Friday, June 21, 2013

Why is the latest Superman wearing a darker "suit"?

I remember my parents taking me to a theater in my pre-teens to watch Christopher Reeves play Superman in 1978 (Superman in background). Gawking at the image of Chris Reeves flying through the air on the silver screen and seeing this flick in one of those grand old movie theaters was nothing short of mesmerizing.

Fast forward a couple of decades later, now, it's Henry Cavill (Superman in foreground) who's filling the red boots and blue 'suit' of Superman. Difference is, being a reformed anglophile, I have no interest in seeing any more europeans playing the part of superheros. (Coincidentally, the word 'hero' comes from an ancient Black deity named 'Heru'; this is where the Christian religion got the archetype for Jesus Christ. Heru was the son of Ausar...Jesus is the sun of God...look it up and check the similarity!) So, there's no chance I'm gonna' lay down any money to see this flick, hell, I'm not even gonna' rent it. But one thing I have noticed is this...Superman is looking a little different nowadays. I've noticed the darker 'threads' he's donning while he's saving the free world. Now, I wonder what's up with that? Let's look at this a little deeper...

Ever notice the big letter 'S' on Superman's chest has an
odd design pattern or font? Especially it's first movie incarnation, circa 1978. If you look right, at the bottom half of the superman logo, you'll see what looks like a rounded 'head' at the bottom left of the letter 'S'. At the upper right-hand corner, you'll see what looks like a tail at the letter's end. Makes the 'S' kinda' look like a snake or some sort of serpent, don't it? That's 'cause it IS. Not only is the letter 'S' meant to evoke thoughts of a snake or serpent-like creature, but the 'spit curl' in Superman's hair (Chris Reeves circa 1978) is also suppose to represent a snake, or a serpent.

But why?

Welp, let's take a departure from Superman's mythological origins, and look into the origins of ancient Black people for the answer.

Let's start with the legend of the 'Nagas'. Who are they you ask? They were an ancient Black tribe who ruled asia, and one of the main deities in their spiritual sciences was a 'snake' or 'serpent God' (like the one pictured to the right called the 'Naga Kanya'). This is how the Japanese city of 'Naga-saki' got its name. The word 'Naga' actually means divine and 'saki' means snake, so this is literally the divine snake or serpent. Remember how Jim Morrison of the Doors would call himself the 'Lizard King'? That feeds into this too. Because, unbeknownst to most, Black men created Rock and Roll (Google Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Muddy Waters and Little Richard). Also, another part of my Black ancestors spiritual sciences was the concept of 'Kundalini'. Now one of the spiritual representations of Kundalini energy is a snake, this especially pertains to the energy's way of 'snaking' up ones spine, and through the 'Chakra' systems of the body.

The illustration below is an example of Kundalini's
energies making their way up the spinal column in a 'snake-like' manner. And...the chinese have actually dubbed 2013 as 'The year of the BLACK SNAKE'. Google it if ya' don't believe me. 

Coincidence? Hmmmm...

The source of Superman's power is the ancient 'Black' snake, that's what's making him invulnerable. I can hear you guys huffin' and hawin' already, saying, "That's a crock!". Okay, then let's look at Superman's new blue 'suit'.
Notice from this blog post's header, that Superman's blue suit goes from being a sky or almost aqua blue, to it's latest 2013 incarnation, which is nearly a navy, or cobalt blue. I remember back in the day when a dark skinned brotha would come into a room and leave, a lot of Black folks would say he's so Black, he's 'blue'. Or they'd wax philosophic about 'blue-Black' skin. Now if you remember James Cameron's movie 'Avatar', the Na'vi (Navy Blue? Dark blue?) were also 'blue' beings. But what were their facial features like? They had broad, wide noses and braids. Hint, hint. The 'Na'vi' are suppose to be Black people. Just like this incarnation of Superman's darker suit is suppose to represent Black skin, and it's also telling the world another thing...


I can really hear the hisses and boos now! LOL!

Need some more proof? Okay, bet...since we're looking into ancient mythologies, whether they be Superman's or the Black man's, let's look into another ancient mythological Black man...let's take a gander at the legend of 'John Henry'.  

Now, let's compare myths:

1. John Henry was a 'steel-driving' man...and Superman is the man of 'steel'.

2. John Henry beat the powerful locomotive-driven drill while pounding through miles of rock to bore a tunnel...Superman is more powerful than a locomotive. 

3. Shaquile O'neal, the basketball superstar, was in a movie called 'Steel', and what was his character's REAL name? JOHN HENRY 'Irons'.

Besides this fact, another ancient Black deity of my ancestor's spiritual sciences is one named 'Ogun'. He's a netjer/god of war and weaponry. He is and was the original 'Black-smith' and 'IRON MAN' (another super-heru/hero reference). Coincidentally, his name is where we get the word 'gun' from. You see how this all comes back to Black people? 

Also, the fact that Black men can create every other type of man, while none of them can create one of HIM, makes him/us far superior to any of the earth's other men. Why do you think white men smoke cigars, or Black phallus' (which they really represent) to feel and look powerful. They know that the Black phallus rules over all others, genetically. 

Now with Superman's darker suit the message is clear... BLACK MAN, YOU ARE THE WORLD'S LIVING SUPERMAN. And the time to reclaim your rightful throne is NOW. And you don't have to take my word for it, Hollywood is letting you know who and what you are. 

I love being a BLACK MAN!



You can check out the trailer for Superman: The man of steel 'here'.

Professor A.C.E of 'the big head scientist' YouTube channel made an incredible video about the movie 'Avatar'. Check out this superb vid about the 'Na'vi' beings and how their blue skin is meant to represent Black/Nubian peoples of our Diaspora here.


  1. Slight problem with this, we know exactly why Superman was written. He was designed by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegal as their interpretation of the Messiah. Being Jewish themselves, they don't believe Jesus is the Christ, and put their interpretations to the page as Superman. Superman's S has no connection to a snake, and any connections you have made could be twisted in any direction. Hell there was even a comedy sketch by The Kumars that made Superman out to be Indian, because of his cheesy haircut, national health spectacles and the fact that he works two jobs, ending with the phase "Just go to Kolkata and you'll see millions like him."

    The wonder of Superman is, that despite the fact that he appears to be white, he is just as connected to the white population of this planet as he is with any other race or nation. He's an alien. He could leave us all to die in our own filth and wouldn't need to give us a second thought ever again, or he could enslave everyone and rule the world with an iron fist. However he doesn't, he's symbolic of the beauty and majesty that is the best in all of us. He is a paragon, the best that humanity has to strive for.

    Whether you believe in God, Jesus, Brahman, Buddha, Krishna, it makes no difference, we as mere mortals will always fall behind their glory, we will never be as perfect as our gods, even if we try all our lives. However, Superman isn't perfect. He may be able to fly he my be invulnerable, but the message isn't about his strengths it's about his weakness, and how ever someone as powerful as him can be defeated. He is a super power in a world of super powers. People like this do not exist in our world, we are all normal people in a world of normal people, so what's stopping us from standing up and doing what's right?

    We can't be like our gods but we can live by the example of one man. A Superman.


    1. Also, you're message would be a hell of a lot more convincing if it wasn't packed with logical fallacies, etymological inaccuracies, and seemingly no research what so ever, on the subject matter.

      Shaq played the character Steel, who is a DC Comics character. The character history of Steel is an easy one. He was a man from the rought end of Metropolis, named John Henry Irons, you got that much right, and his parents named him after the legendary John Henry. He saw black youths killing each other every day in gang war, and wished that they would stop. Following the Death of Superman, Steel decided to take inspiration from the fallen hero, and constructed for himself an armour that would allow him to become the "Man of Steel".

      There were four characters that appeared around the same time, each representing a part of Superman's identity.

      Steel was The Man of Steel
      Hank Henshaw was The Man of Tomorrow
      Superboy was The Metropolis Kid
      and The Eradicator as The Last Son of Krypton (being the last remaining artefact of Krypton)

      That is the reason why Steel exists, as a homage to Superman, after Superman gave up his life to protect Metropolis from Doomsday. It has nothing to do with Nubian Gods.


    2. 'Andy'...

      What makes me chuckle is you missed the most important part of the argument...and that is how Black men can create every other kind of man while none of them can create one of him. This is what makes the Black man 'Superman'; and this is where the stereotype of Black men having bigger penises comes know, the stereotype your people gave us.

      This is the reason why your people create myriad diseases to wipe out millions of Black people everyday; because your people know we have the genetic power to literally breed you bois out of existence.

      The people who act like their own heritage isn't good enough are your people, that's why the call everyone else a minority when YOU truly are the world's minority.

      See, I understand as a white boi you want to think your the authority on everything 'cause your white college professors told you so, but you truly don't know how much you don't know.

      For instance, when you say the word 'Naga' isn't African in origin but Indian, you're failing to realize Black people were on this planet before anyone else; so the 'Indians' adapted this word from US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

      Black people are the truly indigenous people of this world, we populated the entire planet and ALL of the world's sciences can be traced back to us.

      You say there's no connection between the Egyptian Gods and the greek gods; well, being that Egypt is in Africa and we were here first, where do you think the greeks/freaks adapted the diety horus got it, it was from the African deity Heru.

      The Sankore Madrasah in Timbuktu, Africa is noted as the world's first university; actually, it was called an 'Omniversity' 'cause all the sciences were housed under its roof...where do you think the greeks/romans got their sciences from? Yep, ancient Black people.

      So you know what you can do with your smug attitude...go sell that to someone who doesn't know their ancestry; 'cause that simple-minded anglophilic crap ain't gonna' fly here.

      And if ya' don't know, ya' better ask somebody.


  2. Being black is great except for the fact you are unable to maintain society

    1. 'Unknown'...

      white fascists are in charge of maintaining society.

      So who's REALLY incompetent?