Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 2)...Black orphans and the gay white adoption agenda...

Here's some quick stats from the u.s. Census Bureau, before I get to the point of this post:

Approximately two million gay persons in the u.s. are interested in adopting children.

An estimated 65,500 adopted children are living with a gay parent.

More than 16,000 adopted children are living with gay parents in California, the highest number among the states.

And finally, gay parents are raising four percent of all adopted children in the united states. 

Now, superficially, we should rejoice at the fact that gay couples have opened their homes to a large section of america's orphan population. And this should be especially true for Black americans, being that half of the 100,000 kids waiting for adoption in this country are African-american. African-american boys wait the longest to find families; and the most desirable adoptees, are babies and young kids who haven't been mistreated and don't have disabilities.  

I remember, decades ago, how pop star Madonna's contested adoption of a 1-year-old boy from Malawi, Africa made headlines. I also remember how a 1994 federal law was enacted, to forbid ethnic discrimination in a child's adoptive placement. 

And, if you've paid attention to any kind of 'social media' sites, or the TV news lately; you've heard how Bruce Jenner, the iconic u.s. Olympics, gold medal winning athlete, has come to the conclusion that he's now, and always has been, a woman. And this comes in the midst of seemingly every aspect of the 'lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender' (lgbt) community, being mainstreamed for acceptance by the american social order.

Now, we could think this is all coincidental, but if you've been reading this Blog for any amount of time; I think you know how bogus that idea is. So let me tell you the real reason, gay adoption, just like the membership in this lifestyle, has skyrocketed.

First off, many white corporate magnates and hyper-rich white CEO's, say they don't believe in God, or in any ancestral deities that the Black Diaspora worship. People like the neo-liberal bigot Bill Maher, will say they're not tethered to any religions or any form of spiritual science. The majority of them even say how they don't believe in silly forces like karma. 

Now, I remember listening to a 'Pan-Africanist' speaker, and how he said, on one of his lecture tours, a sista told him that she took her son to a department store like Montgomery Ward, or some other comparable department store. And how her son asked her, when they walked through the entrance, "Ma, do you see what I see?" The sista replied, "No son, what do you see?" The precocious, strong-minded young brotha declared, "Do you notice all the Black people are in the clothing section, and all the white people are in the gun section?"

And, american gun manufacturers are saying, they can't keep up with white people's orders for guns and ammo since Obama became president. So, whitey's declarations about not believing in karma, is A BALL-FACED LIE!

These people know they have a karmic-asskickin' coming! That's one reason why so many white stars and white people in general, are adopting Black children; 'cause they WANT BLACK PEOPLE TO FORGIVE THEM!

They want us to adopt the negro christian programming we've gotten in american churches and schools, so we can give them a pass for their centuries of mistreating us. So their adoption of our children has little or nothing to do with whitey's altruism, and more to do with their wanting to stave off, the very thing they claim not to believe in...karma.

And second, I've mentioned several times on this Blog and in these posts, how white birth rates are falling below replacement levels. Now-a-days, these pale-skinned inbreds are really quaking in their boots about the inevitability of their not being around in the coming centuries. And of course, the white elitist bulls-eye is on the back of Blacks, due to our having the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

So what's a more effective way of ensuring that the Black Diaspora adopts homosexuality, other than through whitey's mainstream media initiatives? Simply, through having our children, grow up in a gay household.  

This would almost guarantee that the young Black man or woman, would be sexually conflicted and never think about having a child. Unless, of course, they adopt one like their gay parents.

The mainstreaming of homosexuality, is nothing more than another white supremacist initiative to exterminate the global, or in this case national, Black population. 

And several white people have rebutted this point by saying, hey...white fascists are mainstreaming homosexuality for white people too. That's true. But one thing these degenerates don't realize is, the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THEM!

The overwhelming majority of the world's population is asian. China has always been well known for it's booming population, and along with more densely populated places like India, it makes asia the world's leader in birth rates. And you know who's right behind them? 


Then you have every other ethnic group, with whitey dead last.

See, the majority of these inbreds have never been outside the u.s. and think everywhere on earth, is like here. The majority of them don't read anything edifying, at least not unless bigots like howard stern and rush limbaugh push them. So they're simply ignorant to the fact that the majority of the world is Black and brown. One thing I love seeing, is when one of these genetic dead ends says to a Black person, go back to Africa, and the brotha or sista tells them to go back to europe. They just freeze. 

And in case anyone thinks that gays are our allies in any kind of human rights, or 'Civil Rights' struggles, you'd be in for a big surprise. I've personally worked around these degenerates, and some of them are bigger bigots than their straight peers. Beyond this fact, what really grates on me concerning the queer populus, is how they believe that Black people especially, should recognize them as a 'marginalized' minority. Now, mind you, these are white men and women we're talking about. See, these gay inbreds wanna' have their cake and eat it too. Meaning, they wanna' have the white privilege AND be recognized as an oppressed minority. And they're actually indignant about this. I've seen a lot of them visibly upset about how we don't mention them in our 'Civil Rights' struggles.

But here's my question to them right off the top: where were the queers when my people had fireman's water hoses turned on them? Where were they when we had attack dogs sicced on our women and children? 

They were right behind their straight peers, saying nothing

Now they wanna' take credit for what we did? Please!

And beyond the tax and other societal benefits of being married with children, you gotta' ask yourself this: if these white gays were so hung up on having kids, why the hell are they gay? Why can't they see the contradiction in this? And why can't they recognize this as a personal problem?

And still, these gay inbreds got the nerve to say their struggle is just like ours. If someone ever brings this issue up, tell the confused nut(s), if for no other reason, a queer's struggle has nothing to do with ours, 'cause a gay person can hide their sexuality, we can't hide our ethnicity. 


Now, conversely, this also says, we Black people have to do a better job of adopting our children. And for that, we'd have to get rid of the self-hatred bred into us by these white fascist forces. 'Cause if you're conditioned to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you, you're not gonna' ever consider adopting a Black child.

Now, here's the question I pose again and again: is it too late for the Black Diaspora to get our right minds back? And if it's not, will we do this in time? Do we even wanna' recognize how we've been conditioned to hate ourselves and each other?

That's a question we individually and collectively need to answer...with a quickness!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see the first Blog post of this series, you can do that here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why social networks ain't 'social'...

The term 'social network' was coined by professor J.A. Barnes in 1954. 

He defines this as a social structure made of nodes that are generally individuals or organizations. He also stated that a social network represents relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, animals, computers or other information/knowledge processing entities. 

Now, today, when we hear the term 'social network', we instantly think of websites directly associated with our interactions with friends; like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

At least, that's what I used to think. 

What changed my mind, was an incident where I was sitting in an airport lounge, facing directly across from one of the terminal's bars. 

Two women who looked to be in their later twenties or early thirties, were conversing over cocktails, until one of them said they had a message on their Facebook page. So this woman clutched her phone closer and began gazing into it. After about five minutes, her friend took out her 'ipad', saying she wanted to 'Tweet' something.

After I finished looking over my magazine, it was thirty minutes later, and my eyes went back to these women. 

Both were facing away from each other, while still staring into their devices.

Now, beyond this example, I can't tell you how many people I've actually had to say, "watch out" to, because they were either texting, or looking at a text, or they were on some social network, while they were walking directly into me. I've seen people nearly walk into walls trying to text 'hello' to a friend. 

But this isn't a coincidence...and let me explain why...

These social networks were designed by elites to actually pull or draw people away from others, and into a virtual realm where the only person that really exists, is them. 

See, if the public at large can be kept on social networks and in a feigned sense of connectedness, they can be lead into what I call a 'hyper-narcissism', where they're not concerned about the welfare of others. And they can be conditioned into literally hundreds of pseudo-relationships that don't require any real intimacy. 

Basically, these social networks were created to make us 'individualists'. 'Cause when you're constantly obsessing over yourself, you don't have to care about anyone else's plight. So, old African proverbs like, 'It takes a village to raise a child', go right out the window. 

And exactly how do they have us embracing 'individualism' via these networks? Notice now, how the average person, especially young persons, 'talk' to their friends less and 'text' them more. Now understand, the sound of your friend's voice evokes emotions and releases certain types of stress relieving chemicals in the brain. Moreover, there's a bonding effect that happens upon hearing a person's voice; and this doesn't take place when you're just looking at a text on a screen. 

The elites understand how important this is to a child's development, that's why they continually give our young people mechanized sounding music to listen to.  

I remember when the first 'synthesizers' started being what's this instrument's real job? Not only to act like a classical piano keyboard, but to produce 'synthetic' music; 'mechanized' sounding music to get the populus into more of a 'mechanical' mind-state, so it would be easier to turn us into automatons, or robots. The more we learn to 'compartmentalize' our emotions, the easier it is for the elites to maintain control. 

And all of this is especially detrimental to the Black Diaspora. Here's why...

Beyond the nearly two decades of conditioning we get in pre, middle and high school(s) to hate ourselves, we're also exposed to the media's mediums like TV and movies, which are rife with these messages directed at us. And let me add again, even though I've said this ad nauseum; the conditioning we get to hate ourselves is TEN TIMES WORSE than any other ethnic group gets. We literally are made to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet. 

And this conditioning HAS WORKED!!

It's worked and is working too damn well! 

I was thinking the other day, I can't remember a time in my life, when Black men and women didn't have a deep rift between them. And actually, this rift has gotten deeper! So much so, that what I'm hearing continually from Black men is 'we're done' with Black women, and Black women in turn are saying they're done with Black men in droves. 

Now, with this being a reality for our Diaspora, the last thing we need is some 'social network', which is really an 'anti-social network', to aid in deepening the schism between us. 

If you're a Black man reading this, understand, if you can be kept obsessing exclusively on Black men's issues, you can be kept hating Black women; and ditto for a Black woman who's kept obsessing exclusively on Black women's can be kept hating Black men. That's the game white supremacists are running on us, and their campaign has been wholly successful. Once more, if we're kept in a 'hyper-individualism', we'll never think about the whole of the Black Diaspora.

Now, when I first started this Blog, my intention was to offer a meditative solution to the problem of self-hatred(s) that plagued us. But what I'm finding is, not only is our Diaspora not receptive to doing this kind of work at the subconscious level, but the majority of us don't even wanna' acknowledge how white supremacists have conditioned us to hate ourselves. 

I'm thinking okay, people aren't open to the idea of meditating, but if we don't at least see how we've been made to hate ourselves more than any other ethnic group walking this earth, then we have NO CHANCE AT GETTING RID OF OUR SELF-HATRED.

The majority of us are so comfortable in our self-hatred, that we think this mind-set will benefit us more than learning to love ourselves and each other. We still think our closer proximity to whites will guarantee a better life, even if it means they're coming into our neighborhoods, buying up its properties and kicking us out. 

So let us, the Black Diaspora remember...THE VIRTUAL WORLD IS NOT REAL!!

YOU DON'T HAVE FIVE HUNDRED FRIENDS LIKE IT SAYS ON FACEBOOK! More than likely, you really have about five or ten REAL ONES!

Individualism is what whitey has taught us to embrace, and it's the very thing that's killing us and our communities. And it usually manifests in Black women saying, "I don't need no man", or a Black man saying, "The only thing a Black woman can do for me, is show me where a white woman is".

So, let's come up out of this individualistic mind-state, so we can at least acknowledge what's been done to us by white fascists. And let's at least make an attempt to get back to loving ourselves and each other again.

'Cause our UNITY is the ONLY thing that will save us, not our money...and certainly not some damn social network account(s)!

And let's also remember, saving the Black 'nuclear' family...IS ALWAYS WHAT'S UP!!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you need another reason to get your personal information off these 'anti-social networks', and off Facebook especially, here's a bit more of an incentive. This vid will tell you where all that info. you're feeding Facebook really goes. Just a 'head's up', this vid officially ends at 4:04.


For those who forgot, here's the now infamous vid of that silly spaniard, Cathy Cruz Marrero, falling into a fountain while texting and walking. What's even funnier is, she WORKED AT THIS MALL when this happened! So you'd think she'd be a bit more familiar with its! Yet another example of how these 'anti-social networks' pull you out of reality, instead of enhancing anything in it. 

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The re-mixing of my e-book, 'The Coup of Carrots'...

Hotep and Sutekh family!

Just wanna' let ya' know about the 're-mixing' of one of my short-storied e-books, 'The Coup of Carrots'. 

Now, the earlier version of this e-book had three stories in it, instead of one. I wanted to expand on some characters that appeared in my original version of this tale; namely, Terrence Johnson, a.k.a. 'Big Tee' and Craig Johnson. 

While I felt Terrence and Craig needed a back story to make their characters a bit more three dimensional, ultimately, their narratives didn't serve the best interest of the overall tome. So I've republished this work in it's original form. And at the end of the story, is more of a detailed explanation as to why I've chosen to do this, in the author's notes, under the title, 'A butcher's Belly'.

So, if you have or haven't already, read my short story 'The Coup of Carrots' by clicking on the side bar's book cover, and enjoy the new(ish) tale, told in its old and original way. 



If you've read both versions of this e-book, I'd love your feedback as to which one you prefer; this or the older one. So please, leave a comment or two about that, or anything else pertaining to this book or Blog. ThANKHS.

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The lowly nature of white women (Part 6)...Margaret Sanger and the legacy of 'Planned Parenthood'...

"We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."
--Margaret Sanger

Lately, I've been overdosing on the lectures of a particular Black 'Pan-Africanist'. Reason why, is he's the only Black Nationalist I've ever heard talking to Black folks about reconditioning the subconscious mind, and how to relieve our children of being infected by the self-hatred inducing doctrines of the american school system, by means of home schooling, or opening his own school.

But truthfully, I'm still assessing whether or not this brotha is real or another paid agent; cause one thing I do know, is whenever a 'Black leader' gets any kind of national prominence, he's usually being financed by white supremacist freemasons. That's why I'm not mentioning his name.

Now, for the people who follow this Blog, they know that I've also been overdosing on a particular grouping of Blog posts, that being the 'Lowly nature of white women' series. I can almost hear folks now saying, c'mon bruh, how many more of these white women are you gonna' dis on this Blog?

The reason I really had to do this particular post, is I was listening to a particularly moving lecture given by the aforementioned 'Pan-Africanist', and he just happened to mention Margaret Sanger. What instantly popped in my head hearing her name, and knowing her history was...'Lowly nature of white women'. So, if I'm being hackneyed or a bit redundant at this point, forgive me...but in this case, just indulge me one mo' time.

Margaret Higgins Sanger was born on September 14, 1879, in Corning, New York. She is lauded as an american birth control activist, sex educator and a nurse. She was also considered an advocate of woman's rights issues.

Now, this is what white fascists want you to think about good 'ole Margaret. But if you're a Black man or woman reading this, and I'd advise anyone who isn't, to go read another Blog, cause this one's not for you; let's use our melanated mind's to see what Margaret's agenda, and the 'woman's rights agenda', really had in store.

Margaret was one of eleven children, and she later wrote in her book titled, 'My fight for birth control', that, “I associated poverty, toil, drunkenness, cruelty, quarreling, fights, debts and jails with large families.” Sanger also believed that the 'toils of motherhood' are what made her mother perish prematurely. From this, she looked upon child birth as more of a sexually transmitted disease, than an act between two consenting and loving adults. Her mind-set was also formed by her father, who was a known alcoholic and showed his family little to no consistent displays of affection. Both her parents also imbued Margaret with their incessant bigoted views on Black people especially.

Seeking a better life, Margaret attended Claverick College and Hudson River Institute in 1896. She went on to study nursing at White Plains Hospital four years later. 

In 1910, Margaret moved with her husband to the New York City community of Greenwich Village. This area has a long history of being the city's center of bohemian culture, and she thought this would be the perfect place to start her eugenics project, disguised as a 'feminist' or 'woman's rights advocacy' campaign. 

In 1912, she started writing a newspaper column under the guise of a 'sex educator', called, 'What every girl should know'. In this paper, she began espousing the need for a 'magic pill', to be used to control pregnancies. She was also quoted as saying, "No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother."

In 1914, she started a feminist publication called 'The Rebel Woman'. This rag promoted a woman's right to have birth control. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe it is a woman's right to choose whether she does or doesn't want a child, my problem is again, Margaret hiding her agenda to kill off Black people with this 'feminist' disguise. 

Now, in keeping with her 'woman's movement' facade, Margaret made quotes in her books, like one titled, 'Pivot of Civilization', that point to her so-called 'liberal' leanings; in it she says, “Instead of laying down hard and fast rules of sexual conduct, sex can be rendered effective and valuable only as it meets and satisfies the interests and demands of the pupil him/herself.” In other words, there's nothing wrong with casual sex, as long as it doesn't produce a pregnancy.

Aided by this spin on the liberalist 'woman's movement', Sanger popularized the term 'birth control' to hide her real eugenics agenda, especially its direct targeting of the Black Diaspora. Note that Gloria Steinem, who was said to be the 'mother' of the 'feminist movement', proudly promoted the use of contraception as a means of birth control and was completely behind Sanger in her expressions of a woman's right to abortions. And I think the majority of people reading this post know that Gloria was also a CIA agent. If you didn't know this, I'll leave a link for a post I wrote on her, at the end of this one.

On October 16th, 1916, Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in the u.s. on 46 Amboy Street, located conveniently enough, in the Brooklyn, New York neighborhood of Brownsville. A predominately Black neighborhood, mind you. This clinic was the first of its kind in the u.s.  

Now, Margaret was arrested for this clinic's opening; and she and her sister spent 30 days a piece in government sanctioned penitent work programs behind this. But because of these arrests, Margaret's movement got a lot of publicity, and along with that came funding from various outside donors. So what this tells me, is these arrests and lenient sentences, were ALL STAGED to give Sanger's movement greater social traction. And for those who think white supremacist freemasons had nothing to do with this movement, understand that one of Margaret's biggest donors was John D. Rockefeller Jr., and yes, he belonged to the infamous Rockefeller family. And they continuously made contributions to her campaign in future decades, although anonymously to protect the family's name.

Following the opening of the Brooklyn clinic, was one in Harlem, New York, with a staff comprised solely of African-americans.

In 1921, Sanger founded the 'american birth control league'. 

And in March of 1925, at an 'international birth control' gathering in New York City, Dr. S. Adolphous Knopf, warned of the population menace being created by the 'Black peril'. Now this guy wasn't acknowledged as a nazi or klansman, but he was in fact a member of Sanger's american birth control league; which along with other bigoted groups, eventually became 'Planned Parenthood'.

Now, in 1926, Margaret began showing her true colors, pun intended, when she spoke before a group of Klanswomen in Silver Lake, New Jersey. Pictured above. And if you'd like to see the picture more clearly, click onto it and it'll expand.

In 1929, she formed the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, which served as the focal point of her lobbying efforts to legalize contraception in the u.s.

And in 1939, Sanger's real intentions for the Black Diaspora continued to make themselves known, when her 'Clinical Research Bureau' and the aforementioned 'american birth control league' fused to form the 'Birth Control Federation of america' (BCFA). 

Now, it was a Dr. Clarence J. Gamble who was selected to be the BCFA regional director for america's southern states. Mind you, Dr. Gamble was one of the owners of the soap making company, 'Proctor and Gamble', and was no stranger to Sanger's organization(s). He also served as director of the american birth control league previously.

After being selected, Gamble wasted no time drawing up a memo entitled, 'Suggestion for Negro project'. 

And in an Atlanta, GA. conference, he argued that the Black Diaspora might catch on to their organization's plot to exterminate them. So, he plotted on having titular Black figure-heads, to front their initiatives. And the first place he and Sanger went to find these boot-lickin', buck-dancin', Uncle Tom types...was the Black church.

Gamble concieved the 'Negro project', as more or less of a traveling road show. In this initiative, a charismatic Black minister was to start a religious revival and contributions would come from other local cooperating ministers. A 'colored' nurse would follow, and a 'colored', subsidized Black doctor would come behind her. Gamble even suggested how music might be a way to lure our diaspora to these gatherings.

Margaret answered Gamble on December 10th, 1939, and made her infamous quote saying, “We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten the idea out if it ever occurs to any of the more rebellious members.”

Birth control was presented both as an economic betterment vehicle and as a health measure that could lower the incidence of infant mortality. At the 1942 BCFA annual meeting, BCFA Negro Council board member Dr. Dorothy B. Ferebee–a cum laude university graduate and also president of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the nation's largest Black sorority–addressed the delegates regarding Planned Parenthood's minority outreach efforts, saying the points of the initiative that might be the most contestable to the Black Diaspora are: 

1.) the concept that when birth control is proposed to them, it is motivated by a clever bit of machination to persuade them to commit race suicide. In layman's terms, we might be too smart and see through Margaret's B.S.

2.) The 'husband rejection'--now let's look at this particular point, check the wording here...a husband REJECTION! Black feminists take notice! This was effectuated later in america's government assistance programs, that told Black women the only way they would qualify for the gov't's help with monetary assistance to eat and pay bills, was, they had to GET RID OF THEIR BLACK MAN!

3.) The fact that birth control is confused with abortion. 


4.) The belief that the use of birth control, or abortions, is inherently immoral.

Thus, in the black Chicago Defender for Jan. 10, 1942, a long three-column women's interest article discussed the endorsement of the Sanger program by prominent Black women. There were at lease six direct references, such as the following example, to birth control as a remedy for 'economic woes'. These points were: ". . . it raises the standard of living by enabling parents to adjust the family size to the family income." Readers were also told that birth control," . . . is no operation. It is no abortion. Abortion kills life after it has begun. . . birth control is neither harmful nor immoral."

But ultimately, the Black Diaspora were too smart to take this crap at face value, so Black ministers were solicited to make these edicts more palatable. One such boot-lickin', 'chicken george' type negro, was Bishop David H. Sims, of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Bishop Sims offered to begin the "softening process" among the representatives of different Negro denominations attending the monthly meetings of the Federal Council of Churches and its Division of Race Relations.

These and other efforts paid off handsomely after World War II. By 1949, virtually the entire black leadership network of religious, social, professional, and academic organizations had endorsed Planned Parenthood's program.

So for any Black christians out there wondering why the Black 'conscious' community might have a problem with you, now ya' have a clear example as to why. 

Margaret died on September 6th, 1966. Across the nation numerous women's 'health care clinics' carry her name and in New York, they even named a street after her called, 'Margaret Sanger square'.

Now, numerous types of buck-dancing, negro bourgeois members worked with Margaret before her death, and in her organization's name after her passing. These include: W. E. B. DuBois, who worked with her on the "Negro Project"; Mary McLeod Bethune and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

Much later, that epic grandmaster of grinnin', boot lickin' and buck-dancing, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted an award from Planned Parenthood and complimented the organization's efforts.  

And the greatest irony of Margaret's story is this, at least in my eyes...pale-skinned inbreds are extremely reluctant to believe in karma. At least that's what they tell us. But if you look at the fact that gun manufacturers can't keep up with whitey's demands for arms, this tells you more than anything else, how they know they have a karmic ass-kicking comin' one day. 

But how ironic is it, that today, abortion clinics are being closed in droves by white politicians, due to white birth rates falling below replacement levels.

That's some straight-up karma for Margaret's and whitey's ass!

So to every Black man and woman reading this, and especially Black men, know that these women have no monopoly on sweetness, urbanity, beauty or scruples...and I'm here to affirm that these women are some of the most under-handed, oversexed and crooked women walking the face of the earth.

Now, I know a lot of Black men will say, well, they're sweeter to me than the majority of Black women. If this is your opinion, I'd like you to take two things into consideration, 1.) white women have never been taught to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them by any organized school system, over the course of decades. And 2.) It's much easier to have a genial demeanor when you want for nothing. A good majority of white women have never witnessed the travails our women have suffered and/or survived.   

And all this aims back to my point of the Black Diaspora desperately needing to rid ourselves, of this white supremacist induced self-hatred. 'Cause, it's taken EVERYTHING FROM US!

So how much longer are we gonna' contently sit by and have it rob us, collectively, of our self-worth and human dignity?

Only we can answer that question.

And here's one more question we need to ask ourselves post-haste...knowing all this, do we even wanna' change?

We're not gonna' be able to sit idly by and ignore the machinations of white supremacy much longer please, individually and/or collectively, let's get to work on making this change!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to read my article about that under-handed 'feminist' Gloria Steinem, you can do that here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The gospel of white supremacy (Part 5)...Henrietta Lacks and the cult of the 'down low' brotha...

'The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks' is a non-fiction tome that was released in bookstores on February 2, 2010. In it, the author, Rebecca Skloot, tells how Henrietta's cell's were the first and most important line to survive and multiply indefinitely in a laboratory environment (Henrietta Lacks being the Black lady pictured on the book's cover to the left). Ms. Skloot also details how Henrietta's cells were taken a few months before her death without her knowledge or permission, and how her cells were responsible for helping white scientists make some of the most important advances in medicinal history. So much so, that her particular cells were given the name 'Hela', corresponding with the first two letters in her first and last names. And to add insult to injury, the author of this tome also found that the Lacks family, hadn't been informed about the acquisition of Henrietta's cells until 25 years after it happened. And they also didn't know that 'Hela' cells were being sold for profit. 

Ya' gotta' love these caucasians...

Now, In 2004, Oprah aired her show featuring the sexually conflicted, 'down low' Black male author, D. L. King. And in one fatal swoop, this show mainstreamed the term 'down low' for an entire generation. It also popularized the notion that damn near every Black man was having sex with another one. Now, what this did was sound the alarm that every Black man was not only cheating on Black women, but they were exposing them to various STD's, up to and including HIV and AIDS, because its said that 'bi-sexual' Black men are the most likely to carry these viruses. And in 2010, Oprah announced that she'd work with another producer in conjunction with HBO, to release a film version of D.L.'s book, 'On the down low'.

Now, these two incidences, on a superficial level, look like they have nothing to do with each other; but both are linked to a common goal that serves to advance the tenets of white supremacy and the agenda of white fascists. Here's how...

Now, I've explained in previous posts, how after the bombing of the 'Black Wall Street' in 1921, white supremacists figured out how Black people, left to their own devices (i.e. continued segregation), would just build back up the million dollar businesses these head inbreds set out to destroy. So they asked themselves, how can we get those Black dollars into our pockets? That's when they had the break-through of starting the 'integration' movement. And this precipitated the rise of that duped pansy, Martin Luther King Jr. And in later years, King himself was quoted as saying, “I hope I haven't integrated my people into a burning house.”

But by then it was too late – after Martin found out he'd been played like a violin, they repaid his peaceful, non-violent protesting methods, by killing him violently.

Now, inevitably, someone always reminds me that Black people 'willingly' walked away from areas like the Black Wall Street. That's true. But, what they're not taking into consideration is one thing, and that is, every history book Black people were mandated to read, and damn near every book we've read in the american school system period, has taught us to hate ourselves. And I know I keep saying this, so forgive me for being redundant, but NO ONE IS MADE TO HATE THEMSELVES LIKE THE BLACK MAN AND WOMAN...NO ONE!

I can remember in my pre-teens watching the TV drama 'Roots', and how much shame I felt behind that. And more recently, I see we're still being bombarded with these cavalcade of stars coon shows like 'The Butler', 'The Help', '12 years a slave', and 'Django Unchained'. And these movies serve only one purpose, that is to reinforce why myself, and every other Black person, should hate themselves for being Black. And if you think these movies are purely for entertainment purposes, I'm sorry to inform you of this...but YOU'RE WRONG!!

So the message conditioned into every Black man and woman, damn near since we've started walking, has been how we should hate ourselves and love whitey. And this ultimately, is the game of white supremacy.

Now, what this mind-set bred or force-fed into us, was that our sole goal in life was and is, to gain a closer proximity to white people.

We were made to believe whitey had ALL the resources we aspired to, and again, we felt the closer we were to one of them, the more prosperous we ourselves would be. And the head inbreds knew this would work, cause they understood how they'd conditioned us.  


And what I've hoped we've learned from this, is how nothing whitey can offer us will benefit us more, or make us stronger, than our UNITY! 

So again, our money isn't the ultimate power y'all...OUR UNITY IS! Moving on...

So just like the the 'integration' movement was a trick played on the Black Diaspora by white fascists, so was the mainstreaming of the 'down low' sub-culture of Black men. And there was one main reason they used Oprah, who's respected by so many of our people to do this; it was so Black women in droves, after hearing about the acts of these sexually-conflicted Black men, would go to their nearest clinic or medical office, and give them their blood samples so they could get tested for STD's. 

White fascists wanted to study the blood types of myriad Black women, for ulterior motives. Just like they'd done to Henrietta Lacks. 

Now, you might be saying, what's wrong with scores of Black women getting tested for STD's? Obviously they're concerned about their health, as they should be. I say, there's nothing wrong with getting tested for STD's, but that's not what these white scientests wanted these samples for. 

What they're really studying, or trying to decode more our MELANIN. And let me tell ya' the two reasons why.

Firstly, the whole of white fascists, or the head inbreds as I like to call them, are currently ruling the world based on our ancestor's Black spiritual sciences. Like I've said in previous posts, this is the BIGGEST secret of any white supremacist secret society. That's why they use our ancient ancestral symbols to represent themselves, pyramids (back of the dollar bill), Kemetic tekhens or obelisks (Washington monument), the eye of Heru/RA (their 'all seeing eye'), etc. And they know our spirituality, is what gave us the wisdom needed to come up with these sciences. And what's the gateway into this spirituality? Our melanin. 

So if you're a Black man or woman reading this, understand, now more than ever...WHITEY WANTS TO BE YOU!

This is why they burn their skin brown in tanning salons, it's why white women are now injecting silicone into their lips and butts, it's why white men have been and still are smoking cigars--which is nothing but a facsimile of a Black phallus; and it's why every white singer is doing their level best to talk, dress and act like one of us. 

But more than this, they want access to the one substance that will make them as potentially great and powerful as we are, so if they can figure out how to infuse melanin into their own bodies, they wouldn't have to keep using their technologies to compensate for their lack of it. Meaning, they'd have access to the higher spiritual frequencies that gave our ancestors the ingenuity to create ALL of the world's sciences. 

And I do mean ALL OF THE WORLD'S SCIENCES! Alchemy, astronomy, astrology, physics, calculus, etc. ALL came from us. Now, whether whites wanna' acknowledge this publicly or not is another issue. 

Secondly, whitey understands how their birth rates are falling below replacement levels. So now more than ever, they're really scrambling to make sure they're still around in the coming centuries. So what they're trying to do, again by studying melanin, is create a bio-weapon, in fact, the most potent and effective bio-weapon ever produced, to kill off the Black Diaspora with. 

Seems like HIV, AIDS and the EBOLA viruses didn't do the trick, at least not to their satisfaction. Remember, a Black man or woman living anywhere, is a threat to white folks everywhere, being that we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence. So if white people, and white fascists especially, still see living Black/Indigenous people, they know their job isn't done. It's that simple. 

Besides this, Black women have mitochondrial DNA, and this kind no other person in the world has. Whenever you hear these genetic dead-ends referring to the 'Mitochondrial Eve', they're talking about the Black woman. Their own scientists have confirmed how the whole of the human race came through her. Now whitey, who's obsessed with immortality, figures this is a bonus to studying the Black woman. If he can unlock the reasons why Henrietta's cells could survive indefinitely, this would be another breakthrough in making sure this world wouldn't be permanently free of the white menace. 

Now, am I telling Black women not to get tested for STD's? Hell no. You should definitely make sure you're in the best of health. I'm just reiterating the point I've been trying to make with this particular Blog post series. And that's this: Black/Indigenous people, need to stop taking whitey's word as the gospel truth about everything. 

Knowing how dastardly these inbreds are, why do we wholeheartedly embrace whatever they tell us?

It's gotten so bad, I've seen Black men who identify themselves as gay first, and Black second. Even though whitey continues to tell us that disproportionately, it's Black men who are 'homophobic' or anti-gay.

And for those who are thinking, Black women wouldn't have to worry about getting tested so often, if Black men wouldn't go to jail so frequently and engage in homosexual acts...I'd like to tell you about a study done by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Dr. Kevin Fenton of the CDC, says his findings show that the overwhelming majority of Black men who are incarcerated and have the HIV virus, came into the prison with the virus. So it's the community that's actually infecting the prisons, not vice-versa. So what's going on in the Black community? It couldn't possibly be that we're being infected by factions outside our areas, could it? Heaven forbid. 

But again, this was another myth spread by white media, and we bought it. 

So ultimately, my message is this, we must deconstruct every piece of information white folks dole out to us as truth. Cause more than likely, any information they're giving us is gonna' be to our detriment.

Now, will we ever take this fact to heart? Only time will tell, and I'll say once again, that's the one thing we're quickly running out of. 

Family, if we don't start working together now, we might not get another let's get to work!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see parts one, two, three and four of this series, you can see them here:Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4             

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What's the world's greatest weapon of mass destruction?

Recently, there's been an upswing in the number of comments on my (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor posts, and even though I've endeavored to answer them, I'm wishing people would see how Uncle Tom really isn't the Black Diaspora's biggest problem, he's only a symptom of it. 

Now, while I browsed through the comments on these posts, I came upon one written, or supposedly written, by a white cop. He expressed how when any young Black man is shot down in the streets by one of them, it's more than just a case of police brutality, what's being performed is essentially a ritual sacrifice. 

He went on to explain how after a young Black man is shot down, he's usually left lying in the streets for hours; and he sights how this method was used with Whitney Houston, being that she spent her last hours lying in a bathtub, 'cause she was also a sacrifice for her white supremacist freemasonic handlers. The white cop then wrote how they're left there, so these 'demonic' forces can 'feed' off them. He went on to explain, how our people's 'Kemetic' history ties us to the true Gods and Goddesses of this and every other world, thus, the 'essence' we emit post-morten is the most desirable in its use to 'feed' certain demonic forces. And in exchange for these sacrifices, these entities give their power(s) to the white cops of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA). 

I just wanna' add, how this organization's name has always struck me funny, being that white cops are the least 'benevolent' folk you'll ever run into.  

This cop also said, a white rookie must do two things to join the 'occult' factions of the police force; one: he must pay some sort of monetary dues, and two: he must offer up a human sacrifice. And this sacrifice helps him ascend within the ranks of the police force and/or keeps these demonic entities 'fed'.

He concludes his comment saying, the next time a young Black man gets slain by one of his fellow inbreds, what Black americans should do is stop making 'noiseless noise'; which includes acts like rioting in our own neighborhoods and marching. He also says we should follow the example of Jamaicans, Haitians, and real Africans (as opposed to us fake ones) and explore the rituals of 'left hand path majick' to get some real payback and revenge. 

Now, I can appreciate what this person was trying to do, but just like every other good deed whitey endeavors in, this one is laced with his/their egregious arrogance.

So when I responded, I told him, not only did I know about 'left hand path majik/magic', ritualistic sacrifices and the spiritual deities he spoke of, but I know my people are from ancient Kemet, or Kem (which means Black). And what I told him most emphatically was, I also know that all those 'spiritual sciences' the occult factions of the PBA practice, are the sciences OUR ANCESTORS TAUGHT YOU! 

And, the only ones who would endeavor to use these sciences in a truly 'benevolent' manner, is US!

He also mentioned how these demonic forces keep cops from going to jail, even when there's copious amounts of evidence that they're guilty of an unprovoked, brutal and cold-blooded murder; but this is more attributable to the white supremacist factions of the PBA taking care of their own, and not necessarily any kind of spiritual science. 

This cop also says something to the effect of, 'the secret (of this science) is to reveal the secret'...that's just B.S.! Like I said in that same post, the REAL secret of every white supremacist secret society is they're ALL practicing the sciences of ANCIENT BLACK PEOPLE! 


I also told him that what he's not realizing is Haitians, Jamaicans and real Africans, while knowing these spiritual sciences, are still living under the oppressive yoke of white supremacy.  

Why is that?

It's because, what's potentially more powerful, than Black/Indigenous people's almighty 'spiritual sciences' is conditioning someone to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them. 

Cause once you do that, you don't have to worry about someone using a superior technology, in this case our spiritual sciences, against you. If you keep someone, or a group of someones, in a constant state of self-hatred the only ones they'll practice any kind of insidious spiritual magic on, is THEMSELVES!

So understand this, the world's greatest weapon of mass destruction is mind-control, i.e. mental conditioning. Cause with that, you can literally get a person, or a whole nation of people, to do anything you want them to. Up to and including killing themselves, quickly or slowly.

So, in this white cop's short-sighted wisdom, he couldn't fully or didn't want to realize fully, the depths of his people's wickedness beyond these practices. Again, whitey doesn't wanna' believe they're this capable of being that inhuman. Moreover, this craka thought he was teaching me something. 

Remember this, especially if you're a Black man or woman, once you have a true 'knowledge of self' and your history as a Black/Indigenous person, there's almost nothing a craka can teach you from that point on about 'true' power.

The world's truest power comes from 'spirituality', and being that you have the greatest access to it, there's nothing you need to fear about whitey going forward. But if you're stuck in a white-supremacist induced self-hatred, it's 'check and mate'...the game's over!

So what we must do, is recondition ourselves and our children, out of the intense self-loathing these inbreds want us to live with, from the cradle to the grave. 

Now, once again, here's the question we must ask ourselves: are we, the Black Diaspora, too far gone in our self-hatred to get our right minds back? Will we at least make sure our children don't suffer through the same kinds of self-hatred we've adopted? And will we do either of these things before it's too late?

These are the most important questions we'll answer...and we need to answer them post-haste and with a quickness!

Cause if we don't, we should know what's gonna' happen...and it's far worse than what we're going through now.


MontUHURU Mimia


You can find this cop's comment under the Tommy Sotomayor post here.

The comment's under the date of November 3rd, 2014, at 6:16 P.M.