Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"No good" negroes...

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to. Think about how many weak shows you slept through, times up, sorry I've kept you..."  
--Rakim, from the song "I know you got soul"

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to all the readers of this Blog for neglecting to put out posts to the tune of almost two months. Besides just coming back from a vacation, my rationale for doing this was using a technique I employ to edit my writing; and this includes being away from a manuscript so I can see it with fresher eyes. In the midst of the process, I was also encouraged to do this from an associate who's opinion I trust(ed).

Being that I nearly had an emotional breakdown staying away from my Blog for this extended amount of time, I can assure you, in the future, this is something I vow not to do again, unless I positively can not get to some kind of computer. And this is something I'll discuss in more detail in my next post.

I do have a lot of projects I'm gonna' put out in the near future though, hopefully, this can make up for some of the time I lost indulging in a bad idea.

Now with that outta' the way...let's get down...

The film "No good deed" was originally slated to be released on January 14th of this year to coincide with the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Problem was, the 'Screen Gems' movie studio knew it would go up against Universal's 'Ride Along' starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart; so they pushed this film's release date back to September 12th of this year. Ya' see, they want us completely focused on this flick and its message.  

And what is the message you ask? Well, take a look at this billboard ad for the flick. This says it all. Black man and woman, are you sure you're alone? 'Cause we, the fascist white elite, don't under ANY circumstances, want you together. Also, notice how the words "you're alone" are in big white letters--this is to emphasize them as being positive. This ad is also saying, Black man and woman, this is what will happen should you ever try to heal the rift between you and form anything close to "nuclear" families again. 

Let's just call this crap what it is, another attempt by fascist whites to make sure that Black men and women stay separated and hating one another--and, to make sure we are always kept chasing after white dates and mates, even when we see, they're hell bent on just using us for sex toys. 

For any Black man and woman who thinks my rants about reconditioning ourselves out of our collective white supremacist mind-state is just some sort of schtick for me to build this Blog on, this cavalcade of stars coon show, should force you to see the white fascist agenda for us in all its wicked glory. 

The film's plot is basically this, Terri (Taraji Henson), is a stay-at-home mother who let's a handsome stranger (Idris Elba) into her house to make a phone call being that Colin (Idris) has run his car off the road. She lets him in, and all hell breaks loose. 

The first part of the movie involves Idris' character brutally murdering some white woman; and isn't it interesting how this flick is being directed by Aimee Lagos, who just happens to be that. This is meant to legitimize Idris as the worst kind of Black male sociopath, one that would harm, and or destroy the sanctity of white womanhood. Never mind the fact that stats prove how ethnically, people prey on their own kind more than ninety percent of the time. 

Now, notice how Taraji's character is home with her daughter...without a Black man, or any other kind of man in the house for that matter; but once the Black man is brought into the home again, everything goes haywire and Taraji's character more than likely will lose her life. For Black women who collect any kind of government assistance, you know the first prerequisite for you to be eligible is, under no circumstances, can a man be in your house. Now if that doesn't speak to these pale-skinned degenerates plan to destroy the Black family, nothing will. And before anyone trips about me speaking to Black women or men being on 'government assistance', know that the majority of people on welfare in this country are white; and if you don't believe me, check the stats.

Now, let's speak to why Idris was chosen for this part -- firstly, Idris, just like Denzel Washington back in the day, is perceived as being a bit too virtuous for a Black man; he's got no scandals connected to his name or a criminal record a mile long...and more obviously, he's a sex symbol who's a strapping, dark-skinned Black brotha. So they have to defile his image in some kinda' way, lest he make white men look less attractive or start another trend where dark-skinned brothas are considered more desirable than their lighter-skinned counter-parts. They already had enough of that with Wesley Snipes, and you saw what the white elite did to him.

The white elite want Black men, especially Black men who are celebrities, criminalized or effeminized--and if they can do both, so much the better. Thus, I'd like you to focus on Idris' GQ cover on the left. Now, the reason he's exposing his crotch with his leg up so high is not to attract women, but to attract gay men to his hyper-masculine posing. Check out his style of dress; now, this is the british version of GQ magazine, so I don't know about the brits, but where I come from, Idris here looks less like a biker and more like a gay sailor. And that's the whole point. The white elite wanna' mainstream the gay lifestyle, especially to Black people, so we can adopt it and in essence, stop having children; so they'll be less of a Black generation for them to deal with in the future. And supposedly, this is the 'cool' issue; and anyone with half a brain should know how the white elite are doing any and everything to make the gay lifestyle look cooler. Also, notice on the bottom left hand corner of the cover, there's an article titled 'How NOT to talk to women in the office'; note the emphasis on the word 'NOT', it's even bolded and in all caps. This speaks directly to the white elite's attempt to push the gay lifestyle off on the Black Diaspora, especially where Black men are concerned.

So my question to the Black Diaspora is this, when 'No good deed' hits the theaters, what are you gonna' do? 

I know what I'm gonna' do...stay home and watch 'The spook who sat by the door' one mo' time.

Another question is this...and it's the same one I've asked since I started this Blog; how dedicated are Black men and women to healing the rift between us so we can save the Black 'nuclear' family?

And even before we do that, are we dedicated enough to heal the rift between Black men and women so we'll have any chance at forming stable relationships again?

And will we do this before it's too late?

One step we can take towards this now is boycotting this crap movie and letting Hollyweird know that we'll in no way, shape or form, support movies portraying Black men and women brutalizing ourselves or each other. 

So, come September 12th, sit this one out...that is, if you give a damn about Black men, women, and the Diaspora as a whole.


MontUHURU Mimia


For those of you who've never seen or heard of 'The spook who sat by the door', I'm leaving the film's trailer here to show why this should be mandatory viewing in every one of our households.


  1. Welcome back brother once again a good article. Thank you for providing us with this information i won't watch it either.

    1. ThANKHS for the 'welcome back'; it's nice to be HOME! And thANKHS for the compliment and compliance...I've got a lot more in store, so stay tuned!

      Kem Wesir!

  2. Amazing analysis!

    1. ThANKH you! Stick around, there's more to come!

      Kem Wesir!

    2. Wonderful! I'll stay tuned.

  3. Curious about your thoughts on 12 Years a Slave.

    1. Wonder no more...here's the post I wrote on the movie: http://cinematicsymbolism.blogspot.com/2013/10/why-black-people-should-boycott-movie.html

      Let me know what you think of it!

      Thanks for commenting!