Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jill Scott, Aresnio Hall and how christianity corrupted the maxim 'spare the rod and spoil the child'...

This past Tuesday night, I was channel surfing and came upon the new Arsenio Hall show.

I remember all the great guests Aresenio had on his original show some twenty odd years ago, and I remember how after bringing on Louis Farrakhan, his show was canceled post-haste.

Arsenio announced that the hypochondriac comic Howie Mandel would be one of his guests, and right before I was gonna' turn the channel, he said he'd have on Jill Scott.

Now, I'd be lying if I said I've never had a crush on Jill. 

She has an almost regal quality mixed with a new-aged bohemian type of sensibility. Combine that with her hyper-evocative voice and her lovely looks, and that pretty much seals the deal...for me at least. So I stayed tuned in to Arsenio. 

I muted the TV while Howie was on, 'cause quite frankly, I've never found him very funny. And even his hypochondria diagnosis couldn't change that. 

Finally, Jill came on. And when she walked out, I was kinda' shocked. 

Jill had on this tight mini-skirt and these four to six inch heels. To top that off, she had her cleavage popping out of her white collared shirt, 'cause the top three buttons were undone. 

I was thinking...Jill?

Now, Jill's got an upcoming movie roll in some insipid looking romantic comedy called 'Baggage Claim'. She's playing some round-the-way stewardess who hops from bed to bed with various men, and Arsenio showed a clip from the film. 

As I sat wondering what in the world she was doing, Arsenio asked about her son Jett, and mentioned she was a single mother. Then it all became clear. 

Jill's doing this 'cause she's looking for a man. 

I then understood why Jill was going so hard as far as her sultry new make over was concerned. But there's a difference between looking sexy and looking sleazy. Jill was accomplishing the latter. 

She then spoke about rearing her male child Jett. And said she believes in the old axiom 'spare the rod and spoil the child' when it comes to disciplining him. Then she spoke about the spankings she got as a child, and in one instance, she said she didn't remember any part of a beating after being hit with her mother's open hand. 

I just shook my head. 

Now, if you're a christian reading this, let me tell you how your religion has ruined an old African proverb. 

The saying 'spare the rod and spoil the child' is an African maxim referring to the usage of an 'African Healing Rod' to cure a child of their ailments. But white supremacist christianity has co-opted this phrase to mean that Black people especially, should take up a stick and beat their children with it. 

Now, what most people don't know is when you continually strike your child, that child is ten times more likely to wind up in abusive relationships throughout their lives. 

Either that or they become abusers themselves.

Now do you understand why there's a christian church on every corner of Black neighborhoods. Those white devils want our areas to maintain a certain level of dysfunction, and what better way to do it than through this wicked cult called christianity.

So again, if you're a Black christian, you might wanna' emulate the band R.E.M. and lose your religion.

Getting back to Jill...her spankings, or physical abuses, are the reason she's an unwed mother trying so hard to lure a man with her sexuality. Due to the abuses she endured, she'll more than likely always be in a bad relationship. And if she does find a 'good man', she'll more than likely drive him away (reference Halle Berry). Additionally, if Jill was conditioned to hate Black men by her mother and doesn't know it, then it's check and mate, the game's over in terms of her ever being with, or being able to keep, a 'good' Black man.  

So, if you're a woman reading this, realize that a 'good man' is not going to seriously date or marry a woman who dresses like she's oversexed. As a matter of fact, this is the woman he'll RUN from. 

And I understand that Jill being a single mother makes her think that prospects for finding a good man are few, but acting and dressing like a harlot, is not the way to attract Mr. Right. 

After seeing Jill on Arsenio's show, I watched a YouTube video of her doing a recent radio interview, and she had what looked like four weaves in her hair. Again, if Jill wants to attract that right guy, she should do what she's done previously, which is don a dashiki and wear her hair naturally. 

Hopefully, Jill will find a way back to her true self, instead of looking like one of the co-stars of sluts, I mean, 'Sex and the city'. 

And I for one, can't wait 'til she does. 

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia

Just so you know, I'm NOT trying to sell you anything. But here's an example of 'African Healing Rods' and their capabilities. Even though this white lady keeps calling them 'Egyptian Healing Rods', make no mistake, they're from Africa. And for those of you who don't know...and there are still some of you out there...EGYPT IS IN AFRICA!

Check a map. 

Enjoy this vid!


  1. Hi MontUHURU Mimia, I saw the same interview also on Arsenio, spanking really didn't make me any better. It really made me more rebellious. And after 42 years I found out that BIBLE (The book of lies) was a lie. I was online looking at this video. Jeremiah Carmara is the director and he does the short films called Slave Sermons and he has this short video called GOD-ZILLA. The films is about all these people that worship Jesus. Ends up dead or killed. Or kill a pastor and have a shootout at a church. I am getting off the subject, but I want to say. Spare the rod, Spoil the child mentality does NOT work at all. But I want to send you this link. Christianity does not work, he does not answer prayer. Who are you praying to? And you are right about a LOT of churches in the black community. I feel like the church is a scam game. And it all has to do with MONEY! Since he is so good, why is your situation not changed AT ALL!! I have been questioning so-called Jesus (which I found out from Ray Hagin and he has the proof to back it up). That the Roman catholic church made up Jesus the Christ. And I found out the bible IS NOT 2000 years old. It might be some hundreds of years old. And I found out this Roman I think his name is Christo, he saw that there were Egyptian Gods. Got jealous and wanted to be God, so he was. But he got power hungry and wanted the other Egyptians to bow down to him. Egyptians weren't having that and the Romans and Egyptians fought in a war. And the Romans won. I was like WTF!?! But like I said I was questioning God ever since I was molested at 12. And I noticed ever since I haven't prayed to the made up God, my health has improved. But when my husband prays to the false Jesus he gets sicker. I feel that is sad, that we as a race has been hoodwinked. Generation after generation, straight hoodwinked. And also the caucasian race also, their being lied to too. That's why their churches getting struck by lightening etc.., Just recently a young beautiful teenage girl was driving home from church. Car wrecked and now she in a coma. As I gain knowledge my mind is being blown. About the generational lies being told to us as black people. But I like your article and my mind is blown by what you are showing me. Because here is another lie about spare the rod,spoil the child. And you answered that. I am going to give you this link to look at. And I am going to share your blog on facebook and twitter.

    1. Hey Patsy...

      I'm glad I could shed some light on the whole 'spare the rod and spoil the child' debacle.

      Also, in keeping with the theme of disciplining children and child abuse, your mentioning that you were molested as a child has given me a different perspective about black women.

      I was being a bit too harsh on sistas, and you've opened my eyes to that.

      I'm gonna' delve a bit more deeply into that on my next post; but because of you, my Blog will be addressing solutions more than being divisive and adding to the problem.

      So, your input has helped a lot...thanks.

      I hope you continue to like what you see here.

    2. Remember the "Precious" movie. Where the dad was molesting his daughter. Instead of the mother turning his sorry ass into the cops. The mother got jealous and blamed her for being molested by her father. That's how my mother was, well is, because she still alive. And like I said I do not have a relationship with her anymore. I wouldn't go to her funeral. But it was my cousin that molested me. But instead of going to the police. They blamed me, and said from that day on I will NEVER HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HER! And the sad part about the whole thing and it not only black women because I stay in the projects. I learned a white couple pimped out their child. But some black women pimp out their children. My parents didn't, but they treated me like shit. I have been running away from home since I was 13. There are black women that are jealous of their own daughters. And love to play the favorites game. I use to people please to get my parents love. But when I got grown I was like, I am going to do me. And have been ever since. But thanks for the reply.

    3. Hi again Pat...

      I'm very aware that pedophilia is not something that's exclusive to Black communities. And if my post came off that way, that's not what I meant to imply.

      Anyone who knows about pedophilic catholic priests should realize that this practice is more widespread amongst fair-skinned folks.

      But the reason your story had so much resonance with me is, I knew a black woman who was molested by her stepfather for much so, that she fought in her sleep behind those memories. So that's what I meant when I said your story gave me a different perspective on black women. It showed me I was being too hard on them.

      Knowing that I've been too harsh, I can now refocus my Blog for its intended purpose; and that's to UNIFY the diaspora, instead of reinforcing the rifts between its factions.

      Again, thanks for commenting.

  2. Now, I'm a Christian and the "spare the rod, spoil the child" isn't about spanking children. It has been taken out of context and misused. It's a about a shepherd and his flock, shepherds didn't beat their sheep. Parents shouldn't beat their children, period. No church that I've been to has pushed that, and if I stepped into a church that wasn't up to what I expected, well then, I'd find a new church home.
    I can understand why you may take issue with church considering the history of this nation, but you cannot dispute the truth of the gospel. Christianity has been altered in practice by white people, they have introduced their Pagan practices into things and just as you've done, scripture has been taken out of context to prove whatever idea one wants state. that doesn't make church/Christianity bad or wrong. It just makes people doing certain things wrong. Churches do a lot of good, save souls, they help with job placement, feed the hungry, clothe people in need, mentor youth, allow people to experience things they may not have(i.e. travelling), give courses on job skills, scholarships, help build up communities(more jobs/businesses, day care, education, fix up parks) visit with the sick, elderly, and imprisoned. When people take an idea/belief and twist it to cater to their agenda, lots of this can seem harmful. Because religion is in the hands of man, no one person can accurately give the message and you should develop a relationship with God on your own terms, not according to what you hear, and then you should go and find people that hold similar convictions. I don't see churches as fueling flames to the fire that engulfs us all in institutionalized racism. I can see how people can alter messages. I can see how people can abuse his/her power and that of the word of God, but no I don't see black churches that follow the word as bad. Nothing is perfect, as men we are full of flaws, but as a whole, churches are doing good.
    As for Jill Scott dressing in a way you consider to be more revealing, well...this is America and sadly sex sells. Women showing skin catches people's eyes and there's more of a buzz around them. She's trying for that. Pretty sure she doesn't have to pander from the audience for a date/man. More like her people telling her to change her image/do this and that so more people will notice/talk/follow her.
    The same with her hair and the movie, she's trying to cast a bigger net, add more people to her audience. Sadly, she's conforming and pushing that Eurocentric standard on us, even if it's just to "change things up" or whatever, she's just trying to make money. We all conform, who knows how much pressure she's facing.
    Again, I don't think she's looking to date any individual watching the show. The whole "good man" wouldn't want some oversexed woman may or may not be true, depends on what your definition of "good" is and what said man considers to be "oversexed." Just because she's a single mom doesn't mean she's looking for a man. I wish you wouldn't live in that stereotype, and public persona of celebrities tends to be somewhat different from their private lives, they're trying sell themselves to us, well what they want us to see which is what they think we want to see.

    1. Have you ever wondered why Black communities continue to either get worse, or be gentrified (ethnically cleansed), while there's a church on every corner of every Black neighborhood?

      Ever wonder why there's so many denominations of christian churches in Black neighborhoods? I.E. baptist, jehovah's witness, seventh day adventist, roman catholic, etc.?

      Now, before I give you the answer, let me tell you that we do agree on one thing; the saying 'spare the rod and spoil the child' HAS been taken out of context. Because it's not a christian proverb, but an AFRICAN/KEMETIC one.

      Because christianity itself is an adaptation of our ancient ancestor's spiritual sciences...and notice I didn't use the word 'religion'.

      My message to Black people is this, stop worshiping white gods, and let's follow our ancestor's spiritual sciences, like 'The Orishas' and 'Voudun' or Voodoo; and these are sciences that will actually show us how to manipulate spiritual forces, so we can bring whatever we want into existence.

      But back to the saying 'spare the rod and spoil the child', how many times have you heard christians refer to this as meaning you should enforce some sort of corporal discipline on your children?

      Now, to answer the first two questions above that I started out with, the reasons that there are so many churches in our neighborhoods is a.) white supremacists want Black people to be kept passive and forgiving because they know they've done the most heinous things in the world to us, and at any moment we should rise up violently and take them on. And b.) The reason there's so many denominations of christian churches in our neighborhoods, is because white supremacists don't want Black people uniting under the banner of 'one' church; because then we'll be to powerful, and we'll possibly seek revenge, or, we'll unite our resources and one day rival theirs.

      And my gripe with Black christians is they really don't know their bible, if they did, they'd have seen this:

      Ephesians 6:5-6
      Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 6 Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart.

      Black christians don't see this? And if they do, why don't they question it? So, apropos to christianity, I want my people to stop worshiping at the altar of a religion that's ultimately keeping us enslaved not so much physically...not lately at least; but mentally.

      Now, as far as Jill Scott's makeover is concerned; what women need to realize is NO man wants what he and the world perceives as a 'loose' woman for a wife.

      Jill's dressing like a hooker is not helping her campaign to either seek out Mr. Right, nor is it making her more desirable as a performer.

      The thing that made Jill distinguishable from every other 'pop-tart' is that she had more of a bohemian/earth mother type of vibe.

      I've seen women who are either pursuing a man or a higher position in life make the mistake of dressing like harlots thinking that this is what empowers them. Actually, it makes them look desperate and easy. And no man, no self-respecting man anyway, wants anything to do with this type of woman.

      Not for more than a night anyway.

      Women have to realize that heels and hooker dresses are not what you want to be noticed for.

      What you're conveying to me is why christianity 'should' work in the Black community, or why women 'should' be revered for dressing like prostitutes...but the 'reality' is, neither one of these ideologies hold water in the real world.

      So I'm saying, let's keep it real, and see ideologies like christianity and dressing like a sex toy for what they are...principles that have failed us now, and will continue to in the future.