Saturday, October 18, 2014

The cult of gay white bigotry...

Several years ago, I had a Black male co-worker who I'll call Jim; and Jim was good at his job, but for a short stretch, he'd been having problems due to some sort of glitch in his work flow. 

Come to find out, the glitch Jim was experiencing was due to his bigoted, gay white male co-worker's throwing his client's mailings in the garbage after hours, 'cause this caucasoid cocksucker didn't like working around Black people. 

Fortunately, the pale-skinned degenerate fudge packer was fired.  

And this was the same gay white guy I heard talking about how his community's 'rights' were being infringed upon because he belonged to a 'marginalized faction of society'. 

Now, through the years the two loudest protests I've heard from the gay white community, at least pertaining to the Black Diaspora, are how the 'Black Civil Rights movement' and its community, should recognize white gays as an 'oppressed' minority and how Black people, especially Black men, are the most 'homophobic' in america, or possibly the world. 

So, without further ado, let's debunk these asinine theories with some cold, hard logic.  

First off, I think it's awfully audacious of the gay white community to look to the Black Diaspora to validate them, when the majority of these white men and women choose to hide their sexual orientation in the first place. The overwhelming majority of them don't come 'outta' the closet', so, if you're so ashamed of what you're doing behind closed doors with same-gendered people, why the hell should the Black Diaspora bend over backwards to validate your 'oppressed' status? 

Especially when you're not being oppressed!

And if you're a white gay man saying you still can't marry in some american states, stick around, gay marriages are being made legal in every state in this country, and it'll be coming to your state soon. 

Moreover, when you say the Black 'Civil Rights community' should acknowledge you, let me ask your community a question, where were you guys when your heterosexual peers were turning fire hoses on us and siccing dogs on our women and children during those Civil Rights marches? I'll tell you where you were, you were right behind them concealing your sexual orientation and enjoying the perks of the white male/female privilege. 

So stop asking us to validate you, when in most cases, you've shown you don't even wanna' identify yourselves sexually. 

And when I hear the arguments of how Black men are so anti-gay, I wanna' ask several gay white men, why doesn't your community acknowledge the covert bigotry in its ranks?

See, the problem with these kinds of pale-skinned inbreds is they wanna' have their cake and eat it too; meaning, white gay men want the perks of the white male privilege AND they want to be acknowledged as an oppressed minority. 

And if you happen to be a gay white man reading this, I just wanna' tell you, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

If you want to enjoy the perks of the white male privilege, shut up and do that, but don't tell me I'm suppose to empathize with you 'cause you can't get married in a particular state. Use your white male privilege, get a job and MOVE! Problem solved!

What also gets my goat about this group is their insistence that everyone must acknowledge that gays are born that way. That's nonsense...and what they really don't like about Black people in particular is, Black men and women, consciously or subconsciously, understand this.

Like I've said in the past, homosexuality is the result of a childhood trauma, don't believe me? Look into the history of anyone you know who's homosexual and you will find a trauma that made them that way. Like I've said before, homosexuality is a 'deathstyle', not a 'lifestyle', that's why two same sexed partners can't have children.

On top of this, the white elites are doing their level best to mainstream homosexuality for a generation of young Black men and women as a means of ensuring they'll be less of us in the future. Don't believe me?

Well then, check out this June 9th, 2014 issue of 'Time' magazine. The sweet, blonde-haired biddy pictured left, used to be named Roderick Laverne it's just Leverne Cox (gotta' love the last name). This, whatever-it-is, bills itself as an american 'actress' fighting for 'transgendered' rights. And it's currently starring in a 'Netflix' dramatic series called 'Orange is the new Black' (read: gay is the new Black). This is what they're putting in the minds of our young men and women, and if there's no real parental guidance for the Black youth, what are they suppose to think? And if you are a Black young man or woman reading this, understand, you can't 'transcend' your gender, you're either born male or female...there's only two choices!

Besides this fact, there are perks for Black men giving up their heterosexuality, usually they're given more access to better jobs in the corporate world, or I've even read cases where Black male prison inmates who identify as homosexual, get certain privileges like better meals and living quarters. That's because, the white elite know Black male gays aren't going to reproduce more children, especially Black male children who could possibly breed them out of existence. 

So, I've said all that to say this, if you are a Black man or woman, know that THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR ALLIES OR FRIENDS! 

They may pretend to be, but when the chips are really down, you'll see these perverted pale-skinned types show their true colors...and they won't be rainbow colors either, they'll still be the colors that contrast most...Black and white. 


MontUHURU Mimia


If you don't believe what I'm saying about the bigotry of gay white men, especially towards Black men, then check out this vid of a homosexual white guy who saw this with his own two eyes. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The real message behind Madonna's 'Papa don't preach'?

"We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the negro population..."
--Margaret Sanger, founder of 'Planned Parenthood'

"Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep, Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep...but I've made up my mind, I'm keepin' my baby."
--Madonna, from the song 'Papa don't preach'

On June 30th, 1986, Madonna released her third studio album, 'True Blue' through Sire records. 

The single, 'Papa don't preach' was released several days before the album (June 11th), and was the LP's second single coming out after her song 'Live to tell'.  

When this song came out I was in high school; and I always remembered thinking how this was an odd subject for Madonna to sing about. Basically, this song is the story of a girl in her later teens telling her father how she's keeping her baby, despite the stigmas surrounding teenage pregnancy. 

Now, when I was growing up, Black children born out of wedlock were called 'illegitimate'; but since whitey adopting the trend, this is now called 'single parenting'. (Shouts out to Shahrazad Ali for my paraphrasing of her quote; if you don't know who she is, google her.)

Fast forward decades later, and now we have shows like '16 and pregnant' on MTV, basically showing the travails of pregnant white girls to everyone. 

Now, everyday on my way to work, I pass a 'Planned Parenthood' clinic, and I see several 'pro-lifers' discouraging women from aborting their children. Now, outside this clinic is a picture of a Black woman and beneath her is a caption stating there are alternatives to abortion; and the 'pro-lifers', some of them anyway, are carrying placards and signs with this same sentiment. Now, a casual observer would think that these pro-lifers are interested in saving Black babies from termination...but nothing could be further from the truth. 

See, a couple of years back, I wondered why the white elite would close scores of abortion clinics, when stats show how the majority of aborted babies are Black. 

Mind you, the teen pregnancy rate among Black girls is down something like 51% and are also below the rates of teen pregnancy for spanish women; but they say Black girls are still more likely to get pregnant than white girls, but I'd have to do more research on the subject in the future for verification...'cause again, I don't take whitey's word for anything anymore as the gospel truth; and like I've said in past posts, you always have to consider the source of whitey's information...but at one time, before I came into the knowledge I have now, I thought maybe whitey had a change of heart about Black babies and abortions...then I read about Ms. Margaret Sanger. 

See, good ole' Margaret dedicated her life to the promotion of birth control, and it's no coincidence that the 'Planned Parenthood' organization is the largest provider of abortions 'in the world'. 

And, over 78% of her clinics just happen to be in or near Black neighborhoods.

Just a little history about these clinics, the first Planned Parenthood clinic in the u.s. was opened in Brooklyn, New York in 1916, and guess what kinda' neighborhood this was got it, poor and Black. And in 1960, when the first birth control pill was approved by the FDA, guess which neighborhoods got 'em first through Planned Parenthood clinics? You get the idea. 

One of Sangers biggest influences was a eugenicist by the name of Dr. Havelock Ellis, who she had an affair with, which led to the divorce of her first husband by the way; he urged mandatory sterilization for the poor as a prerequisite to public aid. (Mind you, to this day, if you're a woman who receives welfare, you can't have a man living in your house)

Thing is, what whitey didn't realize, was white women, not Black women, represented the majority of females on welfare in this country. So, unbeknownst to them, Margaret and her pal Dr. Ellis basically started the campaign to get rid of white children in droves. And, it was three years ago when I found out how white birth rates are currently falling below replacement levels, and again...good ole' Margaret was a major contributor to this. 

Thanks Marge!

But coming back to Madonna, this is when I got the real message behind her song 'Papa don't preach' was for white women/girls to 'keep' and produce more babies, 'cause whitey knew in a century or two...he/they'd be history.

See, whitey's about to go the way of the dinosaur...and there's NOT A DAMN THING HE/THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT!  

But, they're not gonna' go quietly.

There's gonna' be a manic race by whitey to produce as many laboratory born biological weapons as they can put out, and their effectiveness at killing off Black people is gonna' jump exponentially. That's what the whole 'Ebola in the u.s.' craze is about now. And if you look at one of my last posts, 'The gospel of white supremacy (Part 2)...Who created the Ebola virus?', you'll see how this disease came to being.  

That's why I'm imploring every Black person reading this to work towards healing the rift between Black men and women; this is a matter of survival...and that's not hyperbole!

Between gentrification, biological weapons extermination, and covert methods of sterilization, white people intend to go down fighting 'til their very last breathe. So we have to be that much more vigilant in our quest to reunite and put a stop to this world-wide parasitic nuisance called the pale-skinned caucasian.  

Now, can we do this...absolutely! Will we do this in time? That's the 64,000 question.

So, let's get to work now...'cause this really is a matter of life and death!

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to check out my Blog post that explains how the 'Ebola' virus was created, you can look at it here.

Here's the video for Madonna's song 'Papa don't preach'. I had no idea how the white elite were campaigning for their girls to have more children even back then. In this video's opening, notice how the camera focuses on several white children in the park, especially the ones hanging on the gate; and notice Madonna's Black slinky outfit when she does her primary dance moves, the juxtaposition of this and the completely Black background against Madonna's white skin and bleached blonde hair, is sending the message that more white children need to be produced than Black, sublimely. 

And, at the end of the video, when Madonna tells her father played by actor Danny Aiello that she's pregnant, at first, he's dismayed; then at the end, he hugs her; this shows he's approved of her keeping the child. Thus, mainstreaming the approval of teen pregnancy for a generation of white girls. 

Also, Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy's daughter, made a cover version of this song in 2002...go figure.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why Eminem is NOT the best rapper...

In the spring of 2003, Shawn Corey Carter a.k.a Jay-Z, came out with a line of Reebok sneakers called the 'S.Carter's'; they were a run-away success. 

And according to Jay-Z's white supremacist handlers, the entire inventory of this sneaker sold out the same day of its release. Mind you, I prefaced this factoid saying 'according to Jay's white supremacist handlers'; 'cause I don't take the white elites on their word for anything anymore. They've shown themselves to be pathological liars, and to believe them would mean I as a Black man, would have to imbibe in a ritualized self-hatred that I'd have to reinforce daily via the TV news, newspapers, radio, film, etc. 

But I digress...

Oddly enough though, Jay's partner Damon Dash, not only wasn't a part of Jay's sneaker enterprise, but he seemed to be out of Jay's business dealings entirely. This seemed strange being they were inseparable just years before. This was because the white supremacist factions exalting Jay to the status he's enjoying now, employed a centuries old technique called 'divide and conquer' to play the two against one another. And you're probably wondering why I'm waxing philosophic on the misadventures of Dame and Jay while my header's purporting to explain the reason(s) Em is not the best rapper; well, the tale of Dame and Jay ties into why Em's not the best rapper/emcee, and you'll see this once I'm done. So, I ask once again, that you indulge me for a sec'.

'Roc-a-fella' records was created in 1996 as the brainchild of Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Kareem 'Biggs' Burke. This was basically the story Jay and Dame sold to the public to tout themselves as an 'organically' grown 'boutique label' that somehow achieved success through the sheer wit and sweat equity of the three entrepreneurs involved.

Mind you, this company was named after the 'Rockefeller' family, who are/were famous oil magnates; and were equally famous for their predatory lending practices (read, 'loan sharking') and colluding with other companies to freeze out or literally 'kill off' their competition...this concept will be expounded on later in this post. 

So if we're gonna' talk about how Jay, Dame and Kareem came to a place of prominence, you have to know how all three of these men were already foot soldiers in a white supremacist secret society back then. This is evidenced in Jay-Z's first solo video 'I can't get with that' in 1994. And I'll embed the video at the end of this post. What you'll see in several scenes is Jay wearing a shirt with the word 'Columbia' on it. And for anyone who's not familiar with this Blog, I'll just briefly explain how the word Columbia is used a lot in these secret societies; if you notice several organizations bare this name like Columbia University, Columbia records, CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Station), Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) and in one of the most historically famous instances, Christopher 'Columbus' who was not an Italian, but a Spaniard originally named Cristobal Colon. 'Crist' was given the last name of Columbus (an offshoot of Columbia) to identify him as belonging to these secret societies. 

Side note: To any white persons reading this, lately I've seen a trend as to where young white guys are talking about Jay-Z like he is at the head of the 'illuminati'...understand, that's absurd!

If anything it's families or the current generations of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who put Jay 'on'...they're the ones at the heads of these hyper-dastardly and wicked tables; SO STOP ATTRIBUTING EVERYTHING THAT'S NEGATIVE TO BLACK PEOPLE! IF YOU WANNA' SEE WHICH KIND OF PEOPLE ARE REALLY DESTROYING THIS WORLD, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

So, essentially, Jay and Dame started at the same place, as puppets of white supremacist freemasons; but something went awry with their 'friendship'; see, Damon was really independence-minded and wanted ownership of his companies, while Jay was content to work for other people. 

Now, coming back to Jay's Reebok sneakers, Damon said he wasn't with that because he didn't want a 'sneaker deal'...he wanted to 'own the company'; and on every level, he was seeing how Black people created the fashion trends for all of mainstream america in the first place. 

But the white supremacist elites will only let you get so far up the food-chain (i.e. they don't want you really competing with them on a monetary level). So a different faction of pale-skinned inbred got in Jay's ear and told him how Dame wouldn't listen to reason and how difficult he was being, so they essentially offered Jay the whole of Roc-a-fella records and its ancillary franchises; and they basically pushed Damon out the side door. 

So the degenerates, with Jay's help, effectively 'killed off' their (internal) competition. 

Now, in every press outlet and periodical, when it comes to the Hip-Hop culture and Rap music, every white music journalist says, Eminem is the best rapper.

And I'm not gonna' lie, he is exceptionally good; and if you were someone who only listened to mainstream rap music, i.e. what's on the radio, you'd probably think he was the best. 

Now, being a writer, I gather people have recognized I've got a love for words; at least I hope they have, and I've always said, the coolest films, music, books, etc. aren't on the mainstream status quo's 'best-sellers' list(s); they're on/in the underground markets. So, I've always been a listener of college radio and a viewer of 'art house' cinema; and in the last couple of years, rather than listen to what's on top 40 'Hip-Hop' radio, I've been listening or following 'Battle Rap circles'.

This is actually where Eminem came from; and in my opinion, it's really the only place where you can find 'authentic' Hip-Hop anymore. But there's a problem...with the advent of downloadable and basically 'free' music, mainstream audiences are no longer buying records like they used to, and they've gotten pretty disenchanted with the same five artists the record companies are promoting; so, more mainstream Rap audiences are coming to 'Battle Rap' as an alternative to artists like 'Lil Wayne' and '2 chains'. And as you know, once mainstream culture gets a hold of something, they pretty much destroy any 'cool points' associated with it. 

Now, because I'm a fan of the 'Battle Rap' culture, I've seen other 'emcees' or one other 'emcee' that's pound-for-pound, better, or just as good as Em; and his name is 'Loaded Lux' (Pictured left).

Now, Lux comes from Harlem, New York City, and being that NYC is the birthplace of the genre, it's seems only right how this man could win an emcee battle with Em; moreover, I've been salivating to see a battle between Lux and Em for, I'd love to see Lux take down the whiteboi and claim his rightful place on the seat of Hip-Hop and Rap music supremacy. 

Now, there's another emcee who would give Em a run for his money; and his name is 'Murda Mook', but I think more people in the mainstream world know about Mook than Lux. Mook and Lux have actually battled before and it was pretty much a draw, but I say Lux bested Mook; but the battle was 'debatable'.

I also have to give a shout-out to Mook on his win against the whiteboi 'Iron Solomon'. Everyone pretty much had Mook losin' to Solomon; and even I was thinking, maybe Mook has met his match. But Mook did a lovely job of completely dismantling and retiring the inbred in one night's battle. It was masterful stuff and I might include that vid at the end of this post also.  

Getting back to Em though...I was looking at an interview with another emcee who's worthy of the title, Talib Kweli...and for the uninitiated, let me expound on the difference between a 'rapper' and an 'emcee'...a rapper is someone who might have a bit of rhyming skills, but they're mostly people who've gotten the greatest push from the music industry because of their looks or their knowing the right people in the industry; and these types usually come across a hot hook on a song and have careers that span about two to four years before they fall off into obscurity. They basically exploit the culture. An 'emcee' is a person who's 'of' the culture, not just 'in' it; they've usually spent a solid decade studying the craft of rhyming before jumping into the industry themselves and they're able to deliver captivating live performances with their original uses of punchlines, simile, flow (cadence) and most importantly, they've got something pithy to say in their music; these include people like Tupac Shakur, Rakim, Chuck D, KRS-ONE, Black Thought (of The Roots-very under-rated emcee), Kool G Rap, etc. 

At least this is my estimation of this difference, but back to what I was saying about Talib...he had an interview where he said he was touring with his group 'Black Star' (Black Star is the duo of Talib and Mos Def...another strong emcee) and eminem was their opening act; this was before em became a 'celebrity', and Talib said by the time they performed that show, the 'Slim Shady' LP had dropped and Em was on the cover of 'RollingStone' magazine; Talib says, this was the fastest any rap artist had gotten the cover of RollingStone. 

And he also said 
Em was slated to perform their show when he was still a brunette; and I'd never known em to have dark hair, but when I did some research, sure enough it revealed he's a brunette. Which means it was 'industry' folk that made him a blonde.

And notice on this cover of RollingStone (right), which deals with em's bout with drug addiction, how he's suddenly draped in all Black.

Now recently, and unbeknownst to me, Eminem got his own 'Battle Rap league'. Mind you, the league I usually rock with is 'Smack's URL'; because, brotha Smack was doin' it for years before it got popular and I used to watch and purchase Smack DVD's all the time a decade or so ago when DVD's weren't being bootlegged as much (google 'Smack URL' if ya' don't know what or who I'm talking about). 

I remember Hip-Hop heads used to go crazy over Smack DVD's! 'Cause it was one of the only franchises that rightly represented the culture without exploiting it. He and his DVD's were that revolutionary. 

Now, recently Lux and Mook battled in Em's league. I really didn't want this to happen, because to me, it would represent a schism between the two best Black emcees of this generation, in my opinion. I wanted them to just drop albums and continue beating the pants off white rappers. But white fascists got slick after Mook took Iron Solomon to school; so what they recently did was, again, give Em his own rap league; and they put up the monies for Lux and Mook to battle one another. 

Now, if these two were gonna' battle, I say, at least let 'Smack' get the revenues from this event. 'Cause Smack was the one who not only nurtured the careers of Lux and Mook, but he basically took the Battle Rap genre/culture to the prominent spot it's enjoying now. 

Now, I haven't seen the recent battle between Lux and Mook, but the 'industry' is saying Mook won. And I can't seem to find the battle on-line to judge for myself. 

Now, Mook has a reputation for retiring emcees/rappers he battles, like he did with Iron Solomon. So it stands to reason that if he won against Lux, then Lux's career is pretty much over; and where the mainstream rap world is concerned, if Mook did beat him, Lux could kiss those dreams goodbye forever. 

But what this looks like to me is the white fascist technique of effectively 'killing off' the competition; just like they did to Damon Dash who wanted too much ownership of his company. They knew Lux was the Black emcee who had the best chance to de-throne Em; and they couldn't let that happen. 

Now, what could happen is Em could get in the ring with Lux in his own league...but again, Em would have too much to lose; and that would pretty much mark the end of his league, and quite possibly, his career. Or they, Em and Lux, could go to another league and battle it out, but that's just wishful thinking too. Note, Lux has/had a battle rap league called the 'Lionz Den'; but he couldn't get sponsors to fund the bouts or the venues needed to hold these battles in. Smack himself had to get in bed with white supremacist freemasons in order to promote and expand his league; Lux just became one of them too, but Smack's been with them longer. 

So, it looks like we'll never see the epic battle between Lux and Em, and the Hip-Hop world and rap culture will be all the worse off for it. 

Because they know if Em was usurped as the world's 'best' rapper, that could lead to the most revolutionary and influential culture our generation has ever seen (Hip-Hop) affirming once and for all how the Black man is genetically and culturally superior to every other kind of man...WHICH WE ARE!



MontUHURU Mimia


Here's a vid of Damon Dash's travails with Def Jam when white supremacists wanted him expelled 'cause he sought too much ownership of his company. Note: some of this footage is blurred due to its being live and the camera having to move frequently. Please note, due to the copious amounts of profanity used in this clip, viewer discretion is advised!

Here's a vid showcasing the best of Loaded Lux's oeuvre; this is really a treat for anyone who's a fan of 'bars' over 'hot 16's'...shouts out to 'Themupdy' who put this together...Again, due to mature language, viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy this!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The gospel of white supremacy (Part 2)...Who created the Ebola virus?

"Who you gonna' believe, me or your lying eyes?"
--Richard Pryor, in regards to how Black people deal with white supremacy. 

I remember being sixteen and walking with a white acquaintance of mine who casually told me how AIDS came from some anonymous Black man having sex with a monkey. 

A second later, I told him where to go and how to get there before I walked off and never spoke to him again. 

About five years after, I remember listening to a radio show where a Black person called in saying how it's ashamed AIDS was running rampant in the Black Diaspora 'cause our people aren't able to control their impulses. 

A decade later, I was working alongside a young brotha who was here directly from Africa; and he relayed a similar sentiment to me about how it was ashamed our people were stricken with AIDS because we're so promiscuous. Fortunately, by this time I'd come into some of the consciousness I have now, and I was able to tell him how white scientists went into Africa and gave our people there the AIDS virus disguised as a Polio vaccine, and this is how Africa got AIDS.

I could see the brotha's countenance change, and it spoke to his feeling 'humanized' for the first time in a long while. 

Now, fast forward nearly a decade later, and it seems AIDS is new and improved; only this time, they're calling this biological weapon/disease, the 'Ebola' virus. 

For the past few days, all I've seen or read about on or in the news are reports of the first cases of the Ebola virus in america. 

Now, supposedly, a Black man from Liberia is the primary source of how this dreaded disease got to these shores and this press coverage is designed specifically for our people to internalize these bogus facts, so it can reinforce the reason(s) why we should hate ourselves for being Black, and everyone else who looks like us. 

And if I weren't a curious-minded Black person, these reports would compound the white supremacy induced, negative self image I've got embedded in my already shame-ridden psyche with the expressed purpose of making me feel like trash. 

Fortunately, I know enough about how these elite pale-skinned degenerates roll to have the low down on where AIDS and the Ebola virus really come from...with this said, let me give you a little background on these plaques...

In 1964 after the John F. Kennedy assassination, the World Health Organization created the 'International Reference Center for Immunoglobulins' at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. They did this for the expressed purpose of studying how certain viruses affect the human immune system. 

Between 1964 and 1968, the organization's principal advances in 'virology' had given the administration a greater knowledge of natural viruses as 'infectious agents'; this led to the Department of Defense offering them a $10 million dollar contract to find a synthetic biological agent with 'NO IMMUNITY'. 

Mind you, the World Health Organization (WHO) had several international 'reference' centers working on these viruses at the same time; and amongst the myriad viruses worked on, the one continually receiving the most dollars was the monkey viruses, especially the 'simian pox virus'. This was because the anatomical make up of simians was said to bare the greatest resemblance to that of humans, thus, making their trial testing more effective and accurate regarding human responses. 

Shortly after this, the WHO had its virus making operations transferred to the U.S., more specifically the areas in and around Bethesda, Maryland. Coincidentally, it was at this time the U.S. Congress gave america's Army $23.2 million dollars for 'biological warfare' research. 

Now, between 1967 and 1968 the Johnson administration languished amid american citizens wanting a withdrawal of american troops from the Vietnam War; Nixon was (s)elected after that, and for a moment america seemed a safer and more democratic place; but this myth would soon be shattered behind the 'Watergate' scandal. While this went on, the WHO in conjunction with organizations like the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute(s) of Health (NHI) provided the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with multiple viruses and plaques in the name of advancing the mythical 'international viral research program'. 

And in the early 1970's, the NCI was responsible for giving american children, a polio vaccine made from monkey kidney tissue; unbeknowst to the public, these 'vaccines' also had an assortment of 'cancer-causing' monkey viruses in them...and this precipitated the american cancer epidemic we're in currently. And with funding from the WHO to find a cancer cure, this team of virologists, created a 'cancer-like' disease that caused an 'immuno-deficiency' in humans. 

This would become what the WHO and all the rest of these organizations would call the 'HIV' and 'Ebola' viruses respectively.   

Now, throughout the 70's, these same dastardly virologists hid this new plaque inside of polio vaccines that would be distributed throughout Africa, with a concentration of these programs being held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now, isn't it interesting how the Congo just happens to be the 'birthplace' of the Ebola virus and how it's said to have some of the largest HIV infected populations on that continent? 

And if that don't tell you these are man made diseases, then check out this pic of the Ebola River in the Congo (where the Ebola virus gets its name from) and pictures of an actual strain of Ebola virus. See any resemblance? Now, tell me this is just a coincidence and not the signature of a man-made genetically engineered disease.

Now, as I'm writing this, the latest american news reports say the Liberian man who was stricken with the Ebola virus has died; well, we certainly know who killed him, and let me give you a wasn't any person from Africa mating with a monkey, it was the team of dastardly pale-skinned degenerate crackas who's story I'm giving you right now!

And if you're a Black man or woman reading this, make no mistake, these diseases were created to kill off Black people especially, 'cause WE, more than any other people, have the power to literally breed these inbreds out of existence. 

So the next time you see something about this virus on the TV news, engage your melanated mind and turn that crap off!

And the next time your flirting with, snuggled up with, or bedding down with one of these icy-blue eyed, pale-skinned inbreds, think about how much these people have invested in DESTROYING your people, psychologically and physically!





MontUHURU Mimia


Once again, if you need to enlarge the picture of my header or the pictured comparison of the Congo River and the Ebola strain, just put your mouse over the pic and click onto it. 


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri...and the ingenuity of young Black looters...

I came late to the awareness of the Michael Brown Jr. slaying due to being away on a vacation; so I felt the opportunity to really offer any sound debates on my part would be severely belated and downright negligible. I also felt the Black Diaspora might be feeling a bit of Micheal Brown Jr. fatigue behind the constant media coverage this story was given. So, I decided to leave this story to the Bloggers who'd already offered their two cents on this travesty. 

That was until I saw a dispassionate apology issued by police chief Thom Jackson, that not only came off as insincere, but wasn't issued to the parents of Micheal Brown Jr. in person, but via video tape. Thom wasn't even wearing his police uniform when he delivered this wildly late apology. So, I thought I needed to throw in my opinionated two cents and comment on a different perspective of this case.

For the uninitiated, Michael Brown Jr. was shot to death on August 9th, 2014, by officer Darren Wilson after a convenience store clerk called in a robbery. Supposedly, after the robbery call went out, squad cars rolled and Darren came upon Micheal walking with his friend. Now, Darren says Micheal's shooting was the result of a tussle he and Mike got in. But eyewitness reports say, Mike was retreating from the officer with his hands up when he was shot down. 

And, as is mandatory, the Reverend Al Sharpton appeared shortly after this incident to quell the civil strife and on-going revolts staged behind Mike's killing. 
Note how Al Sharpton is holding his hands while accentuing his 'inter-locked' fingers...this is one of the hand signals of a white supremacist freemason. So you know what Al's agenda is, to keep the protests passively non-violent, so these kinds of tragedies will continue to happen; Rev. Al sold us out decades ago.

Beyond Rev. Al, the propaganda machine has been smoking hot around this issue being that this incident was too public to sweep under the rug, in regards to Mike Brown's body being left laying in the street for hours after he was shot to death and neighbors taking video and camera pictures of Mike's body as his blood streamed down the pavement. 

Fortunately, the tensions boiled over and Black people took to the streets for several days of revolts, the likes of which we haven't seen in years. And the state's response to this was tantamount to the National Guard being called to impose martial law on this city. Officers arrived at our people's peaceful protests in full riot gear, throwing tear gas and siccing dogs on us; they did whatever else they could to deter these swelling masses of Black residents from taking to the streets...and fortunately, none of those tactics worked.

Now, Rev. Al touched on one aspect of these uprisings that made me take pause; at several occasions he's made references to the selfishness of the looting taking place in the city behind Micheal Brown's death. He said at Micheal Brown's funeral, in reference to the looters, "...this isn't about you."

Here's an image I pulled up, which is suppose to represent the most egregious of these 'violators' to the (in)justice system of Ferguson, Missouri. 

Now, when you look at this young man, are you appalled by his flagrant disregard for the law? Or are you more appalled at how he wears his pants sagging below his backside? Clearly this young thug has no reverence for the judicial system and it's many ancillary components and he has no problem mocking the police officers who've taken a sworn oath to uphold the law; but here's the real question...WHY SHOULD HE?

What kind of disrespect haven't law officers shown him and his peers? And I'd be willing to bet this store was owned by a spanish or asian person, and if it wasn't, one of those two groups definitely made up the majority of the workers there, and you know how disrespectful they are towards us and our children. Moreover, when these slayings happen time and time again, this young man understands how any legal recourse to fight injustices like what happened to brotha Mike Brown usually wind up as exercises in futility. So this young brotha is smart enough to strike a righteously indignant blow at the system in the best way he knows how.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm NOT condoning stealing; but when incidents like this keep happening, and the face of the Black Diaspora continually gets spat in, I have Chris Rock's opinion of these issues...meaning, I'm not saying this young brotha should'a did it...but I understand!

Ya' see, what's so lovely about this young man is he hasn't been conditioned out of his right mind yet, like so many of us mature Black people. He's still in touch with his better instincts; which allows him to act and operate on more of a visceral level.

Now, don't get me wrong; it's imperative that we temper this spirit with wisdom as we get older; but that doesn't mean we have to continually compromise our principals of self preservation. By that I mean, it doesn't always require my making whitey feel comfortable while me and mine are getting our heads beat in. If someone steps on your foot, you have the right to say ouch! And you have the right to swing at your oppressor's head to make sure he knows not to do it again.

And with that said, let me piggyback this sentiment with one controversial debate that continues raging in the Black community; that of young Black boys and their penchant for sagging jeans.

Now, when you see these two young Black men, what's your immediate reaction? Are you instantly repulsed by the extremity of their fashion statement? I gotta' admit, this did bother me back in the day. I would think, why would any person do something as silly looking as this? Well, let me see if I can shed some light on this particular trend. 

I've seen and heard people, Black and otherwise, talk about our youth like they're senseless for wearing their pants this way; supposedly, it goes against any common sense of what looks good on the human form. 

But have you ever noticed how Black men who are directly from Africa always wear loose and free flowing cloths like the brothas to the right? In terms of fashion, this just makes more sense, because tight, body hugging attire can cut off circulation which leads to disease. So, these young brothas are just going back to their roots, whether or not they, or we, know it. And, isn't if funny how we can bag on our youth for wearing sagging jeans, but mature Black people have no problems wearing the tight, european suits of their oppressors. The people who've indiscriminately slaughtered us for centuries, conditioned us to hate ourselves, made us pay higher interest rates on any kind of loan we apply for, have us paying more for lesser quality foods in our neighborhoods and have made every attempt to wipe us off the face of this earth through laboratory invented viruses...we have no problems wearing their cloths proudly.

Side note: The modern neck tie, which resembles a 'noose' more than anything else, was created by the elites because it physically separates the head from the rest of the body; meaning, it separates the 'logical thinking' head from the 'emotional' body (heart, gut reaction, etc.), so if you're kept in your 'logical' mind and out of your feelings, you tend to act more like an 'automaton' or robot. You're not questioning what you're doing, your more content to just take orders and follow them through.

Another note; about the picture on the left, I just 'binged' images of modern day neck-ties, and isn't it funny how there just happened to be a 'skull and bones' logo on this tie's clip? And I'm sure everyone is familiar with the famous and infamous 'skull and bones' fraternity out of Yale U. which George Bush Sr. and Jr. both belong to. The evidence of their fascist markings isn't hard to find if you look for it. 

But enough about the problem, and the symptoms therein...what about the solution(s)?

The Black Panther Party for self defense was founded in 1966 by Dr. Huey P. Newton (yes, he is 'Dr.' Huey P. Newton...the man was a PhD) and Bobby Seale; it was conceived by these men due to the gestapo like tactics of local law enforcement agencies, and their tendencies to run rough-shod through Black neighborhoods.  

Oddly enough, James Edgar Hoover...we call him J. Edgar, said about this party, that the most 'insidious' facet of its initiatives was not the party's talk of taking up arms against white cops; and yes, he did consider this a threat, that's why in 1967, there was a law passed called 'The Mulford Act' making it illegal for Black Panthers to carry loaded firearms in public, this was after their famous march into the California State Capitol with loaded weapons. Even more odd was that Ronald Regan, the actor who became a politician, and eventually was (s)elected to be president was the one who signed this bill into law; but J. Edgar said the most dangerous initiative of the Black Panthers, was the 'free breakfast' program for children. 

Now, this was because J. Edgar knew the nature of mental conditioning and how this program would create future Black Panthers when those children grew up. 'Chuck D' of the extraordinary rap group 'Public Enemy' said he'd eaten breakfast at those Black Panther programs. And we see how it affected him.

I'm making this point to say, it's not always about stock piling weapons and yelling 'kill whitey', there'll be time for that; I'm saying the MOST effective way to free someone mentally and physically of white supremacist machinations is through 'mental re-conditioning'.

So what we have to do is employ a better strategy for combating the gunning down of our young people in the streets...and I suggest what we need to do is start threatening our Black politicians.

Now, let me clarify what I mean when I say 'threaten', I'm not suggesting threatening them with physical violence, 'cause ultimately all that's gonna' do is land you in jail...what I'm talking about is forming a grassroots organization that will target one Black alderman, councilperson, congressperson, etc., and we tell him/her, if you don't help us to stop these thrill-kill white policemen from shooting down our babies in the street, we're gonna' organize a campaign to vote you out of office. 

And if they don't comply, then we follow through with our threat. Mind you, it's better if we keep these initiatives at a local level, so these politicians are more dependent on people's votes than not. 'Cause once you get to the mayoral level, those votes began to count less and less, see, those politicians are usually (s)elected by corporate magnates and the fascist forces behind them.

We find a local politician and force them to do something about the killing of our children; that's the only way we'll see any real results. And once they say no, which will inevitably happen, we make an example out of this person by doing whatever is necessary to get them voted out. 

Then, when we get to the next politician, they'll know we mean business.   

To the Black Diaspora, this is what it will take to save our children! We have to get serious about making sure our women and children are safe!


Black men, we've made strides individually...we have; if for nothing else, we have a Black president. And anyone who says Obama ain't Black, doesn't realize a 'teabagger' never existed before he became president, and a popular white supremacist website crashed the day he was sworn in; also, gun manufacturers can't keep up with white america's demand for guns 'cause these bigoted degenerates are arming themselves for an ethnic war, when all we've ever shown them was forgiveness and empathy. 

So this is the task we have before us...will we get it done? Or will several more Michael Brown Jr.'s have to get shot down in the street by pale-skinned degenerate cops for us to finally do something?

To my Black Nationalist's time to get to work!

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Are you a sex toy for white people?

If you're a Black man or woman reading this and you've been in four or more 'intimate' relationships with white people, and you're not married; answer these three questions for yourself honestly:

One, have you been in five or more relationships with a white person where there was no talk of serious commitment that could lead to an engagement or marriage?

Two, did you ever brag to a Black man or woman about how many white people you dated and how they treated you better than any brotha or sista did, while you were no longer in a relationship with any of these white people?

And three, if you were in four or more relationships with white people, did you meet any of their relatives?

If you answered yes to the first two questions, and no to the last one, chances are, some white person is using you as their personal sex toy...and here's a little secret about us Black people, especially the college educated ones among us; far too many of us have become sex toys for whitey's amusement, without even knowing it. 

Now, let's ask the logical question that should be on everyone's mind...why? 

Mind you, I'm only asking this question of Black men and women reading this; and I know inevitably there's gonna' be some spanish or asian person who comments saying, they've also been taught to obsess about their lesser moral standings or flawed physical features compared to white people; but that's where the similarities stop when it comes to the Black Diaspora; 'cause the conditioning we get to hurt and hate ourselves is FAR worse than any other ethnic group gets globally...period. So if you happen to be a spanish, asian or white person who feels you belong to some kind of marginalized group, you should understand this...

I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR PLIGHT! 'Cause one, you truly don't care about the plight of my people and two, chances are, if any two groups of you have a chance to team up against Black people, you do it...time and time again.  

Now, there are myriad sets of stats about what percentage of Black men and women are single across the board; the majority of which seem inflated to me, and this is 'cause the edicts of white supremacy dictate that one way whites always get to feel better about themselves is to look at the dysfunction in the Black community. When any group(s) of white people are enduring a recession or a state of joblessness, they can always look at some negative stat about Black people and this keeps them feeling safely superior to us. But, whether it's organizations like the Pew Research Center or the U.S. Census Bureau, the numbered results basically look like this:

Over 60% of Black women AND men are single.

And, over 70% of Black children are born into single parent households. 

But ya' wanna' know a disturbing fact? I'm surprised these stats aren't higher; let me explain why...

An extremely critical point I keep bringing up, only because it's the most crucial one when it comes to what's really ailing the Black Diaspora, is this, if you're a Black person, ever since you've started walking, you've been taught that EVERYTHING about you is wrong. 

EVERY single history book you've read in pre, middle and high school has taught you to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you!

This is done by force feeding you a study diet of two subjects we're taught to obsess over all our lives, slavery and Martin Luther King. 

So let's break down the effect(s) of what being reared on slave narratives and MLK does to a Black person's esteem and psyche.

When you're constantly shown pictures of your people being hung, butchered, burnt at stakes and whipped to within inches of their lives, what do you think it does to a young person's mind? 

I'll tell leaves a scar! This is similar to a child being traumatized in a household through constant beatings with foreign objects like belts and extension cords. These images of our people take a sledge hammer to our esteems, and unfortunately, the majority of Black men and women go to their graves with these scars, never realizing how they've been affected by the white supremacist conditioning they've gotten to hate themselves. This is why the majority of us never want to identify ourselves as Black and why we'll do anything NOT to be around Black people. And our damaged ability to love ourselves and each other help us stay in perpetual states of being a bachelor or bachelorette.   

For young Black men, study diets of slavery and the MLK edicts nearly erase all the confidence  any healthy young man needs to assert his place as a 'leader' or the head of the household in his community. Seeing his male ancestors subjugated, in chains and in perpetual states of pain, says to him he's probably doomed to fail before he starts; in a way, it says, he probably will never rise above a certain lowly station in life, 'cause you come from a people that are predisposed to failure.

For young Black women, it says there's NO protection for you in this life with your man being so emasculated. There's no semblance of security, no sense of stability, emotionally, financially or otherwise; and ultimately, you are LEFT TO 'FEND FOR YOURSELF!

Now, the Martin Luther King slant on this further tells young Black men and women they should passively accept what these schools, or any other local institutions, tell them about themselves. After all, whitey and his supremacist institutions know best. (The gospel of white supremacy). It says a good Black christian doesn't bother the order of things. And if he or she does upset the status quo, it should be in an attempt to get closer to, or be more like white people; regardless of how they brutalize or murderously torture you and your community. 

And one more component of the 'Martin Luther King' doctrine is, even if you are passive and non-violent, you should EXPECT to die violently. 

Oddly enough, I think a better analogy to use concerning this topic might be the tale of the pop group 'Milli Vanilli'...Yeah, that 'Milli Vanilli' know, Rob and Fab who got busted for not singing on their records. I know what you're thinking...have you gone mad? But just indulge me for a sec'; you'll see it's value when I'm done.

In the early eighties, Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan were basically homeless 'club kids' trying to forge careers as models/dancers. They were inseparable because they were both young Black men in Germany who were disowned by their parents, and both tell stories of growing up in unstable and abusive households. Rob used to tell stories of abuses he suffered at the hands of his German mother who was also a porn actress. He and Fab said when they were living on the streets they oftentimes slept standing up, because in Germany, they'd be the only Black people in certain areas, so they'd always get harassed for loitering if they slept anywhere in public places. 

Essentially, they were all each other had.   

Fast forward to the year 1988; when record producer Frank Farian sees Rob and Fab rehearsing for a singing group in a Munich, Germany club; he knew they had the marketable look his new musical group were missing. So he signed them to a production deal.

Mind you, Rob and Fab were still homeless German kids, so Frank made the poisoned Kool-Aid a little sweeter when he gave them each a couple of hundred dollars for advances when he signed them. Then, when Rob and Fab spent the money on some food and a place to live, Frank told them they had to lip-synch on the tracks he gave them, or per their contract, they had to pay him back the advance. 

"We weren't hired, we were trapped..." Rob was quoted as saying. 

Coincidentally, Frank had done the whole lip-synching trick before with one of his other groups, 'Boney M'; and one of the men he hired for said group, was actually an 'exotic dancer'. Ya' see, this is how Frank rolled. 

The song, 'Girl you know it's true', was released on March 1, of 1989. And it was originally produced by Frank's cohort, Jesse Powell.  

And I don't care what people think about this song, it was hittin'

This started Rob and Fab's ride on the rollercoaster of international stardom; the two always hung closely together, because they felt safe around each other; if for no other reason, they didn't speak very fluent english. They considered themselves brothers 'cause they'd been through so much, and again, they were rarely seen apart.

But after a few years of celebrity their conscious couldn't let them deceive the public anymore, so Rob and Fab refused to show up at a particular video shoot unless they were allowed to sing!

Frank Farian threw a fit, fired Rob and Fab and went to the press telling them that 'Milli Vanilli', (i.e.) Rob and Fab, were frauds.

After the fall-out, and the following trauma of being exposed in the public eye, Rob and Fab couldn't be found together at all! They wanted to stay as far away from each other as possible because they said it reminded them of the stresses of the public exposure. 

Sadly, years later Rob committed suicide behind this trauma and Fab continued to sing on the local club circuit, but fell into obscurity. 

Now, bringing this back to the plight of the Black Diaspora. The Black man and woman who were once inseparable, after suffering the traumas of white supremacist conditioning via the american school system and other white fascist mediums, now want nothing to do with each other.  

And here's my question: if we can acknowledge how the Black Diaspora as a whole has been conditioned to
self-destruct, why are Black people collectively scratching their heads wondering why we're self-destructing? 

The circumstances I've mentioned above are precisely why we'll go out of our way to avoid one another while we throw ourselves at every white person we see who may show an interest. And ultimately, we're trying to escape the trauma of going through this life as a Black person.

The other side to this is, Black people don't realize how we're perceived by whites and everyone else before we even get a closer proximity to them at the collegiate level. 

So, here's two ways we're perceived by white people, when it comes to how they deal with the Black Diaspora... 

And mind you, I'm focusing on white people because for the most part spanish and asian people are NOT going to be sexually attracted to us. And yes, there are exceptions to this rule but they're few and far between; because spanish and asian people have a 'non-white complex', so they're always trying to show everyone, especially Black people, how much 'whiter' they are compared to us. The shame of it all is, they don't realize, they'll never be white...but don't tell them that. White people don't have this complex because being that they are white, there's nothing they have to prove, this makes it easier for them to be more sexually active with Black people on the whole.

But back to whitey's perceptions of us before we're around them at the collegiate are some ways white people view us before we ever sit next to one of them in a university's desk:

One, white people believe that we're only attracted to them because we're essentially gold-diggers and we want to get at their money, especially if they're 'trust fund babies'. Now, I'm not saying this is the truth, I'm saying this is how whitey perceives you before, during and after they get to know you. They think we just wanna' get in their pockets. When nine times outta' ten, we just want the closest proximity to them as possible, 'cause it makes us feel better about ourselves, it makes us feel we've accomplished something in this life having the privilege of being in the same room with these pale-skinned degenerates. 

Two, white people believe since we've grown up in poverty-ridden, single-parent households, that we've looser morals than their white peers, and they figure this is another reason we're so eager to be sexual with one of them right off the bat. I remember two white people were discussing how a Black female class mate of mine came from a monetarily upper-scale household, to which the white woman in the conversation offered: "Oh, I thought she lived in a small apartment with a bunch of her other siblings..."
Bascially, this is what the white woman saw on an episode of 'Good Times' or something; but to her, this was the reality of most Black people she knew...WHAT SHE SAW ON TV! Literally, this is all she knew about Black people...and all she cared to know. 

So every white person thinks if they ever hit a dry spell with their own kind, one of us will be waiting in the wings with a bed strapped to our backs, wanting to fulfill any lustful desire that comes to their heads. They feel they'll never want for fast and easy sex around us; and for the most part, we're so anxious to be accepted by them, they're usually right. That's why they feel it's okay to string some Black man or woman along with thoughts of longer-term relationships, until they find a white partner to marry; then they'll dump us and move on with their pale-skinned peer (Kerry Washington/Dave Moscow and J.Lo/Ben Affleck).

Now, how do we resolve this? Firstly, let me say, we CAN'T PRAY THIS AWAY!

We can't 'let go and let God' when it comes to the nearly two decades of conditioning we have to hate ourselves and each other. 

We have to recondition ourselves at the subconscious level to pluck out the white supremacist dictator in our minds, so we, the Black Diaspora, can get back to a place of loving ourselves and each other. And the only way to do that is through meditation. 

I have a Blog post I'll leave a link to at the end of this that shows one of the meditative techniques I'll include in my upcoming e-book 'How to heal the rift between Black men and women'. In that tome, I'll go into everything discussed here in more detail.

So you know the old axiom that's told to the Black community, and young Black men more specifically, stating if you sell drugs you're gonna' wind up in one of two places, dead or in jail? We, the Black Diaspora, should institute a new maxim that says, if you endeavor to marry a white person, you're gonna' end up suffering two conditions, being oversexed and alone. 

And you don't have to take my word for it, the stats bare this out. 

To the Black men and women reading's time we stop reviling each other and start reviewing the reasons why it's imperative that we come to a place of being able to form successful and loving relationships again; and it's time we become wholly invested in saving the Black family. 

Now, if you care nothing about your people, continue to let yourself get used like a handy-wipe for whitey's pleasure...just remember, as you stare wantonly into the icy-blue or pale colored eyes of the white person you're bedding down with, that statistically and more than likely, what you'll get out of trying to marry this person, is what you'll soon be getting between the sheets...SCREWED! 

Brothas and Sistas, it's time we stop playing ourselves cheap, and it's way past time we rediscover that there's truly no love more divine than ours. Especially the love and offspring of a 'pure-bred' or pure-bred looking, Black man and woman.

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the Blog post with one of the meditative exercises I talked about here.

And anyone doubting me or my past posts when I say white birth rates are falling below replacement levels should read this article here.