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Do you remember those grand old movie theaters? 

You know, the ones with the ornate, multi-light bulb lit marquees and those multi-colored neon displays. Or the ones with those slender, rectangular preview boxes out front. I’ve only a vague recollection of these items myself, since I was a pre-teen when film-going was more of an event than it is today, but those objects and everything else associated with the film-going experience made an indelible impression on me.

I can still remember entering the main corridor of these movie houses after opening the front doors. All at once I was welcomed with scents of hot buttered popcorn, rotisserie-roasting hot dogs and soda being poured from concession stand fountains. As I walked up the longish hallway, I gawked at the lobby cards lining the walls and marveled at their photo stills of movie stars. Their dramatic poses told me I was in for a treat of epic proportions. The flicks didn’t always live up to that, but the preamble to opening the theater auditorium’s doors never let me down.

I know this is a bit melodramatic, but I think movies have the ability to show us things about the human condition that no other medium can quite match. Novels and literature run a close second as far as visceral experiences go, but I’ve always found it odd that plays, even with live performers, don't often capture the realism that a movie is able to—provided it’s done the right way. 

Thus, the reason behind my creating the ‘CINEMATIC SYMBOLISM’ Blog. I’m doing this to share my affections for the silver screen with others and to possibly fraternize with like-minded folks about what the cinematic experience has given us.

I’d also like to redefine the term ‘movie’ in another way. In this blog, I'll also speak on this visual medium's ability to indoctrinate the Black Diaspora with certain 'programs' in the elitist construct we've been conditioned to believe is reality. And I’ll also comment on the propaganda, manufactured lies and misinformation we've laughingly come to know as news reportage and education in america. More specifically, what I'll be railing against here are the edicts of white fascism and its institutions. 

Here's a forewarning: my Blog is not for squeamish anglophiles...if you are one, you might wanna' turn back now. 

I'm also in the process of reconditioning myself using various meditative techniques, out of the white supremacist brainwashing every Black person is privy to in the american social order. 

Ultimately, what I'm hoping to do, is provide a bit of an antidote to the white fascist status quo with this collection of published posts

Whether I’m successful or not remains to be seen. And maybe, I’ll even get to converse with one or two of you in the process

In either case, I thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog. Leave a comment or two if you feel so inclined, and I hope you find something here that’s not only entertaining but edifying as well.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Remember Kum Ba Yah by our black ancestors they used to pray to the true elohim the deity and creator of the world Yahuwah, and yahushuwah which have changed there names and made it to be God and Jesus christ.

    1. 'Mar'...

      Let's also remember that our Black ancestors put Black nationalism FIRST...and religious beliefs SECOND.

      Often, Black people are so mired in their religious doctrines that it keeps us feuding over dogmas and ideologies. And this is the true agenda of religion. These religions were also created to keep us from engaging our ancestor's Black Spiritual Sciences which would truly empower us (The Orishas, Voudun/Voodoo, Ifa, Palo Mayombe, etc.).

      So before we talk about any kind of religion, or co-opted 'spirituality', 'cause the church has gotten wind of people finding out they're scam artists, so now they're claiming to be more 'spiritual' and less 'religious'; let's always remember we're doing a disservice to the ancestors if we don't focus on ETHNICITY FIRST!

      "...leave your religion at home...'cause if it's only gotten you this far, you need to forget about it anyway."
      --Malcolm X

  2. I discovered your blog last night. It's now morning. I have been unable to pry myself from your site, aside from the occasional fact-check in another tab. I have to say, your writing is articulate and a genuine pleasure to read, even when I don't agree with you. Your arguments are valid, although not always sound. Looking forward to more of your posts. Bookmarked.

    1. 'Kamryn'...

      Thanks for the compliment and the bookmark. And in the future, I look forward to you challenging my 'unsound' arguments.

      I think we'll both learn something from those debates.