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Why Black people are 'not' their own worst enemies...

About a year ago, I started a Blog on "Wordpress".

I did this because I'd heard this was THE best website for bloggers; so, I set up shop and shortly thereafter, I had some questions to ask their moderators. 

One of the questions I posed was: did the site ever consider adding a 'who's viewed me' app.?

The response I got back from a white woman was, I don't want that information displayed on my blog, the list would be a mile long. Mind you, her entire response came off as crass and belligerent.

So I responded back by saying, I understand you've had a blog here for some time, but this app would help 'newcomers' to network more try to be a bit more understanding. 

She replied saying, I'm not offended but I don't understand how you could say something like that to me, when I help people on this site everyday.

I was thinking, who the hell does this crab think she is? 

Next, I asked their moderators if there was a way that I could get my Blog post's videos to play at a regular speed, 'cause on their site, my vids tended to stutter. 

This crab of a white woman came at me sideways again, saying that she doesn't have that problem because she's got a high-speed internet connection. Again, her entire response had this cantankerous tone.

Then I realized, I was just dealing with an inbred bigot b#tch. 

After a couple of these episodes, I asked ms. thing: if you're just gonna' be difficult, why don't you just avoid my questions...what's wrong with you?

She then reported me to her superiors saying that I was harassing her. 

So, I resolved to write a Blog post about it titled: "Wordpress, volunteer moderators and the cult of neo-liberal white bigotry."

Again, ms. thing reported this to her superiors, and this eventually led to my question asking capabilities being suspended.  

On this same question-asking forum, there was a young white guy who was perturbed about one of his questions that went unanswered. 

He proceeded to curse everyone of the moderators out and call them everything but a child of god; every other word in his rant was "f-this" and "f-that". 

So you know how ms. thing and her fellow moderators responded? They offered him links to every one of his inquiries, and none of them said anything about his profane tirade against them.  


A couple of days ago, I was casually channel surfing and came upon the game show "Family Feud", hosted by Steve Harvey. 

One of the questions Steve was tasked to ask the panelists was: why would "tarzan" where a Black loin cloth?

One white woman responded, "To fit in?"

To which Steve laughed and said, "Why, 'cause you think there's a lot of Black people in the jungle?" Both Steve and the lady chuckled, but they both knew this question was beyond derogatory. 

Steve went to another white female in this family and posed the same question. 

She replied, "Because there might be a death know how you have to wear Black to a funeral..."

I shook my head and turned. 

*Side Note: There are NO jungles in Africa. What they...white geographers and such, are calling "jungles" in Africa are actually "rainforests". The difference is, jungles are comprised of inter-twined vegetation (trees, roots, vines, etc.) that are impenentrable. Rainforests are areas of dense vegetation where sunlight can reach the forest's floor and they're areas that people can traverse through. The jungles of the world are primarily in south america (i.e. Bolivia, Honduras, etc.), asia and australia. 

Now, I've highlighted the above two examples because I want to make it very plain as to why I rail against both covert white bigots and overt white supremacists on this Blog. 

Recently, I've been criticized for being too hard on whitey. I've been told I come off like a 'bitter old man' in terms of my animosity towards our pale-skinned brethren. 

The person critiquing me is also a blogger. 

And he's made commentaries on my blog's stylings on his own website and blog. But on his website's post, he used a sickening mantra to legitimize why I shouldn't talk so disparagingly about whites; and that mantra is...Black people are their own worst enemies. 

Now, let me tell you how and why this saying is part of a white supremacist's trick bag that's always used on Black people. 

Any Black person who goes around thinking they, or their people are their own worst enemies, is doing two things:

1.) They're reinforcing their school and media-induced hatred of themselves and other Black people, because this saying offers nothing in the way of solutions for getting out of that self-hatred.


2.) They're encouraging themselves to see the white elite as blameless for everything that happens to any Black person or groups of Black people. 

Now, is every one of Black people's problems a white person's fault? Of course not; but in instances like the white elite blowing up those levees during Hurricane Katrina so Black people could be killed and displaced, or the killing of Sean Bell in NYC in a hail of fifty bullets when he was coming out of a those instances, white supremacy, and it's institutions, are directly responsible.

This doesn't mean you should have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to whites...I'm just saying it behooves every Black person to know who they are and how they operate. 

I remember a time when I was speaking to a young brotha who was directly from Africa at my job. He was saying that it was ashamed Black people in Africa, and the diaspora, developed the AIDS virus 'cause we're so promiscuous. 

To which I replied, "You don't know what happened?"

I then said, "white scientists went into Africa and gave our people the AIDS virus disguised as a polio vaccine...that's how Africa got AIDS."

The brotha was shocked because no one ever told him this. I could see on his face, for the first time, he didn't see himself, or his people as these sub-human savages. 

Now, his not knowing this information, is the equivalent of being stuck in the paradigm of "Black people are their own worst enemies"...'cause how could you think these things and NOT hate yourself for being Black. 

This is also one of the reasons I rail against christianity, 'cause this is another tool in a white supremacist's trick bag that's constantly used on Black people. 

I remember working with a mature Black man at my job who was a "church-goer", and he confessed to me that for the majority of his life he was a "womanizer", and he was always saying something disparaging about the Black youth...especially young Black men. 

I recall one day he said to me, "The devil operates with impunity," because I guess this is a biblical proverb. Then he asked, "uh...what does impunity mean?"

I shook my head and walked off.  

This man used christianity as a crutch, because he had no talent, no skills and no kind of collegiate degrees; all he had was the church, 'cause you can find one of those on every corner in a Black neighborhood. And he had no idea that the reason he slandered young Black men so much is because in the church, the message he was getting time after time was, everything masculine is negative and everything feminine is positive (Tyler Perry).

Now, the person who criticized me is a Black christian. 

And I'm sure he and the majority of Black christians have never read the bible cover to cover. 'Cause if they had, they'd find this:

Ephesians 6:5:
Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 

Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of christ, doing the will of god from your heart.

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the lord, not people. Because you know the lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slaves or free. 

Makes a little more sense now as to why the bible was the first book in this country that Blacks were allowed to read...don't it?

Slaves of christ?!

So basically, this tells us if there is a "christian" god, he didn't have a problem with Black people being slaves. Beyond this, do you know the first slave ship to wash up on american shores with Black people in it was called the "Good ship jesus"? Google it.

And I won't even go into the whole "curse of Ham" non-sense that christianity pushed on us. 

Christianity, and all of the other worldly religions, are designed to keep Black people away from our Black "spiritual sciences", like "The Orishas" and "Voudun" or Voodoo. 

These are the sciences our ancestors in Haiti used to get themselves free from the tyranny of Napoleon's armies. And IT WORKED! The Haitian slave revolt is credited with being the only successful slave revolt in world history. 

So I've said all that to say this...Black people are NOT their own worst enemies, covert white bigots, white supremacists and their institutions ARE!

Just like metaphysician Dr. Phil Valentine said: "The last place you're gonna' find out the truth about christianity, is IN christianity; you have to go outside of it to really know its agenda."

The same holds for the saying "Black people are our own worst enemies". Meaning, until you look outside of that saying, you'll never see who's responsible for getting you and your people to hate themselves. 

Black people in america go through an intensive conditioning process over the course of 18 years to be taught to hate themselves in schools. Damn near every book a Black person reads in school tells them they should hate being Black. And this doesn't include the sublime programming you're gonna' get from movies and TV. 

*Side Note: If you're a young Black person reading this, I still encourage you to get a High School Diploma and a collegiate degree, but understand what the game is while you acquire these certificates; because if you have both sets of knowledge, then you'll truly be powerful.

So if you wanna' know why exposing white supremacy is at the nucleus of what you'll see on this blog, review all the reasons I've just given.

Like I say on this Blog's other page titled: "More about me and this blog", I warn people emphatically, that this Blog is not for squeamish anglophiles.

So when it comes to pale-skinned inbreds, I gotta' tell it like it is, or I can't tell it. 

And if you can't handle that, there's a million other blogs on this site that will cater to your "ethnically-neutral" tastes. 

Go visit one. 


MontUHURU Mimia

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