Saturday, September 27, 2014

Are you a sex toy for white people?

If you're a Black man or woman reading this and you've been in four or more 'intimate' relationships with white people outside of a marriage, answer these three questions for yourself honestly:

One: Have you been in five or more relationships with a white person where there was no talk of serious commitment that could lead to an engagement or marriage?

Two: Did you ever brag to a Black man or woman about how many white people you dated and how they treated you better than any brotha or sista did, while you were no longer in a relationship with any of these white people?

And Three: If you were in four or more relationships with white people, did you meet any of their relatives?

If you answered yes to the first two questions, and no to the last one, chances are, some white person is using you as their personal sex toy. And here's a little secret about us Black people, especially the college educated ones...far too many of us have become sex toys for whitey's amusement without even knowing it. 

Now, let's ask the logical question that should be on everyone's mind...why? 

Mind you, I'm only asking this question of Black men and women.  Cause there's a multitude of stats about what percentage of Black men and women are single across the board. The majority of which seem inflated to me, and this is 'cause the edicts of white fascism dictate that one way whites always get to feel better about themselves is to look at the dysfunction in the Black community. 

When any group(s) of white people are enduring a recession or a state of joblessness, they can always look at some negative stat about Black people and this keeps them feeling safely superior to us. But, whether it's organizations like the Pew Research Center or the U.S. Census Bureau, the numbered results basically look like this:

Over 60% of Black women AND men are single.

And, over 70% of Black children are born into single parent households. 

But ya' wanna' know a disturbing fact? I'm surprised these stats aren't higher; let me explain why...

An extremely critical point I keep bringing up, only because it's the most crucial one when it comes to what's really ailing the Black Diaspora, is this: If you're a Black person, ever since you've started walking, you've been taught that EVERYTHING about you is wrong. 

EVERY single history book you've read in pre, middle and high school has taught you to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you!

This is done by force feeding you a study diet of two subjects we're taught to obsess over all our lives, slavery and Martin Luther King. 

So let's break down the effect(s) of what being reared on slave narratives and MLK does to a Black person's esteem and psyche.

When you're constantly shown pictures of your people being hung, butchered, burnt at stakes and whipped to within inches of their lives, what do you think it does to a young person's mind? 

I'll tell leaves a scar! This is similar to a child being traumatized in a household through constant beatings with foreign objects like belts and extension cords. 

These images of our people take a sledge hammer to our esteems, and unfortunately, the majority of Black men and women go to their graves with these scars, never realizing how they've been affected by the white supremacist conditioning they've gotten to hate themselves. 

This is why the majority of us never want to identify ourselves as Black and why we'll do anything NOT to be around Black people. And our damaged ability to love ourselves and each other help us stay in perpetual states of being a bachelor or bachelorette.   

For young Black men, study diets of slavery and MLK  nearly erase all the confidence any healthy young man needs to assert his place as a 'leader' or the head of the household in his community. Seeing his male ancestors subjugated, in chains and in perpetual states of pain, says to him he's probably doomed to fail before he starts. And in a very real way, it says, he probably will never rise above a certain lowly station in life, 'cause you come from a people that are predisposed to failure.

For young Black women, it says there's NO protection for you in this life with your man being so emasculated. There's no semblance of security, no sense of stability, emotionally, financially or otherwise. And ultimately, you'll be left to 'fend for yourself!

Now, the Martin Luther King slant on this further tells young Black men and women they should passively accept what these schools, or any other local institutions, tell them about themselves. After all, whitey and his supremacist institutions know best. (The gospel of white supremacy). It says a good Black christian doesn't bother the order of things. And if he or she does upset the status quo, it should be in an attempt to get closer to, or be more like white people; regardless of how they brutalize or murderously torture you and your community. 

And one more component of the 'Martin Luther King' doctrine is, even if you are passive and non-violent, you should EXPECT to die violently. 

Oddly enough, I think a better analogy to use concerning this topic might be the tale of the pop group 'Milli Vanilli'...Yeah, that 'Milli Vanilli' know, Rob and Fab who got busted for not singing on their records. I know what you're thinking...have you gone mad? But just indulge me for a sec'; you'll see it's value when I'm done.

In the early eighties, Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan were basically homeless 'club kids' trying to forge careers as models/dancers. They were inseparable because they were both young Black men in Germany who were disowned by their parents, and both tell stories of growing up in unstable and abusive households. Rob used to tell stories of abuses he suffered at the hands of his German mother who was also a porn actress. He and Fab said when they were living on the streets they oftentimes slept standing up, because in Germany, they'd be the only Black people in certain areas, so they'd always get harassed for loitering if they slept anywhere in public places. 

Essentially, they were all each other had.   

Fast forward to the year 1988; when record producer Frank Farian sees Rob and Fab rehearsing for a singing group in a Munich, Germany club; he knew they had the marketable look his new musical group were missing. So he signed them to a production deal.

Mind you, Rob and Fab were still homeless German kids, so Frank made the poisoned Kool-Aid a little sweeter when he gave them each a couple of hundred dollars for advances when he signed them. Then, when Rob and Fab spent the money on some food and a place to live, Frank told them they had to lip-synch on the tracks he gave them, or per their contract, they had to pay him back the advance. 

"We weren't hired, we were trapped..." Rob was quoted as saying. 

Coincidentally, Frank had done the whole lip-synching trick before with one of his other groups, 'Boney M'; and one of the men he hired for said group, was actually an 'exotic dancer'. Ya' see, this is how Frank rolled. 

The song, 'Girl you know it's true', was released on March 1, of 1989. And it was originally produced by Frank's cohort, Jesse Powell.  

And I don't care what people think about this song, it was hittin'

This started Rob and Fab's ride on the rollercoaster of international stardom; the two always hung closely together, because they felt safe around each other; if for no other reason, they didn't speak very fluent english. They considered themselves brothers 'cause they'd been through so much, and again, they were rarely seen apart.

But after a few years of celebrity their conscious couldn't let them deceive the public anymore, so Rob and Fab refused to show up at a particular video shoot unless they were allowed to sing!

Frank Farian threw a fit, fired Rob and Fab and went to the press telling them that 'Milli Vanilli', (i.e.) Rob and Fab, were frauds.

After the fall-out, and the following trauma of being exposed in the public eye, Rob and Fab couldn't be found together at all! They wanted to stay as far away from each other as possible because they said it reminded them of the stresses of the public exposure. 

Sadly, years later Rob committed suicide behind this trauma and Fab continued to sing on the local club circuit, but fell into obscurity. 

Now, let's bring this back to the plight of the Black Diaspora...the Black man and woman who were once inseparable, after suffering the traumas of white supremacist conditioning via the american school system and other white fascist mediums, now want nothing to do with each other.  

And here's my question: if we can acknowledge how the Black Diaspora as a whole has been conditioned to
self-destruct, why are Black people collectively scratching their heads wondering why we're self-destructing? 

The circumstances I've mentioned above are precisely why we'll go out of our way to avoid one another while we throw ourselves at every white person we see who may show an interest. And ultimately, we're trying to escape the trauma of going through this life as a Black person.

The other side to this is, Black people don't realize how we're perceived by whites and everyone else before we even get a closer proximity to them at the collegiate level. 

So, here's two ways we're perceived by white people, when it comes to how they deal with the Black Diaspora... 

And mind you, I'm focusing on white people because for the most part spanish and asian people are NOT going to be sexually attracted to us. And yes, there are exceptions to this rule but they're few and far between; because spanish and asian people have a 'non-white complex', so they're always trying to show everyone, especially Black people, how much 'whiter' they are compared to us. The shame of it all is, they don't realize, they'll never be white...but don't tell them that. White people don't have this complex because being that they are white, there's nothing they have to prove, this makes it easier for them to be more sexually active with Black people on the whole.

But back to whitey's perceptions of us before we're around them at the collegiate are some ways white people view us before we ever sit next to one of them in a university's desk:

One, white people believe that we're only attracted to them because we're essentially gold-diggers and we want to get at their money, especially if they're 'trust fund babies'. Now, I'm not saying there's no exception to this rule, I'm saying this is how whitey perceives you before, during and after they get to know you. They think we just wanna' get in their pockets. When nine times outta' ten, we just want the closest proximity to them as possible, 'cause it makes us feel better about ourselves, it makes us feel we've accomplished something in this life having the privilege of being in the same room with these pale-skinned degenerates. 

Two, white people believe since we've grown up in poverty-ridden, single-parent households, that we've got  looser morals than their white peers, and they figure this is another reason we're so eager to be sexual with one of them right off the bat. I remember two white people were discussing how a Black female class mate of mine came from a monetarily upper-scale household, to which the white woman in the conversation offered: "Oh, I thought she lived in a small apartment with a bunch of her other siblings..."
Bascially, this is what the white woman saw on an episode of 'Good Times' or something; but to her, this was the reality of most Black people she knew...WHAT SHE SAW ON TV! Literally, this is all she knew about Black people...and all she cared to know. 

So every white person thinks if they ever hit a dry spell with their own kind, one of us will be waiting in the wings with a bed strapped to our backs, wanting to fulfill any lustful desire that comes to their heads. They feel they'll never want for fast and easy sex around us; and for the most part, we're so anxious to be accepted by them, they're usually right. That's why they feel it's okay to string some Black man or woman along with thoughts of longer-term relationships, until they find a white partner to marry; then they'll dump us and move on with their pale-skinned peer (Kerry Washington/Dave Moscow and J.Lo/Ben Affleck).

Now, how do we resolve this? Firstly, let me say, we CAN'T PRAY THIS AWAY!

We can't 'let go and let God' when it comes to the nearly two decades of conditioning we have to hate ourselves and each other. 

We have to recondition ourselves at the subconscious level to pluck out the white supremacist dictator in our minds, so we, the Black Diaspora, can get back to a place of loving ourselves and each other. And the only way to do that is through meditation. 

I have a Blog post I'll leave a link to at the end of this that shows one of the meditative techniques I'll include in my upcoming e-book 'How to heal the rift between Black men and women'. In that tome, I'll go into everything discussed here in more detail.

So you know the old axiom that's told to the Black community, and young Black men more specifically, stating if you sell drugs you're gonna' wind up in one of two places, dead or in jail? We, the Black Diaspora, should institute a new maxim that says, if you endeavor to marry a white person, you're gonna' wind up in one of two conditions, you'll either be oversexed or alone. 

And you don't have to take my word for it, the stats bare this out. 

To the Black men and women reading's time we stop reviling each other, and start reviewing the reasons why it's imperative that we come to a place of being able to form successful and loving relationships again. And it's time we become wholly invested in saving the Black family. 

Now, if you care nothing about your people, continue to let yourself get used like a handy-wipe for whitey's pleasure...just remember, as you stare wantonly into the icy-blue or pale colored eyes of the white person you're bedding down with, that statistically and more than likely, what you'll get out of trying to marry this person, is what you'll soon be getting between the sheets...SCREWED! 

Brothas and Sistas, it's time we stop playing ourselves cheap, and it's way past time we rediscover that there's truly no love more divine than ours. Especially the love of a 'pure-bred' or pure-bred looking, Black man and woman.

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the Blog post with one of the meditative exercises I talked about here.

And anyone doubting me or my past posts when I say white birth rates are falling below replacement levels should read this article here.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The gospel of white supremacy...

'African Americans watched two hours more television per day than the national average of 5 hours and 11 minutes according to a report recently released by Nielsen, the TV ratings agency.'
--New York Times, April 17, 2011

Ever since I can remember, there's been a statistic stating that Black people watch more TV than any other ethnic group.

Now, what's being implied here is the reason Black americans are at the bottom rung of society, is because we don't have the mental capacity for 'higher learning' that's inherent in most other people and we're shiftless sloths who are notoriously hedonistic. 

In layman terms, the white elite are saying all we want out of life is good sex, comfortable shoes and a warm place to go the bathroom.  

Now, the average Black person who sees this will internalize this information and walk around consciously or subconsciously thinking it's true; in turn, this will reinforce the reason(s) why they should hate themselves for being Black.

And usually this is where the story ends. But, if you're a Black person with a curious mind, you'll do a little research to check the veracity of these findings. Now, being that I've done some writing in the past about the Nielsen TV agency, I know they quantify ratings information from 'Nielsen TV boxes' they give to families so their viewing habits can be monitored. And my past research also showed me two other things; one, the Nielsen TV ratings agency has been caught more than once fabricating and basically telling bald-faced lies about ratings numbers; and two, they don't give out Nielsen TV ratings boxes to Black families.  

Think a minute...have you ever known of a Black family who owned a Nielsen TV ratings box?

I didn't think so. 

And even if one Black family has one of these boxes, you'd be hard pressed to find several that do; and if you're going to put out these kind of propaganda pieces, at least have a correct amount of people in the case study to substantiate your findings. 

But based on this outrageously false information, the New York Times, one of the most respected periodicals in the world, is telling Black people that we're dumb 'cause we watch more TV. 

And we always take whitey's word as the the 'gospel truth.'

Another case in point is whitey's obsession with the world's 'overpopulation' problem. 

The inbreds who call themselves elites say in a hundred years or in several decades, there won't be enough resources to feed the swelling masses of humans now inhabiting the earth. What this does is keep people in a suspended state of 'poverty-mindedness'; meaning, they've got the populous thinking there's only a finite amount of resources for each man, woman and child, so we shouldn't want or ask for too much, and by no means, should we want the abundant resources the elites enjoy. 

But, upon doing a little research, you'll find that the 7 billion people populating the earth could fit comfortably in the continental united states; because the majority of the land masses on this planet are mainly uninhabited as you can see when you fly over them.

When you do a bit more research you'll find when these pale-skinned degenerates talk about 'over-population', what they're really talking about is how the world's populated with too many 'non-white' people. They understand how they're the world's real minority; and now since white birth rates are falling below replacement levels, they're really scrambling to 'depopulate' countries and continents primarily inhabited by our people. So you and I are going to see more 'super-viruses' these inbreds have cooked up in labs, seemingly coming out of nowhere to infect and essentially kill off Black people globally at faster rates (Ebola virus).

Now, recently, the movie 'No Good Deed' was touted as being the number one movie in america; for the dates of September 12, 13th and 14th respectively, to the displeasure of myself and others; and I wrote a post called 'No good negroes' addressing my problems with the movie's self-destructive message before it came out.

Now, several bloggers have written about their being perplexed as to why the Black Diaspora would go out and support this kind of movie when at it's core, it speaks about Black men and women killing each other and sublimely suggests how the Black nuclear family is a thing of the past. But this incident reminds me of another which kind of puts this whole debacle in perspective...for me at least. 

Spike Lee, who can't get enough accolades for his film accomplishments in my opinion, put out a brilliant movie called 'Inside Man' in 2006. While on a press junket promoting the film, he stated emphatically that Black people should check their tickets. Because he found out how individual movie theaters were giving patrons purchasing tickets for Inside Man, tickets to other films within the theater. So essentially, people paying for Inside Man tickets might get a ticket for the auditorium showing 'Weekend at Bernie's 12' or something. That's how much whitey was invested in making sure Spike's film didn't meet the numbers it needed to stay in theaters.

Now, fast forward to 'No Good Deed' in 2014 being the number one movie in america. In the post I wrote about this flick originally, I found out how the Screen Gems film studio who made this piece of crap movie, had originally slated this to be released on January 14th of this year, for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday; yep, Mr. Charley was that interested in Black folks seeing this flick. But they pushed the date back knowing they'd be up against Universal's movie 'Ride Along' starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Guess they figure Black people can't mentally handle having two choices for films catering to their demographic. But here's my point, might what happened with Spike's 'Inside Man' be a reflection of 'No Good Deed's' making it to number one? Might people purchasing tickets for other films been given a ticket for the craptastic 'No Good Deed'?

I've done some research on the box office tally numbers for 'No Good Deed', and all sources say, this film sold the most tickets, but if these 'ticket swaps' happened who'd be the wiser? They definitely wouldn't reflect anywhere in the mainstream media. But we, the Black Diaspora, would still be duped into believing, the majority of us went out to see this flick. 

Now, before you say, we'll that's not likely to happen, let me say, firstly, it did happen to Spike; and secondly, why wouldn't whitey do this to serve his agenda of reinforcing and triggering our conditioned self-hatred with this flick?

And I'll also say, it pissed me off when I saw some bloggers talking about Black people like we're the dumbest people on the planet behind this film coming in at number one. There's a lot of people who claim to be pro-Black bloggers, but when any thing goes awry where Black people are concerned, these sell-outs are the first ones to talk about Black people like we've got no sense. It's sickening to see someone claiming they have our people's best interest at heart talk about us like trash as soon as something runs afoul in our diaspora. 

So who's side are these sell-outs really on?

Answer: their own...and whitey's. 

If you're a Black blogger who spends the majority of your time talking about how stupid Black people are; just come out of the closet and call yourself an anglophile, or whitey's lapdog. And if you're selling Black people on the notion that prayer is the answer to all our problems, might I advise you to realize how we, Black folk, do the most praying, and continually wind up getting the short end of the stick time and time again. 

And to those same bloggers let me ask this question about your deep, abiding love for many times does this man have to lie to you, before you realize he's a pathological liar, and you start treating him like one? You were pissed off at 'No Good Deed' coming in at number one, well, did you ever think, maybe this film wasn't number one at all, but whitey is just telling us it was? And if you're saying why would he do that? I'm saying, 'cause he wants to put out the message that Black people should keep hating and hurting each other, so we don't form relationships that produce Black children, especially, pure bred looking Black children. 

To all you fair weather, pro-Black bloggers, I say stop dissin' your own kind so you can win ass-kissing points with Mr. Charley. 'Cause whether you know it or not, he wants your dumb-founded ass dead too!


And let me say again, in regards to the dysfunction in the Black community, PRAYER IS NOT THE ANSWER! Being a christian isn't the solution to every problem and quite frankly, we were given christianity by these pale-skinned, degenerate devils so our communities would be dysfunctional. Turn the other cheek, love your enemy, confess your sins to perfect strangers, and all that other crap mandated in your religion. 

The only thing that will end the dysfunction in the Black community is reconditioning ourselves at the subconscious level through meditation. This is the only way we'll truly change for the better and save the Black family in the process. Question is how dedicated are Black people to doing this work? And will we do this before it's too late?

Remember people, MONEY IS NOT THE REAL POWER...UNITY IS! It's gonna' take a mental transformation for us to save ourselves. So by all means...let's get to work!


MontUHURU Mimia

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Legend of Stephon Marbury...

                        'Don't talk about it, be about it.'
                         --Hip Hop culture proverb

Stephon Xavier Marbury was born and raised in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, New York City in 1977. He is the sixth of seven children born into the tenements of public housing who had discovered a penchant for the game of basketball at an early age. So much so, Stephon took to combining his first and last names to come up with an alter-ego called 'Starbury'; the basketball savant who could make the winning 'clutch' shots and win over the hearts of his team-mates and his city alike in one fatal swoop...or swish.

His playing 'street ball' since he was in his pre-teens helped him excel on his high school's team at Abraham Lincoln High which was known for producing 'powerhouse' basketball players city-wide. Stephon also had the advantage of his father Don, who knew the cruelties of street ball, helping him to navigate the rough waters of his early career. Stephon was eventually named 'New York State Mr. Basketball' for his exemplary work on the court in his senior year.

In 1995, he was named a 'McDonald's All American', and he was listed as one of the top five recruits in the country. He was courted by Georgia Institute of Technology's basketball coach Bobby Cremins who he eventually agreed could take him to the next level.

At Georgia Tech Marbury excelled as a starting point guard; and for his accomplishments, he was named a 'Third Team All American' by the Associated Press and he won several other conference honors. After a year at Georgia Tech, he made himself eligible for the NBA draft.

He was picked fourth in an NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks, and was traded a short time later to the Minnesota Timberwolves. He, along with star draft pick and player Kevin Garnett, led the Timberwolves to the playoffs in 1997 and 1998. Between the years of 1999 to 2004, Stephon came into his own and became the 'clutch' player he'd always dreamed of in the New Jersey Nets and Phoenix Suns organizations. With the Nets, in a 2001 All Star game, Marbury hit two clutch three point shots to win the tournament. In 2004, Marbury was traded to the New York Knicks, and this was a dream come true; it meant he'd have a chance to play in his hometown and in Madison Square Garden with his parents in the stands watching. It was wish fulfillment on steroids. 

Now, this is really not why I'm writing about Stephon, sure his athletic accomplishments are great within themselves, but Stephon had a consciousness that neither his coaches or franchise club owners could or would have suspected he had. 

Ya' see, Stephon remembered the days of his young adulthood, where he couldn't afford the coolest cloths and had to endure the taunts of his peers for wearing hand me down attire and how he was 'ragged on' for his decrepit looking sneakers. This always stuck in his craw, not only because of what he went through, but for how he saw young Black men especially getting into fist fights or even shoot outs behind trying to own the latest, hottest footwear...especially when the new 'Jordan' Nike sneakers came to market. 

For anyone who's not 'in the know' about Michael Jordan's sneaker franchise, a pair of these highly in demand tennis shoes could run in excess of $200 to $1000 dollars, or more, depending on how exclusive the particular shoe model is. And for young brothas growing up in public housing, these sneakers were more than footwear, they were status symbols. So young brothas were liable to do anything under the sun to get these 'kicks'. And Mike Jordan himself knew this, but sat idly by and did nothing about it.

So instead of complaining about how unscrupulous and immoral the Black youth are for indulging in the pursuit of these outrageously priced sneakers, Stephon actually did something to stop it. 

In 2006, Stephon teamed up with retail clothing magnates Steve Shore and Barry Prevor, owners of the retail franchise 'Steve and Barry's', to put out his own sneaker named after his celebrity moniker 'Starbury' (there's a pair of these displayed in my header's's the middle sneaker). These sports shoes offered the latest design and comforts of the most popular sneakers on the market...but here's the real 'coup de grace' of the product, you could purchase a pair for $14.98. 

Young Black men especially had a real choice now, of a sneaker that was comfortable and stylish and one that didn't empty out their own wallet or their parent's. I remember listening to radio ads for this shoe when they were relatively new, and they literally said, " more breaking the bank to get a fresh pair of kicks..." And not only did Stephon produce a sneaker, but he had a whole line of clothing including shirts, pants, hoodies, etc. that were all under $10.00 to add to the experience of buying his sneakers. 

Now, this is what I'm talking about, a brotha who's actually building a brand and looking out for his people simultaneously. 

And Stephon had other athletes like Ben Wallace, who's another celebrity basketball player endorsing the shoe. Stephon went on Oprah, Good Morning America, Good Day New York, Live with Regis and Kelly and a lot of other talk shoes promoting the sneaker, and when the Starbury's first run came out, they did very well, in spite of people's thoughts that the sneaker wouldn't appeal to the youth because of the low price.

But this presented a problem. Ya' see, the white supremacist executives in the corporate offices of Nike, and other sneaker brands who basically charged exorbitant prices for their shoes, couldn't have someone they considered a dumb-founded Black athlete making their pockets any lighter; and they weren't about to close their 'sweat shops' to accommodate some idealist who wanted to charge fair prices for tennis shoes. So, the powers that be engaged in a little 'damage control' in regards to Mr. Marbury and his 'Starbury's'.

Firstly, they had to find a way to undermine the shoe in a public forum or periodical; so the corporate elites went to the magazine 'Consumer Reports' and paid for an article saying how the Starbury's were fine for casual use, but when they were tested by athletes, they under-perfomed due to the sneaker's being less comfortable, less stable and having less impact absorption compared to one of their other favorite brands of sneaker...namely, the Nike Jordan's priced well over $100 dollars. 

On a segment of the news show 20/20, John Stossel cut open a pair of Starbury's when Stephon made the claim that they're of the same quality as his higher priced competitors, and even though they were produced in China, he'd made sure they weren't constructed in any 'sweat shops'. John found that they did indeed look similar to another 'higher-end' brand of sneaker, namely, again, Nike Air Jordan's; but John never commented on the performance of the shoe or whether or not the shoes materials would last as long as other higher end brands. Then, the retail chain Steve and Barry's filed for bankruptcy and closed all of its stores; periodicals say this wasn't due to being associated with Stephon's brand, but I'm sure this had everything to do with it. The inbreeding elite had to make an example of any retailer who'd help a brotha challenge the dominance of white corporations.

Not only this, but as par for the course for any Black man who attempts to challenge the white supremacist status quo, rumors of Stephon being mentally unstable started to surface. Sports mags and other periodicals were saying he was suffering a 'breakdown', and a video of a shirtless Stephon crying came to the fore. But in one of these videos, he says emphatically how people had backed away from him since he put out the 'Starbury's'; this shouldn't sound unfamiliar folks, 'cause they ran the same game on Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams when they wouldn't conform to whitey's wishes. And with Marbury's dwindling popularity and performance stats on the court, the inbreds of fascist white america thought Stephon would be reduced to nothing more than  an afterthought in the annals of the NBA.

But something else happened...

Stephon persevered through these series of travails and is now playing for a basketball team in Beijing, China called the 'Beijing Ducks'; and in the years 2011 through 2014 he's led them to two Chinese Basketball Association Championships almost single-handedly. The added bonus to this is Stephon can be closer to his manufacturing centers to supervise the production of his attire and footwear. Also, Starbury's are now being sold through 

So, if you get a chance SUPPORT THIS BROTHA!


Let's show Stephon that he's made the right decision banking on his people; 'cause you know how the pale-skinned degenerates of the corporate world would like nothing better than for him and his products to disappear without a trace. 


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's a bit of background on the streets reaction to Stephon's Starbury's...check this out!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Black Nationalism 101...who are the 'truly indigenous'?

Recently, a young man who frequents this Blog and goes by the name/handle 'Kevin', left a suggestion in the comment section of my last post.

He basically said, he and I should do some research on ancient Black people who were here before the 'native american Indians' and Cristobal Colon...I mean Christopher Columbus--Note: Cristobal Colon, the man renamed Christopher Columbus, actually had spanish origins; not italian. And he was given this name to represent the secret society he belonged to. The name Columbus is well used in white supremacist freemasonic circles. One of the incarnations of the sir-name Columbus is the name/word Columbia, and this word is especially famous in those circles. And we see it all the time in every walk of life, ala 'CBS'--Columbia Broadcasting Station, Columbia Records, Washington D.C. (D.C.=District of Columbia), Columbia University, etc. This word is used to identify the presence of these fraternities wherever it might appear; thus, Cristobal Colon, again, was given the name Christopher Columbus to identify the secret society he belonged to. 

Kevin was saying how he thinks there's a rich history of our people in america before the 'native american indians' and/or there might be a shared bloodline we have with them; especially the way some of us claim to have 'indian in our family', which might explain how some of us have straighter hair and more european looking features.  

So I said, before either one of us do any research he should give me a chance to expound on what I already know regarding this topic. Firstly, Kev, yes there were Black people in america centuries before the 'native american indains'. And one of the better known Black native american tribes was called the 'Washitaw Muurs (Moors)', who white scientests have identified as the oldest tribe in this country, meaning they predated every other type of ethnic group on this continent. It's also said the Washitaws were kin to the Olmecs, who were a powerful tribe of ancient Black people who first inhabited south america. Check out the 'Olmec head' statue at the top left, note the powerfully broad, wide nose and the full, luscious lips...if this don't look like a brotha to you, I don't know what does. 

But more importantly Kev, if you consider yourself a Black Nationalist, its imperative you know how this is not only the case for the 'americas', but the entire planet. 

One term I love pertaining to how our people were here first, globally, speaks to Black people being this world's 'truly indigenous' inhabitants. Meaning it was Black men and women who again, populated this entire planet, and it was us who were on every continent of this earth before anyone else. 

And Kevin, notice I never used the word 'aboriginal' in reference to Black people's indigenous status; that's 'cause this is one of the inbred's favorite word games, falling under the auspices of what I call the white elite's 'low-down linquistics' campaign. 

If we really look at this word, you'll see the first two letters are 'ab', and this usually makes one think of the word 'abnormal'. So its already got a negative connotation. But if we look at two more letters of the word we get 'abor', like abhor or abhorrent...ya' dig? Then the tail end of the word, of course, is 'original'. So with this under, or 'overstanding' of the word, it breaks down to 'abhorring...or hating, the original'. And who do you automatically think of when you hear the term 'aboriginal'? You think of Australia's 'Aborigines', i.e. the australian tribe predating every
other tribe on their continent. Check out the high-grade melenated australian brotha (Aborigines) to the left. If you don't think he's descended from 'pure-bred' Black people, then you're just in denial. Moreover, look at his deeply dark, rich, lovely and exquisitely dope skin tone! Man I wish I had skin that color...and this is just me having another bout of melanin envy Kev, so just let me indulge a little bit (LOL!). If I could find a sista with this shade of skin, it'd be ON! And truthfully, any Black man calling himself a Black Nationalist, should exclusively date highly melanated women so we could produce more 'pure-bred' Black children for the future. But I'll talk about that on another post. 

Also Kev, this is a good segue way into another topic I was planning to write about. I remember being told all
my life how celestial 'Black holes' were the 'ending' of existence; essentially, I was told by every white science teacher how light and matter couldn't escape its clutches. Basically making them seem extremely insidious. But now after doing some research, I've found out and white scientists have verified, how Black holes are the 'beginning' of every form of life, not the ending. And I say white scientists have verified this, 'cause sadly, for the majority of our people a white man's word is still gospel. Out of celestial Black holes comes planets, stars, suns, galaxies, etc. I did some more research and found out that EVERY LIVING THING COMES OUT OF DARK MATTER; OR THE UNIVERSAL DARKNESS...MEANING AGAIN, CREATION ITSELF, COMES FROM THE DARKNESS!

Even the light is created by universal darkness. Don't take my word for this Kev, go look this fact up!

Now, one of the universal laws of religion is the saying 'As above, so below' (Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven); so creation itself comes out of the darkness, or dark matter; and this explains how the whole of the human race came out of, or through the BLACK WOM(B)AN!

So understand, when anyone speaks of the 'truly indigenous', they are speaking about Black people who populated this ENTIRE PLANET. Again, we are the 'truly indigenous' people of this world to the exclusion of everyone else. 

Now, speaking again of religion, the above theory is evidenced by the pope and the papacy giving the world a pale-skinned lord and savior named jesus christ to worship. But who the pope(s), current and past
are worshipping, at least as their most exalted deity, is not jesus christ, but the Black madonna and child (pictured left). Now, the conspiracy theorist/CIA agent David Icke, says their worshiping of the Black madonna and child has nothing to do with ethnicity...THAT'S B.S.!

The pope is but one religious leader who's a member of a secret society, i.e. the illuminati; and they know the Black woman gave birth to the entire human race, but don't want us to know this for fear we'll escape the white supremacist mind-set that's got us thinking whites are the 'be all-end all' of existence. 

So this says what? This says, if what ultimately gave birth to creation itself is represented in the color Black (also, think of the color of the earth, i.e. the soil that gives life to grass and vegetation, which is the same color as a Black person's skin) then the religious concept of celestial heavens, or heaven itself, where 'God' lives and operates from, according to what nature is telling us, has to be BLACK...NOT WHITE! 

And if God is the only one who can give life, and again, it's proven that every living thing comes from the exquisite universal BLACKNESS, THEN WHAT COLOR MUST GOD BE?

Does this disturb you?

If it does, think about who gave you a 'fear of the dark', or who told you how everything negative has a dark connotation to it; i.e. a 'dark' day, my 'darkest' hour, it's always 'darkest' before the dawn, etc. It was the same white supremacists that have conditioned you to hate yourself. And if you notice the color white, not only rarely happens in nature, but is usually a sign of a substance that is man-made, fake, and is in most cases 'harmful to the body'. Don't believe me? Think about the effects of white sugar, bread, rice, pasta, flour, etc. on the human body...also, if you look at cancer cells under a microscope, they are pure white; don't take my word for this, go look this up! So the image of a white heaven, 'pearly' white gates, white angels, a white throne and such, is all a propaganda campaign to hide what color God and heaven truly are. 

Now Kev, I hope you feel me on this...and if you do, tell me how could you not love yourself more or know how being born Black is a blessing instead of a burden?



Sorry if I was a bit long-winded on my answer to your question Kev, but this I had to get out. Let me know what you think bruh.


MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Christian concentration camps and a reviled retreat...

On July first of this year, while conversing with a co-worker of mine, I was introduced to the idea of spending some time at a 'spiritual retreat' while speaking about how I'd acquired some vacation time on my job. 

When I told my co-worker that I wasn't religious, but a practitioner of the Black Spiritual Sciences, this person stated how there would be several persons there representing the practices of Yoruba, The Orishas and even a Voudun/Voodoo Babaalau; which is basically a leader of ceremonies in the Black Spiritual Sciences, something like what a priest is to christianity. So I told this person I'd think about it after they gave me a brochure about the 'retreat'.

As I read the brochure, the first thing I noticed was how this retreat would take place in the Virgin Islands; and I have family there, so that was a plus. But even before this fact, I saw the retreat facility was more of an island resort than something resembling a monastery. This was another selling point. The brochure also detailed how all faiths would be represented, up to and including the Black Spiritual Sciences. But there was one caveat. The brochure said in order to keep the ambiance of the retreat more spiritually-minded, they wanted participants to check in their cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices, so there'd be less diversions in our quests for a more intimate spiritual experience. 

Just then I said no; flat out. I was hell-bent (no pun intended) on always having my laptop with me. I hate to admit this, but my computer has almost become like an appendage...I'm completely tethered to it. But recently, I'd been wrestling with the issue of my possibly being too obsessive with my laptop and this Blog; 'cause one thing I know for sure is too much of anything is not good for you. And I did want to know more about the Black Spiritual Sciences, being that I've only an intermediate knowledge of them. I'd done some book reading and video watching on the topic, but I'd never been in a consistently immersive fellowship experience with other like-minded people who practiced these sciences.

I spoke to the co-worker who originally gave me the brochure and told them about my issues with a possible obsession with my computer and Blog. They told me this would be the perfect venue to confront it in; they also assured me about how strict the retreat facility's administrators are about giving out a central emergency number that I could give to loved ones in case they needed to contact me quickly. Since we wouldn't have our cell phones, this person understood my concerns should I need to contact my family for any reason. They also said they'd witnessed instances were people had emergency calls in the past and the resort manager themselves would personally relay the caller's message to them. 

It seemed all my issues with the 'retreat' had been resolved and since it would last two weeks and I had a month of vacation time due me, I agreed to go. 

The flight over to the Virgin Islands was pretty uneventful and pleasant, and after we touched down safely in the V.I.(Virgin Islands), we were chauffeured to the resort. After we got to the gates of the compound, they swung open and revealed a complex replete with tennis and racket ball courts, a small golf course, a full gym, and with V.I.'s vistas as a backdrop, this place looked like what you'd see on a commercial promoting some tropical getaway. I nodded my head in approval and checked into my room. 

Opening the door to my suite soothed my soul even more. The tan colored carpet seemed to be double cushioned, so every step felt like I was being buoyed on a bed of pillows; the room also had a set of well cushioned, buttery golden sofas and a nearly wall-sized flat screen TV. When I looked into the bedroom, the king size bed glowed beneath rays of sunlight coming through beige curtains that swayed in a breeze coming off the ocean; and my glances at the room's brochure said the bed's comforter and sheets were made of silk and Egyptian cotton. I strode into the bathroom to find a walk-in shower replete with several spray jets, a jacuzzi and a full vanity. 

After I got some cloths out onto my bed I went into the living room and pulled back the curtains of the main windows. What stared back at me were powdery golden sands rubbed up against aqua blue translucent waters, palm trees, tanning enthusiasts slathering assorted lotions on themselves, bobbing mini yachts and jet skiers having their way with the deeper waters. It was one of those moments where you just had to be happy with life. 

Moments later, the door bell rang. I wondered who it could be before a female voice called out she was one of the hotel's administrators. I peered through the door's peep hole and swung it open. I wasn't expecting a woman this attractive to be one of the resort's administrators. She was a sista I'd get to know as Kathy. And Kathy had the high grade melanated, deep chocolate, luminous skin I love on a woman. She also had almond shaped eyes, a gorgeous body, the perfect height and weight I like, and I don't know what fragrance she wore, but it seemed to be some floral mix of lilac and lavender; whatever it was, it worked.  

She offered me a brochure about the spiritual seminars that would take place and which areas of the resort they'd be in. She also told me she was there to collect my laptop and cell phone. Then it made sense, they send a physically beguiling woman to disarm the patrons of their most valued possessions. She assured me they'd be placed in safe storage and told me later there would be a showing of the vault where these items would be placed for all guests. I told her I definitely would attend and in a split second I nearly forgot this was a spiritual retreat, 'cause I straight up wanted to ask this woman out. That was until I saw a glistening rock on her left-handed wedding band finger. I handed over my phone and laptop, we exchanged good evenings and she made her exit. I went to the living room, turned on the TV and wondered what lucky man had her for a wife.   

Now, the brochure said one wake up call would be provided for the 9 A.M. seminars, the first of these would be at 8 A.M. I'm used to early morning wake ups, so this wasn't a problem; that was until I got my first wake up call for this seminar at 6 A.M. I told the person calling how it was inappropriate and downright rude to call me that early, it's not like I don't know how to use an alarm clock. She apologized and hung up. The next wake up call came at 7 A.M. After I asked who it was, I asked to speak with the manager. The manager gave me some silly story about how these calls were mandatory and detailed  in their brochure; to which I reminded him how the brochure said one call would be made. Then I told him this was harassment and I didn't want anymore wake up calls. They stopped. 

Now, being that I was tired from an interrupted night of sleep, I was not in the best spirits for the morning seminar. Again, there were three to choose from, and that morning I chose the Yoruba mysticism lecture. The auditoriums resembled any generic hotel meeting room; several austere and angular metal framed chairs, one long mahogany desk, one podium, one mic and a refreshment table off to the side replete with a 'continental' breakfast; all carbs, muffins, toast, tea and coffee. Fortunately, I had a breakfast ordered up to my room, 'cause I woke up in a quasi-bitter mood from all those wake up calls. 

Much to my suprise, the Yoruba seminar started out well. The forty-something Black gentlemen presiding over the ceremony started out with a libation pouring to the ancestors which set the spiritual tone of the room correctly; there were some inbreds scattered about the room, but otherwise, I didn't have much to complain about. After that, the emcee told about the origins of Yoruba beginning in southwest Nigeria and adjacent parts of Benin and Togo; and he explained how the deity Olodumare was its divine creator of all existence, these facts I knew, but it was nice to hear them in that setting. After several minutes the speaker said how analogous these concepts were to christianity and kept his diatribe on those points. I got so pissed, I walked out. Not only was I suffering from a lack of r.e.m. sleep, but I thought I'd just got 'bait and switched' where the promise of a talk on the Black Spiritual Sciences were concerned.  

Minutes later, Kathy showed up in the corridor beside my room's door. She sauntered over to me and asked, "What's the matter, didn't you enjoy the Yoruba seminar?" That's when I knew I was being watched. I asked Kathy,"How'd you know I just came out of the Yoruba seminar?" She said, as one of the facility's administrator's it was her job to see I was having a good time. The look up in her eyes told me this was a come on. This weirded me out, considering she was married; or was at least wearing a wedding ring. I told her I should have a better experience at the next one. I talked mid-stride while I headed for my door. Listen, I'm as lustful as the next guy, but one thing I won't do is take part in dismantling a marriage; especially where our people are concerned. Now, I don't know if Kathy's married to a Black man or not, quite frankly, I think she's probably married to some inbred who thinks it's cool to have an 'open' marriage; but again, on the off chance she's with a brotha, I'm not gonna' be the one to do something to harm that. If you've read my Blog for any amount of time, you'll see I don't get down like that. So after I got into my room, I locked the door and sank into the sofa; and I dearly missed and needed to be on my laptop. Then I remembered it was in the resort's vault. I then thought, maybe it was good I didn't have my computer as a crutch to fall back on. I started thinking about Ben and Jerry's ice cream and Kathy's come on. I decided to indulge in some New York Super Fudge Chunk before tuning into something salacious on Netflix.    

The next day I got another 6 A.M. wake up call for the 9 A.M. seminar; then I got another at 7 A.M. After speaking to the desk clerk, I once again spoke to a supervisor and told them, if this continued I'd ask for my money back and leave the resort. After this they stopped completely. 

I arrived at the morning's seminar entitled 'Reflections and revelations on the science of Voodoo'. I thought, alright, here we go, this is gonna' be powerfully dope. I think I was the first person in the auditorium, but after a few moments other people began to trickle in. Oddly enough, a white woman sat right next to me. Inwardly, I rolled my eyes. It seems I'm a magnet for the kind of white women I call 'triple O's'; they're either overweight, oversexed, old or all three. This one seemed to subscribe to the first two 'O's', but looked to be in her mid-thirties. I sensed her eyes on me, but I wasn't about to return her stare or even say hello. You see, these women think the easiest man they can get is a Black one, so they feel all they have to do is establish some sort of close proximity to us and we're suppose to melt or something. 

One thing I have to say about this is, I shamefully admit, I get a perverse thrill from making a white woman seem unwanted by me. What I encounter on damn near a daily basis, is a white woman who walks towards me with her head down 'cause she doesn't want me thinking she's attracted to me. But what I always do is go out of my way to keep my eyes looking forward. 'Cause nine times out of ten, just as this white woman is about to pass me, she'll look at me; then when she sees I'm not looking at her, she'll don this perplexed look on her face, like, why aren't you looking at me? I am a white woman after all.


Again, I do shamefully admit, I love making white women feel less attractive; or I at least like letting them know, I think their pale skin is repulsive; I love to non-verbally tell them, keep walking you thin lipped, flat-assed, stringy haired degenerate. But that's just me. 

Back to the seminar...A dark-skinned brotha in a dashiki came to the podium and I was like, alright bruh, come wit' it!

He also started out pouring libations, and went through a litany of outstanding ancestors; we paid homage to Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Amazon Queen Califia (This is the Black woman who California is named after), Harriet Tubman, Nobel Drew Ali, Tupac Shakur, Steven Biko, Kwame Nkruma, Dr. Huey P. Newton, Elijah Muhammad, etc. 

The brotha then went on to say the word Voudun or Voodoo actually means 'spirit' or 'deity' in the Fon language of the ancient African kingdom of Dahomey, which is now Benin. Minutes after, he spoke on how a Voodoo ceremony preceded the Haitian revolution and gave our people the spiritual and physical might to overthrow Napoleon's occupying forces, even though we were out-manned and out-gunned; and how to this day, this revolution is credited with being the only successful slave revolt in world history. Then I experienced a bout of deja vu as this guy started talking about how this religion parallels christianity, and he started expounding on this point. 

That's when I knew this was a set up. What this resort was doing was converting, or at least trying to convert, every person who believed in something other than white supremacist christianity into adopting their religion. 

Once again, I got up and left the auditorium. I swung open the door to my room and went for the pint-sized remainder of my Ben and Jerry's ice cream, when I got a phone call. 

And lo and behold, it was Kathy. She asked me to meet her in her office. I agreed 'cause I wanted to curse her out behind having me at the resort under false pretenses. As I left my room and traveled towards the elevator, my co-worker who got me to come to the retreat popped up. The first thing this person said was, "I'm sorry you're not liking the seminars." Right then I knew this person and Kathy were working together. Mind you, this was a person I'd worked with for the better part of a decade; we'd been to each others homes, met members of each others families and I genuinely considered this person a friend. Well, that was over. I abruptly told them I had an emergency call and brushed by them. 

When I got to Kathy's office, before I could get a word in, she started asking me if I'd ever considered joining the priesthood; then she started in on how lucrative a career it could be, unbeknownst to the public. When I told her I had absolutely no interest in this, she told me I fit the profile of someone who'd do well in the priesthood. I knew this meant my co-worker had offered me up as some sort of prospect for a priestly 'training camp', and that's what this experience was and would be. I immediately went to Kathy's supervisor and asked for my money back. 

After the resort's executive administrators obliged, I called a cab and got promptly off the complex and into a regular hotel. I enjoyed the remainder of my stay in the V.I. at a similar resort, minus the force fed overtones of white supremacist christianity and I got to see my family there as well.

Needless to say, I stopped talking to this co-worker completely. And to this day, this person is perplexed as to why I'm mad. 

You see, the christian priesthood is in such dire financial straits, that they've been forced to employ these kind of recruitment techniques. Because their priests have been exposed for the pedophiles and generally mentally unstable posers they really are; so no one in their right minds, or at least no young person in their right minds, wants to be associated with them anymore. 

And thinking back on it, I remembered telling my co-worker how I was fond of darker skinned women, that's probably why Kathy was recruited to 'attend' to me; and when that didn't work, they probably sicced one of their resident white women on me, this was the overweight and oversexed woman who sat next to me during the Voodoo seminar. And if you're thinking, yo MontUHURU, you're just trippin', I'd say I wouldn't put this past them if they were that hard up for Black men to go into the priesthood. 

Think about it, why wouldn't they want more Black men in the priesthood, firstly, it would add some cool points to the papacy; if for no other reason that we wouldn't hold stuffy and technical prayer services, we'd make our message relevant and practical for people. And, if for no other reason, the mainstream public knows that the overwhelming majority of Black men don't practice pedophilia. They also know, we're less likely to be homosexuals, 'cause our melanated minds won't allow us to indulge in these deviant sex acts so easily. So, it would be a win-win for white supremacists and their main religion. 

Only problem is, I'm not selling out to white supremacy; that's not me. They're gonna' have to look elsewhere for a token. 

And in the immortal words of Sam Jackson in the movie 'Do the right thing', "That's the triple truth, Ruth."


MontUHURU Mimia