing group, 'Girl's Tyme'. A short time after, a well connected R&B producer sent the group to northern California to perform on the TV show 'Star Search'. After the girls didn't win the show's competition, Mathew Knowles took it upon himself to manage the group. Believing in them, Mathew left his job and dedicated himself to becoming the group's full-time manager, which cut the Knowles household income in half.

Mathew paired the group down to four members, and rehearsed the girls until they were polished enough to open for other established R&B groups. While doing this, they auditioned for record labels and were finally signed to Elektra Records. Then, the group moved to Atlanta Records, only to be cut from that label, before they eventually signed a recording contract with Columbia records.

Now anyone familiar with white fascist freemasonry, should know the significance of the title 'Columbia' within these fraternities.

Christopher Colon, under the sanction of these white fascist freemasons adopted the last name Columbus, as he also represented the interests of these fraternities. In 1492, he mistakenly landed in what we now know as the 'americas', and was tasked with killing off the 'american-indians' who were inhabiting the areas Christopher colonized.

And notice I called the people who Christopher Columbus killed 'american-indians'. Cause anyone doing a little research will find that Black people like the 'Washitaw Moors', were this country's real 'native americans'.

But getting back to the name 'Columbia''s affiliation with white fascist freemasonry is the reason Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) is america's capitol, and institutions like Columbia University, CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Station), and Columbia records are recognized as organizations or locales, with some of the highest concentrations of white freemasons in them.

So Beyonce was in the clutches of these fraternities from an early age.

Shawn Corey Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z, was born on December 4th, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York City. And I think everyone reading this knows he was raised in the 'Marcy Houses', which are tenement projects in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. His mother Gloria Carter, raised him and his three siblings in this area after Shawn's father left the household.

Shawn attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in downtown Brooklyn, and Trenton High School in Trenton, New Jersey, only to leave his academic career behind in his late teens. In interviews and in his music, Jay speaks about pursuing a life of drug-dealing after quitting school and says he used this lifestyle to fund his musical endeavors as an emcee. In the late 80's, Shawn met his musical mentor in the rapper 'Jaz-O', who also lived in his neighborhood. And since Shawn's peers referred to his personality and rapping style as 'jazzy', he combined this sentiment with his mentor's nickname and came up with his own rapping moniker 'Jay-Z'.

Now, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, a young Jay-Z can be heard on the records ‘Hawaiian Sophie’ and ‘The Originators’ with ‘Jaz-O’. Jay was also featured on ‘Big Daddy Kane’s’ album, ‘Daddy’s Home’ during these years. But if you really want to know about the person responsible for Jay-Z’s rise to stardom, you’d have to talk about a man named Dr. York.

Dwight D. York, a.k.a. Malachi Z. York, was the leader of an organization called the ‘Ansaru Allah’ community. This group was founded on the tenets of contemporary Islam and Nubian Hebrew Israelite cultures. Later, they incorporated elements of Black Nationalism and cryptozoology into their disciplines to form a quasi-religious fellowship called the ‘Nuwabians’ (Brother Polight).

In the mid-80’s Dr. York launched his own record label called ‘Passion Productions’. He was also a vocalist with his groups ‘Jackie and the Starlights’, ‘Students’, and ‘Passion’. And on May 4th, 1985, Dr. York and Passion Productions were featured on an advertisement for Billboard Magazine.

Now, what the readers of this post should also know about Dr. York is that the man is a 33rd degree master freemason. And not only did this help with his musical pursuits, but it also helped him guide the careers of other celebrity musicians. And some of those other artists include Queen Latifah and KRS-ONE.

Now, Dr. York and his Ansaru Allah community were based in Brooklyn, New York in the 70’s and 80’s. More specifically, they were located in and around the areas of Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue, which was only blocks away from the Marcy Housing Projects. And because of this, when Jaz-O started rapping, he came in contact with Dr. York. A short time later, Jaz introduced Dr. York to a young Jay-Z.

So Jay, like Beyonce, was traveling in circles of white fascist freemasons from an early age.

*Sidenote: In 2002, Dr. York was arrested and convicted of multiple ‘RICO’, child molestation and financial reporting charges, and is currently serving a 135 year prison sentence.

Now, some of you might be asking: If the man’s a 33rd degree mason, how’s he serving any time in prison? What the Black Diaspora, and Black masons need to understand is, not only is there a 33 and a third degree of freemasonry that’s reserved exclusively for white masons, but as Black masons, once the white factions of your organization figure you’ve crossed them, or you’re no longer useful to the agenda of white fascism, they’ll have no problems getting rid of you with a quickness. Moreover, the fact that you’re a higher-ranking Black mason with a lot of knowledge about their organization, makes you all the more dangerous. And they’ll do whatever they need to, to make sure you’re no longer a threat to them.

And this is a point I’ll expound on at the latter part of this post.

Now, I think we’re all familiar with the high points of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s careers. And I’m making reference to Beyonce’s work with ‘Destiny’s Child’ and Jay’s albums like, ‘The Hard Knock Life Volume 2’. So let’s just skip to Beyonce and Jay getting married in 2008.

And speaking of that, we should also note how Jay and Beyonce’s marriage was arranged by these same freemasonic networks. Just like the marriage of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown back in the day, and the wedding of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett in more recent years. See, white fascists feel that the couplings of these celebrities will have more power to influence the masses than these stars would have on their own. And we should never forget that the only reason the construct of celebrity exists at all, is so white fascists can use them to influence us. 

So now, let’s skip farther ahead to the night of February 7th, 2016, when ‘Superbowl 50’ was aired on american TV.

A couple of nights after this, I was web-surfing and I happened to see an article talking about Beyonce catching some heat behind her ‘Half-Time’ performance at this Superbowl.

So being curious as to what america’s sweetheart could have done to offend anyone, I clicked on it. I was taken to a web page where a video of Beyonce’s performance began playing immediately. And as usual, it showed her doing some synchronized dance moves with back-up performers. But after watching for a minute, nothing about this display struck me as being out of the ordinary. Then I read the web-page’s article.

It said Beyonce's outfit and her dancer’s outfits, had the look of ‘Black Panther’s’ uniforms. Then it said this performance was speaking to the police brutality being committed in america’s Black communities. Then the article played up the fact that Beyonce was supposed to be the face of some new militant pro-Black movement, in keeping with her upcoming world tour aptly titled, ‘The Formation’ Tour.

That’s when I understood what was really going on.

As of late, too many music fans have caught on to Jay and Beyonce being nothing but lapdogs for white fascist freemasons. Now, being that the music industry is all but dead, in america anyway, this is not only bad for this couple’s music sales, but it also poses a larger problem for them.

If too many fans, and people in general, realize that Jay and Beyonce are nothing but white fascist kiss-asses, they won’t be able to influence the masses like their white freemasonic handlers want them to. Thus, these white fascists might toss them away like yesterday’s trash...kinda’ like they did with Dr. York.

So for anyone wondering whether or not Beyonce has become some kind of pro-Black revolutionary, the answer is DEFINITIVELY NO!!

The reason Beyonce is wearing these militaristic outfits and donning a Black Nationalist demeanor, is because she’s literally ‘battling’ to get her street credibility back with music fans.

Now, am I saying that if Jay and Beyonce don’t get back their ‘street cred’ they'll wind up in prison like Dr. York? No. What I’m saying is, white fascist freemasons will always find another ‘pop-tart’ or ‘third-rate rapper’ to replace Jay and Beyonce.

So ultimately, that’s what she's fighting against.

Mind you, when I first saw Beyonce’s performance, nothing about her or her back-up dancer’s cloths reminded me of the Black Panthers. I only thought of that when the media made mention of the ‘Panthers’ in various articles. And that’s the part the media is playing in this.

So the next time you see Beyonce proclaiming how down she is for our people, you should go to the TV you’re watching, the radio you’re listening to, or the computer you’re on, AND TUNE THIS COON OUT!!


And like Sam Jackson said in Spike Lee’s movie ‘Do The Right Thing’: “…that’s the triple truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 5)...white feminism, Tommy Sotomayor and the 'MGTOW' man...

Gloria Marie Steinem was born on March 25th, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio. Her mother Ruth, was of Scottish and German descent, and her father Leo, was the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany and Poland.

The Steinem's lived and traveled in a trailer, while Leo plied his trade as a traveling 'antiques dealer'. Needless to say, oftentimes the family lived 'hand to mouth'. Before Gloria was born, Ruth had a nervous breakdown when she was 34. This made her an invalid and prone to delusional bouts that sometimes turned violent. Ruth spent long periods in and out of sanitariums, before she and Leo separated when Gloria was ten.

When Leo went to California to find work, he left Gloria and her mother to live by themselves. Ruth tried desperately to get employed, but her mental condition often resulted in her never being able to keep a job over the long haul. Gloria felt her mother's inability to stay employed was the result of an american chauvinism towards working women, and she saw the medical community's lack of empathy towards her mother, as evidence of the same.

On top of this, Gloria's paternal grandmother, Pauline, was chairwoman of an educational committee calling itself the 'National Woman's Suffrage Association', and Pauline was also a delegate to the 1908 'International Council of Women'.

These incidences are said to have contributed to Gloria's 'belly fire' when it came to combating social injustices against women. This set her on a path towards becoming a prominent 'spokesperson' for the american 'Women's liberation' and 'Feminist' movements.

Now, what the keepers of the american social order don't want us to know, is that Gloria rose to political prominence by means of being an agent for the CIA. Her spying on Marxist student's in europe, and her disruptions of their meetings, was something she was tasked to do by them...and to put it more plainly, there was nothing organic about Gloria's rise to becoming an american political figurehead.

Not only did the CIA help her become a celebrity, but they also made her editor of 'Ms.' magazine, which was also directly funded by them.

Now, what neither Gloria nor the american public realizes, is the real agenda behind the 'Woman's liberation' and 'Feminist' movements. To make a long story short, white fascists funded these movements not to empower women, but to get them into the workforce, because those same fascists stated how they couldn't TAX half the country if women were staying home and being housewives.

Moreover, these women's movements had an added bonus for the white fascist agenda, which was this: With BOTH parents out of the home, white fascists would have an easier time conditioning their kids through TV, which would ultimately become their babysitters.

Oh, you wily white fascists...

Now, fast forward nearly two decades after the new millennium...

A large number of men see the objectives of 'Women's lib', morphing into an america that's doing its level best to become an oppressive force against them.

Many men feel that what's being mainstreamed in america, is a cultural paradigm where women aren't held accountable for their actions. Meaning, a woman can genuinely be a bad mother, but in a divorce settlement, nine times out of ten, she'll get rewarded alimony and custody of her children. And sometimes a woman may genuinely consent to sex with a man, but if she feels slighted by him in any way, she can yell rape, and nine times out of ten, that man will wind up in the penitentiary system, until he can prove his innocence.

As a result of this, the 'Men Going Their Own Way', or 'MGTOW' movement was born.

Now, I can somewhat understand where these men are coming from, in terms of laws being unfairly in favor of women, but for Black men reading this and belonging to this movement, I hope you're smart enough to realize, THIS MOVEMENT HAS NOTHING TO OFFER YOU! JUST LIKE WHITE FEMINISM HAS NOTHING TO OFFER BLACK WOMEN! 

Let me explain...

The MGTOW movement is mainly comprised of white men who've got two things in common...THEY'RE HEART-BROKEN AND THEY'RE CLOSETED HOMOSEXUALS! 

See, at the nucleus of the MGTOW message, is that women are completely untrustworthy, unscrupulous, over-sexed and self-involved, and they've been made this way by the american status quo. MGTOW men say the only thing they can count on any woman being, is conniving to a fault. But what they're not seeing, is how adopting this ideology is keeping them in a permanent state of adolescence.

Now, let me expound on that point...

Let's start with this fact...EVERYONE GETS THEIR HEART BROKEN! That's just par for the course of being human.

But in terms of manhood, what separates men from boys, is when a man experiences heart-break, he LEARNS from it and determines he'll make better choices in the future. When a boy gets his heart broken, he stays stuck in those emotions and doesn't value the the lesson(s) it taught him.

And let me put it in more layman's terms, just cause you get your heart-broken by one woman, doesn't mean you should cast aspersions on the whole of womanhood. That's stupid.

One thing MGTOW men should ask themselves is this: Behind my last heart-break, DID I LEARN WHO I'M ATTRACTING AND WHO I'M ATTRACTED TO? 

And if you can't answer this question, then you heart-break will have been in vain.

Now, for the Black men reading this, here's three more reasons why you should disassociate yourself from this social order.

One, this movement is yet another attempt to keep Black men and women apart. PERIOD! If Black men follow the edicts of this insipid collective, they'll more than likely swear off any serious relationships with a Black woman for good. Now, you might be thinking, well, if the majority of MGTOW members are white men, why would they have any influence over the Black Diaspora?

The simple answer is, cause the majority of the world doesn't LOOK LIKE THEM!

The majority of the world is Black and brown. So white fascists know any cultural movement that gets mainstreamed, has the potential to effect more of us, than them.

Two, this movement is yet another attempt by white fascists to mainstream homosexuality. You already know the implications this has on our Diaspora fam! If Black men swear off women for good, they'll be less of us for white fascists to deal with. And again, if you're wondering why I think this will affect more Black people than white, go back to my aforementioned statement about which kind of person is mostly populating this world.

And three, this generation of white men has no business feeling oppressed in any capacity, especially in this world's 'developed countries'. To any white man reading this, if you really want social change, why don't you get in the ears of your white male peers in government and make some. This smacks to me of gay white bigotry, in so much as, gay white men want to be seen as an oppressed minority, yet they're still some of the biggest bigots on the planet, especially when it comes to Black men...and on top of this, they still enjoy the white male privilege whether they know it or not.

Also, this is the reason white fascists have (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor extolling the virtues of this movement. Remember, celebrity is nothing but a white fascist construct used as a means of population control. So who better than this buck-dancin', certified pre-owned, self-hating negro, to sing this movement's praises. Especially when he owes them his celebrity.

Also, remember what I've said about a Black person's most valuable asset when it comes to anything involving the white fascist social order, and that's DISCERNMENT!

As a 'conscious', or 'deeper-thinking' Black person, it behooves you to see beneath the superficial layers of what this group is offering, to qualify whether it will help or hurt you.

So brothas...if and when a MGTOW recruitment agent pays you a visit, I hope this post shows you, how you should show him the door...and how afterwards, you should slam it in his face.

Trust me, you'll be glad ya' did!


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 6)...Star Wars, the awakened force and white fascist desperation...

2/26/16: To the readers of this Blog...I'd be remiss if I didn't apologize about the look of this particular post. After several tries to increase the spacing between the lines of text here, I still couldn't match the aesthetic look of my past publishings. Thus, reading this may not be as pleasant an experience as the frequenters of this Blog are used to.

However, as a result of my continued problems with my former word processing software, I finally decided to dump that program and use another that should give me the consistent results I've gotten before. Thus, my future offerings should provide more enjoyable reads. And to those who took the time to read this post in spite of its looks, I sincerely thank you.

--MontUHURU Mimia 

Shortly after the first movie trailer for ‘Star Wars 7: The force awakens’ was released, a certain twitter campaign went viral, and these massive grouping of ‘tweets’ went under the hashtag, ‘#BoycottStarWarsVII’. And these tweets had another hash-tagged topic embedded within them titled, '#whitegenocide'. 

Now, before I go in on this flick, I wanna' make one thing emphatically clear, I have NOT seen this entire movie. This critique is based on parts of this film I have seen and people I've talked to who've seen this flick in its entirety. And quite frankly, I have no interest in seeing anymore of the Star Wars franchise films, mainly because of the last installment of this film series I saw, which was 'Return of the Jedi' (ROTJ).

In 'ROTJ', Billy Dee Williams was cast as the smooth-talking space smuggler, 'Lando Calrissian'. And even though I was young when I saw this flick, I was smart enough to realize that this character was used to cast our Diaspora in a negative light, when he gave Han Solo and Chewbacca up to Darth Vader's forces. I wasn't part of the Black 'conscious' community back then, but after watching that scene I knew how inherently bigoted the producers of this movie were, and I also knew that I was done with this Sci-fi anthology for good.

I had a serious bout of deja-vu years later, when I saw the movie 'Total Recall' and watched 'Benny' betray Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Douglas Quaid...but maybe I'll write about that in a future post.

Now, after I was made aware of the '#BoycottStarWarsVII' campaign, I ran across a professional-looking blog that was dedicated to reviewing the latest movies, and this particular Star Wars film was featured, so I gave their review a quick read. The person reviewing the movie was a white guy who came off as a liberal-minded sort, that was until he wrote how he didn't mind that John Boyega's character 'Finn' was Black, he just didn't think he was very attractive. Right after, he went on to say that John was 'very African looking' and how certain camera shots 'dive' into his wide nostrils. Then he went on to imply that this was the reason why 'Finn' and the white female lead character 'Rey', stayed in the 'friend zone'. He also talked about how unlikely it was that this film would promote any spate of relationships between Black men and white women in real life, cause if it did, these women would be subjecting themselves to higher incidences of rape and single motherhood.

Mind you, this is all behind the releasing of a Sci-fi movie. But you must understand, the Star Wars franchise is one of the movies, behind the film 'Jaws', that basically created the 'summer blockbuster' film genre. So this franchise is very important to pop culture. It's the reason we're getting deluged with all these movies based on comic books every July and August.

Anyway, based on what I've seen and heard about this flick, here's what I've come away with...

First off, John Boyega's character 'Finn', meets the white female lead character 'Rey', on a planet named 'Jakku'. Now, Jakku is the planet where the empire and the republic were battling, and basically this is a world where all of the broken down and non-functioning space ships are put out of service. So basically this is a planetary junk/graveyard.

Now, in my last post, I wrote about how there's nothing organic about the origins of white people, and how they were created by our ancient ancestors. And I told you to research the story of 'YAKUB' regarding this. Now, I don't think it's a coincidence that the name 'JAKKU', sounds eerily close to the name 'YAKUB'. And once again, the mythological Yakub is hailed as the geneticist who brought white people into existence. So the planet 'Jakku' and its global theme of broken down mechanics, is really representing the 'weakened' or the 'broken down' genetics of the white world.

Now, I can already hear people saying,'re reading way too much into this. George Lucas probably never heard of the 'Yakubian' mythology, and if he did, he probably wouldn't include anything to do with that in his films. Well, like I said in one of my previous posts titled, 'The Legend of Sophia Stewart', George is very well-versed in our ancient ancestor's history. You're probably saying, prove it.


This figure to the left is called the 'Djed Pillar'. This is an ancient African symbol representing 'stability' and 'strength'. Notice how it looks almost identical to the handle of a 'light-saber'? Well, this is where George got the term 'JEDI' from. Also note how Finn's light-saber is colored 'blue'...and if anyone's been around a dark-skinned brotha, sometimes they'll say he's so Black, he's blue. Well, the color of his light-saber is representing the deep 'blue-Blackness' of Finn's skin. And this represents how white fascists want darker-skinned brothas to produce children with white women.

Now, a recent reader of this Blog essentially asked me why 'hot' white women (by european standards), were being paired with Black men? He was referring to the pairings of Kelly Ripa and Micheal Strayhan, Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones, Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James, etc. And to answer that question for anyone else wondering this, I need you to understand that white fascists know how their birth rates have fallen below replacement levels, so they're promoting sexual relationships between Black men and white women, knowing that these couples will produce children with a lessened genetic power to breed them out of existence.

In more layman's terms, this is basically a plot to get rid of darker-skinned Black people.

Now, what I've also heard about the pairing of Finn and Rey in this film, is their relationship is strictly platonic. I was also told that there's an awkward moment in the film, where Finn first meets Rey, and he grabs her hand while they're traveling to some destination. Right afterwards, Rey rejects Finn's gesture. Now, anyone who's been watching films for more than a decade knows how this kind of plot function works, first any couple are distrustful of each other, and they display this throughout the first part of the film, but eventually, their emotional ice thaws and they develop deeper feelings for one another. But I've also heard from countless sources, that there's absolutely no romantic or sexual overtures exhibited between these two during the course of this movie.

However, even though we don't see this physically being acted out on the screen, there is a 'symbolic' copulation going on between these two, and let me explain what I'm talking about...

First off, you have to remember this is a 'Disney' film, so it's got to be exceptionally family-friendly. Meaning, Disney can't have its image besmirched by any overt cinematic sexuality. Second, for decades, the genre of pornography that's been most profitable, has been 'inter-ethnic' (or what mainstream culture calls 'interracial') porn. And the sub-genre of this kind of porn, that usually outperforms the others, is inter-ethnic porn that pairs Black men with white women. That's because for decades, the greatest sexual taboo, especially for white women, was having sex with a Black man. And it still is today.

Mind you, just several decades ago, Black men were hung and brutally murdered for even whistling at a white woman (Emmett Till). So this kind of sex act was, and again still, is considered the most salacious of them all. And this has been seared into the mind of every american. Now, I can't speak to the mind-sets of other continents, but I suspect that it's not much different in other parts of the world.

So whenever we see any kind of pairing between a strapping/hulking Black man, and a white woman, our minds instantly go to thoughts of this sexual taboo. Whether we want them to or not.

And let me mention one more thing, I'm in no way cheer-leading, or endorsing the paring of Black men and white women in the media, because I know its true agenda. I understand this is being done in the name of the white fascist campaign to get rid of 'pure-bred', or 'pure-bred' looking Black men and women with the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So there's no 'wish fulfillment' going on here, where I'm just wanting a sexual relationship between Finn and Rey, when there's not one. What I'm showing you, are the sublime way(s) that this movie's franchise, and it's promotional powers, are being used to influence the public.

If anything, this should make Black men more attracted to Black women. Cause white fascists are doing everything they can to morph white women into women who look like ours. And once again, this is so Black men will be more attracted to what was once the pale-skinned, flat-assed and less curvaceous white woman.

And speaking of Black men being more attracted to Black women, I want to hit on the two most powerful messages of this let's go ALL THE WAY IN...

The first of the movie's most powerful messages comes to light when Rey goes to see Maz Kanata, who is played by the beautiful sista, Lupita Nyong'o (who should have been cast as Rey). Now, I think we all remember how much fan-fare Lupita's looks were given with her appearance on the cover of 'People' magazine. But during the course of the film, Lupita's character is morphed into an orange creature with Yoda-like features. So the message being sent here, especially to Black men, is WE SHOULD NEVER THINK THAT A BLACK WOMAN'S BEAUTY CAN COMPARE TO A WHITE WOMAN'S! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO A DARKER-SKINNED BLACK WOMAN!


Remember, at the very nucleus of this film, and the white fascist agenda, is the tenet of keeping Black men and women apart by any means necessary! Especially in the case of darker-skinned Black men and women, who will produce the most 'pure-bred' type of Black person, who again, has the greatest genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So Lupita and John Boyega were specifically cast for these roles because of their color. Now, this is no diss to their acting prowess, but I'm not here to comment on their level of craft, I'm here with a different mission, or mission statement.

But the movie's most powerful message is this...and for those who haven't seen the film, this is gonna' be a SPOILER! So if you're hell-bent on not knowing how this movie ends, ya' might wanna' stop reading now.

John Boyega's character Finn dies doing battle with the movie's villian Kylo Ren. Interestingly enough, when he's struck down, Rey, the white woman, finishes Kylo off. So actually, there's a couple of messages being sent here: First, is how Rey's ability to defeat Klyo after Finn's death, shows how she, in some way, received Finn's 'FORCE'.

Now, to understand the secondary symbolism behind this, I'll reference another of George Lucas' films, 'Red Tails'. In that flick, the ace Black pilot Joe 'Lightning' Little, right after he engages an enemy aircraft with a white guy at the helm, shoots the enemy aircraft down in a 'head-to-head' battle, and is killed himself. But right before he and his plane are destroyed, he looks at a picture of the white woman he's in a relationship with, and says, “I love you.” Then he and his plane go down in flames.

So what is this ultimately saying?

Both of these films are sending the message that BLACK MEN SHOULD LOVE WHITE WOMEN TO DEATH! LITERALLY!!

These films are saying that any Black man who's attained a heightened amount of access to resources, via a rare talent, should share those resources with a white woman he loves...or at least any kind of non-Black woman, exclusively.

And once again, this ties back to the white fascist agenda of keeping the Black man and woman apart AT ALL COSTS!!

Now, to wrap this up, let me say that the REAL FORCE that's awakened in this world, is the Black Nationalist/Pan-Africanist force, and that's what John Boyega's 'Finn' really represents...let me explain....

The 'awakened' force was evident in the young Black men and women in Ferguson, Missouri, who revolted behind the unjustified killing of Eric Garner, and how they maintained the revolt to the point where it got Eric's parents to stand before United Nations officials, to tell them what kind of brutality they were suffering at the hands of white thrill-kill, gestapo-like cops in that american state.

The awakened force is evident in the young Black men of the University Of Missouri's football team, who got the bigoted white university president, Tim Wolfe, fired after he wrongly thought he'd continue to get away with his derogatory rants about the very players who are making that college, and its staff members, rich.

We see the awakened force in other athletes like Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, who after spending years being exploited and marginalized by Bob Arum's boxing promotion company over at HBO, created his own boxing promotions company, 'Mayweather Promotions'. And after 49 fights, he remains an undefeated boxing champion. On top of that, not only is his company worth nearly a billion dollars, but he runs it with a team of brothas who manage it with precision.

And last but not least, we saw the awakened force with the election of Barack Obama. 

Now, you might be saying, what a minute bruh...I was with you up until you mentioned that sell-out Obama.

Don't get me wrong, I know Obama is a bona-fide stooge when it comes to his white freemasonic affiliations, but the Black Diaspora needs to understand two things about Barack's election, and those are: One, if Obama was really down for us, I mean for real down for us...white fascists would've killed him a long time ago. So all he could really offer us was one thing...HOPE!

Two: the master-teaching Bobby Hemmitt, said this about Barack's election: “I don't care if Hitler himself appointed Barack, they messed up when they elected him president.”

Now, what Bobby was talking about was Obama being a SYMBOL for the Black Diaspora. And every white fascist freemason knows how powerful symbols are. So they should've known that all the Black Diaspora needed, especially in america, was to SEE BARACK IN THAT SEAT! That's all it took to awaken the force(s) within us.

What we are seeing family, is the dismantling of the global white fascist power structure, one institution at a time. On top of that, we're also seeing this melanated earth, literally cleansing herself of the white menace. That's why white people are being bred out of existence ORGANICALLY!

Now once again, I can indeed make a distinction between white people and white fascists, but what these occurrences and this movie are telling us is these people had their, IT'S OUR TIME!!



MontUHURU Mimia