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Remote viewing and the last days of Left Eye...

“... so what you're saying is you're a psychic spy...”
“We prefer the term, 'Remote Viewer'.”
—Dialogue excerpt from the movie, 'The Men Who stare at Goats' (2009) 

Lisa Lopez was born on May 27th, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents Ronald and Wanda also had two other children, Raina and Ronald Jr.

Lisa's home life was tumultuous and unstable due to her parents volatile arguments often turning physical. In the documentary, 'The Last Days of Left Eye', Lisa recounted how on several occasions, her father, a former drill sergeant, would wake her up in the middle of the night and scream at the top of his lungs about something as trivial as a misplaced pen on the floor. Lisa's father, Ronald, was also an avid drinker; something Lisa herself picked up over the course of her teenage years. Ronald Sr. wasn't wise enough to realize his family hadn't signed up for military service, so he basically traumatized the lot of his children with his extreme behaviors. He would meet his demise at the hand of another family member who shot him in the stomach over a heated dispute. I hadn't intended to talk about this so early in the post, but what I find so regrettable about Ronald Sr.'s life, is how he wasn't able to recognize or recondition himself out of the behaviors he inherited from his unstable upbringing. He just repeated them with his own family. Lisa also talked in her documentary about her grandmother, on her father's side, telling her she couldn't wash her hair in her house or she'd run up the water bill. Lisa also recounted how her grandmother would only allow her to look good for church, because that's the only time she'd buy Lisa a decent dress. This clearly shows the cycles of generational trauma Ronald Sr. came from.

At seventeen, Lisa left home after hearing about an open audition for a female singing group in Atlanta, Georgia. It was at this time she met Tionne when she joined the group '2nd Nature'. The group would later be named 'TLC' to reflect the female member's first names: Tionne, Lisa, and at the time, the third female member, Crystal Jones. After things fell through with Crystal, TLC's manager, Perri 'Pebbles' Reid, thought the group needed another name that started with a 'C' to keep the TLC moniker. So when a back-up dancer named Rozonda Thomas joined the group, she became the first 'Chilli'--a name chosen by Lisa. This was also the time when Tionne adopted the nick-name 'T-boz'; 'boz' Tionne says, being a vernacular term for 'boss'. Now, rumor has it that Lisa got the nick-name 'left eye' because some anonymous man said she had an especially attractive 'left' eye...yeah right.

The reason Lisa got the nick-name 'left eye', was to pay homage to the white supremacist freemasons who made her a star. These pale-skinned fascists practice something called 'left hand path' magic, or majik; and satan is often referred to by them as the 'left hand of power'. And if you notice, when celebrities like Beyonce make a pyramid shape with their hands, they often place their left eye in the middle of it. Now, like I mentioned in previous posts, these inbreds got these spiritual sciences from our ancient Black ancestors. Not that our ancestors were insidious satanists, but if you look at many of the statues in ancient Kemet, or Africa, they were sculpted with their 'left' foot forward (as seen above on the left). This was to pay homage not only to the heart, our second most important organ, being on the left side of our bodies, but to our ancestors knowing that this was where our real 'intelligence' came from. Our people's intuitiveness and humanity comes from our hearts, not necessarily our minds. Our ancestors knew about our hearts and stomachs acting as 'second' brains. Especially the stomach, being that it's lined with miles of neurons on its walls that are connected to the brain, resulting in things like a 'gut instinct', or 'butterflies' in the stomach when we're 'nerv(e)-ous'. Now, our people's 'left hand path' majik, got perverted into something negative by whites, and this is what they usually do with everything we create culturally. For instance, the nazi swastika, was an ancient African symbol meaning 'peace', and you could actually find this symbol on church windows in Ethiopia. Whitey was the one who flipped it into something negative.

Now, I want people reading this to know, that Lisa joining up with these factions didn't make her a dastardly person; she was surrounded by these low-lives and told this is what she had to do to attain stardom. Remember also, these white fascists created the construct of 'celebrity', and the only way anyone becomes a star, or stays one, is through them. Let's also consider that at the time, Lisa was in her later teens, from a troubled home and had no one else to depend on but herself. She would prove years later how she had a good heart and conscience; unfortunately, this would lead to her demise.

TLC's first album, 'Ooooooohhh...on the TLC tip', released in 1992, sold six million copies worldwide and made them a household name. 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool', released in 1994, sold over 23 million copies and catapulted the group into stardom's stratosphere. TLC's third album, 'Fanmail', released in 1999, sold over 14 million copies and was conceived to thank the fans for their support. And despite all this, Lisa and her group mates wound up broke.

This was also when Lisa's celebrity 'fever' broke, pun intended. She saw these white fascists and their minions for what they really are, rapacious devils. This is when she started doing whatever she could to own as much of herself as possible. Thus, she decided to break away from TLC. She formed 'Left eye productions' while forging her own path and started managing her own artists. The groups 'Blaque' and 'Egypt' being two examples of this. Now, notice the names for these groups—'Egypt' and 'Blaque'; Lisa's consciousness was changing. She saw that the world's truest humanitarianism came from her people, not the white supremacist freemasons who promised her stardom. At one Grammy press conference, Lisa announced that you can sell ten million albums and be broke if you have greedy people behind you. And she did this while wearing her 'eye Black' athletic marking under her 'right' eye, instead of her 'left'.

This indicated how Lisa was 'GETTIN' RIGHT'.

Now, unbeknownst to Lisa's and the rest of TLC, the white supremacist freemasons handling their careers, were not only ripping them off, but one of these three women were slated to be a 'blood sacrifice' for someone in their circle. Now, a 'blood sacrifice', in the freemasonic world, is done when someone who already belongs to the fraternity wants to make more than 20 million plus dollars. Examples of this are: Bill Cosby and the killing of his son, Michael Jordan and the killing of his father, Dr. Dre and the killing of his brother and son, Kanye West and the killing of his mother; also, Jennifer Holiday agreed to this, and they damn near took her whole family out. And one of the most notable examples of a 'blood sacrifice', is the death of the singer 'Aaliyah'. I'm pretty sure anyone reading this is aware that Aaliyah's last man friend was Damon Dash, formerly a friend of Jay-Z's. And I don't think I have to tell people, these two brothas were, and are still, firmly entrenched in these fraternities. By the way, Jay-Z's cousin was sacrificed in this way as well, he mentions his cousin's death in his song, 'Lost one'. Aaliyah's plane was purposely weighed down over its capacity by these freemasons, so much so, one pilot refused to fly it. It was doomed to crash.

Another common act of the freemasonic order, especially in the music industry, is to indicate who's slated to be a 'blood sacrifice' by placing an artist/artists on an album cover that's all 'red'. You can see an example here with Aaliyah's album and TLC's 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool' (above right).

Now, when someone is made a celebrity by freemasons, they're given lessons on not only spiritual sciences, like astrology, astronomy, numerology, majik divinations, etc.; but they're taught better dietary habits, they're given access to esoteric literature, some are given instructions on better diction and speech; so these fraternities are something like a 'finishing school' for the famous, or soon-to-be famous. And we can see examples of this in the 'Last Days of Left Eye' documentary. In my post titled, 'The lowly nature of white women(Part 4)...The legacy of Lana Wachowski', I wrote about the comedian Eddie Griffin consulting a white female 'spiritualist' after he was initiated into the freemasons. Well, after Lisa was initiated, she was introduced to the science of numerology, which she makes references to throughout her documentary. And, she was taught yoga and better dietary habits which resulted in her exclusive consumption of natural herbs and raw foods. And it was through her endeavors to better care for her body that she met Dr. Sebi.

Now, Dr. Sebi is a celebrity in his own right in the Black 'conscious' community. For years, we've known him to be one of the greatest advocates for the use of raw, alkalizing foods as medicines. And his track record for curing diseases like cancer, Aids, diabetes, etc. with his natural methods are legendary. And this is where the problem arose. Lisa didn't realize that her religiously following Dr. Sebi and spending time on his Honduran village, was not only making the good doctor a celebrity, but it could potentially cost the traditional medical industry, billions of dollars in lost revenue. This is why a good portion of Lisa's VH1 edited documentary, is dedicated to discrediting Dr. Sebi. I mean, do you know how many millions of dollars the whole of the meat industry has lost behind so many people turning to vegetarianism and veganism? This is why they're putting bacon in cupcakes, ice cream, cocktails and damn near every other kind of non-savory food now.

And Lisa realized too late that white supremacists came up with the construct of celebrity as a means of 'influencing' the masses. Fame's real function, is to have the general populous literally buying into whatever product the elites are pushing; whether it be material or psychological. And Lisa being a bonafide star, meant she had this power. Which with her new mind set, made her dangerous.

Now, because of this, Lisa's white supremacist handlers decided to kill her. There was one problem though. At the time, while she was filming her documentary, Lisa was videotaping damn near everything and everyone around her. So it would be hard to send in an assassin to infiltrate her inner-circle with the intention of getting rid of her—the white fascists would need a more covert method of achieving this.

Now, I remember first seeing the movie, 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' about five years ago. At the time, I was just coming into some kind of Black Nationalist 'consciousness'. A year before that, I'd purchased a DVD lecture of Dr. Phil Valentine's, and in that particular lecture, he spoke about the CIA's psychological warfare program and their technology called 'Remote Viewing'. He said it was their system of 'weaponized spirituality' that white fascists used to kill people from a distance. Now, when I saw the movie, 'The men who stare at goats' (TMWSAG), this confirmed Dr. Phil's information. Not just because white Hollywood executives made a movie about it, but the DVD's 'special features' included information about the real life military unit called, the 'First Earth Battalion', which this movie is actually based on. Mind you, instead of being called the 'First Earth Battalion', George Clooney's character in the movie, 'Lin Cassidy', was part of a unit called the 'New Earth Army'.

Now, TMWSAG is a comedy for two reasons, one, the information it provides on this armed forces special unit seems too fantastic to be true, and two, it disarms viewers who might otherwise ask why their taxpayer dollars are being used to fund these initiatives. This unit was also associated with another armed forces special initiative called 'MK-Ultra'. The 'MK-Ultra' units basically used brainwashing techniques to have soldiers kill on the command of a special code word, or upon sight of a certain color. And after these soldiers committed a homicide, or multiple homicides, they can't remember who gave them the command to kill. Thus, making them the ultimate specimen of expendable assassins. The movie, 'The Manchurian Candidate', told their story. But I digress.

Getting back to Lisa, if you remember, at various parts in her documentary, she said she felt like an 'evil spirit' was chasing her. There was even one point, where she's talking to the camera, and it begins moving by itself. And, the white fascists who sent their 'remote viewing' spirits after her, actually claimed the life of a young Honduran boy who stepped in front of a van driven by Lisa's personal assistant. And the boy's last name was Lopez.

Ultimately, what ended Lisa's life was a car accident documented by her sister who was videotaping from the passenger's side seat. Another car on the road, had swerved into Lisa's lane and she tried turning sharply to avoid it. Lisa's car rolled over several times throwing her and several others out of its windows, but Lisa was the only one to perish from her head and neck injuries. Thus, the task of getting rid of Lisa Lopes was complete.
Mind you, this is just one example of the dastardly methods of the inbreds we know as the white elite. There are hundreds of these methods they use to keep a dominant position over world power and politics; which are really one in the same. Moreover, these are the people who have us loving them and hating ourselves. On top of that, the Black Diaspora doesn't realize how we've been conditioned into the self-loathing that has us not only mired in a self-hatred, but a hatred of everyone who looks like us. And the saddest part about this is, we don't even realize they've done this to us.

So, I'm hoping this post provides a bit of insight into the real reason behind Lisa's demise. And, as always, this Blog's main question still stands, and that is; will the Black Diaspora ever recondition itself out of this self-hatred? Or are we collectively doomed to perish behind loving whitey literally to death?

Only time will tell...and unfortunately, that's something we're quickly running out of. So let's get to work!

Rest In Peace and Power, Lisa Lopes!


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the video of TLC's Grammy awards press conference, where Lisa wore her 'eye Black' marking under her 'right' eye instead of her left. Once again, this indicated how Lisa was 'GETTIN' RIGHT'! Here, she's waxing philosophic about how TLC had sold millions of records and wound up broke.

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