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Why Kerry Washington and Dave Moscow broke up and the plight of Black college grads (Part 3)...What do Dave Moscow and Heidi Klum have in common?

David Raphael Moscow was born in New York City on November 14th, 1971. Patricia Sterner, his mother, was raised in Murray, Utah as a mormon. Dave's father Jon Moscow, was raised in the jewish faith.

Now, even though Dave's bios say he wasn't raised in either religion, whether he knows it or not, his recent actions directly reflect these religious doctrines. Especially those of the mormon church.

For example, check out these two passages of the mormon bible:

Alma 3:6
"And the skins of the Lamanites were dark, according to the mark which was set upon their fathers, which was a curse upon them because of their transgression and their rebellion against their brethren, who consisted of Nephi, Jacob, and Joseph, and Sam, who were just and holy men."

3 Nephi 2:14-15
" And it came to pass that those Lamanites who had united with the Nephites were numbered among the Nephites; And their curse was taken from them, and their skin became white like unto the Nephites."

But I'll touch a bit more on this later...

Dave Moscow met Kerry Washington in high school and they started dating in 2002. They got engaged in October of 2004, and split in 2007.

As you can see, for three years Dave and Kerry were engaged, until Dave called the wedding off. And the reason he gave for not walking down the aisle with Kerry, was his having to deal with 'personal problems'. But a couple of years back, on September 6th, 2014 to be exact, Dave married his fiancee Karen Riotoc.

Now, I did say I'd offer a meditative technique for the first post of the new year, but I ran into this piece of information in the last days of December. This info. prompted me to create this post's header, and after that, this post pretty much wrote itself. So to those wanting to look at my meditative technique(s) ('FTBF'...I see you!), they will indeed be in my next post...but again, I had to get this topic completed and published before I could move on.

So with all that said, I'm guessing Dave finally found a solution to whatever personal problems he'd encountered with Kerry years before. At least enough to finally commit himself to marriage.

Heidi Klum was born and raised in a town outside Cologne, Germany, and is the daughter of G√ľnther Klum, a cosmetics company executive and Erna Klum, a hairdresser. After being convinced to enroll in a national modeling contest called 'Model 92', she was voted the winner of the pageant on April 29th of that year. A modeling contract came with the win, which she accepted a few months after graduating high school.

Fast forward to 2003's 'GQ' Awards in London. This is where Heidi first met the singer Seal. Weeks later, they stayed in the same hotel, and upon seeing Seal in biker shorts after his gym work-out, she proclaimed that she was impressed with his 'package'. Mind you, Heidi was pregnant with another man's child at the time.

But let me tell you what Heidi was really thinking when she saw Seal.

In 2003, Heidi was facing a personal dilemma, which was her being a pregnant and unwed 'super-model'. Now, she could have gotten an abortion, but if the press got wind of it, it wouldn't have only damaged her image, but it probably would've ruined any sponsored endorsements she had at the time, or might have been able to get in the future.

So with Heidi being pregnant and unwed, she thought no white, asian, or latin man, especially one who was a rich celebrity, was gonna' accept her with another man's baby in her belly...but then she thought, a Black man probably would. And when she saw Seal, she saw the perfect victim.

Seal reportedly told a journalist, that a month into their courtship, Heidi told him she was pregnant. To which Seal replied, “Already? That's amazing.”

To which Heidi replied, “Not with you stupid.”

Seal said there was an awkward silence after that; then he replied, "It doesn't change the way I feel about you, 'cause the fact that you're here tells me you think a lot about me."

That's when Heidi knew her hunch was right.

Heidi and Seal married in 2005. He was there for the birth of Heidi's first child, Leni, and he officially adopted her in 2009.

Now, I think everyone reading this knows how this marriage ended. Basically, Heidi wound up cheating on Seal with her personal trainer. She also proudly professed to having sex with this guy while still wed to Seal. And to people who say Seal drove her away because he was some sort of control freak, I ask this: if Seal did the right thing by Heidi when she was pregnant with someone else's child, why couldn't she at least wait to give Seal a proper divorce before she hopped in bed with another man?

Well, it's the same reason Dave Moscow stated he called off his marriage to Kerry because of 'personal problems'...and the reason in this...

Neither Dave nor Heidi ever truly loved their Black partners, because they ultimately thought that as white celebrities, they were too biologically superior to Black people, to fully commit to one. And chances are, they don't know this 'consciously' themselves.

And the people Dave and Heidi chose to be with after they left Kerry and Seal are a direct reflection of that. Let me explain what I mean...

Karen Riotoc, Dave's wife, works for 'Radium One'; which is an online advertising company. And we already know that Heidi took up with a scruffy looking personal trainer. So their choices of spouses and love interests are saying that any 'working-class' white person is more valuable to them than any Black multimillionaire celebrity will ever be.

See, both Dave and Heidi plied their trades in the 'liberal arts' community, where inter-ethnic dating is a bit more acceptable. But when it came to 'settling down' with a Black person, their subconscious white supremacist mind-sets kicked in...and their Black partners got kicked out.

Now, to Black men and women reading this who consider themselves 'swirlrs', I want you especially to take notice. The reason I wrote the original post of this series was to highlight the fact that too many Black men and women, especially with college degrees, are winding up oversexed and alone at fifty after spending years being a sex toy for every white and non-Black person who comes within a foot of them.

Now, I'm not saying ALL white people are like this, but our Diaspora needs to understand that the majority of working-class and 'upper-scale' white folks will always side with the white elite's derogatory opinions of us, because the american social order benefits them most. And they'll even side with white elites while they suffer their abuses, simply because of skin color. Ditto for every kind of non-Black person.

And another message I wanna' send out to Black 'swirlrs' is this...if you've committed yourself to dating non-Black men and women, then I know nothing you'll read here is gonna' dissuade you from doing so. But for the sake of our Diaspora, you need to hold fast to this manifesto, even when the well runs dry with non-Black dates and mates. And let me explain what I'm talking about...

What I've noticed is when Black 'swirlrs' run into any kind of dry spell regarding their choices of non-Black bed partners, they tend to default to dating Black men and women again; and you/they don't realize how destructive this is to the Black Diaspora. 'Cause what ultimately happens is, when you do find a Black person to date, you'll inevitably put on your most congenial face at first. But after a week or so, you'll start treating this Black man or woman like trash, cause you never wanted to be with one of us in the first place.

And ultimately, this will result in you and that Black person breaking up. But what it does more, is dissuade Black people who genuinely want to date one of us, from dating other Black people. It reinforces in that Black person you dated and treated like crap, reasons why they should give up on their own kind, and this lessens the pool of available and 'un-jaded' Black men and women for the rest of us.

So to the Black 'swirlrs' reading this, if you find yourself without a white or non-Black person to date or fornicate with, just double or triple your efforts to find another one...AND LEAVE BLACK PEOPLE ALONE!!

Remember, you're not just hurting yourself, but the rest of us as well.

And one last message to Black 'swirlrs'...if you do wind up as one of those statistical Black men and women who are oversexed and alone at fifty after being a 'handi-wipe' for the sexual gratification of every kind of non-Black person, please don't blame this on not being able to find a 'good' Black man or woman.

What a lot of middle-aged swirlrs will think or say to themselves is, I wouldn't have wound up this way if I'd found a 'decent' Black person to be with. But the truth you're hiding from yourself is you never wanted to be with one of us anyway.

So if you find that you're drinking yourself to sleep at night, wondering why you never found Mr. or Mrs. Right to settle down with, know that it's your fault for sippin' the white fascist kool-aid that told you every kind of non-Black person was gonna' treat you better than one of your own kind.

After a decade of unzipping your fly or spreading your legs for every white, spanish, asian and american indian person you bumped into, somewhere down the line you should have realized, the overwhelming majority of these people think that's all we're good for.

And like Sam Jackson said in Spike Lee's 'Do The Right Thing': “That's the triple truth, Ruth.”

Welcome to 2016 family!


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. May 2017: Numerous articles state Kerry Washington cheated with a married Chris Rock for 6 months, presumably during her engagement to Dave Moscow. Care to rethink your posts? Maybe Dave was the decent one.

    1. 'Anna'...

      Question: What kind of man stays engaged to a woman for three years without getting married?

      Answer: A man who has no intention of marrying that woman, and is still weighing his options with other women.

      Now, whether or not Kerry and Chris had an affair, after a 3 year engagement, and being a woman yourself, if you can't see that Dave was just stringing Kerry along, I feel sorry for you.