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Why spanish people don't like Black americans (Part 2)...What do George Lopez, Fat Joe and Amara La Negra "still" have in common?

“I ask you to go back to that mirror—and if nothing looking back at you is friendly, then you have no friends.”

—Dr. John Henrik Clarke

To the readers of this Blog: I didn’t plan to revisit this particular post—and I certainly wasn’t planning to write a sequel to it. But with america’s spanish population being in the news so much lately, and with their strange relationship with (indigenous) Black americans, I felt a need to make my position even clearer as to how they really feel about us, and how we, (or at least I), feel about them.

So, let me say straight off, that I understand the term “latino” is the politically correct proper noun used to refer to america’s “spanish-speaking population(s)”. So please don’t waste your time, or mine, telling me this. And please don’t tell me the terms “spanish” and “latino” are cultural terms, not ethnic ones—'cause I know that too. Meaning, I understand that these people are Black—but since they don’t identify themselves as such, I’m not gonna’ claim them either. Additionally, I don’t need a geography lesson, so don’t tell me that “Spain” is in europe, ‘cause I know that as well—but what spanish people living in america don’t know, is that anyone with a spanish surname, is considered “non-white”, regardless of their being fair-skinned—and if you don’t believe me, just ask Donald Trump.

Moreover, like I’ve stated several times in the post, the term “hispanic” was created for “latinos”, ‘cause american census officials found out these folks were checking the “caucasian” box on their forms. So, if anyone’s misidentifying these people, it’s “latinos” themselves, not me.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this: the first post I wrote about these people not only garnered more attention than I thought it would, but it also had some “ethnically-confused” types pissed at me for supposedly misrepresenting the spanish-speaking minions of america. One female in particular, left a comment on my first post saying that she was actually embarrassed for me, ‘cause I called spanish-speaking folks, spanish. And she opened her dumbed-founded diatribe by commenting: “I’m a Black woman of mixed (latino) descent…” To which I replied: “Are you a Black woman, or a woman of mixed descent?”

And I posed that question cause, I wasn’t about to let her get away with calling herself “half-Black”. Cause that’s what people who really don’t wanna’ be Black do. And understand, the reason she opened with that statement was, so she could ride both sides of the fence. Meaning, she wants to be able to be Black around us, and non-Black, around her white, spanish and asian friends. And that’s a mental disorder I refer to as being “typically latino”. To top this off, this empty-headed, half-wit called herself, “Cali Valley Venus Mirage”—now, let’s break that nick-name down right quick.

“Cali Valley” refers to “California’s ‘southern’ Valley”, and this is where we get the phrase “Valley Girl” from. And for those who’re unfamiliar wit’ this term, it’s meant to refer to affluent and spoiled rotten white girls who come from this region, and who talk with an obnoxiously hi-pitched, nasal timbre, (watch the movie(s), “Clueless” and/or “Heathers”, and you’ll know what I’m talking about). So, from jump, this ethnically-confused girl was associating herself wit’ white girls. Now, anyone who knows about the legend of “Sarah Baartman”, knows she was called the “hottentot VENUS”, because of her exceptionally large derrière and hyper-feminine curves. Mind you, the fact that whitey decided to name her after the roman goddess of love, Venus, means that this part of this bi-ethnic broad’s nick-name, was sufficiently white enough for her to use. Now, the word “Mirage” pretty much sums this dumb little girl up, ‘cause she was trying to make me see her as something she’s not. She also tried to give me the whole, I’m an educated Black woman, calling you on your ignorance, routine. But I told her again, if she was so proud to be Black, she wouldn’t have identified herself as having a “mixed descent”. Then I told her, she should quench her thirst for education with some lessons outside of the white fascist (mis)educational system, making her think she’s “mixed”, so she could get outta’ that mirage and back to reality.

Ive never heard back from her since.

So, while this is yet another example of spanish folks being Black when it’s convenient, I wanna’ show you some mo’ celebrated examples of this, and why we should realize that any alliances we try to form with these people are futile. And once again, this editorial might run long, so I thank you in advance for your kind indulgences, while I expound on this group’s social schizophrenia.

—MontuHURU Mimia

George Edward Lopez was born on April 23rd, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, and he’s the son of a male migrant worker named Anatasio, and a mother named Frieda, who’re both Mexican.

George’s father left when he was 2 months old, and his mother deserted him when he was 10. Thus, a preadolescent George was raised by his maternal grandparents, Refugio and Benita Gutierrez. And as a teen, George attended San Fernando High School, and graduated in 1979.

Now, George is famous for saying, or alluding to the fact that (indigenous) Black people, were not allowed in his house. And what this speaks to more than anything, was his living in what I call, a “typically spanish” household. Meaning, it’s usually fine for any member of that family to dote on the byproducts of Black culture, especially if they live near us, but when it comes to being around their own kind, they should make it their business to revile Black folks the way a white klansman would. If not moreso. Cause the bottom line is, a white klansman knows their white, but spanish folks know they’re not. Regardless, even if George grew up living on dirt floors, he folks made him feel that he’s superior to any Black person.

But peep this out, it’s also well documented that George’s grandparents paid him very little attention. So much so that he’s said his esteem took a major hit by living with them. But regardless of how little affection they showed George, he still heeded their advice about not liking us.

By the late 1980’s, George was a successful comedian playing large clubs around the country, and he was appearing on TV as well as in some bit parts in movies. Now, I wanna’ stop here ‘cause, I need to show you the hypocrisy of these people when it comes to hating us, but capitalizing on our culture. In 1998, the “Kings of Comedy” tour starring Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey and D.L. Hughley, was not only a successfully revolutionary tour, but it was turned into a successful full-length feature film. Directed by Spike Lee no less. Now, with all the animus that spanish folk have for us, seeing the success of this tour, George and a couple of his hispanic comic friends, still decided to create a “latin Kings of Comedy tour” in 2001.

Now, fast forward to 2002, George parlayed his comic successes into getting his own self-titled TV series, “The George Lopez show”. But when it comes to the gold standard of cultural currency, which is “Black Street Cred”, George just couldn’t rest on his laurels and legacy, so in 2017, he went on the “Comedy Get Down” Tour with D.L Hughley, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy (R.I.P.) and, wait for it—George Lopez. Now supposedly, the person who put him on this tour was D.L.—and that really don’t surprise me, cause D.L.’s famous for his anglophilic, boot-licking, and brown-nosin’ endeavors, when it comes to whitey and non-Black folks. See, D.L. is trying to pass himself off as a social activist, and he intends to do that by kissin’ as much white and brown butt as he can. I remember one TV show I saw him on, where he buck-danced for, and schmoozed with, some white nationalist. And at the end of it, they shared a Black & white cookie, in some asinine display of solidarity.

Moreover, George’s stylings once again remind me of the rapper Fat Joe. Insomuch as, when Joe was asked about Black rappers rockin’ “Black Medallions” with the continent of Africa in the middle, he said, “Well, I always wore my gold (chains), so I don’t know what those guys were trippin’ off.” Mind you, what he was really saying is: why would anyone be proud of Africa? And Joe’s made several comments where he points out how Black people tend to speak the queen’s English around whites, but our own vernacular around ourselves. But it’s fine for hispanic folks to speak english around whites, and spanish around their people. And if Joe feels superior cause his people speak another language, then why didn’t he make a career for himself playing “spanish” music, like “salsa” or “merengue”?

And speaking of music, this leads me to my beef wit’ Amara “the Black”, I mean, Amara “La Negra” (whose real name is Dana De Los Santos). Only Amara’s cultural theft comes with a softer, and more finessed touch. Meaning, she’s claiming that she’s “unapologetically Afro-latino”. But what you won’t hear her say is that she’s “Black”. Now, you might be like, bruh, you said yourself her last (stage) name means “Black”, so what’s the problem? Welp, someone who’s not of Hispanic descent, might not know that “La Negra” literally translated into the “Black girl”. So, this is another way she, and the rest of her people, get to deny, or get outta’ identifying themselves as Black.

So, in English, Amara will always claim being Afro-latino (or “mixed”, just like that dumb-founded “Cali Valley Venus Mirage”), but again, what you won’t hear her say in english, is that she’s “pure-bred” Black.

Moving on…

The “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA), was an immigration policy created by President Obama, allowing some persons who were brought here illegally as children, to receive a two-year renewable deferment from deportation, so they can become eligible for an american work permit. And research has shown that DACA, had not only increased the wages and labor-force participation of persons eligible for this initiative, but it also increased the mental health outcomes for DACA-eligible adults and children. Moreover, the “Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act”, or the “Dream Act” for short, proposed almost concurrently with DACA, allowed undocumented immigrants access to private college scholarships for state schools.

Now, according to the Pew Research Center, there are 57 million “latinos” in america. That makes them approximately 18% of the population. And as of 2017, 690,000 unauthorized immigrants were enrolled in DACA—mind you, 90% of these applicants were latinos.

Now, here’s a question: why didn’t more spanish people enroll in DACA?

Now understand, I realize that some undocumented hispanics feared that showing their illegal status would get them deported anyway, but if you see hordes of your people participating without consequence, then you’d think the number of enrollees should be double and triple what they were.

But here’s why the overwhelming majority of them didn’t enroll…

The reason more lations didn’t enroll in DACA was, ‘cause Obama, a Black president, endorsed it—point blank, period.

So even though hispanics saw their people legitimately benefitting from this initiative, being the complete anglophiles they are, latinos though, well, I’ll just wait for a white president to give me my full citizenship. To hell wit’ that negro president. And every Black person reading this should understand that latinos pride themselves on having and promoting conservative white trains of thought. So, when Trump was (s)elected for office, the majority of hispanics thought, finally, that negro in the white house is gone.

Then, much to their surprise, Don Trump ended DACA.

So now, when I hear about them boys from “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” (ICE), swoopin’ down on Julio and ‘em, then packin’ their asses 10 at a time, into vans bound for state deportation centers—two words come to my mind.


And that’s why in previous posts, I said that Don Trump would be the perfect American president—and yes, I said perfect.

So, for those of you who thought I was trippin’, peep this out—I understood more than anything that Don is such a bigot, that he’d not only force Black people, in some way, shape, or form to have to work together, but I knew he’d show hispanics, how white they’re NOT

And I gotta’ say, the “Trumpster” didn’t disappoint.

Moving on…

On June 20th, of this year, a fifteen-year-old latino boy was killed in the Bronx, New York, allegedly due to a case of mistaken identity, and that boy’s name was Lesandro “Junior” Guzman. Now, this kid died a particularly grizzly death, at the hands of a local gang called the “Trinitarios”. And all jokes aside, I wouldn’t wish that kinda’ death on anyone. So, on June 26th, of this year, Bronx residents walked to commemorate “Junior’s” death—and I saw several Black men and women walking with them.

Now, I understand that a life was lost here, but those Black men and women walking for Junior, should’ve asked themselves this question: Where were latinos when Eric Garner was killed? Or Stephon Clarke, or Alton Sterling, or Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Korryn Gaines—and ya’ know I could keep going. Hell, the man who killed Trayvon Martin, Geroge Zimmerman, was one o’ those spanish jerk-offs, who checked the white box on his census form, so he wouldn’t have to think he’s Black.

So, I’ve said all that to say this, let these spanish folk ‘fend for themselves—they’ll be fine—or they won’t, I don’t care. Cause at the end of the day, if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, here’s the stark-raving truth…



And let me repeat this for the Black “multiculturalists” out there…



We don’t have any friends in these people, and we never will.


So, more than ever we need to value the fact that, there ain’t no justice, there’s JUST US!

Now, the beauty of realizing and embracing that is, shortly afterwards, we’ll see that we’re all we need.

And like Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee’s movie, “Do the Right Thing”: “That’s the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


Now, in a post I wrote about Amara La Negra, I warned the Black people reading this Blog, that they shouldn’t be surprised, if they go to one of her concerts and find out that the latinos who paid to see “Amara the Black”, don’t like their pure-bred Black ass. Welp, this vid illustrates that point, perfectly. Here’s a video of a George Lopez concert, that some brain-washed Black women decided they were gonna’ attend. Mind you, after George gives his two rules for a latino family, #1. Don't marry somebody Black, and #2. Dont park in front of our house, the woman he addresses right afterwards, is one of the Black women I mentioned. Now, these four anglophilic Black female idiots, thought they were gonna’ sashay into this theater, and immediately get noticed by a couple of latino men—and they got noticed alright, just not in the way they figured. Mind you, if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, who’s hell-bent on dating or marrying someone thats white or non-Black, you deserve whatever kinda’ treatment you get. And even with that said, I still feel sorry for these (brainwashed) sistas.

*WARNING: This video contains extremely harsh and profane language. Viewer discretion is advised.


You can read the first post of this sequel, HERE.


You can read the post I wrote about Amara La NegraHERE.

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The gospel of white fascism (Part 35) (Post Independence Day Edition)...What do Dr. Phil Valentine, Brotha Panic, Aseer the Duke of Tiers and Korryn Gaines have in common?

Joe C. Palczynski was a 31-year-old serial killer who terrorized citizens in several counties of Baltimore, Maryland. And on the date of Friday, March 17th, 2000, he took a family hostage in their home. For 4 days, he ignored requests by law enforcement and their negotiators, to let the family go, and he occasionally fired off gunshots at the cops.

Law enforcement officers finally killed Joe, when one of the family’s members put “Xanax” in Joe’s drink. And that allowed various family members to sneak out one by one. And when officers did enter the home, they said Joe awoke from his drug-induced slumber and reached for a weapon. At that point, they administered the kill shot that definitively ended the siege.

Fast forward to March, 2017—a traffic stop of a 23-year-old mother named, Korryn Gaines, led to her arrest. And the reason cops arrested her, was they said she didn’t have her car properly registered with the state. This stemmed from the inscription(s) she had on her license plates.

Now, one of her license plates had the term, “Free Traveler”, on it. The other, had the following notice: “Any government official who compromises this pursuit to happiness and right to travel, will be held criminally responsible and fined, as this is a natural right to freedom.” And when the cops pulled Korryn over, she asked to see their “Delegation of Authority Order”.

After Korryn was incarcerated, she posted this as a caption beneath her March arrest video: Constitutional Law is the only law. In order to be granted the role of law enforcement, you must take an oath to uphold the constitution and be granted a “D.O.A.O” (Delegation of Authority Order). The police are not law enforcement, they are “policy enforcers” and operate outside of the laws of the Constitution, which would make them organized criminals. They enforce Corporate Law (to generate revenue, in other words, to get money. However, in this case they know I know this, and this is them making trouble with me) which is not a true form of the law, but so many of us have bended to their criminal ways. Not me.  

Fast forward again, to August 1st, of 2017—Korryn refuses to come out of her home after cops show up at her residence. Police said they were serving her with a warrant for a failure to appear in court. Mind you, shortly after this incident, cops said they had an actual warrant for her arrest.

Now, allegedly, SWAT officers arriving on the scene, say Korryn pointed a shotgun at them—and while the full story of what happened still hasn’t been revealed, what we know for sure is, cops killed Korryn and wounded her five-year-old son. And unlike the aforementioned Joe Palczynski, cops only took 6 hours to kill Korryn, instead of waiting 4 days like they did with Joe.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this: On February of this year, Korryn’s family was awarded $37 million dollars in a civil law suit filed against Baltimore County. It took six female jurors less than 3 hours to delineate that Korryn’s shooting was a gross violation of her civil, and human rights (that’s an understatement). During the trial, jurors found out that the person who fired the 4 fatal shots that killed Korryn, was Corporal Royce Ruby of the Baltimore Police force. It was discovered that one of Ruby’s shots pierced Korryn’s lung and spine, before it ricocheted and hit her son, Kodi.

So, question: if Korryn was this crazy maniac of a young woman, who threatened cops, why would the city of Baltimore pay out that kind of money to her family?

Now, hold that thought, while I make this next point.

On June 3rd, of this year, in Brooklyn, New York City, “Underground Railroad Productions” hosted what was called the “Gathering of the Metaphysical Masters” at Saint Francis College. This gathering featured Dr. Phil Valentine, who’s considered a stalwart of the “Black Conscious Community” (BCC), Brother Panic, who’s a master of occult sciences, and Duke the Aseer of Tiers, who’s also a star in the ranks of the BCC.

Now, unfortunately, I made prior commitments, so I missed this show. But I did see some videotaped footage of it. And in this forum, “Aseer”, who’s a Moor (MUUR), is famous for going to court to fight for his “sovereign” rights—and his actions, follow the mission statement(s) and diatribes Korryn alluded to in regards to her traffic stop and arrest. “Dr. Valentine” has also been to court behind his attempts at “correcting his status” of citizenship, by filling for his “UCC-1”. On another front, “Panic” deals more with the occult methodologies of how to get oneself out from under laws that white fascists use to run the corporate enterprise, known as the united states of america.

Now, this is what these brothas and Korryn had in common.

But here’s what they don’t.

Dr. Valentine, Brother Panic and Asser, are all white fascist freemasons.

Now, why am I mentioning this? And, if this is true, why would I go hear them speak?

For 3 reasons…

#3. The reason I’m mentioning this is to illustrate the point that even though I applaud Korryn’s endeavors to claim her sovereignty, every member of the BCC, myself included, needs to understand that this information has to be tempered with the proper amount(s) of “discernment”, so we can apply it properly.

#2. Even though information alone isn’t gonna’ free us, it’s a vital (and necessary) element in reconditioning ourselves outta’ the programmed self-hatred we’ve been force-fed in this white fascist social order, to hate ourselves and each other.

#1. And ultimately, even though I know Dr. Valentine, Asser and Panic are white fascist freemasons, I’d still be open to harness the boatloads of “free energy” these 3 were giving out at that conference. And I’d channel that energy to do something positive for myself, and the BCC.

Now, with that said, let me return to the subject of “Black Nationalist” discernment.

What Korryn didn’t know is, whichever person gave her that info. about sovereignty, was probably a freemason just like Dr. Valentine, Panic and Aseer. So, it would be easier for them to accomplish their goals of “status correction”, than it would for any of us who aren’t “connected”. Meaning, it’s imperative that members of the BCC not only know who they’re listening to, but how to contextualize the info. they’ve heard.

And what’s even more important is our realizing, in very practical terms, that any member of the BCC with national renown, 99.9% of the time, is gonna’ be a freemason, whether we like to think about that, or not. Mind you, the term, “Free Traveler”, is another colloquialism for “freemason”. Cause they expound on the fact that their “knowledge”, gives them the ability to roam the earth “freely” (meaning they’re unbound by the dictates, statues and ordinances, people outside their fellowship must abide by).

And one of the ways freemasons identify themselves is by asking one another, “Are you a traveling man?”

Now, let me reiterate, these men do indeed have great amounts of practical knowledge we can glean off them—but again, we have to put this info. in its proper context.

Here’s an example: in some of the videotaped footage I watched of this event, Dr. Valentine and Aseer talk about going to court for the purposes of “status correction(s)”. Now, some years back, they offered advice on some people to contact, so you can get your “paperwork” together to accomplish this goal. What they’re saying now is, the UCC laws are soon going to be replaced by “natural law”, which favors us, “indigenous” Black people (which we all are). And that’s all fine and good, but what happens to the members of the BCC who were imprisoned or suffered behind trying to correct, or state their statusearlier? Like Korryn.

Hell, brotha Wesley Snipes is not only a freemason, but he had high-powered lawyers representing him, to show how taxing worker’s “salaries” is unconstitutional. And they still sent him to prison. Lauryn Hill, yeah, the “Fugees” Lauryn Hill, was also sent to prison ‘cause she owed the IRS $1.8 million in taxes (so they say). And this gov’t did that, even though she paid off $970,000.00 of that debt prior to her being locked up—and she’s a freemason.

Conversely, Dr. Alim El Bey, another Moor/freemason, gave me one of the most effective “divinating” techniques I’ve ever gotten, and it’s opened up a whole new world of spiritual sciences to me, that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Again, context people.

So, I’ve said all that to say this, and this has become a cliché as of late, but I’m gonna’ say it anyway: knowledge, in and of itself, ain’t power. It’s the proper application (wisdom), of that knowledge that makes one powerful.

Meaning, if I, as a Black man, encounter a Black woman who’s abrasive, combative, condescending and foul-mouthed, I can acknowledge that she’s acting (or reacting) to the white fascist conditioning embedded in her subconscious, but that don’t mean, I’m gonna’ be able to contextualize (or apply) that understanding, so I don’t have a bias against all Black women.

Ya’ dig?

And ditto for Black women in that situation with Black men.

But it’s this wisdom that we in the BCC must cultivate so the copious amounts of info. we gather can be used to most effectively benefit and UNITE US. And that’ll lead to true independence (in keeping wit’ the real spirit of July 4th’s “holiday”)

Cause when everything’s said and done, if our endeavors don’t get us any closer to unity, then all our efforts (and gathering of info.) will be in vain.

And like Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee’s movie, “Do the Right Thing”: “That’s the double truth, Ruth.”



–MontUHURU Mimia


Here’s a vid of sista Korryn speaking on “Black consciousness”. Mind you, this vids quality isnt the best, but her recital of a Black scholars wise words, more than makes up for this vids lessened production value. And this vid disproves the theory that she suffered from any kind of debilitating mental illness.

Now, heres a vid clip from the Meeting of the Metaphysical Masters event. And I want you to notice how Brotha Blue Pill flashes the okay sign, which symbolizes the 3 6s of white fascist freemasonry @ 3:30 minutes in. Additionally, I want you to pay close attention to not only Brotha Panic (in the white top hat and clothes), but his wife, Khadijah, @ 4:22, ‘cause that's when she also flashes that same sign.


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The gospel of white fascism (Part 34)...The legend of Idi Amin and the art of "gender-warring"...

“We’re gonna’ chase those crazy bald heads outta’ town…”

—Bob Marley

To the readers of this Blog: A couple of months ago, I was conversing with a mature brotha like myself, who exuded the traits I generally like in Black men. And those are, he seemed self-possessed, independent-minded, and well-informed. Alas, one day while we were talking, he sarcastically said my smile and countenance reminded him of the Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin.

Now, for those who’ve never heard of this man, whitey’s media portrayed him as an iron-fisted oligarch, who was nothing short of a predator on human life. And he was the ruler of Uganda, Africa from 1971 to 1979.

Now, even though the guy I was conversing with thought this was a comical statement, it spoke volumes to who he really was—and straight off, I knew 3 things about him right then and there. And those were:

#1. While this man professed to know about the greatness of ancient Black people, he still considered Black “facial features” unattractive.

#2. I’ve written ad nauseum about the young Black woman who told me in private, “Man, God didn’t give us nothin’, he gave us big lips and nappy hair…”, well, this was another one of those moments, only it was decades later, and instead of a teenaged high-schooler, I was conversing with a middle-aged man who was as brainwashed as that young sista was. And mind you, this guy’s statement was not only supposed to make me hate my looks, but ultimately, it was supposed to make me hate myself for being Black, period. Fortunately, I’ve done the work at subconscious levels, to repel and recondition myself out of that, so I can separate my fact, from his fiction.  

#3. This was yet another Black man/Black person, who was “woke” consciously, while being a stone-cold anglophile subconsciously.

So, after this brotha made that statement, I asked him, “Do you know why Idi Amin is so infamous?”

All at once, this brotha was dumb-struck.

So, for the readers of this Blog, I wanna’ dig a bit deeper into Idi’s backstory, this brotha’s statement, and how the two are directly related to the white fascist-fueled “gender wars” of Black people. And this is one mo’ post that might run a little long, so I ask for your kind indulgences whilst I delve into the guts of this subject matter. Thanks in advance.

—MontUHURU Mimia

Let me say straight off, that Idi Amin’s (left, and you can click on Idis image) biographical records are scarce, but from what I’ve read, he was born between the years of 1923 to 1927 in Koboko, a West Nile Province in Uganda, Africa. His father, Andreas Nyabire was said to come from a tribe in Uganda, called the “Kakwa”, and his mother, Assa Aatte, was from the “Lugbara” tribe. Idi’s mother was a traditional herbalist who treated the royal members of the “Buganda” tribes, as well as other tribal nobles. And according to records, Idi’s father, converted from Roman Catholicism to Islam, thus, he changed his surname to Amin Dada, and he gave his first born son, Idi, this name.

As Idi grew, he qualified for the British military, and joined the “King’s African Rifle” of the British Colonial Army as an assistant cook in 1946. Being that he was tall and strong, he impressed the higher-echeloned officers with his physical prowess as an exceptional rugby player, swimmer and boxer. He was promoted to a corporal in 1949, and thereafter, he won the Ugandan heavyweight boxing championship in 1951. He held that title for 9 years.

Now, during the 1950’s Idi helped the Brits in their campaign to oust the “Mau Mau” freedom fighters of Africa (and I’ll definitely write a post about the awesome work these brothas did in the future), and even though British officers considered his combat methods harsh and inhumane, the Brits promoted Idi to sergeant in 1951, lance-corporal in 1953, sergeant-major in 1958, and platoon-commander that same year. By 1961, Idi was only one of two Ugandan officers with the rank of lieutenant.

In 1962, Idi was commissioned to stop the “cattle rustling” between warring African tribes in Uganda and Kenya. And once more, he was brought before a tribunal for his brutal acts committed during these campaigns, only this time, he went before the Ugandan Prime Minister, Apolo Milton Obote, for war crimes. Despite this, Idi was promoted yet again to captain in 1962 and major in 1963. He was also selected to participate in the officer’s course in Wiltshire school of Infantry in Britain in 1963. And in 1964, he was made a colonel.

Now, even though Apolo supposedly denounced Idi’s military tactics, they became close, ‘cause Apolo sympathized with the assassinated Congolese Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba (a personal hero/heru of mine), and oddly enough, Idi thought highly of Patrice as well (and I’ll tell you why that wasn’t so odd, later in this post). Apolo appointed Idi to the position of Chief of Staff in 1966, and to brigadier in 1967, thereafter, Idi was given the title of major-general that same year.

Apolo asked Idi for help in building military training camps, and Idi obliged with shipments of coffee, ivory and gold into Uganda from the Congo so Apolo’s troops could pay for arms. After this, Apolo’s opponents wanted an investigation done into illegalities surrounding the resources being provided to Uganda.

By 1968, it’s said that Apolo and Idi’s relationship soured, and as a result, an assassination attempt was made on Apolo’s life. What’s documented thereafter says that Idi’s regime “overthrew” Apolo’s presidency on January 25th, 1971.

Now, even though this went on in plain sight, here’s what happened behind the scenes…

A book titled: “Dirty Work 2—the CIA in Africa”, was written in 1979, and it reveals how Idi Amin was not only installed by white fascists in the “western powers”, but how they also helped him maintain his rule. Now, while sections of the book focus on British manuverings, in 2002, declassified Brit documents uncovered the fact that Idi’s overthrowing “coup” that ousted Apolo, was carried out by Israelis (i.e. white jews). And regarding this, the book states that Idi was central to jewish operations in the 1960’s as pertains to the southern Sudan. And the jews main objective there wasn’t to quell African tribal wars, but to keep them going for as long as possible.

The book also says Idi had risen to power within Apolo’s administration, but Apolo’s interests didn’t fall in line with the jewish objective, so jews helped Idi overthrow Apolo and come to power.

Now, in 1972, the “Addis Ababa agreement” essentially stopped the tribal wars in Sudan, thus, the jews lost interest in Idi’s rulership. And when Idi couldn’t get any more support from them, he turned to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya for support—yeah, the infamous Muammar Gaddafi, who was about to create a unified currency for Africa, but died mysteriously before he did.

And to top all this off, here’s what really got the white fascists who pulled Idi’s puppet strings so pissed, in August of 1972, Idi ordered the expulsion of Uganda’s asian population. 

Meaning, Idi saw the scorn asians displayed towards Uganda’s native (Black) populations (especially in their retail stores), and he decided, welp, if you don’t like us, you need to get outta’ our country and go back to yours.

Moreover, he saw how Brits paid for the schooling of Uganda’s asian population, and how that government provided them banking jobs and loans to open stores in Uganda’s Black neighborhoods, that the Brits didn’t provide to indigenous (Black) Ugandans.

Sound familiar?

And this means what?

It means, Idi’s diabolical military tactics weren’t a problem when he was working on behalf of white fascists, it only became a problem when he wanted to do something for his people—like kickin’ those asian bastards out. And you can hear the same sentiment in Bob Marley’s song “Crazy bald heads”. Now, a “bald-head” in Bob’s vernacular, was someone with close cropped hair that conformed to the ways of the western powers. And a “Rasta”, with his long locks, plainly shows he’s not wit’ that.

Now, when I told the man who said I looked like Idi Amin, that this is the reason Idis considered so infamous, he just turned and walked off. So, in one fatal swoop, I shut that anglophile up and down at the same time.

And that’s why Black Nationalism is so dear to me.

Cause had I not known this info., I could have used the brainwashed brotha’s statement as an excuse to further reinforce the white fascist conditioning I’d received my whole life, to hate myself and everyone who looks like me. And I’ve said that to say, Black Nationalism ain’t just heady and theoretical, I love it cause in cases like this, it could mean the difference between you loving or hating yourself.

At this point you might be thinkin’, bruh, what the heck does this have to do wit’ our people’s “gender warring”? Welp, let’s get into that right quick…

Now, in 2013, when I first started this Blog, a sista named “Monique” (at least that’s what she called herself) started making comments on my posts regularly. And she said she’d liked the Black Nationalist bent of my Blog, so much so, that she asked me for pointers on how to curate her own. So, I gave her said pointers. Thereafter, when I read her blog, I noticed how she’d aggrandize Black women, and go out of her way to talk disparagingly about Black men. When I asked her about this and told her how I’ve dedicated my Blog to healing the rift between Black men and women, and possibly trying to save some Black families, her response was: “The rift between Black men and women is irreparable, and the campaign to save the Black family is dead.”

Now, I don’t shock easy—but I was shocked.

And when I asked her if she felt that way, why would she ask me to give her pointers on writing a “Black Nationalist” blog, she answered: “Who else was I gonna’ ask?”

Thus, I told her not to comment here anymore.

Two years later, a sista who called herself “Providence” started commenting here frequently. And not only was she a brilliant sista with boatloads of knowledge about ancient Black people, but she even entered the fray, when I had battles wit’ dumb-founded white bois who made disparaging comments on my posts. Well, this woman read one post where I mentioned how Black people have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, and that’s why whitey has a bulls-eye on our backs, more than any other kind of person. Thereafter, she went about trying to prove why that wasn’t the case, and she even declared that if I had taken “Anthropology 101”, I’d understand what she was talking about. Not only did that make me laugh, but I shook my head at the fact that this Black woman could be so smart and stupid at the same time.

Thus, I told her not to comment here anymore.

Now, eventually, I suspected some white guy would start trolling this Blog. And while I did acquire a troll, it wasn’t a white guy, it was a Black woman. Reason being, she didn’t like my Blog’s message.

To top all that off, the Black woman I was in a five-year relationship with, revealed herself to be a female who was conditioned to hate Black men—and she didn’t know it. 

But what really rocked my world, was a statement by a young, brilliant brotha named “Kev” who frequently commented here. Now, on several posts we’ve gone back and forth on why Black men should agree or disagree with the tenets of Black Men’s Rights Acitivists (BMRA’s). But one statement this brotha made just had me reeling. He wrote, “…until Black women confess to and/or suffer the consequences of screwing Black men over (and he didn’t use the word ‘screw’), there’s no use in talking about Black love or unity.”

And let me tell ya’, that statement still haunts me to this day.

‘Cause at the time, I couldn’t refute its logic.

So, based on everything I’d been through, I was like, ya’ know what—to hell wit’ Black women.

A couple of months later, I found out that a Black man, who was a co-worker of mine, conspired with an asian fellow to get me fired from my job. And video after video I’d listen to by brothas who were BMRA’s (Red Pill brothas, Black MGTOW’s, SYSBM’s, etc.) had me hearing them talk 99.9% of the time about why they didn’t like Black people, period.

Now, here’s a question: where logically, should my mind go after this?

Answer: to 3 places…

#3. Behind finding out another Black man was trying to get me fired, I now have reasons why I should hold a bias against Black men.

#2. Now that I have a bias against Black men and women, I should think, that I have no reason to like Black people.

#1. And ultimately, I now have a reason to hate myself for being Black.



Meaning, again, if you’re a Black man or woman, who hates Black men and women, then inevitably, you’re gonna’ hate yourself for being Black.


Moreover, if you don’t realize that any dysfunctions displayed by Black people were bred into us, and that none of them are NATURAL TO US, then you’re gonna’ wind up at some point, hating yourself for being Black.


And that’s why it’s crucial for you as a Black man or woman to know that the reason our people may display more dysfunctions than any other, is ‘cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, thus, we’ve been worked on more than any other kind of “hue-man” being on the planet, to hate ourselves and each other.


Now, do we have an obligation to recondition ourselves outta’ this?


But the first step in that process, is knowing that Black dysfunction is bred into us, it’s not something we’re born with.

And since a Black man or woman over 30, is more than likely not gonna’ do the subconscious work to rid themselves of the white fascist conditioning that created our dysfunctions, I think the best way to rid ourselves of them is to provide our children with Black Nationalist educational cooperatives, that can make sure they learn the “3 r’s” without the self-hating doctrines that were bred into me and my generation.

Now, the good news is, Black people are one of the fastest growing demographics to adopt homeschooling initiatives in america. So, there is work being done, and we are making a dent in this problem. Therefore, the best thing mature Black persons like myself can do is provide more resources to these organizations, so the next generation of our people have a fighting chance at coming up outtathis self-hating psychosis.

So, family, without any further delay—LET’S DO THIS WORK!



MontUHURU Mimia


Heres a video for Bob Marley's song, Crazy bald heads. Listen to the lyrics—ya' dig.