Friday, June 14, 2013

Why spanish people don't like Black americans...

"There's no doubt that Mexican men and women - full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work - are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."
--Vincente Fox, Former president of Mexico

For the uninitiated, former president of mexico, Vincente Fox, is the perplexed looking man at the center of this blog's pictured header. He made this statement on May 15th, 2005. He then recanted and called Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as a means of reconciling his dumb-founded quote. 

What Fox intimates with this statement, is his beliefs about mexicans enjoying an exalted status above Black people in america; even though the stats prove Black americans are clearly doing better socio-economically than their mexican-american peers. Now, originally, I was going to title this post 'Why spanish americans don't like Black americans...', but with statements like this from the mexican president, and what I've heard from dominicans, puerto ricans, peruvians, colombians, etc., this sentiment is shared in nearly every predominately spanish speaking country. 

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the man pictured on the Time magazine cover. He's a leading member of the Republican party and a staunch conservative. Now, this man is constantly serving two masters, on one hand, he's a leading Republican who falls in line with the Repub. rank and file; on the other, his party is in direct opposition to immigration reforms that could help a lot of his people become full-fledged citizens. 

So he's constantly flip-flopping on that issue; but ultimately, he'll do whatever keeps him in the good graces of the party. Even to the detriment of his people. 

I remember recently, how Republican congressman Don Young called spanish people 'wetbacks' in a broadcast radio show. When the media asked Marco what he thought about Don's statement, he said this: "I'm concentrating on the Easter comment."

And that's yet another example of spanish people always bending to the will of whites, even when it hurts them. 

Another instance of this happening is when an all-white California motorcycle gang called the 'Mongols', recruited spanish people into their ranks to help them fight a war they had with the hells angels. What wound up happening is the spanish faction of the group ultimately didn't conform to some of the Mongols standards, and they wound up in a war with these bigoted white bikers. I've also heard how spanish prison gangs have teamed up with the aryan nation to fight against Black prison gangs. It seems they'll do whatever is necessary to affiliate themselves with white factions who at some point show how much they hate spaniards.  

In conjunction to this, I have a relative who recently moved next door to some spanish people. When she first moved in, she waved hello to them and they looked at her like she was crazy. One other time, she was hanging curtains at a window that faced their house, one spaniard saw her and immediately turned back towards his house, slamming the door shut behind him. 

I also recall a time when I used to frequent a big bodega; and I remember the spanish people who owned it swore up and down that it was a full-fledged supermarket. Not only were their prices twice the average for everything, but they were constantly rude, crass and had snippy attitudes because they were in a Black neighborhood. So much so, that residents of the neighborhood robbed them; and I can't say I blame them. I even had to curse out someone in the store because of their attitude.

The above incident then got me thinking about the time I saw George Lopez on TV and he proudly announced that Black people weren't allowed in his house as a youngster. I wondered how many white people came to visit his family? I'd wager not a one. 

Then I thought about how the 'Original Kings of Comedy' tour, documented by Spike Lee, got copied by George Lopez and his spanish friends when they put out the 'latin kings of comedy' tour and DVD. Now why is George copying anything to do with Black people's culture when he's so proud that we weren't allowed in his house? I've seen this time and time again with spanish people; they'll talk, dance, sing and wear the fashions of Black people, but they still can't stand Black people. Weird, huh? 

But here's my point in saying all this; the REAL reason spanish people don't like Black americans is...we remind them THEY'RE NOT WHITE. See, spanish people have a 'non-white' complex they'll never admit to. 

While they take about their national pride, they always want to prove to the world that they can be more european than europeans; especially around Black people. Even though western whites exploit the hell out of them in this country. I remember one day a spanish person openly said around me: "I'm not Black, I'm not Black; I'm orange and white that's why I'm alright." Then I told him: "You should join the Klan...they'll show you how white you are." 

And some Black people may suffer from this delusion, until they get their Black wake up call and find out who they really are. But the overwhelming majority of us don't need the wake up call; nothing's more apparent to us than who we are. We know we'll never be white, and someone like myself is glad not to be. But time and again, I see spanish people go along with whatever white people tell them to do, again, completely to their detriment; all in the name of claiming some sort of elusive white status. And even when they get their 'wake up call', they ignore it and keep to their 'wish-to-be-white' ways.

All in all, I have to say this about anglophilic spanish people: IT'S GOTTA' SUCK TO THINK YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO BEING WHITE, AND KNOWING YOU NEVER WILL BE. Black people aren't this deluded, and we're all the better for it. 

So whenever I hear comments from white conservatives like congressman Don Young, and see spanish people's lack of outrage towards it, it proves to me how willing they are to be prideless in the face of white bigotry. And any ethnic group who conforms to this philosophy, deserves whatever they get in the future. 




  1. This was great to read and very ,very true..I had a Mexican say to me one time( We Mexicans are having babies and getting married to white people everyday ,one day you will need to get jobs from us) in the Hell does that mean?

    1. The Mexican you spoke to who claimed they're marrying into white families in huge numbers, is engaging in what some spiritualists call 'wish fulfillment'

      What they're trying to deny is how the white elite exploit the hell out of them in this country.

      White elite institutions use them for cheap and demeaning labor, they jail them, sometimes indefinitely to support immigration officers and their prisons, white officers kill them indiscriminately at the american border, and still...mexicans and other spanish people love american whites to death. Literally.

      mexicans or any other spanish person should reference Jennifer Lopez as to how whites view and treat them in relationships.

      Liberal-minded Ben Affleck courted J.Lo, had several rolls in the hay with her during their relationship, but when it was time to 'tie the knot' what happened?

      Ben dumped her for a white girl named Jennifer.

      So let them have their illusions; when they get their 'spanish wake up call' maybe then, the fever of 'anglomania' will break.

      Until then, every time I hear about whites or their institutions using them like cheap whores, I smile and turn the channel or page.

      Again, any ethnic group of people who are this proudly prideless in the face of white bigotry deserves whatever happens to them.

      And again, it's gotta' suck to think you're so close to being white and knowing you never will be.

      Thanks for commenting.

    2. there is no validity to your statement since you misuse the word spanish

    3. I do know that the 'ethnically correct' term to use would be 'latino' or 'latino-american'; but as you can tell, these people don't like my people, so I use the term spanish. 'Cause again, I really can't give them that much respect seeing as they don't show my people any.

  2. Its gotta suck to think your so close to being free, but knowing you'll never be? Your an insulting bastard, y'know that?

    1. I AM free...

      Free from thinking whites are superior...

      Free from thinking my people never accomplished or created anything in this country or this world...

      And most importantly, free from wanting to be white, 'cause I know what a privilege it is to have been born a Black man...

      And if you find any of this insulting, you're free to visit another Blog.

  3. i stopped readin your article after you said spanish people referring to south americans. spanish people are ONLY people from spain Just because you speak spanish doesnt make you spanish. Spanish people are white by the way. Austria speaks german does that make austrians german? no they are still austrian

    1. I use the term spanish for spanish speaking people; and that's primarily what south america is comprised of...PEOPLE WHO SPEAK SPANISH!

      That's the point I was making.

      And even if an austrian spoke german, I'd still categorize them as white.

      'Cause that's what the world does to my people.

      You could have five Black men in the room, two could be from Jamaica, one could be from Brazil, the other two could be African, but fair-skinned or lighter skinned people are not gonna' wonder where each one is from...all they see are BLACK men.

      I know you wanna' be politically correct...but I'll let you in on a little secret...this world is NOT politically correct, and probably never will be.

    2. Well if you want change you have to start off by not labelling South Americans improperly they are not spanish they are spanish speaking. Also spanish people are white and from spain. South americans, at least most of them, are mestizos/native south americans so most of the time they have dark skin. Also, of course you would categorize those 5 men as black because thats what they are. If i heard one talking in Jamaican Or spanish id assume that one was south american or one was jamaican but they are still both black. Another example is asians. There are japanese chinese korean vietnamese. If you gathered 5 from those nations yes most likely everyone will classify them as asians. They are all asians except one is chinese, japanese, korean, etc. Just how the black men are black but Jamaican, Cuban, Kongan, Dominican, et

    3. 2 more examples. a group of whites, you would say thats a group of white people but hen again they could be english scottish spanish french russian etc. For south american as well but there could be mexican brazilian colombian cuban venezuelan peruvian, etc

    4. theres difference between nationality and race and its correct if you classify them by either one

  4. Sorry I started actually reading your post and you go far enough to even call South Americans Spaniards. Let me say this again. Spaniard and Spanish both refer to people ONLY from Spain.

  5. Please use Spanish and Spaniard correctly.

    Spaniard is someone from Spain only (white European)

    Spanish is a language and the nationality of people from Spain only

    Hispanic is anyone who speaks Spanish as a native language regardless of race

    Latino is anyone who speaks a Latin based language such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or Romanian as their native language regardless of race

    1. Let me say this again 'cause you missed it the first time...I understand that 'latino' is the politically correct term for spanish-speaking people know a days; but, since these people have no respect for my people, I call them all spanish, 'cause apropos to them, I don't care about political correctness.

      Got it?

      The term 'hispanic' was actually coined by the white elite who didn't have a politically correct term for spanish speaking people in america; if you don't believe me, go look this fact up.

      On the topic of real 'spaniards', a lot of fair-skinned folks from spain THINK THEY'RE white europeans, but once you come state side, you'll find that anyone with a spanish sirname like martinez, is gonna' be considered spanish.

      And if you think that's a lie, you should tell any fair-skinned spanish person to go join the klan...they'll let these people know how white they are.

    2. because they are ignorant just like you are. You didnt even pay attention to my comparisons. Its all there for you

  6. Sure you don't like Latino Americans but Spanish people are white and not the same as Latino Americans they are European.

    You obviously have not been to Spain. Spanish people are white while most Latino Americans are not. It's not fair to call them spanish when they're not because real Spanish people are not racist to blacks as is shown by the fact that there is no derrogatory word for black people used in Spain Spanish (I don't know about Spanish spoken in the other countries).

    1. There may be less bigotry towards Blacks by spanish people who are actually from spain, but once those same people get to america, they're just as bigoted, or sometimes more so, than american whites.

      I've seen this first hand. This is not something I made up.

      So go sell that 'not all spanish people are like that' jazz somewhere else; I've encountered too many spanish people from spain or other places who hate Black people who've never done a thing to them, while they love whites who rip them off with less than legal wages, jail and kill them indiscriminately.

      Btw, have you been to spain yourself? I bet not.

  7. take a look at this website
    its just one of the many sites that will make you not so confused about incorrect labels

    1. You look at it; 'cause I'm not confused.

      I know who my enemies are.

    2. Yes I'm Spanish and have been to Spain and its really offensive to real spanish people to be put in the same boat as Latino Americans because they are not the same race and none if them are first world countries either.

      I highly doubt you've met more than one person who is actually from spain.

    3. I highly doubt you're a spanish person...or any other kind of REAL person...only two views on your Blogger account? What did you just create this account today?

      If you're gonna' try to come off with some righteous indignation towards me, at least have the decency to say you're an agent.

      It's so obvious.

      Matter of fact, I'd like to give you and the rest of the agent's trolling my Blog one big SHOUT OUT!


    4. What? I created yesterday through google to respond to this post. The only one being rude is you because you're ignorant and bigoted to do anything else. Spanish people are white Europeans and Latino Americans are mostly Amerindian people who SPEAK Spanish. Lol@you calling some Latino American Spaniard that is the definition of ignorant

    5. You. That's what most of them are Amerindian or mestizos

    6. you mean 'native american'?

  8. Mexico is a part of North America.

    1. It used to be, until white people...ya' know, those people that spanish folk consider their friends, separated one part from the other.

      Thus, another reason why spanish people's love for whitey perplexes me.

  9. If you talk about racism. Latino community isnt racist its your usa government and funding puppets to run our countries thats real racism that we deal with. Usa funding dictators like pinochet, strosner, somoza, funding drug cartels etc. Not saying americans are bad people but they pretty clueless and lost. Viva latin america

    1. 'Kem'...

      Either, one, you're spanish yourself and don't want to admit how your people react in such a hateful manner towards Black americans...

      or, two, you're a person who sympathizes with spanish people and you just wanna' stay in denial about how they feel about Black americans. Either way it tells me you have blinders on, or, you just don't know spanish people very well, OR, you've never hung around spanish people in a causal setting when they're more truthful about how they feel about us.

      I see their hatred towards my people a little everyday, while they love the white people who keep them oppressed and underpaid. Your mention of Pinochet, strosner, etc. means nothing to me when I see how much spanish people adore whitey, no matter what he does to them.

      Go sell that viva latin america crap somewhere else!

  10. Um, well, I should point out that spics are spics, not Spanish. Spanish folks are white Europeans from Spain. The people they colonised are what is known as Latin or Hispanic. The Spanish are indigenous to Spain. The spics are indigenous to Latin America. That said, your article is dead-on. Of course Spanish people love white folk. They're white too! Haha.

    1. Firstly,

      I know that 'spanish' people, technically, are europeans.

      I also know that the term 'hispanic' was coined by white elites, to give 'latino's' a box to check for your ethnicity on an american census.

      And I also know that the politically correct term for spanish people these days, is 'latino'.

      But because these leaf-blowing, re-fried bean eating and orange-picking jerks don't like my people, even though as I pointed out, they keep copying and stealing from our culture, I call them 'spanish' because I could give less than a damn about them.

      Cause again, they feel the same way about my people.

      And if you're spanish yourself, and you think you're olive-skinned, dark-hair and dark eyes qualify you as 'white', try
      joining the KKK with that spanish surname...they'll show you how 'white' you are.


  11. So much hatred people .
    Just think for a second we are all equal in God's eyes don't matter color age gender im not gonnabl say race cuz there is only one race.

    Im hispanic and never have considered myself white and that's very good with me.

    But racist morons really make you wanna vomit.

    1. 'xtrade'...

      That's a lovely sentiment...but you should know that the overwhelming majority of your people don't feel the same way you do. Especially about my people.

  12. As a Black woman of mixed descent from Chicago, growing up with latinas/latinos, and moving to California, I just want to say, I don't know which group I hate more; Blacks or specifically Mexicans. But anyway, with being educated, I understand your lack of enthusiasm to correctly identify who exactly you were talking about. I speak Spanish but I'm not a Spaniard, as I am not from Spain. You chose to operate your article out of a basic level to condescend to your audience. As a Black educated woman, I am embarrassed. But I know worse blogs exist. I only stumbled upon this blog googling John Michell, noting they said he was of black complexion "like a Spaniard or Jew". I've never known actual Spaniards from Spain being referred to as black nor of Jews. I Googled " black spaniard " and your George Lopez picture popped up. The quote caught my attention, and well, here we are.

    1. 'Cali Valley'...

      Let me resolve your quandary over which kind of people you hate more, Black or latino...whether you know it or not, you obviously hate Black people more. Here's why...

      Anyone who says they're a 'Black' woman of 'mixed' heritage, is extolling the fact that they consider themselves something other than Black. What you're really implying is you're something a bit better than a 'pure-bred' Black woman; in some ways you feel your being 'mixed' makes you somewhat more exotic...thus, the 'Cali Valley venus MIRAGE' moniker.

      Now, your 'mirage' mentality not only extends to your mixed-up ethnicity, but makes you believe that because you're 'educated' you obviously have to be smarter than people who aren't.

      So let me ask you a question, don't you think your 'education' has contributed to your feeling that it's better to be 'mixed' than a pure-bred Black person?

      I hope you can see through the mirage of the white fascist edcuation you received, to realize that for decades your 'education' has conditioned you to hate the 'Black' side of yourself.

      And I understand that the proper term for these people is latinos, and I also understand that spanish people are from spain, and that spain is in europe...I only call these people 'spanish' 'cause they have no respect for Black people.

      Furthermore, after spending time growing up around spanish people, if you didn't see how much they despised Black men and women, then you're still stuck in a (mis)educated mirage. 'Cause it's your education that makes you blind to the fact that the overwhelming majority of these people have a 'non-white' complex. Meaning, they constantly talk about how much whiter they are than Black people, knowing they'll never be white.

      Meaning they're stuck in a mirage...just like you.

      Hopefully, one day you'll quench your thirst for some real information beyond your white fascist education, and for once in your life, you'll be able to come through your mirage and into reality.

  13. I like your blog. I liked how you handled yourself with all the posters. I'm mixed too but I have always identified as black and not biracial. I, on my own don't tell people I'm biracial. It only comes out if someone asks (persists) and I will admit it. But I love being born black in America. I only mentioned this time that I am mixed because I read another post where someone posted about their racial background trying to sound as if being mixed is better than a purebred black.not saying that I have anything against such person but you are right when you say that white supremacy has taught us (most races) that being white is the best and being any other race or color is not. Did you see the video on YouTube where someone is conducting an experiment on little black girls and asking them which Barbie doll or dolls are prettier or better? It disgusted me. Also, I pretty much read the disgusting comments by most of the posters and I knew that it was a matter of time before the racism started to swap out. LOL. It makes me laugh how they couldn't take what you had written in response to their comments so they resort to racist comments. And you never budged and that made the racist posters even angrier. I like the fact that you are a strong black man not deterred by stupid insults and how you stand firmly on your feet. We as a community, need more brothers like you. You know who you are and what you are. I also concur with you when you tell people that they will never be accepted as white and love the fact that you are happy being born black. This is the main reason why I tell people that I'm black. I am proud to be black.

    1. 'Levy'...

      Thanks for your comment. And my apologies about the length of time it took me to post this.

  14. MonTUHURU Mimia I have noticed and experienced all these things to. I just saw a post of a Haitian man being hung by latinos because he is black. It really frustrates me that people try so hard to defend their points to dissagree with your blog but turn out to say the most racist stuff to prove your post right. It is sickning how they true colors come out when the truth is told. I am black but i often get mistaken as a latina and have to correct people because i love being black.It disturbs me that a black woman can say i do not know if i dislike blacks or spanish. That is self hate.Blacks are beautiful and we have many diffrent looks of beauty. Our noses are big small just like everyone else.i have seen white people with big noses and latino people.Us blacks come in many diffrent shades and features. Its sad how bad people want to be white. Thank you for this post and your respect for the people who disrespected you. Thank you!