Tuesday, December 31, 2013

YouTube's 'The black authority' and why Black people are the poorest in america...

People...I don't wanna' end this year without mentioning a 'YouTuber' who claims to be an authority on Black people.

After discovering Tommy Sotomayor, I came into the knowledge of his coterie of fiends...I mean friends. 

And along with David Carroll, one of Uncle Tommy's other prominent allies is a YouTuber who calls himself 'The black authority'. 

Now, if you check out this post's header, the first picture you'll see is a black and white photo of the former Black Panther Party's Eldridge Cleaver. And this is the image The black authority uses to represent himself. 

So, right off the bat I had a problem with 'mr. authority' because unbeknownst to him, Eldridge was an informant for the FBI. 

This is well documented, so please, DON'T take my word for this, go do the research and find it out yourself. 

Now, one of the black authority's latest videos is a promo for a documentary he's got coming out, and the question he poses to Claude Anderson, who's a finance guru is this: "...after the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights movement, the NBA, NFL, Oprah and Barack Obama, why are Black people the poorest in america?"

And there's a very simple answer...but before I expose it, let's take a few components of his argument, namely the Emancipation Procrastination...I mean Proclamation and the Civil Rights movement, and break them down. 

Firstly, the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 didn't free any Black people who were slaves because it wasn't recognized by the southern states who had broken away from the 'american' union. 

The 'confederate' or slave states wanted nothing to do with the more liberal 'northern' states (even though they were rife with white bigotry too), so again, they seceded...or broke away from the north. That's why we have North and South Dakota, Carolina, etc. 

And this is why the 'Civil War' was fought to see which faction, southern or northern, would win the right to rule over the whole of this country. 

A proclamation is a statement or declaration of something; so the emancipation proclamation is a statement of freedom...it doesn't mean anyone is gonna' actually be set free; it's like an empty promise of freedom. 

As for the Civil Rights movement, this was nothing but a trick played on Black people by the white elites...let me elaborate...

The Black Wall Street was an area in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Black businesses were thriving during the early 1900's (about 1910) in this country. 

Mind you, this was when america was ethnically segregated. Now, when I say this area was thriving, I do mean thriving, many Black businessmen were multimillionaires at the time. 

Problem was the white elites didn't want Black people being this financially strong and independent, so they (the white elites) bombed the Black Wall Street. 

But they were smart enough to know if they kept us segregated, we would just build these businesses back up and continue to thrive. So they wondered how they could more effectively get our money into their pockets. 

Answer: Integration. 

Enter Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. 

And yes, Martin Luther King was a white supremacist freemason; this is why he always talked about passive, non-violent resistance. 

So this movement was just a play to get Black folks money into white folks pockets...and it worked. 

Black people haven't been as powerful since. 

So to the black authority...the Civil Rights movement was enacted to hurt us, not help us. 

And finally, after the NBA, NFL, rap music, Oprah and Barack Obama...why are Black people the poorest in america?

Here's the answer...WE'RE NOT!!

For anyone who wants to do five minutes worth of research, you'll find out the majority of people on welfare in this country ARE WHITE!


I was looking at a Pew Research study which I'll leave a link for at the end of this post, and it proves not only how Black people aren't this country's poorest, but how there's more poor spanish and white people in this country than Black people. 

And in this study, even though it says only 10% of white people are living in poverty, understand there's about 300 million whites living in america as opposed to america's Black population which is at about 12% (This comes out to about 30 million Black people in america). 

So there are roughly 30 million whites living in poverty. This study also says poverty rates for Blacks are at 27%, meaning less than 10 million of us are living in poverty.  

And I know some will say, well Black people are disproportionately poor according to our numbers; but here's something else these pseudo-intellectual Black men fail to realize. 

Whites have the 'white privilege'; meaning any white person, white men especially, has more access to more resources than the most educated Black person. And you can't argue with this, no matter how much you love whitey. 

To top this off, jews (who are white people as well...don't let anyone fool you) have gotten hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations for their holocaust; meaning, any white person who practices the jewish faith could easily employ another white person (jew or not) if they feel so inclined. If they can't, they know someone who can. 

Black people don't have these kind of advantages, so there's NO reason why white people should make up the majority of the welfare recipients in this country AT ALL!

And mind you, there are also more poor spanish people in this country than Black people, regardless of how they wanna' think they're whiter than us.

Not only are Black people NOT the poorest in this country, but we're not the poorest people in the WORLD...contrary to popular belief. 

Again, I'll leave another link for a study showing that in terms of world hunger rates, the continent ranking highest, is ASIA NOT AFRICA!

Roughly 552 million people in Asia are considered to be living in hunger or famine like conditions, as opposed to Africa where the numbers are at roughly 227 million.

So Black people, stop hanging your head in shame; YOU ARE NOT THE WORST CASE EXAMPLE IN EVERY NEGATIVE STATISTIC!

Now, this may not be my best written post 'cause I'm writing angry. And it just pisses me off when these kiss ass, anglophilic Black men wanna' dis Black people and make it seem as though they have our best interest at heart (Uncle Tommy Sotomayor, Dave Carroll).

And with a name like the 'black authority' you'd think he'd do some research before he goes off on these dumb diatribes. 

I've heard this guy say things like: "Black men are lazy...they want something for nothing...and this is how the welfare mentality is created..." 

Well, if that's the case, again, why are the majority of people in this country who collect county checks white people?

So...here's the message of this post, and ultimately my Blog: Black man and woman, know the american status quo IS POISONOUS TO THE BLACK PSYCHE! 

And if you subscribe to it, even though you think you're helping Black people, you'll be so mired in self-hatred that any contribution you make will be poisonous too!  

So, to the black authority, Uncle Tommy Sotomayor and David Carroll...if you wanna' be the white man's lapdog fine; just stop pretending you have Black people's best interests at heart. 

Problem is, these boys are so infected with the white supremacist disease of self hatred, they can't see how much they HATE THEMSELVES FOR BEING BLACK!

So whenever you hear someone with some bogus stats, trying to tell you how bad off Black people are...you can tell 'em where to go and how to get there!

And I think this is an appropriate way to end this Blog off for 2013. 

It's been a lovely experience curating this Blog and seeing some of the feedback I've gotten. 

Thanks to all who've commented, pro or con. 

Honestly, I never expected to learn anything from writing this Blog; but one thing the feedback has showed me is how to be less divisive when it comes to my contributions to the Black diaspora.

Remember, I was an advocate of Uncle Tommy Sotomayor earlier this year; but this Blog and feedback from the people who took time to comment, has given me the proper balance I've searched for to make this site more healing and unifying. 

And I promise at some point I'm gonna' get to the post addressing how the Black diaspora can definitively heal the rift between Black men and women. 

Until then, have a very prosperous and Happy New Year...and I'll see you in 2014!

Kem Wesir (Black Power!)

MontUHURU Mimia 


Here's the link for ethnic poverty rates in america here. 

And here's the link for world hunger rates here.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why do 'pop tarts' turn into tramps? (Extra special christmas edition)

Now, in keeping with the holidays, celebrity talk shows like 'Entertainment Tonight' and 'Access Hollywood' have an episode dedicated to talking about the most sensational events of the year. 

And for 2013, without fail, every show talked about Miley Cyrus and the 'twerking' exhibition she performed with or on Robin Thicke.

But here's a question I'd been pondering for a while: what's on these 'pop tarts' minds when they go whole hog on turning into tramps?

And why would they take this kinda' chance to repulse so many people and possibly lose what credibility they've built up with their fans?

Well...before I give you the answer, let's look into the beginnings of Miley's career.

Remember, Miley first came to national prominence on
the Disney Channel network as 'Hannah Montana'; and she played a character named 'Miley Stewart'.

Thereafter, she recorded albums as 'Hannah', and they sold exceptionally well to her fan-base.

Now, this doesn't look like anything out of the norm, until you look at the Disney corporation and the man who started this company, Walt Disney. 

Walt was a 33rd degree mason; and early on, he was tasked with conditioning the youth for the white elite. 

And think about the other 'pop tarts' who came out of the Disney corporation's 'machine'...most notably, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. 

Both these starlets started out with squeaky clean, 'girl next door' images; and when they came of age, they wound up looking like ten dollar hookers. 

But back to Miley...

Ms. Cyrus went through the usual paces of her 'homespun' image, until 2007 when she put out the album 'Can't be tamed'. 

Now, the white elites usually wait 'til their starlets are about 15 to 18 years of age before they 'turn them out'. 

And Miley was 15 here; long gone were the days of Hannah Montana...just like any other pimp, the white elites were basically giving her a pair of clear-heeled pumps so she could 'hit the streets' for their cause. 

Now, the reason these secret societies do this, is so young women listening to these artists will grow up adopting a 'loose, partying' and ultimately dysfunctional lifestyle. 

When women, and people period, come from and are influenced by unstable and abusive lifestyles or living conditions, their morals are relaxed and they're less likely to be fully in control of their behavior(s). Thus, they are more easily conditioned than the person who comes from a stable two parent household.   

And one of the main tenets of white supremacist secret societies is the latin saying 'Ordo Ab chao'; which roughly translates into 'order out of chaos'. 

Meaning, in order to better control a person, people or a nation-state; the priority is to destabilize the target. 

Coincidentally, this is why there's such rapacious and never-ending civil wars in places like Africa's Congo. 

Even though the ground beneath the Congo is mineral rich, the Black populus is kept dirt poor through covert operations of white supremacists who fund local/tribal armies to fight and kill one another; while their people extract all the diamonds, gold, coltan, etc. from this nation. (And if you don't know what coltan is, please google it)

And once Miley was properly turned out and ready to hit the 'streets', she came out with her album 'Bangerz'; which is a euphemism for youths who like to have sex. Then she went on MTV and presented the 'twerk-gate' scandal to viewers. (I call this scandal 'twerk-gate' 'cause the white elites used to add the word 'gate' to anything salacious behind president Nixon's 'watergate' scandal...again, google this if you don't know what I'm talking about)

Now, notice how Miley's hair is cut short like a mans? This sends the image of Miley being bi-sexual, read: sexually conflicted and confused. Here, she looks like she'll have sex with anything that walks (Eminem). And if her hair cut doesn't send this message, her crotch grab surely does.

This is suppose to send an empowering message to young women, but it's ultimately telling them, they should feel free to cater to every and any whim they fancy; irregardless of its consequences. It also says, they should be anything but monogamous; see, the white elites don't want women who'll be good wives or mothers, this would produce too many morally grounded children. 

They want women, especially young women, to be just as corrupted and whorish as Miley is. 

And notice when Miley was 'twerking' on Robin, she made this repugnant gesture with her face...

I was wondering where I'd seen this before. Then I realized one of my favorite authors had this gesture on the face of his first novel.

To the left, is author Victor Lavalle's cover art for his first book, The Ecstatic. 

By the way, this is where the rapper 'Mos Def' got the name for his album, 'The Ecstatic'. And both these brothas are white supremacist freemasons. 

Now, notice Miley's hair is made to look like two horns, with her tongue hanging out just like this photo's. This tells us where she and her handlers are getting their inspiration from; a Luciferian/Satanic doctrine. 

One thing I can say about Vic Lavalle though; he is an exceptionally talented writer. And I remember reading the novel he wrote after this called 'Big Machine'; it didn't have any satanic references, but he did write about a secret society called the 'Unlikely Scholars'; and what all the Unlikely Scholars had in common, was they came from unstable and abusive households.

See the pattern here folks?

Even in 'Big Machine's' acknowledgements at the end of the book, Vic gives a shout out to the 'real life' Unlikely Scholars and not only says he's a part of them, but tells them 'your secret's safe with me'.

And Vic recently put out another novel, and it's title? 'The Devil in Silver'...check this if you don't believe me. 

Mind you, these edicts feed into white feminism as well. 

I remember hearing how one of the Rockefellers were having a conversation with a friend at a dinner party. And the Rockerfeller asked his friend, "What do you think about the feminist movement?" 

The friend responded, "I think it's positive...equal work for equal pay."

To which the Rockefeller replied, "Look, we funded women's lib...and the main reason was we couldn't tax half the population if they were staying home and being housewives. We had to get women into the work force to tax that revenue...and, we knew with both parents out of the house, what would be raising their kids is the television." Thus, their kids would be more easily conditioned.

So I've said all that to say this...here's another reason any sane Black person should dislike Disney films, or any of their other products. 

Here's another reason to boycott their asses too. 

And if you happen to be a mother reading this, please keep your daughters away from Disney's material; 'cause like Britney, Christina and now Miley...they're looking to turn your daughters out so they'll wind up like the women of 'Sex and the City'...middle aged tramps who are doomed to be single for the rest of their lives. 

Again, Happy Kwanzaa,

MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sarah Silverman and the inbred bigot blues...(Special Hanukkah and Christmas edition)

Sarah Kate Silverman was born on December 1, 1970 in Manchester, New Hampshire. She grew up in a household subscribed to the jewish religion, but like most jews, Sarah wasn't practicing her faith. 

And for those who still don't know, judaism is a religion...it's not an ETHNICITY. Meaning, no one's BORN jewish; and believe it or not, there are still people in denial about this. 

Her parents divorced when she was young and after middle and high school, she attended New York University where she began her stand up comedy career in New York City's Greenwich Village.  

Now, when I learned about Sarah going to a private middle school (The Derryfield School in New Hamshire) and her attending NYU, it didn't surprise me. 

Reason being, it's usually mediocre talents coming from relatively stable households who fail at trying to make an impact in the artistic world. I mean, outside of the fact Sarah saw her parents divorce when she was young, she never really wanted for anything growing up; and anyone who knows something about comedians especially, knows it's the ones who come from extremely unstable and abusive households who wind up having the most talent and setting the world on fire. Reference Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. 

Sarah first came on the national radar after her stint in NYU as a comedy writer for 'Saturday Night Live'. 

She was fired after a year because none of her skits made it past the dress rehearsal phase. 

But in keeping with the theme of white people's ability to 'fail upwards', Sarah got parts acting in other people's comedy shows like the Larry Sander's Show, Mr. Show and she even made an appearance on Seinfeld.

She also got bit parts in a couple of movies like: There's something about Mary, Say it isn't so, School of Rock, The way of the gun, Overnight Delivery, Screwed, Heartbreakers, Evolution, School for Scoundrels and Rent. 

After her failures as a local stand up comic and comedy writer, her career got the boost it needed when she performed on the David Letterman Show in 2007. 

You see, the biggest reason Sarah didn't become famous after her first tries at comedy...is Sarah's not funny. 

I've seen Sarah Silverman bomb so many times in front of crowds, that it had me wondering, who's responsible for keeping this woman's career afloat? 

Point being, it's Dave Letterman and the other white elites who control the industry keeping this 'craptastic' and corny comic in stardom's spotlight. 

Coincidentally, this doesn't just happen with whites. 

Remember, Chris Rock didn't officially 'blow up' until he did his joke about 'Ni@gers and Black people' on his HBO comedy special 'Bring the pain'. 

Difference is, for Black people, you have to do something self-debasing like wearing a dress, or getting shot in the behind to get in the good graces of the white elite; especially as a Black man. 

So I kinda' liken Sarah to the Spice Girls, 'cause she's a completely industry created celebrity; and some might say this rule goes for all celebrities, difference is, someone like Chris Rock is five times smarter and funnier than Sarah.

And as Chris elucidated in one of his comedy specials: "Black people have to fly to get to a status whites can just waltz into..."

And one more difference between Sarah and Chris is, Sarah's a complete bigot. 

In my header's triptych, you'll see how Sarah did an episode of her show, The Sarah Silverman show, in complete 'blackface'. 

And mind you, Sarah's show debuted shortly after she made her appearance on Dave Letterman. So again, it was the white elites, not the public recognizing her talent, getting her where she was and is. 

The episode Sarah did in 'blackface' was her experiment in seeing if Black people are being hyperbolic about their harsh treatment by the white establishment. But as you can see by the picture, Sarah looks nothing like a Black person, she just looks like Al Jolson's sister. 

It's obvious Sarah didn't want a real answer to her question, she just wanted to lob insults at Black people. 

Which brings me to another incident where miss thing used the term 'chink' to describe asians on Late Night with Conan O'brien in 2001.

She'd explained how a friend told her she could get out of jury duty by putting an ethnic slur on her selection form. So the inbred bigot bi#ch wrote: "I love chinks...and who doesn't." 

What she didn't realize is no one would find this funny except her. 

And it's one thing to do this privately, but why would you be stupid enough to announce this on national TV?

Another time I saw her on Bill Maher's HBO talk show, and after Dr. Cornell West (one of today's preeminent Black scholars) addressed her on the show's topic, dumbass Sarah responded by saying: "...I disliked your interruption of Taylor Swift on the VMA's."

She was calling Dr. West, Kanye West.

And I guess to her we do all look alike. 

And when Dr. West retorted saying how blind ignorance can lead her off a cliff, Sarah said: "What rhymes with cliff?"

All you could hear in the audience was crickets. 

Sarah was astonished that no one found her joke funny; again, she doesn't have any kind of grasp on the true skill set(s) of stand up comedy...or just being funny period. In terms of timing, delivery and just a heightened sense of observational wit, Sarah proves time and time again how she doesn't have a clue. 

But I've seen this happen to her continuously; and what's even funnier, is Sarah genuinely looks for sympathy when she tells bad jokes. 

She dons this dumbfounded look when she bombs on stage or on TV; ask if she's asking, don't you guys realize I'm funny?

But ditzy broads like Sarah don't have a clue, and frankly, she doesn't want one. 

You see, not only doesn't she realize how external forces have kept her stardom going, she also doesn't realize how her success is due to white americans needing a voice for their dumb, bigoted masses...and Sarah has been tasked to speak for them.

I remember back in the day when Howard Stern's first book came out. A good number of white guys who bought it said it was their first time inside a book store. 

Sarah is catering to this demographic.

And Sarah's bout of stardom is also a cautionary tale to Black men. 

In so much as, a lot of us think by dating a white woman, we're automatically going to find someone who's more caring, nurturing, sweet and loving than any Black woman can be.

And then a lot of us get a rude awakening. 

I've wrote about this in a previous post, '3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women'; and I'll leave a link for it at the end of this one. 

I remember Sarah talking about the late comedian Don Rickles, and how he was famous for riffing on ethnic jokes; implying she's taking the same comedic route he did. Difference is, Don was playing the role of a white bigot, Sarah is one. And she's too dumb to make this distinction.  

Now, Sarah's been known to take medications for her bouts of depression. But since she's not a deep thinker, she wouldn't look into her past to find out what trauma(s) causes her to be so depressed; she's just gonna' self medicate. 

I guess she's down 'cause of the myriad times she's bombed at one of her shows; and judging by her dumbfounded countenance when this happens, you could tell she's really hurt by no one finding her brand of hyper-bigoted comedy funny. 

So, if you happen to be a white person reading this, do me a favor and send sister Sarah a sympathy card. 

Saying something to the effect of, 'I have the same bigoted thoughts too and no one likes me either; but stay strong, 'cause you're fighting the good fight'.

Or send her an e-mail saying: I'm a current or former klansman/woman, and I don't know why people don't take a likin' to you...keep america free.

And the sooner you do this the better; 'cause just like so many things Sarah's not aware of; she has no idea her fifteen minutes of fame are just about up. 

Personally though, I hope I can see her bomb once more before it is; 'cause any time I watch a white bigot go down in flames...especially on national televison, it just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

And that's definitely keeping in the tradition of the holidays.

Happy Kwanzaa, 

MontUHURU Mimia

You can find a link to my post: '3 reasons why Black men shouldn't date fat white women' right here.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Arsenio Hall, Tyler Perry and the surest way to be a successful Black man...

Yesterday I tuned into the Arsenio Hall show not knowing who his guest would be and found out it was Tyler Perry. 

Now, I'm not a fan of Tyler's or the tranny minstrel shows he loosely calls movies and plays, but watching Arsenio has become something of a night time ritual for me. So I stayed tuned in.

Now, I noticed Arsenio was wearing all Black and I'd never seen him do that before, he also made mention of the show's air date...Friday the 13th. I'll tell you why this is important later.

Arsenio went through the usual paces of his insipid sketch comedy bits and quite frankly, they're never funny or amusing. And these have got to be my least favorite segments of any mainstream talk show. That's why I love Tavis Smiley's show, it's all talk and no sketches.

So after a couple of minutes of Arsenio's opening pantomimes, Tyler finally came out. And much to my surprise, Tyler was wearing blue jeans.

Now, I've got nothing against wearing jeans but Tyler being on Arsenio's show would warrant wearing some slacks, don't you think?  

Tyler's wearing jeans suggests to me how he thinks Arsenio's show isn't as important as Jay Leno's or Dave Letterman's. It smacks to me of a diminished view of his people, which isn't surprising considering the kind of movies he makes.

So after Tyler sat down, Arsenio lobbed questions at him to pick his brain as to what edicts or dogmas made him successful. 

And of course, as is mandatory with Tyler, he started talking about jesus and christianity.

Now, understand, I have NO problems with Black people being religious. 

I just want us to understand what religion truly is. 

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, here's a verse I always refer to showing christianity's and religion's true agenda. 

Ephesians 6:5
Slaves, you must obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey christ. 

Now, doesn't this run counter to the first of the ten commandments saying, I am the lord your god, you shall not worship any gods before me? Here, the bible says you should respect and obey earthly masters just like they were 'christ'.

Moreover, why would 'god' endorse anything to do with slavery? And why would the 'good book' endorse slavery?  

And here's more...

Ephesians 6:6
Obey them (slave masters) not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of christ, doing the will of god from your heart.

Slaves of christ?!

Again, why is the 'good book' promoting slavery?

One side note: the first slave ship to wash up on american shores with Black people on it, was called the 'good ship jesus'...google it if you don't believe me. 

Here's Ephesians 6:7:
Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.

Serve a slave master like you were serving the 'lord' and not (just regular) people?

Do you now see why the first book Black people were given to read in this country was the bible?

And have you noticed how there's a church on every corner of Black neighborhoods, but they're all of different christian denominations; like baptist, seventh day adventist, roman catholic, methodist, etc. And notice almost none of these church congregations communicate with one another or collectively share resources to help the entire community?

That's 'cause these are methods of keeping Black people loyal to religion without empowering themselves by pooling their resources.

And this goes for ALL religions, including Buddhism, judaism, islam, etc. 

I remember walking by some Black isrealites and they were spewing their venom on a street corner; and a brotha from Africa got into a heated argument with one of them over which was the real god, yahweh or allah.

This is the true agenda of religion. 

And this is why the Black diaspora needs to return to the Black spiritual sciences like 'The Orishas' and 'Voudun' or Voodoo; 'cause these are the spiritual technologies that will empower us. 

But back to Tyler and Arsenio...

Tyler spoke about the necessary traits for success like tenacity, determination and perseverance; and it was all sound advice, then something happened towards the end of Tyler's segment.

Arsenio said he wanted to talk to Tyler's character 'Madea' using the voice of his aunt Maybell; so these two Black men started conversing in women's voices about silly off-handed topics.   

Now let me tell you something about the origins of Tyler Perry's 'Madea' in greek/freak mythology as it pertains to what he and Arsenio were doing.

The original Medea, was a woman who's husband left her for another, so Medea avenges her husband's betrayal by killing her two male children. 

So Tyler Perry's 'Mad-ea', is a metaphor for Tyler's  willingness to kill off his masculinity. 

And the fact that Arsenio chose to wear all black, sends a sublime message saying the only real way to become a good or successful Black man...is to neuter yourself and become a woman. 

And Arsenio's mentioning the date of Friday the 13th, speaks directly to the influence of white fascist secret societies. 

If you look at what the white elites call the 'great seal' pictured to the left, you might not notice by looking at it, but the number 13 is hidden throughout the graphic of the bald eagle.

There are 13 arrows in the eagle's claw, 13 leaves on the olive branch, there are 13
stars above the eagle's head and even the phrase 'e pluribus unum' has 13 letters in it. 

The people who the white elites call the 'founding fathers', or who I like to call the genocidal slave owners, originally created 13 colonies in this country as well. 

So what was happening right before my eyes was a white supremacist/occultist 'ritual' being performed by Arsenio and Tyler. 

Now do you see why we have to recondition ourselves out of our learned self-hatred?

These inbreds don't sleep and they've got Uncle Tom's like Tyler and Arsenio to carry out their duplicitous plans.

So, I'll be changing my nightly ritual as well...I'm done watching Arsenio Hall, and I'll stick to the Tavis Smiley show in the evenings. 

'Cause the last person I need to support is another white supremacist in black face...the world's already got Tommy Sotomayor for that message.

And by now, you should all know how I feel about him. 


MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why Kerry Washington and Dave Moscow broke up and the plight of Black college grads...

Last week, I was perusing the aisles of my local supermarket when I came upon the racks of gossip rags by the check out counters.

That's when I happened across one of the periodicals about Kerry Washington's recent wedding.

This immediately drew me to the mag 'cause I know the white elitist plan for Kerry involved her eventually marrying a white guy. 

And I know what some black women are thinking while they read this...they're like, why can't Black men get over us marrying white guys?

For the record, again, I have NO problem with this, I'm simply saying that white elites have built up Kerry as the poster child for inter-ethnic relationships. Especially when it comes to black women dating and marrying white men. 

So, I turned to the page about her wedding...and to my surprise, Kerry married a Black man. 

And the brother's got a righteous African name too, Nnamdi Asomugha.

This brotha is a 36 year old NFL player from Louisiana who's currently a free agent.

After nodding my head in approval, I was like, wait a minute...this wasn't whitey's plan for Kerry, who was she dating before?

That's when I discovered her ex David Moscow. (And if you'd like to see a pic of Kerry and Dave in happier times, just click onto this post's header. Also, note how Kerry's eyes are completely doting on Dave.)

Now, I've learned two facts about Dave, one, is he was an actor who's biggest claim to fame was playing a young Tom Hanks in the movie 'Big', and two, Kerry and Dave met in high school. 

I also found out Dave and Kerry were engaged to be married for three years.

So I was like, what happened?

Why didn't they get married and live happily ever after? 

That's when I though about a college buddy of mine, who I'll call Craig. 

Craig was smitten with this blonde haired, icey blue-eyed undergrad he shared a class with. 

So after Craig put the moves on her, she agreed to go out with him twice. The third time she told Craig if they wanted to be in any kind of on-going relationship, he'd have to meet her a town over. 

What she was really saying is she couldn't let her friends or family see them together, cause she was ashamed of being seen with a Black man. 

Craig relented. And several months later, he found out his ice princess had a white guy on the side she was seeing. 

Craig finally got the gumption to let her go.

Rumor has it this woman is now married to this white guy she saw on the side, while Craig is still single and continuing to date white women. 

The last story also led me to think of a black collegiate woman I knew, who I'll call Brenda. 

And anyone who knew Brenda, knew she dated white guys exclusively.

And she'd met one white guy on an internet dating site who set up a time and place for them to meet. 

Brenda confessed to another female friend of mine, how she was smitten with this guy's looks right off the bat.

So, after a dinner and some drinks, they wound up back at a hotel. 

After they 'tripped the light fantastic', the white guy asked Brenda if she'd like anything to drink cause he was going into the lobby to get a beverage. 

After she said no, this guy went into the lobby, then went to the parking garage, got in his car and drove off. 

The next day, Brenda e-mailed this guy and asked him why he'd left.

The guy said, 'cause they had sex too soon. 

Last I heard, Brenda was single and still dating white guys exclusively. 

See a pattern here people?

Now, don't get me wrong, not ALL white people treat our kind this way. 

There are exceptions where Black and white men and women date, get engaged and get married, and do live happily ever after. 

I'm just saying, these instances are few and far between.

But let's get back to Kerry Washington...Kerry stated how dating 'scared' her. 

But here's my question, why would dating a white guy, or the prospect of being in a relationship...especially with a white guy, or any guy for that matter, 'scare' Kerry? 

That's 'cause Kerry got what I call a 'J.Lo' pulled on her.

You remember J.Lo and her liberal-minded, political activist white beau, Ben Affleck, don't ya'?

Jennifer Lopez literally referred to Ben as her 'knight in shining armor' and wrote songs about him with lyrics like, 'I love you, you're perfect'.

But when it came time for Ben to 'put a ring on it', he got cold feet and called it off. 

A coupla' years later...Ben married a white girl named Jennifer, and has been with her ever since. 

Now, my message to anyone who reads this, is please don't leave me comments saying all white men are not like this, I didn't say they ALL were.

I'm just relating to you how most are.

I also read about Kerry saying she wanted to keep her dating life private, this was the reason for her and Nnamdi's 'secret' wedding. 

But let me tell you why Kerry married this Black man 'secretly', it's because her white fascist handlers realized they'd failed.

See, Kerry and Dave Moscow's wedding was suppose to set a precedent for a deluge of inter-ethnic weddings of white guys and black women. 

There was only one problem, these same white elites have conditioned white guys into thinking of black women as sex objects, period.

Same with my friend Craig, the white elite has brainwashed whites across the board to think of us as 'sex toys'...and nothing more.

Cause you and I both know, if Kerry had married Dave Moscow, there'd have been a full page spread in every gossip mag and periodical across the country covering it.

It would have been the white wedding those white fascists hoped for. 

Again though, they did their job a little too well of having us relegated to 'friends or fiancees with benefits' in the eyes of whites. 

This got me thinking about the plight of Black collegiates and college grads. 

Cause so many of us spend those years pursuing white dates and mates, and there's no one to tell us how the majority of collegiate Black men and women will wind up oversexed and alone at 50 thinking our college degree means we're now 'good enough' or qualified to marry whitey. 

And whites know this, but ya' think they're gonna' say it to our faces?

Hell no. 

They're gonna' enjoy us spreading our legs or unzipping our flies to fulfill whatever fantasy or fetish they've got in mind.

And you know how whites are...the more depraved the sex act, the better. 

Which ultimately brings me back to the recurring theme of my Blog, and what's my Blog's theme?

That we...Black people, have lost everything to our self-hatred.

And it's time to recondition ourselves out of it...before it's too late. 

And when I say we've lost everything to our self-hatred, I want you to understand, how in no way, shape or form, are we born hating ourselves or each other. 

Like I've said several times, we go through a very intensive conditioning process that turns us into self-hating men and women. 

And this happens over the course of decades, especially in the american school system. So it's gonna' take time to erase all the psychic damage done to us. 

But each of us need to get started doing this work individually and collectively. 

'Cause the real, real question still stands, and that question is: How do we heal the rift between Black men and women?

It's through meditation and reconditioning the subconscious mind. 

I myself have employed methods of self-hypnosis and traditional meditation to take this challenge on. 

And it's transformed my life in ways you wouldn't believe. For the first time in my life being Black doesn't feel like a burden, but a blessing. 

But you can only see this after you've done the work to recondition the subconscious.

So let's all get to work.

'Cause like the old Black proverb goes, 'there ain't no justice...THERE'S JUST US'!  

And like Sam Jackson said in 'Do The Right Thing', "...that's the triple truth, Ruth."


MontUHURU Mimia