Wednesday, October 2, 2013

For those who think Barack ain't Black...

Whenever I come in contact with Black people who say Black americans are the most insipid of all Black people in the diaspora, I always remind them that we have a Black president in this country. 

And without fail, the number one response is...oh, he's not really Black, he was raised by a white woman. 

Well, yesterday I woke up finding out america's government was shut down; so let me tell you why this is further proof of my earlier reminder. 

'Conscious' Black people and 'pseudo-conscious' Black people, are always quick to say that Obama works for white supremacists and is one himself. But what they don't realize is, even if Barack doesn't think he's Black...ALL HIS RIVALS DO!

This is why Barack's opponents have literally shut down the government to oppose his health care initiatives. And this is why there's another 'debt ceiling' debacle/crisis, set to come up for debate after this one. This is like the fourth of fifth time Obama's opponents have threatened to shut this government down, just so he can be seen as a failure. 

So regardless of who raised him, or who's blood he's got in his veins, the only thing white politicians see when looking at Barack...IS A BLACK MAN!

What also gets me peeved is when Black people wanna' give the sole credit to a white woman for Obama's success. Remember Barack spoke in his books about his grandmother especially, talking disparagingly and being afraid of Black men. What do you think this does to a young Black man's mind? Barack also spoke about his mother fetishizing Black men as sexual objects. What did this say to a young Barack?

And the fact is, that the overwhelming majority of Black men who are american politicians, were raised by BLACK where are their accolades?

Now, should Barack's father have been more involved in his life, absolutely, that is...if the man pictured to the right is actually Barack's father. There's conjuncture that this man was just someone at the airport a young Barack was traveling at, who was asked to take a picture with him. It's said that Barack Obama's name was changed as well, according to some, he used to be named Barry Soweto or Barry Soetoro, depending on which article you read. But I'll discuss these matters in a later post. 

And for any 'birthers' out there who wanna' use this post to talk about Obama's 'birth certificate' and say he wasn't born here; what we CAN confirm is John McCain, Obama's first opponent in the race for president...WAS BORN IN PANAMA. That's right, WE KNOW FOR SURE THAT McCAIN WASN'T BORN IN THIS COUNTRY...SO WHY THE HELL WAS HE EVEN ALLOWED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT? KILL THAT NOISE!

Now understand, I'm under no illusion as to who Obama works for, the white supremacists in power definitely put him where he is; but like the metaphysician brotha Bobby Hemmitt said: "I don't care if Hitler himself put Barack in his position, he's still an important symbol to Black people..."

Google Bobby Hemmitt, if ya' don't know who he is.

*Side Note: Dr. Phil Valentine, another Black metaphysician, said in terms of titles for referencing what he does or teaches, he's more of a 'Neter'-physician than a 'meta'-physician. The word Neter/Netjer/Netcher is another word for 'Black' God in our ancient language the 'Medu Netcher'. The symbols you see on the sides of pyramid walls that the greeks/freaks have named 'heiroglyphics'...that's the Medu Netcher...our people's ancient language. Google all these terms and names. 

So, for any Black person reading this who is of the opinion that Barack ain't Black, take these facts into consideration. Also consider the fact that when Barack was elected/selected, Black people in Africa were also holding parties in the streets celebrating his victory.

And for any Black person who's still of the opinion that Black americans are the dumbest of the diaspora, think about what your extended families are dealing with, or have dealt with at the hand of fascist whites. 

And remember, if you're Black, you can't think disparagingly about any faction of the diaspora, without ultimately hating yourself for being Black. 

And there's no exception to this rule. 



MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Now, I will agree according to white standards, Obama is black(think about the 1drop rule and how folks with either both or one parent being "black" also being considered black and facing a faulty system) I just find it odd that everyone can be black, but not everyone can be white or Asian. I know the social construct of race is a white idea, and so people of color accept the labels. I wish that wasn't the case, Obama doesn't represent authentic blackness, most African Americans don't either( they have african, white and indigenous blood lines)even in parts of Africa, the islands an South America, but they take the labels( even though they are of more than black blood) Instead of dropping labels, blacks are accepting everyone and its erasing true blackness. Its mostly due to the part that People of color are allowing white people to label them. People of color are holding onto the labels and in turn when they identify as black, they aid in ignoring and erasing what is authentic. The concept of race doesn't really work well, and people of color should stop letting white folks label them.
    I know my response is all over the place, I just mean to say, socially everyone can be black. Black people are quick to claim everyone(Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, Drake and even Jennifer Beals ), no other race does that and it clearly isn't beneficial because its lead to the whole internalized colorism issue. If the idea of race could just go away, things would be better. I prefer not be labeled.

    1. Two things right off the bat:

      1.) What Black people have to worry about more than being 'labeled' is getting rid of the conditioned self hatred in their subconscious and conscious minds; that way they'll always act in ways that aid in their self-preservation.


      2.) The social construct of 'ethnicity', not 'race'...'cause there's only one race if you're talking about human beings, and that's the 'human' race; will NEVER go away in the eyes of whites.

      That's because they're people are the WORLD'S MINORITY; and they can't afford to stop obsessing over this 'cause Black men have the genetic power to breed them out of existence.

      That's why they've waged an all out war against Black men.

      Check out my Blog post: Project H.E.A.R.: What is the 'zero-sum' game of the white elite? This post goes into a bit more detail on this topic.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  4. Ahh, I see you don't like when someone disagrees with you and lists facts. I'm disappointed in you for deleting the two previous posts. Again, three categories to race( developed by what you would consider to be a white person. Ethnicity is more about where you live( African Americans, Haitians and Ethiopians, racially these folks are considered black)
    Race was a social construct created by "white" people. We are all human, yes, but we take to labels given by a group of people that look superficially different, and get treated poorly because of it. Nothing in the genes like they set out to prove. Please remember the race idea was invented so that one group of people could prove their superiority, just like when they went on to say black people have smaller brains(not true) and their brains are made in a way that allows them to be subservient (also not true)
    The myths of race have been discredit through science and yet still people hold on to them. No one group of people's genes are stronger than the others. Please wake up, you're too smart for this.
    Oh, and labeling people with more than one of the three categories of race mention(like a person that has white, black and Asian blood as black just kind of adds to the myth of superior black genes when in reality it has been socially beneficial to those in power) Let everyone we find undesirable be labeled black, let them believe these labels hold any weight, let them live in confusion. Oh yes, its totally working. People described as not white add the ones really still living in Darwinian times. Don't like what I typed, cool, why delete it? Why not form a rebuttal? Oh yeah, that's right there isn't one ...

    1. Okay, here's a rebuttal...

      Again, the word 'race' is referring to the human 'race'; 'ethnicity' is what people are talking about when they speak of national origins and things of that nature.

      Go look up the words 'race' and 'ethnicity' if you don't believe me.

      And you say I don't like debating people when they disagree with me or list facts, but the 'fact' is, you still can't make a distinction between 'race' and ethnicity, so your arguments are bogus.

      Your holding on to the word race to mean ethnicity because that's what white people have taught you all your life; and your content to believe them.

      So keep wallowing in your own ignorance.

      And you ask why I deleted your comments that I didn't like...that's because IT'S MY BLOG!

      I'll do what I want.

      Don't like it? Go visit someone else's Blog, or have the courage to create your own.

      I'm the one who dictates policy here, not you.