Friday, July 26, 2013

The 'exploding' fist bump...a white reinvention of Black culture...

Black men have always came up with inventive and stylish ways of greeting each other. 

This came in the form of what brothas back in the day called 'dapping'.  

Dapping involved 'slapping five' or slapping hands; and this eventually evolved into the 'high-five'. Back when the high-five first came out, brothas would preface them by saying, "High-five...'cause we been low too long." 

Years later, this evolved into the 'dap and snap', where brothas would slap five and then add a 'finger snap' at the end of it.

And as always, white people would chide us for being bafoonish, or they'd say we were engaging in mindless minstrelsy; and then, a decade later...they'd be doing it. Just like everything else Black men create culturally; first the inbreds laugh at us, then they emulate us. Again, you gotta' love these wiley caucasians.

I remember the saying 'that's what I'm talking about', was being used in the Black diaspora almost a decade and a half before I heard it in every movie, commercial, TV show, etc. Ditto for the saying 'get your whatever on...' But you get my point.

Now, in like the last two decades or so, brothas invented the fist bump. And subconsciously, I think brothas did this to thwart the white elite's mainstreaming of homosexuality in and on TV, movies, commercials, etc. They wanted a gesture or greeting that openly displayed their masculinity; because as I said before, subconsciously, they saw the increasing attacks on it. 

And as always, the white mainstream has turned some cool part of Black culture into something corny by creating the 'exploding' fist bump.

Now before I get into what these inbreds have done to our culture, I'd like to comment on the pale-skinned asian culture's take on this.

I remember listening to KRS-ONE on a radio show; actually it was Sabir-Bey's radio show. Sabir-Bey is a 'moorish' brotha who's extremely knowledgeable and breaks down a lot of our ancient ancestor's sciences. There was another panelist on Sabir's show besides KRS, he was a Black man who'd lived in Japan for fifteen years; and he said the reason pale-skinned asians bow to each other is so they don't physically 'touch' there's no commitment to the other person. I thought this was an interesting perspective on the subject, but I digress...

Brothas created the fist bump to accentuate their masculinity as I said before, and then pale-skinned inbreds perverted it into something that's not only corny, but very telling about their psyche. Let me explain...

The 'explosion' these degenerates put at the end of the fist bump tells of white people's penchant for destruction and death.

Why do you think they're always obsessing over zombies and vampire TV shows and movies? It's because they feel a kinship with those cold, soulless and homicidal creatures; 'cause they're just like them.

I remember looking at Spike Lee's 'Malcolm X' movie recently, and Denzel Washington as Malcolm said in a speech about white people: "There is no place that (white) man can go and say he's created peace and harmony. Everywhere he's gone he's created havoc..."

Remember, their white skin is indicative of more than just having a lack of melanin, it tells us that they are in fact 'degenerates'. They are RECESSIVE-TRAITED people...i.e. degenerates; that's why we can create any one of them, but none of them can create one of us. This is also why they indulge in 'degenerate' behaviors like S&M, bestiality, scat (coprophilia), bungie jumping, etc. I think we've all seen the video or heard about the white guy who was killed behind having sex with a horse. That's what I'm talking about when I use the term 'degenerate behaviors'. 

They've even created a fist bump 'ring' that makes an exploding noise when you perform one. There's a picture of its box in this header's triptych. It's the blue box at the end of the header. 

They not only pervert everything we do culturally, but they also turn it into a commodity. How many times have you seen the word 'bling' to describe jewelry on some commercial? Again, that came from Black people. But they're constantly telling us our cultural contributions are worthless. 

Their creation of an 'explosion' at the end of the fist bump is also a tell tale sign of white people having no 'style'; besides what's been given to them by their ancestors centuries ago. You know, that outdated crap from the victorian eras and such. They wouldn't know what was 'culturally' cool unless Black people showed it to them. 

Corny and quasi-homicidal; that's what white people are showing themselves to be when they perform exploding fist bumps. 

Now unfortunately, some Black people are adopting this lunacy; I'm here to tell you, that exploding crap has nothing to do with Black people. So stop that madness. 

It also shows how whites don't realize that in order to be 'cool', you have to essentially engage in slower movements. The only guys who perform excessive physical gestures, or several unnecessary movements, are geeks. These nervous ticks or uncoordinated behaviors are tell tale signs of men who are unsure of themselves. Black men understand what it takes to be smooth and stylish, and it usually involves having enough self-control to 'hold back'. The player is not prone to rapid-fire gestures, he wants to appear to be in control by limiting or slowing down his strides, speech, etc. so he can look like he's in a position of authority. 

So I've said all that to say this, Black people need to stop emulating the things white people do to pervert our culture. And we REALLY need to stop embracing the 'white supremacist' status quo; because it tells Black people that we should hate ourselves for being Black either consciously or subconsciously. 

But again, while they're trying to make us hate ourselves...they're copying us. This is another sign of the schizophrenic-like mindset of white people. 

And if you think I'm lying about them trying to be us, don't take my word for it, just look at any TV show, commercial, or movie, and you'll see how everything that is cool, stylish and in fact, coming from Black people. 

Whites have learned this, when will we?

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

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