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The gospel of white supremacy (Part 6)...The legacy of David Icke...

David Vaughn Icke was born on April 29th, 1952, to Beric Vaughn and Barbara Icke, in Leicester, England. He was the middle child of two brothers; one who was seven years older, and another seven years younger; (This to me, already smacks of Dave's family belonging to a 'blueish' blood line, considering how popular the number 7 is in secret fraternities; but we'll get to more of that later). 

David's father Beric, was enlisted in the 'Royal Air Force', where he won a 'British Empire Medal' for gallantry in 1943. After this, Beric found a job in the 'Gent's' clock factory, and according to Dave, behind having this meager job, Beric could only afford to offer his family a 'hand-to-mouth' existence. 

According to Dave, as a child he was forced to hide when the landlord came around to collect the rent. 

The young David Icke was described as a 'loner', who spent hours playing with toy trains. It was also said that as a youth, Dave preferred crossing the street, rather than engaging someone in conversation. Friends accounts of a young David, spoke to how he was so painfully shy, that he would nearly faint at his school's 'morning assembly'. A family doctor recommended Dave see a children's psychologist, but Dave's father was adamantly against the idea. 

One thing a young David did excel at though, was athletics; and at nine, he was chosen for his school's football team. And the sport of 'football' I'm referring to, is what american's call 'soccer'. After having difficulties academically, he left school at fifteen, when he was drafted by a talent scout for a 'minor-league' soccer team. Dave made a career of this, until his being afflicted by Rheumatoid arthritis, forced him to retire at age 21. 

After his sports career, Dave landed a job as a reporter for the weekly newspaper, the 'Leicester Advertiser'. After that, he moved onto jobs with the 'Leicester News Agency', where he did some work for BBC radio and 'Free' radio in Birmingham, England. For the uninitiated, 'Free' radio, is the equivalent of 'National Public Radio' in america. 

Dave graduated through the ranks of news broadcasting, and eventually landed a spot on british TV's, first morning 'breakfast' newscast called, BBC's 'Breakfast Time', on January 17th, 1983. There, he was a 'sportscaster' until 1985. He also published his first book at this time titled, 'It's a tough game, son!', about breaking into professional football. 

Supposedly, it was in this span of years, that Dave began to 'experiment' with fringe medicines to relieve his arthritic pains. He wrote a second book in 1989 called, 'It doesn't have to be like this', fostered by his interest in 'Green Politics'. Dave also became a leading spokesperson for England's 'Green Party'. 'The Observer' newspaper, called Dave, the Green Party's, 'Tony Blair' (if you don't know who Tony Blair is, google him).

It was about this time, Dave said he continuously felt a 'spiritual presence' around him; and this was also a period, where he began consulting with a psychic healer named Betty Shine. Now, allegedly, upon his third meeting with Betty, she told him that the 'spirit world' had a message for him. She told Dave he'd been sent to earth to 'heal' it, and also said he'd become world famous while doing this. She also told him, he'd face some opposition. Mind you, at this time, Dave was a bona-fide celebrity, due to his years on TV. He had a lot to lose by divulging this the story goes. 

Dave said he'd been 'channeling' for some time on his own, and it was in one of these sessions, he found out he's something called a 'Son of the Godhead'. This meaning, he was declaring himself the cult leader of something he nebulously termed, the 'Infinite Mind'. This is what Dave espoused on BBC's, the 'Terry Wogan' show, on April 29th, 1991. 

Now, the Terry Wogan show, was the equivalent of america's, 'The Johnny Carson' show. So this was Dave, the TV celebrity, proclaiming these views, along with his hypothesis, that the world's truest elite members, were descendents of shape-shifting reptilian aliens, who've come to this planet from another dimension. 

Dave and another of his luminaries, namely, Zecharia Setchin, state that these creatures came to earth for its mineral resources. Specifically, they say, these aliens came for the earth's 'monotamic gold'. By ingesting this, it's said these aliens, called the 'Annunaki', can process vast amounts of information, speed up trans-dimentional travel, and shape-shift from alien to human form, and back again. Dave further argues how the Annunaki are a race of gods coming out of the 'Babylonian creation myth', in his book, 'The biggest secret', that he published in 1999. 

Now, I came into the knowledge of David Icke from a former co-worker. It was at this time, my mind was being plaqued with one question: how the hell did white people wind up on top?

This didn't make any sense to me, based on my knowing that whites are the world's minority, and knowing ancient Black civilizations were the global super-powers for the majority of the world's existence. And I knew some force outside the circle of white people had to be running the show. So when I heard Dave's message, my ears perked up enough for me to do my own research. 

The co-worker who put me on to Dave, had a spare ticket to one of his lectures, and asked me to go. And I did. And it was at this lecture, that my melanated mind told me who this guy really was, and is. 

At the lecture, Dave said emphatically: "I just happen to live on an island, with the highest concentration of freemasons in the world." Now, even though I figured out he was talking about britian, something in that statement, told me, he was one of them. 

If you're a Black man or woman reading this, understand, it's gonna' be your melanated mind that will help you discern frauds, from those who have a righteous message. Remember, your truest wisdom, or what makes you truly smart, is your melanated spirituality. Always trust this to reveal the truth. 

Now, let's delve into the research my melanated mind led me to, that finally revealed David Icke the man, and his underhanded message. 

Recently, I distinctly remembered hearing Steven Spielberg, the famous movie director, talking about how aliens built the pyramids. David Icke is just a louder, more tenured spokesperson for this's why. 

More and more Black/indigenous people are finding out that our ancestors not only built the pyramids, but created ALL of the world's ARTS AND SCIENCES. 

Once again, I'll emphatically state, that astronomy, astrology, calculus, trigonometry, physics, and any other science you can name, was created by ANCIENT BLACK/INDIGENOUS PEOPLE! 


And, I'll also say, don't take my word for any of this, go do your own research!

Now, with Black people waking up to the aforementioned fact, and white birth rates falling below replacement levels, a gargantuan campaign had to be implemented, tricking Black folks into believing some force outside themselves, were responsible for creating ancient feats of ingenuity like the pyramids.

Enter David Icke...

Now, the Terry Wogan show was Dave's 'coming out' party. This was basically where he'd start this propaganda campaign, and bring it into mainstream view. 

Now, in 2010, I saw David Icke in a mid-sized theater in NYC. And in 2012, last year and this year, he began playing in 'Wembly Arena'. His loyal fans now number in the multi-millions. 

And now, David Icke has a net worth of 10 million dollars. 

See, the white supremacist trick of convincing everyone, and Black folks especially, that aliens built the pyramids, or were responsible for these levels of ingenuity, isn't new. What's new is the celebrity power that white fascists have put behind it. 

David Icke is now on a lecture tour that has a 'stadium-quality' production value; this includes props and dancers. I've included a trailer of one of his latest lectures, it looks like a Broadway show.
And if you'd like further proof of his message, being one that discredits the ingenuity of ancient, and current Black people, take a look to the left at one of his tour posters. 

What do you notice most about it?

What you should notice, is how Dave, a white man, is enshrouded in an even whiter color, with the message, 'Remember who you are'. This is indeed a rallying cry to his people, that they should always remember, they are the rulers of this world. And how they are the masters of this world 'cause they've been force-fed the lie, that they're the creators of every one of the world's innovations. Regardless of any information they get to the contrary. Problem is, Black people especially, are finding out this is a bald-faced lie, perpetrated by a white supremacist school curriculum that was forced on them/us.

And mind you, these innovations aren't just part of ancient history. I'll leave a link for the post I did on Henry T. Sampson and his invention of the 'Gamma Electric Cell', which is where we get the term 'cell-phone' from. And without this device, your cell-phone won't work!

So, I've said all that to say this, if you should come across this shyster's message, you now know he's another agent provocateur carrying an outdated message, for a new generation. 

So as the ingenious rap group 'Public Enemy' once said, 'Don't believe the hype'. And if you happen to see Dave on TV, turn the channel; or go watch the movie, 'The Spook Who Sat By The Door' one mo' time.

You'll be glad ya' did!



Below is a vid of Dave's 'stadium show' from 2012; and if you wanna' read about the ingenuity of brotha Henry T. Sampson, you can do that here. 


There may be a sequel to this post, being that I was rushing to get this done. There are some other points I wanted to make about David and some issues I mentioned here, that I wanted to delve deeper into; so be on the look out for that.  

P.P.P.S. (lol)

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The virutes of segregation (Part 3)...The ballad of Ray Robinson...

Perry Ray Robinson jr., was born on September 12th, 1937, in Washington D.C.

Ray was reared in the 'Civil Rights' and 'integration' struggles of the fifties, and according to people who knew him, was at the Washington Mall on the day Martin Luther King jr., made his famous, 'I have a dream' speech. He also attended the 1964 funeral of three white civil rights workers killed in Mississippi. And in 1968, Robinson was among the protesters who set up Resurrection City, a camp at the Washington Mall. 

"Ray was always involved in justice for everybody," said his younger sister, Naima Latif of Pittsboro, N.C. "He was a nonconformist to the status quo. If it was unjust, he wouldn't go along with it."  

Even the way Robinson filled out his children's birth certificates showed his disdain for separating people by ethnicity. Instead of filling in the blank next to "Negro" or "colored," he crossed it out and wrote
in "human" each time.  

In a quest to further display his 'human' solidarity, Ray volunteered to travel to South Dakota's, 'Pine Ridge Indian Reservation', in April of 1973. There, he stood alongside american indians, in their fight against the machinations of white supremacy. He integrated himself into the ranks of the 'american indian movement' (or AIM), and their occupation of the reservation village of 'Wounded Knee' in South Dakota. 

This stand off against factions of american federal officers and american indians lasted 71 days, and left two indian tribal members dead, and a federal agent seriously wounded. And unfortunately, it also took the life of brotha Ray Robinson.  

Now, you might be thinking, Ray fought valiantly against the american federal agents, which ultimately brought about his demise; but you'd be wrong. Ray was not killed by american authorities; he was killed by members of AIM, who mistook him for a federal agent. Simply because he was Black.

Some reports even say he was 'tortured', then murdered, by these american indians.  

Buswell-Robinson, of Detroit, Ray's wife, said her husband's nonviolent approach conflicted with the violent situation at Wounded Knee and it's possible AIM members suspected he was a federal informant. The personable, 6-foot-2 black man with a deep baritone voice, would have stood out on a midwest american indian reservation, she said.

According to the FBI documents, an unidentified cooperating witness told agents that "Robinson had been tortured and murdered within the AIM occupation perimeter, and then his remains were buried 'in the hills.'"

Any search or excavation attempts would likely be complicated by the reservation's sovereign status. Buswell-Robinson and her two daughters, traveled to Wounded Knee in 2004 to walk areas that Robinson likely walked, but they came back without answers. For years, they've been trying to locate Ray's remains to give him a proper burial.

And for decades, AIM leaders have denied knowledge of Robinson's death. One witness told agents that AIM leader Vernon Bellecourt, who died in 2007, knew Robinson had been killed and, "made a statement to the effect that AIM had 'really managed to keep a tight lid on that one' over the years.'"

Clyde Bellecourt, AIM's co-founder, when asked about Ray, questioned why the FBI wasn't spending its time investigating the many unsolved american indian deaths during 'Wounded Knee'.

"There's never been a grand jury hearing on any of them," Clyde said.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I'd like you to take this story into consideration, the next time you or any other Black person wants to brag about having, 'indian in your family'.

Recently, I got into a heated debate with a so-called native american, behind his extolling the virtues of the 'white moral highground'. Firstly, Black people are the real 'native americans', 'cause we were here before them; look up the 'Washitaw Moors' if you want to know who was in america before the american indians. Second, when I asked how this american indian could talk about the virtues of white people, after what they'd done to his people, he told me his people's 'casinos' were making them rich, and they didn't pay federal taxes. When I asked if he was personally rich from his people owning casinos, I didn't hear back from him. Moreover, if they are indigenous people, like they claim, why are they paying any american taxes?

Moving on...

So, I'm relaying this story here to tell Black people, it's high time we stopped talking about the many benefits of 'multi-culturalism'. This mainstreamed multicultural campaign, is just a ruse used by white and other non-white americans, to tell Black people that we shouldn't ever think about ourselves exclusively in the context of human rights struggles. And, it's telling us we shouldn't follow the examples of every other ethnic group, who only think about themselves. 

Like I've said before in this blog, the 'integration' initiatives of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King jr., were just tricks played on Black people, to make us walk away from the thriving business economy we'd created separate from the american social order. Meaning, our dollars were getting too powerful, so whitey had to figure out a way to get them in his/her pockets. 

And again, the reason we did walk away from our own businesses, was we'd been conditioned by white fascists, especially in the american educational system, to love them and hate ourselves. So we thought, any closer proximity to whites would be a boom for Black people. And we bit the bait. And white fascists knew we would, 'cause they understood how they'd conditioned us. 

So I've said all that, to say this...THE BLACK DIASPORA HAS NO FRIENDS!



Remember, our strength is not in our dollars, but in our UNITY! 

So that's what's needed to get outta' this white supremacist induced, mental strangle-hold we're in. 

Now again, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, ask yourself: do you care whether or not Black people unite for their betterment? Do you care about healing the rift between the Black man and woman, so we can save the Black family?

Now, if you don't, you've wasted your time coming to my Blog in the first place. But if you do, the first step is not trying to convince every Black person to adopt your opinion, the first step begins by changing YOUR OWN MIND!

How we get outta' this, is ridding ourselves of the self-hatred bred into us by white supremacists and their institutions. It involves you doing the work, especially at the subconscious level, to stop feeling inferior to every other ethnic group because of your color. 

And even if you don't wanna' do any of the subconscious work to change, if we can collectively acknowledge what's been done to us, we'll be able to see ourselves and each other in a different light. 

So let's get to work!

Ma'at Hotep!

MontUHURU Mimia


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Conditioned air and the legend of Frederick McKinley Jones...

Recently, the temperature in my city hit the eighty degree mark. Now, even though that's nothing unusual for this time of year, after coming out of a brutal winter, those kinds of drastic changes in temperature, do have an effect on people. Oddly enough, that day, I actually wiped some sweat off my brow.

Then, I entered a mall. And immediately, I was comforted by the deliciously crisp, coolness of air conditioning. And as I breathed in the ambrosial air, and traversed past several retail shops, a recurring thought came to me. Not only did the presence of conditioned air make me realize that spring had officially sprung; but as I looked around at hordes of white people placidly shopping, I thought about how the air had been 'conditioned' to make me more comfortable, and how collectively, the minds of Black folk have been thoroughly conditioned, to make them more comfortable around us.

Then, I thought about a factoid that I heard an elder brotha state on TV; and it made me curious enough to do some research on air conditioning. And here's what I found in that research...

Frederick McKinley Jones, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 17th, 1893. He was abandoned at age nine and raised in a Kentucky orphanage. Being that Jones was a young Black man, this environment was probably exceptionally hostile, so Fred left school and the orphanage after sixth grade, to return to Cincinnati. Once there, he got a job as a maintenance worker, and by age fourteen, he was working as a car mechanic.

Jones had a natural mechanical ability and a very curious mind that he fed with his independent reading and studies. In 1912, Jones moved to Hallock, Minnesota, where he again worked as a mechanic, but this time, it was for a farm. After this, Fred served a stint in the armed forces during World War I. Then he returned to Hallock, and while still employed as a mechanic, taught himself the fundamentals of electronics. Shortly thereafter, he built a transmitter for the town's new radio station. He also invented a device that could synch sound with motion pictures. This caught the attention of Joesph Numero, who hired him to work in his company, Cinema Supplies Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The year was 1930.

Now, in 1935, Fred would create the invention that should have made him famous. One day, an executive of his company, complained about his farm products spoiling during shipping. When Fred's employer hinted to other executives, how they should build a truck that could keep farm products fresh in transit, Fred went to work creating the idea. He cobbled together disparate mechanical parts, and when he was finished, he attached his invention onto a truck's frame.

Frederick McKinely Jones had just invented the world's first refrigerated truck. This meant perishable food items could be transported without the risk of spoilage.

Jones’s invention was an instant commercial success. His employer formed a company to make the new machines, and Jones became vice-president of the company. Jone’s mechanical refrigerating system was soon placed in ships and railway cars. And today, that same system is used to transport rocket fuel. Fred's refrigeration unit, became the first product of the 'Thermo King Corporation', supposedly founded by Joe Numero...but we all know, or should know, that 'Thermo King' was really founded by Fred Jones.

But there's more/Moor to this story...when Fred was enlisted in the armed forces during World War I, he created another invention; this one, was a portable AIR CONDITIONER, that the u.s. government used to preserve medicines and blood serum.

After doing some more research, you'll find that Fred had 61 patents to his name. Several other inventions that he never patented, were nonetheless, ripped off by whites. But some inventions he did secure patents for include: a portable 'X-ray' machine, sound equipment and gasoline engines. And evidence points to Fred being the one who created the first device for 'talking' movies, when he worked at Joe's other company, Cinema Supplies Inc. Fred just never got this invention patented.


Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, the next time you enter any retail space, government office, or even your own home, and feel some conditioned air, know that one of your own kind was responsible for this feat of ingenuity.

*Side note: I can distinctly remember reading a white journalist's article about the pioneers of early cinema. In it, the journalist says emphatically, that Black people had no hand in the earliest inventions of modern day film-making. Now, I knew that had to be a lie, but I didn't have any evidence to back that up. But Fred Jones' invention that bought in the era of ‘talking’ movies, proves that the white journalist's statement was completely bogus. And the moral of Fred's story is, if you do enough research into any of the world's sciences...or inventions, you will find the Black Diaspora at their genesis.

And like Sam Jackson said in the movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the triple truth, Ruth.”



Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Do I hate white people?

About a year ago, a friend of mine and I were driving to see one of his good acquaintances. Once we got to the guy's residence, my friend made a point to tell me, pretty emphatically, that his friend was white. 

I responded by telling him, it wasn't a problem, being that I'm comfortable in mixed company. Besides this fact, I've worked with a good amount of these people for the overwhelming majority of my life. Now, I understand how I can sound when I speak on the machinations of white supremacy, but I didn't know I came off as that intolerant around him. So, I wanted to address this issue here. 

And, like I've said in previous posts, there's been an upswing of activity on my Tommy Sotomayor threads, and I don't know what this is attributable to; maybe Uncle Tom has a new white woman friend he's trying to show off or something. But there was a woman recently who left a comment on my post: 'Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor', who said my rants about white people are just as bad as how Uncle Tom talks about Black women. I told this woman why that was non-sense; but once again, I'd like to expound on how I talk about whites on this blog. 

Now, for the Black men and women reading this Blog, frequently or infrequently, I'd like everyone of you to know, that I'm not sitting in some small room, 24 hours a day, obsessing over how much I hate Uncle Tom or white people. I do have a life.

And I want to state this emphatically, I am NOT going around hitting whites over the head with a! And I am not encouraging any Black person reading this to either. My intention with these posts, and my Blog, isn't to 'radicalize' people into physical violence against whites; I am trying to give you a different perspective on the dysfunction in the Black Diaspora, for purposes of us coming out of our conditioned self-hatred. 

I'd also like to say, I can get along with any INDIVIDUAL! And this includes white people. What I'm commenting on here, is the collective 1% of white fascists who are essentially out to exterminate Black people. The other 99% of whites, really don't have a clue as to how these fascists operate, although, they should know how they benefit from white fascism. I'd also like to add, endeavoring to hate anyone, will ultimately wind up in a 'self-hatred'. And the last thing Black people need more of, is that.

I'd also like to say, the reason I probably come off as harshly as I do towards whites, is 'cause I've not only seen how this white supremacist sickness, has affected my mind and the mind of my people; but I've also seen how its affected my own 'nuclear' family. 

My father was severely affected by the disease of white supremacy; and it resulted in creating a deep schism amongst us. 

Now, what we usually hear about the Black 'nuclear' family, is how young Black men and women are raised in fatherless, single mother headed households. I didn't have that experience. My father was always present in my life and was very hard-working. I'd seen him work two, and sometimes, three jobs at a time. And one of my earliest childhood memories, was looking in my kitchen's refrigerator, and seeing it completely stocked with food. So much so, that it seemed nothing else could fit. I never went to bed hungry and I never had to worry about the lights being cut off, or enduring winters with no heat. I'd heard about those things, but I'd never encountered them personally. I spent my grade school years in a catholic school, and my high school years in a specialized arts school. So my parents provided me with a very good education; my mother especially, wanted to make sure I read well, because she encountered too many Black men that couldn't. 

So for all intents and purposes, we were a very financially stable, and functioning Black family. With one exception.

I remember my father telling me, one of his earliest childhood memories, was of being yanked to the ground, and out of the way of white people walking towards him, on the same side of the street. His mother did this to him. Because in mississippi, where my father was born, back in the day, if you unintentionally bumped into a white person, the consequences could be deadly. An example of this might be the Emmett Till story; even though young Emmett whistled at a white woman, and was brutally murdered for this. And if you don't know who this young brotha was, google him. But the environment my father grew up in, was so extremely hostile to Black people, that whenever you were in the proximity of whites, you were almost literally, walking on egg shells to make sure they were comfortable with you. Now, given this environment, coupled with the american educational system's curriculum, that's specifically designed to make Black people hate themselves and each other, my father almost had no psychic defense against the force-fed self-loathing he'd been indoctrinated into, for being born a Black man. 

As a result of growing up in such a hostile environment, my father had a life-long indignation towards whites. But there was a flip side to his indignation; you see, consciously, he had this animosity towards white people...which I have to admit, I picked up on a little, lol. But subconsciously, my father had been made to love white people, just as much, or possibly more, than he loved himself. Now, I do have a brother. And my brother is darker-skinned than I am. Behind this, and my father's subconscious conditioning, he doted on me because I was lighter-skinned, and shunned him. And I really don't know, if my father realized why he was doing this. But it resulted not only in my brother's home-life being made very unstable, but it created a deep schism between my brother and I, that exists to this day.

This destroyed our relationship, and I don't think that will ever be resolved. 

Now, to top this off, I see not only what this white supremacist school system has done to my father's mind, but my own and the minds of my people. Black people have been so conditioned to hate ourselves and each other, that Black men and women now-a-days, can barely form loving relationships anymore. Back in my father's day, there was still a cohesion between Black men and women. That's also been totally destroyed by these fascist, pale-skinned degenerates. 

So, I hope this sheds some light on why I'm hard on whitey. 

And this should also explain, how my views against white fascists were formulated; so you can understand, how my gripe with white supremacists isn't business, it's personal. 

Now, armed with this information, the readers of this Blog, can decide for themselves, whether or not they want to stick around for what I'll be posting here in the future. 

And understand, I'm fully aware that this blog could be three times as popular, if I'd adopt an 'ethnically neutral' or 'multicultural' stance. 

If I really wanted to 'hustle' on this blog, I'd tout myself as a Black male christian, and post bible verses about prosperity; and talk about how we're all the same under the skin...and all that non-sense. 

And I'd say to any white, spanish, asian or american indian person who visits this blog, and is offended by something I say about them, that you should find another blog to visit. 


And quite frankly, I'd prefer you didn't come back. 

And to the Black men and women looking at my Blog, I'd say, stay tuned. If for no other reason, than I'm in the intermediate phases of curating this blog, and I've got some very interesting projects coming up in the future; and this includes a full length novel I've been working on, which is almost finished.  

And one last thing, seeing how my father was mentally conflicted about his relationship with whites, is why I continuously stress, that Black people need to recondition themselves out of our self-hatred, at the 'sub-conscious' level(s). 'Cause that's what's truly running the whole of our bodies and minds. 

And ultimately, this is the only thing, that will truly set us free.


MontUHURU Mimia 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 2)...Black orphans and the gay white adoption agenda...

Here's some quick stats from the u.s. Census Bureau, before I get to the point of this post:

Approximately two million gay persons in the u.s. are interested in adopting children.

An estimated 65,500 adopted children are living with a gay parent.

More than 16,000 adopted children are living with gay parents in California, the highest number among the states.

And finally, gay parents are raising four percent of all adopted children in the united states. 

Now, superficially, we should rejoice at the fact that gay couples have opened their homes to a large section of america's orphan population. And this should be especially true for Black americans, being that half of the 100,000 kids waiting for adoption in this country are African-american. African-american boys wait the longest to find families; and the most desirable adoptees, are babies and young kids who haven't been mistreated and don't have disabilities.  

I remember, decades ago, how pop star Madonna's contested adoption of a 1-year-old boy from Malawi, Africa made headlines. I also remember how a 1994 federal law was enacted, to forbid ethnic discrimination in a child's adoptive placement. 

And, if you've paid attention to any kind of 'social media' sites, or the TV news lately; you've heard how Bruce Jenner, the iconic u.s. Olympics, gold medal winning athlete, has come to the conclusion that he's now, and always has been, a woman. And this comes in the midst of seemingly every aspect of the 'lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender' (lgbt) community, being mainstreamed for acceptance by the american social order.

Now, we could think this is all coincidental, but if you've been reading this Blog for any amount of time; I think you know how bogus that idea is. So let me tell you the real reason, gay adoption, just like the membership in this lifestyle, has skyrocketed.

First off, many white corporate magnates and hyper-rich white CEO's, say they don't believe in God, or in any ancestral deities that the Black Diaspora worship. People like the neo-liberal bigot Bill Maher, will say they're not tethered to any religions or any form of spiritual science. The majority of them even say how they don't believe in silly forces like karma. 

Now, I remember listening to a 'Pan-Africanist' speaker, and how he said, on one of his lecture tours, a sista told him that she took her son to a department store like Montgomery Ward, or some other comparable department store. And how her son asked her, when they walked through the entrance, "Ma, do you see what I see?" The sista replied, "No son, what do you see?" The precocious, strong-minded young brotha declared, "Do you notice all the Black people are in the clothing section, and all the white people are in the gun section?"

And, american gun manufacturers are saying, they can't keep up with white people's orders for guns and ammo since Obama became president. So, whitey's declarations about not believing in karma, is A BALL-FACED LIE!

These people know they have a karmic-asskickin' coming! That's one reason why so many white stars and white people in general, are adopting Black children; 'cause they WANT BLACK PEOPLE TO FORGIVE THEM!

They want us to adopt the negro christian programming we've gotten in american churches and schools, so we can give them a pass for their centuries of mistreating us. So their adoption of our children has little or nothing to do with whitey's altruism, and more to do with their wanting to stave off, the very thing they claim not to believe in...karma.

And second, I've mentioned several times on this Blog and in these posts, how white birth rates are falling below replacement levels. Now-a-days, these pale-skinned inbreds are really quaking in their boots about the inevitability of their not being around in the coming centuries. And of course, the white elitist bulls-eye is on the back of Blacks, due to our having the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

So what's a more effective way of ensuring that the Black Diaspora adopts homosexuality, other than through whitey's mainstream media initiatives? Simply, through having our children, grow up in a gay household.  

This would almost guarantee that the young Black man or woman, would be sexually conflicted and never think about having a child. Unless, of course, they adopt one like their gay parents.

The mainstreaming of homosexuality, is nothing more than another white supremacist initiative to exterminate the global, or in this case national, Black population. 

And several white people have rebutted this point by saying, hey...white fascists are mainstreaming homosexuality for white people too. That's true. But one thing these degenerates don't realize is, the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THEM!

The overwhelming majority of the world's population is asian. China has always been well known for it's booming population, and along with more densely populated places like India, it makes asia the world's leader in birth rates. And you know who's right behind them? 


Then you have every other ethnic group, with whitey dead last.

See, the majority of these inbreds have never been outside the u.s. and think everywhere on earth, is like here. The majority of them don't read anything edifying, at least not unless bigots like howard stern and rush limbaugh push them. So they're simply ignorant to the fact that the majority of the world is Black and brown. One thing I love seeing, is when one of these genetic dead ends says to a Black person, go back to Africa, and the brotha or sista tells them to go back to europe. They just freeze. 

And in case anyone thinks that gays are our allies in any kind of human rights, or 'Civil Rights' struggles, you'd be in for a big surprise. I've personally worked around these degenerates, and some of them are bigger bigots than their straight peers. Beyond this fact, what really grates on me concerning the queer populus, is how they believe that Black people especially, should recognize them as a 'marginalized' minority. Now, mind you, these are white men and women we're talking about. See, these gay inbreds wanna' have their cake and eat it too. Meaning, they wanna' have the white privilege AND be recognized as an oppressed minority. And they're actually indignant about this. I've seen a lot of them visibly upset about how we don't mention them in our 'Civil Rights' struggles.

But here's my question to them right off the top: where were the queers when my people had fireman's water hoses turned on them? Where were they when we had attack dogs sicced on our women and children? 

They were right behind their straight peers, saying nothing

Now they wanna' take credit for what we did? Please!

And beyond the tax and other societal benefits of being married with children, you gotta' ask yourself this: if these white gays were so hung up on having kids, why the hell are they gay? Why can't they see the contradiction in this? And why can't they recognize this as a personal problem?

And still, these gay inbreds got the nerve to say their struggle is just like ours. If someone ever brings this issue up, tell the confused nut(s), if for no other reason, a queer's struggle has nothing to do with ours, 'cause a gay person can hide their sexuality, we can't hide our ethnicity. 


Now, conversely, this also says, we Black people have to do a better job of adopting our children. And for that, we'd have to get rid of the self-hatred bred into us by these white fascist forces. 'Cause if you're conditioned to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you, you're not gonna' ever consider adopting a Black child.

Now, here's the question I pose again and again: is it too late for the Black Diaspora to get our right minds back? And if it's not, will we do this in time? Do we even wanna' recognize how we've been conditioned to hate ourselves and each other?

That's a question we individually and collectively need to answer...with a quickness!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see the first Blog post of this series, you can do that here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why social networks ain't 'social'...

The term 'social network' was coined by professor J.A. Barnes in 1954. 

He defines this as a social structure made of nodes that are generally individuals or organizations. He also stated that a social network represents relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, animals, computers or other information/knowledge processing entities. 

Now, today, when we hear the term 'social network', we instantly think of websites directly associated with our interactions with friends; like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

At least, that's what I used to think. 

What changed my mind, was an incident where I was sitting in an airport lounge, facing directly across from one of the terminal's bars. 

Two women who looked to be in their later twenties or early thirties, were conversing over cocktails, until one of them said they had a message on their Facebook page. So this woman clutched her phone closer and began gazing into it. After about five minutes, her friend took out her 'ipad', saying she wanted to 'Tweet' something.

After I finished looking over my magazine, it was thirty minutes later, and my eyes went back to these women. 

Both were facing away from each other, while still staring into their devices.

Now, beyond this example, I can't tell you how many people I've actually had to say, "watch out" to, because they were either texting, or looking at a text, or they were on some social network, while they were walking directly into me. I've seen people nearly walk into walls trying to text 'hello' to a friend. 

But this isn't a coincidence...and let me explain why...

These social networks were designed by elites to actually pull or draw people away from others, and into a virtual realm where the only person that really exists, is them. 

See, if the public at large can be kept on social networks and in a feigned sense of connectedness, they can be lead into what I call a 'hyper-narcissism', where they're not concerned about the welfare of others. And they can be conditioned into literally hundreds of pseudo-relationships that don't require any real intimacy. 

Basically, these social networks were created to make us 'individualists'. 'Cause when you're constantly obsessing over yourself, you don't have to care about anyone else's plight. So, old African proverbs like, 'It takes a village to raise a child', go right out the window. 

And exactly how do they have us embracing 'individualism' via these networks? Notice now, how the average person, especially young persons, 'talk' to their friends less and 'text' them more. Now understand, the sound of your friend's voice evokes emotions and releases certain types of stress relieving chemicals in the brain. Moreover, there's a bonding effect that happens upon hearing a person's voice; and this doesn't take place when you're just looking at a text on a screen. 

The elites understand how important this is to a child's development, that's why they continually give our young people mechanized sounding music to listen to.  

I remember when the first 'synthesizers' started being what's this instrument's real job? Not only to act like a classical piano keyboard, but to produce 'synthetic' music; 'mechanized' sounding music to get the populus into more of a 'mechanical' mind-state, so it would be easier to turn us into automatons, or robots. The more we learn to 'compartmentalize' our emotions, the easier it is for the elites to maintain control. 

And all of this is especially detrimental to the Black Diaspora. Here's why...

Beyond the nearly two decades of conditioning we get in pre, middle and high school(s) to hate ourselves, we're also exposed to the media's mediums like TV and movies, which are rife with these messages directed at us. And let me add again, even though I've said this ad nauseum; the conditioning we get to hate ourselves is TEN TIMES WORSE than any other ethnic group gets. We literally are made to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet. 

And this conditioning HAS WORKED!!

It's worked and is working too damn well! 

I was thinking the other day, I can't remember a time in my life, when Black men and women didn't have a deep rift between them. And actually, this rift has gotten deeper! So much so, that what I'm hearing continually from Black men is 'we're done' with Black women, and Black women in turn are saying they're done with Black men in droves. 

Now, with this being a reality for our Diaspora, the last thing we need is some 'social network', which is really an 'anti-social network', to aid in deepening the schism between us. 

If you're a Black man reading this, understand, if you can be kept obsessing exclusively on Black men's issues, you can be kept hating Black women; and ditto for a Black woman who's kept obsessing exclusively on Black women's can be kept hating Black men. That's the game white supremacists are running on us, and their campaign has been wholly successful. Once more, if we're kept in a 'hyper-individualism', we'll never think about the whole of the Black Diaspora.

Now, when I first started this Blog, my intention was to offer a meditative solution to the problem of self-hatred(s) that plagued us. But what I'm finding is, not only is our Diaspora not receptive to doing this kind of work at the subconscious level, but the majority of us don't even wanna' acknowledge how white supremacists have conditioned us to hate ourselves. 

I'm thinking okay, people aren't open to the idea of meditating, but if we don't at least see how we've been made to hate ourselves more than any other ethnic group walking this earth, then we have NO CHANCE AT GETTING RID OF OUR SELF-HATRED.

The majority of us are so comfortable in our self-hatred, that we think this mind-set will benefit us more than learning to love ourselves and each other. We still think our closer proximity to whites will guarantee a better life, even if it means they're coming into our neighborhoods, buying up its properties and kicking us out. 

So let us, the Black Diaspora remember...THE VIRTUAL WORLD IS NOT REAL!!

YOU DON'T HAVE FIVE HUNDRED FRIENDS LIKE IT SAYS ON FACEBOOK! More than likely, you really have about five or ten REAL ONES!

Individualism is what whitey has taught us to embrace, and it's the very thing that's killing us and our communities. And it usually manifests in Black women saying, "I don't need no man", or a Black man saying, "The only thing a Black woman can do for me, is show me where a white woman is".

So, let's come up out of this individualistic mind-state, so we can at least acknowledge what's been done to us by white fascists. And let's at least make an attempt to get back to loving ourselves and each other again.

'Cause our UNITY is the ONLY thing that will save us, not our money...and certainly not some damn social network account(s)!

And let's also remember, saving the Black 'nuclear' family...IS ALWAYS WHAT'S UP!!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you need another reason to get your personal information off these 'anti-social networks', and off Facebook especially, here's a bit more of an incentive. This vid will tell you where all that info. you're feeding Facebook really goes. Just a 'head's up', this vid officially ends at 4:04.


For those who forgot, here's the now infamous vid of that silly spaniard, Cathy Cruz Marrero, falling into a fountain while texting and walking. What's even funnier is, she WORKED AT THIS MALL when this happened! So you'd think she'd be a bit more familiar with its! Yet another example of how these 'anti-social networks' pull you out of reality, instead of enhancing anything in it. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The re-mixing of my e-book, 'The Coup of Carrots'...

Hotep and Sutekh family!

Just wanna' let ya' know about the 're-mixing' of one of my short-storied e-books, 'The Coup of Carrots'. 

Now, the earlier version of this e-book had three stories in it, instead of one. I wanted to expand on some characters that appeared in my original version of this tale; namely, Terrence Johnson, a.k.a. 'Big Tee' and Craig Johnson. 

While I felt Terrence and Craig needed a back story to make their characters a bit more three dimensional, ultimately, their narratives didn't serve the best interest of the overall tome. So I've republished this work in it's original form. And at the end of the story, is more of a detailed explanation as to why I've chosen to do this, in the author's notes, under the title, 'A butcher's Belly'.

So, if you have or haven't already, read my short story 'The Coup of Carrots' by clicking on the side bar's book cover, and enjoy the new(ish) tale, told in its old and original way. 



If you've read both versions of this e-book, I'd love your feedback as to which one you prefer; this or the older one. So please, leave a comment or two about that, or anything else pertaining to this book or Blog. ThANKHS.