Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor...

It was a popular blog I followed that first introduced me to Tommy Sotomayor's radio program. Shortly thereafter, I discovered his several hundred YouTube channels, and overnight I became a fan of this man's message.

Now, regardless of whatever you might think of Mr. Sotomayor, you can't deny the man has a certain charisma separating him from his peers. He's articulate, funny, quick-witted and exceedingly charming. Even his enemies seem to respect his message. I myself became enraptured in his rants about black women, and felt like, finally, a brotha really is taking black women to task about their hyper-belligerent attitudes. I reveled in his diatribes about black women being oversexed, obese, foul-mouthed, hair-hatted (euphemism for wearing weaves), condescending, abrasive, tactless, classless, being women who bare STDs and have predilections for producing children out of wedlock, being women who are power-drinkers and generally being women who lack any kind of verbal filter around Black men. But after a couple of months of tuning into his videos and radio shows faithfully, I began noticing a disturbing pattern...

I began to hear him say things about Black people universally, that made me take pause, and I noticed the only other kinds of videos he produced besides his 'rants' were the ones where he featured negative behavior in the Black diaspora. He'd have disturbing vids about Black youths killing law enforcement officers over 'Air Jordan' sneakers and Black people killing each other over pieces of chicken, etc. Then I began listening to his diatribes about Black people a little more closely, and what I heard was even more disturbing. Here are some of the quotes coming from Mr. Sotomayor's various rants:

"That's why I don't like hanging around Black people..."

"That's why I won't do any business with Black people; don't ask me, 'cause I WON'T..."

"That's why Black people haven't created anything lately..."

"We're the SIMPson's...Black men are the son of simps..."

There are other negative quotes he's made about his own people but you get the gist of his message. He then went on to extol the virtues of Rush Limbaugh and bragged about how Rush gave him his first job (?). Now this is what Tommy claims and I can't confirm or deny this, but it's weird how this brotha seems to always defend overt or covert white bigots like Sarah Silverman and Paula Deen. 

I also noticed Tommy's vids almost always show Black people in various states of being battered. A lot of his vids have photos of brothas who've been bludgeoned or black women who are engaged in fist fights. 

Still, I was impressed with his ability to get sponsors like Coca-Cola to back his show. I didn't know how someone I've barely heard of could acquire this kind of high level sponsorship, but I shrugged my shoulders and said more power to him. 

Tommy's now on some kind of state to state radio tour in the u.s. and has been staying in various three and four star hotels. At one of his stops, the general manager of the Hyatt Regency even gave him a tour of one of their master suites and said he could stay there on his next visit. Again, I said okay, looks like the brothas doin' the damn thing. It wasn't until I saw Tommy produce a video in front of a TV screen with a basketball game playing in the background, that I noticed something odd. I don't know if the game was live, but one player with the number '33' on his back was prominently displayed several times on the TV behind Tommy. I'll tell you why that's significant in a second.  

A few weeks after I got sick and tired of Tommy doggin' out Black people is when I decided to write this post. And while I was putting together this post's pictured header, I really took a good look at its photos, then it hit me...Tommy's a damn freemason! Now I know what you're're like, not another tale about secret hand shakes and the illuminati. But what gave him away were the hand gestures he's making in my header's triptych. 

Notice how the first picture in my header shows
Tommy's clasped hands one over the other? Just like in the T.D. Jakes (Snakes) picture to the right. Well, T.D.'s also a mason. This is a freemasonic gesture saying this person will stay in his place and not stray from the mission of their white fascist handlers. 

Also, the middle picture of my header has Tommy's hands forming a 'pyramid' shape. This is definitely one of white fascism's favorite symbols, a la the back of the american dollar bill.

Now earlier, I recounted watching Tommy make one of his ranting vids in front of a TV screen showing a basketball game. And I told you how odd it was that a player with a '33' on his back was constantly being displayed on the screen. Well, this again points back to
white fascist freemasonry. There are 33 degrees of this kind of freemasonry and masons love displaying this number in all forms of media. And on buttons like the one to the right. Coincidentally, the number 33 corresponds to the 33 vertebrae in the spine leading up to what's known as the 'Pineal Gland', this supposedly is where a person's 'consciousness' is kept. Sad part about this is, what Tommy's been taught by his white benefactors in the freemasons are actually the sciences of his Black ancestors...and he doesn't know it. Why do you think they pick ancient Black symbols like pyramids to represent themselves? EVERY secret society (especially when you talk about freemasons) is practicing the sciences of ancient Black people...that's their BIGGEST secret! 

Now, I don't want anyone reading this to take my word for anything...PLEASE GO RESEARCH THESE FACTS! But this answers the question of why and how this brotha got these major sponsorships, how he's able to keep nearly a hundred YouTube channels going at once and how he's able to get the GM of the Hyatt Regency to give him a private tour of master suites, when he's only a half-celebrity. Tommy's got a whole machine behind him!    

This also answers the question as to why he so obsessively puts down black women. The MAIN tenet of the willie lynch letter (if you don't know what this is, google it) is that white supremacists MUST work on and through the black woman to keep Black people apart. So as white supremacists work to keep black women hating Black men, Tommy has the reverse agenda. He's been sent by the white elites to distance Black men from our women by going on a complete smear campaign against them. By making sure black women maintain a bad reputation, he's insuring that Black men want nothing to do with them in the future.

Tommy Sotomayor is nothing but a white fascist in Black face.  

It's important that the Black diaspora see Tommy for what he is! 'Cause while Black men and women continue to bicker and argue amongst each other, we're being gentrified right out of our neighborhoods. Go visit Harlem, Compton, Watts, Nickerson Gardens, Chicago's south side, the poorest areas of Brooklyn New York, etc. and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

And notice Tommy says he's always trying to help the Black community, but he never brings up or answers this one do we heal the rift between Black men and women?

So the next time you come across one of Tommy's insipid videos and wanna' tune in, remember what he's been tasked to do...and tune out!




  1. I gotta admit, I'm been trying to understand his agenda. Even when I agree with some things he says I don't believe that the manner in which he says things is constructive or conducive to addressing the ills of the black community. Some of things you pointed out here are things to think about because I've wondered these same things. YouTube pages? Facebook pages? Where does one get time for all of this? And how does he earn the money to seemingly spend so much time on the net? Coca Cola? Hmmm. If you find more info on this please DO share!

    1. Hello 'Gatas'...
      Tommy's techniques may be a little different...meaning that he's focused on the frustrations of Black men dealing with difficult black women and using that to have us give up on them. But his agenda is a VERY old one, and that's to divide and conquer.

      His white supremacist handlers aren't dumb, they understand that you can't truly win a game unless you control BOTH TEAMS. So being that they've already worked so thoroughly on the black woman, they've now got to send their provocateurs to work on Black men.

      Since white birth rates are falling below replacement levels, the last thing the elites want to see is Black men and women uniting with the potential to literally breed white people out of existence; so here comes Tommy out of nowhere, and seemingly overnight, he's almost become a household name.

      I'm still looking for the video that I referenced in my post, the one with the football player with the '33' on his back. But with Tommy's several hundred YouTube channels, it's tough to find. There's only so many hours in a day.

      Rest assured, if I have more info. I'll definitely post it in the future.

      So stay tuned and thanks for commenting; hope you find something else here you like.

    2. Your goal is to breed Whites out of extinction? What a racist piece of trash you are. YOU are part of the problem. You have deleted my posts before because you cannot deal with the truth. Blacks are NEVER responsible for their problems - it's always the White elite. Guess what, EVERYONE, White, Black, Hispanic and Asian are all enslaved by the power elite. Grow the hell up and for once take responsibility for you behaviors. I don't own a slave, I don't want to own a slave and no one alive today in America owns a slave. Jesus Christ, if Sotomayor is

    3. the problem, SO ARE YOU!!!!!!1

    4. To the above two comments...

      First, let me say that you don't even realize what you're reading when you say my 'goal' is to breed whites out of existence...I said BLACK PEOPLE HAVE THE MOST POWER TO BREED WHITES OUT OF EXISTENCE! This is a fact whether you like it or not!

      The reason I've deleted your posts before is because you keep sayin' the same crap over and over again! Which is Black people don't wanna' take responsibility for our behaviors.

      Mind you, you know that white people are the most murderously bloody ethnic group on the why don't you ever own up to that? Why is it when white fascists spit in our faces, and we say they're spitting in our faces, WE'RE PLAYING THE VICTIM?



      So, I think it's you who needs to grow up and come to terms with your people being the most wicked and dastardly force on the planet...even if you don't wanna acknowledge this fact!

      And to the comment right above this one, that I think was written by 'GATAS NEGRAS'...thanks for the assist!!

    5. I find this discussion fascinating. I have commented on one of Sotomayor's videos when he spoke of slavery as a "choice" that black folk made. I don't agree with this and I mentioned briefly why. I don't want to get into the middle of the debate here too much. But my point is that it is important to understand that blacks owned other blacks in the South. In other words, white folks were not then, nor are they now, the only slave holders. Moreover, there are modern day slaves all over the world. Some of these people are oppressed by black folks, as well as many other people groups. My point is that no one is innocent from a hereditary stand point when it comes to historical slavery.

    6. 'wrknathome'...

      I get your point about Black people owning other Black people in the american south, but what I'd also add to that comment is how whites sold other whites into slavery as well.

      This not only happened historically, but it continues happening today.

      Mind you, the very word 'slave' comes from the white 'Slavs' or 'Slavic' people who were the world's first slaves.

      Now, I say this because one factor white fascists have used to reinforce reasons why Black people should hate themselves and everyone who looks like them is how Black people sold each other into slavery.

      If we know that whites indulged in this behavior as well, no non-Black person can make a case of this being a reason that our people are more dastardly than everyone else.

    7. Mont, you stated in a previous post "I didn't say you owned slaves...BUT YOUR ANCESTORS DID!! AND YOU STILL BENEFIT FROM THEIR OWNING SLAVES WHETHER YOU WANT TO ADMIT IT OR NOT!!" To make such bold generalizations about white people is incredibly racist and makes you look biased. People can't take you seriously when you make such statements. I'm white, did my ancestors own slaves too? The answer is "probably not". My family is from Italy, I'm first generation Italian-American and if any of my ancestors owned slaves, it was way back in Roman times and even then, it's more likely my ancestors WE'RE slaves rather than owned slaves. The Roman's didn't care about color or race, they would just as soon own another Roman as they would a black man. But I'm guessing I benefit from white privilege as well despite my family never owning slaves because of my white skin. I don't always agree with Sotomayor and I certainly don't agree in his manor of addressing his views, but he does make some valid points sometimes. When I see young black men walking together in groups, being loud and belligerent with their pants sagging down halfway to their knees, I don't feel safe around them. I don't feel that way around other black men and there is a reason for that. Some would call me racist for thinking that but would you feel safe if you were walking down the street and passed a bunch of skinheads with swastika tattoos? If so, does that mean you're racist? No, it doesn't. I don't support BLM either, does that make me racist as well? No, because even though I don't believe in the senseless and unjust murders of black people, I refuse to support BLM for a multitude of reasons. They're quick to blame white cops or white people in general before they even get all the facts. They openly promote the murder of cops and white people, which makes them no different than the Nazi Regime. Preaching genocide and hatred isn't a noble cause and that is why I don't support the BLM movement. You can't blame today's white people for things SOME white people did in the past, we're striving for progress and change, racial hatred and violence from either party won't bring about a better future for our children.

    8. Nihontopride...

      In a study CNN did on the state of american employment, the producers of the show found that white men got call backs for jobs at double and triple the rates of Black men. And in all cases, white men with felony convictions got called back for job offers more than Black men without a criminal history at all. This is what I'm referring to when I say ALL whites 'benefitted' from the 'trans-atlantic slave trade'. So this is no generalization. Furthermore, these kinds of privileges are afforded to you and your people everyday, whether you realize it or not.

      And when you say your ancestors probably didn't own slaves, what I'll say to that is: If you haven't done any research on your family tree, then you can't say definitively that they did're just telling me how you FEEL about your ancestry.

      Also, when you say you don't feel safe around Black men who speak in expletives and wear sagging pants, you need to understand, that the fear you have of Black men, is the same fear I have of white cops. Now tell me, who has more power to kill with impunity?

      And in regards to the 'BlackLivesMatter'(BLM) movement, this organization is funded by George Soros and other white fascist freemasons who want to give my people a more passive fellowship to join, so we don't revolt like we did in Ferguson, Missouri. Mind you, the Ferguson revolts got Mike Brown's parents speaking before the U.N. And you don't have to take my word for this, do the research and find this out for yourself.

      And when it comes to preaching (and performing) acts of genocide and hatred, no one outdoes white people. Ask an american Indian, if you can find one.

      Now, I understand you don't want to be blamed for the misdeeds of your ancient ancestors, cause that reflects badly on you. Well TOUGH. Me and my people have had to deal with the ramifications of white fascism everyday. And those dealings go far beyond merely having to contest with guilt, or a bad reputation from my ancestry. And if you can't deal with that, then go find another Blog that offends your delicate anglophilic sensibilities a little less.

    9. YES 100% I try to give our people the benefit of the doubt..especially when I hear some hard truths....however this man is a pure self-hating idiot. There is a big difference between being enlightened and just plain old self hatred.

  2. Replies
    1. You're definitely NOT alone bruh...moreover, there's hundreds of brothas out there who feel exactly the way we do!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. "EVERY secret society (especially when you talk about freemasons) is practicing the sciences of ancient Black people...that's their BIGGEST secret! " Very much on point.

    I have often agreed with Tommy, but yet I notice some underlying self-loathing when it comes to black women. My measuring rule is the sisters, if they detect something disturbing about him (that they didn't detect about Shahrazad Ali fro example) then there's a chance he may be a plant. He is so thorough so as to have a buzz-term to for black men who defend black women from his rants; "Captain Save-a-'Ho."

    What Tommy is ignoring is that reality TV's prime purpose is to dumb-down the black female the way the gangster-rap industry dumbed-down black boys and young men beginning in the early '90's and continuing down til today. Both these forms of entertainment were created by white men. What these men did was take a trend started by blacks (NWA were the originators of hard-core rap, Flava Flav is the originator of confrontational feuding black women on reality TV) and pervert them to exaggerated perportions so as to spark internal fueding, fighting, and-in the case of rap-murder.

    I can give Tommy a shortcut of who is directly responsible for this by recommending a really amazing book entitled "Reality Bites Back: the troubling truth about guilty pleasure TV" by Jennifer L. Pozner. It names names and tells where the bodies are buried, and Tommy will have an accurate target to aim his outrage, toward the powers directly responsible for much of the de-culturalizing of the black family through the black woman.

  4. CS...
    Remember, Tommy may SAY he's against the current portrayal of black women on reality TV shows, but he's working for the same white supremacist organizations that fund these same shows he can't stand. Meaning, Tommy's full of it! Again, he's consciously DOWN with white supremacists and their agenda. He doesn't care about the image of black women or Black people period. The only thing he cares about at the end of the day is serving his white masters and fulfilling their agenda.

    Also, you talked about the dumb-founding effects of 'gangsta rap'; and I agree with you that this music was pushed by the white elites, but it's attempts to 'dumb down' the Black youth have failed. Here's why...

    If you talk to young Black men, you'll realize they're NOT dumb at all, they're very conscious of the fact that their communities have been purposely over crowded and under-funded by the white elites, and how that effects their lives. The REAL problem lies with mature Black people.

    You and I both know that mature Black people love sitting around and talking disparagingly about the Black youth, while providing absolutely NO resources for them to survive with.

    Mature Black people are the first to say how retarded young Black men are for wearing their pants sagging off of them, but these same mature Blacks have no problem having to dress like their oppressors to get and keep a job.

    And while mature Black people don collared shirts and neckties, they know that whites keep their local schools over-crowded and under-funded, they know our young men are shot down in the streets indiscriminately by white cops, they know white people will make them pay more for a home or car loan just 'cause they're Black, etc. But they rarely utter a disparaging word about whites.

    Also, when you talk about 'internal fueding' that resulted in rap murders, if you're referring to the 'East cost vs.West coast' rap 'war'; understand that was ALL the work of the usual suspects...the CIA and the FBI.

    It was Black provocateurs who told Tupac in prison that Biggie's people had him shot. This fact is in a documentary called 'Biggie and Tupac' by Nick Broomfield. There's also a better doc on this subject called 'The FBI war on Tupac Shakur and Black leaders' that breaks all of this down, you can see it on YouTube.

    Coincidentally, Black provocateurs were also used to create a rift between East Coast and West Coast factions of the Black Panthers. That's also in the latter doc. So bruh, don't believe the hype that our children were to blame for this.

    One last thing, even through the group N.W.A. was at the forefront of 'gangsta rap', they still got political by releasing the song 'F&$k the police'. That's why I'll always say that 'rap' music is the MOST political music you'll ever hear, 'cause it always reflects back on what's going on in the community.

    So let's give our young people their due...and some resources so they can thrive.

    Thanks for commenting!

    1. Nothing is anyone's fault! Always somebody else caused the problem! If the white supremacist power elite told black people to jump off a bridge would? And would it be the white supremacists fault? Carefully examine what you said . You don't actually flatter yourself to believe the power elite are going to interrupt their golf game for even one minute to mess with you? If I were to have a one on one talk with people who think like you I could show you where your on track and where your tailored education has adopted nonsense as truth . Alas, I don't think anyone wants to learn anything outside the reality they've constructed for themselves. I'm not sure exactly who the white supremacists are these days?

    2. 'Velvet'...

      I know for a fact that white fascists aren't gonna' think twice about what's on this blog, but the beauty of that is, my message isn't for them. It's for people who've been affected or infected with their assorted lies and horrific acts of genocide.

      You wrote: 'Alas, I don't think anyone wants to learn anything outside the reality they've constructed for themselves. I'm not sure exactly who the white supremacists are these days?'

      Now, whether you know it or not, the reason you yourself don't really want to learn anything new about white supremacists, or so-called white supremacy, is you and your people benefit from its ravages...and that's again, whether you know it or not.

      So keep watching 'Dancing with the stars' and 'Wheel of Fortune', 'cause your tailored education, has got you believing that your people aren't as wicked as you know they are.

      And that's the non-sense you and your kind have adopted as truth.

    3. I only listen to him a couple time.But i cant figure this brother out.However what what i do know if this had been Rush, Fox news.Black people will be calling for a boy-cot or his job.So ask yourself. Why are black folks letting this racist. keep his job.Theirs one more thing i notice. He never use hard offensive language toward white people,like he do black people.

  5. OMG, just yesterday I posted on one of his channels. I made a comment about how the White men could not succeed with destroying the Black Man via the Black Woman because we are too strong,so they reversed it by using the Black Man to Destroy the Black Woman. I too was a Semi-fan of Tommy, and it lasted every bit of 3-4 weeks. I started watching and observing, and learned a lot about this Black on Black-White Supremacist. He make White folks real comfortable with assisting with the bashing of Black Women, it's disgusting. How they join in with the weave jokes. SMDH. What really turned me off instantly with him, was a Black Male Minion made a remark about White women tanning to look Latin not Black, and he made some type of Monkey remark while referring to the Black Woman,.... Tommy Cosigned the Dude... I was done. Do not get me wrong, I still somewhat follow the Brotha', but out of curiosity, and for argument sake. Another thing I learned about Tommy, every now and then he will throw the Black Woman a bone by telling us how much he loves us, blah blah blah, and it makes the black women happy. Tommy is.... well drop the "my" from his name.

    Also, here is a deep video I listen to quiet often, and I always think of Tommy, it don't just pertain to Rappers.

    Entitled, "Market for Niggas"


    1. Keep following him....he's going to lead to you straight to hell.

  6. You say the white elite could not destroy the Black man through

    black women, because they/you are too strong; problem with that

    theory is, they've made both Black men AND women hate each

    other and themselves. The white elite know that they can't really

    win any game unless they control BOTH teams. So the problem is

    not just Tommy Sotomayor, but the white supremacist

    indoctrination of self-hatred that almost every Black person has

    subscribed to. I have my own prejudices with my people that I'm

    trying to resolve through meditation. So Tommy is just a lightning

    rod for a larger problem. We need to look past him and see what

    each of us can do individually to heal the rift between Black men

    and women.

    The fact that you say you're still 'following' him means that you're

    doing yourself a disservice knowing what he's all about. It's that

    'thing' making you still follow him that you...and we as Black people

    need to get rid of.

    1. I know this is an old post, but I'm back. Yeah I followed him just to see what his minions were saying, then I would come at them with all I had. Eventually I got tired. I do stumble upon him and make comments to his misguided followers. I just finished not even an hour ago. This man has been exposed left and right, and he still has a large amount of followers.

      Also about the Black Woman being stronger mentally. Have you ever done a youtube search. Just research Hate Black Women or something negative like that, you will find hundreds if not thousand of videos Bashing Us, mainly from Black Men. Another thing I also found strange. Youtube beautiful Black Women and you will find more than any other race. ODD

      Yes Tommy has a lot of Black Women followers, and WE are collectively destroying the Black Community.


    2. Hello 'Script'...

      I'm glad you're back.

      During the course of curating this Blog, I've made a couple of discoveries...and here's one of them:


      Now, let me tell you why; 'cause when you've been conditioned to think that white people are gods and your own people have contributed nothing to this world but slavery and Martin Luther King, how could you not hate yourself for being Black?

      And, our people, more than any other ethnic group on the planet, get this conditioning force fed into us over over the course of decades...AND I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, WE, BLACK PEOPLE, HAVE BEEN MADE TO HATE OURSELVES BY WHITE PEOPLE, MORE THAN ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP ON THE PLANET!

      Now, the question is: how do get rid of our self-hatred?

      First, we have to recognize the problem; once we can see it, we can solve it.

      Second, we recondition ourselves out of this insidious self-hatred through meditating at the subconscious level. This is the only way to rid ourselves of the problem; I know, 'cause I've done it!

      Now, am I completely free of the prejudices towards my people that have been conditioned into me by white supremacist institutions, of course not...but for the first time in my life, being Black feels like a gift and not a curse!

      And by the time I'm done with my years of meditations to correct this problem, I'll see white people for the stringy-haired, icy blue eyed degenerates that they are!

      And it's already happened within the course of a few years of meditating!


      It's the self-hatred Black men AND women have been conditioned into by the american school system, TV, movies, etc. that have us despising ourselves and anything to do with our people...THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO GET RID OF!

      I hope you feel me on this, 'cause this is the only answer for the survival of our people; if we DON'T do this work (meditation), our people are as good as gone!

      So, I hope you take this message to heart and I hope this sheds some light on why Tommy Sotomayor is so alluring to Black women AND men.

      And...I hope you keep coming back!

      Sutekh! (Black power!)

  7. This is a very deep analysis and had me thoroughly intrigued. Since encountering this guys videos online, I feel like I have been trapped in the twilight zone. I have never seen so many videos and websites opposed to one man in my life. This proves he is a HUGE problem! The fact that he is able to use such profane language, get away with hate speech, regardless if he's black, and he even calls for the extermination of black people. If he doesn't get taken off there, he is going to wind up opening a can of worms that he can't put back in the can. There's a movement to get him removed from YT. I'm listening to their show now at blogtalk which is on their current top link. This is their website on facebook!
    100000 Black Men Against Tommy Sotomayor & For A Progressive BLK Community. They just started 2 weeks ago!
    Check it out.

    So far having their light shining on him has made him calm down a bit with the cursing and yelling but he's still bashing black people overall. Please pass it around. We have no one to blame but ourselves if we don't try in some way to get this man to either control himself and stick to comedy or off the net if he can't! One Love

  8. i suspected this, and looks like i am right as all too often with 99% of "alternative media". it's controlled as well with an agenda, and zero real solutions

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      And I'd like to take this time to also thank the google 'agents' who consistently troll my Blog and YouTube account.

      You guys make the internet a safer place to be.

      Cheers *raising wine glass*

  9. I did notice how Tommy always talk about hanging around white folks his so called white friends.But as far as the black women thing go the brother couldn't be no more right.Black women most of them are so hard people to get along with.

    1. To 'Unknown' and all the internet agents who continuously troll and patrol my Blog...

      Here's why thinking like you do leaves you at a cerebral stalemate.

      After Black men and women voice all the things they can't stand about each other, what are we left with besides being lonesome? Not a thing.

      Remember, Black men and women are NOT born hating themselves and each other. We go through a very intensive process via the public education system, TV, movies, music, etc. that constantly teaches us how to hate ourselves.

      And NO other ethnic group goes through the same amount of insidious self-hating conditioning that WE DO!


      Now, with this in mind we can start to ask the better questions that will unite us instead of divide us.

      And the most important of these questions is: How do we heal the rift between Black men and women?

      Black women aren't born abrasive, they're TURNED into being this way by a duplicitous construct called the american social order

  10. Wow. I heard this guy for the first time today by accident, and I was like wow, he is referring to me and my daughters. I don't know how or why the actions of a few ruins the whole bunch. I mean a know alot of black men married to black women as well as alot of young black girls who are educated, work, save money and with great morals, integrity, and are really a great mate for some nice young man. He can be black or white.
    I was curious to what this guys agenda is and you cleared that all up for me and after I read your blog the light came on, so thanks for that.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

      Like I was telling the previous commenter, Black people are NOT born hating themselves and each other, we go through a VERY intensive conditioning process that teaches us to do this; and Uncle Tommy is certainly one of this country's brainwashed victims.

      That's why I stopped listening to his rhetoric.

  11. My friend told me about him, and i subbed his channel. But i was wondering about his agenda if he had one (besides destroying black women). And like one of the earlier replies i thought i was alone thinking something was wrong with him

    1. Hi 'Yardie'...

      Love your handle btw;

      I got tricked by Uncle Tommy too...again, he's very good at what he does. Fortunately, I saw him for what he truly is, and I'm able to convey this to others.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my Blog and thanks for commenting!

  12. So you were following him and thought he was the best thing since sliced bread when you believed he was only bashing black women. But as soon as you discovered the demon that he really is, you stop supporting him when he started bashing black men as well. Says a lot about who you are as a man. What a hypocrite! But you are in the company of many black men who's eyes have been open by his b.s. There was NEVER anything right, good, charming, or witty about that demon. Tommy is being supported and funded by white racists. He is being paid to preach hate against black people. There is no way that broke negro could afford to fiance that radio show and the lifestyle that he's living without some pecuniary resources. Furthermore, he is using broken and and hurt black men to help further his agenda. Tommy is on a path to hell. And he's taking a lot of black men with him. Just be happy you woke up at the right time.

    1. Anonymous...

      I wish it was only Black men who were being duped by Uncle Tommy's message...unfortunately the majority of Tommy's audience is comprised of Black WOMEN!

      Now, what does that say about them?

      What it ultimately comes down to is erasing the self-hatred that Black men AND women have been conditioned into by the same white supremacist factions supporting Tommy Sotomayor.

      Black men AND women are being mislead by the likes of Tommy, Dave Carroll and the white feminist movement.

      So, ultimately, the same question still stands...and that's how do we heal the rift between Black men AND women?

      I expound on this in a couple of my posts.

      Black men and women have to realize that we'll defeat Tommy and his white supremacist factions together, or we'll perish together...there's no two ways about this.

      So, I hope you find something you like on this Blog and I hope you keep commenting.

  13. take the time and ask yourself would my life be better if I married a white woman and not a hair hat. I will wait

    1. I don't think you realize I'm NO LONGER an advocate of Tommy Sotomayor's message.

      That's why this post is called 'Why I NO LONGER listen to Tommy Sotomayor'.

      Believe it or not...WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM!

      I think what might be the problem here is you have a bias against men generally, and Black men more think we're ALL out to destroy black women.

      I'm warning people NOT to indulge in Tommy's rhetoric. And quite frankly, the reason Tommy feels the way he does about Black women and why you feel this way about Black men is a result of the conditioned self-hatred ALL Black people have suffered under the white supremacist american status quo.

      So the answer is still...and forever will be Black people erasing all the self hatred we've been conditioned into.

      And again, until we do this, we'll never get to the point where we can HEAL the rift between the Black man and woman.

      I hope you get where I'm coming from, 'cause I'm NOT your enemy.

    2. Tommy is preying on those that don't do their homework. Some white women have the same type of behaviors that he hates. Some white women wear weave, perm their hair, they tan, they get work done, get food stamps, abuse their children or do drugs. The ultimate secret is that most of them are not naturally blonde. This society is nothing but a game to those that run it. Because there are more white women in America, it is easier to find a "good" white women. This make its it look like there aren't any good black women. The black man will have to search harder for his black wife because black people are the minority. Tommy fails to talk about this because he knows that people don't realize the facts. These people don't know that they are being tricked.

    3. Unfortunately, it's not only Tommy who doesn't realize the facts you're stating, it's the MAJORITY of Black people in the diaspora.

      We've been so taught to hate ourselves by the white elite that even if the majority of us find the 'perfect' Black man or woman, we're gonna' drive them away 'cause Black people can't possibly hate themselves and love one another.

      So the mission of this Blog, and it's coming ancillary components, is to help us get rid of our self-hatred; 'cause that's what we've lost everything to.

      Thanks for commenting!

    4. Most college campuses are 95% white girls and we're asked to find our black or brown queens out of the masonic indoctrinated girls on campus. . Sometimes interracial is simply math.

    5. And sometimes it's simply the fact that you don't want to be with a Black woman. Period.

  14. tommy speak the truth about black folks

    1. Tommy's speaking a truly white supremacist oriented take on what he's been conditioned to believe Black people, and himself are destined to be...which is nothing.

      Consciously, he might believe all the B.S. he spouts out about Black women and people, but the fact that he gets all the perks from his white supremacist handlers for spreading his lies, makes his believing Black people are born to lose all the more sweet.

      Uncle Tommy doesn't realize the white supremacist 'trick bag' he's caught in; meaning, you can't have such a lowly opinion of Black people, and not hate yourself for being Black...either consciously or subconsciously.

      And that's an indisputable fact!

      So if this Blog doesn't cater to your delicate anglophilic sensibilities, then go back and look at Uncle Tommy's 500 video channels.

      Like I've said in my past posts and in my mission statement, I'M NOT AN ANGLOPHILE, I'M A BLACK MAN WHO'S DOWN FOR HIS PEOPLE...PERIOD.

      If you can't handle that, I won't miss you never coming back to my Blog.

  15. Damn, this dude’s name pops up everywhere. It’s OBVIOUS in reading some of these posts, that Tommy himself or his freakazoid sick fans are on this page, trying to get people to stop being aware what that monster is doing to drive a wedge between the community. I found a group of people on facebook that have banned together against this quack. If people are really about getting him to drop the hate he’s pushing toward our community, then yall need to be about it and let’s get this sambo’s demon talk revised. here’s their page and an interesting article i read from their other site. Hotep

    1. It's nice that Black people have banded together to protest against Uncle Tommy, but truly, the diaspora has bigger problems than him.

      As I've alluded to in this Blog's post, 'Why Black women should ignore Tommy Sotomayor', the best way to handle this traitor is to simply ignore him.

      'Cause what we should be asking each other is, again, how do we heal the rift between Black men and women?

      That's our MOST important task!

      So, what we should do, is tune out of Uncle Tommy's YouTube channels, and tune into how the diaspora can get rid of our self-hatred...'cause that's what's REALLY killing us.

      Uncle Tommy's fifteen minutes of fame are almost up; mind you, he's got white supremacist freemasons on his side, but even they're beginning to realize that people are seeing through Tommy's B.S.

      So, again, the most revolutionary thing we (Black people) can do, is to eradicate our self-hatred, so we can love one another once again.

      Uncle Tommy's DONE...and good riddens to him!

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. black people are the MOST ignorant people on planet Earth!!!!
      and you all know it.

    3. You know what's REALLY ignorant? White people having the 'white privilege' in america, and still being the majority of the people in this country on welfare. How does that happen?

      Every governmental system in this country is set up for whites to win, so how do so many of them wind up losing?

      How does a white man wind up broke in america?

    4. Do you even understand the concept of percentages and averages? Of course white people constitute the largest number of people on welfare if you just look at it in linear terms they are 70%+ of the population.

      A better question is independent of total population size what % of all white people are on welfare and what % of all black people are on welfare? Check real statistics before you go attacking a whole group of people based on information that you don't understand how to extrapolate true values from.

    5. 'Anonymous'...

      What you're forgetting is white people have the white privilege. Meaning you have more access to resources because of your skin color.

      Case in point, CNN did a study showing that white men with felony convictions got more call backs for job interviews than Black men with no criminal history at all. That's what I mean when I reference your white 'privilege'.

      So white people can't have their cake and eat it too. You don't get to call yourselves superior AND make up the majority of the people populating america's welfare lines. Regardless of how many of you there are in this country.

  16. My uncle molested and beat me When I was 12. I never knew My father. I've been In too many abusive relationships with men Who hit defenseless women.and I was drugged and raped by several older me. When I was 15. So you say we treat our men like shit? Hmm .. Questionable logic. Look at My life are men so innocent No. It hurt My feelings to hear you say we do This TO our men. I've been reading Your blog for hours and Your COMMENTS on How black women treat black men Really disturbed me because all My life I've been a victim of abuse from men.

    1. 'Lea'...

      If you take an extra moment to look at this post again, you'll see I'm NOT saying that sistas exhibit the characteristics that 'Uncle' Tommy Sotomayor has attributed to them. I'm saying that Uncle Tom would spew this madness out to Black men so they could have a negative perception of Black women to further drive a wedge between Black men and women.

      And I fell for it...that is, until I woke up and saw Tommy for the white supremacist freemason that he is. That's why this post is called, 'Why I NO LONGER LISTEN TO TOMMY SOTOMAYOR'.

      And unfortunately, Tommy's audience is made up of primarily Black women.

      So, what I'm trying to get Black women AND men to see is how Uncle Tom isn't our biggest problem...our conditioning to hate ourselves and each other is.

      Now, where do we get this conditioning? Ever since you and I have started walking we've been deluged by the message that we should hate ourselves for being Black.

      Every history, or HIS-STORY book you and I have ever read in pre, middle and high schools has taught us to hate ourselves!

      The reason we're constantly taught about slavery is so Black men and women can carry a deep sense of shame about being Black, this crushes our esteem, and this message is reinforced by TV shows like 'Roots' and movies like '12 years a slave', 'Django Unchained', 'The Help', etc. And this is the primary reason why Black people are so ready to hate and hurt one another, 'cause the conditioning we get to hate ourselves is far and away worse than any other ethnic group on the planet!

      And if you keep reading other posts on this Blog, you'll see how my Blog's main tenet is answering the question: How do we (the Black Diaspora) heal the rift between the Black man and woman.

      The answer is: we get rid of the conditioned self-hatred our people are mired in by means of meditation.

      So again, re-read this post and my other posts on Uncle Tommy, and you'll see my point of view a bit more clearly.

      But beyond the whole issues of, or with Tommy Sotomayor, I have to ask you, have you seen a professional to resolve your childhood traumas?

      If not, you need to. 'Cause if your traumas go unchecked, they'll cause you to always attract and be attracted to abusive men.

      I appreciate your comments and please let me know not only what you think about my response to your inquiry regarding this post, but my suggestion that you see a professional about what you've been through.

  17. I read all of articles I think..I think I gotta get dictionary(big words lol) and read It a bit more slowly because It Really hit home for me and I have TO dissect I felt Your opinion was a little one-sidedbecause of the way you bashed us in Your comment. Not all women are like that. But I absolutely loved Your blog . I just can't agree with that. I think a lot of other black man Would agree with me. Idk why I commented I was gonna delete It. But what I do know I'm only 22 , nobody perfect and I needed TO read This blog.. Like I said I Loved reading Your blog and I know I need TO get help dontbe sarcastic.

  18. I don't want TO use such a strong word but I Hate Tommy and his message of Hate towards his own kind.Its a shame and It made me feel ashamed and feel like he certainly not helping the situation but doing the opposite. I feel like This helped me feel Alive TO read Your blog. And I read every article in aday on a cell phone. I believe you are a good person that is why. And after half watching 1 or 2 of his videos I couldn't Watch no more and chose TO avoid him altogether. And It seemed like I couldn't stop coming across one of his videos which made me annoyed and wondering why. Its no coincidence that I Google searched 'illuminati exposed' or something, and I found you . Thank you for exposing Tommy Sotomayor for the demon he is. I am very glad you didn't chew me up for My 1st comment.

  19. I was a Holy bible believer before I read Your blog and I never practiced any other religion to date. It saddens me that I live in a f'd up sick world and questioned the bible sometimes before but I always believed in Jesus Christ,, holy trinity , hell and heaven, demons etc.From a young age I went TO baptist churche. What do you believe as far as religion and spirituality goes.For some reason I trust everything you say and I Can relate personally TO thefeelings of self hatred and hatred of mankind.When I was young all I thought about was How we were slaves and that's all They teach us in schoo and I used TO think white people were proud and had no shame for What happened and is still happeningby their will. They say the Truth is stranger than fiction and right Now I'm blown away.

  20. I have made no valid points so please forgive me. My point was that black men are not exempt from being accused of treating black women like shit as well let me just put that out there.

  21. Your blog has helped me whole lot . Please forgive me for my 1st post because It was't necessary. Thank You

    1. 'Lea'...

      My apologies about taking so long to get back to you; but when I first read your comment it really hit home and I wanted to make sure I responded back.

      And I was not being sarcastic when I asked if you sought out professional help; 'cause those emotional wounds need to be healed so you can in fact find 'Mr. Right'; or a man who at least knows how to treat a woman.

      If it's any consolation, the reason your uncle did those things to you is because he was abused himself; now, that's not an excuse, but when people don't resolve their childhood traumas, they act out like your uncle or they become victimized by people suffering from the same kind of abuses you endured.

      And again, I'm not trying to let Black men of the hook for their mistreatment of Black women, I'm trying to point out how white supremacists have taught us to hate ourselves and each other, this is why it's so hard for Black men and women to find good mates for themselves.

      I was discussing with a friend of mine how the overwhelming majority of educated Black men and women are winding up oversexed and alone at 50 because once we get our degrees, we'll date anyone but another Black man and woman. Why? Because of all the conditioning we get to hate ourselves and each other.

      As for the question of religion vs. spirituality, the real story is this; the Black spiritual sciences (The Orishas, Yoruba and Voudun or Voodoo) helped us defeat conquering white armies that came to kill and torture our people. Especially in the case of the Haitian Revolution; Napoleon's armies had us out-manned and out-gunned, but the Voodoo ceremony that preceded the Haitian Revolution gave our people the 'spiritual' power to take back our land(s). And the Haitian Revolution is famous for being the WORLD'S ONLY SUCCESSFUL SLAVE REVOLT! Look it up!

      Now, have you ever seen a movie that portrayed Voodoo in a positive light? Of course not. And the reason is the one I just gave you; our Black spiritual sciences are what truly empower us, that's why they were taken away from us when we were slaves, and what was given to us by our slave masters was white christian science which is wholly rooted in white supremacy.

      And in regards to how Black men and women are conditioned to hate each other, please look at my next post which will deal with how white fascists send us these self-hating messages disguised as entertainment.

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. wow this entire thread put my mind at ease after getting sucked into Tommy's agenda but this part right here about the black sciences just jolted me out of bed with excitement !!!! please speak more about this I practice lukumi myself. totally agree very interesting elaborate if you could sir or make a whole post about this topic

    3. 'Manuel'...

      If you really want to know more about the 'Black Spiritual Sciences', like Yoruba, Ifa, Voudun/Voodoo, The Orishas, etc.; what they all have in common is the mental technique explained succinctly in this post:

  22. This was great! Like you, at first his charisma got to me but, that doesn't excuse him from blatantly talking reckless about little black girls. That's not a man, that's a coward!

    There's one thing I disagree with you when you explained to a commenter "his audience is mostly black women." That's not true, the commenters on his videos that support him are black men, not black women.

    One video he called a plus sized prom Queen who was a smart teenage girl a fat b*tch with nappy hair and needs to go on a diet, he also targeted the kidnapped Nigerian girls by also calling them b*tches.

    As a parent, I cannot imagine the sadness and grief they are feeling, that they may never see their beautiful daughters again, and there's jerks like Tommy spewing ignorance and hatred about innocent children that were taken from their parents!

    That fool also stated that when a black father finds out his daughter is having consensual sex as an adult, that the black father should shoot his child. He's psycho!

    Tommy also attacked Jill Scott.

    Freemason or not, he seriously has issues against black women calling them beastie and other derogatory names. There was a petition to boycott him but was closed for unknown reasons.

    Sotomayor has daughters to black women and they got tired of his crap and verbal abuse and left him.

    He suffers from the well known Uncle Tom slave mentality. White supremacists know which black men to go after and support their undying hatred for black women AND black men as well.

    Black women are respected in other countries moreso than in America. Black men and women are still considered second class citizens, despite the fact that we were slaves and came up with so many inventions and created empires prior to slavery.

    Black men, that are positive, responsible, great husbands and dads are not getting the credit and respect they deserve, but Tommy Sotomayor gets air time and sponsorship? What does that say about America? It thrives off of hate and chaos, which is immensely rewarded.

    Why do you think other countries of the world looks at black Americans like we're heathens? People like Tommy who constantly gets on video and talks reckless. Yes also stated that white women.should be worshipped again, slave mentality on top of Freemasonry.

    There's black men who aren't Freemasons, but disrespect black women, and just women in general anyway.

    I do not consider Tommy to be a "spokesperson" for the black community, but he's helping to destroy it, knowing full well of his intentions, but doesn't care, just as long as he gets recognition and money.

    Those are valid reasons to hate him.

    One of these days, Tommy's gonna anger someone to the point where they are gonna find him, and give dude an extremely harsh butt kicking of his adult life in which he clearly deserves.

    1. Hello...

      When I said Uncle Tommy's audience is made up of mostly women, I was talking about the people who listen to his radio show; but what I've been trying to emphasize to Black men AND women alike is how Uncle Tom is NOT our biggest problem; the self-hatred that's been conditioned into us is.

      Now, we have to be savvy enough to realize that when a group of people have been taught to hate themselves like the Black Diaspora has, that a white supremacist's message like Unlce Tom's isn't only tolerated, but it's oddly seductive.

      There's evidence of this in the Black Diaspora's self-debasing and deprecating jokes; or how it's implied by us that everything we produce culturally or materialistically is somehow inferior to white standards.

      This is what Black men AND women have got to work on ridding ourselves of; and the only way to do this is through meditative techniques at the subconscious level.

      There's NO NEED TO HATE UNCLE TOMMY 'CAUSE HE'S ALREADY YESTERDAY'S NEWS. What we need to do now is recondition ourselves out of the self-hatred that's torn
      Black men and women apart so we can essentially save the Black 'nuclear' family.

      Thanks for commenting!

  23. Black boys need to address the problems that they share, instead of picking on the weaker sex how about dealing with that man in the mirror. Black boys rather point fingers at others instead of checking themselves. That's the problem and solution. Let us women folk deal with one another, without all the judgemental imposing black male standards being shoved down our throats.... Just my two cents.

    1. Hello...

      Firstly, I think it's a misnomer that women are the 'weaker sex'; this saying is congruent with the edicts of white supremacy. Yeah...even white women had to fight for the right to vote.

      But instead of pointing the finger at young Black men and women, we need to point the finger at the white supremacists and their institutions that have us hating ourselves.

      I remember a friend of mine said he should have bought one of the dilapidated 'row houses' of his former neighborhood in Washington D.C. 'cause now they're literally worth millions due to gentrification...yet another white supremacist initiative.

      And I told him the reason he didn't is because he grew up thinking that they, and his neighborhood filled with his people, had no value. And this was taught to him through the mediums of white fascism (school, movies, music, etc.).

      So what's more imperative than young Black men being taught to address their problems, is the whole of the mature Black Diaspora teaching them to love themselves and how to pluck out the white supremacist mind-state they're mired in.

      Thanks for commenting!

  24. One thing you black men should know. Whenever one of you are killed in the streets by a cop. It's more than just police brutality. It's a form of ritual sacrifice for the demonic entity or egregore that protects and serve the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) This entity is what gets a cop off even if there's video evidence of him committing acts of abuse on your race. A rookie cop does two things when he joins this secret occult within the force. He pays monetary dues and he MUST offer up a human sacrifice. He can use this sacrifice for his own ascension through the ranks or to keep the egregore fed.

    Notice when they kill a black man in the streets they all stand a few yards away and let the dead body lay in the street for awhile, sometimes hours. (think Miss Houston for 4 hours) This is done so the evocation and ritual can be performed and completed by a LHP magickian near by. (yes they are spelled with a K)

    The black man whose heritage comes from ancient Kemet, is said to have a powerful essence from the gods and goddesses themselves, RA. Hathor, Aset Horus, Set – Gods and goddesses that the elite among us reveres. So sacrificing a black man releases a very powerful spiritual energy that when harnesses by the PBA, will go a long way in sustaining the power they have and sustain the dark energy the entity or egregore feeds on.

    So the next time one of you people get killed in the streets, don't go make noiseless noise. Or riot in your own neighborhoods, do what the Haitians, Jamaicans, Hispanics and real African communities do. Go to a practicing Left Hand Path sorcerer and seek his advice. Because there is no way in hell or America, you people will ever win against the PBA alone. The bible which most of you follow even tells you, “ You are not fighting against flesh and blood but principalities of darkness.”
    You might say why I'm telling you people this. It doesn't matter. You have the - “The secret which is to reveal the secret” - So use it wisely.

    1. Anonymous...

      I understand the magic rituals you're talking about 'cause all the rituals white elites use they learned from US!

      The BIGGEST secret of every white secret society is they're ALL practicing the sciences of ancient Black people...period!

      Now, notice how you're saying Haitians, Jamaicans and REAL Africans use these sciences...problem is, Haiti, Jamaica and the majority of Africa are still under white supremacist rule, why is that?

      It's 'cause if Black people, wherever they are in the diaspora, are conditioned to hate themselves and love whitey, they'll harm and hurt each other before they touch a hair on any white man's head.


      This is why I stress meditation at the sub-conscious levels 'cause it's the truest and surest way to attain these goals!

      And as far as hispanics or spanish people are concerned, I don't care about their plight, 'cause they show me time and time again, that they hate us possibly more than white people do.

      Thanks for commenting!

  25. No one expects or is expected nor required to agree with everything Tommy says or does. And yes a lot of the news he show does show Blacks in a very negative way... but a lot of you are no hell bent on making him out to be a liar, thief, or whatever you are missing the point completely. He shows these things because this is how the "world" sees Black people. He shows use these things to get us to open our eyes, to see what we have become.

    Do i agree with everything he says, no of course not but in the end it is just a way to try and get use to better ourselves in not just our own eyes but the eyes of the world.

    All all these asinine theories about White supremacist rule and so on... while I will not deny its existence is the same excuse a lot of Blacks use. When the truth is all over the news and media everyday. And I can prove it with this... during the civil rights movement White supremacist rule was there it was in full force...there is no denying that as it is in the history books and in the news archives.

    However what is different? Notice how Blacks were unified, noticed how Blacks were trying to hold on and life one another up. It didn't matter that Whites were trying to stop-destroy the Black race. Even Dr. King and Malcolm X and different views on the way things should be... but they still only had one goal unity in the Black community. Which is something that is not as prevalent in today's Black community.

    We are so afraid of change, so afraid of bettering ourselves that we come down on each other whenever we have a chance. So afraid that we take from one another by force and destroy each other when things aren't the way we think/feel they should be. We beef for no reason, call each other a sellout when one of us betters ourselves. We get mad an kill each other over material things, when we should be saying something like "I got you brother, we'll lift each other to a higher place."

    What Tommy is doing is showing(sometimes in a harsh way)things like this in an effort to help us open our eyes and make a change to what we are as a people. The White man isn't responsible for everything some of it is our own doing. And instead of trying to make it better we just keep blaming White America and dissing Blacks that try and do better for themselves.

    As far as Black women Tommy has said repeatably this was his experience. If you are not the kind of woman that is is talking/describing then why get mad why all the hate? If you truly are not the kind of woman he is talking about then just move on to the next subject. My thought is this if you are a woman and you don't mind being call a "bitch"(outside the bedroom) or refer to yourself as a bitch... then you aren't much of a real woman anyway.

    Being in the military for many years and working in the public for many years I can say without a doubt that a lot of what Tommy says about women(some women) is absolutely true. I have met women from all over the world many different races and some of them act just as some of the Black women Tommy talks about.

    Though I do agree that sometimes it does sound like he is generalizing, but he has said many times that if you don't act or carry yourself in this way then he is not talking about you. Same goes when he says he doesn't like hanging around with Black people... he may sound like he is again generalizing, but he is talking about the kind of people that are in his news videos.

    If everyone were to open your minds, close your mouths stop the hate you would see good or bad that is all he is trying to do...

    1. First off, I AM A MAN!

      I know the last part of my pseduo-name, 'Mimia', implies the feminine 'cause it ends in 'a'. But that's because 'Mimia' is an acronym, not because I'm trying to portray any kind of gender ambiguity.

      Second, when you make the point that Black/indigenous people were more unified during the 'Civil Rights era', you're correct; but, what you're failing to realize is, this was before integration; or the trick of integration, was played on the Black Diaspora. Understand, white supremacists used integration as a means to get our money into their pockets, 'cause under segregation, in areas like the 'Black Wall Street', we were getting too powerful. So whitey BOMBED the Black Wall Street in 1921.

      Now, my main beef with Tommy is this, he's big on telling us everything that's wrong with the Black Diaspora, but he doesn't offer any tangible solutions to solve our problems.

      He's quick to tell us how Black people don't stick together, how Black women hate Black men and vice-versa, but he never gets around to asking one question: Why?

      And this is CRUCIAL, 'cause if you don't ask this question, genuinely looking for a solution, then what you'll do is perpetuate the very self-hatred you're claiming to want to end in the Black community.

      And he can claim he's only talking about the Black people who act out the pathologies bred into us by white supremacists, but if you say that often enough, you won't be able to discern the whole of the Black Diaspora, from those you say are exhibiting negative behaviors in our community.

      Notice Tommy never talks about the conditioning Black people get to hate themselves and each other, especially in the american school system; he doesn't know or doesn't want to know how the conditioning we get to hate ourselves is TEN TIMES WORSE than any other ethnic group in this world gets.

      And you CAN'T ignore this fact!

      To do that, would keep every Black person mired in the self-hatred Tommy claims he wants to see us get out of!


      Meaning, his white masters have him tasked to keep the Black Diaspora fighting each other...THAT'S HOW HE REALLY MAKES HIS MONEY!!

      So, I hope you can dig where I'm coming from, 'cause believe it or not, we both want the same thing...a unified Black Diaspora, now the way we go about accomplishing this, has to be right on and righteous so we don't wind up doing more harm than good.

  26. Hey, nice post of TS (real name Thomas Harris, lol). Anyway, I'm glad you woke up from TS spell, I could smell that troll from a mile away the minute I came across his first YT years ago.
    YOu came across a bit like a jerk in the beginning, like you're still holding antagonistic views towards Black women. You don't even capitalize the "B" in Black when referring to them (although you do for the men). You softened your rhetoric later, but don't put the onus of the blame on Black women, that is mistake number 1. I could go on a diatribe about how men OF EVERY RACE are the leaders, providers, protectors, etc, but the Black man, and how ONLY Black men blame their women (and children) for the woes of their community. Its ludicrous, I don't like to hear Black men deflect and blame everyone but themselves. You look foolish. But moving on...

    Thanks for this particular post (I haven't peeped the whole blog). I really appreciate the spiritual (freemason) angle to all of this, that is a cult of the devil for sure. And you're so right about how these white supremacist religions (like freemasons) all have their root in Black religions. For the record, virtually ALL ancient religions have their root in BLACK. From the ancient Hebrews, to Buddha to Islam, the origins of these 'religions' were founded by Black people. Black is NOT unique to Africa, the indigenous populations of the ENTIRE planet, to include EUROPE, ASIA and even the AMERICAS (yes, the so-called Native Americans aren't native here, but "Luzia's" people are) are Black peoples of various eye shape, hair and nose type, but they're all heavily melanated people. Just google "Black Chinese" or "Black Arabs", Dravidians, Melanesians, even indigenous Europeans or Native Americans. You'll be shocked.

    1. About my coming off like a jerk in the beginning of this post...I can tell you, when I first heard Uncle Tom's tirades about Black women, I, like a lot of Black men, who feel no one's listening to our perspective on things, was hooked!

      Again, I thought he was a refreshing burst of truthfulness, and he was destined to do great things; and this was a reflection of my mind-state when I first started this blog. Then what I recognized about myself and our diaspora, is, Black men and women have no idea how much we've been conditioned to hate ourselves and each other. Thus, what we usually do is point fingers at one another and stay spittin' mad at ourselves.

      Fortunately, after gaining a bit more 'consciousness', for lack of a better term, I realized, Black men and women have been programmed to stay pitted against one another, but we never get around to pointing any fingers at white supremacists who have put us in these deleterious mental and living conditions.

      So, I started asking myself one main question, and it's one I've dedicated my Blog to answering, and that is: how do we heal the rift between Black men and women? And, are Black men and women so far gone in their conditioned self-hatred, that it's too late for us to change?

      So what I've done is create a personal meditative regimen to change my behavior, and my outlook on myself and the Black Diaspora. And I'm telling every Black person reading this Blog, that this is where we have to go to really get ourselves out of this conditioned mind-state. It's ALL ABOUT RECONDITIONING THE SUBCONSCIOUS!

      Now, what I've noticed is a lot of our people say they'll just pray their self-hatred away; that's another trick being played on us by white supremacists. 'Cause they know prayer may change things, but one thing it DOES NOT change is behavior.

      And we need to remember, not only did we create ALL of the world's religions, but we created ALL OF THE WORLD'S TECHNOLOGIES TOO! And we also need to understand, that the religious practices of christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, etc. that our ancestors practiced, has nothing to do with the white supremacist 'spin' on these religions being practiced today.

      And might I add, you're very perceptive, which is completely refreshing; I look forward to your thoughts on my other posts!

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. we did not create all the worlds religions, black americans went by one spirituality, and that was the most High YAH's word, chrisitiaty's bible IS that word, it was stolen and retaught to us, we are the true Hebrew Israelites, chosen by Yah.

      Other religions were created by the gentiles to control and confuse the masses.
      note that Africans are HAMites,
      Black Americans are Hebrews.

    3. To Anonymous...'we did not create the world's religions'...

      Let me make this emphatically clear...we may not have created every single religion under the sun, but ALL THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS WERE CREATED FROM OUR BLACK SPIRITUAL SCIENCES!


      You are right, in so much as, the world's religions, and the WHITE SUPREMACIST SPIN on them, were created to control the world's Black people. And I don't care about what happens to brown people, 'cause truth be told, they probably hate us just as much or more than whites do.

      But again, the Black Diaspora needs to be able to make a clear distinction between the Black Spiritual Sciences and religion; in so much as, our spiritual sciences empower us and religions are meant to keep us divided.

      We also need to know that King James was a raging homosexual.

      Again, once we can use our melanated minds to know the difference between our ancestor's righteous Spiritual Sciences, and white supremacist religions, then we can truly say we are 'conscious'.

  27. Thanks -- I'm in the "Lowly Nature..." thread right now. Have to admit, I'm a bit giddy to see a brother finally open his eyes about how these women are co-creators of so-called white supremacy, and pawns to neutralize the Black community, via Black men. It worked with the Moors (Othello, etc), same isht different era. Anyway, I'll be sure to comment, I like such blogs (tee-hee)!

  28. I don't like that you decided to question him when he started bashing the whole black collective as a whole, and not when he was bashing black women and telling black men not to procreate with them, that overall was anti black.

    BUT at least you woke up to his stupid shinanigans. he IS a mason and has a job, its too bad many black men and black women (who are usually married) are falling into his bullshit.

  29. You know, how to put an end to the self-hatred is simple. I didn't say it would be easy. But it is simple. Stop hating ANYONE. Calling him "Uncle Tommy" is cute, just shy of clever, but it is in the service of feeding your ego and encouraging those who hate Tommy to go on hating him. Unless we stop hating EVERYONE, our entire life becomes defined by what we cannot stand in others (and, eventually, cannot stand in ourselves).

    There's a old psychiatrist's joke I'm commandeering in service of the greater good: How many gods does it take to change a light bulb? Only one God...but the light bulb has to really WANT to change.

    For the "huh" among you, YOU are the light bulb. But do you want to change? There is a real pleasure in knowing that your argument is morally superior, especially if you may be, or feel yourself, intellectually inferior to the person to whom you're making the argument. There are people who take license with that, and they have to stop it.

    Stopping hate is easy. It takes energy to hate. Don't expend your energy in that fashion. It's not about struggling to contain rage, it's about refusing to generate rage in the first place, and taking the energy you would have taken to express that rage in doing something. Learn something. Teach something. Improve yourself. Help someone else who needs help, to improve themself. You were not put on this earth to be a crack head, a pimp, a gangsta or a ho. Stop it. You're better than that.

    What to do? Anything you want to. If it can help a bunch of people, you might make a living just doing it. You are limited far more by your doubts about yourself than anyone else keeping you down. But while you imagine what you can transform your life into, here are 10 Commandments to God's chosen people. You might want to stay within the parameters while designing your new, wonderful life.

    Thou shalt have no other gods before Me--there is only one God.
    Don't make anything to represent Me--because your focus and worship are diverted.
    Don't take My Name in vain-- do not invoke the power of God's Name for base reasons.
    Remember the Sabbeth--you must take time to reflect on what you have done.
    Honor thy father and thy mother--live your life in a way that brings honor on parents.
    Don't murder--killing may be necessary, but unnecessary killing is not.
    Don't commit adultery-- to drive a wedge between man and woman is destructive.
    Don't steal--taking from others magnifies loathing and hatred, fuck the stuff.
    Don't lie--you are dismissed when you can't discuss reality.
    Don't covet--don't lower yourself to wanting someone ELSE'S shit. Get your OWN!

  30. Missed mentioning. If you insert yourself, or something else in place of God--good luck to you...I think you're going to need pretty broad shoulders. The God I worship is wide, and His love is deep.

    1. It's always refreshing to read a post from a person who can clearly articulate their thoughts via the written word. And I'm getting more and more of these kinds of comments lately, which is a good sign. But with all due respect to completely missed the point of my post.

      Firstly, where in this post did I say, I HATE Tommy Sotomayor?

      Hating someone, means you have an emotional connection to the person's diatribes or persona. And I clearly DON'T. I don't think about Uncle Tom outside of these posts, and in several of my other posts about him, I say to everyone reading my Blog, that he's NOT OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM, HE'S ONLY A SYMPTOM OF IT!

      You say, that there's a 'real pleasure' in knowing my argument(s) about Uncle Tom, are 'morally superior'; and you imply that I may feel 'intellectually inferior' to him. Please! Right off the bat, I can tell you that 'academics' relish being 'intellectually superior' to other people, but what they don't realize, is that has nothing to do with how 'smart' a person actually is. A lot of university professors, and their students, couldn't discern the difference between being 'educated' and 'smart'. Academics think they're obsessing over theory makes them 'smarter', and nothing could be further from the truth. So you can keep your 'intellectual prowess', I'd rather be able to make good decisions under pressure, which is the truest definition of being 'smart'. So ponder commandeering this fact, for your own 'greater good'.

      In regards to your christian diatribe, I'm a recovering christian myself, and I can tell you that the god you worship is 'white'; and his love is narrow.

      So, I don't follow the edicts of white supremacist religions anymore, I've given them up to follow my ancestor's 'Black Spiritual Sciences'. See, white fascists gave us their impotent religions that were grafted from my ancestor's spiritual sciences, so we'd be less powerful. And while you're busy obsessing over these 'commandments', you should look over the '42 Laws of Ma'at', 'cause it's there you'll see where the majority of these commandments came from.

      And here's a scripture that speaks to the fascist and domineering nature of white supremacist christianity: Ephesians 6:5-9: 5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 6 Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. 7 Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, 8 because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.

      Now, I want to single out one of these passages: 7 Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people. Now, doesn't this contradict the first 'commandment' saying: 'You shall have no gods before me'?

      Not to mention that 'King James', the guy who authorized one of the most popular interpretations of the bible, was a raging homosexual. And your bible is completely against this lifestyle.

      So, I think you outta' read this post again, 'cause there are some fundamental things you missed about my intent.

      Thanks for commenting!

  31. Truth hurts and we don't want to believe it. Sorry It's not Tommy's fault.

    1. If you beLIEve in Uncle Tom's 'truth'; I feel sorriest for you.

  32. The truth is YOU are the problem not Tommy Sotomayor. How can one uplift his people, if his people are holding each other down.

    Courtesy of Nigg Newton

    1. You're either one of two things:

      One, a pale-skinned degenerate, piece of trailer trash, that didn't like Black people before you heard (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor...

      or two, you're a buck-dancin', boot-lickin, head-scratchin', grinnin', white kiss ass of a negro, who believes everything white fascists taught you about yourself...

      either way, you don't deserve my response.

      But if you look at my current post, It'll answer your question.

  33. chastity prejeanJuly 12, 2015 at 4:50 PM

    What the hell is wrong with you people. Even if he is in the society, what does it matter. It DOES NOT CHANGE HIS MESSAGE EITHER WAY. And if this is all you have, then you have just wasted alot of time that you could of done something productive with. And # 33 is #33...that's it. It's a damn number. .. and in some videos he's ranting and upset and I can promise you, he's not worrying about his hands..people you need to be helping people instead of ranting about tommy. Because yall all know he is NOT SAYING ANYTHING THAT'S NOT TRUE. While you took the time to post this crap, 10 people could of been murdered and you are just worried about 1 MAN..HOW DARE YOU JUDGE SOMEONE FOR WHAT HE'S NOT INSTEAD OF WHAT HE IS.

    1. 'Chastity'...

      Firstly, you're failing to realize this post is two years old.

      I've completely moved on from thinking about (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor.

      Now, let me ask you a question: why are you still thinking about him?

      Why are you so emotionally involved in my two year-old opinion of Uncle Tom, that you'd post a comment that was this passionate, saying I shouldn't worry about him. I'm not, but it seems like you still feel a need to defend what he's saying?

      Why is that?

      Two years ago, I was just elucidating the fact that Tom is a self-hating Black man, who happens to be a white supremacist freemason...that's it.

      Now, you're opinion of whether the rhetoric he's spewing is true or not is of no consequence to me; you're just a narrow-minded person who believes what this white fascist system wants you to. And that's your prerogative.

      But one of the great things about this Blog is, if you don't like what's on it, you can leave and never come back...see how simple that is?

      So long!

  34. I dont see my comment so I will post again lol I am afrolatina and when I think about Tommy is that he is another iluminaty puppet

  35. The way how this people is following and the way he spur hate is not normal is like there is a satanic force using him, every time black community seems to start getting it together this supremasist do something just like Moses times

    1. Gracias por tu comentario para ambos; tu ingles es muy mejor que mi espanol!

  36. Hi Mont,

    I accidentally stumbled across one of Uncle Tommy's videos a few hours ago, and decided to peruse his channel a little, thinking he was an activist. I couldn't stop laughing as I was reading the titles of his videos. I kept thinking to myself, "People take this kid seriously??(can't bring myself to call him a man, even though he's probably 2 decades my senior.)" AND THEY DO! What on earth? Granted, it's a small number in the grand scheme of things, but still.

    I had to google "who is tommy sotawhatever" to get a better idea of who he is and what he does. Luckily for me this was one of the first links that popped up. Good God, what a pathetic life he lives. My sincerest thanks for taking time out to write this. He has the creepiest gaze I've ever seen, and if I were religious I'd probably believe he sold his soul. He speaks with a purpose; a sickeningly obvious motive, and he's damn good at it. I don't think I've ever felt so DISTURBED watching even the most racist man go on a rant. How does he sleep at night? It's disgusting.

    I'm not really angry, just confused. I didn't even know he existed until now, and within the span of maybe 20 minutes I unfortunately discover his dozens (if not hundreds) of videos dissecting and degrading bw- exclusively- for what appears to be a prodominately white and black male audience... Why? I don't even know any bw with most of the "undesirable" characteristics he Drones on about, yet his entire audience talks about bw as if they are just one organism. One giant problem, that is, will be, and has always been the bane of blacks. I can understand why many black men (yourself included) may have initially been attracted to his message, but I don't understand why more of his followers haven't grown tired of his bigoted bleating and unveiled hatred for the type of woman that gave him life.

    There is so much going on in the black community right now and we need unity more than anything. I feel like things will be coming to a head soon.. Very soon. And I hope he finds a nice comfortable hole to hide in when it does. I won't be watching any more of his videos or feeding into his views, I hope others that disapprove of him begin to do the same instead of checking up on him, which I know can be tempting when you're bored. Black women do not need this clowns approval. Sorry for typos, it's 3am and I'm using my phone.

    Thanks for reading, just spilling my thoughts.

    1. 'Sleepyhead'...

      The most disturbing comments I seem to continually get from Black people who disapprove of 'Uncle' Tommy's message is, 'I DON'T LIKE HIM, BUT I CAN'T STOP WATCHING HIM'.

      I created another post titled, 'Do you have a Tommy Sotomayor addiction?'; cause this seems to be the case with his fans and naysayers alike.

      Now, what I'm hoping people get out of my Tommy Sotomayor posts, is the fact that Uncle Tom IS NOT our Diaspora's biggest problem. The white fascist conditioning that's been bred into every Black person and that spawned Tommy's mindset is.

      The reason Uncle Tom's reasoning is so seductive to our Diaspora, is the same reason white fascism is so alluring to us as well; and that reason is, there's very little thinking involved in abiding by and imbibing in so-called white supremacy.

      Understand, every Black person, living in america at least, has been conditioned to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them since they've started walking. So what's easiest to do is just 'go along to get along'. Beyond this white fascism does have it's perks; if you 'get with the program' and complete decades of schooling, especially schooling at collegiate levels, where you get even more conditioning to hate yourself, your degrees will pretty much guarantee you a certain level of financial stability and/or security that everyone's seeking.
      The only price to pay for Black men and women doing this, is that we'll be kept hating ourselves for the rest of our lives.

      And the majority of our Diaspora don't wanna' invest the time and effort needed to change their damaged perception of themselves, or their people at subconscious levels...again, they'd rather 'go along to get along'. And this doesn't just pertain to Black people, but people in general.

      The reason I've decided I'm not gonna' do this is, I've seen what the tenets of white fascism have done not only to my own family, but my people as well.

      So me going about the work to change my perception of myself and my people, may be a bit more personally motivated than the average person's.

      But I'm hoping beyond hope that the majority of us will take the road less traveled, so to speak, so we can remember how much of a blessing it is to be born into a Black body...and I'm hoping my Blog will do something, anything to contribute to that cause.

      Thanks for this comment, it's always refreshing to hear from someone with an excellent command of the language...I hope you like the other posts you see here, and I hope you comment again soon!

  37. It is so refreshing to just finally hear that someone else thinks the same way that I have for so long about Tommy Sotomayor - SELF HATRED FOR ONE'S SELF AND A DEGRADING HIS RACE ! At first I could not put my finger on it, but every time I would hear this guy...something was always unsettling within my soul - every time!! As a black female, it saddens me to see that Black men degrade or bring us down, period. Yes, our race, JUST AS MANY OTHER RACES, have work to do.

    A lot of things are just HUMAN NATURE, horrible things that happen are not always race related. The thing is some races cover up all of the bad that happens and don't let is out. Black are often frustrated from not only issues with slavery, but deeper issues. HERITAGE (we've been stripped of) CULTURE (consistently torn down by other besides ourselves). Some of the loudest, most aggressive, vindictive and malicious women that I've ever met...believe it or not, were white and or Asian - in my experience. I was once even told by a white women, no one cared if she got "out of line" because she was white!!!! WOW and that no matter what, someone would ALWAYS come to her rescue!...WOW!!!!! Is she telling the truth?????????????????????

    Some issues lie within in black men and other men as to many issues with women also. NO, NOT BASHING. Please thoroughly research before bringing up down and let's look at the ENTIRE PROBLEM!!!!!

    A lot to times of many blogs, rants and other outlets people are one-sided and don't like to talk about everything. LET'S TALK ABOUT THE ENTIRE ISSUE - culture, heritage, molestation, rape, gay, domestice violence, self-hatred, issues we've caused with our race but don't want to admit. If you've have a bad experience with someone and not in a good place with them..try to help...if not - leave. Sometimes it takes people time to heal and they may not, but don't put down the entire race because of it!!!!!!!!! I had a friend who was raped by her step dad and a friend by her own father - both black!!! I still love my black father, grandfathers, black male cousins, black male friends, black child, black husband and many other BLACK MEN - LOVE!

    I don't let some of one thing stop me from loving my black men...wouldn't you do the same?????? p.s. - some of the problems that we have, other races have as well, so be careful before injecting venom. AND...other races uses these against us. SMH. Please be careful before you tear your own race down and allow other to build an empire on top of us. Even our culture is used in other races...but they don't tell you. For now - over and out.

  38. To the reply right above mine, i hear you. As a black male, yes, i've had several bad experiences with black females and white ones and latinas. I am happily married to a black female, so believe me, i love my black women. I never thought for a minute to hate my beautiful black women. Yeah dudes can be jerks and women can be bad toward us too :))) Nah, human nature is ended true. it can be tough at time, but don't let that stop you, or us ;)

    1. To the top two responses above this one...

      What I wanna' stress more than anything is how (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor isn't our people's biggest problem, the self-hatred he was taught by white fascists is!

      This is what created Uncle Tom and ALL of the dysfunction in the Black Diaspora!

      Now, our job is to realize that we've been conditioned to hate ourselves more than any other ethnic group on the planet, 'cause we have the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence, and take that knowledge to help us re-condition ourselves out of this mass self-loathing.


      Once we realize this, we can start healing the rifts between ourselves, and start the process of building back our unity.

      Thank you both for commenting!

  39. Ok, so maybe Tommy has an agenda he's running. Aigh. Cool. That doesn't make what he say's about us any less true. Well, some of what he says I should say. Actually, how about a healthy percentage of what he says.

    "But what about white folks? Look at the shit THEY do!"

    That's a very common, typical, and extremely predictable comment most black folks use as an attempt to deflect the spotlight off of ourselves, while shifting the blame onto others. Lets be real. We LOVE playing the victim role. We do. It's the truth. We're wallow in it. We're very comfortable in it. It provides us with endless excuses to avoid doing the right thing in life all too often. It enables us to employ such a strong "fuck it" attitude and avoid personal accountability in life. Yea, I said it. Personal accountability, something the black community shuns. Integrity is something else we shun.

    We shun integrity, but love love love playing the consummate victim. Lack of integrity is when black folks call other black folks an Uncle Tom for speaking the truth. One way to avoid being labeled an 'Uncle Tom' is to embrace deception and dishonesty about ourselves and keep perping the same bullshit we been perping for decades. You know, that shit that has no progress in it? Yea. That.

    So the best formula is to continue doing what we been doing, because clearly THAT formula works! Nothing is our own fault whatsoever. Not. A. Damn. Thing! It's mighty whiteys fault. All. Of. IT! Lets keep raising our young black children to believe that we may as well not even try because we'll never get ahead because we're victims and nothing more! And definetly make sure we raise our black female children to understand they have TWO strikes against them so dont even try!

    1. This sounds like a typical pro white response, the only reason blacks keep talking about what happening is because still can they move on if there still genozide, injustice, racist media, savotage, and a discrimitative system against them?

      Now white supremacists use the "you are playing the victim card" to justify they acts and make blacks feekl guilty for wanting what any human being deserves.

      Why would blacks should struggle to get somewhere in US?

      I don't know about you but I don't want to raise my children thinking that
      discrimitation, being killed by cops, prosecuted and racist media are
      their fault and that they should bow down to massa and working harder to
      get what is granted to whites...

    2. 'Tanya'...

      Thanks for the righteous response to this anglophile's rhetoric!

      I'll just corroborate what you're saying, in so much as white fascists wanna' shoot our children down like dogs, gentrify us right out of our neighborhoods, create myriad biological weapons in labs (AIDS, EBOLA), and run every kind of initiative they can to get rid of Black folk...but if we call them on it, we're 'wallowing in victimization'...PLEASE!

      When this anglophilic jerk's people start being killed off like ours are, I'd like to see how they don't wanna' blame the people who are actually committing those crimes against them.

      Why doesn't this person talk about white gay men playing the victim, even though they have the white privilege?

      This is more of that 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' non-sense...which is easy to say when you have inherited wealth, or more access to resources because of your skin-color!

      Thanks for commenting!

    3. No, thank you for enlighting us so much! I love checking this people, you know I believe most of them are whites pretending to be black...

      And your Spanish was great by the way :)

  40. I love how you make the claim that black people built the pyramids of Egypt. The great pyramids were built by Egyptians using mass amounts of Hebrew slaves. Under your logic, that would mean the African black race have been slave drivers for a few thousand years?! People from Egypt are considered arabic, not black. Thinking that all people from Africa are black is just as ignorant as saying all people from America are white. Black people laying claim to the pyramids is as ignorant as saying the Japanese built the great wall of China. Nice try on taking credit for something your race had nothing to do with. Also I enjoy you taking pop shots at the Freemasons in general. Do you even realize how much their organization donates to help terminally ill and crippled children of ALL races? How much does your organization do to help anyone but those of your own liberal agenda? Of course you don't, because you are blinded by ignorance and exposed by arrogance.

    1. Alright, this one's gonna' be easy *rubbing hands together*

      First off, Judaism is a religion that started in Africa...AND Isreal is IN AFRICA.

      Isreal is on Africa's tectonic plate.

      Look these facts up!

      Now, you and every other anglophilic scholar thinks that northern Africans are arabic...wrong again, they're considered dark-skinned 'asians', and the reason they have straight hair, is 'cause of all the ethnic mixing that went on when whites came into that part of Africa. These dark skinned 'asians' in Africa ARE NOT and DO NOT represent Africa's most ancient Black people.

      Now, if Judaism started in Africa, then who are the real hebrews?

      See, white so-called 'scholars' want people thinking that ancient Black people, my people, had nothing to do with the building of the pyramids 'cause they think Black people could never create those kinds of feats of ingenuity.

      So what I suggest you do, is some of your own research so you can stop drinking the dumb-founded kool-aid of white fascists. 'Cause the only one really blinded by ignorance, IS YOU!

  41. Tommy is just a counter weight. If you watch his program and have some intelligence there are easy step progressive black men can take. Stop dating are having sex with women that did not have a father in the home. Women that have kids by multiple men. Women having kids out of wedlock. The message is a simple one. Learn or get burned. His message is not just limited to the black women. Brothers need to face facts too.

    1. What you're not taking into consideration is BOTH Black men and women have been taught to hate themselves and each other. And they both act this out accordingly.

      I can't tell you how many 'conscious' Black women I've encountered, who were conditioned to hate Black men and didn't know it. Then, they'd turn around and wonder why they couldn't find a 'good' Black man. And, I've known brothas who were 'semi-conscious' anglophiles, who swore up and down that they wanted to be with a Black woman, thinking all along that there were none worth their time.

      What you need to do is stop pointing the finger at Black men and asking what's wrong with us, and ask yourself, and your Black women friends, if they really want to be with a good Black man in the first place.

      Then all of us will see our dating endeavors becoming more successful.

  42. He brings up the answers all the time. Stop killing eachother in ghettos, get the f____ out and do some thing with your life and women stop having "Babydaddies" to live off of child support while letting the kids wait 10 days before a diaper change so later they can sell drugs to bring you crack and meth because Welfare isn't retirement. Can't seem to get the Democratic party to send that message though.

    1. 'O.D.C.A.Y.'...

      First off, the majority of the people on welfare in this country are white, and it's been that way for decades...go look this fact up!

      Second, the majority of teenage girls getting pregnant, are young white girls...go look this fact up!

      And third, the majority of people dealing every kind of drug in america, are white people...again, go look this fact up!

      Problem with you brainless inbreds, is you've spent so much time living in trailer parks, eating fried bologna sandwiches and having sex with your siblings, that you think this is everyone's reality.

      If you'd stop wearing overalls and shower once in a while, you'd be accepted by more educated people outside the swamps of Kentucky. My hope for you is that one day you'll realize there's a whole world beyond your barn doors that you've never been exposed to.

  43. Brother I am so glad you posted this.

    I have a roommate who lives, eat and breathes this man. He wakes up and listens to him, goes to bed and listens to him, on his lunch break he listens to him....24/7 this man listens to what this man rants about.

    I myself tried to listen to him on numerous occassions. There are something he says that i agree with. I stopped listening when I realized this man is fueled by hatred. He hates himself, and he hates his mother and he really hates black women, but has no problem sucking a black women....i guess he is ultimate SIMP....but i dont wonna throw shade. He appears to me to have text book NPD/Borderline Personality disorder. With the level of influence he has, he could reach so many people and do so much good with his mouth...but he is literally murdering the black community.

    He is an agent of destruction for the blk race. Thats why i stopped allowing the filth he rants on about to pollute my good nature.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    1. What's so disturbing to me about 'Uncle' Tom and his minions is the majority of people who claim not to be able to stand this man, often say they can't stop watching him.

      Now, this speaks volumes about the white-fascist induced self-hatred of the Black psyche.

      People need to realize that Uncle Tom isn't the Black Diaspora's biggest problem, our collective self-hatred is. And once we pluck that out of our psyche, we can think like clear-headed hue-man beings again, and tune Uncle Tom out for good.

      Thanks for commenting!

  44. Good to read because I have watched Tommys video's as well and he says some rude horrible stuff. I am black and white (Like Tommy some may say i'm not black than white people obviously dont think im white BUT with this my father told me never to call myself a mulattoe. He said im not so as i'ved grown older i've learned more but it sucks. I agree with you about Tommy but I suppose its more of a rant because it's hard growing up 'thinking' you're just like everyone else but in both circles some people dont want to accept me because of this. I used to 'hate' white people but being white than I also hated myself. I was born in Colorado but grew up in New Hampshire which is where I dealt with all of this bigotry and racism is in New England. Its not easy to get out of and I obviously want to help anyone of any 'race' but I really am I trying to get out of calling myself under these classes made but White Supremacy. I would like to call myself a human being instead of dividing everyone which some people love to see and at times one way or another even profit off of it.

    1. First off, scores of commenters accuse me of hating white people, but one thing I know emphatically is, any hatred(s) anyone indulges in, are ultimately gonna' result in some sort of 'self-hatred' you found out. So kudos to you for learning that lesson early.

      Second, instead of calling yourself a 'mulatto' or a 'human being', it's important that you definitively pick an ethnic group to identify yourself with. Now, whichever one you pick is up to you, but this alleviates the schism in your psyche that can lead to you feeling like you have a 'multiple personality disorder'.

      If you choose to identify yourself as African-american, then you'll find it easier to fall into a social circle of like-minded people, ditto if you choose to identify yourself as 'white'. Life is short and hard. So don't put yourself under any more undue stresses trying to PLEASE EVERYONE.

      Just go about the work of pleasing yourself. 'Cause ultimately, that's who you have to live with.

      Thanks for commenting!

  45. I don't take him to seriously. Just silly. I do think a handful of people run earth, but they don't care about most white people either. Just other wealthy people. If you notice problems begin happening to black people, but they wind up to whites also(school shootings, drugs, gangs) mark my words cops will be shooting unarmed white people in the future. There are traps out there but you don't have to fall in them.

    1. 'Bobby'...

      When white cops start shooting white people like they shoot down and choke out Black men, then I'll heed your advice.

      Thanks for commenting!

  46. Im two, almost three years late to your post but it still resonates! Just stumbled across TS a few months ago - never gave his videos any views but I did read some of the things on his Facebook page. I'm a believer in the elite as well so that was my first thought that this is their work - I found some other theories about him online but yours is awesome too! I cant believe it - there is no way in halibut that this man is serious - they had to have put him through some kind of weird-twisted-ritual-spirit-breaking stuff to get him to say the things that he does...or perhaps money talks (I hope that it's the former so that he at least has an excuse.) But what I really wanted to say thank you for your post and for speaking out against him and for some of the other eye-opening information that you posted. Peace and Love :)

  47. The problem with the world is that it is petty and dysfunctional. It's common for someone to be affiliated with the Illuminati in order to gain fame in a dark world. The way to mend the world is to have balanced respect towards each other instead of comparing and placing blame on anything to justify reactions and feelings. He's nothing more than a destructive distraction claiming to help by spreading truth and helping the enemy do it with those subliminal messages and ways of speaking on topics. But we as humanity need to learn to have compassion, understanding and forgiveness for one another even if the next person doesn't.

  48. I find it interesting how you didn't have a problem when he was putting down Black women, but took exception when he started including men as well. Doesn't feel good when you're the one being berated too. My question is why does it take Sotomayor turning against Black men, for the men to realize that this man is not your savior?

    1. 'petty'...

      I'm sure when you hear one of your Black woman friends talk about the negative traits of Black men, on some level you can relate, and you more than likely will/can expound on your own experiences with said Black men.

      Now, if you heard this same woman friend go off on not only one or two Black men, but ALL BLACK MEN in general, then ALL Black people in general, I hope you'd be able to distance yourself from this person, knowing that on some level, this person doesn't like themselves for being Black.

      That's what my experience listening to Uncle Tommy was like.

      Sure, I've run into several Black women with bad attitudes, and I can expound on my experiences with them. But at the time, Uncle Tom was the only outlet I saw for brothas who wanted a voice for what they/we were experiencing with a lot of Black women.

      But when he started going off on ALL Black women, and All Black men...and eventually ALL BLACK PEOPLE, I saw who he really was, and stopped listening to him post haste.

      And you have to remember, in the eighties and nineties, Black women more than regularly dissed Black men whenever they got the chance.

      So on some level, I hope you can relate to what I'm saying...and furthermore, Uncle Tom is NOT MY SAVIOR...that's why I NO LONGER LISTEN TO HIM!

  49. I've never read a thread in which so much ignorance and racism was displayed without shame.

    1. 'Tim'...

      Go to the '' website, and compare my Blog to that. Afterwards, I think you'll see which web-space has the biggest number of bigots.

  50. I'm mixed, Tommy's comments have bothered me, too. It's the way he constantly presents all black folks as being a problem, but he's the only 'good' black person out there. Stating he won't do business with black folks is Ludacris. I like the information you put out there, find it interesting. I knew he was affiliated with Rush before, that honestly bothered me knowing how hateful that man is, and knowing he truly views dark skin folks as a plague.

  51. so the question is: is there anyone out there making the observations that Tommy makes, but with a redemptive instead of divisive point of view?

    in the years since this post we have seen the inflammation of the culture that Tommy describes, paired with a severely inflamed and debilitating grievance culture.

    1. 'Unknown'...

      Check out Tariq Nasheed. He's strikes the balance that I think you're looking for.

  52. All this talk of the number 33 and the pyramid concoctions is so far-fetched and is troubling to read. My grandfather was a Freemason, and his service consisted ONLY of doing wonderful, charitable deeds for his fellowman of all colors. I witnessed him myself doing such deeds. And no, he wasn't racist, and he also was a God-fearing man who showed his faith everyday of his life. There was nothing about hate and racism within his group. His service was nothing like you and all those others who talk about the Freemasons want others to believe they are, as if they are an evilly rampant group. His group and all the men in his organization were based on brotherhood, love of God, and good will toward all mankind. I saw how he practiced it proudly everyday of his life.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      I don't have a problem with freemasonry.

      I understand, as should you, that freemasonry is comprised of the sciences my ancient Black ancestors created to rule over this world with. So these technologies have an over-riding benevolence woven into them.

      The problem I have is with the 'white fascist' spin on these sciences...that's what makes them insidiously evil.

      So people have to be able to make a distinction between Freemasonry and 'white fascist' freemasonry, cause they serve two entirely different agendas.

      Now, white fascist freemasonry and the tenets therein, only work to serve the agenda of so-called white supremacy.

      And these kinds of freemasonic fraternities are the ones who made Tom Sotomayor a star, and made him hate himself and everyone who looks like him for being Black. Whether he knows it or not.

      So being that this is what Uncle Tom really represents, I'm against him and his views. And it's the tenets of the fraternities he belongs to that I'm railing against in this post and on this Blog.

  53. This is a very enlightening article. I must say though that I understand Tommy's Agenda and for those who say he doesn't offer any solutions to what he says he hates about Black Women and the Black Community I beg to differ. The solution is quite clear. We as Black people should take heed of what he speaks about. Look at ourselves in the mirror and if we don't like what we see we must make the change from within. That's the problem with the Black community, we have been so conditioned as a people to look to others for the answer to our question when the answer has always been right in front of our faces. Not all, but a very large portion of the Black community readily co-signs and accepts the bullcrap that goes on in the community waiting for some savior to come rescue them. We have to save ourselves by first taken an honest look in the mirror and acknowledging our shortcomings then make an honest effort to change. #IamKenJackson #CrazybabyTV

    1. 'Ken'...

      I am in no way saying that the Black Diaspora doesn't have a responsibility to resolve the dysfunction(s) in our community.

      I'm saying that we need to realize the reason we are so dysfunctional is because we get taught to hate ourselves more than anyone else on the planet, due to the fact that we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.


      Problem is, neither Tommy or the majority of our people know this.

      And in the paradigm or Black self-hatred, we refuse to recognize the people who threw us into this dysfunction.

      Before you solve a problem you have to see it first. And until we can tie all the problems of our communities back to the white fascism that created it, we'll never have a real chance at resolving these issues.

      Furthermore, Tommy is being paid by white fascists, and he has no idea how much he hates himself and his people for being Black. No matter how much he tries to hide or deny it.

  54. "EVERY secret society (especially when you talk about freemasons) is practicing the sciences of ancient Black people...that's their BIGGEST secret! "

    Yes and no, the Occult sciences stem from Ancient Babylon ("Mystery Babylon", which currently exists as the Vatican) so really they're practising ancient Arabic/Jewish sciences, which later spread into Africa as seen in Egypt.

    You're also forgetting that pyramids are not unique to Africa, so to say that it's "black imagery" is a bit of a stretch lol

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      If you do some research you'll find that the ancient 'Babylonians' were Black people, just like the ancient Jews.

      So these sciences didn't 'spread' to ancient African/indigenous people, we are the ones who created them...and now your people wanna' claim them as yours.

      But your right, there are also pyramids in South America, asia and all over the world...that's cause ancient Black people were the first people on every continent of this world AND WE BUILT THEM!

      Your overwhelming ignorance to me is beyond a bit of a stretch!

  55. YOur seriously claiming he is Illuminati? Did you not also claim that the BS Soros backed SJW's that he speaks out against is also Illuminati? You can't have your whack job BS both ways fool!

    1. 'Frank'...

      When did you hear me say that Uncle Tom was in the 'illuminati'?

      I said he was a freemason.

      There's a difference.

      The illuminati is comprised of 13 families that are bound by blood ties. Tommy Sotomayor is NOT one of those. He's just working towards their agenda.

      Now as far as 'Soros' and the 'SJW's'...I have no idea what you're talking about.

  56. Very clever observations! You make some pretty valid arguments. I wouldn't doubt it if your theory were correct. I liked the first video I watched by Tommy, but I quickly started noticing him saying highly illogical stuff. The more videos of his I watched, the more I transitioned from being entertained to being offended. When I respectfully challenged his opinions in the comment section of a video he instantly blocked me from commenting on all his videos. I've never been blocked by anybody before, so, I googled his name out of curiosity and here I am. What a thin skinned little girl he is to censor everybody who challenges his beliefs. Bullies are always truly weak individuals underneath their brash demeanor. It's really unfortunate that so many individuals among the black community in this country are being influenced by Tommy's evil agenda.

  57. Did you seriously delete my post?

    Look dude you may not want to believe it but Freemasons are NOT white they are a Jewish group with Jewish interests and Jewish goals. Whatever else is said that much is 100% true.

    You're free to believe whatever you want about the pyramids and Egypt though I am curious how you could say that blacks are both Jews and Egyptians since one group enslaved the other...? Whatever it's besides the point.

    Jewish elites, ie Freemasons, ie Zionists, have been working to subvert our cultures and play us against one another for years. Even Farrakhan said so.

    So I'm asking- Do you want to turn a blind eye to what is really going on and believe in some surface level mystical mambo jumbo that you can't do anything about or do you want to grasp the REALITY of the situation, no matter how ugly it may be and no matter how much you may have to change what you think you know ?

    Delete my post again if you want. It'll just confirm my suspicions that this place is just a honeypot shilling factory.

  58. Do you seriously believe that "Freemasons" are try to "turn black men against white women"? If black men don't want black women, then what is left? White women.

    So you seriously believe a group, whom you believe to be racist fascist white supremacists, are actively trying to turn your men against your women in favor of mating with THEIR OWN WOMEN while they are, as you yourself say, already suffering from declining birth rates? What kind of sense does that make? I'm not saying it's not true, I just think you are very wrong about who, exactly, is perpetrating this conspiracy and whom is ultimately supposed to target.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      First off, I'm thinking the person who made the comment on 4/27/16 @ 12:35 A.M. is the same one who made this comment, so I'll address them both here.

      Right off the bat, I don't know whether or not I 'erased' your previous comment, as you can see, I have more than just one post to attend to. But if I did, it was because you presented some type of half-baked argument.

      Second, let's get it straight, the fascists I'm referring to here are white people who practice the religion of JUDAISM. Cause once again, JUDAISM IS A RELIGION, IT IS NOT AN ETHNICITY. NO ONE IS BORN JEWISH. SO I COULD BE A JEW IF I WANTED TO.


      A white person owning and operating an institution that's hell-bent on destroying my people MAY NOT PRACTICE THE RELIGION OF JUDAISM!

      Besides the fact that half of the white people who call themselves jews shouldn't cause they don't practice that religion.

      Third, if you do the research, you'll find out that both the original jews and Egyptians were ancient Black people. The Kabbalah is the Black spiritual science that spawned judaism and the very term 'jew' comes from the ancient Black diety 'Djehuty'. Also, isreal is in AFRICA! isreal lies on Africa's tectonic plate. Again, do the research and see this for yourself.

      white people want you to believe that ancient Black people enslaved ancient white people (so-called jews), so whites can claim that they built the pyramids. But those pyramids were old long before any white 'hebrew' existed.

      Fourth, white fascists are campaigning to have Black men mate with white women so the offspring they produce will have less of the genetic power that 'pure-bred' Black men do to breed whites out of existence.

      This is evident in the pairings of Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones, the TV pairing of Kelly Ripa and Mike Strahan, etc.

      Once again, you have to look beyond superficial levels 'cause the game white fascists are playing is chess not checkers.

  59. "Turn black men against black women"***

  60. have invested so much time and emotion into this sotomeyer guy, it's like a girlfriend you say you got over and haven't..

    1. This post is 3 years old. In case you haven't noticed.

  61. Thank you for the truth. You will never learn about the real world in school..

  62. No offense intended, but when it comes to Freemasonry, you simply don't know what you're talking about. You can choose to believe me or not (I don't really care), but as a Master Mason, Past Master of two different Lodges, 32nd-Degree in the Scottish Rite, Mark Master in the York Rite, etc., I do know something about Masonry.

    Bur first: if you think that Sotomayor is a Mason, why not just ask him? Any Mason who is asked, will be happy to admit it, if he's asked, because he will be proud of being part of the world's oldest fraternal order, which has included so many good men and accomplished so much that's positive.

    Second, you showed a photo of "T.J. Jakes" and wrote "This is a freemasonic gesture saying this person will stay in his place and not stray from the mission of their white fascist handlers."

    Nope, that's NOT a Masonic "gesture"; we don't have anything like that. There is no "gesture" of a man with his hands clasped like that, that's used in Masonry. A similar myth exists about depictions of men with their right hand tucked inside their jacket's fly; it's not a Masonic gesture either.

    Next, you claim "the middle picture of my header has Tommy's hands forming a 'pyramid' shape. This is definitely one of white fascism's favorite symbols, a la the back of the american dollar bill."

    I have no idea what you're on about there. Do you have any evidence that making a pyramid shape with your hands is "one of 'white facsism's favorite symbols'"? It's certainly nothing to do with Freemasonry. Neither is the Great Seal of the United States, on the back of the dollar bill.

    "...a player with a '33' on his back was constantly being displayed on the screen. Well, this again points back to
    white fascist freemasonry. There are 33 degrees of this kind of freemasonry and masons love displaying this number in all forms of media."

    ...aaaaand you'd be mistaken about that too. Can you cite any examples of actual 33rd-Degree Masons "displaying this number in all forms of media"? I doubt it. Indeed, it would be considered un-Masonic to do so, since the 33rd Degree is an honorary degree, and humility is expected in return for the honor.

    Take a look at the images of the most famous 33rd-Degree Masons there have been, which were intended for public publication -- Harry Truman, Burl Ives, Ernest Borgnine, Gene Autry, Will Rogers, Roy Rogers, Danny Thomas, Bob Dole, Jimmy Doolittle, John Glenn, Arnold Palmer, John Philip Sousa, Norman Vincent Peale -- show me any photos of them displaying their 33rd-Degree status in public and I'll be impressed. I doubt you can.

    "EVERY secret society (especially when you talk about freemasons) is practicing the sciences of ancient Black people...that's their BIGGEST secret!"

    It's such an amazing "secret" that even Freemasons haven't even heard of it! Sorry, but you could not be more mistaken. Freemasons have historically had little interest in Ancient Egypt or "black sciences" (whatever those might be). We don't "practice *any* sciences". We use architecture for its allegorical value, and the oldest myth we use is that of the building of King Solomon's Temple, which was allegedly built around 1,000BCE, long after the heyday of Ancient Egypt, and a continent away.

    You wrote "Now, I don't want anyone reading this to take my word for anything...PLEASE GO RESEARCH THESE FACTS!"

    I would say that's EXCELLENT advice. And I hope you follow it as well, although I would caution against confusing conspiracy sites run by non-Masons with valid sources of research. There's plenty of good resources out there to gain an understanding of what Masonry is, and teaches. None of it is too difficult to grasp, and none of it is conspiratorial, much less evil.

    1. 'Clicker'...

      First off, Isreal lies on the tectonic plate of Africa, so Israelis are actually Africans who don't wanna' admit what and who they really are.

      Second, one of the greatest secrets about King Solomon, who built the first 'Hebrew' temple, is that he WAS an ancient Black man. Who do you think created the ancient sciences of the Kabbalah which spawned Judaism, it was ancient Black people.

      Third, NO religion started in Europe. Not one.

      Fourth, look up the world's first university, it was called the 'Sankore Madrasah'. And guess where it was located? Timbuktu, Africa. And this is where ALL the arts and ALL the world's sciences were created. Up to and including freemasonry.

      Problem with you is, you've gotten all your information from white people, who think they've created everything. So let me say, it's not only important to research facts, but you need to consider the source of these facts.

      And no where in this article did I say that freemasonry was inherently evil, I said it was the WHITE FASCIST SPIN on these sciences that make Tommy Sotomayor's brand of freemasonry evil.

      So go sell that white fascist fake-out stuff somewhere else, I''m all stocked up here.

    2. Congratulations! NOT ONE of the things you claimed, is factual!

      1. Israel does NOT "lie on the tectonic plate of Africa"; it is, in fact, a rift valley between the African Plate and the Arabian Plate. ( ).

      2. You have zero evidence that Solomon was black. ZERO. The only accounts of his existence are from the Tanakh, and according to it, he was Semitic, having descended directly from the mythical (but Levantine) Adam and Eve.

      Furthermore, there is no archaeological evidence to support the existence of "Solomon's Temple", so again -- all you have to base your claim on is your distortion of someone else's folklore.

      3. If "ancient Black people" created the Kabbalah, why are its earliest texts all in Hebrew, a Levantine invention? Where is the traditional use of Hebrew practiced in Africa today? Where is traditional practice of Kabbalah in Africa today? NOWHERE.

      4. "No religion started in Europe"? You have just proved your utter ignorance.
      How 'bout the Ancient Greek pantheon and religion, and the later Roman inflections of it? How 'bout the various Celtic religions, some of which are still practiced today? How 'bout Finnish, Norse, Germanic and Baltic Paganism? Never heard of Thor, eh?

      5. "The world's first university...was called Sankore Madrash"

      BULLSHIT. Here you go:
      To wit: "By the end of Mansa Musa's reign (early 14th century CE), the Sankoré Masjid had been converted into a fully staffed Madrassa". So, it was in use by no earlier than 1300. And even then -- it may have escaped your notice, but a madrassa is an ISLAMIC school, i.e., it was an Arabic system that was exported from the Levant, along with the rest of Islam. NOT African.

      The Wiki also states "It was not a university in the modern sense. There was no central organization or formal course of study. Each student chose a teacher, and instruction took place in mosque courtyards or private residences. The primary focus was on study of the Quran and Islamic subjects, but more academic subjects were also taught..."

      And your Sankore Madrash closed in 1593, after less than 300 years.

      Compare that with the University of Bologna, which was founded in 1088, and is STILL FUNCTIONING.
      University of Paris: 1150-present
      Oxford University: 1167-present
      In fact, the European Universities of Modena, Palancia, Cambridge, Salamanca, Montpellier, Padua, Toulouse, Orleans, Siena, Northampton and Coimbra were ALL founded before your "university" in Timbuktu was, and they are all still very much in business.

      "And this is where ALL the arts and ALL the world's sciences were created. Up to and including freemasonry."

      Good grief. Yeah -- "ALL the arts and...sciences" that have been conspicuously absent from Africa until they were introduced by Europeans in the 18th/19th century. In much of Africa, they didn't even know of the existence of the wheel until the 19th century.

      And as for Freemasonry being created in Africa -- you've just proved that you know NOTHING about the history of Freemasonry, given that its origins were in Scotland and it adopted and spread through the European stonemasons' guild system. And it's clearly news to you, but Freemasonry is neither an art NOR a science; it's a philosophical system.

      ALL you have are wild claims, with zero evidence to back them up. Where is your contemporary documentation for any of these claims? YOU HAVE NONE. Perhaps that's because not only was there no printed matter in Africa until it was introduced by Europeans (since printing was invented by the Chinese and moveable type by the Germans), but there was also no orthography (system of written text) in use in much of Africa until likewise introduced from elsewhere.

    3. 'clicker'...

      1. If you look right above the 'rift valley' in Egypt, you'll see a land mass that CLEARLY is connected to Israel. Now, I know white jews don't wanna' be associated with Africa, but that's just the hard truth. Again, go check a map.

      2. You say Solomon was 'Semitic' and a descendant from the 'mythical' Adam and Eve, well your own scientists have proven that the first man and woman on this planet came from the African 'Adam and Eve' is where Solomon comes from.

      3. The Medu Netcher, the world's first language that originated in Africa, predates Hebrew by centuries, at least, and just like in the Medu Netcher, vowels tend to be taken out of words in Hebrew. And you ask where is the traditional Kabbalah practiced in Africa today...that's easy, it's practiced in ISRAEL, cause again, that country is in AFRICA.

      4. Gnosticism which was a Black spiritual science spawned Christianity. Sufism, another Black spiritual science spawned Islam. Why do you think that all around Europe, and the Pope is included in this, they're worshiping the 'Black Madonna'? What you don't understand is my people are centuries older than yours and are at the genesis of ALL THE ARTS AND SCIENCES.

      5. But you were right about one thing, the Sankore Madrasah ISN'T the world's oldest university. That's cause there's two African universities that are indeed older than that...first there's the 'University of Al-Karaouine in Fes, Morocco-859 AD and the Al-Azhar University in Egypt-972 AD. So much for europe.

      Now, those same ancient African universities that predate your people, are where freemasonry was taught. And it's where your people got it from. These were spiritual systems that ALSO included architecture and philosophy.

      Finally, you say there's no 'printed' material in ancient Africa? What do you think the writings on the walls of Kemet (Egypt) were? Understand, ALL the ancient information europeans, asians, australians, or whoever else brought to the modern world, is information they got from the EARTH'S ORIGINAL PEOPLE...AFRICAN/BLACK PEOPLE.

      Now, if you don't want to admit that, that's one thing, but just like your own scientists have proven, these are facts a rational mind can't deny. That's provided that you have a rational mind, and not a bigoted one.