Saturday, December 5, 2015

The gospel of white fascism (Part 2)...Why america will never have a universal health care system...

The 'Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act' was signed into law by president Barack Obama on March 23rd, 2010. And this was and is an initiative to help americans gain access to affordable healthcare in their individual states.

Now, being that this law was backed by president Barack Obama, covert and overt white bigots worked overtime to dismiss and dismantle its credibility, even though it could and has helped a lot of working class whites.

I remember watching an episode of Sean Hannity's show on Fox/Fix news, where he had on three white couples who said that thanks to 'Obamacare', they no longer had health insurance.

But when an MSNBC journalist fact-checked their stories, here's what they found...

white couple number one, had a white man saying 'Obamacare' was destroying his construction business, and he'd fired four employees behind adopting it. Turns out, the man had less than 40 employees, and 'Obamacare' doesn't affect businesses with less than 49 employees. Now, this wicked whiteboi may have been firing employees, but it wasn't due to 'Obamacare'.

Another of these couple's genetically recessive white women, said her healthcare plan was 'terminated' due to 'Obamacare'. Turns out, this white woman's 'Blue Cross' plan was canceled because they were overcharging her; and under the 'Obamacare' initiatives, she could now pay less for a plan that covers everything she had under Blue Cross.

And finally, the third genetically challenged couple, said their healthcare plan was also canceled and they'd have to pay a 75% increase for one under 'Obamacare'. Turns out again, that the couple could get a plan that covers everything their old plan covered for less money under the 'Obamacare exchange'. The reason they didn't know about this plan is because they flat-out refused to look at the Affordable Care Act's website. Simply because it's backed by a Black president.

And isn't it funny how scores of these same white people were literally going bankrupt trying to pay off medical bills under Bush Jr.'s administration, but no 'Teabagger', or no huge swath of white folks, seemed to have a problem with this. Bush Jr. didn't receive a third of the backlash that Obama got behind his healthcare initiatives; but being that Obama's Black, even though his initiatives would save them money, they've still got a problem. And speaking of Bush Jr., could you imagine what would've happened to Obama if the terrorist act the white media called '9/11' and a financial crisis happened under his watch?

And if you're a Black man or woman looking at this, and you're wondering why Obama's not 'down' for his people, let me remind you of one fact...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, better known as 'JFK', was assassinated on November 23rd, 1963. And in more layman's terms, they damn near blew this man's head off in front of his wife. Now, this was a white president that white fascists liked. That is, they liked him until he didn't fully comply with their agenda to fight a war in Vietnam.

Now, if white fascists would nearly blow the head off one of their own kind, could you imagine what they'd do to Obama if he was really down for us? I mean, for real down for us. They'd have killed him a long time ago.

So what Obama can offer us, is initiatives like the Affordable Healthcare Act, but more importantly, what Obama is giving us is the only thing he really can in this white fascist social order...and that's HOPE. The only other thing Obama can really do for us, is be a symbol of what's possible for our people under the tyrannies of white fascism. Now, if you're saying, is that all he can do? I need you to remember, symbols are very important...just ask a white freemason.

Under the Obama administration, a young Black man can look at him and be inspired to be anything he wants within the confines of white fascism. Now, if our Diaspora wants true freedom and liberation, then we're gonna' have to form our own nation-state either outside, or inside, (preferably outside) this one, to wield any kind of true power.

I'm a 'realist', so I'm keepin' it real...

Moving on...

But in spite of the Obama Healthcare initiatives, for the majority of americans, especially the ones not covered for healthcare benefits by their employers, there's still an out-of-pocket expense for the majority of our medical procedures. But in the overwhelming majority of the other countries of the 'developed' world, complete healthcare coverage is a right, not a privilege. Meaning, most of the developed world's countries have adopted a 'universal' healthcare system. And under these systems, 100% healthcare coverage is literally a birthright for all its citizens.

Now, the taxes we pay, or should I say, that working class and poor americans pay, would more than cover the cost of any aggregate medical procedures this country's citizens would need in a lifetime. So the question stands: why doesn't america adopt a universal healthcare system? For years I've wondered why america seemed to be the only hold-out for this kind of medical paradigm in the 'developed' world; but in the last few years, I finally figured out why...

On August 6th, 1964, the american government dropped an atom bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan.

And on August 9th, 1964, the american government dropped an atom bomb on the city of Nagasaki, Japan.

And to this day, america represents the only country that used a nuclear weapon...twice. So this in essence, put the world on notice that america was officially, the baddest bully on the global block. Or to put it in even more layman's terms, america's been slated to be the 'enforcer' for the western powers.

Now, I remember the actor Johnny Depp said of america, that this country was like, “...a big, dumb puppy.” So I'm gonna' piggyback on his analogy...but I'll flip it a different way. I'll liken america to a muscular Pit bull that's been bred for fighting.

Now, if you're the owner of a prizefighting Pit bull, do you think you'd spend unlimited amounts of money on etiquette classes for your dog? Or would you have it drinking the purest, most expensive waters and eating gourmet foods? And do you think you'd have it living in plush, opulent housing?

Of course not.

You'd make sure this dog never saw any kind of etiquette class; you'd give it the worst foods to eat, matter of fact, you'd probably put gun-powder in its food to make it more irritable, and you'd keep this dog living in complete squalor. Also, you'd make sure the dog's decrepit living conditions were embedded in an environment that was tension-filled, so that dog would always be ready to fight. And these are the kinds of conditions the overwhelming majority of working class and poor americans are kept in.

Now you might be thinking, c'mon bruh, you're grossly exaggerating what the living conditions of the average american look like. If you think so, then let's do another comparative analysis of this Pit bull's life, and the life of the average poor or working class person in america.

Let's talk first about the state of public education in america. The average american classroom for a child from a poor or working family is usually comprised of 40 to 50 kids and one underpaid teacher. And in most cases, this teacher is both poorly trained and/or indifferent to whether these kids learn or not; and this doesn't take into account how overwhelmed this person might feel with the task of teaching so many children. And these facts result in stats like this: according to a study done by the 'Huffington Post', 32 million adults in america can't read. That's 14% of this country's population. 21% of american adults read below the fifth grade level, and 19% of high school graduates are illiterate. Mind you, this is america we're talking about, not Calcutta, India.

Now you might be saying, these stats only pertain to people who can't pay for their children's schooling.

Okay, so let's talk about the type of schooling almost every person will have to pay for, a college education.

Now, when I did some research on collegiate education costs here and abroad, this is what I found...

According to the 'Eurydice database', and Eurydice is an international education database developed by the European Commission and Member States of the European Union; the cost for a public college's bachelors degree program in Paris, France is 188.10 Euros per year. And in american dollars, this comes out to $199.68 PER YEAR! 

Now, Second cycle or masters degree programs in Paris, France cost 259.10 Euros per year; which comes out to $275.05 dollars; and Third cycle degrees or PHD/doctorate programs cost 393.10 Euros per year, or $417.30 dollars. And this amount was based on fees for the 2013/2014 academic year.

So let's compare this to the average cost of a public college education in america.

In its most recent survey of college pricing, the American College Board reports that a 'moderate' collegiate tuition for the 2015/2016 academic year averaged $24,061. A moderate tuition at a private college averaged $47,831.

Now as far as the american government saying they want the masses of their citizens to have a college education is concerned, these numbers speak for themselves.

Now, let's talk about this Pit bull's diet, and the diet of the average american citizen. Before I make any comments on this, I'd like to say that ultimately, a person's diet is comprised of foods that they themselves choose to eat. But what I wanna' comment more on here, are food ingredients that the average american doesn't have direct control over putting into their diet. For instance, the average american would be hard-pressed to go to their cupboards or refrigerator and find one or two items that didn't have high fructose corn syrup in them.

Conversely, high fructose corn syrup is under such tight restrictions in europe, that it's nearly banned in their country.

And what are some of the most common side effects of ingesting large amounts of high fructose corn syrup? Obesity, Diabetes, an increaesed risk of heart attack and disease, anemia, poor immunity, etc. 

Now, as far as the Pit bull living in a 'tension-filled' environment as compared to the average american citizen is concerned, to see this, all you'd have to do is look at the amount of deadly weapons americans are in possession of. Overall, the u.s. has the highest gun ownership rate in the world according to the 'Washington Post'; and the u.s. also has the highest homicide-by-firearm rate among the world’s most developed nations. Roughly 67.5 percent of homicides in the U.S. are committed using guns, accounting for 9,960 total homicides by them.

And I won't even talk about the amounts of ethnic strife, or what whitey calls 'racism' there is in this country. I don't use the word 'racism' 'cause there's only one 'race', that's the human race...what white media's really referring to in these instances is 'ethnicity'. But when you see white thrill-kill cops shooting down young Black men every other day, and how we're called crazy when our Diaspora protest or revolt against this, you'll quickly see how invested this government is in keeping it's citizens fighting amongst each other, and how this contributes to keeping working class and poor americans pugnacious and battle-ready...just like the prizefighting Pit bull.

Now, the other analogy I'll draw is one between america's hostile state of being, and the state of Black americans who are kept in a white fascist induced self-hatred. And again, Black people are kept hating themselves more than any other kind of person, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence.

In regards to this, I'll tell every Black man and woman that the last place you're gonna' find out the truth about america, is in america. You have to come up out of it, at least mentally, to get an objective view of what's really going on in this country. The same goes for our Diaspora's white fascist induced self-hatred, meaning the last place you're gonna' find out the truth about this self-hatred, is in that have to come up out of it mentally, to be able to look at it objectively, so you can ultimately get rid of it.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this who doesn't endeavor to do that, I hope you understand that you'll ultimately be consumed by this self-hatred, and as a result, you'll be kept despising yourself and everyone who looks like you 'til the day you die.

'Cause the goal of white fascism is to destroy Black people, thus completely destroying the Black 'nuclear' family.

Furthermore, I want every Black man and woman reading this to understand that there's nothing natural about Black men and women hating each other.

EVERYTHING about that dysfunction, and every other dysfunction displayed in the Black community, has its roots in how white fascists conditioned us to hate ourselves.

So like I keep saying, and will continue to say, we got work to do.

Now, if you truly want to change, there's myriad techniques to employ that will help us do this at the subconscious level, but if you're not ready to go there, it's imperative that you at least grasp the above concept. 'Cause if you can do that, as a Black man or woman, you can begin to see yourself and every member of the opposite sex with a more empathetic and loving eye.

Now, I'm not saying you'll get along with every Black person you meet, that's impossible, but you individually getting up out of your conditioned self-hatred is the fastest way for us to save the Black family.

And in that endeavor, there's not a moment to spare.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Interesting article. Lately I have been thinking, Why are Blacks into Christianity and Islam so much and we have been the whipping boy of both religions. Fair skinned Asians don't care about whites, fair skinned Asians only care about themselves and money and their own agenda, but whitey has no problem having them live in their neighborhoods. Blacks on the other have helped to build America and have made whites rich, but whitey does not want us to live in their neighborhood. The Asians who we have also made rich do not want us around them unless it is to buy something.

    Who supports and loves people who hates them? Which group of oppressed people help people who have more privilege than they do? Who will keep a white persons neighbourhood cleaner than their own neighbourhood? Who gives money to white and non black businesses, allowing white and nonblack children to go to college, while their own children go to jail? Who neglects their health completely WHO HELPS OTHER RACES, BUT NOT THEMSELVES?


    Whites and non-blacks, and unconscious blacks are never going to change.

    I am asking for conscious blacks to stick together.

    200 financially stable, healthy eating, conscious,proactive black people, will get further in life. Than 2million, financially unstable ,unhealthy eating,unconcious ,unproactive black people.


    Unconcious blacks will never change, because in reality whether we like to admit or not some of our people are comfortable in misery.

    The same energy it takes to cause destruction to ones self, it is the same energy one can take for the betterment of ones self.

    In regards to the article above, wealthy people are not more healthier than poor people, they just have access to more health care and with the health care system the way it is I have become my own healer which, is what every conscious black person should try to do to the best of our capability.

    Once again for self preservation, limit your interaction with non blacks and interact with them as needed, take care of yourselves fully and only.

    Do not ask God or Allah or the cavalry for anything, because these forces do not care about you blackie!

    Learn to care about yourselves!

    I am tired about thinking and talking about bon blacks, we know the score.

    I would like you if you can to write more information on changing the subconscious and healing ,because I truly believe that you are on to something great and powerful

    I wish self care for you always

    Forward thinking Black female

    1. 'FTBF'...

      In regards to why asians, especially fair-skinned asians, are more welcomed into white neighborhoods than we are, it's because they have the 'least' amount of genetic power out of all 'non-Black' persons, to breed them out of existence. This is the same reason why white fascists let them have access to the 'white privilege' more than any other kind of non-Black person.

      And in regards to why our Diaspora supports people who hate us, once again, it's because our people get conditioned to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet. Because again, we have the MOST genetic power to breed them out of existence.

      And let me add, ANY DYSFUNCTION you see exhibited by our people, comes from our white fascist induced self-hatred. ALL OF IT!

      Now, when you used the axiom: "QUALITY IS MORE POWERFUL THAN QUANTITY" you hit the nail right on the head regarding how our people can make strides towards our goals. 'Cause ultimately, it's the global MINORITY that makes the MAJORITY of the world's changes. So the Black Diaspora doesn't need a million folk to change our destructive ways, 100...or even the right 10 will do!

      You also make a very valid point about rich people not being healthier than poor people, and their greater access to health resources making the truest difference for them. And this increased access gives them advantages across the societal board. Cause there's really no lack of resources, again, there's only a lack of ACCESS to them.

      I also hear you loud and clear about posting more on healing and the subconscious mind. I'm working on a series of posts on that topic now, and they'll be published shortly, so stay tuned.

      As always, thanks for commenting!

    2. Yes I do understand what you mean about fair skinned Asians having the least amount of genetic dominance. But I also know for a fact that the only thing that these fair skinned Asians want from whites is money and privilege, it is not true like of white people they have. Well I will leave Fair skinned Asians and Whites alone to be each others problem.

      We black people can also have clean neighbourhoods and apartment buildings if we wanted to. I remember on one of my trips to the States a friend who moved into a predominately black area, rented a suite in an apartment building, her and me saw the filth in the hallways, so we decided to clean the hallways of her building. It didn't cost a lot to get some cleaning supplies from the dollar stores. The people in her building would just need to forgo a few packs of cigarettes, pork rinds, and alcohol to get some cleaning supplies to keep their building clean, but it never occurred to most of them to do that. And the funny thing is most of them did not work. The caretaker in the building was exactly the same as the majority of the tenants. You do not have to be rich to be clean, some of the most cleanest people I know are poor people. I remember a black American woman years ago, her name evades me, her motto was"
      "You have to accept the responsibility to clean your environment, because when outsiders come to change your environment, their change will benefit them not you" an example could be gentrification.

      The other thing about Why do we support people who hate us? and your reply was that of all the groups, we have been taught to hate ourselves the most because of our genetic dominance. I do agree completely with your answer but, who is going to end this self hatred we have of ourselves. Whites will never end it, because our self hate has helped them. Other non black groups are not going to stop it either, because our self hate has helped them.

      I am not telling you how to write, but by always stating that the white system, has led us to hate ourselves, is absolutely true, but far too many unconscious blacks will use that as an excuse for not doing anything to improve and see themselves as perpetual victims. Let us be honest there are a lot our people who do not care to improve, because misery loves company. Two faced white liberals also like to support victimization because it provides a job for them, and helps them to feel superior to us. White liberals like the white fascists are not our friends.

      I would like to see conscious blacks like yourself lay it on black people straight. This does not mean that one cannot be sympathetic or caring, but to care about people one has to be honest to them . Yes self hatred came from white supremacist indoctrination, but it is we black peoples responsibility now to get our life straight.
      Do not find answers in the bible or Koran which are just slave owners manuals. Don't wait for the cavalry, because the cavalry will never come to pick up, many times the cavalry has just ridden by us.

      Even if we don't have a lot, we have enough and if we implement it right we can even have more.

      Please more articles on meditation and self healing for black people only. Let whites and non blacks find there own way to heal themselves. This journey of self healing should be for us alone, we should never put our energy in anyways to help outsiders. We need all the energy for ourselves. This is not being racist on my part, this statement is for healthy flourishing black self preservation.



      Forward thinking Black Female

  2. Hi there I should stress something, in response to my above reply. I really want to see more self healing articles and meditation articles, because I think you are on to something great by going that route.

    Keep wise, keep healthy

    Forward thinking black female

    1. 'FTBF'...

      First off, I fully understand that fair-skinned asians ONLY care about their money and their privilege...I GET THAT! What I'm saying is, the money and privilege they're getting is being given to them by white fascists. And fair-skinned asians ARE NOT gonna' bite the hand that feeds them for two reasons; one, the last time they tried, white fascists detonated two nuclear bombs in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two, fair-skinned asians enjoy the privileges afforded to them by white fascists. The Japanese are called the 'white men' of asia, and they like that title.

      Now, you mentioned coming to america and renting a suite in an apartment building that was predominately inhabited by Black people, and how its residents kept the entire building unclean. Then you say, all it takes is some cleanser to fix the problem. To that I'll say, the solution involves more than buying some cleaning products.

      Now, I can't speak for the educational system in Canada, but in america, Black people are taught every day of their lives, more than anyone else, to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them. And like I mentioned in the post before my last one, 'Why don't Black people buy abandoned properties in their neighborhoods?', because we're conditioned into such a deep self-hatred, this results in the dysfunction I'm seeing in our community, and the dysfunction you saw in that apartment building.

      Now, what I'm NOT saying is due to our being conditioned to hate ourselves more than anyone else 'cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, that we should stay STUCK IN THIS PROBLEM.

      I want to make this emphatically clear, I'M NOT MAKING EXCUSES FOR BLACK PEOPLE TO CONTINUE IN THESE CYCLES OF DYSFUCNTION! I'm saying the reason we exhibit such high levels of dysfunction is because of how white fascists have conditioned us to hate ourselves.

      Now, in this same post, I literally ask the question: So what's the solution?

      And I state emphatically that if Black people can SEE how we've been conditioned to hate ourselves more than anyone else due to our genetic power to breed white people out of existence, than we can SOLVE our problems!

      The majority of Black people think that these dysfunctions are NATURAL to us; and I'm saying, if Black people think this way, they're not only gonna' be inclined to go from the cradle to the grave hating themselves, but they'll never get around to solving the problem.

      I also say in that post, that our best hope for solving this problem is in our CHILDREN. I expounded on how mature Black folks need to provide resources like homeschooling co-operatives for our kids, so they can learn reading, 'riting and 'rithametic, without the self-hating message they get in american schools. And if our children aren't carrying around the self-hatreds we are, then they'll have a much easier time loving themselves and each other, thus they'll have less problems unifying with themselves. And after they get some unity, they can get everything else.

      And this is the same post you commented on TWICE.

      So I hope this clears up any conceptions you have about my giving Black folks excuses for their behaviors. I'm ALL ABOUT FINDING A SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS.

      That's why I started this Blog.

  3. Wonderful, I am excited and looking forward to more meditation and self healing articles. I can't wait.

    Forward thinking Black Female

  4. Sistah, this is a bold statement.....

    "Do not find answers in the bible or Koran which are just slave owners manuals."

    It shows me you are "free".
    Why do I say free? When I began to educate myself it confirmed what I had felt for many years growing up a youth as pentacostal holiness......something was wrong.

    Walking around in fear and ignorance hindered my life and what The Creator destined for me. As my mindset change, my actions changed. This is another story....I digress for now.

    As I read through both of your comments I found similarities in my own experiences.Those east asians(fair skinned) are very racist and will do anything for a dollar, they are lapdogs for whites.

    I liked both of your perspectives on how we can change the mind set of ignorant Black folk.

    MontUHURU, what caught my attention was when you mentioned the children.

    It starts early, the stigmatization of Black youth is far more damaging than an unskilled eye can ever see.
    For example, research was done in the UK showing that Black and White children IQ scores comparable up to age 9.
    Black children IQ's slightly higher(West Indies Blacks were highest).

    At age 10 and upward Black children begin to fall behind as they grew holder.
    What can we attribute this to?.....socialization, stigmatization, alienation.....,i.e. the psychological projection of racism.

    I reflected on my own life and thought about the first time I begin to experience prejudice and racism. It was in the classroom and it came from a white teacher.

    Then you feel it from society, the media and sometimes your own kind. It is easy to fall into that trap of self hatred.
    It turns into frustration, then anger, then hopelessness, then eventually into a self hating destructive nature. That's when you slowly trip down the rabbit hole.
    But praise The Creator for Truth and Knowledge.

    As you said brother, our greatest hope is our children. Our children learn and discern differently. They have to "sense" we have their best interests in mind to even begin to break this ignorance.

    There is so much more to this, but I will digress.

    Very good discussion.

    1. 'Mandinka'...

      Thanks for your contributions to this Blog, and in my next post, I'm gonna' discuss how our organizations and endeavors to heal our people are often infiltrated by negroes posing as scholars like the one calling him/herself 'Providence'.

      So stay tuned...and I'm glad you liked this discussion.

    2. My apologizes about the misspelling of your name 'Mandika', I'm doing a lot at once;-)

  5. Mandika you are right about the UK black children. This is why Black parents have to take an active role in their childs education, better yet we have to homeschool our children for as long as we can. Many of us do not have to send our children to public ,primary and secondary schools but, we choose to so we can have finances to overconsume and purchase bigger toys, rather than invest and save. I have never understood why black people send their children off in the primary secondary, years to get educated by people both white and black teachers, who don't care about most black children. You've heard of tiger moms, (the Chinese) black women have to become (Lion Moms, the queen of the kingdom).

    I support homeschooling black children 100%