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The lowly nature of white women (Part 7)...'Black privilege' and the ethnic escapades of Rachel Dolezal...

The movie 'Soul Man' was released in american theaters on October 24th, 1986. This odious flick tells the tale of Mark Watson, played by actor C. Thomas Howell. Mark wants to attend Harvard Law School; but when he finds out his father blew the trust fund he'd set up for his college endeavors, he seeks out a scholarship for his education. Problem is, the only scholarship that's available is one for African-Americans.

So what Mark ends up doing, is overdosing on tanning pills to get his skin darker so he can look like a Black man. After doing this, he wins the scholarship and is bound for Harvard Law.

Now, eventually, Mark sees the travails of being a Black man in a overwhelmingly white world, and at the end of the movie he winds up falling in love with a Black woman. So the moral of this story is, Mark putting himself in 'Black face' makes him see what our people go through and he becomes somewhat of a champion for Black people.

Now let me tell ya' what this piece of crap flick is really saying...

Firstly, when this whiteboi puts on Black face, goes to Harvard Law and falls in love with a Black woman, the message to Black women is, no matter how good a Black man may appear, the best choice for her will always be a white guy. So this is just more of that ole' 'divide and conquer' tactic employed by white fascists to keep Black men and women apart.

Secondly, and more profoundly, this movie's saying that it's easier for a Black person to get any kind of college financial aid, than it would be for any white person.

Now, I think we've all heard about the sexually and ethnically confused misadventures of one Rachel Anne Dolezal, and how she tried unsuccessfully to qualify herself as a Black woman. But the question I hear most when people talk about her is: why'd she do this? Why does she wanna' be Black?

Well, I think the main answer lies in the Soul Man movie, in so much as Rachel thought, especially after receiving her Bachelors degree from Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi; that the best way to fund her grad school endeavors, and later get herself a position in the NAACP, would be to put on some 'Black face'...just like Mark Watson.

You see, especially in the case of Rachel's Howard University romp, white fascists have convinced their inbreeding minions that every Black person will assuredly get financial aid before they, or any other kind of person will. So much so, that a a bunch of brainless inbreds started the '#Black privilege' Twitter page. This is an initiative to bring attention to how unfair it is for Black americans to get any kind of financial aid 'privileges' over anyone else. And this page also speaks to how unfairly, according to these inbreds, whites are labeled as the most murderously bloody ethnic group in the world.

But beyond the Twitter non-sense, I wanted to concentrate on finding out which ethnic group ultimately gets the most financial aid dollars in america. So, being a curious-minded type of fellow I did some research...and here's what I found...

Financial aid analyst Mark Kantrowitz conducted a study on this matter and crunched the collegiate numbers to get at the truth. He is the publisher of and received an ABD (All but dissertation) degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.

So here's his stats: Mark found that Black college students, who constitute about 11.5% of the american collegiate population, get roughly 10% of every kind of financial aid assistance. Spanish american college students get approximately 14% of this aid. And white students receive approximately 59% of all collegiate financial aid funding. And this includes grants, scholarships, loans and private funds.

Now, even Mark seemed unsettled by his own discovery, 'cause he tried to detract from his own findings by emphasizing that white students get the most 'merit-based' grant funds. What he's basically saying is, his people DESERVE their financial aid more than anyone else. So my question to him would be: does that mean white students also deserve to get the most financial aid monies from loans, private agencies, donors and non-merit based grants too?

What really pisses me off about this, is all my life I've internalized what white fascists have told me as the gospel truth. But now that I'm mature and actually doing the research into these theorems, I've come up with a bit of a joke that I'm always telling myself, especially lately, concerning my findings. And here's the joke...

How can you tell when a white person's lying?

When their lips are moving.

Now, getting back to good ole' Rachel Dolezal, she showed her true colors (pun intended) once she got a full scholarship to Howard University (a 'Historically Black College'), and then sued Howard U. under the name Rachel 'Moore'.

After she was accepted and got the aforementioned scholarship to Howard U. posing as a Black woman, she claimed as a 'white' woman (Rachel Moore) she wasn't granted access to certain scholarship funds, a teacher's assistant position and 'other' opportunities. Now mind you, she received a 'full' scholarship to Howard...but I guess that wasn't enough for ms. thang. Deep down, she still felt she would've gotten more financial aid as a Black woman...even though she faked being a Black woman to get into Howard U.

It get's better...Rachel even said some anonymous (Black) man sexually took advantage of her while she attended Howard. When she was asked why she didn't report her rapist to the police, she responded: “...suing was nearly impossible.”

So Rachel stole our people's culture and lied about being raped by a Black man...that sure as hell sounds like a white woman to me!

So if you're a Black man or woman reading this, here's my question to long will it be before we collectively realize that we'll never be able to peacefully co-exist with these inbreds?

How many more atrocities do we have to suffer at their hands, before we make plans to get the hell up from around these folks for good?

When I saw how these degenerates created a hash-tag to put in front of the words 'Black privilege', after they continually see our young men and women getting shot down in the streets like dogs by thrill-kill white cops, I was mad enough to spit.

And I'm not telling you to hate anyone, 'cause that's only gonna' result in some kind of self-hatred, but we need to understand, a perfect world to white fascists means that every Black person has been gotten rid of. 'Cause again, we have the most genetic power to breed these inbreds out of existence.

And with white birth rates well below replacement levels, we need to remember one thing emphatically, and that's how WHITE LIVES DEPEND ON BLACK DEATHS!

So let's wake up, smarten up, and put aside our differences for the travails we have ahead.

The next president after Obama is surely not gonna' be one of us. And this person, male or female, is gonna' have our Diaspora right in their cross-hairs, just like these murderously bloody white cops.

So will we be ready?

That's the $64,000 question...and it's one we better get an answer to ASAP!



MontUHURU Mimia


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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 4)...September 11th and The 'perfect' genocide...

On September 11th, 2015, the movie 'The Perfect Guy' was released into american theaters; and in keeping with the white fascist trend to portray the Black Diaspora in a negative light, this movie was put in the number one spot on the u.s. top ten movie list.

Two things about this right off the bat: First, check the date they released this flick on, September 11th; now anyone who wasn't living in a hole for the last few decades knows how the u.s. was supposedly attacked by swarthy asian forces opposed to the american social order on that very date (The falling of the 'Twin towers' in Manhattan, NYC). So, this movie was 'green-lit' to coincide with an american cataclysm...that's already giving this movie and our people a dastardly air.

Second, I've talked in my last post about how movie listings are manipulated to make sure certain films come in at number one on american top ten lists. So according to the research I've done, nothing about this movie's opening at number one last weekend was organic at all.

But there is something decidedly different about this flick, and other films like it. I'm talking about movies like 'Obsessed' and this one, in so much as, white fascists are actually acknowledging that not every Black man is jail-bound or selling drugs. And the two brothas in 'The Perfect Guy' especially, seem to be college graduates who are gainfully employed.

The point I'm making is, as of late, white fascists seem to be building the cinematic archetype of the highly pathological, serial killing and corporate office working Black man. Why is that?

For this answer, let's start with these facts...

American crime rates over the last few decades have been steadily declining. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, u.s. violent crimes including murders were down 4.4% in 2013, and this reflects america's lowest numbers since the 1970's. In a comparative analysis, the non-profit organization 'Pew Charitable Trust' says thirty-two of the fifty states have seen a drop in crime rates and rates of imprisonment as well.

Now, the white fascist media say this is attributable to a decline in overall population growth over the last few decades. They're also saying, that high rates of abortions and america keeping abortions legal is having the greatest impact on national crime.

What they're really implying is Black women having abortions are producing less people in our Diaspora, thus crime rates are down. But let me tell ya' some facts that these pale-skinned degenerates aren't gonna' let out into mainstream america.

First off, not only are rates of abortions falling across the board, but abortion clinics are closing at a record pace. In four states—Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, only one abortion clinic exists...and that's in the whole state. So choices for legal abortions are declining, not proliferating. Goes to show you how that theorem is just another one of whitey's bald-faced lies.

Beyond this, rates of teen pregnancy for young Black women have dropped while rates of teen pregnancy amongst white girls have soared. In California, the Black teen pregnancy rate is less than half of the white teen pregnancy rate. 

So what's the real-deal about why national crime rates are dipping?

For that answer, we'll have to look back a coupla' decades in 'his-story'...

In the 1960's, the american government with the help of the italian mafia, flooded the streets of Black communities with heroin. This was essentially to neutralize the rise of a Black Nationalist consciousness that had arisen in our Diaspora, a la groups like 'The Black Panthers' and the 'Black Liberation Army'. The other reason white fascists did this was to further their campaign to destabilize the Black 'nuclear' family, so they wouldn't have to contest with the people having the greatest genetic power to breed them out of existence.

Now white fascists felt they did a good job on reversing the Black Nationalist consciousness in our communities, but there was still a cohesion between Black men and women that hadn't completely been destroyed by the american government's 1960's drug campaigns. So they had to 'up the ante'...

Enter the 1980's cocaine epidemic(s)...

white fascists knew that heroin would have a different effect on Black communities than cocaine would. While heroin makes people more docile, cocaine makes them more volatile and irascible. Thus the FBI and CIA, aided again by the white mafia(s), flooded Black communities with this drug. *Note: If you'd like evidence of this google the 'Iran-Contra scandal' and the name 'Oliver North'; this will get you more than enough info. on what I'm talking about.

This campaign worked like a charm. The crack-cocaine era of the mid and late eighties did almost completely destabilize the Black community and the Black nuclear family. And I won't even get into the effects of 'Reaganomics' and 'AIDS' on our Diaspora in the 80's, I'll discuss that in another post.

But there was a bit of a glitch in this plan. What white fascists didn't count on, was how our Diaspora wouldn't be the only ones effected by this campaign; their communities would also feel this plot's effects as well. Thus, huge swaths of white folks became downright dope-fiends. And as more and more white men and women became addicted, their 'nuclear' families started destabilizing. And as a result, more and more single-mother headed households starting popping up on their side of town. And this effect was completely antithetical to their goals, being that white birth rates had been dropping below replacement levels. See, in whitey's zeal to wipe Black folks off the planet they fail to realize that more often than not, they're gonna' wind up shooting themselves in the foot. If for no other reason than their 'integration' initiatives being a success. And as I mentioned in previous posts, integration was nothing more than a plan to get our dollars into their pockets. 

Their blind fury regarding getting rid of us made them oblivious to the fact that once the integration laws passed and we were able to sit next to them in public places, that essentially what would effect us, would effect them.

I remember decades ago, when a Black child was raised by a single-mother, that kid was said to be 'illegitimate' or made to feel like they came from a 'broken home'. But once white women started doing this, the new term given to this phenomenon was 'single-parenting'.

Now after the crack-cocaine era, the drug 'methamphetamine'/(meth) became popular again; and it became most popular with rural white kids. See, with meth you didn't have to buy anything illegal. You could literally make a batch of this stuff in your home just from buying over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. And with so much land and cheap real estate in rural white communities, abandoned homes in their areas were quickly turned into 'Meth labs' (Breaking Bad). 

Also behind this, something else began happening...the rates of incarceration for young white men began to climb, while the rates of incarceration for Black men began to fall. The New York Times reported that in the 90's, rates of incarceration for white women jumped 47% and rates of imprisonment spiked for white men 10%. Or as a reporter for the Times said, “...possible contributors (for these stats) included decreasing arrest rates for blacks, the rising number of whites and Hispanics serving mandatory sentences for methamphetamine abuse, and socioeconomic shifts that have disproportionately affected white women."

So whitey thought it best to stop the drug campaigns designed to destroy us. For his people's sake.

Now, the results of whitey ceasing their drug campaigns in this country, has resulted in less of our people becoming addicts and convicts, and more of our people showing up in american universities and the american corporate workspace.

Fast forward to now, and the 'The Perfect Guy' flick. With more and more Black men wearing suits and ties to work, or at least a collared-shirt and a tie, more of us can be viewed by Black women who work alongside us, potentially, as 'The Perfect Guy'.

Needless to say this spells trouble for whitey. 'Cause the more likely Black men are to show up in corporate america, the more likely it is that Black women already in the corporate work force will get into relationships, fall in love, marry and have children with us, thus creating more pure-bred, or pure-bred looking Black babies who'll have the most potential to breed them out of existence. And white fascists can't let that happen.

So the new campaign involves white fascists painting the image of the corporate working Black man as a downright sociopath in a Brooks Brother's suit. They're sending Black women the message that a Black man who looks like he's got it together, will ultimately always have some sort of drastic defect. white fascists are saying that no matter how good a Black man looks, he's still nothing but a foul-mouthed, drug-selling, gun-toting criminal who was raised in the projects...and ultimately he'll destroy you.

Don't believe me? If you look at this poster for the movie, it says that Sanaa Lathan's character, in regards to Morris Chestnut's and Michael Ealy's characters, should 'Trust one' and 'Fear the other'. This is a 'trick-bag' of a statement, 'cause that means neither Black man can be trusted, and both should be feared.

But ultimately, again, that's this movie's message to every Black woman. And note how they got a dark-skinned and a light-skinned brotha playing these roles. whitey's making sure he covers all the bases as far as this message is concerned.

So I've said all that to say this, if you're a Black man or woman reading this post, don't give your money to Hollyweird's white fascists...BOYCOTT THIS CRAP FILM!!

And if you must see this flick, try to get it off a brotha who's got a 'bootleg' copy. And if you must see this movie in a cinema, understand what you're watching. Don't sit back and be passively entertained, take note of the programming that's coming at you to reinforce reasons why you should hate yourself and everyone who looks like you.

Or you can do like I do; every time one of these crap movies hits theaters, I watch one of my cinematic faves like 'The Spook Who Sat By the Door' or 'Sweet Sweetback's Badasss song', just to keep myself in the right frame of mind.

Try'll be glad ya' did!


MontUHURU Mimia


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Here's a vid I created showing how the american FBI worked with america's white mafia(s) in the 1960's to flood drugs into Black communities. This scene is one from the Mario Van Peebles movie, 'Panther'. Note how the FBI agent, played by the light-skinned brotha Roger Guenveur Smith (Smiley from the movie, Do the Right Thing) talks extensively about 'containing' the problem in the Black neighborhoods. Then, check out the last clip in the vid! And if you'd like to see a larger version of this vid, click on it's title and it will take you to my 'YouTube' page.

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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 3)...The movie 'Straight Outta Compton', whitey's golden word and mo' bold-faced lies...

On April 27th, of 2011, the New York Times published an article saying that according to the 'Nielsen' TV ratings agency, Black americans watch two more hours of television per day than the national average of five hours and eleven minutes.

Now, I'd been hearing this statistic for more than a decade, so this highly respected periodical was basically regurgitating old news. And since I'm a curious-minded type of fellow, after seeing this, I went about doing some research on that stat.

What I found out was two things specifically about the Nielsen TV ratings agency...

One: The Nielsen agency has been caught more than once fabricating numbers on TV and other entertainment medium's ratings.

Two: The Nielsen agency didn't give out what they called, 'Nielsen TV boxes', to Black families. Now for those who don't know, Nielsen TV ratings boxes, were what this agency gave to families to monitor their TV viewing habits, and what they based their ratings on.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, ask yourself, have you ever known a Black family with one of these ratings boxes in their homes?

I didn't think so.

See, white fascists spread this rumor as the gospel truth, so Black people could feel mentally inferior to every other ethnic group. Understand, for whitey to win, the Black Diaspora has to be kept in constant cycles of self-hatred, so Black men and women can keep despising themselves and each other. white fascists do this so we don't form stable relationships that could turn into marriages. 'Cause what that would produce, is more pure-bred, or pure-bred looking Black babies that could grow up with the greatest genetic power to breed them out of existence.

So, this article in the New York Times was a 'bald-faced lie'.

Now, I remember when the film director Spike Lee put out his movie, 'Crooklyn', on May 13th, 1994; after it underperformed at the box office, I saw him make this statement on TV: “Maybe we (the Black Diaspora), just wanna' see hood films all the time.”

Fast forward to 2006, Spike Lee puts out another one of his 'joints' called 'Inside Man'. And while it was still in theaters, I heard him state to the Black Diaspora on television: “Check your tickets, when you go see my movie.”

What Spike found out was, theaters were giving people different tickets when they paid to see Inside Man. For example, someone paying to see Spike's 'Inside Man', might have gotten a ticket for 'Rocky 14' playing in a different auditorium.

So the white fascist media's box office tallies for Spike Lee's 'Inside Man', was another 'bold-faced lie'.

Now, on August 14th, 2015, the movie 'Straight Outta Compton' was said to have grossed the most box office dollars in america.

And right after this happened, I know of several 'pro-Black' bloggers who said how disgraceful it was for Black people to flock to this movie over the course of that weekend.

But here's my question, based on the aforementioned info. about white fascist media, and how they've been known to tell bald-faced lies about damn near everything concerning our Diaspora, why were these bloggers so quick to take whitey at his word?

Cause the only thing they had to legitimize this movie had indeed come in at number one, was just that...whitey's golden word.

And for anyone saying, well, why would the white media say this movie came in at number one, if it didn't? Here's my question: why wouldn't they?

Understand, the greatest weapon white fascism has against our people, is their ability to keep us hating ourselves and each other. So they're always gonna' cast us in a negative light, their very survival depends on it. Thus, white fascist movie studios 'green-lit' a film about so-called 'gangsta rap' music.

And the majority of these 'pseudo-conscious' and 'anglophilic pro-Black' bloggers, fell into the trap of using this as yet another reason to rant about how much they hate Black people, and how they ultimately hate themselves for being Black.

Now, at the same time 'Straight Outta Compton' came in at number one, supposedly, the number two movie was, 'Mission Impossible 3: Rogue Nation'.

And I've had a chance to see this film. Mind you, I didn't pay to see it in theaters. That's another story I'll discuss in another post (lol!). Anyway, in this film there just happens to be a scene where Tom Cruise's character, 'Ethan Hunt', and his cohort go to the opera in Vienna, Austria. In this scene you see all the pageantry and splendor associated with these kinds of productions; and this is in stark contrast to what you see in 'Straight Outta Compton'.

There's also a scene, where Ethan's agent friend is ascending a stairway in the opera house and there's an over the shoulder shot of a Black woman with her white man friend attending the show. Mind you, you don't see another Black person in this scene at all. This is just another sublime message saying that Black men and women have to be kept separated.

Now, it's not a coincidence that the number two movie in america, just happens to show off the opulence of this stuffy, spiritually dead, euro-centric music, at a time when a movie about 'gangsta rap' is number one...again, supposedly.

So I did some research to find out more info. about the box office tallies for the weekend of August 14, 2015; and every mainstream top ten list I saw indeed had 'Straight Outta' Compton' as that weekend's number one flick. So I looked for info. about the ethnic demographics of theater going audiences attending this movie. I wanted to see the ratio of Black people who went to see this film and gauge that against how many white people saw it; but I hit yet another dead end. But when I went to the 'International Movie Data Base' (IMDB) website and read how they tallied box office receipts through a company called, 'Box Office Mojo', it revealed a very interesting fact about their tallying techniques.

In regards to their box office stats, the website stated: 'Daily box office charts show gross receipts for a single day and are generally reported for the previous day by noon Pacific Time. Some movies are not officially tracked on a daily basis, so Box Office Mojo makes estimates for those titles to fill out the top twelve (movies). These estimates are marked as such on the chart. If daily reporting stops for a given movie it does not necessarily mean the movie is no longer playing in theaters, and the movie may continue to be tracked on a weekend and weekly basis. 

Now, let me put this in layman's terms; what these people are saying is, at their discretion, they can stop tallying box office receipts for any film that's still playing in theaters. Mind you, they do say when they stop tracking a movie's ticket sales, they make a note of this on their movie's top ten lists. But, if people aren't curious enough to look for these 'marks' or 'notes', or Box Office Mojo neglects to make these marks or notes obvious to the average person, all they'll see is the numbered ranking of the films on their list. They'll have no idea that one or a couple of these movies aren't having their box office receipts tallied. 

I went to the Box Office Mojo site looking for some sort of indicator telling people a certain movie's receipts weren't being tallied on a daily basis, and found no indication of this whatsoever. 

So basically, this company has all the opportunities it needs, in regards to showing which movies earned the most money, to manipulate their list and tell one mo' bald-faced lie.

Now ultimately, my question is this: when are Black people gonna' start treating white fascists, and their media, like the liars they are and have proven themselves to be?

I need every Black man and woman reading this to understand one fact at a very visceral level; and that is, the white fascist media has only one goal...and that's to keep Black people hating themselves and feeling inferior to them. So before you just take whitey at his word, do some research to make sure you're not just nodding your head and accepting whatever ol' massa tells you is true. Like the movie 'Straight Outta Compton' came in at number one.

Remember 'his-story' has nothing to do with ours!

So I'm hoping our Diaspora can see the 'Straight Outta Compton' movie for what it really is...another white fascist tool to keep Black people looking like gun-toting, drug-dealing, sociopathic savages. It's another tool to keep us hating ourselves family.

Now, my last question to my people, at least in regards to this post is, even if we do stop accepting whitey's word as golden, will we do this before it's too late?

Only time will tell...and unfortunately, that's something we're quickly running out of.

So let's be about the work of giving the white fascist residing in our minds an eviction notice!

And the sooner we throw this inbred out on the street, the better!


MontUHURU Mimia


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The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 4)...Dr. Boyd Graves, Arthur Ashe, Bruce 'Gender' and the legacy of white fascist biological weaponry...

Dr. Boyd E. Graves was born on July 10th, 1952 in Charleston, West Virginia to James and Theresa Graves.

He was raised in Northeastern Ohio before he received an appointment to the u.s. Naval academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 1971.

While he attended this academy, he received a Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering and Mandarin Chinese. He also lettered in boxing and was elected the first African-American president of the Navy's world renowned 'Glee Club'. He was also the only 'midshipman' to serve on the 'Brigade Staff' his senior year and he was the first African-American on a Navy recruitment poster.

Dr. Graves received his commission from the academy in 1975 and served as a Communications Officer on the guided missile destroyer, USS Buchanan, DDG-14.

In August of 1990, he entered Ohio Northern University College of Law. There he earned his Juris Doctoral degree in May 1993. He specialized in the 'americans with disabilities Act' and worked with private and public agencies to make sure the aforementioned law was adhered to.

With that said, the reason I'm writing about Dr. Graves, is he was a homosexual who contracted the AIDS virus. Now, instead of looking at his affliction like a death sentence, he went about doing some research on this disease. That research lead him to the u.s. Library of Congress, where he discovered an actual 'flow chart' that chronicled how AIDS was a man-made virus designed specifically to kill Black people. Dr. Graves documented his findings in a book he wrote titled, 'State Origin: The evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS'.

After finding this out, Dr. Graves became the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit that demanded the american government give Black people an apology and reparations for the AIDS virus. He also became the director of 'AIDS Concerns' for an organization called 'Common Cause', which is an international medical research foundation headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Beyond the aforementioned ingenuity of Dr. Graves' work, there was another colossal testament to his brilliance; in his research Dr. Graves discovered a cure for the AIDS virus called 'Tetrasil' (or 'Tetrasilver'). Dr. Graves found out that Tetrasil was created during the manufacturing of AIDS by the united states. It required an injection of a 40 PPM (PPM means 'parts per million') ratio in one's body to deaden the virus and begin the process of restoring a person's immune system.

Dr. Graves became the first man known in history to inject himself with Tetrasil in 2003, and his body was freed of all the symptoms of the AIDS virus later that same year.

The u.s. Patent number for Tetrasil is 5676977, and I'll leave a link for this patent at the end of this post; I'll also do some follow-up research on the legacy of Tetrasil, and document my findings on this blog.

On June 18th, 2009, Dr. Graves died in a Veterans Administration hospital due to 'acute e-coli POISONING'. As you could imagine, the american government didn't want Dr. Graves' story seeing the light of day and american pharmaceutical companies surely didn't wanna' lose money behind the public having access to an actual AIDS cure.

Hell, the american government doesn't wanna' give us any reparations for the centuries of enslavement the Black Diaspora suffered in this country, so I guess they'd be damned if they were gonna' come up off any reparations in regards to actually admitting they created the biological weapon we know as the AIDS virus.

Moving on...

Arthur Robert Ashe Jr., a.k.a. Arthur Ashe, was born in Richmond Virginia, to Arthur Ashe Sr. and Mattie Cordell Cunningham Ashe on July 10th, 1943.

The Ashes lived in the 'caretaker's cottage' on the grounds of 'Brookfield Park'; this was Richmond, Virginia's largest (at the time) 'Black's only' public playground. This park boasted four tennis courts, basketball courts, a pool and three baseball diamonds. Arthur began playing tennis at the age of seven and it was on these courts that his natural talent was spotted by Virginia University student, and part-time tennis instructor, Ron Charity.

Ron was the best Black tennis player in Virginia at the time, and he began to teach Arthur the basic strokes and encouraged him to compete in local competitions.

In 1960, Arthur was allowed to practice in his city's National Guard Armory indoor courts and he further developed his tennis skills there. And in 1961, he won the previously segregated u.s. Interscholastic Tennis Tournament.

In 1963, Ashe became the first African-American to be selected for the u.s. Davis Cup team. And in 1968, he won the u.s. Amateur Championships against Davis Cup teammate Bob Lutz, becoming the first Black man to win the title and the only player to have won both the amateur and open national championships in the same year.

In 1970, Ashe won his second 'Grand Slam' singles title at the Australian Open.

And on July 5th, 1975, in the first 'all-american' Wimbeldon final since 1947, Ashe won the Wimbeldon tournament, defeating the strong favorite and defending champion Jimmy Connors. He went on to win three Grand Slam titles, ranking him among the best tennis players in the united states.

In the early 1980's, Ashe is believed to have contracted the HIV virus from a blood transfusion he received during heart bypass surgery. Ashe publicly announced his illness and in April 1992, he began working to educate the public about HIV and AIDS.

Now, it's believed that Ashe got the HIV/AIDS virus in 1983 when he had his second heart surgery. Mind you, at the time, the mainstreamed medical world knew of the HIV/AIDS virus, so why would anyone, especially a celebrity athlete, be given 'unchecked' blood during a surgery? I remember Tiger Woods talking about how he received death threats when he first became a professional golfer, and this was because the sport was thought to belong exclusively to the domains of white men. And being that tennis was held in the same regard, I'd be willing to bet money that Ashe was purposely given this disease to kill him.

Now beyond this story, we know from Dr. Boyd Graves, that this disease was specifically designed to kill off the whole of the Black Diaspora. And Arthur Ashe was yet another one of its victims.

Arthur Ashe died of 'AIDS-related pneumonia' on February 6th, 1993.

Now, fast forward to the year 2015, and more specifically, the date of July 15th of this year; Bruce Jenner, a.k.a. 'Caitlyn' Jenner, is given the 'Arthur Ashe Award' for courage at this year's 'ESPY's'. As shown in the picture above.

President Obama even called the he/she 'Caitlyn', to congratulate him/her on winning this award.

So let's dig into the guts of why white fascists gave ms. thang the 'Arthur Ashe' award for courage...

Firstly, I don't know if people noticed, but now-a-days Bruce is usually in a white or Black dress; this is no coincidence. Fascists need people thinking in Black and white every time they see this monstrosity of a she-male, 'cause again, Bruce is representing not only white people, but the white fascist agenda.

Now, the reason they had Arthur Ashe's face behind Bruce when he accepted this award, was because white fascist freemasons want mainstream american audiences to think that Black people agree with this 'death-style'. Like I've said in the past, white gays feel that the only way they'll be acknowledged as an oppressed minority, is with the sanction of Black americans, being that we're connected to our people's 'Civil Rights' struggle(s). And even though they were missing in action when our people had police dogs sicced on us and fireman's hoses turned on us, they still wanna' claim that they were a part of our movement.

And what particularly grates on me about this is, I've been around several white gay men who are just as bigoted towards Black people, or Black men more specifically, as their straight essentially, these sexually conflicted inbreds, wanna' have their cake and eat it too. Meaning, they wanna' keep the white privilege AND be considered an oppressed minority behind their preference to have sex with the same gender.

Unfreakin' believable!

Second, white fascists know that if you wanna' give any cultural event or agenda some 'cool points', you should associate it with Black men. 'Cause Black men are the creators of 99% of what is aesthetically 'cool' in damn near every category; especially in terms of fashion, vernacular and music. I always found it funny how the american social order would go out of its way to deride anything to do with the contemporary cultural tenets of young Black men; then, when you go to the movies or watch TV, you see advertising execs using this same culture to sell everything from cereal to automobiles.

Third, ultimately, white fascists want our children especially, to adopt this 'death-style' so they don't produce any more Black babies that can grow up with the most potential to breed them out of existence. Like I've said before and I can't stress this enough, white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels; so whitey's really scrambling to make sure they're not wiped off the face of the earth in a century or two.

Now, in one of my previous posts, I talk about sista Sophia Stewart and how she won her lawsuit against Warner Brothers studios for the theft of her script, 'The Third Eye', which was renamed 'The Matrix' by the Wachowski siblings. Just wanna' remind everyone that we can't call the Wachowskis 'brothers' anymore, because Larry Wachowski is now 'Lana' Wachowski, in keeping with this whole gender confusion non-sense associated with white people.

But back to Sophia's script...out of 'The Third Eye' script also came the movie, 'The Terminator'. Sophia explained how The Terminator's 'Sarah Connor' was actually 'Neo's' mother; and how Neo was a thirty year old 'John Connor' who joined with Morpheus' group of rebels. In a way, Bruce Jenner carrying out the white fascist agenda of mainstreaming homosexuality, is almost like The Terminator movie come to life; in so much as, mainstreamed homosexuality is the monster being sent into our children's future to prematurely abort the birth of any more Black babies.

So I've said all that to say this, if you're a Black man or woman reading this post, I want you to know that the mainstreaming of homosexuality and the creation of the HIV, AIDS and EBOLA viruses, are initiatives with one goal in mind...and that's getting rid of YOU AND US! EXCLUSIVELY!

Now, I've heard from several white men that they're being targeted by the mainstreaming of this homosexual 'death-style' as well; here's the difference though, the majority of the world looks like us and not like them. Moreover, Black men and women have the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence, so the white fascist bulls-eye is on OUR BACKS, MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE'S!

So the real question is, will the Black Diaspora regain the unity we'll need to fight off these myriad attacks?

And will we do it in time?

What do you think?

I think it's way past time we 'circle the wagons' around ourselves, so we can stave off what whitey's got in store for us!

And like Sam Jackson said in 'Do The Right Thing': “That's the triple truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


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