Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor...

It was a popular blog I followed that first introduced me to Tommy Sotomayor's radio program. Shortly thereafter, I discovered his several hundred YouTube channels, and overnight I became a fan of this man's message.

Now, regardless of whatever you might think of Mr. Sotomayor, you can't deny the man has a certain charisma separating him from his peers. He's articulate, funny, quick-witted and exceedingly charming. Even his enemies seem to respect his message. I myself became enraptured in his rants about black women, and felt like, finally, a brotha really is taking black women to task about their hyper-belligerent attitudes. I reveled in his diatribes about black women being oversexed, obese, foul-mouthed, hair-hatted (euphemism for wearing weaves), condescending, abrasive, tactless, classless, being women who bare STDs and have predilections for producing children out of wedlock, being women who are power-drinkers and generally being women who lack any kind of verbal filter around Black men. But after a couple of months of tuning into his videos and radio shows faithfully, I began noticing a disturbing pattern...

I began to hear him say things about Black people universally, that made me take pause, and I noticed the only other kinds of videos he produced besides his 'rants' were the ones where he featured negative behavior in the Black diaspora. He'd have disturbing vids about Black youths killing law enforcement officers over 'Air Jordan' sneakers and Black people killing each other over pieces of chicken, etc. Then I began listening to his diatribes about Black people a little more closely, and what I heard was even more disturbing. Here are some of the quotes coming from Mr. Sotomayor's various rants:

"That's why I don't like hanging around Black people..."

"That's why I won't do any business with Black people; don't ask me, 'cause I WON'T..."

"That's why Black people haven't created anything lately..."

"We're the SIMPson's...Black men are the son of simps..."

There are other negative quotes he's made about his own people but you get the gist of his message. He then went on to extol the virtues of Rush Limbaugh and bragged about how Rush gave him his first job (?). Now this is what Tommy claims and I can't confirm or deny this, but it's weird how this brotha seems to always defend overt or covert white bigots like Sarah Silverman and Paula Deen. 

I also noticed Tommy's vids almost always show Black people in various states of being battered. A lot of his vids have photos of brothas who've been bludgeoned or black women who are engaged in fist fights. 

Still, I was impressed with his ability to get sponsors like Coca-Cola to back his show. I didn't know how someone I've barely heard of could acquire this kind of high level sponsorship, but I shrugged my shoulders and said more power to him. 

Tommy's now on some kind of state to state radio tour in the u.s. and has been staying in various three and four star hotels. At one of his stops, the general manager of the Hyatt Regency even gave him a tour of one of their master suites and said he could stay there on his next visit. Again, I said okay, looks like the brothas doin' the damn thing. It wasn't until I saw Tommy produce a video in front of a TV screen with a basketball game playing in the background, that I noticed something odd. I don't know if the game was live, but one player with the number '33' on his back was prominently displayed several times on the TV behind Tommy. I'll tell you why that's significant in a second.  

A few weeks after I got sick and tired of Tommy doggin' out Black people is when I decided to write this post. And while I was putting together this post's pictured header, I really took a good look at its photos, then it hit me...Tommy's a damn freemason! Now I know what you're're like, not another tale about secret hand shakes and the illuminati. But what gave him away were the hand gestures he's making in my header's triptych. 

Notice how the first picture in my header shows
Tommy's clasped hands one over the other? Just like in the T.D. Jakes (Snakes) picture to the right. Well, T.D.'s also a mason. This is a freemasonic gesture saying this person will stay in his place and not stray from the mission of their white fascist handlers. 

Also, the middle picture of my header has Tommy's hands forming a 'pyramid' shape. This is definitely one of white fascism's favorite symbols, a la the back of the american dollar bill.

Now earlier, I recounted watching Tommy make one of his ranting vids in front of a TV screen showing a basketball game. And I told you how odd it was that a player with a '33' on his back was constantly being displayed on the screen. Well, this again points back to
white fascist freemasonry. There are 33 degrees of this kind of freemasonry and masons love displaying this number in all forms of media. And on buttons like the one to the right. Coincidentally, the number 33 corresponds to the 33 vertebrae in the spine leading up to what's known as the 'Pineal Gland', this supposedly is where a person's 'consciousness' is kept. Sad part about this is, what Tommy's been taught by his white benefactors in the freemasons are actually the sciences of his Black ancestors...and he doesn't know it. Why do you think they pick ancient Black symbols like pyramids to represent themselves? EVERY secret society (especially when you talk about freemasons) is practicing the sciences of ancient Black people...that's their BIGGEST secret! 

Now, I don't want anyone reading this to take my word for anything...PLEASE GO RESEARCH THESE FACTS! But this answers the question of why and how this brotha got these major sponsorships, how he's able to keep nearly a hundred YouTube channels going at once and how he's able to get the GM of the Hyatt Regency to give him a private tour of master suites, when he's only a half-celebrity. Tommy's got a whole machine behind him!    

This also answers the question as to why he so obsessively puts down black women. The MAIN tenet of the willie lynch letter (if you don't know what this is, google it) is that white supremacists MUST work on and through the black woman to keep Black people apart. So as white supremacists work to keep black women hating Black men, Tommy has the reverse agenda. He's been sent by the white elites to distance Black men from our women by going on a complete smear campaign against them. By making sure black women maintain a bad reputation, he's insuring that Black men want nothing to do with them in the future.

Tommy Sotomayor is nothing but a white fascist in Black face.  

It's important that the Black diaspora see Tommy for what he is! 'Cause while Black men and women continue to bicker and argue amongst each other, we're being gentrified right out of our neighborhoods. Go visit Harlem, Compton, Watts, Nickerson Gardens, Chicago's south side, the poorest areas of Brooklyn New York, etc. and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

And notice Tommy says he's always trying to help the Black community, but he never brings up or answers this one do we heal the rift between Black men and women?

So the next time you come across one of Tommy's insipid videos and wanna' tune in, remember what he's been tasked to do...and tune out!



Friday, June 21, 2013

Why is the latest Superman wearing a darker "suit"?

I remember my parents taking me to a theater in my pre-teens to watch Christopher Reeves play Superman in 1978 (Superman in background). Gawking at the image of Chris Reeves flying through the air on the silver screen and seeing this flick in one of those grand old movie theaters was nothing short of mesmerizing.

Fast forward a couple of decades later, now, it's Henry Cavill (Superman in foreground) who's filling the red boots and blue 'suit' of Superman. Difference is, being a reformed anglophile, I have no interest in seeing any more europeans playing the part of superheros. (Coincidentally, the word 'hero' comes from an ancient Black deity named 'Heru'; this is where the Christian religion got the archetype for Jesus Christ. Heru was the son of Ausar...Jesus is the sun of God...look it up and check the similarity!) So, there's no chance I'm gonna' lay down any money to see this flick, hell, I'm not even gonna' rent it. But one thing I have noticed is this...Superman is looking a little different nowadays. I've noticed the darker 'threads' he's donning while he's saving the free world. Now, I wonder what's up with that? Let's look at this a little deeper...

Ever notice the big letter 'S' on Superman's chest has an
odd design pattern or font? Especially it's first movie incarnation, circa 1978. If you look right, at the bottom half of the superman logo, you'll see what looks like a rounded 'head' at the bottom left of the letter 'S'. At the upper right-hand corner, you'll see what looks like a tail at the letter's end. Makes the 'S' kinda' look like a snake or some sort of serpent, don't it? That's 'cause it IS. Not only is the letter 'S' meant to evoke thoughts of a snake or serpent-like creature, but the 'spit curl' in Superman's hair (Chris Reeves circa 1978) is also suppose to represent a snake, or a serpent.

But why?

Welp, let's take a departure from Superman's mythological origins, and look into the origins of ancient Black people for the answer.

Let's start with the legend of the 'Nagas'. Who are they you ask? They were an ancient Black tribe who ruled asia, and one of the main deities in their spiritual sciences was a 'snake' or 'serpent God' (like the one pictured to the right called the 'Naga Kanya'). This is how the Japanese city of 'Naga-saki' got its name. The word 'Naga' actually means divine and 'saki' means snake, so this is literally the divine snake or serpent. Remember how Jim Morrison of the Doors would call himself the 'Lizard King'? That feeds into this too. Because, unbeknownst to most, Black men created Rock and Roll (Google Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Muddy Waters and Little Richard). Also, another part of my Black ancestors spiritual sciences was the concept of 'Kundalini'. Now one of the spiritual representations of Kundalini energy is a snake, this especially pertains to the energy's way of 'snaking' up ones spine, and through the 'Chakra' systems of the body.

The illustration below is an example of Kundalini's
energies making their way up the spinal column in a 'snake-like' manner. And...the chinese have actually dubbed 2013 as 'The year of the BLACK SNAKE'. Google it if ya' don't believe me. 

Coincidence? Hmmmm...

The source of Superman's power is the ancient 'Black' snake, that's what's making him invulnerable. I can hear you guys huffin' and hawin' already, saying, "That's a crock!". Okay, then let's look at Superman's new blue 'suit'.
Notice from this blog post's header, that Superman's blue suit goes from being a sky or almost aqua blue, to it's latest 2013 incarnation, which is nearly a navy, or cobalt blue. I remember back in the day when a dark skinned brotha would come into a room and leave, a lot of Black folks would say he's so Black, he's 'blue'. Or they'd wax philosophic about 'blue-Black' skin. Now if you remember James Cameron's movie 'Avatar', the Na'vi (Navy Blue? Dark blue?) were also 'blue' beings. But what were their facial features like? They had broad, wide noses and braids. Hint, hint. The 'Na'vi' are suppose to be Black people. Just like this incarnation of Superman's darker suit is suppose to represent Black skin, and it's also telling the world another thing...


I can really hear the hisses and boos now! LOL!

Need some more proof? Okay, bet...since we're looking into ancient mythologies, whether they be Superman's or the Black man's, let's look into another ancient mythological Black man...let's take a gander at the legend of 'John Henry'.  

Now, let's compare myths:

1. John Henry was a 'steel-driving' man...and Superman is the man of 'steel'.

2. John Henry beat the powerful locomotive-driven drill while pounding through miles of rock to bore a tunnel...Superman is more powerful than a locomotive. 

3. Shaquile O'neal, the basketball superstar, was in a movie called 'Steel', and what was his character's REAL name? JOHN HENRY 'Irons'.

Besides this fact, another ancient Black deity of my ancestor's spiritual sciences is one named 'Ogun'. He's a netjer/god of war and weaponry. He is and was the original 'Black-smith' and 'IRON MAN' (another super-heru/hero reference). Coincidentally, his name is where we get the word 'gun' from. You see how this all comes back to Black people? 

Also, the fact that Black men can create every other type of man, while none of them can create one of HIM, makes him/us far superior to any of the earth's other men. Why do you think white men smoke cigars, or Black phallus' (which they really represent) to feel and look powerful. They know that the Black phallus rules over all others, genetically. 

Now with Superman's darker suit the message is clear... BLACK MAN, YOU ARE THE WORLD'S LIVING SUPERMAN. And the time to reclaim your rightful throne is NOW. And you don't have to take my word for it, Hollywood is letting you know who and what you are. 

I love being a BLACK MAN!



You can check out the trailer for Superman: The man of steel 'here'.

Professor A.C.E of 'the big head scientist' YouTube channel made an incredible video about the movie 'Avatar'. Check out this superb vid about the 'Na'vi' beings and how their blue skin is meant to represent Black/Nubian peoples of our Diaspora here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why every sane Black person should boycott 'The Butler'...

'The Help'...or 'Driving Miss Daisy 2'?

From the sell-outs who brought us nightmarish cinema fare like 'Precious', comes the latest installment of regressive negro theater...ladies and gents, I give you (and you can surely take this piece of junk), 'The Butler'.

Here's a short synopsis of this fractured cinematic fiasco: 'The Butler' is based on the true story of Eugene Allen; an African-American man who served eight presidents as a white house butler over the course of three decades. From the Civil Rights movement to the Vietnam war, Eugene sees the epic changes of the times as he serves mint julips to his pale-skinned benefactors, and we get a glimpse of how these events change the lives of him and his family. This movie has a star-studded cast which includes the likes of: Oprah Winfrey, Lenny Kravitz, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jane Fonda, Terrance Howard, Coleman Domingo and Forest Whitaker as Eugene Allen. Ah yes...we won't drink the poisoned Kool-Aid if it ain't sweet. 

Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey, the dastardly homosexual duo, are at their old tricks again. 

I'm not going to build to a climax with this post, I'm just gonna' let my feelings flow. 

Lee and Oprah put this piece of crap out 'cause they're both white supremacist freemasons who are tasked with instilling in Black people that we shouldn't be too proud to have a Black president. Have you noticed 'The Help' and this movie were put out during both of Obama's terms? Just like that nonsensical crap TV show 'Scandal'. The Butler's movie poster (to the right) is meant to evoke the image of Obama as nothing but a servant. White elites are saying he'll never be as legitimate as any white president is or was. Also, seeing this image is supposed to reinforce the message that we Black folks shouldn't get too full of ourselves; and we sure as hell shouldn't ever contemplate out-thinking our white supremacist supervisors, bosses, land-lords, corporate stalwarts, politicians, etc. 

As a pre-teen, I watched the TV mini-series 'Roots', and unbeknownst to me, the same crap was happening. Because Black people were becoming too upwardly mobile, we had to be humbled and made to feel inferior and subhuman; so what better way to do that than to show our people being tortured and made to work for free. 

When films like 'Shaft', 'The spook who sat by the door' and 'Sweet sweetback's badass song' came out and showed Black men literally beating the hell out of white cops, soldiers, klansmen, etc., they got the Black bourgeoisie to label these films 'Black exploitation' with the expressed purpose of ending the genre. 'Cause again, we couldn't have tales of Black men fighting white supremacists and their institutions...and winning. Even a film like 'Superfly' had the drug-dealing protagonist 'Priest' beating up white cops and riding off in his Cadillac. (Love that ending, LOL!) It's the same reason we learn nothing about our real history in school with the exception of, again, slavery and Martin Luther King. 

Black people need to be kept loving their white oppressors and hating themselves. That's the real story being served up in 'The Butler'. 

So if you're a thinking and at all 'conscious' Black person, or even if you fancy yourself one, let's send 'Hollywierd' a message by boycotting 'The Butler'. We need to let white elites know we're tired of these highly-priced, cavalcade of stars coon shows; so we should stay waaay the hell away from this film. 

And by voting down this piece of garbage film, we can serve these white fascists and their lackeys some of our own brand of justice, piping hot and on a silver platter.    



If you'd like to see a trailer for this cinematic piece of crap, you can check it out here. Also, check out how YouTube already has their negro provocateurs out to support the film, and how they just happen to have the highest rated comments. Unreal.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Why spanish people don't like Black americans...

"There's no doubt that Mexican men and women - full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work - are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."
--Vincente Fox, Former president of Mexico

For the uninitiated, former president of mexico, Vincente Fox, is the perplexed looking man at the center of this blog's pictured header. He made this statement on May 15th, 2005. He then recanted and called Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as a means of reconciling his dumb-founded quote. 

What Fox intimates with this statement, is his beliefs about mexicans enjoying an exalted status above Black people in america; even though the stats prove Black americans are clearly doing better socio-economically than their mexican-american peers. Now, originally, I was going to title this post 'Why spanish americans don't like Black americans...', but with statements like this from the mexican president, and what I've heard from dominicans, puerto ricans, peruvians, colombians, etc., this sentiment is shared in nearly every predominately spanish speaking country. 

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the man pictured on the Time magazine cover. He's a leading member of the Republican party and a staunch conservative. Now, this man is constantly serving two masters, on one hand, he's a leading Republican who falls in line with the Repub. rank and file; on the other, his party is in direct opposition to immigration reforms that could help a lot of his people become full-fledged citizens. 

So he's constantly flip-flopping on that issue; but ultimately, he'll do whatever keeps him in the good graces of the party. Even to the detriment of his people. 

I remember recently, how Republican congressman Don Young called spanish people 'wetbacks' in a broadcast radio show. When the media asked Marco what he thought about Don's statement, he said this: "I'm concentrating on the Easter comment."

And that's yet another example of spanish people always bending to the will of whites, even when it hurts them. 

Another instance of this happening is when an all-white California motorcycle gang called the 'Mongols', recruited spanish people into their ranks to help them fight a war they had with the hells angels. What wound up happening is the spanish faction of the group ultimately didn't conform to some of the Mongols standards, and they wound up in a war with these bigoted white bikers. I've also heard how spanish prison gangs have teamed up with the aryan nation to fight against Black prison gangs. It seems they'll do whatever is necessary to affiliate themselves with white factions who at some point show how much they hate spaniards.  

In conjunction to this, I have a relative who recently moved next door to some spanish people. When she first moved in, she waved hello to them and they looked at her like she was crazy. One other time, she was hanging curtains at a window that faced their house, one spaniard saw her and immediately turned back towards his house, slamming the door shut behind him. 

I also recall a time when I used to frequent a big bodega; and I remember the spanish people who owned it swore up and down that it was a full-fledged supermarket. Not only were their prices twice the average for everything, but they were constantly rude, crass and had snippy attitudes because they were in a Black neighborhood. So much so, that residents of the neighborhood robbed them; and I can't say I blame them. I even had to curse out someone in the store because of their attitude.

The above incident then got me thinking about the time I saw George Lopez on TV and he proudly announced that Black people weren't allowed in his house as a youngster. I wondered how many white people came to visit his family? I'd wager not a one. 

Then I thought about how the 'Original Kings of Comedy' tour, documented by Spike Lee, got copied by George Lopez and his spanish friends when they put out the 'latin kings of comedy' tour and DVD. Now why is George copying anything to do with Black people's culture when he's so proud that we weren't allowed in his house? I've seen this time and time again with spanish people; they'll talk, dance, sing and wear the fashions of Black people, but they still can't stand Black people. Weird, huh? 

But here's my point in saying all this; the REAL reason spanish people don't like Black americans is...we remind them THEY'RE NOT WHITE. See, spanish people have a 'non-white' complex they'll never admit to. 

While they take about their national pride, they always want to prove to the world that they can be more european than europeans; especially around Black people. Even though western whites exploit the hell out of them in this country. I remember one day a spanish person openly said around me: "I'm not Black, I'm not Black; I'm orange and white that's why I'm alright." Then I told him: "You should join the Klan...they'll show you how white you are." 

And some Black people may suffer from this delusion, until they get their Black wake up call and find out who they really are. But the overwhelming majority of us don't need the wake up call; nothing's more apparent to us than who we are. We know we'll never be white, and someone like myself is glad not to be. But time and again, I see spanish people go along with whatever white people tell them to do, again, completely to their detriment; all in the name of claiming some sort of elusive white status. And even when they get their 'wake up call', they ignore it and keep to their 'wish-to-be-white' ways.

All in all, I have to say this about anglophilic spanish people: IT'S GOTTA' SUCK TO THINK YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO BEING WHITE, AND KNOWING YOU NEVER WILL BE. Black people aren't this deluded, and we're all the better for it. 

So whenever I hear comments from white conservatives like congressman Don Young, and see spanish people's lack of outrage towards it, it proves to me how willing they are to be prideless in the face of white bigotry. And any ethnic group who conforms to this philosophy, deserves whatever they get in the future. 



Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Teabaggers don't deserve tax exemptions...

On Wednesday, May 15th of this year, Steven Miller, the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, resigned from his position due to what the media is calling an 'inappropriate scrutiny' of the american teabagger party. Conservatives feel this scandal is bigger than Nixon's Watergate crimes and is a highly impeachable offense. Now...I wonder why anyone would think they had to unfairly scrutinize the teabaggers? After all, it's their first amendment right to be highly scrutinizing of this government themselves; and seeing as they want to reform the ills of this particular presidential administration, I think they're within their rights to use their influence to have whole states secede from this government. (Mind you, the number of states filing for succession under the Obama administration is now at 21) So why would the IRS have any issue with the innocuous teabaggers? Let's take a look at one reason among many:

On April 19th, 2010, The teabagger party held a gun rally nearly eight miles away from the White House. These fundamentalists literally had high powered assault rifles slung over their shoulder as a means to clarify their message. In the above right sided picture, you can see one of these teabagging nuts looking directly at the Washington Monument, that's how close they were to the White House. And their message seemed to be...'restoration' is coming. Restoration of what you might ask? Well, if you listen to their story, it's the restoration of the american government which is being taken over by communist/socialist forces meaning to undermine the sanctity of their constitiutional rights, ala the second amendment. They say they're worried about martial law being instituted and their access to guns and ammunition being restricted. 

A side note: while the teabaggers are worried about martial law being instituted, recently it was in Brooklyn, NY behind a sixteen year old Black young man named Kimani Gray being shot to death by white cops. The community revolts following the incident were the cause of Flatbush, Brooklyn being put under martial law and the media being 'frozen out' so no one could hear about the abuses the community's citizens were suffering. Kimani Gray's sister was actually arrested for protesting her brother's murder, and it was revealed that the cops who shot Kimani all have pending lawsuits against them because of civil rights violations. 

Interspersed with the teabaggers were an assortment of militia groups saying they too feel their civil rights are being infringed upon due to recent gun control measures. But let's get down to brass tacks--these militia groups along with the teabaggers are nothing but gun-toting bigots who are mad at the fact that a Black man is sitting in the White House. This has nothing to do with constitutional rights or law...hell, half these people can't even define socialism. It turns my stomach to think a government official lost their job because he was unfairly 'scrutinizing' a damn terrorist group in this country. That's what they are! They're nothing but un-hooded klansmen/women. I remember when the Black Panthers marched into Sacramento, California's City Hall brandishing guns. Remember what happened to them? If not, here's a little reminder: there was a law created called the 'Panther Law' stating you couldn't bring guns into or around any government offiice, moreover, it said the Panther's no longer had a right to carry guns, period. And I don't have to tell you what J. Edgar Hoover did after this incident; if ya' don't know, he instituted the Cointelpro initiatives that got nearly everyone of them killed. And teabaggers are worried about improper scrutiny from the IRS?!

Please! *facepalm*

They should be glad Obama didn't dispatch the FBI, CIA, or whatever lettered organization you could name, to take 'em out Hoover style.   

And now they want welfare in the form of tax exemptions?! It's bad enough that the majority of people on welfare in this country look like them; these people don't need any more hand-outs! If ya' wanna' be a bigot in this country, that's your right; but it doesn't entitle you to tax breaks. Imagine the Black Panthers asking this government for a tax exemption status! (LOL!) Again, these people have been sniffing gun polish too long!

So in closing I'll say this, not only shouldn't these people be complaining about IRS scrutiny when they're holding gun rallies literally miles away from the White House, but they shouldn't have the temerity to ask for government hand-outs either. Oh, and let's see what we can do about getting Steve Miller his job back! This man should definitely be reinstated since the teabaggers have shown themselves to be a domestic terrorist group without any scruples whatsoever. 

'Til next time,

Ma'at Hotep (Peace and Justice) 

You can read more about the crooked cops who shot sixteen year old Kimani Gray here.