Friday, August 30, 2013

Domino's Pizza, social engineering and 'poor' Black neighborhoods...

This is a post I've been itching to write...

The other day I was visiting my parents and they'd run out of bottled water. Now, usually when I visit, what we do is order a large pizza to alleviate anyone having to cook if they don't feel like it. 

So, being that we were out of bottles of water, I decided to hop in my car and get both the waters and a large pizza.  

Now, usually I go to a certain Domino's Pizza near my parents house, but since I was looking for the bottled water first, I took a different route. It was en route to get that, that I happened upon another Domino's that was about a town over from my parent's place. 

So since it's unusual for me to see another Domino's nearby...I thought I'd stop in and grab that first. What happened next was nothing short of infuriating. 

Once I got to the door of Domino's, I tried to open it. When I tried pulling it, I noticed it was locked; I didn't think they were closed 'cause it was about 5 P.M. on a weekday. Then I thought, well, maybe this is just a supply outlet of some sort. Then, the woman at the counter 'buzzed' me in.

Then I got it...I was like, okay--'negro rules' apply here. By that I mean, this was done to ward off Black people that this Domino's branch thinks of as 'criminally-minded' or 'unsavory'. Now, being that I was going to leave my parent's house shortly thereafter 'cause it was a week-day, I said, let me just get this pizza here and I'll never see this place again. 

After I went in, their attempt at enforcing some kind of security measure was laughable; there were no glass partitions of any kind, bullet-proofed or otherwise, that would have kept the clerks behind the counter safe. Anyone who was 'buzzed' in with bad intentions could just as easily rob this place without the door's insipid 'buzzer'. This means that whoever owned this particular store not only disliked the residents living around it, but they didn't care about the clerks working in it either. 

After I ordered the pizza, the cashier clerk said there'd be a 15 minute wait; it seemed kinda' long, but I was like...okay, after all I did order a 'large' pizza. This explained to me why people were sitting in their cars outside the place and in the store with dejected looks on their face. After a couple of minutes I told the young woman behind the counter that I was going to wait in my car as well. 

About 11 minutes later, I go back to the door. I thought the young woman behind the desk would see me, but she was talking to another customer; still I knew she could see me enough to 'buzz' me in. After a few seconds it was clear that she couldn't perform both tasks at the same time, or didn't want to. Finally, a woman in the store told the counter person that I was waiting to be buzzed in. 

After I walked in, I could hear that the counter staff had botched other people's orders...and again I thought, I know numbers spots that are better run than this place. 

Finally, I grabbed my pizza and got the hell outta' there. Ironically enough, I ran into the woman who had alerted the cashier clerk that I was waiting to be buzzed in earlier. And to her I exclaimed: "Never again." 

She asked why.

I then told her, it's just crazy how they're 'buzzing' people in like that. The woman countered with: "Oh, well ya' know...they were robbed once before."

Then the young man she was with, whom I'm guessing was her son, said: "'s security."    

That's when I thought of the Harriet Tubman quote: 
" I freed a thousand slaves, and could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves." 

*Side Note: Recently, there's been a nefarious 'sex tape' of Harriet Tubman circulating via epic house negros like 'Russell 'hustle' Simmons. It depicts Harriet having some secretive tryst with a white male slave owner (Olivia Pope, Scandal, Sally Hemmings). This is being done not only to diminish Harriet's contribution to our people...and history period; it's being done to neutralize any leftist and revolutionary leanings black women might have in the wake of Trayvon Martin, being reminded about the 'anniversary' of hurricane Katrina, etc. What white people don't want are the black women working besides them turning into a revolutionary powder keg and destroying white supremacist institutions internally.  

But getting back to the black woman I mentioned above, and what looked to be her son, these two clearly frequented this eatery and were excusing it's behavior. 'Cause on some level, they bought into the projected lie this branch of Domino's was selling to the people of this community. 

And that is, that you (Black) people are savages, and we know you're predisposed to criminality; so this is the measure we've taken to stop that. 

When I finally replied to the woman, that if the owners of that particular franchise were so scared, they should close down the store and move...she laughed the comment off. 

I shook my head. 

What's even worse than calling Black people savages with this 'buzzing' system, was the fact that they STILL wanted our money. And this mother and son had no qualms about giving it to them. Mind you, on this stretch of street, their were at least 5 other eateries this woman and her son could have gone to; yet, she chose the one with the insipid 'buzzing' system in place to make her feel subhuman. Our Diaspora is so conditioned to accept insults like this, that we're not even offended by it anymore.

It also made me wonder why the community didn't boycott this overt display of bigotry. And once more, I'd be willing to bet this branch of Domino's was NEVER robbed; they just saw this was a predominately 'Black' neighborhood, and put this system in place. And I'm sure this woman didn't have any hard facts about whether or not this place had been robbed, it was just some rumor she'd heard or something she and her son assumed. 

And in my written heading, I put the word 'poor' in parenthesis because this was not a poor community. If anything it was working class, there were nothing but homes surrounding this Domino's branch, and this area was allowing itself to be treated like they lived in a trailer park. 

And even if this branch were surrounded by section 8 tenements, they'd still have no right to treat our people this way. 

But the thing that still gets me is, this woman was completely complicit in letting this 'retail' store dehumanize her. Again, not to even recognize this as an insult to me is insane.

It's as if she was saying to me, don't you know we're savages and we have to be treated this way? Don't you understand we deserve to be treated this way? 

And what kind of message is that giving her young son?

Again, insane.

So, if you know of a store conducting similar practices in your neighborhood, even if you don't organize a boycott against it, you should at least deny them YOUR money. 

Stage a 'personal' boycott. 

'Cause if more of us did that, we wouldn't have to put up with nonsense like this

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why Black FBI agents owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Huey P. Newton...

I remember randomly walking through the aisles of my neighborhood library in my teens and seeing Dr. Huey P. Newton's autobiography 'Revolutionary Suicide' for the first time.

At the time, the Black Panthers were just a myth to me. I'd heard of them, but didn't know much about them, cause like every Black person in the american educational system, I'd been indoctrinated into worshipping the pansy-like stylings of Martin Luther King and Crispus Attucks. But after seeing the book's cover, something in me was moved to the point of picking it up. And once I held it in my hands, I stared at the infamous photo of Huey in the wicker chair with a spear in one hand and a rifle in the other for a good few minutes.

I couldn't wait to dive into the pages of this book, 'cause I knew with that kind of badass cover, there had to be some badass content inside.

Fast forward decades later...not only have I read the book twice, but I now know that Dr. Huey P. Newton received his Ph.D from the University of California, Santa Cruz. And ironically enough, the title of his published dissertation was: 'War against the Panthers: A study of repression in the united states'. 

I've also seen the way that white elites have defiled the book's original cover. In this post header's triptych at the far right you can see the original cover for the book. The book's co-opted cover art on the top left was designed by some lackey named 'Ho Che Anderson'. This is suppose to be some clever take on the name 'Ho Chi Minh' who was the communist revolutionary prime minister and president of Vietnam from 1945 to 1969. 

On this cover it shows a shotgun pointing at Dr. Newton's head. And if you opened the book and saw its full cover, you'd see it depicted someone who looks like a Black Panther pointing the shotgun at him. 

This is basically saying that Huey and the rest of the Panthers killed themselves 'cause they had the nerve to take up arms and do battle with the corrupted gestapo-like policemen in their communities. And on a banner over Huey's shoulder are the words 'Try Police'. This is suppose to be a sign protesting police corruption. But it's really saying Black folks should 'try' police in courtrooms to get some sort of justice. It's suggesting Black folks should trust police and the american (in)justice system despite the fact that it's never worked for our community at all

But I don't expect anything more from neo-liberal whites who are covertly bigoted themselves. 

One day, I watched Spike Lee's film of the broadway play, 'A Huey P. Newton Story'. This was written and produced by Roger Guenveur Smith (Roger is displayed on the DVD cover to the right. And he was in the movies 'Deep Cover', 'All about the Benjamins' and 'American Gangster'). This play had a short run on Broadway and it chronicles the tempestuous nature of Huey's life in and outside of the Panthers. And not only did the play elucidate the pressures of Dr. Newton's life, but it also made me think about others who benefited from it unknowingly. That's a point I wanna' delve deeper into for a sec'.  

John Edgar Hoover...J. Edgar to most people, was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935 and remained there until his death in 1972. He died at the age of 77.  

Frustrated by supreme court decisions that limited the justice departments capabilities to prosecute people for no good reason, he organized a covert 'dirty tricks' program called 'COINTELPRO'. Now, it was stated that this program was basically put in motion to stave off the 'communist threat' in this country; but what it wound up being was an organized terrorist campaign aimed squarely at Black revolutionaries. And the Black Panthers were directly in its cross-hairs. 

J. Edgar wrote that he wanted to stop the rising of a 'Black messiah'; and this led to COINTELPRO's organized document forgings, phone taps, burglaries and murders. 

Now, what made the Black Panthers so extraordinary, besides the fact that they had the guts to take up arms when Black christians were ordered to become non-violent pacifists, was they REFUSED to accept white people into their ranks. And being that this was hardly the case before in any other Black liberation movement, J.Edgar could not infiltrate them with his lily white agents. 

And mind you, at the time, every FBI agent was white. 

So begrudgingly, Hoover had to hire Black people to get someone on the inside of the Panther's ranks. 

And after he did, it was said that whole chapters of the Panthers were comprised mostly of his Black agents. 

Now, the grand irony here is that Dr. Newton's stance against white supremacy is what got these Black toms their jobs. Whether they knew it or not; and the lesson here is that it's the extremist revolutionary acts of Black people that ultimately bring about the most change for the rest of us. Pandering and assimilating to white mores usually winds up benefiting a select few of us, but overall, this does nothing in the way of really changing the lives of the Black diaspora. (Barack Obama)

It kinda' reminds me of the travails I had with a certain financial institution near where I once lived. 

I don't know if you've heard of the 'Woodforest' banking franchise, but basically these 'stores' are glorified check cashing establishments fronting as banks. Albeit they are FDIC insured--how on earth they got that to happen is a miracle...then again, maybe not; 'cause I've heard the high ranking executives of this company are a bunch of white bigots, and you know how they stick together. 

So one day I go to this 'bank' which was in my local Wal-mart, and I try to receive some money that had been wired to me from Western Union. I was told that the Western Union services were down, and I could only 'send' money, but I couldn't 'receive' any. When I asked why the service was working to send money but not receive it, I was told it was a problem on Western Union's end. So I called Western Union, and they said their services had been working fine all day. So I immediately knew that the white women over at Woodforest were lying. So, I had one of Western Union's reps. call Woodforest; and those bigoted bi&ches told the rep. that they were having problems with 'their' database. And later, I found out that was a lie.

You see, I knew what time it was; they were just a bunch of bigoted inbreds who didn't want to provide this service to Black people. Guess they thought we're all trying to run scams through Western Union. 

After this, I needed to use Western Union's services again, and the only other outlet was across town, so I called Woodforest before going there, to see if their Western Union services were 'up'. And after five calls, no one picked up the phone. I had to go to Wal-mart anyhow, so I stopped by this 'bank' and asked if I could receive some money; guess what they told me...their services were out. When I told the pale-skinned piece of trailer trash I was talking to that I tried to call before coming to see if their services were working, she just said...I'm sorry about that. I told her, not as sorry as you're gonna' be. 

Long story short, I called the corporate offices of this 'bank' and after about a week, I got a hold of the bank's regional manager. He assured me that the matter would be taken care of. And now, not only am I able to use their Western Union services, but I saw a drastic change in the look of their staff. 

Mind you, the staff of this place was lily white; but a couple of days after contacting the bank's regional manager, I saw two Black women behind the counter. I was like...get the hell outta' here. Then I thought, I wonder if these sistas know that they got that job because I complained to the 'bank's' regional manager. Now I know what you're're saying, you can't take credit for those black women's jobs. But trust me, I'd never seen black women on their staff previously, and I know for a fact that the managers of that bank never thought any Black person would have the temerity to do what I did. So they made changes to 'clean' up their image by hiring a couple of our people.

Now I'm not likening myself to Dr. Newton, but the bottom line is this, it's the radical changes that result in the most progress for our people. We need to stop being epic anglophiles and be bold enough to really challenge the white supremacist institutions that keep us oppressed in this country. 

And because I did something radically different, that really shook those inbreds up...a couple of our people have jobs that they might not have otherwise.

So for battles well fought and a life well-lived, I say REST IN PEACE AND POWER TO THE NETCHER/NEGUS/GOD DR. HUEY P. NEWTON.  

Every Black man is better off for having known you or known about you!


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Steve Harvey won't tell women about finding a 'good' man...

Last Thursday I was channel surfing and happened to land on the 'Steve Harvey Show'. I was just about to turn the channel when Steve declared that he had a couple of 'full-proof' questions women could ask men on a first date to let them know whether he's a 'good' man or not. 

I said, okay...I gotta' see this. 

Now, for this particular segment, Steve played a video of a blonde haired, blue eyed woman who asked him for help in her pursuit of a 'good' man. 

Now, everything about this woman screamed 'party girl', but then I thought, maybe I'm being too let's give her a chance. Shortly afterwards I started thinking, with all the sistas trying to find a good man, you'd think Steve would help them first; but I understand he has to cater to a certain demographic to keep his job. So I was like, okay...I can still see what he's got in store. 

Steve started explaining how there's a lot of 'good' men out there, there's just a science to actually finding them. Seconds later, he brought out two 'good' men for the audience to look over. 

Two white men in their mid 30's came out and sat down. 

Now, this immediately sent the message that the only 'good' men, are white men. 'Cause again, I was watching the 'Steve Harvey' show. And I understand this woman was white, so more than likely she wanted a white man for a mate; but I've seen a Steve Harvey show where he prepared a whole ceremony for a white man to re-propose to his black wife; and I've seen instances where he tried to help black women find good men, and there's usually at least one white guy he provides for them to choose from. But again, I understand who employs him, so I said okay...let's hear Steve's 'full-proof' questions.

Now, to the woman's credit, she did look much more sobered and made up for the show than she did in the video; and after the bachelors sat down, this woman began explaining how she usually asks her men friends if their parents are still married when she's on a first date. One of the bachelors said that question smacked of her having ulterior motives; Steve then said, it made her sound more or less like a 'gold digger'. 

The woman then told Steve she had a predilection for club-hopping on the weekends. Mind you, this woman was 28 years old. That's when my instincts about her being a party girl were confirmed. And the woman also confirmed that that's how every man she meets views her. Well if she stayed out of the clubs every weekend, she'd see they would view her differently. 

Now, I have no problem with women who club or bar hop, but at 28, if you say you're looking for a 'serious' relationship, you've gotta' know that's counter-productive. 

Then, Steve finally got to his three 'full-proof' questions women can ask men to see if they're 'good' catches or not; and here they are:

1. What are your short term goals. 
2. What are your long term goals. 
3. How long have your parents been married. 

Then Steve said, if the man you're with can't answer these questions on a first date, then a woman should get up and walk off. 

Now, if you happen to be a woman reading this, let me tell you exactly why you SHOULDN'T ask a man these questions on a first date. 

A lot of american women, regardless of ethnicity, tend to view first dates as interrogation sessions. I don't know when this became fashionable, but a lot of women think men want to be asked a battery of questions on a first date; and let me tell you, there's no bigger turn off to men than having to sit through a mock job interview on a date...especially a first one. 

For some reason, women think this is a way to get to know a man; what they're not realizing is, any mature man can tell you everything you want to hear...and remember, those are just words. How he'll act can be the polar opposite of what he's told you. 

A first date should be very fluid, easy-going and relaxing; it shouldn't feel like I'm applying for an executive position in some corporate office. 

And the MOST important question any woman should ask in regards to dating or finding a mate, is a question she'll ask herself. This goes for men as well. And that question is:

Do you know who you're attracting and who you're attracted to?

The woman on the Steve Harvey show will probably be in bad relationships her whole life; and the reason is, she doesn't know herself at all. 

I'd be willing to bet money this woman comes from an unstable household; that's why she's power-drinking, club hopping and having copious amounts of sex with an assortment of men. Now, she told Steve that her parents had been married for forty years, but I'd be willing to bet they weren't happily married for forty years...and they've probably been separated for short amounts of time as well. That definitely affected this woman, and it affects her choices in men. 

Understand if you come from an unstable and abusive household, you're gonna' be attracting and attracted to people from unstable and abusive households. That's how the subconscious mind works, and most people don't even recognize the problem at that level.  

And even less people are willing to do the subconscious work to recondition themselves out of the childhood trauma(s) that make them pick bad partners. 

Remember, the unwritten 'golden rule' for dating is: You MUST know yourself to pick good partners. 

Because the character traits you have, are going to be the character traits your partner will have...guaranteed. Especially if you're gonna' be with this person on a long-term basis. 'Cause quiet as it's kept...opposites attract, but they DON'T last. Or they only last until the novelty of your differences ware off, and you eventually find someone who's more like yourself to be with long-term. 

So again, if you're a woman reading this, the best question you can ask a man on a first date is simply: "What do you do?" The answer to this and your replies, along with finding out what you and he like and don't like, can easily last for an entire date. AND it keeps everything very casual...and a hell of a lot more fun for both of you. 

So, I'll refer back to an ancient saying from my ingenious ancestors for what will land you the best date or life mate. 

And that's simply this: 'Know thyself'. 

And that's ultimately the best dating advice anyone can give you...and you don't have to pay some dating consultant $100 an hour for it. 

It all begins and ends with what YOU bring to a relationship. Once you know that, you can masterfully perceive which man or woman is the one who'll make you happiest right now...or which one will make you happiest in your future endeavors. 

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quentin Tarantino's freemasonic agenda and the real message behind his movie 'Jackie Brown'...

Quentin Tarantino was born on March 27, 1963 to a sixteen year old mother in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Connie McHugh, his mother, is part Cherokee and Irish, and his father, Anthony Tarantino, was an actor who left the family before Quentin was born.  

After Connie moved him out to California at the age of 4, Quentin developed a love for movies and storytelling. 

His mother confessed to journalists how Quentin would write her sad 'mother's day' stories. Connie said of Quentin, "He'd always kill me (in the stories) and say how bad he felt about was enough to bring a tear to a mother's eye." As you can see, Quentin had problems with women from an early age. He once confessed to the TV host Charlie Rose, on his show, how he didn't have a girlfriend until the age of 24. "I went on a lot of first dates though..." Quentin replied, after Charlie donned a shocked look on his face.

Quentin was also completely disenchanted with school. Oftentimes, he'd hide in his bathroom pretending to have gone off to school until his mother left for work; then he'd sit in his living room watching TV for the remainder of the day. 

At 16, he dropped out of school and got his first job; which was replacing porn magazines out of various vending machines and collecting the quarters. Shortly afterwards, he got another job as an usher at the 'Pussycat' porno theater in Torrence, CA. He actually lied about his age, 'cause he was still 16 at the time, but he got the gig anyhow. 

So from a very young age Quentin had a very warped sense of male and female relationships, first from his mother, then from his first two jobs. Coincidentally, Henry Rollins, of the rock band 'Black Flag' and the Rollins Band, had one of his first jobs in a porno theater. He confessed later that the first people to touch his penis were in fact men; then, I remembered seeing him on an episode of Rupaul's 'Drag Race', which is this epic drag queen competition. So there seems to be some weird connection between youths working in porno theaters and being sexually conflicted. But I digress...

After working at several odd jobs for a couple of years, Quentin wound up at the now famous 'Video Archives' movie rental store. This is where he produced his first short black and white film called 'My best friend's birthday'. Being that it wasn't up to scratch, he trashed the project, but in essence said, this was his film school. 

A few years later, Quentin endeavored to write movie scripts for a living. One of his scripts was eventually picked up. This was the screenplay for 'True Romance'.
In this film, as in all of his films, Quentin is giving us two elements that remain a staple in his flicks to this day, which are, his homosexuality and his hatred for Black people. 

Anecdotally, Quentin says he based Christian Slater's character on himself. The similarity being that Christian Slater's character (Clarence Worley) works in a retail comic book store and Quentin worked in a retail video store. Also, Clarence celebrates his birthday by going to a Sonny Chiba triple feature in a 'grindhouse' movie theater. This is where he meets his female love interest Alabama (played by Patricia Arquette). Quentin himself confessed that when he wrote this script, he wasn't currently in a relationship, but this story was the fantastic way he'd like to have met his first girlfriend. 

Now in keeping with Quentin's two themed aesthetic, there's a scene in this film where Clarence confesses to a woman that he's sexually conflicted by saying: "I'm not gay or anything...but I'd f&@k Elvis." Mind you, Quentin once played an Elvis impersonator when he had a brief stint as an actor. And if Quentin was raised in the west coast, why would he name his female lead character 'Alabama'? A state known for it's overt white bigotry. And we all remember the scene of Dennis Hopper (Clarence's father) getting fatally gunned down when he tells Chris Walken's mobster character that: "Sicilians are spawned from n*&gers..." Now if that doesn't speak to Quentin's hatred for Black people, I don't know what does. 

Now by this time, the white elite knew they had a golden resource in Quentin, they knew he was an exceptionally talented writer/film-maker and they knew he'd be able to mainstream their white supremacist/freemasonic agenda with his films. 

A year later, Quentin's 'Pulp Fiction' comes out; and this film sets the cinematic world on fire. And this is also the movie I walked out on towards the end of the flick. The scene I walked out on was Quentin's 'dead n&%ger storage' monologue. After seeing Marvin, the young Black man who was with Bret in the small apartment get shot in the face, and the rape of Marsellus Wallace, I'd had enough. That was until a black woman I knew convinced me that Sam Jackson's 'trying to be the shepherd' soliloquy was the best part of the flick, and I'd missed it. So I took her advice and rented this flick again. Then I thought, well...maybe my criticism was too harsh. After seeing this film I rented 'Reservoir Dogs'; and I distinctly remember the scene where Mr. Pink (Steve Buschemi) broke up an argument with his cohorts by saying, "'re acting like a bunch of ni%$ers." Even though I was offended, I thought I'd give Quentin's flicks one last try. 

That's when I rented the film 'Jackie Brown'. 
Now, this was the film that finalized my decision to say f&@k Quentin Tarantino once and for all. Let me tell you why...

Even though I consider this to be Quentin's best film...this movie to me encapsulates Quentin's feelings about Black people and the white elite's agenda for us. 

I couldn't imagine anyone hasn't seen this film, but if you haven't, basically it's about Pam Grier's character, Jackie Brown, being a stewardess for a third rate airline while she smuggles money into the states for Ordell Robbie, an illegal gun-runner played by Sam Jackson. 

Jackie meets the mature bail bondsmen Max Cherry, played by Robert Forrester, after she's caught in an ATF sting and booked for transporting an illegal amount of money on her flight and having cocaine on her person. Thinking Jackie might flip on him, Ordell goes to her house to kill her, but she suprises him by pulling a gun and offering him a deal. She's willing to play along with a plan where she'll pretend to help the authorities while smuggling $550,000 of Ordell's money into the states, enough for him to retire.

What she hasn't told Ordell, is that she plans to steal his money with Max Cherry's help. 

Now, the last part of the film is when we see the whole white supremacist spin on this flick. Basically, Jackie steals Ordell's money, then has Max Cherry deliver him to his office where Jackie is waiting with the police, and there...they shoot Ordell dead.

This displays the white elite's intention to destroy the Black man through the help of the black woman.

And at the end of the film, after Jackie and Max kiss, Jackie asks him to come with her to Spain. Max declines. This is the white elite's way of telling black women that white men will have sex with you (this is implied by their kiss, and there's a deleted scene of Jackie and Max in a motel discussing their plan--if you don't believe me you can find the deleted scene on the Jackie Brown DVD in the 'special features' section), and we'll (white men) have no problems with you helping us to kill the Black man (Ordell), but white men will not and should not marry black women. 

After this, Jackie gets in her car and drives off with Ordell's money. Meaning: the white elite will give black women a good paying job, but the price is that you're going to be without the Black man...or any man for that matter. So basically, they're going to keep the black women well paid, oversexed and alone. And that's how the movie ends. 

And Black people went to go see this movie in droves when it came out; and love it to this day. And just like 'Django', this movie came out on christmas day. Again, another incentive for Black folks to go see it. 

And we all know about Quentin's other films, like 'Inglorious basterds' (where the Nazi commander compares Blacks to King Kong in the bar scene's card game) and I've already told you the deal about 'Django'. 

So I've said all that to say this, Black people need to stop frequenting this gay bigot's films once and for all. Let's boycott this bastard every time he puts one of his crap flicks out. 

With trashy movies like 'Django unchained', The Help and now 'The Butler' in theaters, it's time we used our dollars to send 'Hollywierd' a clear message that we won't take part in financing the slandering of our image. 

White supremacists, like Quentin, have thrown the gauntlet down; and now it's time we pick it up...and smash them in the head with it. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

Here's one of the last scenes from Jackie Brown, where Jackie asks Max to go with her to Spain. Jackie asks him, "Are you scared of me?" and Max responds, "A little bit." What he's saying is, again, I'll help you kill the Black man and I'll even have sex with you, but don't mistake this for a serious relationship or a marriage. I've also recently read that in Elmore Leonard's novel 'Rum Punch', which this movie is based on, the 'Max Cherry' character actually agrees to go with the 'Jackie Brown' character at the end. So why'd Quentin change this ending if he loved the book so much? It's because he's sending white men a message; and that is, this is ultimately how black women should be treated. Still Black people love this movie. Sad.

If you wanna' see my Blog Post about 'Django Unchained', you can view it here.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor...(Part 2) Addendum...

A couple of months ago, I wrote a Blog Post about the reasons I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor.

And in that post, I wrote about a YouTube video Tommy did sitting in front of a TV screen while a football game played behind him. I expounded on how one of the players in this game had the number '33' on the back of his jersey, and how this number was so important to white supremacist freemasons.

Now, I'd been looking for this particular vid in hopes of showing people what I was talking about, but with Tommy having thousands of YouTube channels, it seemed nearly impossible to find; but guess what...I found the vid folks!

And what I'll do is leave a link for it at the end of this post. But what I'll do before that is tell you what else I found out about this vid that points directly to Tommy being connected with the freemasons. 

Firstly, Tommy's video is called, 'Jason Collins isn't a hero, he's a liar and a fraud. Here's why'.

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't correct an error I'd made in the first post I'd written about this video; it wasn't a 'football' game playing behind Tommy, it was in fact a  'basketball' game...mea culpa.  

Now with that outta' the way, let's dig into the guts of this vid and break it down. 

Now when Tommy first sits down in front of the TV screen in this vid, you can see an image of the basketball star Shaquile O'neal to his left and Marc Gasol of the basketball team the Memphis Grizzlies to his right. 

Marc Gasol is the player pictured to the left, and notice he's wearing the number '33'; in my first post about this topic, I explain how important this number is to freemasons. If you didn't get a chance to read my first post, I'll leave a link for it at the bottom of this one. Now, after watching this vid more than once, I counted 14 separate times that Marc and his player number 33 were prominently displayed behind Tommy
thoughout this video. And in the first few seconds of this vid, Marc wears a 'memphis' grizzlies jersey with an 'adidas' logo like the one pictured to the right. Now, in the video the adidas logo looks more like a pyramid at the top of the lettering that spells out 'memphis' on Marc's jersey; this is in no way a coincidence.

Basically, what white supremacist freemasons are saying with this basketball game playing behind Tommy, is that they're 'behind' Tommy Sotomayor. Politicians do this all the time.

For instance, notice Obama usually speaks with people standing 'behind' him; this is sending the same message as Tommy's video. It's saying that people are 'behind' whatever agenda white supremacist institutions, or the keeper of their institutions (Obama in this case), are pushing. And for those of you who don't already know, yes, Obama's one of them too. Notice that two men with solid 'red' ties are flanking Obama; I'll tell you why that's important a little later. 

At one point towards the latter part of this video, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. 'The Rock' was in an advertisement for his TV show 'Hero'. Now, mind you, the word 'hero' is in the title of Tommy's video. And even though it's sublimely done, Tommy's white handlers are using The Rock to push the mainstreaming of their gay agenda while Tommy is talking disparagingly about Jason Collins coming out. How could this be you ask? Well, the Rock is also down with the freemasons, and that's why he's taken on all these effeminate rolls in movies. 

Like in the 'Tooth Fairy' for instance, as pictured below. 

So while you consciously pick up the message that 'The Rock' is the embodiment of the strong, virile male, subconsciously you see or remember this guy wearing some pink fairy's outfit and it sends the message that gay men are the most strong and virile. And the word 'hero' suggests the Rock is heroic for being able to dress up like this and star in action films at the same time. 

That's not all...once you watch this vid on YouTube, check out the side bar of the YouTube page. On it, or at least on mines anyway, Tommy's got a video listed with 50 cent and the boxer Floyd Mayweather titled 'How Blacks push gays into the closet'. 

So which one is it Tommy? Why are you speaking disparagingly about homosexuals in one vid, and saying Blacks victimize them in another. Firstly, Blacks don't push gays into the closet, most of them stay in there for financial and political reasons; and, like I said in my first post, no one talks about all the bigotry in the gay white community, especially when it comes to Black men. 

*Side Note: The picture of 50 and Floyd on the YouTube side bar shows Floyd throwing up a hand signal called the 'baphomet' (google this), and 50 is throwing up a hand sign which looks like an 'okay' sign; actually, what looks like an 'okay' hand gesture is actually meant to represent three 6's (Three Six Mafia). Again, don't take my word for this, do some research on it and find out for yourself. 

So 50 and Floyd are also down with the freemasons. But I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone. 

Now, Shaquile O'neal plays a prominent part in this vid. Not only at the beginning, but in the latter parts as well. And notice that Shaq is wearing a solid 'red' tie in this video; this is another way freemasons identify themselves. Just like the two men flanking Obama in the above pic of him speaking. Another coincidence about Shaq and the freemasons, is Shaq also wore the number '33' when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Yep, Shaq's down with the 'baphomet brothas' too, as displayed in this pic to the right. As a matter of fact, Shaq openly confessed to being a mason on TV; and I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post that shows the video footage of him 'coming out'.

So, if Tommy is surrounded by all these freemasonic symbols, what conclusion should we draw about him?

Now, I've said all this to reinforce the fact that (Uncle) Tommy is a well connected white supremacist freemason; that's how he's gotten endorsements by Coca-Cola and the Investigation/Discovery Channel. He's here to reaffirm the message that Black folks should hate themselves, while telling us he's trying to help our community. And he's especially doing everything he can to steer Black men away from black women. 

People, we need to write this Uncle Ruckus off and leave him behind; again, he's nothing but a white supremacist in Black face. 

And once more, any Black person who purposely aids in the destruction of his own people has a karmic a$$kicking coming. It may not happen tommorrow, next year, or in a few years; but in some way Tommy's gonna' be paid back for all the harm he's doing. And when his day of reckoning comes, all we'll have to do is sit back, watch, and smile. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

The video 'Jason Collins isn't a hero, he's a liar and a fraud. Here's why', can be viewed here.

The video where Shaq outs himself as a freemason can be viewed here.

Anyone wanting to read my original post on this subject, can read it here.

Instead of having everyone clicking on a 'link' for the 'Jason Collins isn't a hero...' vid; I thought I'd just provide it here. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What do 'Django Unchained', the TV series 'Roots' and 'The Butler' have in common?

Tommorrow, the 'craptastic' movie 'The Butler', starring Forrest Whitaker, will be released in theaters. I for one will definitely not be in line to see this nonsensical piece of cinema. 

But what I'd really like to share with you about this film is the reason it's being put out, and why it's being put out at this time. I also want to draw some parallels between the timing of this film's release and two other works like it, that being, the TV series 'Roots' and that other slave narrative/Black servitude oriented film 'Django Unchained'.

Let's start with the TV series 'Roots'

Alex Haley's novel 'Roots: The Saga of an american family' was published in 1976. 

This novel caught the eye of a TV executive and was expedited into a mini-series on the ABC network. This show became a cultural coup with american audiences as it garnered unprecedented Nielsen TV ratings; so much so that to this day it's said to be the third highest rated TV show in american history.

*Side Note: I once did some research on Nielsen TV ratings and it exposed a rampant tampering and manipulation of the ratings numbers. Also, ask yourself, if Black people are always getting told we watch the most TV, wouldn't you think they'd put some Nielsen ratings boxes in our neighborhoods? Have you ever known of a Black family with a Nielsen TV ratings box? If you have, please contact me.  

Anyway, this show received 9 Emmys awards, a Golden Globe and the Peabody award. Yep, the white elite were certainly puttin' their stamp of approval on this puppy. 

So, let me tell you why this TV series was so favored by them. 

In the seventies, Black people were especially upwardly mobile. After the Civil Rights struggle (or as I'd like to call it the Black Human Rights struggle), Blacks were gaining momentum monetarily through access to workers unions and collegiate educations. And anytime this happens, there's a kneejerk response from the white elite to supplement our white supremacist educations with a reminder about slavery. 

This in effect, triggers the indoctrinated shame we feel over our enslavement and is used to let us know what we've accomplished isn't worth a damn 'cause we're still descendents of slaves. 

You see, when Mr. Charley isn't keeping us in perpetual states of fear and hatred (Trayvon Martin), he keeps us mired in self-loathing. This way, we have less probabilities, collectively and individually, of reaching our full potential. AND if we're kept hating ourselves, we'll always continue to hate and mistrust one another. 

I was in my pre-teens when this came on TV; and even though I couldn't verbalize what I was feeling, I knew being Black was a source of shame. And this is the state my peers and I were kept in during our grade and high school years.  

Now, let's discuss Django Unchained:

This film was released on Christmas day of 2012. 

This was an added incentive for Black folks to go see this film. Because we've all been taught to be good christians, being that there's a church on every corner in our neighborhoods. A church AND a liquor store. 

*Side Note: I once heard Prince refer to christmas as 'Nimrod's birthday'. Nimrod is the Babylonian Fish god that white supremacist freemasons are famous for worshipping; also, the greek god 'horus' was called a 'fisher' of men, also tying into this myth. But understand Nimrod, horus and even christ are adaptations of one of our Black ancestor's deities, 'Heru'. (Look him up.) Heru is also where we get the word 'hero' from.

Again, all sciences, be they spiritual or physical, were created by ANCIENT BLACK PEOPLE! But I digress...

Now Django was released a month after President Obama's second inauguration. 

Now, I've heard BLACK FOLKS talk about how lovely it is for Quentin Tarantino...who's a queer bigot by the way (yep, if you think white gays are your friends, you better think again), to make a movie about a Black slave emancipating himself from white bondage and saving the black woman; all while wielding a big gun. 

This was the same soup reheated folks. 

This again was the white elite telling Black folks, before the second term of Barack Obama's presidency, that you shouldn't feel too proud to have a Black president 'cause you were once slaves in this country. Also, notice how Quentin ultimately showed us that our emancipation is predicated on 'good' whites rescuing us from our hellish existence...that was the purpose of the Dr. King Schultz character (a.k.a. Dr. Martin Luther King)...and Dr. Schultz is a german guy; so you already know how they feel about Black people.

And please, don't think the white elite didn't know Obama was gonna' get a second term, they put him there in the first place. 

This film was yet another way to keep us in that indoctrinated self-hatred so we can effectively stay in our places. Especially mentally. Why do you think they had a scene of Kerry Washington a.k.a. Olivia Pope a.k.a. Sally Hemmings, enduring a brutal whipping in the film. These are triggers to keep us mentally fearful of turning against white supremacist institutions (our white masters)...and, as always, hating ourselves. 

I haven't seen the film and I won't. Like Spike Lee said, "I can't disrespect the ancestors like that."

And finally, the new slave/Black servitude epic, 'The Butler':

I wrote an earlier Blog Post on this movie, and for those interested, I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post for those who'd like to go back and read it. 

I just let my words flow on that post, and I'll do the same here.

Oprah and The Butler's director Lee Daniels are a couple of freemasonic queers; they have no intention of doing what's right for Black people and their whole agenda is in service to their white masters. Being that they're fags, they're mixed up in the head anyway; so we shouldn't patronize any movie these two put out. 

Remember they also put out that piece of crap 'Precious'; and that was to trigger our subconscious 'post traumatic slave syndrome' through the movie's severely brutal scenes. 'Cause they know the white elite love to see us suffer like that, and they get more brownie points with their respective secret societies for showing our suffering.

These two make me sick, straight up; and there's a karmic asskicking with their names on it for what they've pushed on Black people.  

So, I've said all that to say this...BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO BOYCOTT THE BUTLER. 

Spend your moive-going money elsewhere, but don't patronize this crap film. We need to start mobilizing our dollars to work for us and show the white elite that this kind of junk is not WORTH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

And like I said in my last post about this film, we need to serve the white elite up some justice by staying away from theaters; and that's definitely something worth serving up piping hot and on a silver platter. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

If you'd like to see my earlier post about 'The Butler', you can see it here.

If after viewing this vid you're still not convinced that Quentin Tarantino is an epic homosexual, you're just in denial. Watch this.