Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why I no longer listen to David Carroll...

When I was an ardent fan of (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor's, I'd always hear rumblings about this guy named David Carroll; and how he too was an advocate for Black men.

So one day I decided to check out his YouTube channel.

What I initially heard were his rants about black women and how they were so deleterious to a Black man's life and state of well being. 

He'd wax philosophic about how Black men should avoid black women at all costs, and he told numerous tales of how he counseled younger Black men on these exact points.   

But then I experienced a bout of deja vu; in that, David began talking disparagingly about Black people on the whole...just like Uncle Tommy Sotomayor does. 

Firstly, David would start his rants by toking on a large cigar...which is nothing but a facsimile of a Black phallus. 

If David were a deep thinker, like he fancies himself to be, he'd know that white men smoke cigars because consciously or subconsciously, they know that a Black man's penis has the genetic power to literally breed them out of existence. 

And they smoke these Black phallus' to look powerful..or at least as genetically powerful as Black men. 

Coincidentally, this is where the stereotype of Black men having bigger penises comes from; it has nothing to do with physical size, this stereotype is making reference to a Black man's genetic power to create every other kind of man, while none of them can create one of him. 

*Side Note: For any Black christians out there, the concept of mary's 'immaculate conception' is actually making reference to Black people as well. Beyond the fact that mary's miraculous virgin birth was just a fable, the 'real' immaculate conception in ancient Africa was the birth of a healthy Black baby. 

Because no other person on the planet could produce a Black baby except for a Black man and woman. Once again, this speaks to our power to create every other kind of person while none of them can create one of us. 

But back to David...when I'd watch one of his videos, after he puffed on his insipid cigar, I'd hear him say things like: "Black people don't have the capacity to think critically..." 

And from there, he'd expound on that point. 

Also, anyone who see his vids will notice how he has a vinyl album of a Martin Luther King jr. speech hung upside down. 

In my header's triptych, you'll also see the last picture of Dave has that record AND one of Obama's campaign signs hanging upside down. 

This is suppose to show how much he despises ignorant Black people, but what it's really showing is how he feels emotionally wrong, or how internally, he feels his world's been turned upside down for being born Black. 

In one other instance, someone commented on his YouTube channel, that he must despise himself for being Black if he's got such a low opinion of Black people. To which he replied: "Who said I was Black?"

After about a week, I stopped my visits to his channel. 

At one time, I held a bit of animosity for him and people like Uncle Tommy Sotomayor; but now, I feel sorry for them. 

Because it must suck to want to be white so badly, knowing you never will be. 

People like Dave and Tom will never realize the blessing it is to have been born a Black man. 

Again, any Black man who doesn't recognize that he's got the power to create every other type of man, while none of them can create him, is doing himself a grave disservice. 

Black men should be honored to have been born into the majestic, regal and powerful body of a Black man. And this is not hyperbole; consciously or subconsciously, white supremacists know how powerful we are, that's why they've declared an outright war against us. 

But all Tommy and Dave can see are the 'cons' of being born a Black man. They've forsaken the rose for its thorns. 

And what really kills me about Tom and Dave is they'll swear up and down that they're advocates for Black men. These guys feel they have all the answers for the Black diaspora and every Black person should heed their message. 

One thing I've recognized though that I didn't before, is Tommy and Dave genuinely don't know how much they hate themselves for being Black. 

Several years ago, I knew an attractive Black woman who would exclaim to me: "I don't know why I don't have a man...even the ugly women have men, so why don't I?"

Problem was, she had no idea how much she was conditioned to hate Black men. 

I'd seen her get into relationships with Black men she genuinely liked, and after a couple of weeks, she'd tell them some of the most insulting things in the world; and they'd eventually leave. And she genuinely had no idea she was doing this. 

I liken this to what Tommy and Dave are doing. 

When people tell them they're self-hating Black men, they look at these people like they're crazy; because again, they genuinely can't see what they're doing. 

This is what I mean when I say the real battlefield is the subconscious mind. 'Cause that's where Black people have to go to recondition themselves out of this self-hatred. 

This is work people. There's no shortcuts to this and there's no easy fix for this. 

Mind you, we've spent nearly 18 years in this country's school system learning to hate ourselves; that's not gonna' be resolved overnight. 

And I'm including myself in this too.

I've taken on a meditative regimen to recondition myself out of my own prejudices against my people. So I'm not just pointing fingers. 

But, if you invest the time to do this, your life will be so much more fulfilling; you'll never again have that deep internal sense of feeling like your wrong in this world. And you'll experience a whole new self-attractiveness that you hadn't before; also, you'll see your people for what they are...and that's the most attractive people on this earth.  

So for all of you who are still stuck on Uncle Tommy's and Dave's self-hating messages, you need to look deeper into yourself and ask why you're a fan of these Black men who clearly wish they were white. 

Then you could truly see them for what they are; miserable, self-loathing men who are hurriedly on a path to one place...



MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I never heard of David Carroll either. Good thing I don't Good Blog

    1. Hi Patsy...

      This guy is yet another stooge in what I'm calling the 'Black-faced, white supremacist movement' most notably led by Uncle Tommy Sotomayor.

      He and others like YouTube's 'The Black authority' are doing the Klan's work for them.

      Either that, or they're such brainwashed anglophiles, that they don't know what it is they're really doing.

      In either case, I'm just giving independent minded Black folks a head's up about these self-hating imbeciles.

      Again, thanks for commenting.

    2. Your favorite blogger just wrote an entire blog about carroll. Shawnjamesblogspot. He worship him believe everything he says is the truth..

    3. I think Shawn James is a good Blogger; but I'd have to admit that my favorite Blogger is myself.

      And of course, I'm biased.

      And, we have very differing views on most things. Up to and including Dave Carroll.

  2. the reason for the insane out of control libido of the black male is due to that fact that over History..Blacks have created society's where the mortality rate was greater than the birth rate..since the main goal of the human organism is survival Nature was forced to step in an over centuries increase the blacks urge to breed..and speaking of breeding..when you will began breeding an Isaak Newton..or an Edison..or a Plato..Henry Ford...Jonas Salk..Einstein..enough with the athletes or buck dancers..start breeding innovators..every single modern innovation that you surround yourself with in that dope hole of yours..from the light bulb to the PC..came from the mind of a white man

    1. In regards to Black people needing to 'breed' inventors...go look up these names:

      Elijah McCoy-the Black inventor who we get the term 'The real McCoy' from...

      Dr. Phil Emegwali and the internet.

      Dr, Henry T. Sampson and the 'gamma electric' cell for the cellphone.

      Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and the first successful open heart surgery.

      Madame C.J. Walker the first female millionaire in this country.

      And as for your light bulb...if you wanna' know about who built its filament, google the name Lewis Latimer.

      See, the problem with you pale-skinned inbreds is you think you're history books and classes are the gospel; it's ashamed you don't know how much you don't know.

      And if you wanna' talk about insane and 'out of control' behavior...nobody does it like you white bois! If ya' think I'm lyin' google Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gayce, Henry Lee Lucas, Ted Bundy, etc. etc.

      If any ethnic group has a monopoly on degenerate behavior(s), it's you guys.


  3. It's obvious David Carroll, Tommy, and The Black Authority messages goes over your bobble head! You're probably a DNC slave who voted for Obama twice even though he has done nothing for your black @$$. This blog just proves what Dr. Carroll has been saying in all of his videos. You negros lack critical thinking skills. No wonder he calls you negros coons and savages!

    1. Wanna' know why would Dave Carroll refers to Black people as 'negros'?

      Because he doesn't wanna' be Black himself!

      Someone asked him how could you not hate yourself for being Black if you have such a disparaging view of Black people?

      He responded, "Who said I was Black?"

      Dave hasn't learn one fundamental rule about being Black; and that's you CAN'T hate any part of the Black diaspora, and NOT hate yourself for being Black.

      His hatred for the 'so-called negro' just exposes how much he hates HIMSELF!

      He keeps talking about how Blacks are fooled by white people, but he's the biggest fool for thinking dissing Black folks is a way to make him 'different', or some how separates him from 'everyday' Black people.

      So keep listening to Dave's message, and the next time a white cop pulls you over, see if he treats you any different because you're heading Dave's advice about your own kind.

      You'll both get your Black wake-up calls soon enough.

      And hopefully, you'll learn something in the process.

    2. Damn! Looks like the Juggernaut got under this coon's skin!

    3. This 'juggernaut' is nothing but a self-hating, kiss ass, white supremacist loving anglophile who unabashedly hates himself and his own kind; and if you can't see that, I feel sorry for you!

  4. these men are government agents prob cia, to promote the divide and conquer agenda.

    1. This man and Uncle Tommy Sotomayor are cut from the same white fascist cloth; and the Black diaspora are wising up to their agenda, and rightfully tuning them out.

      Dave and Tommy ARE DONE!

      What matters most is, what the Black diaspora does after these two self-hating jerks have vanished from the scene.

      We must be vigilant in our efforts to change our way of thinking so we can survive!

      And getting rid of our collective self-hatred is the key!

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. The reason why a lot of people perceive Tommy and David Carroll as self-hating is due to the fact that for the longest, Melanated Men have been constantly railroaded by the system. Every which way you look, we are either portrayed as:

    1) Deadbeat Dads

    2) Buckdancing entertainers/athletes

    3) Effeminate, cross-dressing, DL men

    4) Violent criminals

    5) Emotional idiots

    6) Docile cowards

    7) Sex-crazed human dildos

    Now, they could handle it due to the fact that we could always rely on our women for support. Although we knew the world was out to get us, we could handle it because the women supported us. This was especially apparent during the rise of Afrocentric pride during the 1960's.

    Unfortunately, due to the rise of the Feminist Movement (which was originally funded by White Men such as John D. Rockefeller), Black Women essentially re-indoctrinated The Willie Lynch Letter (more specifically, sections such as "The Breaking Process of the African Woman" and "The Negro Marriage") by (falsely) accusing Black Men of 'oppression', which had no historical or cultural merit. And they did it just to attempt to be accepted by White Women. (Ironically, generally speaking, all of the Non-melanated Women secretly desire to be an Ebony Woman). It got so bad that they actually began to do a lot of the same lowdown and psychotic things that many White Women were secretly known for, such as shamelessly whorish behavior, falsely accusing the Black Men of raping them (after lusting for them sexually and getting caught), killing their own kids due to 'stressful situations', committing suicide/cutting themselves, overly-experimental drug use, attention-whoring, and rallying men to come and maim, cripple, and/or kill any Black Man that they did not like. This is what gave rise to the strereotype of the ghetto, slutty, hoodrat mammy of Black Women. Now, due to an abundance of simping, the situation has compounded out of control.

    1. No. Black women have left black men you are weak. And you were betraying black women by dating often put of your race anyway. You bash black women with every step you take, black men. Truly, you have totally decimated the black community and you have no one to blame but yourselves. That's why you hate Black Authority & David Carroll but you love Tommy Sotomayor . You have lost black women.

    2. 'BT'...

      Didn't see this sooner; but I find it funny how Black women can accuse Black men of dating outside their ethnic group, when Black women do the same thing whenever they get the chance.

      Moreover, the overwhelming majority of Uncle Tommy's listeners are Black WOMEN. And I hope you understand how much he hates you and them. So by your logic, the Black people who are REALLY lost...are Black WOMEN!

  6. Also, the mistake that a lot of conscious brothers make is shielding scandalous Black women from any and all criticism (even it is constructive). That is exactly what the racist White Liberals want us to do.

  7. Ok, I just saw the TJ Sotomayor article. Thanks for the information! My bad.

  8. I'm a fan of Tommy and David Carroll. Here's why: It's funny how these two men show a picture of how dysfunctional our community is, yet you call them self-haters.
    Are the Blacks being showcased on World Star fighting one another self-haters? How about Chicago where young brothers are killing one another, the reality shows (Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives) where women are fighting. Black women supporting Korean economy by buying weaves, it's a billion dollar industry. And Dr. Afrika (you know him?) has stated many times the danger of weaves.
    Ask a Black teacher in the public schools if Black parents show up for meetings, or if a Black child comes to school dirty and hungry. Why mothers want to fight teachers.
    I guess Beyonce, Nicki Minaj aren't self-haters, little girls imitating them while adults think it's cute.
    I could go on, but I'm old school, been conscious since 1968. I took part in riots, protests, seen white people get their asses beat by brothers, I fought to have Black history taught in schools, fought for the rights of my people. And some forty years later two Black men are calling out the bullsh*t and mental illness in our so-called community (I grew up in a Black Wall St that doesn't exist anymore) and you Black person have the nerve to call them self-haters?
    I was there with Mumia, heard Elijah Muhammad speak, had a gun put to my head by white cops, for the knowledge and love of my people.
    Here it is 2014, no Black businesses to support, but our women support Korean hair stores. Black homes with no fathers and the mothers are on Section 8.
    What Tommy & Carroll are doing is expressing tough love. Ever heard of that? And I'm down with their message just like I was when Malik El Shabazz spoke. You so-called conscious Black people kill me. Ain't say sh*t about the f*cked up hip hop artists who songs are destroying young minds, the show, "Scandal" that's number 1 with Black women, the pitiful display of us on the Maury Show. And how many times do I need to see more Black youth getting killed by Black youth.
    I'm an elder who's been into this game since the 60's and I approve of Tommy Sotomayor and David Carroll's message. Fix the problems in our community (being run by Koreans & Latinos) then we can talk. Until then, shut up or do something then Tommy and Carroll won't have a platform.

    1. You know what's sad to me about your comment(s) that you talk about all the dysfunction in the Black community and essentially how brainless Black people are for how they treat each other and how (Uncle) Tommy and Dave Carroll are just calling out the ills within our diaspora...but you still have no idea how white supremacists have conditioned you to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you.

      Maybe you've heard Elijah speak and met Mumia and took part in myriad protests, but you're like an abused child who not only doesn't realize they've been abused, but actually comes to dote on and love your abuser more than you love yourself.

      I haven't heard you once mention how white supremacists have indiscriminately slaughtered Black people domestically or globally; it's like according to you, Tommy and Dave, everything they've done to us is justified because they've conditioned us to self-destruct and we're now in the midst of self-destruction.

      So let me ask you a question...if you feel this way about whitey, why are you here? What is it you're wanting to find here knowing how I feel about white supremacists?

      You say that they're NO Black businesses to support...that's because you're so conditioned to love white people and hate yourself, you CAN'T SEE THEM! 'Cause you feel you and your people are inferior, so whatever's in a Black owned store of business must be inferior you wouldn't shop there.

      You say I should shut up or do something this way Tommy and Carroll won't have a platform...well, you've left your comment on the forum I'm currently using to help the Black Diaspora recondition themselves out of this white supremacist induced self-hatred and which will serve as the foundation for other forums I'll use to expand this platform.

      So, I'll tell you what I told another anglophilic lost soul recently...just keep watching American Idol and Dancing with the stars, 'cause in your case, it's check and mate, whitey has you conditioned to see him as your you've already lost.

      So long!

    2. Don't need to talk about white supremacy in 2014. I've been fighting them everyday since 60's. And I don't fear them.
      I have a problem with the mental illness of Blacks that helps white supremacy keep their agenda alive and well.
      Sisters supporting Koreans to like Beyonce. Dr Afrika told them about the dangers of it. You ain't heard?
      Brothers showing their drawers, ain't that a fag move? Do you tell them to pull up their pants?
      Why in 2014 Black homes headed by single women?
      Yeah, this is the agenda of white supremacy. So why are the Nubian Queens & Kings gullible to following it and destroying their community?
      BTW, Tommy & David's support has increased because Black people are sick & tired of always blaming the white supremacy (who ain't got no power unless we give to 'em).
      Now, are you satisfied?

    3. If you're too dim-witted to see how white supremacists and their institutions have taught us to hate ourselves and each other more than any other ethnic group on the planet, and how our dysfunction is a direct result of that, then you're just doomed to be a self-hating anglophile 'til the day you die.

      Keep watching 'Dancing with the stars' and the TV news.

    4. We have to stop with this crap about "You see, the white man has programmed us to hate each other". That's not it at all.

      I am black guy. I LOVE the family I grew up in. I wouldn't trade the parents I have for anyone.

      David Carroll is just calling out that as blacks. Are problems are "mostly" SELF INFLECTED!!!!! As in, we can control most of what happens to us.

      For example: Yes, it seems as the system puts blacks in jail longer for things like pot.

      There is a simple solution to this. DON'T SMOKE OR SELL POT!!!!

      If a cop pulls you over. Just play it cool.

      If someone does something illegal to you because you are black. Get a Lawyer and sue their asses. No need to protest. Just sue them. Fight them in court. Even if you have to settle for a public defender. It's better than nothing.

      David Carroll just wants better and understand that white people CANNOT fix our problems. We have to fix our problems ourselves.

      Geez man, I DO NOT HATE MYSELF. You have to quit with that non sense. I just want better for blacks like us. That starts with growing a pair, not caring with racist think and fix our own problems. You start by maintaining your own communities with pride and honor. If you can't maintain your own home first. There is a huge problem there.

      We have grown soft as a people. Especially our men.
      We seem to let everything that white people do bother us.

      You know what the worse thing that slavery has done to us???

      Is has planted the idea in our heads that WE DON'T HAVE A CHANCE because someone is always there to take it away from us. It's all about confidence!!!

      Even though the system was not designed with us in mind.
      That doesn't mean we can't now penetrate it and get our own success. You first have to believe you can.

      The fact that you are saying all of this "White Supremacist" stuff. Tells me that you honestly don't think that we can really make it in this world. That until "THEY CHANGE". We are forever screwed.

      This is what David Carroll is talking about. Black people tend to count ourselves out automatically. Simply because we feel that the white guy will always take it from you. That is a self inflecting and devastating mindset to have.

    5. The Black Wall Street was an area in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Black people owned every kind of thriving business in the early 1900's. There were literally groups of Black men who were millionaires behind this thriving economy. We were doing so well, ya' know what whitey did?


      Now, understand, Black people are not incapable of building functioning communities, I'm saying when we do, this threatens white supremacists, so they go about the task of tearing these communities down.

      When I say white supremacists are out to destroy us, it's not like we don't have several hundred examples of this; I'm not being paranoid, they're doing this crap to us EVERYDAY!

      And the biggest trick whitey employs on us is how our dysfunction is MOSTLY OUR FAULT!

      Understand, whether you realize it or not, the schooling you got in pre, middle and grade schools has taught you to hate yourself. It's no coincidence that all they teach us about ourselves is slavery and Martin Luther King.

      Now, if you come from a loving household and you have a healthy esteem, good for you; mind you, you could be saying that 'consciously' but 'subconsciously' you could hate to be around Black people because of this conditioning. And mind you, the conditioning we get to hate ourselves if far and away, WORSE THAN ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP GETS!

      Do you ever wonder why Black men and women can barely date and get into loving relationships anymore? Or do you wonder why brothas like Trayvon Martin, Micheal Brown, Sean Bell, etc. get shot down like dogs by white cops on the regular? All this is a function of white supremacy.

      Now, what I'm NOT SAYING is, just sit back and blame white people for everything and that will make things better,



      Now, in terms of Dave Carroll, I remember when someone asked him how he feels about himself, if he thinks so disparagingly about Black people...and his response was; 'Who said I was Black?'

      Now, there's a difference between someone wanting the Black Diaspora to do better for themselves and someone who HATES THEMSELVES FOR BEING BLACK!


      Now, if you can't make that distinction, that tells me your mind is probably anchored in David's kinda' white supremacist thinking or you're just don't understand what David is really saying, and he's pretty clear about his position.

      So, you might wanna' read a bit more between the lines when you're listening to Dave's rhetoric.

    6. Whitey, as are all of your enemies, is you.

    7. Whitey is a pale-skinned degenerate and a descendent of cave dwellers...that's NOT me!

    8. I am a black women with three well adjusted adult children. Two male and one female. I don't behave like the women described in the Dave and Tommy videos but that doesn't mean I am better than them. The problem I have with these men is they espouse a constant litany of negative anecdotes without remedy. They make a point of distancing themselves form the black community which is wrong. This situation we find ourselves in as a people did not happen in a vacuum. Their critique comes from a place of exclusion and disgust which indicates a lack of critical thinking. I'm not a fan of Farrakhan but I respect that when he speaks of our peoples' ills he say "WE" and not "THEY". We could look at it this way. A mother(black community) is only as health as her sickest child.

    9. 'Mother of Three'...

      The pithy statement you make about 'a mother/Black community, is only as healthy as her/their sickest child', not only holds a lot of weight with this argument, but rings truest for the Black Diaspora's most 'self-hatred' sickened types, like Dave Carroll.

      What we (Black folks in their semi-right minds) need to realize is, people like Dave Carroll and (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor, DO NOT WANT TO GET BETTER!

      They are comfortable living in and with their self-hating 'sickness'. The Black Diaspora just need to discard these types and move on.

      Dave and Uncle Tom are what I call 'anglophilic goners', they're beyond redemption. But at the same time, we must remember that they are only a symptom of a larger problem of self-hatred in our diaspora. So what we should really concentrate on, is making sure the youth don't imbibe in the kinds of self-hating messages myself and others got in the disguise of an american education.

      So please do everything you can to protect your children from being indoctrinated into this kind of 'sickened' mentality.

      And something tells me, you already are.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. When strong people get whipped psychological or physically, they come together and overcome the one doing the whipping. Weak people tend to cry and point fingers at their fellow man for also being whipped and not coming together for a solution. Problem solving is hard work, that's why it's easier to commit crimes and go to jail. Sure white people know what they are doing to black, but do black people know what they are doing to themselves. Who gives a fuck, right?

  10. Black people were whipped mentally and physically...and you know what we did?

    We built a thriving economy in Tulsa, Oklahoma called the 'Black Wall Street'; it was called that because, many Black men there were multimillionaires, 'cause we owned our own banks, grocery stores, laundromats, etc.

    And what did whitey do?

    He BOMBED the Black Wall Street in 1921.

    So should we not call you people pale-skinned degenerate bastards for doing this, when we were doing for ourselves and not hurting any of you?

    Go sell your theory to someone who doesn't know any better, I know white people better than they know themselves and I tell you that your people are a plaque on this earth, and the sooner you leave this planet, the better off every Black person will be.

    1. You need to do your homework. They burned down Oklahoma Wall St., but they didn't burned down others that continued to survive until integration.
      Black people stopped supporting Black businesses.
      Don't believe me? Research Peg Leg Bate Resorts

    2. Well I guess you drank the Kool-aid and believed your people's press releases about what happened to the Black Wall Street, BOMBS ignited those flames, the Black town's people said so themselves, just like the levee's were bombed during Hurricane Katrina, but that's for another post.

      Moreover, here's a question for you to ponder: why would your people bomb or burn a town full of Black people who are not doing them any harm?

      I guess your recessive-traited, pale-skinned mind never thought of that.

      And, you're right, Black people did walk away from the economic power bases they'd built that were similar to the Black Wall Street. That's because your people tricked us into believing we'd have more opportunities under the initiatives of 'integration'.

      And again, integration was a TRICK played on Black people to get our dollars into their pockets. And why'd we fall for it? 'Cause you devils convinced and conditioned us to believe everything about ourselves was wrong every day of our lives. So we thought the closer proximity to white people we have, the better our lives would be.

      This still points to the dastardly, wicked, low-down nature of you pale-skinned people!


      Fortunately, your birth rates are falling below replacement levels; and I won't be here to see it, but this world will be a much better place once whites are bred out of existence and wiped off the face of this earth!

  11. Those men are telling the truth

  12. Steven James belongs in the same company with David Carroll.

    1. 'Caesar'...

      I don't know who 'Steve James' is, but tell me, is there some major event happening with Dave Carroll, 'cause there's been a lot of traffic coming through this post as of late.

  13. Blogger, I stopped reading when you started talking "black phallus" & deep down I knew you would start talking about sex, the black man's penis, and white people (in a sexual sense). Listen to me black cannot have enough sex in the world to "breed out" the white race, so just forget that absurd theory. I've heard that silly notion online by black men. I don't know WHY you guys cannot use your brains, it's always got to be "the black phallus" that ends up as the "answer" to everything. Right?

    I've seen the Sotomayor videos & I've just finished watching several David Carroll videos. It seems to me that Tommy Sotomayor hates black women & David Carroll hates black men. It sounds like you loved the bashing as long as it was happening to black women. I bet the Hair Hatted Hooligans and BT's were funny to you coming from Sotomayor. But the Monkeys & Bojanglin' Shines that Carroll calls black men were no longer funny to you, huh.

    "In the end, it is what it is"--David Carroll

    1. 'BT'...

      If you care to do some research, you'll find that white birth rates are falling below replacement levels, so more white people are dying than are being born.

      And Black men have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, that's why cops are preying on us.

      Now, nothing could be more obvious than that.

      But if you're just a Black woman who's conditioned to hate Black men, you can't see this from any kind of a logical perspective. So more than likely, what's gonna' happen to you is you'll wind up oversexed and alone at fifty after being a sex toy for every non-Black man you date. 'Cause with your state of mind, you don't have a chance at being with a 'good' Black man.

  14. ....Hey Brother don't waste your breathe...Mindless chatter is only to slow us down

    1. 'God-via' and/or 'Go-Diva'...

      I'm past critiquing self-hating types like (Uncle) Tom Sotomayor and Dave Carroll. Thus, this post is more than two years old.

      What still disturbs me though, is the majority of my Blog's comments are on my posts about Tommy Sotomayor; even though those posts are more than two years old as well.

      And the most common sentiment I see from people who comment on my posts about Uncle Tommy is, "I know he's against our people, but I can't stop watching him."

      That speaks volumes to our Diaspora's level of dysfunction in regards to our self-hating addiction.

      What I'm trying to do most is show that nothing about our Diaspora's dysfunction(s) are natural to us; they've ALL been bred into us by institutions of white fascism.

      And like Sam Jackson said in the movie, 'Do the Right Thing': "That's the triple truth, Ruth."

      Love your avatar by the way.

      Thanks for commenting!

  15. It's the behavior stupid!!! THAT AND ONLY THAT IS THE PROBLEM. NOT RACE. Black people are very intelligent and talented but they have been brainwashed to thing that they are less but the liberal white.

    David Carroll talks about behavior --BLACK PEOPLE BEHAVIOR.

    1. One question: do you think Black people were born behaving this way?

      If not, then people like you and Dave can't go around saying the levels of dysfunction exhibited by Black people are NATURAL TO US!


      And the reason we're conditioned to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, is because we have the most genetic power to breed our oppressors, i.e. white people, out of existence.

      That is this post's and this Blog's message.

      Furthermore, if you can't see that Dave is nothing more than a self-hating Black man, and you continue to follow him not realizing this, then YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S TRULY STUPID!

  16. This blog illustrates everything Carroll says about the negro. You so called pro blacks are too weak to handle the truth or too lazy to do anything about the truth. And that truth is simple. Before you go fighting other races for resources you first have to get your house in order. You can't blame white supremacy for the condition of the negro. Yes they put out images that teach you to hate yourself but you have a personal responsibility not to indulge yourself in those images. Most black people I know listen to rap and all the lyrics in every song teach you to kill and degrade other blacks. People like you shift the blame on white supremacy for black people to listen to that garbage like that's the only music being made.

    1. 'Unknown'...

      You wrote: 'You can't blame white supremacy for the condition of the negro.'

      Then you wrote: 'Yes they (so-called white supremacists) put out images that teach you (Black people) to hate yourself...'

      Question: when's the last time you had the ruling class of a population teach you to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you?

      And you wrote: 'Most black people I know listen to rap and all the lyrics in every song teach you to kill and degrade other blacks.'

      Fact: Over 80% of rap albums are bought by white and non-Black people. Go look this stat up. So why would your people listen to this music, and copy us our music stylings at every turn, if you think our music is garbage?

      Unless you've been through what my people have been through, then you shouldn't even make these asinine statements.

      One last question: why do white people make up the majority of the welfare cases in america, when they/you have the white privilege?

      That's a question you should research most of all...and let me know when you have an answer.

  17. "One last question: why do white people make up the majority of the welfare cases in America [sic], when they/you have the white privilege? That's a question you should research most of all...and let me know when you have an answer."

    Sure. It involves simple math though; I hope you're comfortable with that.

    According to the United States Census Bureau, white people make up about 63% of the United States' population and black people make up about 13%.

    According to the United States Department of Commerce, white people make up about 38% of people receiving welfare and black people make up about 39%.

    Therefore, black people use welfare at about 4.8 times the rate that white people do.

    I hope that was not too complex of an answer.

    "Fact: Over 80% of rap albums are bought by white and non-Black people. Go look this stat up. So why would your people listen to this music, and copy us our music stylings at every turn, if you think our music is garbage?"

    This is an easy answer: rap is pure "id." It gratifies the most basic human desires: greed, sex, and violence.

    Those desires are very appealing in every culture, especially among young people.

    At the same time, most civilizations know that "appealing" isn't the same thing as "good."

    After all, you can't "gimme dat" and "twerk" your way through civilization (unless you want to be Haiti).

    So rap appeals to every culture. But it DEFINES yours.

    Hope that helps.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      First off, according to the u.s. Census Bureau white people make up approx. 77% of the american population (look up the 2014 stats) and Black people make up 13.2% of this population.

      Now, even though you don't think I understand simple math, your argument is that more whites are on welfare because there are just more white people than Black in this country. And your saying Black people are on welfare disproportionate to our numbers. I get it.


      Don't believe me?

      In a 2008 study done by CNN, it was discovered that white men with a criminal felony conviction, got more job offers than Black men with no criminal history.

      Here's a link if you'd like to check this out:

      Now, I find if funny how you and your people can feel so superior when you folk make up the majority of souls filling welfare lines in this country, in spite of the fact that you have this kind of privilege as an advantage.

      But then again, if you've been raised eating fried bologna sandwiches in a trailer park, and are used to having sex with your siblings, I guess it's hard to think deeply enough on ways to capitalize on this kind of head-start.

      Now in regards to these comments:
      'This is an easy answer: rap is pure "id." It gratifies the most basic human desires: greed, sex, and violence.

      Those desires are very appealing in every culture, especially among young people.'

      My question again is, if you people think our music only caters to the basest human instincts, then why would you listen to our music?

      Moreover, why do you dumb-founded, corny white boys always copy the music we create? Why don't you go listen to Taylor Swift or Rascal Flatts? Or try listening to that empty classical european garbage you people are suppose to like so much.

      Now if your feeble mind can follow me, I'm saying if you feel so superior, which you obviously do, stop listening to our blues, jazz, soul, R&B and ROCK AND ROLL!

      And if you think Rock and Roll started with Elvis, google Little Richard and Chuck Berry if you wanna' see who really created that music.

      Even sillier, is ten years after we create a genre of music, you guys start playing it, and after twenty years, you're lying and saying YOU created it.

      I understand pallid, pasty whites like you are envious of us, what with your silicone injected lips, butts and your incessant need to's just sad to see you trying to cover this up with broken logic.

      So if our music defines us, your people's thievery, genocidal campaigns, serial killing, bestiality, necrophilia, inbred homosexuality, and coprophilia defines YOU!

      So go sell that closeted bigot B.S. somewhere else...CAUSE IT AIN'T GONNA' FLY HERE!



  18. Based on your use of all caps, I appear to have upset you.

    I'm not sure why; I'd think you'd be pleased that the number of people who've read this stupid, self-indulgent, dim-wit's jerk-off of a blog has grown to seven.

    The definition of white privilege is the "opportunity" to work our asses off, obey the law, feed our families, and have a third of our paychecks be taxed to, in part, pay for an endless list of social welfare programs to support your perpetually-struggling culture.

    From America to Africa, you're like the world's special education students; you need constant help.

    I've worked with Asians, Hispanics/Latin Americans, whites, and blacks. Everyone knows that, as a GENERAL rule, blacks detest work more than any other group.

    In short, your global reputation for being lazy did not make itself up.

    After all, when the Europeans arrived on the coast of Africa so many centuries ago to take slaves like you're always complaining about, they came in massive ships with complex sailing rigs, navigation systems, and cannons.

    Meanwhile, you dim-wits hadn't even discovered the wheel.

    That may factor into your CNN study; you just suck at working.

    As to the music part, I think you have the better of the argument.

    I've traveled the world over and, no matter where I go, I hear hip-hop and R&B.

    People just like the sound of it.

    So there you go. That's the black contribution to civilization.

    Not nanotechnology, astronomy, fiber-optics, or advanced medicine, but, rather, "Wait'll you see my Dick, Bitch," and "Lemme smell yo Dick, Nigga."

    Nice work.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      Merriam-Webster's 'full' definition of the word 'privilege' is listed as: a right or 'immunity' granted as a 'peculiar' benefit, 'advantage', or favor.

      Thus, the 'white privilege' extends outside the normal parameters of simple 'opportunity'. It speaks to the completely biased head start fair-skinned people globally have to acquire resources. And employment is but one of these resources.

      So your definition of white privilege is completely false.

      And if american whites are paying more into taxes for social programs like welfare, than you and yours are the ones benefiting most from those dollars, cause again, you guys make up the majority of people on america's welfare rolls.

      So you people get to have the white privilege and welfare...that epitomizes the phrase 'having your cake and eating it too'!

      Now, you say the Black Diaspora's reputation for laziness is legendary. But according to stats, the laziest of people in any society are the ones who've INHERITED WEALTH. And once again, the people with the most inherited wealth in this country are YOUR PEOPLE! An example of this would be a spoiled brat like Paris Hilton and the like.

      Now you say you've worked with asians, latinos and whites, and that you find that Black people are always the laziest amongst them. Well, I've been told my whole life how exceptionally hard-working non-Blacks are, especially in the case of asian people.

      Funny enough though, if you do some research, you'll find that the continent leading in rates of world hunger is ASIA, NOT AFRICA!

      Now, asians may indeed be exceptionally smart and hard-working, but if they are, why are so many of them starving? And, why do they represent the majority of the people in the world who are?

      And as for your claims of european advanced technology like complex sailing rigs, navigation systems, etc. If you wanna' know who created the sciences of seafaring navigation google the 'Sankore Madrasah' or 'Sankore University' in Timbuktu, Africa.

      This was the WORLD'S FIRST UNIVERSITY!

      Actually, it was called an 'omni-versity' cause ALL of the world's sciences were taught there!

      My people were not only navigating the seas before yours, but we're the ones who taught you people how to navigate the seas with the use of astrology centuries ago.

      And as far as the argument over music, I agree I have the better part of that too.

      And in reference to technological inventions, next time you're on your cell-phone google a Black man named 'HENRY T. SAMPSON', and you'll find out about the 'GAMMA ELECTRIC CELL' and how that was used to create mobile telecommunication.

      Also google DR. PHIL EMEAGWALI who invented the world's fastest computer and the internet.

      And as far as advanced medicine goes, check out a Black man named: DR. DANIEL HALE WILLIAMS who performed the first successful open heart surgery.

      See, problem with you is you don't know how much you don't know.

      If you'd come up outta' your so-called 'white supremacist' mind-state, maybe you'd see these a much bigger world beyond the gates of your trailer park.

      AND, I've used a lot of capitalized words in this comment to show you I'm not mad, I just want to make my points emphatically.

      You dumb-founded white boys make this easy.

  19. What your culture doesn't seem to understand about what you call "privilege" is that EVERY other culture in the world believes in investing in their children.

    You work. You invest in your kids. They are a little better off than you are. They do the same for their kids. And so on.

    Unless and until black culture embraces that concept, you're gonna keep spinning your wheels from generation to generation, each generation no better off than the one before.

    And no amount of blogging or protesting is going to change that. You just have to do it.

    As to Henry Samson and Dr. HD Williams, it may surprise you to hear that I know who they are. Apparently, you know as well. The question is, do black people in general?

    Black men and women have been making contributions to math, science, medicine, and philosophy for decades. But I defy you to walk down the street and ask a black guy to name a black physicist or scientist. You'll be lucky if you hear Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    Why? Because black culture rejects intellectualism as "white." That's why you expel your brightest minds from your societies and, instead, elect Beyoncé, Baptist preachers, and lil Wayne as your cultural representatives.

    As to the welfare thing, I believe I have you beat. You keep saying whites benefit more but, as we've discussed, whites comprise about 6 or 7 times the population as blacks, pay into the system 6 or 7 times as much, and take out roughly the same.

    I was unaware of Sankore Madrasha. Looks like an Islamic founded center of learning in Mali (yes, I know where Mali is as well, having journeyed a time or two outside of my trailer park). I'm aware now. That said, "universities" far predate the 600s. The word "academic," for example comes from Plato's academy, circa 350 BC. To say nothing of the library of Alexandria in Egypt.

    Moreover, Mali, like all of North Africa, had about 800 years of Greek and Roman influence before the rise of the Moors, and the wiki page on Sankore Madrasha credits Islam with its foundation.

    I see that you provided no source for your "stats" about Asia. All I know on that point is that I never see any commercials asking me to send money to Asia to feed starving Chinese babies because they can't manage to feed themselves.

    As to the black work ethic...there are plenty of hard working black people but, just like with academia, your culture rejects them as "suckahs" or "uncle toms." As if working somehow makes you a weakling or a slave.

    That's why liberalism is bad for black America, and why David Carroll is good. Liberalism would have your entire population believe it has no ability to determine your own destiny. Men like David Carroll are telling you that you do.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      First off, as for the 'welfare thing', you keep making the point that there are more whites in america, thus more whites are on welfare. And you keep saying Blacks are on welfare disproportionate to our numbers...again, I get that!

      What you don't get, yet again, is that the white 'privilege' affords whites more access to resources than any other ethnic group in this country and in this world...and I showed you an example of this with the CNN study detailing how white male felons got more call backs for jobs than Black men with no criminal history at all.

      So again, that's not an 'opportunity' that's an unfair advantage to gain capital, i.e. a there's no reason white people should be the majority of americans on welfare AT ALL!

      Second, you say that my people don't understand the concept of 'investing in their children'. You say our 'culture' doesn't show us working to make sure our kids have better opportunities than the previous generation had.

      Well not only is that false, but I'm an example of my people's investment in their children. My parents didn't go to college, but they made sure I had a top-notch education, and as a result, myself and my brother were able to get to college. So once again, your claims are 'false' and based on what you've 'heard' about us on TV or from white friends, who got their information about us from TV.

      Have you forgotten we have a Black president in this country? Now, if that doesn't dispel that myth, nothing will.

    2. 'Anonymous'...

      Third, the 'Sankore Madrasah' is comprised of three universities, one in Mali, one in West Africa, and the other in Timbuktu, Africa. Also, the Moors, which are Black people, not only created Islam and every other religion, but we're the ones who influenced the romans/greeks with our sciences cause we were in Africa before THEY GOT THERE.

      So we taught your people these sciences, not the other way around.

      Fourth, if you want some facts about 'asian hunger rates' check this out:

      Fifth, you stated how most Black people walking down the street wouldn't know who 'Neil deGrasse Tyson' is...well, have you tried asking Black people walking down any street? Or is this just you're opinion based on what you know about us from watching TV?

      But you are right about one thing, my people do reject white 'intellectualism', that's because we realize that has no bearing on how SMART a person is.

      white academic intellectualism, says that a person's mental cognition is solely based on how many of THEIR books this person has read. Now, any deeper-thinking person can tell you that there are a lot of dumb-founded PHD's and college graduates in the world (Sarah Palin). And the amount of books you read DOES NOT determine a person's capacity to make good decisions under pressure...which is what being SMART REALLY IS.

      Moreover, we see how the american educational system has taught us to hate ourselves via white intellectualism and the books that fall under that umbrella, especially when it comes to history classes.

      Also, when you again say that most Black people don't know who Dr. Henry T. Sampson and Dr. Daniel Hale Williams is, that again, is only your opinion. Cause I know for a fact that you've never asked one or two of my people who these doctors are.

      Lastly, because you can only think on superficial levels, you can't see that Dave Carroll is nothing but a self-hating Black man. Dave imbibed and still abides by his love of white intellectualism and all its tenets. And because of this, he's been taught to hate himself and everyone who looks like him...and that, once again, is why the majority of my people reject your people's intellectualism. It's cause we have sense enough to know that it was engineered to make us feel inferior to every other type of person in the world, while making us hate ourselves in the process.

      And this should be apparent to anyone thinking beyond the brain-stem level.

      Once again, you dumb-founded white boys make this easy.

  20. you have so much hate for white people, and you use such derogatory terms to describe them. breeding hate and continuing it is unhealthy. love and forgiveness will always conquer hate. also you are not using the term diaspora correctly. it originated from Greek, from diaspeirein ‘disperse,’ from dia ‘across’ + speirein ‘scatter.’ The term originated in the Septuagint (Deuteronomy 28:25) in the phrase esē diaspora en pasais basileias tēs gēs ‘thou shalt be a dispersion in all kingdoms of the earth.’ The word was created to describe the forceful drive to push the Hebrews away from their homeland by the Romans after the Hebrew rebellion and revolt against Roman occupation. After the diaspora no Hebrews remained in the Holy Land. There were plenty of Africans inhabiting the African continent after Muslim Arabs and other African tribes sold their conquered enemies into slavery.

    Slavery still exists in Africa. Muslim warlords capture Christian Africans and those who practice African Traditional Religion basically anyone who does not practice Islam. I don't understand why people such as yourself, an activist, do not talk about this to educate people. It is epidemic, some are enslaved and others are just slaughtered. Maybe you don't care because it is black on black crime and you can't blame white, recessive pale faced cave dwellers. Do you see how hateful that sounds.

    My stepfather went to Rwanda, the Sudan and Darfar to visit his cousin; a caucasian Christian Physician who tends to the indigenous people's physical needs, and ministers to their spiritual needs. They also negotiate to get as many people as they can back home to their families. He puts his life in danger daily, but he does this for the love of his fellow human beings. There is only one race: The HUMAN race. I wish you much love and peace in your heart and your spirit. (btw: people that I know who smoke cigars, both men and women, smoke them for the flavor not because they are some phallic symbol, lol.) Kelly :)

    1. 'Kelly'...

      First off, you're mistaking my indignation towards white fascism for a hatred of white people. I'll state emphatically that I don't hate anyone 'cause I know that will ultimately manifest in some kind of self-hatred. But what I do recognize is how your perception of what I'm saying looks hateful towards white people, cause you've probably never read anything this critical of america's white fascist social order, or the effects it's had on my people.

      Second, if you look up the basic definition of the word 'diaspora', you'll find that not only does it make reference to the 'Jewish' exodus, but it also means: the 'dispersion' of any people outside their 'homeland'. Thus, when I say Tom and Dave think they know what's right for the Black 'Diaspora', I'm talking about Black people living in and outside of the African continent. Moreover, YOUR definition of the word diaspora doesn't apply to Black people, cause we are the ONLY people who are indigenous to every continent on this earth. Remember, at the beginning of time, it was just my people inhabiting every land mass on earth. And your own scientists can attest to that fact.

      And if you wanna' speak about the origin of words, you have to mention the ancient Black language known as the 'Medu Netcher'. These were the writings on the pyramid walls of places like Kush, Suma, Kemet/Egypt, Amexum, etc.--or where ever else indigenous Black people settled. ALL languages are derived from this one. And greeks themselves have confessed/professed how they went to our ancient schools--so they got these words and definitions from us, not the other way around.

      Don't believe EVERYTHING you read on 'google' or the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionaries.

      Third, the 'Jewish' exodus was a propagandized fable to make it seem like the real 'Hebrews' were 'white jews'. Understand, the real Jews, who are Black people, never left the 'holy land', which is Africa. Cause Isreal is IN AFRICA! Check a map!

      Fourth, slavery exists right here in america--TO THIS DAY! If you read the plight of eastern european women who are forced to work in the sex industry, then you'll read first hand accounts of modern day slavery. Moreover, the 'Barbary Slave Trade', which was comprised of Black men enslaving some 2 million plus white people, will show you that not only was the Barbary Slave trade happening at the same time the 'Trans-Atlantic' slave trade occurred, but it involved white slave masters selling other white folks to Black slave masters. So question: Why do we always hear about the 'Trans-Atlantic' slave trade, and never the 'Barbary Slave trade'? It's cause white fascists wanna' keep us thinking that the world's only slaves were Black people. Hell, the very word 'slave' comes from european 'Slavs' or 'Slavic' people.

    2. 'Kelly' (continued)...

      Fifth, 80% of white people in this country are killed by--wait for it--other white people. So wouldn't you call that 'white-on-white crime'? Furthermore, if you look at incidences like the first and second 'World Wars', wouldn't you consider those gross accounts of white-on-white crime? Problem with you is, you're only historical reference point is white academia--which has fed you nothing but white fascist fantasies posing as facts.

      And I'm glad your stepfather has a good heart and has been so benevolent to the poor, oppressed people of Africa. Now, let me tell you what's really happening in places like Darfar and the Sudan.

      Patrice Lumumba, who was a Congolese prime-minister in 1960, was revolutionary in his acts to reclaim that country's natural resources for my people there. Patrice was assassinated in a coup lead by Mobutu Sese Seko, who was a Black military dictator. Now, the average person would see this as an example of Black-on-Black crime, if they didn't know that the white Belgians armed and funded Mobutu to overthrow Lumumba. So whitey had the hidden hand that killed off Patrice, who was doing the right thing for our people. And white fascists are responsible for doing the same things in Darfur, the Sudan, and most noticeably, in Rwanda and the modern-day Congo.

      In closing, let me just say ask you this question: If big brown cigars aren't Black phallic symbols, then why are 'cigarettes' smaller in size and colored white?

      Now, if you still can't see the symbolism in that, then you're just not paying attention.

      The advice I'll give you is, the last place your gonna' find out about the dastardly acts of white fascism or the REAL truths about historical facts, is in some lily-white institution like an american university. You have to go OUTSIDE of that system to find some real truth.

      So go sell that fake white humanitarian jive to your feminist friends, cause we're all stocked up here. And if ya' don't know, ya' betta' ask somebody.