Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor...(Part 2) Addendum...

A couple of months ago, I wrote a Blog Post about the reasons I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor.

And in that post, I wrote about a YouTube video Tommy did sitting in front of a TV screen while a football game played behind him. I expounded on how one of the players in this game had the number '33' on the back of his jersey, and how this number was so important to white supremacist freemasons.

Now, I'd been looking for this particular vid in hopes of showing people what I was talking about, but with Tommy having thousands of YouTube channels, it seemed nearly impossible to find; but guess what...I found the vid folks!

And what I'll do is leave a link for it at the end of this post. But what I'll do before that is tell you what else I found out about this vid that points directly to Tommy being connected with the freemasons. 

Firstly, Tommy's video is called, 'Jason Collins isn't a hero, he's a liar and a fraud. Here's why'.

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't correct an error I'd made in the first post I'd written about this video; it wasn't a 'football' game playing behind Tommy, it was in fact a  'basketball' game...mea culpa.  

Now with that outta' the way, let's dig into the guts of this vid and break it down. 

Now when Tommy first sits down in front of the TV screen in this vid, you can see an image of the basketball star Shaquile O'neal to his left and Marc Gasol of the basketball team the Memphis Grizzlies to his right. 

Marc Gasol is the player pictured to the left, and notice he's wearing the number '33'; in my first post about this topic, I explain how important this number is to freemasons. If you didn't get a chance to read my first post, I'll leave a link for it at the bottom of this one. Now, after watching this vid more than once, I counted 14 separate times that Marc and his player number 33 were prominently displayed behind Tommy
thoughout this video. And in the first few seconds of this vid, Marc wears a 'memphis' grizzlies jersey with an 'adidas' logo like the one pictured to the right. Now, in the video the adidas logo looks more like a pyramid at the top of the lettering that spells out 'memphis' on Marc's jersey; this is in no way a coincidence.

Basically, what white supremacist freemasons are saying with this basketball game playing behind Tommy, is that they're 'behind' Tommy Sotomayor. Politicians do this all the time.

For instance, notice Obama usually speaks with people standing 'behind' him; this is sending the same message as Tommy's video. It's saying that people are 'behind' whatever agenda white supremacist institutions, or the keeper of their institutions (Obama in this case), are pushing. And for those of you who don't already know, yes, Obama's one of them too. Notice that two men with solid 'red' ties are flanking Obama; I'll tell you why that's important a little later. 

At one point towards the latter part of this video, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. 'The Rock' was in an advertisement for his TV show 'Hero'. Now, mind you, the word 'hero' is in the title of Tommy's video. And even though it's sublimely done, Tommy's white handlers are using The Rock to push the mainstreaming of their gay agenda while Tommy is talking disparagingly about Jason Collins coming out. How could this be you ask? Well, the Rock is also down with the freemasons, and that's why he's taken on all these effeminate rolls in movies. 

Like in the 'Tooth Fairy' for instance, as pictured below. 

So while you consciously pick up the message that 'The Rock' is the embodiment of the strong, virile male, subconsciously you see or remember this guy wearing some pink fairy's outfit and it sends the message that gay men are the most strong and virile. And the word 'hero' suggests the Rock is heroic for being able to dress up like this and star in action films at the same time. 

That's not all...once you watch this vid on YouTube, check out the side bar of the YouTube page. On it, or at least on mines anyway, Tommy's got a video listed with 50 cent and the boxer Floyd Mayweather titled 'How Blacks push gays into the closet'. 

So which one is it Tommy? Why are you speaking disparagingly about homosexuals in one vid, and saying Blacks victimize them in another. Firstly, Blacks don't push gays into the closet, most of them stay in there for financial and political reasons; and, like I said in my first post, no one talks about all the bigotry in the gay white community, especially when it comes to Black men. 

*Side Note: The picture of 50 and Floyd on the YouTube side bar shows Floyd throwing up a hand signal called the 'baphomet' (google this), and 50 is throwing up a hand sign which looks like an 'okay' sign; actually, what looks like an 'okay' hand gesture is actually meant to represent three 6's (Three Six Mafia). Again, don't take my word for this, do some research on it and find out for yourself. 

So 50 and Floyd are also down with the freemasons. But I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone. 

Now, Shaquile O'neal plays a prominent part in this vid. Not only at the beginning, but in the latter parts as well. And notice that Shaq is wearing a solid 'red' tie in this video; this is another way freemasons identify themselves. Just like the two men flanking Obama in the above pic of him speaking. Another coincidence about Shaq and the freemasons, is Shaq also wore the number '33' when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Yep, Shaq's down with the 'baphomet brothas' too, as displayed in this pic to the right. As a matter of fact, Shaq openly confessed to being a mason on TV; and I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post that shows the video footage of him 'coming out'.

So, if Tommy is surrounded by all these freemasonic symbols, what conclusion should we draw about him?

Now, I've said all this to reinforce the fact that (Uncle) Tommy is a well connected white supremacist freemason; that's how he's gotten endorsements by Coca-Cola and the Investigation/Discovery Channel. He's here to reaffirm the message that Black folks should hate themselves, while telling us he's trying to help our community. And he's especially doing everything he can to steer Black men away from black women. 

People, we need to write this Uncle Ruckus off and leave him behind; again, he's nothing but a white supremacist in Black face. 

And once more, any Black person who purposely aids in the destruction of his own people has a karmic a$$kicking coming. It may not happen tommorrow, next year, or in a few years; but in some way Tommy's gonna' be paid back for all the harm he's doing. And when his day of reckoning comes, all we'll have to do is sit back, watch, and smile. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

The video 'Jason Collins isn't a hero, he's a liar and a fraud. Here's why', can be viewed here.

The video where Shaq outs himself as a freemason can be viewed here.

Anyone wanting to read my original post on this subject, can read it here.

Instead of having everyone clicking on a 'link' for the 'Jason Collins isn't a hero...' vid; I thought I'd just provide it here. Enjoy!


  1. yes! like I posted in the other thread, I only watched 1 of the tommy video's and could tell he was an agent prop working for the cia to promote the division between black men and women. he is doing so much harm to our community.

    1. Fortunately, I think the Black diaspora are hip to Uncle Tommy's game; so his influence is little to none now a days.

      Again, what Black men and women must work on is the eradication of our self-hatred; this is our MOST important work!

      And the sooner we get started, the better!

      Thanks for continuing to frequent this Blog, and thanks for commenting!

  2. I agree and here's why. Tommy makes it his business to speak so ill and disrespectfully to black women as though he wasnt birth by a black woman. He's so programed and brain washed not able to see what he's become. Tommy mimmicks the very same black female at her worst. He's loud, rude, ignorant, selfish, over the top zealous, uneducated selfish black female at the lowest dame level ever. Not my intention to hurt anyone but Tommy is what pirsoners call (boy pussy).

    1. Uncle Tommy's also being paid by white supremacist freemasons to continue the agenda of keeping Black men and women hating each other. And THIS, is my biggest problem with Uncle Tommy!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Its a hurtful shame when you see this type of behavior from a black male a mind is a terrible thing to waste".

    1. What's most wasteful, is how a Black man can't see how self-hating Uncle Tommy is!

      And unfortunately, you fit in that category.

  4. Part of the process of creating a European empire was to define the European self in contrast to everyone else. How could you justify dominating and enslaving other people if you didn’t tell yourself you were better in every way? Europeans placed themselves at the pinnacle of the human race and dark-skinned Africans at the very bottom. To be black was to be primitive, backward, inferior, dirty, ugly, evil, devilish, deviant, corrupt and unappealing, while to be white was to be virtuous, beautiful, refined, humane, intelligent and godly.

    Divide and conquer
    By the 19th century, spurious scientific “evidence” was being produced to support this dichotomy, thereby providing an ideological justification for colonialism. It also provided a means of control: tell the lighter-skinned black Africans that they are more beautiful, intelligent and industrious than their darker-skinned brothers and sisters, and you will soon have created divisions that make control easier.

    A 1930 French ad for Dirtoff showed a dark African man washing his hands, with the soap washing away his blackness Ain't that ah bisch!!

    1. 'Analyst'...

      I think the overwhelming majority of Black folk understand the hard-wiring of white fascism and its machinations, now, what will our Diaspora do about it?

      The first thing we need to do is pluck the decades of conditioned self-hatred out of our Diaspora, so we can indeed unite and find a collective solution to this problem. 'Cause if we don't, we'll always be stuck in our analysis of white fascism, and our complaints that we're suffering the same kinds of abuses over and over again.

      Thanks for commenting!