Friday, September 12, 2014

Black Nationalism 101...who are the 'truly indigenous'?

Recently, a young man who frequents this Blog and goes by the name/handle 'Kevin', left a suggestion in the comment section of my last post.

He basically said, he and I should do some research on ancient Black people who were here before the 'native american Indians' and Cristobal Colon...I mean Christopher Columbus--Note: Cristobal Colon, the man renamed Christopher Columbus, actually had spanish origins; not italian. And he was given this name to represent the secret society he belonged to. The name Columbus is well used in white supremacist freemasonic circles. One of the incarnations of the sir-name Columbus is the name/word Columbia, and this word is especially famous in those circles. And we see it all the time in every walk of life, ala 'CBS'--Columbia Broadcasting Station, Columbia Records, Washington D.C. (D.C.=District of Columbia), Columbia University, etc. This word is used to identify the presence of these fraternities wherever it might appear; thus, Cristobal Colon, again, was given the name Christopher Columbus to identify the secret society he belonged to. 

Kevin was saying how he thinks there's a rich history of our people in america before the 'native american indians' and/or there might be a shared bloodline we have with them; especially the way some of us claim to have 'indian in our family', which might explain how some of us have straighter hair and more european looking features.  

So I said, before either one of us do any research he should give me a chance to expound on what I already know regarding this topic. Firstly, Kev, yes there were Black people in america centuries before the 'native american indains'. And one of the better known Black native american tribes was called the 'Washitaw Muurs (Moors)', who white scientests have identified as the oldest tribe in this country, meaning they predated every other type of ethnic group on this continent. It's also said the Washitaws were kin to the Olmecs, who were a powerful tribe of ancient Black people who first inhabited south america. Check out the 'Olmec head' statue at the top left, note the powerfully broad, wide nose and the full, luscious lips...if this don't look like a brotha to you, I don't know what does. 

But more importantly Kev, if you consider yourself a Black Nationalist, its imperative you know how this is not only the case for the 'americas', but the entire planet. 

One term I love pertaining to how our people were here first, globally, speaks to Black people being this world's 'truly indigenous' inhabitants. Meaning it was Black men and women who again, populated this entire planet, and it was us who were on every continent of this earth before anyone else. 

And Kevin, notice I never used the word 'aboriginal' in reference to Black people's indigenous status; that's 'cause this is one of the inbred's favorite word games, falling under the auspices of what I call the white elite's 'low-down linquistics' campaign. 

If we really look at this word, you'll see the first two letters are 'ab', and this usually makes one think of the word 'abnormal'. So its already got a negative connotation. But if we look at two more letters of the word we get 'abor', like abhor or abhorrent...ya' dig? Then the tail end of the word, of course, is 'original'. So with this under, or 'overstanding' of the word, it breaks down to 'abhorring...or hating, the original'. And who do you automatically think of when you hear the term 'aboriginal'? You think of Australia's 'Aborigines', i.e. the australian tribe predating every
other tribe on their continent. Check out the high-grade melenated australian brotha (Aborigines) to the left. If you don't think he's descended from 'pure-bred' Black people, then you're just in denial. Moreover, look at his deeply dark, rich, lovely and exquisitely dope skin tone! Man I wish I had skin that color...and this is just me having another bout of melanin envy Kev, so just let me indulge a little bit (LOL!). If I could find a sista with this shade of skin, it'd be ON! And truthfully, any Black man calling himself a Black Nationalist, should exclusively date highly melanated women so we could produce more 'pure-bred' Black children for the future. But I'll talk about that on another post. 

Also Kev, this is a good segue way into another topic I was planning to write about. I remember being told all
my life how celestial 'Black holes' were the 'ending' of existence; essentially, I was told by every white science teacher how light and matter couldn't escape its clutches. Basically making them seem extremely insidious. But now after doing some research, I've found out and white scientists have verified, how Black holes are the 'beginning' of every form of life, not the ending. And I say white scientists have verified this, 'cause sadly, for the majority of our people a white man's word is still gospel. Out of celestial Black holes comes planets, stars, suns, galaxies, etc. I did some more research and found out that EVERY LIVING THING COMES OUT OF DARK MATTER; OR THE UNIVERSAL DARKNESS...MEANING AGAIN, CREATION ITSELF, COMES FROM THE DARKNESS!

Even the light is created by universal darkness. Don't take my word for this Kev, go look this fact up!

Now, one of the universal laws of religion is the saying 'As above, so below' (Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven); so creation itself comes out of the darkness, or dark matter; and this explains how the whole of the human race came out of, or through the BLACK WOM(B)AN!

So understand, when anyone speaks of the 'truly indigenous', they are speaking about Black people who populated this ENTIRE PLANET. Again, we are the 'truly indigenous' people of this world to the exclusion of everyone else. 

Now, speaking again of religion, the above theory is evidenced by the pope and the papacy giving the world a pale-skinned lord and savior named jesus christ to worship. But who the pope(s), current and past
are worshipping, at least as their most exalted deity, is not jesus christ, but the Black madonna and child (pictured left). Now, the conspiracy theorist/CIA agent David Icke, says their worshiping of the Black madonna and child has nothing to do with ethnicity...THAT'S B.S.!

The pope is but one religious leader who's a member of a secret society, i.e. the illuminati; and they know the Black woman gave birth to the entire human race, but don't want us to know this for fear we'll escape the white supremacist mind-set that's got us thinking whites are the 'be all-end all' of existence. 

So this says what? This says, if what ultimately gave birth to creation itself is represented in the color Black (also, think of the color of the earth, i.e. the soil that gives life to grass and vegetation, which is the same color as a Black person's skin) then the religious concept of celestial heavens, or heaven itself, where 'God' lives and operates from, according to what nature is telling us, has to be BLACK...NOT WHITE! 

And if God is the only one who can give life, and again, it's proven that every living thing comes from the exquisite universal BLACKNESS, THEN WHAT COLOR MUST GOD BE?

Does this disturb you?

If it does, think about who gave you a 'fear of the dark', or who told you how everything negative has a dark connotation to it; i.e. a 'dark' day, my 'darkest' hour, it's always 'darkest' before the dawn, etc. It was the same white supremacists that have conditioned you to hate yourself. And if you notice the color white, not only rarely happens in nature, but is usually a sign of a substance that is man-made, fake, and is in most cases 'harmful to the body'. Don't believe me? Think about the effects of white sugar, bread, rice, pasta, flour, etc. on the human body...also, if you look at cancer cells under a microscope, they are pure white; don't take my word for this, go look this up! So the image of a white heaven, 'pearly' white gates, white angels, a white throne and such, is all a propaganda campaign to hide what color God and heaven truly are. 

Now Kev, I hope you feel me on this...and if you do, tell me how could you not love yourself more or know how being born Black is a blessing instead of a burden?



Sorry if I was a bit long-winded on my answer to your question Kev, but this I had to get out. Let me know what you think bruh.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I was actually going to mention that Black holes are actually creation points of the universe:

    But yeah, darkness represents the cosmic womb of the universe(s). The spirit/force of a thing (represented by 'Ra" in Kemet) is masculine, whereas the physical appearance/embodiment of a thing is feminine (represented by 'Ma' in Kemet). Why do you think physical things are called MAtter?

    But yeah I mentioned the indigenous thing because I was torn between the stories of how we were brought here on ships only to prophetically rise once more and the research and information regarding the fact that most of us were already here during chattel slavery. It's like, I know that at least some of us were brought over on ships, but at the same time, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to learn that we were actually enslaved on our own land.

    (Side note: I also say this because if you observe how we've been oppressed worldwide, pretty much the same thing has happened to us all over. If you look at the Caste system in India, or Apartheid in South Africa, or Racism-White Supremacy over here in America, it basically consists of:

    a) Invading our land
    b) infiltrating our system
    c) distorting/removing our spiritual texts and practices
    d) rewriting/retelling our history
    e) falsely claiming our legacy
    f) violently opposing anyone who questions/goes against the corrupt status quo)

    And another thing; and I can't put it any better than this:

    Man is God

    Mankind (ManKIND) is the devil (double)

    (Why do you think Black people are the only ones without neanderthal DNA?).

    1. 'Kev'...


      Why do you think we can create every other kind of man while none of them can create one of us.


      Also, I remember I was talking to a friend about our enslavement in this country, and he reminded me how Black people sold each other into slavery. Now, had I left the subject there, this would've reinforced why we both should hate ourselves for being Black. It deepens the shame conditioned into us by decades of lessons from the white supremacist american school system.

      So I had to tell my friend, that whites also sold each other into slavery; and I reminded him how the country of YugoSLAVIA did this so much, that the country was named after its white slaves. Again, YugoSLAVIA, the SLAVS/SLAVIC PEOPLE...the very root of these names is the word SLAVE!

      So, as a Black Nationalist, it's imperative that we always try to thwart the shame-based triggers associated with talking about Black people and slavery. 'Cause their are mature Black people who still think the only people who were ever taken into slavery was us. We have a responsibility to let them know the other side of the story.

      And while we do this, we can show them that there's nothing exceptionally wrong with our people, that examples of our dysfunction are evident in ALL other ethnic groups.

      Again...KEM WESIR!

    2. That's exactly what I said to myself in the midst of the Ray Rice incident, especially after watching this video:

      Though we need to clean up our act collectively, let's not get caught up in thinking that we're the only ones that do it. Cause trust me, other groups do it too. They just hide what they do.

  2. The reason why we were slaves and are still captives till this day is b/c of the disobedience of our fathers unto our god (YHWH). As a nation of ppl ( Hebrew Isrealites) we have and to this day have served strange gods that the imagination mankind has made up (especially Gentiles) white, Asians, mexican folks. For this along with the death of his salvation YAHSHUA alot of our own blood has been shed and our men, women, and children became slaves at first in Egypt and then in the Daughter of Babylon(AmericA)Duet. 32 & Acts 3:22-23. Ultimately we cant blame the white man because they were made solely as a strap to chastise us thats why we cant be mad at them or give them no kind of credit for what they've (they're just being used).

    1. Martece...

      Your explanations of why we shouldn't hold the white man accountable for his/her actions, is why I no longer subscribe to white supremacist religions, and have adopted the philosophies of Black Nationalism.

      Firstly, I agree, that in a fit of self-hatred, our ancestors not only created these pale-skinned degenerates, but gave them the technologies to rule over this earth.

      But saying that white people don't have a choice but to act like the most murderous creatures walking the face of the planet, is just false.


      Besides that fact, any Black/indigenous person subscribing to your point of view, has no choice but to go through this life hating themselves for being Black. Now, beyond the conditioning we get in american schools to hate ourselves, can you imagine someone thinking they deserve no better than to be indiscriminately slaughtered and starved to death? What's the purpose of living then?

      I've spent decades in a white supremacist mind-state, deploring who I was and what I looked like, AND I'M NOT GOING BACK!!

      Now, if you wanna' stay in that mind-set, and continue hating yourself from the cradle to the grave, THAT'S ON YOU!!

      I gave that B.S. up...'cause there's no room for advancement!

    2. Check out and get a full understanding of what I said. It's the truth of the bible and it has nothing to do with science. I don't hate myself I love myself I love my people. The enemy got us thinking we are black but that's just a state of mind. And btw the segregation was not before the civil rights movement was for good reason. We became like the gentiles in everything we do and our rememberance has ceased from among men. The so called black people don't know who we are we have no lineage with the africans at all. Check it out if you wanna kno the truth we are living in the bible days every thing was prophesied there is no "FREE WILL."

    3. 'Martece'...

      Do you know who wrote the bible?

      Read the book, 'The historical origins of christianity' by Walter Williams; it will tell you how jesus christ was an invention of the conqueror 'Constantine' specifically for the purpose of controlling dark populations.

      Now, the 'Krist' energies of the Black Spiritual Sciences are different from the 'mythological' jesus christ. Who never existed.

      The bible is a book of fables, created as a means of population control. That's where that whole, 'curse of ham' non-sense came from that Black folks believe.

      Now, you're right that not all Black people come from Africa, 'cause Black people were the first ones to populate the whole earth, we are the WORLD'S indigenous people, ya dig? But to say we have absolutely no lineage to Africa is false, as a matter-of-fact, every living person has a lineage to Africa, 'cause that's where human-kind started.

      Also let me say, that the last place you're gonna' find out the truth about christianity, is in christianity; you have to come up out of it, to get a more objective perspective on this religion.