Saturday, February 28, 2015

Do you know who you're attracting and who you're attracted to?

                   "I am flypaper for damaged women."
                                 --Marilyn Manson 

Recently, I was in an airport, between flights, when I saw the latest issue of 'Rolling Stone' magazine, on the free periodical rack. 

Now, when I was an anglophile, I listened to Marilyn Manson's music. I even read his autobiography, 'The long hard road out of hell', back in the day. And he was on the cover of this airport's issue of Rolling Stone. Out of curiosity, I picked up the periodical and went to his article. 

It basically told the story of a middle-aged Marilyn, who quit drinking absinthe, was an advocate of gym workouts because he'd gained some weight, and told how he was a man who was continually in and out of bad relationships. Then, the article told of Marilyn's troubled childhood and how his mother would tell him he was ill when he wasn't. Also, Marilyn recounted, how as a child, he'd caught his grandfather, who lived in his parent's basement, masturbating to bestial porn. Is it any wonder Brian Warner, Marilyn's real name, turned out the way he did?

Now, I'm bringing this up to draw attention to a question I've taken to asking myself annually. That question being: do you know who you're attracting and who you're attracted to? And even though this question may come off as frivolous, it could literally determine whether you live a depraved and depressed, or a happy and prosperous life. 

I think all of us have a mental checklist of the personality traits we'd like in a mate. They usually sound, or look, something like this: well-educated, comes from a stable two parent household, is exceptionally physically fit, someone who's facial features are exceedingly easy on the eyes, someone who's urbane and articulate, etc. And we all go into relationships, thinking the person we chose, has the majority of these qualities. But we all know a friend who seems to wind up in bad relationship after bad relationship. Or, we might be that friend to other people. So, there's one more question we need to ask ourselves, after we go down our laundry list of positive traits we want in a mate. And that question is: Do you, yourself, have the aforementioned traits?

See, what Brian Warner, or Marilyn Manson, is failing to realize is a universal truth about choosing dates and mates; and that's this: if you come from an unstable and abusive household, you're going to be attracting and attracted to, people from unstable and abusive households. 

And that's EVERYBODY!!!


And the most insidious part about that is, the overwhelming majority of us don't know this, and never will. Because knowing this requires that we investigate what's going on in our subconscious minds...and the majority of us don't even recognize the problem at that level. And if we do, we're completely reluctant to do the work to change it. 

Now, the reason I'm bringing this up, is I'm seeing a disturbing trend in the Black Diaspora; despite the fact, that more and more Black people are joining the ranks of the so-called 'conscious' community. And the trend I'm talking about is, the chorus of Black men and women who say, they are 'fed up' and 'done' with each other. 

Now, this may sound like a glib statement, but as a Black Nationalist, this hurts my heart. 

But if you're a Black man or woman reading this, and you fall into this category, you've probably pursued, or are currently pursuing, a white, spanish or asian person, to start a relationship with. 

And if that's the case, let me tell you who you're actually attracting, since I already know who and what you're attracted to.

Firstly, let me say, the reason so many of us are fed up and done with each other, is because, we've been force fed a steady diet of self-hatred ever since we've started walkin'. Especially in the american school system. And I'll repeat this, even though I've said it ad nauseum; every history book you and I were required to read in pre, middle and high school, has taught us to hate ourselves and each other. And I'm not gonna' even go into the messages we get from TV and movies. And the conditioning we get to hate ourselves, is TEN TIMES WORSE, than any other ethnic group gets. This is 'cause as Black men and women, we have the most genetic power to literally breed whitey out of existence. 

And like I've also said previously, white birth rates have currently fallen below replacement levels, so now, whitey's REALLY scrambling to make sure they're not wiped off the face of the earth in a century or two. 

Getting back to my point...if you are a Black man or woman in hot pursuit of a white, spanish or asian mate, know, that the self-hatred bred into you, makes you exhibit a level of desperation that calls attention to the fact, that you'll be easy prey for these people's sexual conquests. I think we all know of that brotha or sista who gets passed from white person to white person, spanish person to spanish person, asian person to asian person, etc. like some sort of sexual 'party joint'. And you yourself may be this person without knowing it. But if you're doing this as a means to endear yourself to every other ethnic group besides your own, here's what most likely will happen...

Now, understand, white, spanish and asian people, usually take to dating one of us, when the well runs dry with their own kind; or when they want some easy sex...just keepin' it real. And the fact that they've probably taken to doing this more than once, means they understand, how desperate we are to be with one of them. And trust me, this is so apparent, they can see it on you! So what they'll do is smile when they introduce themselves, knowing full well, they intend to use you like a sexual handi-wipe. 

And we let them.

But the Black Diaspora is so mired in self-hatred, that a lot of us think that any attention from these groups, is better than none at all. So we go through a slew of these 'friends with benefits' acquaintanceships, mistaking them for relationships. And ultimately, all we wind up getting, is screwed. Literally. 

And don't take my word for it, ask Kerry Washington and Seal...they'll tell you all about it. 

Now, here's my message to these types of Black men and women who know they're being used like sex toys, and don't care. When and if you're 'rainbeau' or 'swirlgirl' dumps you for one of their own kind, please don't blame it on a Black man or woman. Don't say, I wound up oversexed and alone at fifty, after being a wet-wipe for white, spanish and asian people, 'cause I couldn't find a 'good' Black man or woman...'cause that's B.S.

You didn't look for one, and you really didn't and don't want one!

And for every other Black man and woman reading this, who want's to get out of the vice-grip of our self-hatred, I say we must do it at the subconscious level. Now, in the past, I've offered suggestions of how we could do this through meditation. And I've discovered a new meditative technique to access the subconscious in under five minutes. But this recommendation, hasn't really been well received. So I'm saying to every Black person trying to get out of this self-hatred to do it, just like Malcolm said, by any means necessary. Whether it be chanting, breathing techniques, self-hypnosis...whatever. 

Do what works best for you!

But it's imperative that we find a way to collectively get rid of our self-hatred. This is the only way we'll heal the rift between Black men and women, and ultimately save the Black 'nuclear' family. And that's the goal of this Blog and it's coming ancillary parts. 

Now, I've come to the conclusion that maybe it's too late for my generation to recondition ourselves out of this white supremacist induced self-hatred. Maybe my generation is comfortable living with self-loathing, and they'd rather not invest the time or energies to change. If that's the case, we should at least try to impart this information, or create some resources for the younger generation, so they don't carry around the same self-loathing bred into us. 

Now, more and more of our people are 'home-schooling' their children. And this is an excellent way of making sure our children aren't privy to the self-hating american school curriculum we were subjected to. And if you, or whatever organization or group you belong to, can't create a homeschooling program, then donate to one. Or volunteer some time to keep one going. I myself and some brothas, have taken to donating to a local homeschooling program, and one of the brothas who's an educator, is actually gonna' teach a class there. 

It's pro-active methods like this, that will ultimately save not only the 'pure-bred' Black men and women among us, but the Black family in general. 



MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I find your blog and your views quite interesting and enlightening but i'm also puzzled...

    As a young educated pretty good-looking black woman who comes from a good stable family, I've come to the conclusion that most interesting black men aren't interested in having a relationship with me. This statement is mostly based on personal experiences, although the Oprah controversial documentary called DARK GIRLS just confirmed my fears...Black men have been convinced by society that black women are not good enough...! Which is a shame because I will always choose to be with a black man over ANY other race but black men (in general) prefer ANY other race over their own women.

    See the problem people?

    1. Firstly, thanks for commenting on this post, cause I thought no one bothered to read it, lol!

      Now, to answer your question...understand, if a Black man has been taught his whole life that the epitome of feminine beauty is a white, or fair-skinned woman; you can be a Black woman that's exceptionally good-looking, has the best education and comes from a stable, two parent household...and this Black man STILL won't be able to see you.

      And this is because, white supremacists have conditioned him to think this way.

      Conversely, a Black woman who's been conditioned to think that white men are the epitome of benevolence, altruism, and financial security, could be surrounded by Black men who are virtuous, marriage-minded and financially stable; but she won't be able to see them, again, because of the way white supremacists have programmed her to think.

      What I'm trying to illustrate here is that COLLECTIVELY, Black men AND women have been taught that the last kind of person you should date and mate with, is another Black man and woman.

      Now, I'm sure you know BOTH Black men AND women who refuse to date within their ethnic group. This happens because the Black Diaspora, more than anyone other ethnic group, gets taught to hate themselves and each other ten times more than anyone else. And this happens mostly in the american school system, where all we're taught about ourselves is slavery and Martin Luther King.

      And the reason we're made to hate one another, is our people have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

      Now, here's what happens when we get taught about slavery and Martin Luther King exclusively. One, when we see or read about our people being enslaved, i.e. hung, tortured, raped and separated from our families, this imbues insanely high amounts of shame in us, that's designed to destroy our esteems.

      Two, Martin Luther King represents how we should passively accept the brutality foisted on us from white supremacist factions. MLK's non-violent resistance also ended in his violent death. So this sends the message that we should willingly die in service to white supremacy.


      And this happens mostly in the american school system over the course of seventeen or eighteen years, depending on when each of us graduates.

      So, I hope this clears up any quandary you might have about negative behaviors exhibited in Black men AND women.

      And the only solution to this problem, is getting rid of our self-hated at the 'sub-conscious' level. And this is the message my Blog is dedicated to getting out to our people.

      Again, thanks for commenting and let me know what you think!

  2. I like some of what you say, but you seem very co-intel pro if you ask me. I'm curious about your statement "our people have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence." and how you think other races should react to you?
    My Asian-Indian wife read this and was so super pissed at your racism that I believe you may be corrupting the minds of individuals actually seeking some truth. You have completely left out Asians and they outnumber Africans by WAY MORE.
    Are you saying your black genetics are superior to those Asian races? That blacks have the power to breed out these other races out of existence as well?
    What nonsense and hate.

    1. Firstly, do you know what J. Edgar Hoover's 'Cointelpro' campaign(s) were?

      They were coordinated initiatives by the FBI, to neutralize and destroy organizations, trying to empower the american Black Diaspora. And being that the FBI has an international jurisdiction, these campaigns weren't limited to american borders; but the Cointelpro operations basically came about behind the rise of the Black Panthers. And technically, Cointelpro was trying to rid america of the 'communist' threat, but what wound up happening was organizations like the Black Panthers, were labeled communist, so the FBI could legitimize killing off huge swaths of them.

      Second, Black people having the most GENETIC power to breed whites out of existence isn't a theory, it's a fact. Two 'pure bred' whites can't create a Black child; unless they have some Black genetics in their ancestral blood line. Ditto with two asians, latinos, or american indians. Thus, the Black man can create every other kind of man, while none of them can create one of him. Again, THIS IS FACT!

      Now, maybe this disturbs other ethnic groups, but this can not be disputed.

      This is also why Black men are preyed upon so heavily by white fascists/supremacist factions. A Black men having sex with a white, asian, latin, or american indian woman, is going to produce a child that has more Black features than ones from the other ethnicity. And if you think I'm lying, do your own research.

      Third, I don't understand why your 'asian' wife is pissed. And mind you, regardless if she's dark or light-skinned, she's still completely 'asian'; remember 'india' is in asia.

      And yes, asians do outnumber Africans, that's true; but again, a Black man having sex with an asian woman, is going to produce a child who has more African features. Again, this CAN NOT BE DISPUTED!

      So, maybe your wife should have looked at my my other page titled, 'More about me and this Blog'; there it says I'm a 'BLACK NATIONALIST'. Meaning, I DON'T CARE if I'm liked by white, spanish, asian or american indian people. What I know as a fact is, the overwhelming majority of asians, spanish, and american indian persons, hate Black people just as much, or possibly more, than white people do. And I have several personal examples of this I've experienced in my own life.

      Another reason why I don't get your asian wife being mad is, I didn't say anything specifically disparaging about asians.

      More often than not, what I'm talking about here, is how my people can get rid of the self-hatred that was bred into us, by the machinations of white supremacy.

      So maybe your wife needs to grow a thicker skin, 'cause I'm sure she can site several instances when her people have made disparaging comments about my people; privately or publicly.

  3. Why do whites, Spanish, Asians and Indian women who are married or dating a black man get so upset when they feel a "black threat" coming on. It doesn't matter what it is...... The threat could be another black woman, the man's black child, a book on black history, a black pride festival, his family, the restaurant that's not white enough or the church that's not white enough, etc.

    I've dated outside my race many years ago with various nationalities. Therefore, I can say that different races of men are very comfortable with doing all things black, and were actually eagerly excited by planning dates to black art showings, soul food eatouts, black folk celebrations, etc. However, I noticed this is not the same attitude expressed by whites and other non black races.

    I never truly had an appreciation for black man until about 5 years ago. Now, my one and only desire is to wait for him.

    1. 'Veronica'...

      A woman's ultimate desire is security. Whether it's financial, physical or emotional, this desire pretty much supersedes all others.

      So when a non-Black woman is dating a Black man, and this Black man may have a Black woman 'friend', the non-Black woman is thinking, if this Black man ever gets in his 'right' mind, he's gonna' dump me for his Queen.

      And more so than not, now-a-days especially, non-Black women are being shown that when it comes to physical attractiveness, they can't compete with a Black women.

      That's why you see non-Black women injecting silicone in their lips and backsides to make them look like yours, and their continuing to burn their skin brown in tanning salons...hell, now white women are even wearing hair extensions 'cause Black women have made them popular.

      So it's a non-Black woman's insecurity about their level of physical attractiveness, compared to Black women, that makes you a threat to them.

      Men are more concerned with their 'financial attractiveness' to women; therefore, they can feel less threatened by 'physical' displays of Black Nationalism like Black pride festivals, art showings, folk celebrations, etc.

      Hope this sheds some light on your, one question I have for you is, what happened 5 years ago to make you appreciate Black men?

  4. My appreciation, understanding and respect for the Black man came about approximately 5 years ago, however, a study of real Black history, culture and ideology occurred a some years prior to that. I realized that sticking with different races of men other than Black was probably what was still causing me to feel unsatisfied in a cultural and ethnic sense. After spending the majority of my life around other races, I realized that I will always have to defend myself and defend him as well. I will always be a Black woman no matter who I date/marry. Most of all, other races will never truly understand the Black mindset and culture unless you grew up with a Black family. Black people live differently from most of races and if you take pride in that, then you will always have to 'excuse your behavior ' or apologize for something that Blacks would not normally apologize for.

    I had mixed race twins 6 years ago and realized that although I appreciate the gift of these kids, I would like to have more upbringing by a real Black man instead of one who was 'acting' like a Black man. I realized anyone can act 'black' but like Rachel Dolezal if not completely immersed in the Black culture mind, body and soul couldn't possibly fully understand why I think or act the way I do.

    I know what you mean when you described non-black women desire to be Black. It's easy to 'act' black or look black, but the opinions, expressions, thought processes, and other idiosyncratic mannerisms of blackness will come into play as well.

    I guess what I am trying to say is I prefer the real deal now instead of a wannabe.

    1. 'Veronica'...

      Thanks for sharing this information with me.

      In the near future, I'm gonna write a post about ways Black men and women, especially 'conscious' Black men and women, can be better able to attract the right marriage-minded person for them. I expounded on that in this post, but since writing this, I've gotten some new perspectives that might be a bit more practical and helpful.

      Being that I'm single myself, what I realize more than anything, is how dating for Black men and women is so much more complicated because we've been so conditioned to hate ourselves and each other by white fascists. And the biggest obstacle we have to overcome, ultimately, is finding a Black man or woman who doesn't covertly hate Black men and women.

      But ultimately again, it all starts with us. And ridding my mind of the self-loathing I've been conditioned into by the american educational system, is something I work on everyday.

      Hopefully I'll find that right person soon, until then, I'll continue to work on myself and try my best to help our Diaspora in some way.

      Veronica, if you feel so inclined, let me know how your dating experiences are coming along these days. Are you still looking for that right person, or are you just focusing on you right now?

      Thanks for your comments!

  5. inclined, let me know how your dating experiences are coming along these days. Are you still looking for that right person, or are you just focusing on you right now?

    To respond to your inquiry, I've decided to start minding my own business, take care of my kids and myself because that's hard enough. As far as looking for anyone, maybe they'll look for me. Not worried too much. Eventually, it will come. Patience is the key....

    1. 'Veronica'...

      Wise choice.

      Ultimately, our decisions are based on what we think about ourselves; and it's always best to do the work on self FIRST before we dip our toes back into the 'dating pool'.

      As always, thanks for commenting!