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The legend of Robert Mugabe...

I hadn't planned on this...but I'm gonna' post the last chapter of my free e-book on Black contemporary revolutionaries here...

I thought it only right to end this book with a nod to the motherland Africa, and what better way to do this, than highlighting a truly contemporary revolutionary; the likes of which Black people haven't seen in decades.

So, without further's Chapter 4 of my forthcoming free e-book. 


Chapter 4:

The Legend of Robert Mugabe...

I couldn't conclude this tome without a direct acknowledgment of Kemet/Suma/Kush or the continent the Black diaspora likes to refer to as Africa.

Now, one of my favorite heros or 'Herus' from the motherland is Patrice Lumumba.

For two months Patrice was the first democratically elected Prime Minister of the Congo; and while white western fascists thought he'd be another one of their puppets, Patrice's actions would prove he was anything but.

Right off the bat, Patrice reclaimed the country's army and put forth initiatives to get back all of its mineral and natural resources.

Of course the colonial powers of the west, namely the CIA and the MI5, weren't having it; so they organized a coup and with the help of sellouts like Mobutu Sese Seko, they eventually seized and assassinated Patrice.

Malcolm X called Patrice the greatest Black man who ever walked the African continent.

And in keeping with Lummba's fight for the reclamation of Africa, I'd like to tell you of another modern day revolutionary on the mother continent, Robert Mugabe.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924.
He's currently the President of Zimbabwe and he's a long standing member of an organization called the ZANU-PF; this stands for Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front.

Robert grew up near the Katana Jesuit Mission area northeast of Zimbabwe's capital, Salisbury. His father Gabriel Matibili and mother Bona were both Roman Catholics; and he was the third of six children and both his older brothers died when he was young.

Because Robert grew up near a Jesuit Mission, he and his family were heavily influenced by the edicts of white supremacist religion(s). And these religious dogmas were meant to keep him a self-hating anglophile for the rest of his life. I liken this to how there's a church on every corner of Black american neighborhoods; this is how the white elite keep us loyal to the edicts of white supremacy.

Mugabe studied in schools mired in Marist brothers and Jesuit teachings; he would later study at Katana College which was headed by an Irish priest.

In Mugabe's young adult life, he was never socially popular, as he spent most of his free time with his mother, priests or studying in various libraries. His brother Donato once said his only friends were his books.

He qualified to be a teacher after graduating from Fort Hare University in South Africa and several others colleges from 1951 until 1957. He attained several degrees, among them were a Bachelor's of Science, Bachelor's of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Masters of Science and two law degrees.

After his collegiate career, Robert lectured at Chalimara Teacher Training Academy in Zambia and taught secondary school in Ghana. During his time in Ghana, he was influenced by another revolutionary figure, the country's Prime Minister, Kwame Nkrumah.

Unbeknownst to Mugabe, his time spent around Kwame would ignite a spark of Black nationalism in him he'd carry for the rest of his life.

For anyone who doesn't know Kwame Nkrumah's history, he was born in Africa's Gold Coast and educated in the united states; he went back to Africa on a sojourn not only to reconnect with his roots, but to unify the resources of Black Africans and Black americans. He was responsible for myriad social reforms in Africa that led him to run for public office, and several years later, his endeavors led him to win the position of Prime Minister of Ghana.

Mugabe returned to Southern Rhodesia and joined the National Democratic Party (NDP) in 1960. This was after the NDP had been banned by Rhodesia's Prime Minsiter Edgar Whitehead. The NDP almost immediately reformed as the Zambia African People's Union (ZAPU) in September 1961. Mugabe left ZAPU in 1963 to join its breakaway faction, the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU).

Now, ZANU and ZAPU had differing ideologies centered around the edicts of socialist and communist philosophies; fortunately a truce between them was breached and inter-organizational ties were formed. This led to ZANU's leader nominating Mugabe for the position of Secretary General.

Unfortunately, the organizational and tribal ties of these factions degenerated into violence. Many people were killed as a result of nationalist party members turning on each other.

Now, before you say, oh, that's just Black folks for you; you need to know these fractures were funded by the likes of white western fascist organizations. Namely, the CIA, FBI and MI5 like I mentioned earlier. This kind of political civil/tribal warfare doesn't happen anywhere in the world without the backroom dealings of these white fascist inbreds.

In reaction to the civil war these organizations funded, everyone in ZANU and ZAPU was incarcerated; and Mugabe himself was eventually jailed as well.

While incarcerated, Mugabe would earn several advanced degrees through correspondence courses, including three from the University of London, other degrees in Law and Economics and a Bachelor's of Administration degree.

In 1974, while still incarcerated, Mugabe was elected to run ZANU by its administrators. His time in prison gave him the political clout to take the reigns of the organization with the blessing of anyone in ZANU who fancied themselves a Black nationalist.

Mugabe was released in December 1974.

After this, his philosophy focused on how social mores needed to change in order to keep the momentum for his organization's cause.

Mugabe assumed control of ZANU after the death of it's leader on March 18th, 1975. Because of the infighting still going on in rival factions of nationalists, Mugabe formed a militant arm of ZANU; and this faction went to work on getting rid of the competition.

I'd like to note that Mugabe was responding to the tensions of the political climate he was in, so he had no aversions to using violent means when necessary. I'm not here to spin Mugabe's story into one where he'd be a candidate for sainthood. He was in a volatile world created and controlled by white fascists, and more often than not, he had to respond accordingly.

As this was happening, the white elites in Zimbabwe, under the tutelage of Henry Kissenger, were smart enough to realize how they would be affected if the violence of rivaling Black nationalists were to turn on them.

As a result, on March 3rd, 1978, Zimbabwe's white elites negotiated an interim power-sharing government, in preparation for the country's elections; but Mugabe and his factions quickly saw the inherent problems in the treaty and knew it was nothing more than a list of empty promises; so Mugabe's factions ignored the negotiations.

Another round of negotiations were held in September 1979; eventually there was a deal struck between the white elites and Mugabe's people for a constitution to be drawn up for the new Republic of Zimbabwe in February of 1980. The 'Lancaster Agreement' saw Mugabe making two major concessions to white elites. First, he allowed for twenty seats to be reserved for whites in the new Parliment; second, he agreed to a ten year moratorium on constitutional amendments. This way, at least for a decade, whites couldn't be written out of the political process.

Afterwards, Mugabe's return from these negotiations was still welcomed by the country's working class in 1979.

Robert Mugabe won the election for Prime Minister on March 4th, 1980. It was the first time in Zimbabwe's history that the country was run by the majority of its indigenous people.

Under Mugabe's leadership, the country made many social reforms, especially regarding human resource investments and support for smallholder agriculture. Thus, smallholder agriculture harvests expanded rapidly during the early 1980's. As a result, not only did child mortality rates fall drastically, but immunization for Zimbabwe's citizens increased from 25% to 80% of the population. Literacy rates were higher, child hunger rates were lower and school enrollment rates were at an all time high.

At that time, Mugabe was working in the best interests of his white handlers; they in turn, allowed Zimbabwe's living conditions to stabilize accordingly.

The white elite's were so sure Mugabe was a well-heeled puppet of theirs, that he was actually 'knighted' by the Brits in 1994. He was appointed an honorary 'Knight of the Cross' by the 'Order of the Bath'; and this was sanctioned by the head inbred herself, Queen Elizabeth the second.

Mugabe's honeymoon with the white elite's began to dissemble when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) saw how Zimbabwe's economy was on too much of an upwards trend; at least for a predominately Black nation. Behind this, they imposed 'austerity' programs on the county's populous. Now, an 'austerity' program is a euphemism for 'sanctions' or resource restrictions. And once this took hold, the hyper-inflation rate of the Zimbabwean dollar became the second highest in the world. Meaning, their money was reduced to useless paper by the white elites.

This is when the influence of Kwame Nkrumah took hold.

As the Zimbabwean economy began to free fall, Mugabe recognized how 46% of the country's land was owned by approximately 6,000 farmers; and whites who made up less than 1% of the population, were the owners of the best farm lands.

Behind this Mugabe revoked the country's 'willing buyer, willing seller' program favoring the white minority and signed into law the 'Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Bill' on March 9th, 2008. This bill would in Mugabe's words, “...give Black Zimbabwean's greater control of the South African economy.”

Mugabe also made it clear how this initiative will continue 'unabated' after the resounding endorsement by Black Zimbabweans during the following election.

Thereafter, Mugabe could be heard touting his initiative at various rallies saying, “The indigenization and empowerment drive will continue in order to ensure that Black Zimbabweans enjoy a larger share of the country's resources.” He'd also declare, “We will do everything in our power to ensure our objective of total indigenization, empowerment, development and employment is realized.”

Shortly after Mugabe's other land reform initiatives, the US Senate imposed a credit freeze on Zimbabwe. This was done through the 'Zimbabwe Democracy and Recovery Act of 2001'. This credit freeze not only caused Zimbabwe's economy to operate on a cash only basis, but it caused more rounds of the Zimbabwean dollar's hyper-inflation in the years following. It caused the first export deficit, the first big drop in tobacco exports and a greater fall of the Zimbabwean dollar against the US dollar than in the 6 years previous.

So what did Mugabe do? He enlisted the help of Russia and China for the raw materials and resources being denied to his country. He basically cut out the fascist western white 'middle-man'.

Side note: As I was researching this, I spoke with an older African man who saw a picture of Robert Mugabe on my computer and said, “The man's a despot.”

Now, I understood why he said this, because again, Mugabe makes no bones about his absolute power; his word is law and that's final.

I'm praising Mugabe because the overwhelming majority of Black Prime Ministers of African countries are white supremacist puppets; and they turn a blind eye to their people's suffering. What separates Mugabe from this bunch, at least in my mind, is his reclamation of African lands and resources...and are his reclamation efforts perfect? No. But, I've never heard of any African dictator taking steps to not only give some of his country's land back to Black people, but in a contemporary sense, I've never heard of any Black Prime Ministers making efforts to kick whites off our stolen land and out of Zimbabwe.

Now, the African man told me he opposes Mugabe's monarchy and life-long reign; and apropos to Mugabe kicking whites out of Zimbabwe, he says, Mugabe should find a more amicable way to do this.

When I told the man how whites didn't kick us off our land amicably, he said, Mugabe's land reclamation initiatives are too harsh and will ultimately effect Black Zimbabweans negatively, in terms of the world's view of them.

I say the hell with the world's view of Mugabe and Black Zimbabweans; they didn't care about the Black residents of the country when they were suffering and starving, but now that whites are being adversely affected, there's a problem?

I say turn about is fair play...let 'em have a dose of their own medicine and let's see how they like it.

When a white journalist asked Mugabe to comment on his thoughts about white Zimbabweans having as much right to the lands they grew up on as Black Zimbabweans, he responded, “I understand their sentiment...but it's on the wrong continent.”

One UK Archbishop called Mugabe “...the worst kind of racist dictator, for having targeted whites for their apparent riches.”

Apparent riches? You mean the riches they stole from Black Africans?

And when white journalists called Mugabe the 'Hitler of his time', Mugabe responded, “I am still the Hitler of this time...This Hitler has only one objective, justice for his own people, sovereignty for his people, recognition of the independence of his people and their right to their resources. If that is Hitler, then let me be Hitler ten fold. Ten times; this is what we stand for.” 

So I say, Ma'at Hotep (Peace and justice) and Kem Wesir (Black Power) to the Netjer/Neter/Netger/Negus/God--Robert Mugabe!!

Long may he reign!


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A blueprint for the Black diaspora...

One day, a couple of years back, I was in midtown Manhattan, New York City trying to get a cab downtown; and as usual, being a Black man, I was having trouble catching one.

Now, this dilemma has been given several names, the one I like most is 'Hailing while Black'; I've even seen cabbies give Black women a hard time doing this. And this experience was made famous by rock musician Lenny Kravitz with his song 'Mr. Cab Driver'.

But something was different about this I was having trouble hailing a cab, a brotha in a Black Lincoln Town Car pulled up.

He saw me, instinctively knew the trouble I was having and waved me over.

I immediately walked over to the brotha's car.

Now, I know from previous experience how Black Lincoln Town Cars are usually used as 'for-hire' vehicles around NYC and I suspect it's the same around the country; so this was no random guy just driving his car around the city, he was licensed to take in passengers. I explained my situation to the brotha, but he already knew the time. He asked me if I needed a lift; so I got in.

I proceeded to espouse the problem I've been having for years with NYC cabbies; he said, he knew all about it from stories of previous patrons.

I didn't relate this to the brotha, but I was jubilant at the thought of a Black man in a Black Lincoln Town Car coming to save the day; he was right on time...chronologically and politically.

The brotha related to me how he was here from Africa, I believe he was originally from either Senegal or Ghana, and he let me know he was making his living this way.

I then told him how there should be a hundred more people out there like him; if there were, our people wouldn't have problems getting cabs in the city. He then related to me how he was talking to another brotha who got in his car after having the same problems I had; he said the brotha related to him how the american educational system taught him all parts of Africa were nothing but acrid wastelands. Then, the cabbie said he showed him several pictures of metropolitan Africa and the brotha saw how those pics looked just like downtown New York City.

Then the cabbie said this brotha actually started crying, as he said, “...they lied to me.”

In one moment this brotha realized EVERYTHING this school system taught him about Africa...and himself, was wrong.

After the cabbie got me safely to Penn Station, I gave him his fare and a five dollar tip and told him it was a pleasure taking his taxi.

We shook hands and I went and caught my train.

Now, this exchange represents so much more than a simple cab ride, and here, I'll break down why this needs to happen everyday between Black people in the diaspora.

Firstly, like I've said in the majority of my posts, the diaspora needs to share its resources with each other 99.9% of the time. While it would be impossible to work completely independent of the fascist white western system, we should always be ready to SHARE OUR MONIES WITH EACH OTHER FIRST!

We should take great pains to go out of our way to do this. Moreover, you'll be surprised how good you feel behind contributing to the build up of the Black diaspora's monetary infrastructure.

The fact that I was able to share my resources with a brotha who's directly from Africa, made the exchange even sweeter; we should be doing this daily in three or four ways in every city, town and state in this country.

We should especially set up exchanges where we have produce, textile and other assorted items, something akin to a flea market, where we can swap not only monies, but we can barter goods for services and vice-versa.

What I'm writing about is nothing new; this is basic common sense, problem is...our people have been conditioned out of our common sense.

Point I'm trying to make is, had I subscribed to my white supremacist conditioning, I would have dismissed the African brotha as some sort of schuyster and continued to wait on a NYC cab; and then I would've probably had to train it to Penn Station.

So, understand, what I'm continually saying is the most revolutionary act Black people can commit now is getting white supremacist dogmas out of our minds.

We have to get kill off the cerebral klansman who's been force-fed and conditioned into us, so we can unite and thrive.

I explain exactly how to do this in my last post, 'How can the Black diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women'. And like I said there...this is the ONLY way the Black diaspora is truly gonna' get free...THE ONLY WAY!



MontUHURU Mimia.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Why you can't make southern white american culture 'cooler'...

“The whole entire waiter staff was middle-aged black men, and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie. I mean, it was really impressive. That restaurant represented a certain era in America…after the Civil War, during the Civil War, before the Civil War…It was not only black men, it was black women…I would say they were slaves.”
--Paula Deen
Phil Robertson is the debonair fellow on the right end of my header's triptych; and he's one of the 'stars' on the TV series everyone's supposedly watching, 'Duck Dynasty'. 

And I know it's a bit early in the post for side notes, but I gotta' add this one: it's a fairly well known fact that Nielsen TV ratings have been 'cooked' or manipulated in the past. For those of you who don't know who the 'Nielsen TV ratings' company is, this corporation issues something called 'Nielsen boxes' to various homes to gauge how many people are watching whatever is on TV. And by these numbers, the industry tells us which shows are the most popular.

Now, for years I've been hearing how Black people watch the most TV, but I've yet to hear of a single Black family being issued one of these boxes...and if you know of one, or have been in one yourself, please contact me; I'd love to know what your experience was like.     

But back to regards to his thoughts on Black people's travails with white southerners specifically, or white people in general, he said of his southern upbringing: "I never with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any Black person..."

And he says of the Black american holocaust...or slavery in this country: "...pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say were they happy? They were godly; they were happy, no one was singing the blues."

Now, in regards to his comments about 'pre-entitlements and welfare', I wouldn't expect a backwards inbred like this to know how his people make up the largest percentage of welfare recipients...and how it's been this way for decades. Nor would I expect him to ponder the centuries of white male affirmative action entitlements that made it impossible for anyone but white men to work in this government for centuries. 

Their own women had to fight for the right to vote.

But what I've noticed, especially in the last decade, is how the airwaves are being deluged with scripted and 'reality' TV shows about the southern white american experience, and how intrinsic it is to this country's culture. 

Just off the top of my head, I've seen the nighttime 'soap' Dallas come back to the airwaves, there's Hart of Dixie, of course Swamp People, Here comes Honey Boo Boo,
Redneck Island, American Hoggers, Moonshiners, Bayou Billionaires, Hillbilly Blood, Lizard Lick Towing, Hillbilly Handfishin', etc.       

Several journalists are referring to this trend as 'southern chic' and several hundred newspaper articles are saying how southerners are 'hot' this season. 

But here's whats really happening...more and more white people are realizing how the only culture that's truly relevant and cool nowadays is Black culture. From music, to dance, to vernacular, Black people and Black men more specifically, are the most copied people in this country culturally, and in the world at large. 

And this poses a problem for the white elite. 

'Cause, as always, white people have to maintain the perception of being dominate in every aspect of american and world culture. Problem is, Black and brown people, and even whites themselves are seeing their cultural mores as more of a relic than something to be revered. 

Now, when I was younger, white people used to love to tout the fact of Black men excelling athletically 'cause they couldn't academically. 

Now, even our athletic dominance is beginning to bug mr. charley. 

I'm seeing in sports, especially in basketball and boxing, how the white elite are going to places like eastern europe to recruit talent for teams. I'm also seeing how there's been a restriction put on the number of Black people in any given sport. And the ones who are already there, are treated with a heavy bias. 

I remember how Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, a Black martial artist for the UFC, said he was booed for knocking out a white opponent. 

He not only left the UFC because of the overt bigotry he faced, he left america altogether. Righteous.

So, I've really said all that to say this, what the white elites don't wanna' face about southern white culture is: there's not currently nor will there ever be anything glamorous about people who live in trailer parks, are usually overfed, undereducated and missing teeth, who drive dirty pick up trucks, who grow up eating fried bologna sandwiches or people who are known for having sex with their siblings. 

And to top all this off...these people are notorious bigots!  

Recently, everyone in the american media has been on the case of Canadian Mayor Rob Ford. 

Now this is the current Mayor of Toronto who's slovenly, dim-witted, graceless, disheveled looking and basically lacks any sense of tact at all. But you wanna' know why the american media is poking fun at him, it's because these same traits are usually associated with southern white americans...or white american politicians, period.

So when Tom came on the scene making an ass of himself, the american media jumped right on his story to take the heat off themselves. 

More importantly, what these southern white american shows really signify is how desperate white supremacists are to heighten their profiles. And how much they're losing the propaganda war to keep everyone loving white folks. 

The devil's time is up matter what they do, they can't stop the mental and spiritual progression people are making away from whitey's wicked doctrine.

More and more, people are beginning to see the fall of the white supremacist empire and all of its facets; and they're more willing to contribute to shutting down the world's white supremacist sham. 

And the sooner this happens...the better. 


MontUHURU Mimia