Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why black women should ignore Tommy Sotomayor...

Recently, I wrote a blog post titled, 'Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor'; and I never expected this blog to receive the amount of attention it's gotten behind that post.

Now, in that post I kinda' touched on the freemasonic machinations that have helped Tommy become so popular, in such a short amount of time. I also commented on how he was tasked to negatively target black women by the white elite, and how this was yet another play on the 'divide and conquer' tactic.

But the fact that so many people are still coming to my Blog to read this post, means that maybe I wasn't as clear about some things pertaining to Tommy's attacks on black women as I'd meant to be.

So, I'd like to approach clarifying my message in another way. 

Now I know this might be a bit unorthodox, but I'd like to share with black women how they should treat Tommy's attacks, by telling the tale of a famous Hip Hop 'MC' battle. Again, this might be a bit unusual, but trust me, it'll be worth it to those black women who want a crystal clear message on how to deal with Mr. Sotomayor in the future. 

So, indulge me a little... 

MC Shan, who's real name is Shawn Moltke, was born and raised in the housing projects of Queens Bridge, New York. His cousin was and is the world renowned Hip Hop producer, Marly Marl. 

In an effort to promote his group, MC Shan put out a single called 'The Bridge', in 1985. This basically was a song meant to put himself and his cousin on the map in the Hip Hop world. 

KRS-ONE, who's real name is Lawrence Krisna Parker, was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York. He and his partner DJ Scott LaRock, were an up and coming Hip Hop duo who put together their own local group; and the name they chose for themselves was 'Boogie Down Productions'. KRS took offense to the song, 'The Bridge', even though it wasn't directly targeting him; he thought Shan was saying Hip Hop started out in Queens Bridge, when the whole world knows the culture started in the South Bronx. 

So KRS put out a rebuttal song called, 'South Bronx', in 1986 to make sure everyone knew the true locale of Hip Hop's origins.

MC Shan got peeved at this and put out a counter-rebuttal 'dis' single called, 'Kill that noise', in 1987. Basically telling KRS to shut up about the whole Queens Bridge/South Bronx Hip Hop origins debate. 

KRS ONE struck back with a death blow; he put out the single, 'The Bridge is over', in 1987 on his debut album 'Criminal minded'. Now, I was in my teens at the time and I can attest to the fact that this was one of the greatest, if not THE greatest 'dis'/rebuttal song in Hip Hop's pantheon. I actually lived in Queens, and the song was so hot, even WE were feeling it. 

After the smoke cleared and the rubble settled, KRS ONE was acknowledged as the clear victor of that battle; and even Marly Marl, who was MC Shan's cousin, had to admit that KRS bested him. 

Now, fast forward decades later; a DVD series created by Quincy Jones the third...the famous record producer/musician Quincy Jones' son, called 'Beef' hits the shelves. In this series KRS talks about his battle with Shan. 

And in KRS ONE's monologue, he says something EXTREMELY pithy that pertains to how black women should handle Tommy Sotomayor's attacks. 

KRS said: "MC Shan could have won that battle, simply by ignoring me. I'd be nowhere..."

You see, the reason Tommy is so hard on black women, besides the fact that he's probably had a lot of problems with his own mother, is that Tommy is following the orders of his white supremacist handlers. Again, he's been tasked to magnify the faults of black women, so Black men won't want anything to do with them, period.

He's like Willie Lynch in black face.

The sad irony of this is, most of Tommy's viewers and listeners are black women. And I think that's because they want to know if someone's going to do something about him. 

But I'm telling you, the best way to pro-actively respond to Tommy's attacks, is to stop 'reacting' to them. 

Wanna' know the real reason Tommy obsesses so much on the self-destructive behavior of black women and Black people in general?

It's because Tommy himself is set on self-destruct. 

One overwhelmingly obvious fact about Tommy is, above all else, he HATES BEING BLACK!

And the fact that he so desperately wants to be white and knows he never will be, is a source of deep pain within him. This is why he's so contentious and abrasive...'cause consciously or subconsciously, TOMMY DESPISES HIMSELF. 

And again, this is also the reason why he's always reporting stories about Black people abusing themselves or others, 'cause it emulates the war that's raging inside him. 

So black women, when you see Tommy's insipid rants about you and/or Black people, don't pay it any mind, 'cause I know one thing about Tommy if I know nothing else...with his unsettled and highly unstable state of mind...


And all you and I will have to do, is sit back and watch. 

I'm also a firm believer in karma. And Tommy is definitely due for a karmic a$$kicking. It may not happen today, next week or next year, but trust me; karma's gonna' come knockin' on his door. And when it does, it won't be pretty. 

Either way, you and I won't have to worry about this imbecile's self-hating message much longer, because whether or not Tommy knows it...he's digging his own grave. 

And black won't have to do anything but let him lay in it.   

So once more, whenever you feel the urge to tune into one of Tommy's eighty YouTube channel's, his facebook page or his website, do yourself a favor, and tune out. 

And stay tuned out. 


MontUHURU Mimia

Friday, July 26, 2013

The 'exploding' fist bump...a white reinvention of Black culture...

Black men have always came up with inventive and stylish ways of greeting each other. 

This came in the form of what brothas back in the day called 'dapping'.  

Dapping involved 'slapping five' or slapping hands; and this eventually evolved into the 'high-five'. Back when the high-five first came out, brothas would preface them by saying, "High-five...'cause we been low too long." 

Years later, this evolved into the 'dap and snap', where brothas would slap five and then add a 'finger snap' at the end of it.

And as always, white people would chide us for being bafoonish, or they'd say we were engaging in mindless minstrelsy; and then, a decade later...they'd be doing it. Just like everything else Black men create culturally; first the inbreds laugh at us, then they emulate us. Again, you gotta' love these wiley caucasians.

I remember the saying 'that's what I'm talking about', was being used in the Black diaspora almost a decade and a half before I heard it in every movie, commercial, TV show, etc. Ditto for the saying 'get your whatever on...' But you get my point.

Now, in like the last two decades or so, brothas invented the fist bump. And subconsciously, I think brothas did this to thwart the white elite's mainstreaming of homosexuality in and on TV, movies, commercials, etc. They wanted a gesture or greeting that openly displayed their masculinity; because as I said before, subconsciously, they saw the increasing attacks on it. 

And as always, the white mainstream has turned some cool part of Black culture into something corny by creating the 'exploding' fist bump.

Now before I get into what these inbreds have done to our culture, I'd like to comment on the pale-skinned asian culture's take on this.

I remember listening to KRS-ONE on a radio show; actually it was Sabir-Bey's radio show. Sabir-Bey is a 'moorish' brotha who's extremely knowledgeable and breaks down a lot of our ancient ancestor's sciences. There was another panelist on Sabir's show besides KRS, he was a Black man who'd lived in Japan for fifteen years; and he said the reason pale-skinned asians bow to each other is so they don't physically 'touch' there's no commitment to the other person. I thought this was an interesting perspective on the subject, but I digress...

Brothas created the fist bump to accentuate their masculinity as I said before, and then pale-skinned inbreds perverted it into something that's not only corny, but very telling about their psyche. Let me explain...

The 'explosion' these degenerates put at the end of the fist bump tells of white people's penchant for destruction and death.

Why do you think they're always obsessing over zombies and vampire TV shows and movies? It's because they feel a kinship with those cold, soulless and homicidal creatures; 'cause they're just like them.

I remember looking at Spike Lee's 'Malcolm X' movie recently, and Denzel Washington as Malcolm said in a speech about white people: "There is no place that (white) man can go and say he's created peace and harmony. Everywhere he's gone he's created havoc..."

Remember, their white skin is indicative of more than just having a lack of melanin, it tells us that they are in fact 'degenerates'. They are RECESSIVE-TRAITED people...i.e. degenerates; that's why we can create any one of them, but none of them can create one of us. This is also why they indulge in 'degenerate' behaviors like S&M, bestiality, scat (coprophilia), bungie jumping, etc. I think we've all seen the video or heard about the white guy who was killed behind having sex with a horse. That's what I'm talking about when I use the term 'degenerate behaviors'. 

They've even created a fist bump 'ring' that makes an exploding noise when you perform one. There's a picture of its box in this header's triptych. It's the blue box at the end of the header. 

They not only pervert everything we do culturally, but they also turn it into a commodity. How many times have you seen the word 'bling' to describe jewelry on some commercial? Again, that came from Black people. But they're constantly telling us our cultural contributions are worthless. 

Their creation of an 'explosion' at the end of the fist bump is also a tell tale sign of white people having no 'style'; besides what's been given to them by their ancestors centuries ago. You know, that outdated crap from the victorian eras and such. They wouldn't know what was 'culturally' cool unless Black people showed it to them. 

Corny and quasi-homicidal; that's what white people are showing themselves to be when they perform exploding fist bumps. 

Now unfortunately, some Black people are adopting this lunacy; I'm here to tell you, that exploding crap has nothing to do with Black people. So stop that madness. 

It also shows how whites don't realize that in order to be 'cool', you have to essentially engage in slower movements. The only guys who perform excessive physical gestures, or several unnecessary movements, are geeks. These nervous ticks or uncoordinated behaviors are tell tale signs of men who are unsure of themselves. Black men understand what it takes to be smooth and stylish, and it usually involves having enough self-control to 'hold back'. The player is not prone to rapid-fire gestures, he wants to appear to be in control by limiting or slowing down his strides, speech, etc. so he can look like he's in a position of authority. 

So I've said all that to say this, Black people need to stop emulating the things white people do to pervert our culture. And we REALLY need to stop embracing the 'white supremacist' status quo; because it tells Black people that we should hate ourselves for being Black either consciously or subconsciously. 

But again, while they're trying to make us hate ourselves...they're copying us. This is another sign of the schizophrenic-like mindset of white people. 

And if you think I'm lying about them trying to be us, don't take my word for it, just look at any TV show, commercial, or movie, and you'll see how everything that is cool, stylish and in fact, coming from Black people. 

Whites have learned this, when will we?

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Financial crimes and the Black 'triple' standard (Part 1)...Lauryn Hill

In the case of Black people who are associated with financial crimes, there's not only a double standard, there's a 'triple' standard.
--MontUHURU Mimia

This is the first part of an e-book I'll release dealing with the inequities involved with Black people who are convicted of financial crimes. 

This tome will be comprised of three short bios that will chronicle the lives of Lauryn Hill, Wesley Snipes and Jamie Dimon (former JPMorgan Chase CEO). And it will show how absurd the american (in)justice system is in it's dealings with Black people accused of crimes involving pretty paltry sums, while Wall Street and corporate executives who create myriad financial meltdowns that nearly tank this economy, seem to get a free pass. 

It's crazy to me that not one Wall Street executive went to jail behind their part in the 2008 financial crisis. I just recently found out that the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the IRS have an ANTITRUST CORPORATE LENIENCY PROGRAM...a 'LENIENCY' PROGRAM!! Basically this means corporate crooks can confess to a financial crime and government regulators who should lock them up, actually work with them to draw up installment plans so they can pay back what they stole; while they remain free. 

Unfreakin' believable.

The first part of this looks at Lauryn Hill and her troubles with the american injustice system. You almost expect this country to be hard on brothas, but when they start lockin' up sistas...especially young mothers to boot, it says to Black people that we really need to get on the move and make some real changes. 

So here's part one, hope ya' like it:

Lauryn Hill was born on May 26th, 1975; she was raised in South Orange, New Jersey and grew up in a musical family who encouraged her artistic endeavors. Lauryn had early success as a young actress when she landed a recurring role in the TV soap opera 'As the world turns'; she also played opposite Whoopi Goldberg in 'Sister Act 2: Back in the habit'. 

In high school, she met up with a young Pras Michel and started a band with Pras' cousin Wyclef Jean; this eventually became 'The Fugees'. The Fugees released two albums, 'Blunted on reality' in 1994 and 'The Score' in 1996. The Score was a breakout success and it took the number one spot on the Billboard 200, selling six million albums worldwide. 

Now, it was the industry's public relations machine that blamed the break up of the Fugees on Lauryn and Wyclef's romantic fallout; they also said this is what lead to Lauryn pursuing a solo career. But I suspect the industry elites seperated Lauryn from Wyclef and Pras; 'cause they're notorious for this kind of behavior. Reference Beyonce and Destiny's Child, Michael Jackson and the Jackson five, Diana Ross and the Supremes, etc.

The miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released in 1998 and received an almost unparalleled universal acclaim for a Hip Hop album. Lauryn was lauded as the voice of the 'Hip Hop nation', and she garnered five grammys for the record. 

On February 8th, 1999, Lauryn was featured on the cover of Time magazine. 

Now, every american knows that this is the mark of someone who's made a revolutionary contribution to this country's culture; and it's one of the white elite's quintessential stamps of approval. Lauryn was america's sweetheart--she was a kinder, gentler and more easily digestible face for Hip Hop culture, thus making it more acceptable for white audiences.  

Lauryn became the posterchild for what the white elite thought was commercially golden in Hip Hop. And with that status came their co-opting of her moral compass, along with their using her to make black women more palatable to white men. 

Take a look at Lauryn's Rolling Stone cover to the right; again, this is another positive branding of the white supremacist's public relations machine. This magazine gives people their opinions as to what is popular and acceptable in american mainstream culture. But if you look a little closer, you can see the sublime messages coming off this cover. Now, beyond the short-shorts, Lauryn looks like the typical american teenage girl; but if you read the titled captions around her, they intimate something else. 

If you look at the left title on top of the Rolling Stone magazine, you'll see it reads 'Larry Flynt D.C. sex cop'. And the right top title reads 'Hole live'; this is basically saying that black women are to be looked upon as sex objects for white men. Beneath the 'Hole live' title there's a listing of the bands 'Sugar Ray' and 'Everclear'; both bands are and were fronted by white men. At the bottom left of the cover the title reads 'white rappers who don't suck'; yet another sexual reference involving white men. 

And of course, the pale-skinned degenerates in the white elite always have to lob a derogatory insult at us; and this comes in the form of the cover's bottom right title which says 'How social security robs the young'. This is basically calling black women welfare queens with the mention of social security, when the elites know that the majority of people on welfare in america are white; it's been that way for decades. When they say social security robs 'the young', they're really saying that Black people make up the majority of the welfare cases in this country to the detriment of young white people. Again, you gotta' love these wiley caucasians.

MTV Unplugged 2.0 was the last album released by Lauryn in 2001. It also received a lot of industry acclaim, but not nearly as much as her last endeavor. And at this time Lauryn was getting really disgruntled. See, Lauryn was discovering the REAL price of fame; and she was still distraught about the Fugees break up. This is why she was prone to crying fits like the one she had on MTV's airing of her 'Unplugged' special. She was morally conflicted about what her handlers were asking her to do and had made her do. 

Coincidentally, Lauryn was given guitar lessons by the industry's elites to make this instrument popular again. Once turntables started outselling guitars, the white elites had to do something to make guitars popular with Black folks, because in whitey's mind, this is HIS instrument. 

Oddly enough, white people's connection to Rock and Roll and guitar playing came decades after Black men created the genre. They used to call Rock and Roll jungle music because we created it and were the only ones playing it. Reference Little Richard, Chuch Berry, Bo Diddly, Muddy Waters, etc. It's funny how Mr. Charley (white people for those of you under 25) now see's this genre as exclusively his own. It was Black men who taught whites to play guitar when they were stuck being pianists and playing irrelevant european classical crap like compositions from beethoven and brahms; but I digress.

Eventually Lauryn's dissatisfaction with her handlers directives had her rebelling and making more political music. And she got so rebellious that she became dangerous. 

Cut to today. It's said that Lauryn owes this government a million dollars in back taxes. 1.8 million to be exact.

Now, prosecutors in her case say this debt was for 2008 and 2009 when Lauryn failed to file federal tax returns for 'additional' income she got over the course of these two years. It's said she also owes money for a tax liability to the state of New Jersey. 

What they're not telling you is before Lauryn's last hearing, she repaid $970,000 dollars of this debt back to the IRS. And she had friends like Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder writing letters to lobby for her freedom. Still, the amer-i-con government said this wasn't good enough and decided to throw her in jail for 3 MONTHS. Mind you, after her three month stint, she'll also has to serve another three months of house arrest, a year's probation and she's gotta' pay an additional fine of $60,000. 

Again, un-freakin' believable. 

Now government officials know Lauryn can pay this debt off, and even in the case of her not having the means to do it right now, she could easily make this money in the near future. But this is the price Black folks pay for bucking america's white supremacist institutions. And the price is even steeper for Black celebrities 'cause they have a measure of influence over the public. 

Now, this was before my time, but I've heard the same thing happened to Billie Holiday after she began performing the song 'Strange Fruit'. For the uninitiated, the song 'Strange Fruit' was and is about the hanging of Black men in america. 

The chorus of the song says: Southern trees bear strange fruit, blood on the leaves, blood on the roots.

It was when Billie started getting too political that white men started pushing heroin on her; and that addiction eventually killed her. Coincidentally, it's also documented that this government worked with the italian mafia to flood the streets of Black communities with heroin to quiet down our political leanings. This was especially true of the time when the Black Panthers were patrolling our streets. Wish they were still around, they might've been able to save Trayvon, but again, I digress. 

Getting back to Lauryn, mind you, she's a mother of six. Now, they're gonna' make a mother of six go to jail for three months for a debt she's clearly able to pay?

Again, the only justice Black people are gonna' receive is the kind we seek for ourselves. It's up to us to organize and light a fire beneath the asses of Black politicians, and tell them, if you don't do for us, we're voting you out...PERIOD!!!

Unity, is the only thing that will save us; and this holds true for us all whether you have a G.E.D. or a P.H.D.

Black people, it's time to put our petty qualms aside; we've gotta' unite to survive the travails that are coming. 

And as Sam Jackson said in 'Do the right thing'...that's the 'triple' TRUTH, Ruth. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

Monday, July 15, 2013

How Black people should revolt behind the Trayvon Martin verdict...

By now I think everyone knows about the bogus acquittal of George Zimmerman after his gunning down of Trayvon Martin. And quite frankly, I don't know what I'd do if I were Trayvon's father; I don't think I could live with the fact that Zimmerman is not only alive but he's free to walk the streets and go about his life like nothing ever happened. 

Personally, I'd be lookin' for some payback; but that's just me.

I'm not a pacifist like Martin Luther King was; so I wouldn't tell anyone who suffered this kind of loss to just let go and let god. Someone would have to answer for the death of my boy. But it seems like this kind of injustice is just par for the course in america. 

For the life of me I can't understand how any Black person, or Black man especially, could be so in love with this country; especially when this happens on a pretty regular basis. And it seems like the media are rubbing our noses in this verdict, don't it? I mean with Trayvon, Kimani Gray, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell...and I could keep going, you'd think the media would want to keep this quiet, or at least quieter, so the Black diaspora wouldn't want to seek some kind of revenge, right? 


The media wants to keep stories like this in our faces twenty-four seven 'cause it fits with the white supremacist agenda, especially at this time of year--and let me show you why:

Let's get metaphysical for a moment...

During the summer months and especially on the Summer Solstice, the production of melanin in Black people is at its highest level. This means we have the power to think quicker than our pale-skinned, degenerated peers. Don't believe me? Then let me give you a more practical example:

The color Black is a better conductor of electricity and is better able to absorb light; that's why every solar panel is Black. And what are our mental thoughts? Electrical impulses. This is why darker skinned people have the potential to think quicker than their white counterparts; now, whether they capitalize on that or not is another issue. 

But during these months, it's imperative that white elites keep us distracted so we can't use this ability to its fullest potential. Or they at least have to keep us in one of two states so we don't unite and use our mental capacities against them; and these two states are: fear and anger. 

When you keep someone, or someones, in perpetual states of fear and anger they're easier to control. That's why during summer months, almost like clock-work, these tragic events are broadcast about Black people. For instance: the Kobe Bryant sexual assault trial happened in July of 2003, and Hurricane Katrina happened in August of 2005. 

But beyond the metaphysics, another aspect of this case no one seems to touch on is George Zimmerman is not a white man...he's spanish. He himself refers to his ethnicity as 'latino', and he checked the 'hispanic' box on his voter registration form. Hell, even Zimmerman's father called him a 'spanish-speaking minority'. 

Kinda' figures why George is so fu&*ed up. 

Now, I recently wrote a post about how spanish people don't like Black americans, and this is perhaps the most jarring example of my point...and that's why I wrote the post. Lately, these leaf-blowing, orange-picking, wetbacked bastards have been joining with various white supremacist groups in an effort to kill off Black americans. I site a few examples of this in my earlier post, and I'll leave a link for it at the end of this one. But if you think these refried bean eatin' degenerates are your friends Black people, you might wanna' think again.  

Beyond all this though, what I'd like to do is site some ways that Black people, and Trayvon's family, should revolt in the wake of this heinous crime. We gotta' be about solutions and RESULTS people; so here goes:

Firstly, Trayvon's parents should levy a Civil Rights lawsuit against George Zimmerman. If the Martin family can't get justice on the federal level, they should seek it elsewhere. Just because Zimmerman was acquitted in one court, doesn't mean the game's over. This is how Rodney King got some payback for his injuries; he got two of those crooked cops locked up behind civil rights litigation. 

Second, if the state courts don't work, the Martin family should sue the bastards! If a civil court doesn't bring about any changes, the Martins should sue Zimmerman and their local law enforcement for some kind of damages and distress. 

Third, Black people should form ARMED community watch organizations. It's clear that law enforcement and the courts don't give a damn about our people, so let's take matters into our own hands. It's time we follow the example of Dr. Huey P. Newton and take up arms. Just like those crakas in the gated community did when they shot Trayvon. 

Fourth, and MOST important is...Black people as a whole need to light a fire beneath the ass of our politicians. 

Every Black politician should be held accountable for what Zimmerman did!  

We need to let these well-fed loafers know that if they're not gonna' keep our kids safe, then we're going to vote them out! We will vote for their white running mates if necessary. There's no reason why we should have all these Black congresspeople, mayors, senators, governors and a Black president, if this kind of incident is allowed to happen. 

It's time to wake our Black politicians up, or MOVE THEM THE HELL OUT!! Let's show them we mean business when it comes to keeping our kids safe!

One last anyone who's seeking payback like Chris Dorner did, I'll say this; and I'll leave you with a paraphrased quote from Chris Rock: 

"I'm not saying you should do it...but I understand."

Hotep and Kem Wesir,


If you wanna' see my post about why spanish people hate Black americans, you can find it here.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What do Prince, Miquel and Michael Jackson have in common?

In the summer of 1984, the movie 'Purple Rain' was released into theaters. 

It was of little consequence to me since I wasn't a fan of Prince's music in my mid-teens, and I kind of pursed my lips whenever the film was mentioned. To me, Prince was some kind of androgynous, sexually conflicted freak, and the movie looked too much like some sort of bad b-rated musical.

That was until I relayed these sentiments to my older brother; who quickly retorted, "Yo...that movie's dope." 

I was shocked. You see, my brother was such a harsh critic when it came to what was culturally cool, that if he liked it, that meant it had to be something special. So with my big bro's stamp of approval, I hurried to the theater to check this flick out.

I went to see this film with a friend. And while he casually watched this movie, I was having a religious experience. 

I always fancied myself a bit of an iconoclast...or at least some sort of an outsider; and this movie not only reassured me that other people felt the same way, but it bonded me to Prince in a way I'd never quite experienced before. It almost made Prince my mentor, and if nothing else, it definitely informed me that I needed to pursue a career in the arts. 

What I didn't know--but would find out decades later is, that evening, I'd fallen into a carefully laid trap crafted by white supremacists. And here's the reasons why... 

Prince Rogers Nelson released his first album for Warner Brothers records in 1978; the LP was titled 'For You' and he played every instrument on it and wrote all the songs with the exception of 'Soft and Wet' which he co-wrote with his friend/mentor Chris Moon. Several albums later, he released 'Purple Rain' as the title of a movie and an LP. Now in the movie we see what pretty much resembles Prince's real troubled childhood home-life. And one element of the film that really appealed to people, especially a lot of younger folks, was that they'd come from a similar home. This instantly endeared Prince to a certain moviegoer, and this was done by design. And if any young movie-goer ever felt like a pariah, this movie said all you have to do is find someone, or someone(s) like you. 

What's also worth mentioning is Prince's style of dress; throughout Prince's career, he's worn high heels, eye-liner and women's attire; and became sort of a fashion icon. I'll talk about what impact this had on young movie-goers in a second.

*Side note: I remember reading a review of the movie Purple Rain years ago, and a white journalist said Prince's suffering wasn't genuine because he wasn't ugly and poor. You gotta' love those wiley caucasians. 

Now let's talk about this man, Michael Jackson. I still can't believe Mike is gone, and I don't think the world will see an entertainer this talented for years to come. 

He was more than exceptionally talented; the man was a flat out genius. Those movements he performed were and are legendary. I can still remember him moonwalking during the Motown 25 special, and myself, along with my family, were simply mesmerized by what he did that night. 

And in case anyone is still pondering about Mike's death, I'll tell you straight out that he was murdered. And the circumstances went something like this:

Michael Jackson's last full studio album was 'Invincible', and it was released on October 30th, 2001. It was his last album for Sony records and it was a fast seller; problem was, Sony didn't promote the album. Not only that, but Sony returned thousands of copies of the record that the public wanted to buy. 

This was done because Sony's goal was to get back Michael Jackson's musical catalog which included all of the Beatles music. They figured by sabotaging the album, Mike would be in such dire financial straits that he'd have no choice but to give back this catalog. But Mike was smart enough to know that the catalog was worth more than his debt to Sony. 

So Mike announced he was going back on tour...that was the purpose for the european 'This is it' concerts. Those tickets sold like hot cakes. Mind you, the tour was originally slated for ten shows; but tickets sold out so fast that the greedy promoters added forty more...thus, the fifty shows Mike was going to perform. But then Sony and the promoters had a revelation. They and Sony knew that if Mike performed these shows, he'd get out of debt to Sony. And, if he made it a 'world' tour, he'd clear a substantial profit. 

So the only way they were gonna' get that catalog back, was to kill him. And you know the rest.

*Another side note: Michael Jackson's catalog also included Little Richard's publishing catalog. Yep...the 'Good golly Miss Molly' Little Richard. So what Mike did was give Richard back the rights to his music. Remember when Little Richard complained about not getting any accolades for his contribution to music; well the reason he's been so quiet lately, is because Mike hooked the brotha up; and now, Little Richard is set for life. 

But before Mike had a change of heart about Sony and the industry, he too was part of the white elite's agenda. 

But before I tell you the part Mike played, let's talk about an artist by the name of Miquel Jontel Pimentel--better known as "Miquel". 

Miquel was signed to Jive records in 2007, and he looked quite different when he first made his way onto the music scene.

To the left is a picture of Miquel when he first started gaining notoriety in the music industry. He was being billed as the typical R & B crooner. Note the short hair and hoodie. Miquel was being sold as the next Usher until Jive wanted to change his image; and believe it or not, he's yet another cog in the wheel of the white elite's agenda machine. 

So now that we have all the culprits accounted for, let's see what white secret societies have them tasked to do, and what outstanding trait all these artists have in common. 

The one trait all three of these artists share is...they're all exceptionally effeminate and have been tasked with making homosexuality acceptable to Black men. 

Not only have these three worn hyper-effeminate articles of clothing and long processed hair, but their mannerisms smack of men who are bi-sexual or openly gay. I even saw Prince in a full-on women's dress once. This is the reason the white elites ALLOWED them to be the most popular artists of their time. Now, don't get me wrong, ALL these brothers are very talented; Prince and Michael especially are/were extraordinarily talented--but this sends the message to everyday Black men that the only way to be an 'acceptable' Black man is to model yourself after a woman. 

And quite frankly, this is the same message of Black christian churches on every corner of our community, that everything positive is feminine and everything negative is masculine.  

Another trend with Mike and Miquel is, or was, 'high water' pants. The reason for this is high water pants are emasculating. They send a message that a man, regardless of his age, is a 'geek'; and notice the word geek rhymes with meek and weak. As you can see to the left, the man in high water pants is wearing what looks like a purse; and the brotha behind him is like...Oh hell no! High waters generally send a message that a man is undersexed and/or sexually conflicted; or he's at least very easy to push around.

As we all know Michael was famous for wearing high waters, and he was also famous for wearing his arm-band on every one of his various jackets.

*Note: The reason Mike wore an arm-band and military styled jackets like the one in the picture below is, it was his way of showing allegiance to the white elite's Nazi party.
See, the Nazi's never went anywhere, they've just morphed into corporate executives. And they're the ones who control the music industry; they're also the ones who killed Mike when he went against them. 

Coincidentally, that's why Mike almost always wore the colors red, white and Black; 'cause these are the colors of the Nazi flag. And the artist who's wearing the Nazi arm-band these days is Will-i-am. Also note that Nazi's were famous for their rampant homosexuality.

You see, the white elites know that Black people, and Black men especially, set the standard for what's culturally cool. And if Black men say being gay is cool, then that'll be the final stamp of approval gay culture needs to be accepted by everyone in the u.s. Because whatever we do culturally, is accepted universally. 

So when you see Miquel's styles of hair and fashion, know what you're looking at has been carefully crafted by white supremacists.  

It is one more attempt at getting Black men to adopt, adapt and engage in the 'death-style' of homosexuality. 

'Cause regardless of what anyone says...if everyone, or a large amount of the population became gay, the next generation(s) won't be born. 

That's why homosexuality is a 'death-style', not a lifestyle.

And that's why we need to think twice before we download or pick up music from one of these hyper-effeminate brothas. 


MontUHURU Mimia

If you want to read my older post that delves a little deeper into why the Black diaspora should reject the mainstreaming of homosexuality, you can find it here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes and the cult of american patriotism...(Special fourth of july edition)

Frank Lucas, who was immortalized in the movie 'American Gangster', was born in North Carolina on September 9th, 1930. One detail the film failed to expose about Frank was his baring witness to the death of his twelve year old male cousin at the hands of the KKK. He said his cousin was killed because he stared at a white woman. Frank then told a journalist how this was the incident that steered him towards a life of crime. 

Frank was known for being one of the biggest heroin dealers in Harlem, New York, and he famously had a penchant for the finer things in life. This was evidenced by his many estates, the opulence of his nightclub's decor and his club's stylish clientele. The above photo is of him wearing the tawdry fur which ultimately got him noticed by federal officers. And shortly thereafter, he was put out of business for good. The film shows this moment as the one leading to his downfall; but I think something much more sublime and insidious was to blame...I'll share that with you later.

Leroy Nicholas 'Nicky' Barnes, was born in New York City on October 15th, 1933. He like Lucas, was a famously celebrated heroin dealer in Harlem, New York in the seventies. He formed a drug dealing coterie called 'The Council', and it's stated that he made hundreds of millions off the dope trade in a short amount of time. Now, I think pretty much of everyone knows who these two guys are; and their ingenuity around dealing and transporting narcotics is legendary. Nicky was in deep with organized white crime, so he could essentially buy drugs wholesale and Frank cut out white middle men by shipping his drugs via caskets coming back from vietnam; but let's shed some light on the background players who supplied Frank and Nicky for a hot sec. 

The picture to your right is one of a mature Matthew 'Matty' Maddona. This guy was working for and with the Lucchese organized crime family, and it was this man who supplied Nicky Barnes with the drugs he distrubuted throughout Harlem. Nicky Barnes himself tells of how he met Matty when he went to prison in Nicky's documentary 'Mr. Untouchable'. One side note about the 'Mr. Untouchable' documentary, I'd like to recommend that you see it, but it really is done by a group of white people who clearly don't know anything about Black culture. And this is quite evident throughout the film. The film 'American Gangster' suffered the same fate. Ridley Scott wanted to create an epic crime or gangster film ala 'Scarface', but he should have stuck to cultures he knows, like italians or other fair-skinned folks who really run the trade. 

Anyway, Matty Madonna was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison on December 21st, 1976 (just in time for christmas). He served twenty of the thirty; and when he came out, the Lucchese family promoted him to the title of 'capo' for his silence during his prison term. 

In December 2007, New Jersey law enforcement indicted Matty again for his involvement with a criminal enterprise engaging in money laundering, racketeering and illegal gambling, their crimes were valued at 2.2 billion dollars...yep, that's billion with a 'b'. 

The man pictured to the left was above ALL BOSSES in the u.s.a. This is Jean Jehan. He and his cronies are the guys who supplied the italians. It's said this man and his partners once ran THE LARGEST HEROIN SMUGGLING SYNDICATE IN THE WORLD from france. 


For those of you under twenty-five, google the 'French Connection' movie. The movie's character Alain Charnier is based on Jean. It's funny how just like in the film, when Jean was on the lamb from american cops, he somehow slipped away, avoiding arrest and conveniently returning to france completely unscathed. Interesting. 

*Note: I originally wasn't gonna' include the above info. about Matty and Jean, but this post dictated I go there. So, forgive my long-windedness. Let's continue...

Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes were rivals back in the late sixties and for the majority of the seventies, they both jockeyed for the largest piece of the drug pie and many times considered going to war with each other. But they were both under the surveillance of law enforcement, who again, ultimately took them down. 

But as different as they were, they both had one thing in common.    

In the 'Mr. Untouchable' documentary, Nicky Barnes says..."Thank god we live in america, because we have opportunities here we wouldn't have anywhere else."

In the film American Gangster, Frank says something similar when his woman friend beseeches him to leave New York after an attempt is made on his life. Denzel Washington playing Frank replies, "I've never run from anyone in my life and I'm not gonna' start now...THIS IS AMERICA...and I'm not going anywhere, and you ain't either..."

Now in the Nicky Barnes documentary, Nicky says he knew the DEA was following him, but he still never strayed from Harlem. Frank had similar run-ins with the law but also refused to get the hell outta' dodge. 

Whether they knew it or not, what had them both tethered to N.Y.C...and america for that matter, was the dumbfounding effects of american patriotism. 

Had Nicky and Frank both decided to flee Jean Jehan, they probably would've had a better chance at avoiding prosecution. I have to temper this statement by saying that Jean probably had some help from american politicians to get outta' this country. But Nicky and Frank never even tried to relocate to Canada or Europe; and I know for a fact that neither one of them ever considered relocating to Africa. 

Frank made frequent trips to asia and he STILL never left the u.s. to avoid being arrested.

And what's sad is, they probably could've lived like kings in Africa. 

Now, for anyone reading this, make sure you don't misconstrue my message, I am in no way endorsing drug dealing, or fleeing from the cops after the heat is on, I'm simply saying that american patriotism, regardless of what side of the law you're on as a Black person, is poisonous to the Black psyche. 

And for anyone disagreeing with me, think about all the times you've heard some criminal act being perpetrated on the news, and how you automatically think a Black person's committed the crime. We've all been conditioned to believe that Black people are the most nefarious and dastardly on earth. While the white factions of this country, who've done the most heinous things to your and my kind, are thought by us to be the most virtuous people in the world. 

That's the over-riding message of the american status quo...and that's why Frank and Nicky stayed in New York knowing the heat was on. They wanted to be accepted by white america no matter what the cost. Even if it meant spending the rest of their lives in a jail cell. 

So while you bar-b-que hot dogs and do the electric slide on this fourth of july, remember what you're really celebrating. The conquest and torture of Black people's bodies and minds, here, and in the diaspora. 

And when you wave the american flag...take that match you're using to light a firecracker, and torch that fascist amer-i-con symbol. Let's show the white elite that what Black people will 'waive' from now our allegiance to the united snakes of america. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,