Sunday, May 22, 2016

The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 8)...3 reasons why Black people should stop seeing superhero movies...

In 325 A.D., the roman emperor Constantine called together a group of bishops and other heads of state to quell the internal strife amongst theological factions of the failing roman empire. This gathering held in the ancient city of Nicea, would dictate the future state of christianity and bring every other religious order under one umbrella according to Constantine’s desires.   

Once Constantine became the ruler of this decaying empire, he saw the quarrels within the church as not only being a threat to christianity, but to overall societal issues as well. And it was at this ‘Council of Nicea’ that he got all of his constituents to agree that a mythological character needed to be created in order to make their religious beliefs more tangible to the proletariat. And they agreed that this character would be named, ‘Jesus’ the Christ…or Jesus Christ.

Now, one thing I need to make emphatically clear is that the Christ ‘energy’ of the Black Spiritual Sciences (usually spelled ‘KRST’ in Medu Netcher) is very real. But it is different from a physical man named Jesus Christ, who never existed. Gnosticism is the Black Spiritual Science that predated christianity, and this spiritual system is what the romans/greeks corrupted to create the organized religious brotherhood of followers known as christians. Remember, ALL of the world’s religions were created from the ancient Black Spiritual Sciences. And as Bobby Hemmitt famously said: “Once you take the spiritual element out of our sciences, they die and become religions.”

Now, beyond the obvious reasons, I’m gonna’ show you why this is important later in this post.

With that said, let me tell you what I saw a couple of months back…

One day I walked past a comic book and novelty store in the downtown area where I work, and out of curiosity, I gawked at the covers of ‘graphic novels’ in the window. And my eyes immediately zeroed in on a Batman/Dark Knight comic with the title: ‘DK III: The Master Race’. Then I noticed how the mostly Black and white cover, had a ‘Superman’ logo dripping blood. I was like what the hell is that about?

That evening I did some research on the book’s author, Frank Miller, and found out this man is famously bigoted. One of his graphic novels in particular titled: ‘Holy Terror’, is said to be rife with his bigoted language and stereotypes. After that, I also found out that he produced other cult classic comics like ‘Sin City’, and he’s credited with creating the dour and brooding nature of today’s comic book movies.

Then, Frank’s novels got me thinking about the latest Captain America movie titled: ‘Civil War’. And here’s the subtitle I see repeatedly in posters for this movie: ‘Which side are you on?’ So there’s an abundance of white fascist language and symbolism in all these flicks.

Now, I can recall when I went to see the 2008 Batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight’. I was expecting some campy and corny affair with men running around in tights performing fantastic and supernatural acts. But to my surprise, it had a dramatic flair that held me to the narrative and had me completely engaged. After seeing the flick, I discovered that Christopher Nolan directed and wrote the film. That’s when I realized why it was so good. My favorite film directors tend to be excellent writers, and Chris is no exception. I then remembered seeing his brilliant film ‘Memento’, about a year after it was out of theaters. Now, the Dark Knight film more than any other, was the bait for adults to imbibe in these flicks. And since then, the cineplexes have been overrun with them.

And why, pray tell, would the american entertainment industry want to flood the market with this type of movie? Well, that leads me to the 3 reasons Black people should stop seeing these films altogether. So let’s go in…

Reason#3: Superhero movies are engineered to keep adults in a child-like mind-set.

In regards to what I was saying about Constantine and christianity earlier…have you ever wondered why catholic priests are often referred to as ‘father’? It’s because once you call them that, you’re immediately putting yourself in the position of a child. And what role does a father play in a relationship with his child? He is the authority figure of that boy or girl, and basically tells them what to do. And, more often than not, the child obeys without questioning the father/authority figure. And this is the effect white fascists want these movies to have on the public at large, and especially on the Black Diaspora, who has the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.   

Reason#2: Superhero movies reinforce the superiority of white people.

Repetition is the mother of learning. And the more repeatedly Black people see white men in multi-colored tights and capes, performing supernatural acts of strength and heightened mental abilities, the more we’ll believe, subconsciously, in white supremacy.

Now, understand what I’m NOT saying…I’m not saying that Black people will actually believe that the average white guy or girl can fly and punch through walls, what I’m talking about are the cumulative effects of these movies on the subconscious.

Remember, once you enter a dark movie theater and eat an assortment of snacks, your mind relaxes and goes into ‘alpha’ state. Meaning, your subconscious is more open to suggestions…thus, it’s more easily programmable. On top of that, there’s a science called ‘Neurocinematics’ that measures how specific parts of the brain react when its shown certain scenes from a movie.  And James Cameron, the man who created the film ‘Avatar’, was said to have used this science’s techniques to not only measure how effective scenes from this film were on an audience, but to tailor this film’s scenes to reach their ultimate potential in terms of influencing movie-goers.

Reason#1: And the number one reason Black people should avoid these films like the plague is…superhero movies reinforce why Black people should think of white people as gods.  

The ‘white savior’ paradigm is what’s being enforced and reinforced by the likes of organized religion and superhero movies. Now, when I spoke of the Council of Nicea and Constantine previously, what I failed to mention was all those white people knew they were the world’s ‘minority’. And if they wanted the world’s non-white majority to revere them as god(s), they’d essentially have to give them a white god, namely Jesus Christ.

See, if you’re a Black person who believes in a ‘white’ savior, then you have to see something about that savior in every white person you look at. Therefore, no matter what one white person, or group of white persons do to you, you’ll more than likely forgive them for whatever dastardly acts they’ve committed against you, and your people.

And if you look at the track record of Black people, we are the world’s GREATEST christians, cause we forgive white people for every and anything they’ve done to us.

Now, let me say what I’ve said in the past in terms of how I feel about white people, and that is…


Cause once you endeavor to hate anyone, that’s ultimately gonna’ result in some kind of self-hatred. And being that white fascist social orders condition Black people to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, we should make every effort to avoid hating ourselves more than we already do.

Conversely, we should also understand that the overwhelming majority of white people are going to go along with the white fascist agenda, no matter how cruel it’s being to Black people, cause it benefits them most. So it’s not about holding hands with white and non-Black people and singing ‘Kumbaya’ around a camp-fire…our predicament is not that simple. And white fascists don’t sleep when it comes to their agenda…especially for us.

So it’s really about every Black man and woman finding a balance between these two sets of knowledge. And it’s really not about ‘blind’ forgiveness of white folks. Cause our ultimate goal should always be getting rid of the self-hatred white fascists have bred into us.

And on a side note, I’d especially like to tell ‘conscious’ Black folks reading this, that you don’t have to see every new superhero flick so you can ‘de-code’ it. I remember hearing one particularly knowledgeable brotha say that he only saw the new Captain America movie two times.

I was like…what?!

After viewing two or three of these films, you should understand what kind of programming white fascists are mainstreaming with these flicks. So if you’re running out to see every new movie in this genre, I don’t care how knowledgeable a decoder you are, you’re no better than the average adolescent ‘fanboy’.

And also remember, ‘Heru’ is the ancient Black deity where we get the word ‘hero’ from. Never forget fam…ALL of the world’s arts and sciences begin with us.

So the next time you see some white caped crusader’s flick showing up at a theater near you, and you're walking towards the cineplex it’s playing at…just pass it up and keep walking.

Trust me, you’ll be glad ya’ did.


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. illiterate?

On March 24th, 1975, Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, better known as Sly Stallone, went to see the championship boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner.

Now Chuck Wepner was nick-named the ‘Bayonne Bleeder’ cause he was prone to bleeding in every one of his bouts. But what the nick-name meant more than anything, was Chuck was relegated to the ‘journeyman loser’ status of boxers, and it was thought he’d stay there for the rest of his life. But on that fateful evening, in the ninth round, Chuck hit Ali with a punch that stumbled him backwards and sent him to the canvas.

Now, Ali went on to KO Chuck and win the fight, but this boxing match supposedly left Sylvester so awestruck, that he went home and in a three day whirlwind of inspiration, penned the script that eventually became the 1976 movie, ‘Rocky’.

And for anyone over the age of thirty, you know that Rocky became a world-wide hit and spawned several sequels.

But what Sly really saw that night wasn’t just a boxer exceeding expectations, what he saw was white men having a chance to feel physically ‘stronger’ than Black men, even if just for that moment. Additionally, he saw white men having a chance to feel as sexually powerful as Black men as well.

Now you’re probably saying, bruh…could you please stop talking about the stereotype of the Black man’s sexual prowess. And if you are, I wanna’ remind you that I’m not talking about the size of a Black man’s phallus, I’m saying that ‘genetically’ we’re superior for the fact that we can breed any other man out of existence…especially white ones. And this is the reason why Black men catch so much hell in this life.

Don’t believe me? Then check this out…

About a year ago, I picked up a book by one of my former favorite authors, David Baldacci. In his novel, 'Simple Genius', the opening chapter is about a female secret agent (Michelle Maxwell) who's hell-bent on getting herself killed because she can’t live with the dastardly deeds she performed in a previous assignment. So this white woman goes to a bar populated by Black people. And she goes in with the intention of fighting the biggest, toughest looking Black man there. Mind you, she won’t allow herself to be killed without putting up a fight, so after hitting an exceptionally brawny Black man, she proceeds to use her specialized martial arts training to beat this guy up. Then, knowing she could kill him, she holds back and lets herself be defeated for the Black man’s sake. Cause apparently, even though she’s on some sort of suicide mission, her morals are still intact.

After I closed the book, I asked myself: Why the hell would this woman go to a bar frequented exclusively by Black people, if she wanted to kill or be killed? Cause more than likely, this woman being a special agent means she’s got money. And because of that, she probably doesn’t live around many, or any, Black folks. 

Then it hit me.

Dave Baldacci’s suicidal/homicidal female protagonist going to the ‘Black’ bar to challenge the biggest guy there, shows how effeminized white men like Dave would feel in any kind of physical altercation with a Black man. So Dave's basically confessing that going up against the ‘negro from his nightmares’ would literally have him feeling like a female. 

Let me also state that this is why so many white men love to see their wives/women having sex with us. Cause on some level, they desire to have the kind of sexual power exuded by Black men. And the closest they feel they can come to that is giving their wives/women over to one of us. While they watch.

And if you don’t believe this fact, just google the term ‘cuckoldry’ sometimes. There’s so many blogs dedicated to this topic, I’ve lost count of them in internet searches.

Now, in December of last year, the fake news website ‘’ released a report claiming boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. had overdosed on drugs and died.

And this prompted some Facebook users to send condolences to Floyd and his family. And it even had some sympathizers visiting the hospital he was supposed to have passed away in, so they could pay their respects to Floyd and his legacy.

A couple of days later, Floyd confounded those rumors by physically showing up at a press conference.

But the rumors of Floyd’s death aren’t just indicative of how fickle the fake news media or social networks are, it speaks to how white fascists really feel about him. And let me explain what I’m talking about…

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the physical embodiment of the ‘nightmare negro’ Dave Baldacci and the majority of white men fear obsessively. And that’s for several reasons, the biggest of them being that they haven’t found a way to beat him physically or mentally. 

See, Floyd’s success triggers the white man’s sexual inferiority complex. It’s like how women say they can judge a man’s sexual prowess by his dancing ability, in the same way, a lot of white men see Floyd’s physical boxing ingenuity as a direct reflection of his sexual power. And that threatens the white fascist agenda, even though Floyd’s following their rules.

Cause remember, white fascists obsessively use symbolism as a way to convey unspoken messages. And nothing speaks more loudly to white men’s insecurities than a Black champion boxer who remains undefeated.

Now you might be thinkin’, bruh…that’s just your opinion, white fascists ain’t thinkin’ about Floyd like that.

Well, ponder this…rumor has it that Floyd was unable to read an advertisement while visiting a morning radio show called the ‘Breakfast Club’ in New York City. And supposedly, one of its hosts, Charlamane…damn, could that Black man get a more effeminate or anglophilic sounding name? Anyways, that buck-dancin’ negro  Charlamane supposedly played the audio file of Floyd having difficulty reading the ad (or ‘drop’ as they call it) and the rumor that spread behind this was Floyd Mayweather Jr. is illiterate.

Now, I’ll never forget my 9th grade english teacher. He was a white guy who was a complete anglophile without me knowing it. And not only did he teach my class, which was comprised mainly of Black students, to dote on asians because of their mythological work ethic, but he was famous for showing us how seemingly mentally inferior we were. One case of this, was when he read a student’s essay paper out loud and basically made fun of the frequent grammatical errors in this student’s writing. And more than likely, this student was Black, cause again, the majority of the people in my class were. 

At the time, I thought this student’s grammatical errors were funny. But looking back on it, I wish I knew the person who wrote that essay, cause I’d tell them their paper’s errors weren’t their fault. They were the fault of the educational system that let them get to the ninth grade without offering them some kind of help.

Now, I know someone reading this is gonna’ think, bro, can’t you stop blaming the white fascist system for everything?

Yes, I can stop blaming them for our problems. That’s until I trace said problem back to the white fascist system that created it in the first place.

Understand, none of the dysfunction in the Black community is natural to us. NONE OF IT!

Now, do we have a responsibility to solve our problems? Absolutely.

But before you can solve a problem, you have to see it first.

And the overwhelming majority of us don’t realize that we’ve been conditioned to hate ourselves literally more than anyone else on the planet, ‘cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

And some of us have been so miseducated, we’ve been taught that we don’t have that kind of genetic power. I had one ‘conscious’ Black person come to this blog and tell me they used to think we had the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, until their college professors showed them we couldn’t. I just shook my head. Then, this person not only tried to convince me that this was the gospel truth, but they started trying to convert other commenters on this blog to think like them. This person even told me, if I understood ‘Anthropology 101’ then I’d know what they were talking about.

I shut that bamboozled coon down and told them to stay off my blog.

And that negro was especially dangerous cause they had an extensive knowledge of ancient Black people…but subconsciously, that person was a complete anglophile whether they knew it or not. And I told this person that I could see how subversive their argument was even if they couldn’t.

So what does this have to do with Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Let’s say hypothetically, that Floyd is illiterate.


If Floyd really can’t read, write or spell, then he’s overcome even greater odds than growing up with a father who went to jail and a mother who was on drugs.

Now, I want everyone reading this to know that I’m NOT endorsing illiteracy. What I am endorsing is the perseverance, diligence, overall smartness and physical ingenuity of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Especially if he came out of the american educational system not knowing how to read or write. 

Ultimately what I’m saying is this: white fascists have falsely spread the rumor of Floyd’s being illiterate ‘cause that’s the only way they can beat him. 

And not only is Floyd an undefeated champ, but he’s done something truly magical in reconciling his differences with his father.

Now, I’ve said in the past that celebrity is a white fascist construct used to influence the masses, period. And I don’t think Floyd, or any of us, realize how much he’s done to influence young Black men to connect and/or reconcile relationships with their estranged fathers. And to make that happen in a social order where everything is engineered to stop that from occurring, is nothing short of miraculous.

And every time the media write about Floyd, they say he’s especially flashy, boisterous and arrogant, but they never say he’s especially smart. Which he is more than anything.

The shoulder roll technique he uses to keep from getting hit flushly by opponents is nothing short of revolutionary.

Now, Muhammad Ali was also called arrogant and verbose to a fault. And again, white fascists and their media never admitted he was smarter than the average athlete. Which he was. Difference between him and Floyd is, white fascists like Ali now cause he came down with Parkinson's disease and is less physically threatening. I’ll say again, that they especially like him now cause he doesn’t have the same kind of frightening Black masculine power or sexual energy anymore. Truthfully, white fascists see Ali as a neutered Black man. And that’s precisely the type they prefer to deal with (gay Black men fit this category as well).

Floyd has said several times: “No matter what they do, they can’t beat me.” And that’s what infuriates whitey more than anything. And the fact that Floyd retired with a sound body, sharp mind and wealth beyond his ability to spend it, says that he should be a hero (Heru) to Black men, especially young ones, for years to come.

Cause if that’s what it means to be an illiterate Black man, then every Black man should sign up for this kind of illiteracy.


MontUHURU Mimia


To every Black man reading this: Once again, let me state that I am not promoting illiteracy. And if you are a young Black man reading this especially, please do everything you can to graduate high school and college. Cause the old cliché about an education still applies, and that cliché is: Get your education, cause it’s the only thing a white man can’t take away from you.

Mind you, if you’re reading this, I’m thinking you already know an education won’t make you smarter, but what it will do is give you more access to jobs and life choices that will benefit you.

Now, to the older Black men and women reading this, what we need to do is provide our children with an education that doesn’t teach them to hate themselves. And the best way to do this is through ‘home-schooling’ cooperatives where we control the course curriculums. And I’m gonna’ write more about this in a future post…so stay tuned.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Afeni Shakur (January 22,1947-May 2,2016)

Afeni Shakur was born Alice Faye Williams in Lumberton, North Carolina on January 22nd, 1947.

At the age of eleven, Afeni’s family moved to the Bronx in New York City. Years later, Afeni attended the Performing Arts High School in Manhattan, New York popularized in the movie ‘Fame’ behind her wanting to pursue a career in acting.

In her late teens, Afeni met up with a young Muslim brotha named Shaheed who introduced her to the teachings of Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam. Afeni took these lessons to heart because they introduced her to the concept of African/Black physical beauty and counter-acted all of the conditioning she’d gotten that told her she couldn’t think of herself as beautiful.

*Side note: Any Black man or woman reading this who’s also read my post: ‘Why do so many gay men have model looks?’, should realize the above fact about Afeni is why I opened that post with an explanation of what I meant when I used the term ‘model looks’. Now I remember when I was in high school, this young sista said to me: “Man, God didn’t give us nothing, he gave us big lips and nappy hair.” And I didn’t say anything to counter that cause I felt the same way.

Now, a woman’s physical attractiveness means something a little different to her than it does to a man. Cause a man can be considered unattractive by european standards, but society tells him he can compensate for that by making a lot of money. Whereas, a woman is told that in most cases, ALL the social currency she has is directly connected to her level of physical attractiveness. So can you imagine the pain that both the young sista I was talking about and Afeni were in? Can you imagine being told that women who look like you are considered the least attractive in the world? All I can say is, now that white women are injecting silicone into their lips and butts to look more like Black women, I hope wherever that sista is, she feels differently about herself today.

Moving on…

At the age of 19, while working in the post office, Afeni began hearing about the Black Panther Party. Shortly afterwards, she attended the Black Power Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1968. People who knew her say this was the event that changed her life more than any other. It was then that Afeni decided to dedicate herself to the struggle for Black liberation. And it was shortly afterwards that Alice Faye Williams was given the first name ‘Afeni’ by a brotha who built a Yoruba village in South Carolina. And the name ‘Afeni’ means ‘dear one’ or ‘lover of the people’.

Afeni joined the Harlem, New York City chapter of the Black Panther Party. And within months, she fell in love with and married its chapter leader Lumumba Shakur.

In 1969, the CIA and FBI coordinated efforts to neutralize the Black Panther Party nationwide. As a result, 21 members of New York’s Black Panthers were arrested on bogus conspiracy charges, and two of those 21 members happened to be Afeni and Lumumba.

While imprisoned, Panther members decided that monies should be made available to bail out Afeni first, being that she was the most capable of acting as a criminal defense attorney for the rest of the 21 Panthers. This was before the american government revoked Afeni’s bail. New York City’s Panther 21 trial was well publicized and written about in many books. There, Afeni’s criminal defense efforts freed herself and 20 of her other Panther comrades. And Afeni was pregnant with her son Tupac, at the time.

Now, a couple of days ago, I heard about Afeni’s passing. And from the research I gathered, she made her transition on May 2nd of this year. And when I read a Washington Post article about this I was immediately pissed off for two reasons: One, that rag of a periodical focused more on Tupac’s life than it did his mother’s, which in my opinion, does Afeni a terrible disservice. And believe me, I have no qualms about reading up on the late Tupac Shakur, cause I too agree he was not only one of the world’s greatest emcee’s but he was also my generation’s last best hope for a real Black leader. I’m just saying that everyone reading this should know how Afeni’s life was just as full as her late son’s.

Two, the inbreds at the Washington Post focused on Afeni’s drug use nearly as much as they concentrated on Tupac’s life. Now, in the interest of time, anyone wanting to know about the origins of the 80’s crack cocaine epidemic should get a book called ‘Dark Alliance’ by Gary Webb. In it, Gary details how the CIA worked with the South American Contras, who the CIA created by the way, to funnel cocaine into California. This same alliance later turned the cocaine into crack which they flooded Black neighborhoods with, and this is the same drug Afeni got addicted to. But the plot gets even thicker in Afeni’s case. Meaning, due to her affiliations with the Black Panthers, the FBI made sure Afeni was unable to keep a job in New York. It was at this time that a man named ‘Legs’ McNeil came into Afeni’s life. Turns out McNeil wasn’t only a drug dealer, but he was an undercover agent tasked with getting Afeni hooked on this drug.

Now, Afeni passed in the midst of a contentious divorce battle surrounding her son’s estate. Her net worth had been valued at 50 million dollars and her son’s estate is said to reap $1 million dollars annually. She filed for divorce from her husband, a minister named Gust Davis, but didn’t have a prenuptial agreement. Davis requested alimony payments that would amount to about half of Tupac’s estate, and at the time of Afeni’s death the divorce was unresolved.

So I’m hoping Afeni made out a will before she passed, if not, the courts will decide who gets the proceeds of Tupac’s estate. Hopefully they will go to Tupac’s sister Sekyiwa, but even then, the courts could order her to make payments to Gust based on the fact that he was legally married to Afeni.

I’ll just say for the record that I believe both Prince and Afeni were murdered. And isn’t it funny how they both presided over music catalogs worth millions and possibly billions of dollars without a will?

You’re probably saying, damn bruh…can’t people just die no more, does everything have to be a conspiracy?

Now, behind my making this statement, I know the onus is on me to bring proof of this to anyone reading this Blog, and that’s what I’ll do in my upcoming posts. But before I can provide anyone with any more information, I must do some more research, and that’s what I’ll be mired in over the course of the next few months, so stay tuned.

Until then, I’m documenting the passing of these great icons, and will conclude this post by saying: To the QUEEN AFENI SHAKUR, FOR A LIFE WELL LIVED AND A BATTLE WELL FOUGHT, I SAY REST IN PEACE AND POWER AS YOU TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE WITH THE ANCESTRAL ELITE!



MontUHURU Mimia

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7,1958-April 21,2016)

Prince was murdered.

Point blank period.

And it pisses me off.

Now, the question you’re probably asking is: Ya’ got any proof of that bruh?

And my answer would be: Do you think it’s a coincidence that Prince was found dead two years almost to the day that he got his master recordings back from Warner Brothers Records?

Now you might follow up my answer with this comment: Bruh…that don’t mean he was murdered.

To that I’d reply: I’m positive Prince was killed cause the white fascist freemasons who run the record industry are notorious for killing Black musicians who reclaim the rights to their music.

Don’t believe me?

Then reference what happened to Jimi Hendrix when he was about to take his manager Mike Jeffries to court over royalties he never received. Mind you, Mike not only worked for british intelligence, but he also had ties to organized crime families. After that, look up what happened to Sam Cooke when he created his own record label in an effort to keep his publishing. Then read up on what happened to Michael Jackson after executives at Sony Music told him he was in debt to them for the ‘Invincible’ album under-selling, and how they’d cancel the debt if Mike gave up his ownership of the Beatles and Elvis music catalogues. Now besides Mike being a masterful performer, he was also a savvy business man and told them those catalogues were worth more than his debt. So, Mike went on the ‘This Is It’ tour to pay off what he allegedly owed Sony. And when Sony executives saw how quickly those tickets sold, they knew Mike would clear his debt to them…and we know what happened to Mike after that. 

Besides these facts, ‘Billboard’ magazine released an article on Prince getting back his masters on April 25th, of 2014 titled:Prince Gets Masters Back, Which Labels Say 'Scares Us Silly'.

Now, you’re next question after the above fact might be: Well, if Prince hated Warner Brothers so much, why did he sign another contract with them in 2014? 

Answer: He signed a new deal with Warner’s so he could have access to their large distribution network(s). Difference is, under the terms of Prince’s new contract, he would’ve had full rights to his back catalogue. Meaning, he would have gotten the lion’s share of any profits from his old and new hits. Thus, he wouldn’t have had to write the word ‘slave’ on his cheek anymore. And what he also did was strike a deal with Jay-Z’s ‘Tidal’ music steaming service, which gave Prince an outlet to put out music whenever he wanted. Warner’s would often criticize Prince for putting out too many albums. They said he’d flood the market with his product, thus making it less profitable. 

But more than anything, white fascists killed Prince to send a message to other artists who want to follow his lead in regards to master recordings. Young artists especially. 

Prince’s murder tells them that if they join a freemasonic fraternity to become a celebrity musician, they shouldn’t even think about trying to buck the system. And more than likely, what they’re saying to themselves now is: Well damn, if they’d kill an icon like Prince, then they won’t think twice about takin’ me out. 

But beyond all of the aforementioned goings-on, I have to say that Prince’s death hit me the hardest of all the musicians who’ve passed recently. 

And here’s why… 

On July 27th, of 1984, the film ‘Purple Rain’ was released into american theaters. 

Now, at the time I was in my mid-teens, and I would immediately wave the film off if anyone mentioned it. Then, after I talked disparagingly about the flick around my brother, he declared: “Nah, that movie’s dope.” I was immediately taken aback. Cause my brother was the harshest of cultural critics. So after pondering what my brother said, I thought, well maybe I should go see it. 

So my friend and I went to the theater. And about half-way through the film my friend casually looked at the movie, while I was in my seat having a religious experience. The narrative of Prince (who played ‘the Kid’) enduring an unstable and abusive household and feeling like a complete pariah resonated with me instantly. And suddenly Prince’s ‘freak factor’ was not only embraced by me, but his film showed me that I should involve myself with, and make some kind of living in, a community of artists. And I’ve never had that kind of experience with another artist since. 

I especially remember the scene in the film where Prince finds his mother sitting on the sidewalk after being assaulted by his father (played by the masterful thespian Clarence Williams III). After Prince rushes into his house, he screams out for his father, who suddenly starts playing the piano. Prince forgets his anger momentarily and follows the sound of his father’s playing. He sits down besides his father and asks: “You got that music written down somewhere?” 

‘Francis L.’ played by Clarence Williams III replies: “Nah man, I don’t write ‘em down cause I don’t have to. That’s a big difference between you and me.” 

Prince takes offense and replies: “I seen mom up the street. She looks pretty bad…got any idea how she got that way?” 

Francis L. asks Prince: “You got a girlfriend?” 

Prince: “Yeah, I got a girlfriend.” 

“You gonna’ get married?” 

“I don’t know.” 

Francis L. says wearily: “Never get married.” 

A beat after Francis makes this statement, the song ‘Computer Blue’ starts. The scene then cuts to a masked, bare-chested Prince on stage and we see how he’s masterfully created the song’s main guitar riff from what he heard his father playing on piano. And that’s before he launches into the salaciously charged ‘Darling Nikki’. Shouts out to the film’s cinematographer Donald Thorin, cause during Darling Nikki, the stage is literally bathed in devilishly red lights, adding to the scene’s power. And besides the movie’s musical performances being intoxicating, the movie’s one sex scene is scalding hot. At least by that decade’s standards. 

And when Prince performed the song ‘The Beautiful Ones’, I think every young woman felt her loins ignite when Prince yelled: “Do you want him? Or do you want me? Cause I want you.” 

Now, this film won’t win many accolades with hard-core cinephiles, but its status as a bona-fide cult classic is irrefutable. 

And it was about two decades after this movie’s debut that I started looking at it from a Black Nationalist/Pan-Africanist perspective. 

I distinctly remember one white movie critic saying that Prince was suffering ‘prettily’, he then went on to say Prince’s troubles weren’t realistic cause he wasn’t ‘ugly and poor’. So literally, this film critic was telling anyone reading his review that all he knew about Black people (and all he wanted to know), was what he saw on TV. I guess he watched several episodes of ‘Good Times’ and thought it was impossible for any Black family, dysfunctional or not, to be financially stable enough to live in a two-story house. 

Also, I remember being puzzled for years about why Prince would put out the album ‘Around the World In A Day’ right after ‘Purple Rain’. I mean, I understood he wanted to be ‘eclectic’ and all, but it didn’t make sense to me that he’d put out an album so ‘left of center’ after he worked so hard to get to the success of ‘Purple Rain’. Then I found out why Prince did what he did… 

The same fascist freemasons who killed Prince, always want the public to be reminded that ‘The Beatles’ were the world’s greatest rock and roll band. Even though the Beatles were copying the stylings of Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Thus, they tasked Prince with making an album that sounded like the Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. And that’s why Prince put out ‘Around the World In a Day’ after Purple Rain. 

This was but one price Prince had to pay to stay in the good graces of white fascists, while they kept him at the top of the charts. And anyone listening to that album could tell that the funkiest tracks, like ‘Tambourine’, were where Prince’s heart was really at, not in that album’s ‘quasi-psychedelic’ overtures. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that ‘Tambourine’ is my favorite Prince song of all time. 

Now, all of Prince’s movies outside of ‘Purple Rain’ were pretty much b-rated flops, but one thing I can say in all honesty is his soundtrack albums were always slammin’! 

If you look at the ‘Parade’ album apart from the Black and white flick meant to accompany it, you’ll hear some of Prince’s best work. Songs like ‘Anotherloverholeinyourhead’ are nothing short of sonic masterpieces, and that whole album is one of those rare records you can put on and just let play from beginning to end. It’s that good. And I can’t forget to mention the album’s sweetly melancholic and brilliant song, ‘Sometimes it snows in April’. Which ironically enough, is what I was gonna’ title this post. Oddly, this song is reminiscent of how Prince’s own life was cut short. The last lyrics of this track are: “I often dream of heaven and I know that Tracy’s there (Prince plays Christopher Tracy), I know that he has found another friend. Maybe he’s found the answer to all the April snow. And maybe one day I’ll see my Tracy again.” 

Another of Prince’s movies, ‘Grafitti Bridge’, was just a laughable excuse for a film, but damn that album was DOPE! Songs like ‘Elephants and flowers’ with its main guitar riff, the raw power of the George Clinton-influenced ‘We can funk’, and the wholly intoxicating ‘Joy in repetition’, tell the movie’s story better than the film does. 

In addition, the ‘Batman’ soundtrack album was very under-rated. Songs like ‘Lemon Crush’ had Prince returning to his funk roots, even though he was more invested in his rock-guitar stylings at the time (Love the song’s lyric: “When I’m workin’ at my jobba’, I’m the victim and you’re the robber.”) The song ‘Trust’, showed how Prince could slip his advanced musicality into a commercial pop song, and ‘Batdance’ had him in full-on Hendrix mode with that guitar solo. And also, it showed Prince’s embracing of technology. In the song’s latter section, Prince samples a line of the movie’s dialogue: “I gotta’ go to work.” Then he loops that with the refrain: “Work, work.” And in the midst of that comes the lyric: “If a man is considered guilty for what goes on in his mind, then give me the electric chair for all my future crimes, oh.” 

Now, many would argue that the album, ‘Sign O’ the Times’, was Prince’s real masterwork. And I’d agree, but the album, ‘LoveSexy’ was also very under-rated…at least to me. To start off with, the guitar riff on ‘Alphabet St.’ sounded like it came directly from heaven. I liken that riff to the masterful ‘vamp’ in the ‘Muddy Waters’ song, ‘Mannish Boy’. In so much as, in Prince’s chords you can hear several musical genres playing at once. It harkened back to the beginnings of Rock and Roll and R&B ala Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Bo Diddley. Then you had the funk elements of James Brown thrown in for good measure. And the album’s stand out track, ‘Anna Stesia’, is preceded by a keyboard solo that sets the song up beautifully. 

So I’ve said all that to say, I was really a fan of this man’s music. 

And now he’s gone before his time. 

Ponder this for a sec’. Stevie Wonder is still living, Smokey Robinson is still alive and so is Berry Gordy. But Prince and Michael Jackson are both dead. 

What’s wrong with this picture? 

Both Prince and Mike died young cause they had the testicular fortitude to take on the white fascist status quo. Regardless of how they looked. 

So finally I’ll say . . . goodnight sweet Prince. 

You added so many vibrant colors to my life, in a world where some fair-skinned folks are literally still dreaming in Black and white. 

You also provided sweetness in my times of suffering with lyrics like… 

“Have you ever been so lonely that you felt like you were the only one in this world? Have you ever wanted to play with someone so much, you’d take any one boy or girl?” 
--(The song ‘Anna Stesia’ from ‘LoveSexy’) 

“Don’t sleep ‘til the sunrise, listen to the falling rain, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t worry about your pain.” 
--(1999’s song, “Free”) 

Do I believe in God, do I believe in me. Some people wanna’ die just so they can be free.” 
--(The album ‘Controversy’s’ title track) 

And now you are free. 

And it must be wonderful. 

So Rest in Peace and Power, Prince Rogers Nelson…you rocked my world and I’ll never forget you. 

Oh…and say hello to Vanity for me. 


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why do so many gay men have model looks?

Now, before I start this post, let me make one thing emphatically clear…when I use the term ‘model looks’ in my description of gay men, I’m making reference to gay men who are ‘exceptionally good-looking’ by EUROPEAN STANDARDS.

So this is in no way an endorsement by me of physical features that conform to those standards. And in more layman’s terms, I’m saying that in no way do I deem long hawk noses, pale skin, icy blue eyes, pin thin lips and stringy blond hair as the epitome of beauty. To me nothing is more beautiful, especially on women, than dark, rich flawless-looking skin, full lips, warmly dark and soulful eyes, broad noses, ‘locked’ hair and the natural curves that grace the form of a Black woman.

So the last thing I want to do with this post is reinforce reasons why any Black man or woman should hate the way they look…especially siting the fact that white women now more than ever, are showing how much they envy the physical features of Black women.

And if you think that’s hyperbole, all you have to do is look at how white females are getting shots in their lips and butts to basically turn themselves into Black females. Now, for any brotha reading this, you should understand why white men are sporting bald heads like us, tanning their skin to look more like us and smoking cigars to make themselves look as genetically powerful as we are. This is the reason white men give out cigars when a baby’s born. It’s to legitimize that they’re sexual power or prowess is equal to ours. Cause they’ll never tell you this, but they all feel sexually inferior to us. And deep in their souls, they know we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

Now with that said, let’s go in…

In 2010, the singer Ricky Martin said: “I am proud to say that I’m a fortunate homosexual man, I am very blessed to be who I am.”

He posted this on his website ‘’ and also said that his twin sons bring him boundless amounts of joy. His direct statement was: “Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing. Being a father feels amazing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life."

But what Ricky failed to realize is his natural ‘heterosexuality’ bought his sons into being, not his exalted homosexuality. So my question is: if he really feels being a ‘natural’ father is so amazing, then you’d think he’d research ways to correct his sexuality. Why would he have kids naturally if he’s so grateful to be gay?

But in today’s gender-confused american social order, elites have told everyone that you can basically have your cake and eat it too. Meaning, you can call yourself gay and have kids through normal heterosexual means. It’s kinda’ like being a gay christian. Even the dumb-founded George Bush jr. said: “I wonder which bible they’re reading?”

CNN news anchor Don Lemon published an autobiography in 2011 where he basically came out and said he was gay. His book, ‘Transparent’, talks about his sexuality in a way that he says is ‘inspirational’ to those like him. Oddly enough, he said he was most fearful of how the Black Diaspora would react to his revelation. And I’ve personally encountered some brain-washed Black men like him who pretty much put their homosexuality first and their ethnicity second.

Let me just say, I can’t understand how any Black man can be conditioned out of his common sense to those extremes. But then again, the white fascist social order looks more kindly on Black men who give up their masculinity, so any Black male wanting to be more palatable to whatever social order they’re in can always swap their manhood for an entrée into the social mainstream.

Cause if we just look at employment disparities, Don’s network CNN did a study where they found that white men who were felons got more call backs for jobs than Black men who had no criminal history at all. So Don’s coming out, calculated or not, can only help him stay in the good graces of white fascism.

Now, in the case of Shemar Moore, he hasn’t officially ‘outed’ himself yet, but if you look into his history, he’s known to travel in circles of homosexuals and transvestites in every town he touches down in. So it’s only a matter of time before the brotha, or half-bred brotha, cashes in his ‘gay chips’ to boost his commercial viability in Hollyweird.

Now, I can remember my freshman year of high school, where I watched a certain young brotha flirt continuously with other young men. I always shook my head at this, cause this fellow was light-skinned and had european-looking facial features that included a set of cool-colored eyes that one sista called ‘dreamy’, so I was like, why would he be gay when he could have any young woman he wants?

Then a couple of years after high school, I met a latin fellow named ‘Gil’ who was one of my co-workers in a book store. Now, this guy literally was trying to break into the modeling industry and I actually saw his headshot portfolio. And I also can attest to the fact that whenever he walked down the street almost every female head would turn. One day when I was going into the bookstore’s break room, I caught Gil kissing up on one of the store’s male workers. I just bolted outta’ there. And once again, I shook my head in disbelief thinkin’ damn, he could have any woman he wants, why the hell would he be gay?

And I think anyone reading this knows that nearly every male model and/or male stripper is a homosexual.

So let’s get down to what causes this.

The reason why so many male models, or men with ‘model looks’ are gay is because as young boys their exceptionally good looks (by european standards) made them prime targets for pedophiles.

So their first sexual encounter(s) with men traumatized them into believing that homosexuality was their natural sexuality.

Now, you might be thinkin’, c’mon bruh…there’s no way you can qualify that. To that I’ll say, look into the childhood of any homosexual person and you’ll find the trauma that made them sexually conflicted.

For instance, in 2010 Don Lemon confessed to being sexually victimized by a pedophile live on CNN while discussing the scandal surrounding Georgia Bishop Eddie Long. So this is no theory.

And the reason homosexuality is being pushed so hard in the Black Diaspora is again, Black men have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So white fascists either want Black men to be gay or if we’re straight, they want us to marry and mate with white women so our offspring will have less of the genetic power we do to bring about the demise of their people.

Now, what I’m not saying is that gay men are intrinsically evil or morally obtuse because of their sexual victimization or orientation. What I am saying is when you come across one of these ‘good-looking’ gay men, you should feel more empathy than anger towards them. Cause you now know he was NOT BORN THAT WAY! AND NO ONE IS! He was victimized into that sexual orientation, and more than likely, he’ll never know what it’s like to operate in his natural sexuality.

Like I’ve said in the past, homosexuality is a ‘death-style’ not a lifestyle. But there is a cure for this ‘death-style’ if anyone reading this is interested in correcting and getting back to their natural sexuality.

And fortunately, the cure is the same for dealing with any other mental trauma. Anyone wanting to rid their psyche of a trauma must first consciously recognize the event that is causing some kind of character defect, and then subconsciously, they must recondition themselves out of that pain.

So, in Don Lemon’s case, he’d have to revisit the trauma he lived through, meaning, he’d have to see what happened to him and who it was that preyed on him consciously, then subconsciously, he’d have to create some kind of healing mantra to neutralize that pain. Then, he’d have to diligently repeat this mantra in his subconscious until he began seeing the results he desires.

Mind you, no one said this was gonna’ be easy. It would be hard as hell…but this method would not only take whatever character flaws have resulted from his trauma away, but it would correct his sexuality at the same time.

But the question is: Would Don ever commit to this?

I doubt Don ever really recognized his problem at subconscious levels, and if he did, I doubt he’d take on the challenge of putting in the kind of work necessary to correct his conflicted sexuality.

And there’s another hurdle…Don’s let the american social order convince him that he was born this way, even though he admitted to being sexually victimized as a child. So unfortunately for him, it’s check and mate…the game’s over.

But for anyone reading this who’s struggling with any kind of trauma, understand living with its effects is not an inevitability. We have psychic tools to help us master our minds and conquer these demons.

But again, it takes work to be victorious over these psychic maladies. And in the case of mainstreamed homosexuality, its victims are duped into believing that their sexual orientation is a life sentence.

So for anyone reading this, regardless of your sexual orientation, understand there’s no mental oppression that can’t be overcome by working it out in the subconscious. But you have to choose to do the hard work associated with winning out over whatever trauma ails you.

And this is your life we’re talking about people…so for your own future’s sake, make sure you choose wisely.


MontUHURU Mimia