Saturday, November 21, 2015

3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women (Part 2)...sandy young: portrait of an angry white female...

At approximately 5:06 P.M. yesterday, I was in a pizzeria waiting for my order, while staring at the store's flat-screen TV. The TV flashed a news report about a white woman who said she'd been raped by Black men...and lo and behold, it was found out that she'd made the whole thing up.

The news report failed to mention whether the Black men who were falsely accused had been released from prison.

An hour before this, I received a set of venomous comments from a white woman calling herself 'sandy young'. Now, I don't know whether this woman's name is a pseudonym or not, but it seems good ole' sandy wasn't too pleased about my original post in this series titled, '3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women'.

And judging by the way these comments were written, either sandy was asleep during her english classes or she had steam rushing out of her ears when she wrote this, or both. But rather than trying to decipher her sentiments for her, I'll let you read them for yourself. So here's the first of sandy's comments:

'I read all of this an I'm a white woman an every bit of this is bullshit. I have a biracial son he's never bn made of because of his color an I'm not fat unintelligent or any other egatibe things,to b thought of. I think it's really sad that who or what black person wrote this is a straight racist an obviously very jealous of the white woman. .which I can really understand why? We (i) don't wear weave, I don't wear fake nails, an I don't have to put my ass in Eva ones face to b noticed. So w that being said let's down grade each other an make it bigger than what it is,cause it's not worth it. No one can control who another person loves'

Now, I also want everyone reading this to know that miss sandy published this same comment three times, back to back, beneath my post. So I guess she wanted me to know how strongly she stood behind these sentiments.

But sandy didn't stop there, here's more of her comments:

'An one other thing ever black man I have been w has used me I can't believe that 1 race is so lazy that they jump from woman to,woman just to have a place to live an whoever thinks that white women are w black men because of there genitals!!!!!. Guess what. Everyone I HAVE BEEN W SHOULD BE A MEMBER OF THE ITTY BITTY DICK COMMITTEE. So believe me pens size has nothing to do w it. If I want something bigger I'll go to my own race ....'

And miss sandy was so pissed, she actually published this comment twice, back to back, behind the last three. And then, she republished her first comment again after this one.

Now, originally, I had planned to publish a different post...but when I saw these comments, I felt obligated to address miss sandy's opinions immediately.

So without further ado...let's go in...*wringing hands* 

First off, after sancho, sandy, or whatever she's calling herself, says she's a white woman and everything I've written in my first post is B.S.; she says some unintelligable things about her bi-ethnic son and states emphatically that she's not fat. Then she says it's sad that I'm a 'straight racist' and I'm obviously jealous of white women. Then she goes on to expound on reasons why I'm jealous, saying white women don't wear weaves, fake nails and have no penchant for putting their 'ass in everyone's face to be noticed'.

And notice how sandy went after both Black men AND women. So she's basically exposing how she feels about Black PEOPLE on the whole! 

Right off the rip, the reason sandy doesn't put her 'ass in everyone's face to be noticed', is because she, and the overwhelming majority of white women, DON'T HAVE AN ASS!

Basically, the average white woman is built like a boy. Her back extends down her legs, without a hint of a curve.

Now you might say, we'll MontUHURU, I've seen a lot of white women with nice posteriors. I have too. But the reason this is happening, is the majority of them bought 'em off some plastic surgeon.

And as for white women not wearing fake hair and nails...what?!

The fake nails thing is pretty much common knowledge, but I've seen, especially in the last couple of years, white women wearing hair extensions. Why? 'Cause Black women made them popular. 

And I'm not even gonna' talk about how white women inject silicone into their lips, along with their butts. And once again, why are they doing this? Because white women are the ones who are really jealous...they're jealous of the Black woman's shape. So they're doing every unnatural thing in the world to copy it. And I won't even go into how white women continue to tan themselves brown. 

The last line of the first dumb-founded comment, is how no one can control who they love. Then on the very next comment, sandy talks about how EVERY Black man has used her for easy sex and a place to live. 

Let me do a little decoding for everyone reading this. The reason this woman says she can't control who she loves, while speaking so disparagingly about Black men and women, is because this is/was a fat white woman who was rejected by white and other non-Black men. Cause if one Black man was abusing you, and you clearly feel superior to them, and you have white men courting you, at what point wouldn't you just be with one of your own kind? 

In my original post, I talk about how fat white women treat Black men deplorably, because they feel both superior to us and slighted by the fact that they're not with one of their own men. They feel they have to settle for dating a Black man because the white or non-Black dating pool, has been closed off to them. Now, behind sandy feeling superior to Black men and not really wanting to be with one, she obviously made whichever Black man she was dating miserable, thus, they left her abrasive white ass. Now sancho, or sandy, won't tell us this, but any sane person can deduce that this is what happened in her last relationship based on her comments. And sandy will never be self-aware enough to realize that this is the reason she's alone, and probably will be for the rest of her life. 

Furthermore, the reason I wrote my original post, is because in 9 out of 10 instances, when I saw fat white women dealing with Black men on a dating website, I saw how beligerent, argumentative, abrasive and cantankerous they were to us...just like sandy. These white women did things around Black men they wouldn't dare do around non-Black men. They showed us no respect, and when the Black man left them because of it, these white woman said something was wrong with us.

Then she says there's no reason a white woman would be with a Black man just for his sexual prowess, or penis size. She also says every Black man she's dated had a small penis, and if she wanted a man with a large phallus, she would date one of her own kind. 

Once again, I ask, if just one under-endowed Black man was abusing you, at what point wouldn't you just dump him and be with one of your own kind?

This obvious bit of common sense, and the fact that sandy has shown she feels superior to Black people, says she never had a chance to date one of her own kind. At least not for more than a night.

But let me speak to the mythology of the Black man's phallus/sexual prowess for a sec'. Now, anyone who's looked at this Blog for a hot minute knows that I never talk about Black men having larger phallus' than any other kind of man. Now, Black men can definitely hold their own in this department, but for the most part, that's a stereotype. Conversely, what is true, is that EVERY BLACK MAN has the MOST GENETIC POWER to breed white people, and every other kind of non-Black person, out of existence. AND THIS is the reason why the bulls-eye of white fascism is on our backs most exclusively. 

Now, do I aggrandize the Black man's genetic power in my posts? 


Listen, at least ten times a day, I remind myself that no other man can create one of me, but I can create every other kind of man. You know why? 'Cause every facet of this and every other white fascist social order says, I should hate myself and everyone who looks like me.

So do I hold my chin up a little higher when I walk down the street?


And 'til the day I die, I'll hold my genetic power as a Black man in the highest esteem!

Moving on...

Now, ultimately, my question for fat ole' sancho, or sandy is, if all the societal chips are stacked in your favor, especially when it comes to standards of beauty...WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MAD?! 

What, it's not enough that every person on the planet has been conditioned to think women who look like you are the prettiest on earth? You need more of an advantage?

I'm one man, with one Blog, and one you can't justify getting this emotional, when you've got scores of people and circumstances stroking your ego as a white woman. 

Or are you just that stupid, that you don't realize what kind of advantage the white privilege affords you?

You've NEVER had to deal with being made to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you in the american educational system, or in america's media.

You've NEVER had guns and drugs flown and floated into your neighborhood, with the intent of killing off as many of your people as possible.

And whether you realize it or not, you've NEVER had this government do everything in its power to destroy families that looked like yours. 

Now, to all the Black men and women reading this, I wanna' let you know that sandy's comments are showing you the real face of white womanhood. Not the liberal or feminist face white media wants you to see. 

I want you to see how sancho, or sandy, went after Black men AND women. Now If she thought I was a Black woman, she could have gone after Black women exclusively, but she made it her business to go after Black men too.

Furthermore, in regards to Black women and the 'Angry Black woman' syndrome; I think it's important to see what the 'Angry white woman' looks like to bring some balance to this feminine equation. And mind you, if sandy were any kind of deep thinker, she'd realize, shes got NOTHING to be mad about.

When I encounter an angry Black woman, I can connect her attitude directly to the white fascist agenda to destroy the Black family. This is what seperated the Black man from the Black woman, and this is why for decades, she's had to 'fend for herself. THAT'S WHY SHE'S MAD!

Now, if you're a Black man reading this, am I saying this woman is easy to get along with...NO!


'Cause if you don't, here's what happens...

First, you'll think ALL Black women are that way, and you'll wind up hating the whole of Black women.

Second, you'll reinforce reasons why you don't like being around Black people on the whole. 

And third, ultimately, what the first and second thoughts will reinforce, is why you should hate yourself for being Black. 

So once again, the moral of this story Black man, is if you're not gonna' put up with the bad attitude of a Black woman, don't put up with a fat white woman's bad attitude either.

With this post, you should have a better understanding of where a Black woman's attitude is coming from. And now, you should also understand that an angry fat white woman's attitude is coming from a place of pure conceit, superficiality, and ultimately, from a place of false superiority.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Their jealousy is innate and endless. Before Black actresses and actors had a chance to star on TV or in motion pictures ,... there were Whyt ones that wore more hair pieces (FAKE HAIR) and false nails and excessive make-up. And that became fashionable in mainstream whyt America.

    And I think she was trying to write that you are jealous of her perceived superiority of being a Whyt women. So many believe that is why Black men are "gay" receive same twisted benefits they do. The later is a prevalent theory of homosexuality that has been pushed aside w scientific theories ....

  2. Will you send a bio for a speaking engagement, please to I tried obtaining it from this site but it says restricted ??

    1. 'Cloud'....

      Once again, thanks for the offer, but I'm not a public speaker.

      I'm sure there are plenty of great speakers you can find locally, to put on whatever kind of presentation you're wanting to put on.

  3. Your viewpoints can only be expressed uniquely by you. Thank you for responding. I will have to share your blog site address to people here.

  4. Didn't intend to push. I didn't receive the first denial....

  5. Bingo. You're saying what many Black women have been saying all along. Sancho is def an ugly fat ww, or at the very least a very insecure one. Most ww I know are very insecure like her, fat or otherwise, especially in the presence of a conscious person. Its refreshing to see a Black man take note and not fall for the "fair damsel on a pedestal" hype. The ww is and has always been one of many weapons used to undermine and pre-empt the biggest threat to white supremacy: the Black Family Unit. From her falsely crying "rape", to the Gloria Steinems, to her carefully crafted image as "desirable" exported the world over.. Black men (and women) have fallen for this strong delusion, destroying themselves in the process. Hotep to you, and glad to know you're of the seemingly small few who sees right through the ww facade. Let the sanchos take their "white people tears" elsewhere, we have nation-building to do.