Saturday, February 28, 2015

Do you know who you're attracting and who you're attracted to?

                   "I am flypaper for damaged women."
                                 --Marilyn Manson 

Recently, I was in an airport, between flights, when I saw the latest issue of 'Rolling Stone' magazine, on the free periodical rack. 

Now, when I was an anglophile, I listened to Marilyn Manson's music. I even read his autobiography, 'The long hard road out of hell', back in the day. And he was on the cover of this airport's issue of Rolling Stone. Out of curiosity, I picked up the periodical and went to his article. 

It basically told the story of a middle-aged Marilyn, who quit drinking absinthe, was an advocate of gym workouts because he'd gained some weight, and told how he was a man who was continually in and out of bad relationships. Then, the article told of Marilyn's troubled childhood and how his mother would tell him he was ill when he wasn't. Also, Marilyn recounted, how as a child, he'd caught his grandfather, who lived in his parent's basement, masturbating to bestial porn. Is it any wonder Brian Warner, Marilyn's real name, turned out the way he did?

Now, I'm bringing this up to draw attention to a question I've taken to asking myself annually. That question being: do you know who you're attracting and who you're attracted to? And even though this question may come off as frivolous, it could literally determine whether you live a depraved and depressed, or a happy and prosperous life. 

I think all of us have a mental checklist of the personality traits we'd like in a mate. They usually sound, or look, something like this: well-educated, comes from a stable two parent household, is exceptionally physically fit, someone who's facial features are exceedingly easy on the eyes, someone who's urbane and articulate, etc. And we all go into relationships, thinking the person we chose, has the majority of these qualities. But we all know a friend who seems to wind up in bad relationship after bad relationship. Or, we might be that friend to other people. So, there's one more question we need to ask ourselves, after we go down our laundry list of positive traits we want in a mate. And that question is: Do you, yourself, have the aforementioned traits?

See, what Brian Warner, or Marilyn Manson, is failing to realize is a universal truth about choosing dates and mates; and that's this: if you come from an unstable and abusive household, you're going to be attracting and attracted to, people from unstable and abusive households. 

And that's EVERYBODY!!!


And the most insidious part about that is, the overwhelming majority of us don't know this, and never will. Because knowing this requires that we investigate what's going on in our subconscious minds...and the majority of us don't even recognize the problem at that level. And if we do, we're completely reluctant to do the work to change it. 

Now, the reason I'm bringing this up, is I'm seeing a disturbing trend in the Black Diaspora; despite the fact, that more and more Black people are joining the ranks of the so-called 'conscious' community. And the trend I'm talking about is, the chorus of Black men and women who say, they are 'fed up' and 'done' with each other. 

Now, this may sound like a glib statement, but as a Black Nationalist, this hurts my heart. 

But if you're a Black man or woman reading this, and you fall into this category, you've probably pursued, or are currently pursuing, a white, spanish or asian person, to start a relationship with. 

And if that's the case, let me tell you who you're actually attracting, since I already know who and what you're attracted to.

Firstly, let me say, the reason so many of us are fed up and done with each other, is because, we've been force fed a steady diet of self-hatred ever since we've started walkin'. Especially in the american school system. And I'll repeat this, even though I've said it ad nauseum; every history book you and I were required to read in pre, middle and high school, has taught us to hate ourselves and each other. And I'm not gonna' even go into the messages we get from TV and movies. And the conditioning we get to hate ourselves, is TEN TIMES WORSE, than any other ethnic group gets. This is 'cause as Black men and women, we have the most genetic power to literally breed whitey out of existence. 

And like I've also said previously, white birth rates have currently fallen below replacement levels, so now, whitey's REALLY scrambling to make sure they're not wiped off the face of the earth in a century or two. 

Getting back to my point...if you are a Black man or woman in hot pursuit of a white, spanish or asian mate, know, that the self-hatred bred into you, makes you exhibit a level of desperation that calls attention to the fact, that you'll be easy prey for these people's sexual conquests. I think we all know of that brotha or sista who gets passed from white person to white person, spanish person to spanish person, asian person to asian person, etc. like some sort of sexual 'party joint'. And you yourself may be this person without knowing it. But if you're doing this as a means to endear yourself to every other ethnic group besides your own, here's what most likely will happen...

Now, understand, white, spanish and asian people, usually take to dating one of us, when the well runs dry with their own kind; or when they want some easy sex...just keepin' it real. And the fact that they've probably taken to doing this more than once, means they understand, how desperate we are to be with one of them. And trust me, this is so apparent, they can see it on you! So what they'll do is smile when they introduce themselves, knowing full well, they intend to use you like a sexual handi-wipe. 

And we let them.

But the Black Diaspora is so mired in self-hatred, that a lot of us think that any attention from these groups, is better than none at all. So we go through a slew of these 'friends with benefits' acquaintanceships, mistaking them for relationships. And ultimately, all we wind up getting, is screwed. Literally. 

And don't take my word for it, ask Kerry Washington and Seal...they'll tell you all about it. 

Now, here's my message to these types of Black men and women who know they're being used like sex toys, and don't care. When and if you're 'rainbeau' or 'swirlgirl' dumps you for one of their own kind, please don't blame it on a Black man or woman. Don't say, I wound up oversexed and alone at fifty, after being a wet-wipe for white, spanish and asian people, 'cause I couldn't find a 'good' Black man or woman...'cause that's B.S.

You didn't look for one, and you really didn't and don't want one!

And for every other Black man and woman reading this, who want's to get out of the vice-grip of our self-hatred, I say we must do it at the subconscious level. Now, in the past, I've offered suggestions of how we could do this through meditation. And I've discovered a new meditative technique to access the subconscious in under five minutes. But this recommendation, hasn't really been well received. So I'm saying to every Black person trying to get out of this self-hatred to do it, just like Malcolm said, by any means necessary. Whether it be chanting, breathing techniques, self-hypnosis...whatever. 

Do what works best for you!

But it's imperative that we find a way to collectively get rid of our self-hatred. This is the only way we'll heal the rift between Black men and women, and ultimately save the Black 'nuclear' family. And that's the goal of this Blog and it's coming ancillary parts. 

Now, I've come to the conclusion that maybe it's too late for my generation to recondition ourselves out of this white supremacist induced self-hatred. Maybe my generation is comfortable living with self-loathing, and they'd rather not invest the time or energies to change. If that's the case, we should at least try to impart this information, or create some resources for the younger generation, so they don't carry around the same self-loathing bred into us. 

Now, more and more of our people are 'home-schooling' their children. And this is an excellent way of making sure our children aren't privy to the self-hating american school curriculum we were subjected to. And if you, or whatever organization or group you belong to, can't create a homeschooling program, then donate to one. Or volunteer some time to keep one going. I myself and some brothas, have taken to donating to a local homeschooling program, and one of the brothas who's an educator, is actually gonna' teach a class there. 

It's pro-active methods like this, that will ultimately save not only the 'pure-bred' Black men and women among us, but the Black family in general. 



MontUHURU Mimia

Monday, February 23, 2015

When Black americans revolt, why do we burn down our own neighborhoods?

I can remember several years ago, on some sketch comedy show, there was a Black comedian posing as a 'news anchor', and he spoke about a revolt that happened in a Black neighborhood. I think this might have been over the Sean Bell shooting in New York City (If you don't know who he is, google him). 

Now, what this faux Black anchor was saying, was instead of Black people burning down their own communities, our objective should be to go to a white neighborhood, and 'get whitey'.

For decades, I've heard the argument of how asinine it is for Black people to revolt in their own neighborhoods; and how it was a sign of cowardice on our part, 'cause we wouldn't venture outside our areas to get some 'pay back' in whitey's part of town. 

Now, this argument might hold some weight with an 'anglophile'; but let me tell you why this argument, not Black people's method of revolting, is what's really asinine.

In my past post, titled, 'Why do Haitians, Jamaicans and Black Africans, own retail stores in america faster than Black americans?', I talked about the travails of Black americans attempting to own retail stores in their own neighborhoods; and why we're denied access to capital and other resources that would help us to. For the reasons mentioned in that post, white fascists have basically locked Black americans out of chances to own these properties. In this same post, I also talk about how when I was younger, a good majority of my local retail convenience stores were owned by Jamaicans and Haitians, but eventually, even they were replaced wholly by asian and spanish store owners. 

So when people talk about how Blacks burn down their own neighborhoods, there's two facts every person listening to that argument should consider. 

Fact #1: Black americans are not burning down the places where they live.

What Black people don't do in the midst of a revolt, is burn down the apartment building, condo, co-op, brownstone, or which ever other kind of domicile they're living in. To hear it from other ethnic groups, or anglophilic, brainwashed Black folks, we always show our discontent by burning down the places we reside in, leaving us homeless afterwards. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Fact #2: Black americans are burning down retail stores in their neighborhood, that they don't own.

Like I've said previously, white fascists and their institutions have pretty much barred Black americans from owning these stores. This is because, during the halcyon days of the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we showed these inbreds how we could build an economy that rivaled, and in some cases, surpassed there's. So much so, whitey bombed the Black Wall Street in 1921, because our people were thriving a little too much for white tastes.

Now, older Black folks like to parrot the sentiment of pale-skinned degenerates, who have them thinking their children, are behind wrecking their communities every time whitey does something dastardly to our diaspora. 

This is just another instance of the good ole' 'divide and conquer' strategy, being employed by white fascists.

What they don't want you to realize, is our children are right on and righteous for burning down white, asian and spanish stores, where we're not only overcharged for expired goods, but where we have to endure these people's foul attitudes toward us. My thinking was always this, if the people owning these stores hate us so much, why don't they open stores in their own neighborhoods?

What every other ethnic group is telling us in these stores, is they want our money, but they don't wanna' to deal with us.  

Besides, if the Black youth see that their elders aren't gonna' protect them from these thrill-kill white cops, what other option do they see at their disposal? And ultimately, what options are we, the Black elders, really giving them?

So, if you're a middle-aged Black person, who sees this behavior in our children as backwards, let me pose a question to you: what have you/we done as a measure to stop our children from being shot down in the streets like dogs? 

Why haven't myriad amounts of us taken to the streets, or marched on these police precincts, to stop the indiscriminate slaughter of our children?

Until we take the initiative to keep our kids safe, you might wanna' save your critiques and literally pass the torch to our young people, if we're not prepared to offer them a serious alternative in response to the rapacious acts of the white gestapo...I mean, the local police.

To the elders of the Black Diaspora, it's time to put up or shut up, when it comes to protecting our children. They're crying out for our help...will we heed the call?

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see the post I wrote about Haitians, Jamaicans and Black Africans, and why they own retail stores in america quicker than Black americans; you can check it out here.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The lowly nature of white women (Part 4)...Why white women are more abrasive than Black women...

Several months ago, I was conversing with a middle-aged brotha, and he was telling me about a younger brotha he was mentoring in a youth literacy program.

He said this young brotha told him about how he used to frequent his local library. The young brotha went on to explain how his local library was pretty noisy, due to the juvenile literature section always being crowded. Especially in the hours after school. So, he would always try to get access to his library's 'city room'. Now, this room was dedicated to maps and books about historical and cultural factoids of his particular town; but it was also quieter than the rest of the library; thus, he'd always ask to go in there. And what this young brotha noticed, was every time he'd go in this room, there'd be a particular librarian, who was a white woman, who'd be upset behind his presence there. She'd never have a problem showing any white person into the room, but she turned her nose up at him whenever he'd request to go in. He also said, he'd discover certain items left on the room's tables, that he knew were 'traps' set for him. There was one instance, where after he complained about this librarian's attitude, a book on 'racial profiling' was left on the leg of the seat he liked to sit in. He returned it to the librarian's desk, knowing this pale-skinned degenerate of a woman, had left it there, thinking he'd steal it.

One day, he came into the library and went into this room and found something in there had gone missing. Various members of the library staff went in to figure out where the item had gone. Weeks later, it turned out, this pale-skinned inbred of a white woman, had been caught on camera taking the item that went missing from that room. I just shook my head.

Now, I mentioned in a past post, that the reason I chose 'Blogger' as a home for my Blog, was because I had experienced problems with one of these inbreds on 'Wordpress'.

I remember asking questions pertaining to my Blog's postings, and one stringy-haired piece of trailer trash, would go out of her way to be condescending towards me; but whenever a white person had the same problem, she'd be apple pie sweet and accommodating to them. I remember there was one time, a young white guy was having problems on that site and he went to the Wordpress forum and dropped 'f-bombs' everywhere. And what did this pale-skinned degenerate do? She gave him answers to every question he asked or demanded help with—and there wasn't a hint of condescension in her responses. This young white boi even stated in that particular diatribe, “Tumblr for the win, f#ck Wordpress”. But he received no negative backlash for this.

That also reminds me of when I was on dating websites, and I would see how vitriolic, mean-spirited and condescending white women were to Black men. This is what prompted me to write the post, 'Why Black men shouldn't date fat white women'.

Now, I could keep going with these examples; and if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I'm sure you've run into one or two of these white women yourself. But here's the point I'm trying to make: maybe it's the social circles I'm traveling in, or it's something about my personality that's 'causing me to have these experiences, but more and more, I'm starting to find these type of white women EVERYWHERE!

Well, one thing I can attribute this to, is the shackles of white supremacy finally starting to fall away from my subconscious. I'm actually 'seeing' these women for who they really are. And my sight is unobstructed by the white supremacist conditioning I'd gotten that had me thinking all white women are genial, urbane and stately; when the overwhelming majority of them act like bigoted pieces of trash.

And for every white woman I encounter who is actually morally-upstanding and decent, I can name three or four who fit the aforementioned trashy profile.

So here's my question: why don't white women ever get labeled as 'abrasive'?

Why is it that the Black Diaspora can encounter several of these types of white women, without casting aspersion on the lot of them?

And why is it, that Black people, and Black men more specifically, can talk all day about the 'bad attitudes' of Black women, without once mentioning the bad attitudes exhibited by these inbreds?

Now, before I talk about other Black men, I have to point a finger back at myself; 'cause it took me quite a while to recognize these behaviors in white women. With all the conditioning I'd gotten to think this type of woman was the most congenial and syrupy sweet on the planet, it was hard for me to see beyond the fog of my brainwashed mind-state. And it's even harder if you're not engaged in a serious endeavor to find out the truth about Black people. And then you're still not guaranteed to change your thinking at the subconscious level. That takes some extra me, I know.

Now, if I ever come across a Black woman who I think is abrasive, I'm reminded of two things: one, this woman probably had to 'fend for herself financially, physically, or both, all her life. Leading her to take on a defensive nature to protect herself when no one else would. Two, this woman got the same kind of conditioning I did to hate myself and my people; so I can see her behaviors as a 'symptom' of her/my struggle with white supremacy and its institutions. I KNOW SHE WASN'T BORN THAT WAY, this behavior was bred into her by white fascists. And it's imperative that the Black Diaspora, and Black men especially, follow this line of thinking; 'cause if you don't, here's what happens. First, after you encounter this kind of Black woman, you'll cast aspersion on the whole lot of them, and you'll start thinking, they're all like that; second, this will reinforce why you don't like being around Black people on the whole, and third, this will reinforce why you should hate yourself for being Black. At least subconsciously.

Now, like I've said previously, whenever we encounter an abrasive white woman, we don't go through the aforementioned mental process; we automatically assume, this woman is the exception to the rule. We never cast aspersion on the whole of white women, when one or two of them show their superficial, bigoted selves for who they are. Because again, we've all been brainwashed to think this woman is the walking embodiment of sugar and spice and everything nice.

So, ultimately, here's the question this post is posing—and I'm gonna' put this very bluntly: with all the advantages white women enjoy, what excuse would any white woman have for being a b#tch?

How much more accommodating does this world have to be towards them, for every single white woman to have a pleasant, or at least, a positive attitude?

'Cause we all know, we're conditioned to believe white women are the world's prettiest, and we're taught there's no kind of woman more exquisitely feminine than again, why would any one of them have a foul disposition? Now, you might be thinking, a bitter white woman, might have been bought up in a turbulent household, and this might cause her to display a certain mean-spiritedness. That's true, but at some point this woman should realize, everyone around her has been conditioned to think she's the prettiest woman on earth, no matter how she looks; and she should know, her white privilege affords her the opportunity to get almost literally, anything she wants, if she puts her mind to it.

So what does she have to be mad about?

And I'd like to say this to Black men directly—if you're currently with a white woman and she shows you any kind of disrespect, drop that inbred and move on. 'Cause what she's really telling you is, she's just biding her time until a white man that's interested in her comes along, and then she'll go off with him. And it doesn't matter if you're making more money than the male inbred who's attracted to her—don't take my word for it, ask the recording star 'Seal'...he'll tell you.

That oversexed piece of trash Heidi Klum, introduced herself to Seal while she was pregnant with someone else's kid. This should have been the first red flag Seal saw. But after he found out she was pregnant, he still committed to a long-term relationship with her. See, Seal was a victim of the same brainwashing I spoke about before, he thought any white woman, no matter how she acted, would ultimately be marriage material. And I guess the 'super-model' moniker, didn't hurt Heidi either.

Turns out, Heidi was nothing but a 'super-skank'!

I think we all know, she wound up having an affair with some scruffy looking white guy, who was her personal trainer. Yeah, he was training her alright. The saddest part of that story, is not only how Seal could have done, and deserved so much better, but a couple of months after their divorce, Seal was on a talk show talking about his life's greatest accomplishments; and the first thing he mentioned was being married to this harlot of a white woman.

So to Black men especially, before you speak of every Black woman having a bad attitude, remember the same types of encounters you've had with several white ones. It will go a long way in getting you to not only love Black people more...but yourself too.

'Cause that's what's really worth its weight in gold—not what's between the legs of some stringy-haired, hawk-nosed, flat assed, pale-skinned degenerate of a white woman.

And like Sam Jackson said in the movie, 'Do The Right Thing': “That's the triple truth, Ruth.”

Sutekh! (colloquialism for 'Black Power' in the Medu Netcher)

MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to read more about the travails of the singing star Seal, and his marriage fiasco, you can read about it here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The legend of Dr. Phil Emeagwali and the creation of the internet...

Dr. Phil Emeagwali was born on August 23rd, 1954 in Nigeria, Africa. He was the oldest of nine children and his father, who worked as a nurse's aide, earned a modest salary. Because of this, a young Dr. Phil was forced to leave school at the age of fourteen.

Even though Phil wasn't attending a formal school, his father saw his talent for mathematics. His father nurtured his abilities with spontaneous tests that forced Phil to come up with answers quickly, developing his abilities to think on his feet. Eventually, his father tasked him with answering a hundred math questions an hour; which to his father's delight, Phil succeeded at.

The young Dr. Phil journeyed to the public library, which became his alternate school. He spent his days consumed in books not only appropriate for his age, but collegiate-level tomes on subjects ranging from math, chemistry, physics and english. After this, he applied to take the 'General Certificate of Education' exam, which was a high school equivalency test given through the University of London. He passed it easily.

He applied to colleges in europe and the u.s., and at 17, received a scholarship from america's Oregan State University. He began his studies there in 1974 and received a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics in 1977. He then moved to washington d.c., and received a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering from George Washington University in 1981. He attained a second Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Maryland in 1986. During the same time, he attained yet another Master's Degree from George Washington University in Ocean, Coastal and Marine Engineering; and this he did while working as a civil engineer in Maryland and Wyoming. In 1987, Dr. Phil was accepted into the University of Michigan's Civil Engineering Doctoral program and received a doctoral fellowship.

Now, in the governmental and academic worlds, there were 20 'Grand Challenges' that confronted the areas of science and engineering. One of these was 'petroleum reservoir stimulation'. Oil companies faced the problem of locating oil reservoirs, without displacing the pockets of petroleum into unreachable areas by drilling too deeply or too often. The main means of locating these reservoirs was using 'supercomputers' which cost upwards of 30 million dollars. Dr. Phil having grown up in Nigeria, which boasts some of the world's biggest oil reserves, decided to take up this challenge in his doctoral dissertation.

Dr. Phil's exposure to nature in his native Nigeria, helped him see the problem from a different perspective. He remembered an old African proverb which stated, 'a large number of chickens, coordinated in strength and efficiency, could do a better job than a small number of oxen'. With this mind-set, instead of using one of the oil industry's conventional 'supercomputers', which housed 8 microprocessors, he'd find one that housed 64,000. The grand quandary was how to gain access to this many computers and how to connect them. His answer would lead him to a massive computer called the 'connection machine'.

This monstrous computer was made by a company called, 'Thinking Machines'. Problem was, it was so gargantuan, that no one thought it was able to be programmed. Dr. Phil found this machine at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. He got approval to use it and went about the task of setting the parameters for his experiment. Dr. Phil was delighted when the computer, with his new programming, began processing 3.1 billion calculations a second. To top that off, the program was not only able to locate oil reservoirs, it was able to tell how much oil was in the reservoir, the oil's flow of speed and the direction the oil was traveling in. Furthermore, this technology provided the template for connecting computers around the world to provide a scalable network through which to provide and share information. Sound familiar? In other words, DR. PHIL'S PROGRAM, MARKED THE FIRST CREATION OF WHAT YOU'RE USING RIGHT NOW TO READ THIS POST...WHICH IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB, A.K.A., THE INTERNET!!


If this weren't enough, along with his phenomenal achievement, Dr. Phil succeeded in building the world's fastest computer. And, in 1989 he won the Gordon-Bell Prize, which is like the Nobel Prize in computation, for this feat.

Dr. Phil has also lent his genius to weather forecasting in regards to greenhouse gases and global warming. His basing computer methods on nature, like the working swarms of chickens and bees in honeycombs, still gives him the revolutionary insight that has every meteorologist heeding his methods. Dr. Phil gave his nature-based technologies the name of 'hyperball' computing. And this will undoubtedly continue to create innovations for generations to come.

Now, I remember one day, I was in a subway looking at a billboard that told the tale of a Black man being responsible for the creation of the 'ice cream scooper'. I don't know if this is true or not, but white supremacists put that crap billboard up to keep the Black Diaspora mired in shame thinking this was the only kind of thing our feeble minds could come up with creating.

What that sign was designed to do, was reinforce the reasons why I should hate Black people; based on the fact that we're less intelligent than whites, who I and everyone of my peers, was taught created everything worth creating. And seconds after, this billboard was suppose to make me hate myself for being Black. That's the game of white supremacy.

So, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, anytime you're made to feel like the only thing your people contributed to this world was slavery and Martin Luther King, remember Dr. Phil Emeagwali; and be inspired to know that the only thing whitey created was the patent office...everything else they stole from us.


Ma'at Hotep!

MontUHURU Mimia


Family...just wanted to let you know, I have a job conference I need to attend that requires me to travel. So if over the course of the next weeks, my posts are less consistent, this is why.

Also, in keeping with the theme of great Black inventors, if you'd like to know about brotha Henry T. Sampson and his invention of the 'Gamma Electric Cell', you can read about it here.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Remote viewing and the last days of Left Eye...

“... so what you're saying is you're a psychic spy...”
“We prefer the term, 'Remote Viewer'.”
—Dialogue excerpt from the movie, 'The Men Who stare at Goats' (2009) 

Lisa Lopez was born on May 27th, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents Ronald and Wanda also had two other children, Raina and Ronald Jr.

Lisa's home life was tumultuous and unstable due to her parents volatile arguments often turning physical. In the documentary, 'The Last Days of Left Eye', Lisa recounted how on several occasions, her father, a former drill sergeant, would wake her up in the middle of the night and scream at the top of his lungs about something as trivial as a misplaced pen on the floor. Lisa's father, Ronald, was also an avid drinker; something Lisa herself picked up over the course of her teenage years. Ronald Sr. wasn't wise enough to realize his family hadn't signed up for military service, so he basically traumatized the lot of his children with his extreme behaviors. He would meet his demise at the hand of another family member who shot him in the stomach over a heated dispute. I hadn't intended to talk about this so early in the post, but what I find so regrettable about Ronald Sr.'s life, is how he wasn't able to recognize or recondition himself out of the behaviors he inherited from his unstable upbringing. He just repeated them with his own family. Lisa also talked in her documentary about her grandmother, on her father's side, telling her she couldn't wash her hair in her house or she'd run up the water bill. Lisa also recounted how her grandmother would only allow her to look good for church, because that's the only time she'd buy Lisa a decent dress. This clearly shows the cycles of generational trauma Ronald Sr. came from.

At seventeen, Lisa left home after hearing about an open audition for a female singing group in Atlanta, Georgia. It was at this time she met Tionne when she joined the group '2nd Nature'. The group would later be named 'TLC' to reflect the female member's first names: Tionne, Lisa, and at the time, the third female member, Crystal Jones. After things fell through with Crystal, TLC's manager, Perri 'Pebbles' Reid, thought the group needed another name that started with a 'C' to keep the TLC moniker. So when a back-up dancer named Rozonda Thomas joined the group, she became the first 'Chilli'--a name chosen by Lisa. This was also the time when Tionne adopted the nick-name 'T-boz'; 'boz' Tionne says, being a vernacular term for 'boss'. Now, rumor has it that Lisa got the nick-name 'left eye' because some anonymous man said she had an especially attractive 'left' eye...yeah right.

The reason Lisa got the nick-name 'left eye', was to pay homage to the white supremacist freemasons who made her a star. These pale-skinned fascists practice something called 'left hand path' magic, or majik; and satan is often referred to by them as the 'left hand of power'. And if you notice, when celebrities like Beyonce make a pyramid shape with their hands, they often place their left eye in the middle of it. Now, like I mentioned in previous posts, these inbreds got these spiritual sciences from our ancient Black ancestors. Not that our ancestors were insidious satanists, but if you look at many of the statues in ancient Kemet, or Africa, they were sculpted with their 'left' foot forward (as seen above on the left). This was to pay homage not only to the heart, our second most important organ, being on the left side of our bodies, but to our ancestors knowing that this was where our real 'intelligence' came from. Our people's intuitiveness and humanity comes from our hearts, not necessarily our minds. Our ancestors knew about our hearts and stomachs acting as 'second' brains. Especially the stomach, being that it's lined with miles of neurons on its walls that are connected to the brain, resulting in things like a 'gut instinct', or 'butterflies' in the stomach when we're 'nerv(e)-ous'. Now, our people's 'left hand path' majik, got perverted into something negative by whites, and this is what they usually do with everything we create culturally. For instance, the nazi swastika, was an ancient African symbol meaning 'peace', and you could actually find this symbol on church windows in Ethiopia. Whitey was the one who flipped it into something negative.

Now, I want people reading this to know, that Lisa joining up with these factions didn't make her a dastardly person; she was surrounded by these low-lives and told this is what she had to do to attain stardom. Remember also, these white fascists created the construct of 'celebrity', and the only way anyone becomes a star, or stays one, is through them. Let's also consider that at the time, Lisa was in her later teens, from a troubled home and had no one else to depend on but herself. She would prove years later how she had a good heart and conscience; unfortunately, this would lead to her demise.

TLC's first album, 'Ooooooohhh...on the TLC tip', released in 1992, sold six million copies worldwide and made them a household name. 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool', released in 1994, sold over 23 million copies and catapulted the group into stardom's stratosphere. TLC's third album, 'Fanmail', released in 1999, sold over 14 million copies and was conceived to thank the fans for their support. And despite all this, Lisa and her group mates wound up broke.

This was also when Lisa's celebrity 'fever' broke, pun intended. She saw these white fascists and their minions for what they really are, rapacious devils. This is when she started doing whatever she could to own as much of herself as possible. Thus, she decided to break away from TLC. She formed 'Left eye productions' while forging her own path and started managing her own artists. The groups 'Blaque' and 'Egypt' being two examples of this. Now, notice the names for these groups—'Egypt' and 'Blaque'; Lisa's consciousness was changing. She saw that the world's truest humanitarianism came from her people, not the white supremacist freemasons who promised her stardom. At one Grammy press conference, Lisa announced that you can sell ten million albums and be broke if you have greedy people behind you. And she did this while wearing her 'eye Black' athletic marking under her 'right' eye, instead of her 'left'.

This indicated how Lisa was 'GETTIN' RIGHT'.

Now, unbeknownst to Lisa's and the rest of TLC, the white supremacist freemasons handling their careers, were not only ripping them off, but one of these three women were slated to be a 'blood sacrifice' for someone in their circle. Now, a 'blood sacrifice', in the freemasonic world, is done when someone who already belongs to the fraternity wants to make more than 20 million plus dollars. Examples of this are: Bill Cosby and the killing of his son, Michael Jordan and the killing of his father, Dr. Dre and the killing of his brother and son, Kanye West and the killing of his mother; also, Jennifer Holiday agreed to this, and they damn near took her whole family out. And one of the most notable examples of a 'blood sacrifice', is the death of the singer 'Aaliyah'. I'm pretty sure anyone reading this is aware that Aaliyah's last man friend was Damon Dash, formerly a friend of Jay-Z's. And I don't think I have to tell people, these two brothas were, and are still, firmly entrenched in these fraternities. By the way, Jay-Z's cousin was sacrificed in this way as well, he mentions his cousin's death in his song, 'Lost one'. Aaliyah's plane was purposely weighed down over its capacity by these freemasons, so much so, one pilot refused to fly it. It was doomed to crash.

Another common act of the freemasonic order, especially in the music industry, is to indicate who's slated to be a 'blood sacrifice' by placing an artist/artists on an album cover that's all 'red'. You can see an example here with Aaliyah's album and TLC's 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool' (above right).

Now, when someone is made a celebrity by freemasons, they're given lessons on not only spiritual sciences, like astrology, astronomy, numerology, majik divinations, etc.; but they're taught better dietary habits, they're given access to esoteric literature, some are given instructions on better diction and speech; so these fraternities are something like a 'finishing school' for the famous, or soon-to-be famous. And we can see examples of this in the 'Last Days of Left Eye' documentary. In my post titled, 'The lowly nature of white women(Part 4)...The legacy of Lana Wachowski', I wrote about the comedian Eddie Griffin consulting a white female 'spiritualist' after he was initiated into the freemasons. Well, after Lisa was initiated, she was introduced to the science of numerology, which she makes references to throughout her documentary. And, she was taught yoga and better dietary habits which resulted in her exclusive consumption of natural herbs and raw foods. And it was through her endeavors to better care for her body that she met Dr. Sebi.

Now, Dr. Sebi is a celebrity in his own right in the Black 'conscious' community. For years, we've known him to be one of the greatest advocates for the use of raw, alkalizing foods as medicines. And his track record for curing diseases like cancer, Aids, diabetes, etc. with his natural methods are legendary. And this is where the problem arose. Lisa didn't realize that her religiously following Dr. Sebi and spending time on his Honduran village, was not only making the good doctor a celebrity, but it could potentially cost the traditional medical industry, billions of dollars in lost revenue. This is why a good portion of Lisa's VH1 edited documentary, is dedicated to discrediting Dr. Sebi. I mean, do you know how many millions of dollars the whole of the meat industry has lost behind so many people turning to vegetarianism and veganism? This is why they're putting bacon in cupcakes, ice cream, cocktails and damn near every other kind of non-savory food now.

And Lisa realized too late that white supremacists came up with the construct of celebrity as a means of 'influencing' the masses. Fame's real function, is to have the general populous literally buying into whatever product the elites are pushing; whether it be material or psychological. And Lisa being a bonafide star, meant she had this power. Which with her new mind set, made her dangerous.

Now, because of this, Lisa's white supremacist handlers decided to kill her. There was one problem though. At the time, while she was filming her documentary, Lisa was videotaping damn near everything and everyone around her. So it would be hard to send in an assassin to infiltrate her inner-circle with the intention of getting rid of her—the white fascists would need a more covert method of achieving this.

Now, I remember first seeing the movie, 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' about five years ago. At the time, I was just coming into some kind of Black Nationalist 'consciousness'. A year before that, I'd purchased a DVD lecture of Dr. Phil Valentine's, and in that particular lecture, he spoke about the CIA's psychological warfare program and their technology called 'Remote Viewing'. He said it was their system of 'weaponized spirituality' that white fascists used to kill people from a distance. Now, when I saw the movie, 'The men who stare at goats' (TMWSAG), this confirmed Dr. Phil's information. Not just because white Hollywood executives made a movie about it, but the DVD's 'special features' included information about the real life military unit called, the 'First Earth Battalion', which this movie is actually based on. Mind you, instead of being called the 'First Earth Battalion', George Clooney's character in the movie, 'Lin Cassidy', was part of a unit called the 'New Earth Army'.

Now, TMWSAG is a comedy for two reasons, one, the information it provides on this armed forces special unit seems too fantastic to be true, and two, it disarms viewers who might otherwise ask why their taxpayer dollars are being used to fund these initiatives. This unit was also associated with another armed forces special initiative called 'MK-Ultra'. The 'MK-Ultra' units basically used brainwashing techniques to have soldiers kill on the command of a special code word, or upon sight of a certain color. And after these soldiers committed a homicide, or multiple homicides, they can't remember who gave them the command to kill. Thus, making them the ultimate specimen of expendable assassins. The movie, 'The Manchurian Candidate', told their story. But I digress.

Getting back to Lisa, if you remember, at various parts in her documentary, she said she felt like an 'evil spirit' was chasing her. There was even one point, where she's talking to the camera, and it begins moving by itself. And, the white fascists who sent their 'remote viewing' spirits after her, actually claimed the life of a young Honduran boy who stepped in front of a van driven by Lisa's personal assistant. And the boy's last name was Lopez.

Ultimately, what ended Lisa's life was a car accident documented by her sister who was videotaping from the passenger's side seat. Another car on the road, had swerved into Lisa's lane and she tried turning sharply to avoid it. Lisa's car rolled over several times throwing her and several others out of its windows, but Lisa was the only one to perish from her head and neck injuries. Thus, the task of getting rid of Lisa Lopes was complete.
Mind you, this is just one example of the dastardly methods of the inbreds we know as the white elite. There are hundreds of these methods they use to keep a dominant position over world power and politics; which are really one in the same. Moreover, these are the people who have us loving them and hating ourselves. On top of that, the Black Diaspora doesn't realize how we've been conditioned into the self-loathing that has us not only mired in a self-hatred, but a hatred of everyone who looks like us. And the saddest part about this is, we don't even realize they've done this to us.

So, I'm hoping this post provides a bit of insight into the real reason behind Lisa's demise. And, as always, this Blog's main question still stands, and that is; will the Black Diaspora ever recondition itself out of this self-hatred? Or are we collectively doomed to perish behind loving whitey literally to death?

Only time will tell...and unfortunately, that's something we're quickly running out of. So let's get to work!

Rest In Peace and Power, Lisa Lopes!


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the video of TLC's Grammy awards press conference, where Lisa wore her 'eye Black' marking under her 'right' eye instead of her left. Once again, this indicated how Lisa was 'GETTIN' RIGHT'! Here, she's waxing philosophic about how TLC had sold millions of records and wound up broke.

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My new, free e-book, 'Quickness'...

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