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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 4.5)...white fascist charades and Spike Lee's 'Chiraq'...

The parents of Michael Brown, the young Black man shot dead on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, testified before the United Nations Committee Against Torture on November 11th of that same year.

Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. both stated that, “We need the world to know what's going on in Ferguson and we need justice.” Lesley also said, “We need answers and we need action. And we have to bring it to the U.N. so they can expose it to the rest of the world, what's going on in small town Ferguson.”

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, you need to know that the thrill-kill white police force of Ferguson, Missouri, and the rest of america, didn't think Black people had the intellect or temerity to take the matter that far. After the top brass of Ferguson police found out another young Black man had been killed by them, they thought, well, maybe the certified pre-owned negroes will march and hold up picket signs, but beyond that, the matter will blow over in a week or two.

But the strong-minded, completely self-possessed young Black men and women of Ferguson we're like, to hell with this...we're gonna' burn this damn town down!

And for nearly an entire month, that's exactly what they did.

Now, there's always gonna' be some uncle Remus type of Black person who'll say how stupid our young people are for revolting, and they'll continue to ask the question: Why do they burn down their own neighborhoods? But what these head-scratchin', shoe shinin' types don't realize is our young people didn't burn down the homes, apartments, or residences they lived in; they burned down the retail stores neither they nor their parents owned. And some of these same shufflin' negroes will say how disgraceful it was for our young people to loot those stores; but what they don't realize is our young people weren't looting. What they were engaging in is what one Black Nationalist leader calls, 'self-accommodating reparations'.

Now, if you're a young Black man or woman reading this, I'm NOT encouraging you to take things from stores, what I'm attempting to do is show middle-aged Black folks, like myself, how you've struck the single greatest blow to white fascism I've seen in my life with the Ferguson revolution.

So behind this and Michael Brown's parents speaking at the U.N., the whole of white american cop culture was put on blast to the entire world. And they had a problem. Seeing as how they were being globally vilified and watched, they feared not being able to kill us as indiscriminately as they'd been doing. Cause again, their dirty laundry was being aired out.

What they needed was a public relations 'fixer' to run some 'damage control' so they could cast the trigger-happy, white american cop in a better light. But what they needed more, was a complicitous negro who could show the world how intrinsically savage and better armed these young Black men were, so white cops could justify shooting us down like dogs.

Enter Spike Lee's latest 'joint', 'Chiraq'.

Now, this movie is based on a comedy titled, 'Lysistrata', penned by the greek author Aristophanes. This story tells the tale of how greek women went on a 'sex strike' in order to end the Peloponnesian War (which was fought from 431–404 B.C.). 

So essentially, this movie was gonna' be the satirical way that Spike drew attention to the unprecedented gun violence of Chicago's poor and working class Black communities. Thus the name 'Chiraq', a Hip-Hop euphemism combining the names of the asian country 'Iraq' and the american city of 'Chicago'. But right off the rip, I saw this flick for what it really was, a piece of dumb-founded propaganda.

First off, one of the strongest messages Spike's sending with this film is that young Black men are such knuckle-dragging neanderthals, that the only way they'll stop shooting and killing each other is if Black women cut off their sex supply. Cause ya' know, every Black man is oversexed, right?

Now, I haven't seen this film...and I WON'T!

I'm not gonna' spend a bad penny seeing this crap movie. 'Cause to keep it real with y'all, the reason this movie was put out, was to portray Black men as gun-toting sociopaths to mainstream (i.e. white) america, so in their eyes, white cops will be justified when they shoot us down or chock us out. All this movie is doing is scapegoating young Black men so white cops can have an easier time, than they already do, killing us in droves.

So one question I'd ask Spike is this: Why didn't you make a documentary about creating better gun laws, or enforcing better restrictions on gun manufacturers. Cause I guarantee you, if every 'illegal' gun used in a crime came with the consequence of fining the gun manufacturer, you'd see half these pistols disappear overnight.

Another question I'd ask Spike is: If no Black man or woman owns a gun manufacturing company, then how do these guns get to our communities? 

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about: The 'Glock' gun manufacturing company is located in Vienna, Austria. 

Now, Glocks have become part of the popular vernacular of rap music. And being that this flick is taking a look at the problem of Chicago's gun violence from the perspective of a young, thuggish rapper (Nick Cannon?), I'd like to know how these pistols are able to travel from Austria, all the way to america, and how they then find their way from the shores of this country to the poor and working class Black neighborhoods of the u.s.

And of course, someone's gonna' come back at me saying that Glock has opened a manufacturing plant in america. Smyrna, Georgia to be exact. To that I'll say, approximately 65% of police guns are Glocks. So when these guns leave the Georgia warehouse, at least half of them are gonna' wind up being shipped to police precincts. So again, how do these guns get to poor and working class Black neighborhoods? Wouldn't guns designated for cop use, have tighter restrictions on them? And if not, why not?

Now you're probably thinking, just cause a lot of guns show up in our neighborhoods, don't mean we have to use them. And that's true. But here's my question regarding that statement: How come huge amounts of guns and drugs find their way to poor Black communities, even though we don't grow or manufacture them, but huge amounts of resources like jobs never do. And if you flood guns and drugs into an already impoverished community, what do you think is gonna' happen?

I liken this scenario to what happens in the american educational system, especially in our communities; in so much as, not only do they give us the most conditioning to hate ourselves, but white fascists know that if they overcrowd and under-fund any organization, it's doomed to fail.

Now this movie also speaks to how despicable it is for our communities to engage in so much 'Black-on-Black' crime...with or without guns. So with that said, let's see how white people fair in terms of violent crimes compared to our communities. Now, according to the FBI's most recent homicide numbers available from 2011, a staggering 83% of whites were killed by...wait for it...other white people. So here's my question: How come we never hear about these alarming incidences of 'white-on-white' crime?

Now behind filming this crap flick, I'm hoping our people know that Spike is a white fascist freemason. And I can hear what you're probably thinkin', you're like bruh, you say that about everyone. By now I'm pretty sure that the Black Diaspora is savvy enough to realize that almost every single celebrity, Black or white, is one. Like I said previously, 'celebrity' is a white fascist construct used as a means of population control...period. One of the only exceptions might have been Dave Chappelle, and they finally got to him too...which is one of the reasons he's in this flick. 

Now being a Black freemason, means at some point the white fascists are gonna' call on you to perform some kinda' buck-dancing soft shoe; which is what's happening here. And if you notice lately, Spike has taken
to wearing a solid red tie (as pictured above). This is one of the identifiers of a freemason. A solid blue tie marks a freemason with 'higher' blood connections to these fraternities...this essentially means that this person's down with the 'blue bloods'. 

Now, Jay-Z doesn't come from one of these families, but he pays homage to them in his song, 'Empire State of mind', when he says, “You should know I bleed blue, but I ain't a crip though.” This is also why he named his child, 'Blue Ivy'.

So I've said all that to say this, every Black man and woman reading this should BOYCOTT THIS CRAP FILM!!

If you wanna' spend twenty and thirty dollars on something, give that money to a Black home-schooling co-operative that needs it. 

And let me also say this...I DON'T EXPECT SPIKE TO BE PERFECT!

If you're a Black man or woman living in america, not one of us has escaped being affected by this white fascist social order. Myself included. So I can forgive Spike for making a bad movie (Da' sweet Blood of jesus). What I can't forgive is Spike purposely throwing his people under the bus, in service to some damn white freemasons and their hired killers we call cops. One of my all-time favorite films is Spike Lee's 'Malcolm X'; and for that he'll always have a special place in my heart; but with the release of this flick, I don't ever wanna' hear him utter another derogatory word about Tyler Perry EVER AGAIN!

Matter of fact, Spike and Tyler should DEFINITELY work together after this. 'Cause with the release of 'Chiraq', Spike's saying to the world that he's got nothing to lose, 'cause he has NO STANDARDS WHATSOEVER!

And like Sam Jackson said in Spike's film, 'Do The Right Thing': “That's the triple truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's a vid showing Spike doin' the buck-dancin' soft shoe I spoke about earlier. There's a lot going on in this video, but let's start with why it's taking place in a church. Just about every denomination in the american church is seeing a decline in numbers, so this is Spike's attempt to help whitey get us back in those pews. Also, Spike being flanked by two white men in church, reinforces reasons we should think they're divine, or at least closer to god than we are. But ultimately, Spike is helping the white church to get the whole of the Black Diaspora back in the mind-set of looking for a 'white savior' jesus. Or at least like a white priest. Well, if ya' live long enough, I guess you get to see everything, but I never thought I'd see Spike stoop this low. Also note how Spike makes light of the 'I Can't Breathe', 'Black Lives Matter' and 'Don't Shoot' movements, saying Black people can't ignore how we kill each other; even though the majority of people who prey on white people, are other white people.


  1. Very interesting perspective. I was very much looking forward to watching this (when its out on Netflix), but I must admit, you've given me slight pause. I will probably watch it anyway to better understand your perspective, plus I do love Spike and his work. But you've mentioned an angle I never thought of, which is the portrayal of Black men as thugs who can't be controlled unless its through sex. Here's my question: were the Athenian and Spartan men of the Pelopennesian wars portrayed or perceived as "knuckle-dragging neanderthals"? While I'm disappointed like you that no one (including Spike) is chronicling the backstory as to HOW all these guns and drugs have flooded our communities in the first place, I'm equally dismayed at the staggering rates of Black idiots stupidly picking up said guns and shooting 9yr olds in the head. I know you're not excusing Black violence, but it didn't appear that you outright condemn it either, nor provide a workable solution to reducing Black crime. Let's not be naive, there won't be any changes in gun laws anytime soon, its not in "their" interest to do, we've got to get "Dontavius" and 'nem to enact that change from within. How do we do THAT?

    Its nice to know that 89% of white killers had white victims, but quite frankly I couldn't care LESS about white violence. The question is, how can we get our brothers to stop seeing his brother as the enemy, and stop pulling the trigger on his own? Chiraq or not, Black violence is still staggering and needs to be addressed.

    1. 'Providence'...

      Beyond my mentions of Spike's portrayal of Black men as gun-toting thugs who could only stop killing themselves if their 'sex supply' was cut off, I wanted to show how 'Chiraq' was really a propagandized way of telling white mainstream america, that Black men are sociopaths who kill each other, therefore, they shouldn't think negatively about white cops shooting us down.

      Second, the first part of the solution to get out of these crimes we perpetrate against one another, is what I've mentioned over and over again in this Blog; and that's how we have to realize that white fascists have conditioned Black people to hate themselves and each other more than any other kind of person on the planet, 'cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

      Now, this may seem like a frivolous statement, but if we CAN'T grasp THIS concept, at least consciously, there's no way we'll begin to see each other, or ourselves, with more forgiving and loving eyes.

      I also wanna' mention that in the past, I've offered some meditative techniques to help our Diaspora do this subconsciously, but they weren't well received. And I think that was because the technique I offered was a bit too labor intensive. But I've come up with another one that's a bit more 'doable' for the average person. Thus, I hope it's received better. And that I'll publish as the first post of the new year.

      Now, there's no magic wand I or anyone else can wave to take the crimes we inflict upon each other go away, but this will be my contribution to lessening the problem.

      I also wanted to show with this post, that white people don't have the moral high-ground over us, and they never will.

      So I hope you can dig where I'm coming from on this topic, 'cause I truly do want to contribute solutions to our Diaspora.

      It's the reason I started this Blog in the first place.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. YOu may be right about the propagandized subliminal messages in Chiraq. And I agree wholeheartedly that Black people need to realize that we are all VICTIMS in this system of white supremacy, from the grown men gang bangers who shoot defenseless 9yr olds to the irresponsible baby-mommas who churn these thugs out. When all is said and done, we're not each others enemies, WHITE SUPREMACY is. I don't know if you're a follower of Trojan Pam's blog but it really crystallized the point that Black people focus too much energy on hating and blaming one another instead of channeling that energy into dismantling the system of so-called white supremacy.

    Another great point she made in that blog was that white people actually need melanated people to survive. I used to follow that line of thinking: Black people have the genetic propensity to wipe out the white race. Well, that line of thinking only works if Blacks mate with whites within ONE generation and their offsprings marry within the Black community -- recent stats show that Blacks are actually doing the reverse. Unlike slavery, Reconstruction or the Jim Crow era, In 2015 Blacks are not only marrying whites, but so is their offspring because most mulattos are very white-identified. In TWO generations, a Black person's bloodline is essentially eradicated and fully white members are added to the white race -- and the white population is none the wiser. Don't believe me? Just check out Eartha Kitt, Donna Summer, Harry Belafonte, their 'mulatto' and namely 'quadroon' offsprings. Their 'quadroon' offsprings are as blond-haired and blue-eyed as the Nordics. Black people NEVER needed white people for nary one thing, white people need BLACK people to populate. After all, they mutated from Black Dravidians of India anyway (Aryans) don't believe the hype. WE are the ones increasing their dwindling population if anything, we're certainly not "exterminating" by our DNA as you may think. You have to ask yourself why is there a push to encourage Blacks to mate with whites? Other than to pre-empt the Black Family Unit, the powers that be (not the dummie KKK) understand they need our MELANIN to survive -- if you understood anthropology 101, ain't nothing hardly PURE about recessive-carrying albino white race lololol.

    1. Providence...

      White people actually DO NOT need melanated people to survive, they need to get rid of melanated people in order for their survival. And let me show you what I mean.

      The reason white elites are pushing Blacks to mate with white people, is so they'll be LESS PURE-BRED BLACK PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WITH THE GREATEST POTENTIAL TO BREED THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE.

      Remember, WE HAVE THE DOMINATE GENETICS, NOT WHITE PEOPLE! So your theory about a Black person's blood-line being eradicated in two generations is just false. You can see this behind a Black person and a white person mating and having children, nine times out of ten, their children are gonna' look more Black than white. Once again, remember we have the dominant genetics!

      If you listen to the stats of white fascists, of course they're gonna' make it seem like they have the dominant DNA...don't drink the kool-aid, this is a white fascist's trick.

      And if you adhere to what the white american educational system tells you, especially in classes like 'anthropology 101', then you're really doomed. Remember, these are the same white fascist institutions that have us hating ourselves and each other, and it's the reason we see so much dysfunction exhibited in the Black Diaspora.

      I said in a previous post that the LAST PLACE YOU'RE GONNA' FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT america, IS IN america! You have to come up out of it, at least mentally to see what's REALLY GOING ON!

      There's a reason that the american government has a patent on the Ebola virus. And a reason this government created AIDS to kill off Black people in droves. Check out the book 'State of Origin' by Dr. Boyd Graves sometimes.

      Also, not only do Black people have the greatest genetic power to breed white folks out of existence, but there being bred out of existence is happening without our help, due to a growing latino population in this country.

      So I don't know where 'Trojan Pam' is getting her information, but you'd be wise not to look this 'gift-horse' in the mouth. 'Cause you'll probably find out, that Pam is probably just another brain-washed anglophile posing as a 'conscious' sister. And lord knows we got enough Black men and women fakin' the funk in this community.

    2. Where do you think white people came from? If we agree the cradle of all mankind (homo sapien) originated in AFRICA, then when did these Black-skinned people become "white"? Before you mention neanderthals and cro-magnons of Europe, they came from Africa too. These people we call "white" are in very simplistic terms nothing more than a permanantly-fixed class of largely (Black) Dravidian albinos that were caved off in the steppes of Central Asia from the last ice age circa 10kya. Add lack of Vit D and sexual selection and voila, you have a whole new 'race' of people who are now white as we know it. They mixed with the surrounding Black populations around them, creating the mulatto (brown) Indians, mulatto (brown) Arabs and Persians, mulatto (yellow and brown) Mongols and Asians, etc. They genocided the rest.

      Anyway, whites were a minority population then, and remain so much as they did in the past, in modern times. They have US calling each other minorities, when we're anything but on the world-stage. In order to boost their small and dwindling population (which is one of God's way of punishing them), they annihilate ours via incarceration, AIDS, ebola, police brutality, abortion, poor healthcare, massacres/genocide, vaccines, etc. Have you ever thought that another weapon in the arsenal of the Edomites (fake Jews) global elite to lower our population is to mate Black peoples with whites, KNOWING in this so-called post-racial society, the majority of these mulatto offsprings will be WHITE IDENTIFIED and therefore breed out their Blackness? Unlike the days of old mulattos were mostly conceived illicitly, were raised by mostly Black mothers in Black households/communities and had little to no access to whites to mate. Most mulattos of old were (more or less) Black-identified and mated with other Blacks due to segregation.

      Well, the absolute reverse is true in 2016. Mulattos are no longer largely the products of rape, they have white access and due to steady brainwashing in the media and schools, they likely end up WHITE IDENTIFIED and up mating with white partners, producing white offspring, lending their precious melanin to the white genetic pool. Just google the offsprings of Soledad O'brien, Maya Rudolph, Karyn Parsons, James Earl Jones, Victoria Rowell, Garcelle Beauvais, Halle Berry, Hank Baskett, Thandie Newton, Tamara Mowry etc. Their offsprings resemble famous quadroon/octoroon types like Amber Rose, Pete Wentz, Gabrielle Reece, Abraham Lincoln,Bruna Linzmeyer, Carly Simon, Jessica Szohr, Nicole Richie, Carol Channing, Lolo Jones,Anna Ermakova Becker, Jade Goody, etc.

      Again, Black genetics are indeed strong, but I've never seen conclusive evidence of our genes 'taking over' the white race, at any point in history. In fact, I've seen quite the opposite: Blacks breeding themselves out to create mulatto castes that wind up being antagonistic to the Black masses. For instance, the Moors bred themselves out of existence, adding much to the arab race, the first progenitors of systematic racism. Same can be said for the mulattos of India who instituted the racist caste system against the Dravidians and Tamils. Or the coloreds of South Africa, who are yet another buffer class between the white ruling class and immigrant groups against the Black masses. The list goes on and on. I won't even go into the lengths the nations of Australia, South America and the Caribbean went to, to create class and color division. Miscegenation hardly hurts white supremacy, don't fall for the hype of the uneducated ignorant hillbillies of the KKK. History has proven that it has only helped the more SOPHISTICATED racist, the global white elite Edomites, in further oppressing and subjugating BLACK people, the PUREST GENETIC PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET!!!!

    3. @Providence

      I understand your perspective, but only agree with you in a classical sense.
      At the end of the last ice age, those knuckle-dragging inbred Neanderthals, a doomed race, migrated into the Middle East, where they interbred with Black Africans and procreated Cro Magnon man which eventually became modern man (present day Caucasians).

      But when I consider the present social structure of our modern world your argument that Whites need Blacks to survive, is simply not rational to me. Especially considering the global decline in the Caucasian populus.
      With the booming population in the Motherland, Africa, Europeans have already developed a strategy to implement family planning(population control)in Africa.

      You must understand the collective mindset of Caucasians is an inherent fear of genetic dissipation thinly veiled by a Malthusian mindset. They know the Black gene is dominant and their genes are recessive. Review the history of Eugenics in Aryan civilizations such as Greece, Rome, Nazis and in America.
      This has been their plan from the beginning, it is an inherent fear passed from one generation to the next.

      There is a difference between race and skin color. These octo/quadroons you mentioned, it took anywhere from three to four generations of exclusively “White” DNA to hide the Black DNS and give the appearance of “Whiteness”.
      Even then the dominance of the “Black” gene is at work, causing wavy/curly hair, dark hair, a tanner tone of skin.
      Simple math says if it takes 3 to 4 something to dissipate 1 thing eventually the Black gene will become the populous gene.

      Those examples of octo/quadroons you gave only support your argument in a perfect scenario of eugenics, but eugenics is no longer socially accepted in the modern world.
      Most bi racial children (Black/White) consider themselves Black and feel more comfortable among Blacks. Look at our president, a White Mother, Black Father, but he is considered Black, married a beautiful Black Nubian goddess and had Black Children.
      In only 1 generation, any appearance of “Whiteness” is gone.

      No, they don’t need us to live, in their minds, they need us to die, they are afraid.
      And they have a right to be afraid……that “Black” blood is strong.

  3. Caucasians are called such b/c archeological, biological and linguistic evidence posits they evolved there, NOT the ME. Central Asia (Caucuses) is the ancient homeland of various white tribes, ie Aryans, Hellenes, Ughyurs, Scythians, Germans (ancient Ashkenazim), Goths, Visigoths, Allanes, Turks etc. Please look it up.

    The reason I say whites need Blacks for their survival is because history has actually proven such. They (whites) will never come out and TELL you they need you. These people have mastered the art of double-talk, manipulation, reverse-psychology and projection.... to sum it up, WITCHCRAFT. No one has gone to such lengths to portray how worthless and pitiful we are, yet we're the most imitated, admired and desired people on this planet, mostly by the perpetrators of such lies. Probably because intrinsically they know that those "nappy headed niggers" are the world's genetic parents (Adam and Eve). White people like everyone else, have "Black genes" so to speak, they just happen to have the most recessive (weakest) copy of it.

    They'll NEVER admit their skin condition largely arises from secondary albinism, a condition that keeps them at odds with the earth's most sustaining energy source (the sun).

    They'll NEVER admit that the Bible associates white skin with CURSES, again, an unfavorable condition in the deserts of Africa and the Levant (they've always had us believing otherwise, i.e. Curse of Ham).

    They'll NEVER admit that they can't even explain why they secretly hate themselves, as can be seen by their penis envy (men), their booty, breast and lips envy (women), swag, creativity, talent and performance envy, spirituality envy, etc. There's a reason Black people are almost always portrayed in some sort of spiritual guru capacity...

    And they'll NEVER admit they need our genes to survive, while at the same time mocking it...hell, everyone including them started off Black, right?

    You seem to think that white dependency on Black genetics is at odds with their perceived threat of Black genetics, when really we're seeing both factors unfold simultaneously. Its not the KKK, but the global reptilian elitists, the sophisticated racists, that are pushing BOTH agendas: anti-Blackness on the one hand, and interracial relationships/miscegenation on the other. What better way to further eradicate a population by diluting its bloodline, AND gain the loyalty and eventually hijack the identity of its future offsprings? Those quad/octoroons I posted DO NOT LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE BLACK GENES, please stop lying to yourself. Mulattos like Paula Patton? Yes. Her very blond straight-haired, blue-eyed quadroon son Julian Fuego? I don't think so.

    1. @Mandika

      Again, I've posted historical FACTS on how miscegenation has favored whites by adding to their populations, and weakened Blacks for centuries. Study how Blacks, from the indigenous San/Aurignancian peoples and their offsprings to the Afro-Asiatic Moors, were once the majority throughout Europe and continued to inhabit that area up until relatively recent times. Read about the various Black nobility of Europe, from the Roman emperor Septemius Severus dynasty 193ad, to Charlemagne 742ad, to Charles V King of France in 1338ad, to the famous Bible translator, King James VI 1556ad, to Queen Charlotte of Germany 1744ad, etc.. and how they all virtually bred themselves out to the "white" Europe we see today.

      I'll conclude with yet another historical FACT. According to a famous essay penned by Benjamin Franklin in 1751, Europe was a much "darker" place not that long ago, because even HE knew that the "swarthy" peoples throughout Europe were the indigenes of that land, a little detail that is conveniently left out of the history books today. The Europe we know NOW is synonymous with "white homeland" b/c unfortunately the Blacks there have been both genocided AND bred out of existence on the very continent they originally inhabited, thrived and ruled.

      Whites NEED us, in virtually every way. Just b/c they won't be caught dead admitting it, AND continue to deploy devious devices to exterminate us, doesn't mean they don't need melanated peoples to make up for their reproductive deficiencies. Europe -- a continent full of octoroons, metifs, meameloucs, quarterons, sang-meles, etc... basically melanated WHITE people -- is a perfect example.

    2. Providence...

      What I don't get about you is how you could be so knowledgeable about our people's ancient history, while still being so unable to grasp the fact that Black people DO HAVE THE GENETIC POWER, MORE THAN ANY OTHER TYPE OF PERSON, TO BREED WHITES OUT OF EXISTENCE.

      And why because of this, whites need to get rid of us, more than they need us to make up for their 'reproductive deficiencies'.

      And even the fact of whites being descendents of our people, like every other kind of person is, doesn't make our ability or their need to be free of the 'Black menace', any less truthful.

      And I also can't understand why you can't see that Black people's genetic powers are the reasons white fascists jail us, have cops murdering us, and why they've got us hating ourselves more than any other kind of person, the way they do.

      Again, our ability to wipe whites out is the reason our people get taught that ONLY OUR ancestors were slaves, when the very word slave comes from the white 'Slavs', who were the world's original slaves.

      Then, when you said I'd be able to grasp your concepts if I understood 'anthropology 101', it revealed to me why you couldn't see where 'Mandika' and I were coming's because even with all your factual knowledge of Black people, you're ultimately an anglophile posing as a 'conscious' sista.

      The reason you can't get the concept of white fascists wanting Blacks to produce children with whites so they can get rid of darker-skinned, or 'pure-bred' looking Black people who can genetically wipe them out quickest, is ultimately cause YOU DON'T WANT TO!

      Now, I'm NOT saying you're not a Black woman, but whether you know it or not, subconsciously, you still love white people more than your own, and you have an incessant need to be accepted by them.

      Thus, the reason you keep saying, THEY NEED US!

      So what I'm suggesting is that you either start your own blog to further expound on your theories, or you can reach out to 'Trojan Pam' so you two can collaborate on some sort of project to explain your theorems (as warped as they are) hold weight in the real world.


      Reason being, I don't want a Black man or woman, especially a younger Black person, to come to this Blog looking for information about our Diaspora to be mislead by erroneous ideologies like yours.

      So I ask that you please STOP commenting on my Blog.

      But good luck to you on your future endeavors.

    3. And for those of you who need me to be grammatically correct 100% of the time, the paragraph below 'THEY NEED US', should read like this:

      So what I'm suggesting is that you either start your own blog to further expound on your theories, or you can reach out to 'Trojan Pam' so you two can collaborate on some sort of project to explain your theorems (as warped as they are) 'AND HOW THEY' hold weight in the real world.

    4. Wow, so it's like that? You're kicking me off your blog b/c my opinion differs from yours on THIS topic, even though we're ultimately in agreement with uplifting the social consciousness of the Black race/community?


      Where have I disputed this? I agreed with this assertion, for the simple reason that our genes are dominant. The only issue I raised was the CAVEAT that even dominant genes can eventually disappear when REPEATEDLY BRED WITH RECESSIVE GENES. If you do enough Punnett squares the recessive outcome becomes scientifically inevitable. Why am I being banned for explaining how this simple fact reflects the racial dynamics of historical Black populations?

      I've shown both you and Mandika examples of Black populations being bred out of existence -- from the resulting brown mulatto populations that hate pure Black people (Indians, Hispanics, Arabs) to the continent of Europe which we're erroneously taught is the white homeland when Black indigenes (Grimaldi man), Black invaders (Kemetians and Blackamoors) and Black rulers, up to very recent modern times (King James VI) lived and thrived in Europe -- just google Ben Franklin's famous letter on this subject. Now Europe, a stones-throw away from the Motherland is invariably WHITE.

      I've provided PROOF of my assertion that Black genes can be absorbed EASILY after only a few generations within white populations, but yet I'm being banned -- that's messed up. Where are YOUR examples of Blacks breeding out entire white populations? You know what, never mind, I'm banned right?

      ....(rolls eyes)

    5. (last post)

      I stand by the FACT that Black genes, while dominant, disappear after only a few generations mating with recessive genes. That doesn't mean that Black gene dominance isn't a threat to white supremacy, however, it ONLY becomes a threat if mulatto offsprings are BLACK IDENTIFIED and subsequently mate with other BLACKS. In 2016 your average mulatto IS NOT BLACK IDENTIFIED, hell even fully Black people struggle to be Black identified. This has been my whole premise. You seem to be under the guise that I refuse to acknowledge blatant white hostility when nothing can be further from the truth. I never ONCE denied anti-Blackness, or the innate desire by whites to wholly eradicate Black people. NOTHING I've said undermines or minimizes white hostility towards Black genetics. But neither you nor Mandika have addressed the subliminal PUSH by the media towards miscegenation. Neither of you can refute that for every Obama mulatto marrying into the Black race, there are a dozen Tiger Woods mulatto, marrying into “other”, further diluting their Black genes. Furthermore, neither of you have you come up with ONE example where our genetics has “wiped white people off the face of the earth.”

      However, I've shown you historical examples of the reverse being true.

      I noticed throughout this entire discourse, neither you nor Mandika addressed the historical examples I've provided of Black genes diluting itself virtually to non-existence. Both of you seem to be stuck on this notion that white hostility and miscegenation are mutually exclusive. I've provided examples of countries like Brazil, Dominican Republic and Australia, countries famous for encouraging miscegenation policies to “whiten” up their predominately Black populations. You seem to be under the impression that white eradication DOES NOT include miscegenation, when all this while, I've been trying to show that it clearly does.

      If I came off rude for the anthropology comment, I apologize, it certainly wasn't my intent. But calling me an "anglophile" even though I've made several posts in the past pushing for the unification of the Black man and Black woman to create the Black Family unit -- the single biggest threat to white supremacy – well, that wasn't cool either. You don't know me from a few posts any more than I know you from what you divulged on your blog. Your slanderous comments tell me you have grossly mischaracterized me and OVERSIMPLIFIED my posts. I "need to be validated by white people", really? You were the one with a complex who used to date fat WW, I'm a happily married Black woman to 2 Black toddlers. Just b/c we have a difference of opinion on THIS matter doesn't give you the right to epitomize me as a poseur seeking white validation. That accusation doesn't even make sense, anyone who knows me or has read my posts here and on other blogs know your accusations are NOT befitting. I'm simply asking people to realize that behind the smokescreen of white supremacy (hate) is a thinly veiled admiration/jealousy/envy for Black people like no other race. The racial dynamo at play is a LOT more complicated than just the surface “hate” we see for the Black race. There are people on here with REAL issues, spreading REAL damaging information, but that's ok. Anyway, it was nice, peace out.

    6. Providence...

      (last reply)

      You wrote to me: 'I used to follow that line of thinking: Black people have the genetic propensity to wipe out the white race. Well, that line of thinking only works if Blacks mate with whites within ONE generation and their offsprings marry within the Black community -- recent stats show that Blacks are actually doing the reverse. Unlike slavery, Reconstruction or the Jim Crow era, In 2015 Blacks are not only marrying whites, but so is their offspring...'

      I don't think you understand while most whites say their for 'inter-ethnic' marriages, marriages between white and Black people make up less than 1% of total american marriages. So Blacks and whites are NOT marrying in droves like you profess...that's for starters.

      Now, when you say I would better understand how whites NEED us to reproduce themselves more than they need to get rid of us, and follow that up with how I'd understand your concept if I'd only taken 'anthropology 101' and studied 'Punnett squares', this to me says that you've allowed the college education you've received to condition you right out of your COMMON SENSE.

      Now, I'm not knockin' 'higher' educations, I have one myself, but what you're failing to see is the initiatives white fascists have employed that have us helping them reproduce themselves, ARE IN FACT ONE OF THEIR CAMPAIGNS TO GET RID OF US!

      So white people don't NEED US to help them reproduce themselves, they 'WANT US TO' so they can get rid of as many darker-skinned Black people as they can, who have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

      If they were that hell-bent on reproducing themselves, they could set up white 'breeding farms' like they did for us, rather than try to get us to mate with them in hopes of producing another white person in two or three generations.

      See, when you say white people NEED US to help them reproduce themselves, this makes it seem like we should empathize with their plight, and it makes the white fascist agenda against us sound relatively frivolous and down-right harmless.

      It puts a kinder, gentler face on white fascism.

      And the fact that you're using your college education to validate your theory is the reason I called you an anglophile.

      The last place your gonna' find the truth about white fascism, is IN white fascism, or one of it's institutions like the american educational system.

      On top of this, the fact that you're very knowledgeable about our ancient history makes your diatribes even more dangerous to us, cause someone might follow your theory based on your extensive knowledge of our people.

      But once again I say, if you're that passionate about this subject you should start your own Blog, or contact 'trojan Pam' and collaborate with her on some project that further validates your theory.

      But I can't allow you to confuse and bamboozle the frequent readers of this Blog with your warped theories, the way you've allowed yourself to be bamboozled by the american educational system.

      And for the record, I've never dated a fat white woman. I wrote that post because I saw how these woman treated Black men on a dating website I subscribed to.

      Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

    7. @Providence

      Your argument is porous and open ended.
      You state irrelevant facts but your comments have no direction and lacks "heart". Hmmm.....I've seen this before.
      And I am familiar. In spite of your hue I will make my point and it will be clear.

      You claim that Whites need us but in all your rhetoric fail to show logic or rationale. You have not provided any proof.
      All of the examples you provided, in actuality supports my rationale.
      How can you make an argument without a “Why”.

      Why do they need us?, cut the irrelevancy and make it plain.

      Your facts are real, but irrelevant.
      I'm well aware of the antiquities you mentioned.
      But they do not support your argument that Whites need Blacks.
      There is miscegenation going on but not in the sense of your argument, I will explain later.

      Back to your facts..
      Most of the examples you gave are not miscegenation.
      You gave historical examples of mostly genocide. Once again, in their minds they need us to die.

      The Dravidians were attacked by the Aryans from the north, the Australian Aboriginals massacred. These were not friendly mergers, or interbreeding. These were attempts to wipe the Black gene off the face of the earth.
      Historically Whites have had a violent and aggressive nature, the South American Indians, slavery, warfare, and inhumane acts were chronicled by Bartolom√© de las Casas of the devastation that Columbus and the Spaniards propogated through the Indies . That was not inter breeding…..that was rape.

      In your comment you attempted to minimize my comment on Obama but you cannot support your statement with any hard data that shows biracial people go on to marry Whites majority of the time that lead to a trend to the Black gene being bred out.

      The Europeans did not breed out the majority of Black Moors in Europe, they revolted against them and those who did not retreat were killed.
      Of course there was an admixture of Blacks left over but being the minority under a oppressive regime that deemed you as the enemy...of course you will be eventually bred out.

      But there is a greater danger you should be concerned with in this modern era.....
      social miscegenation.

      A Black person who has been socialized to think White is far more dangerous than your White genetic miscegenation theory.

      With all your rhetoric you’ve had the opportunity to prove your point. But you simply have not made the connection between the facts you gave, nor an end game to your argument.
      If you reply with, “They need us!, they need us!, they need us!…” and more irrelevant facts,
      You will not get a reply from me…..make it plain.

  4. I have actually seen the movie and i disagree with fact that you said the movie was made to make " Black men as gun-toting sociopaths" and that "All this movie is doing is scapegoating young Black men so white cops can have an easier time". That is not at all true. Those are the very issues that the film addresses and makes up a solution. Yes the sex strike solution might be a little unrealistic but there is a bigger picture to be seen. In the end the white cops didn't win,hell they weren't even the big issue in the movie, but the blacks won because they woke up. The gangs realized they were fighting over nothing and like the other blacks in the film they realized there was a bigger battle to be fought. The battle between the the blacks and the system that doesn't justify nor helps us. Yes the racist cops and the system has us locked in a box and the black race knows that but we barely do anything about it because were to busy fighting each other instead of finding a way to get the hell out. In the end the movie wants to push us to fix our black community,so we can be stronger together and bring down the enemy.This movie wasn't for the white people it was for the black community. So weather you like it or not is up to you but its the message that matters.