Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why every sane Black person should boycott 'The Butler'...

'The Help'...or 'Driving Miss Daisy 2'?

From the sell-outs who brought us nightmarish cinema fare like 'Precious', comes the latest installment of regressive negro theater...ladies and gents, I give you (and you can surely take this piece of junk), 'The Butler'.

Here's a short synopsis of this fractured cinematic fiasco: 'The Butler' is based on the true story of Eugene Allen; an African-American man who served eight presidents as a white house butler over the course of three decades. From the Civil Rights movement to the Vietnam war, Eugene sees the epic changes of the times as he serves mint julips to his pale-skinned benefactors, and we get a glimpse of how these events change the lives of him and his family. This movie has a star-studded cast which includes the likes of: Oprah Winfrey, Lenny Kravitz, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jane Fonda, Terrance Howard, Coleman Domingo and Forest Whitaker as Eugene Allen. Ah yes...we won't drink the poisoned Kool-Aid if it ain't sweet. 

Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey, the dastardly homosexual duo, are at their old tricks again. 

I'm not going to build to a climax with this post, I'm just gonna' let my feelings flow. 

Lee and Oprah put this piece of crap out 'cause they're both white supremacist freemasons who are tasked with instilling in Black people that we shouldn't be too proud to have a Black president. Have you noticed 'The Help' and this movie were put out during both of Obama's terms? Just like that nonsensical crap TV show 'Scandal'. The Butler's movie poster (to the right) is meant to evoke the image of Obama as nothing but a servant. White elites are saying he'll never be as legitimate as any white president is or was. Also, seeing this image is supposed to reinforce the message that we Black folks shouldn't get too full of ourselves; and we sure as hell shouldn't ever contemplate out-thinking our white supremacist supervisors, bosses, land-lords, corporate stalwarts, politicians, etc. 

As a pre-teen, I watched the TV mini-series 'Roots', and unbeknownst to me, the same crap was happening. Because Black people were becoming too upwardly mobile, we had to be humbled and made to feel inferior and subhuman; so what better way to do that than to show our people being tortured and made to work for free. 

When films like 'Shaft', 'The spook who sat by the door' and 'Sweet sweetback's badass song' came out and showed Black men literally beating the hell out of white cops, soldiers, klansmen, etc., they got the Black bourgeoisie to label these films 'Black exploitation' with the expressed purpose of ending the genre. 'Cause again, we couldn't have tales of Black men fighting white supremacists and their institutions...and winning. Even a film like 'Superfly' had the drug-dealing protagonist 'Priest' beating up white cops and riding off in his Cadillac. (Love that ending, LOL!) It's the same reason we learn nothing about our real history in school with the exception of, again, slavery and Martin Luther King. 

Black people need to be kept loving their white oppressors and hating themselves. That's the real story being served up in 'The Butler'. 

So if you're a thinking and at all 'conscious' Black person, or even if you fancy yourself one, let's send 'Hollywierd' a message by boycotting 'The Butler'. We need to let white elites know we're tired of these highly-priced, cavalcade of stars coon shows; so we should stay waaay the hell away from this film. 

And by voting down this piece of garbage film, we can serve these white fascists and their lackeys some of our own brand of justice, piping hot and on a silver platter.    



If you'd like to see a trailer for this cinematic piece of crap, you can check it out here. Also, check out how YouTube already has their negro provocateurs out to support the film, and how they just happen to have the highest rated comments. Unreal.


  1. I like where your going, but you ended up at the wrong place.

    Obama is another black lackey of the white elite, and they put out the butler to reinforce the established lie that the U.S. presidency really did make positive changes for blacks in America, and that being a servant for a white establishment is a position of dignity and pride for a black person.
    They also seem to belittle the black panthers, true heroes who stood fiercely against armed white supremacists with arms of their own.

  2. Bigman...

    Thanks for commenting...but I don't think you got where I was going with this post.

    I know Obama is another white supremacist freemason, but the reason this movie came out NOW is because, at this moment, we have a Black president; and the white elite can't allow Black people in this country to be too proud behind that. 'Cause we might aspire to get more of what they have.

    I overstand the whole happiness in servitude message they're sending as well. But the reason they especially focused on this 'butler' serving in the white house is because they want to devalue President Obama's status as a genuine leader of this country.

    I'm under no illusions as to who Obama works for. But understand, even some white elites don't realize he's working for them. Therefore, again, they're trying to belittle him through this film.

    And I also remember Oprah smacking her son who joins the Black Panthers; again, the message is Black people shouldn't be too proud, because it would undermine the white elite's position in our eyes.

    That's the same reason Quentin Tarantino came out with 'Django Unchained' after Obama was 're-selected'. He was really telling us, even though the movie is supposedly about a rebel slave killing off his slave master, that Black folk shouldn't be too proud, 'cause we were once slaves in this country.

    I have another post about this called 'What do 'Django Unchained', the TV series 'Roots' and 'The Butler' have in common?

    Check it out, I think you'll like it.

  3. Great post brother! This is so true. The Butler was a horrible film. Nothing but mind pollution for black people. They do films like this to keep us in a servant mentality. The Help was another propaganda film. I did a post on The Butler on my blog too.
    You really have some great posts. I was wondering if it's okay if I reblog some of your posts. I think you have a lot of constructive information. I'd like to share some of it with my followers. If it's cool with you. Peace.