Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The virutes of segregation (Part 3)...The ballad of Ray Robinson...

Perry Ray Robinson Jr., was born on September 12th, 1937, in Washington D.C.

Ray was reared in the 'Civil Rights' and 'integration' struggles of the fifties, and according to people who knew him was at the Washington Mall on the day Martin Luther King jr., made his famous 'I have a dream' speech. He also attended the 1964 funeral of three white civil rights workers killed in Mississippi. And in 1968, Robinson was among the protesters who set up Resurrection City, a camp at the Washington Mall. 

"Ray was always involved in justice for everybody," said his younger sister, Naima Latif of Pittsboro, N.C. "He was a nonconformist to the status quo. If it was unjust, he wouldn't go along with it."  

Even the way Robinson filled out his children's birth certificates showed his disdain for separating people by ethnicity. Instead of filling in the blank next to "Negro" or "colored," he crossed it out and wrote
in "human" each time.  

In a quest to further display his 'human' solidarity, Ray volunteered to travel to South Dakota's, 'Pine Ridge Indian Reservation', in April of 1973. There, he stood alongside american indians in their fight against the machinations of white supremacy. He integrated himself into the ranks of the 'american indian movement' (or AIM), and their occupation of the reservation village of 'Wounded Knee' in South Dakota. 

This stand off against factions of american federal officers and american indians lasted 71 days, and left two indian tribal members dead and a federal agent seriously wounded. And unfortunately, it also took the life of brotha Ray Robinson.  

Now, you might be thinking, Ray fought valiantly against the american federal agents, which ultimately brought about his demise; but you'd be wrong. Ray was not killed by american authorities, he was killed by members of AIM, who mistook him for a federal agent. Simply because he was Black.

Some reports even say he was 'tortured', then murdered, by these american indians.  

Buswell-Robinson, of Detroit, Ray's wife, said her husband's nonviolent approach conflicted with the violent situation at Wounded Knee and it's possible AIM members suspected he was a federal informant. The personable, 6-foot-2 black man with a deep baritone voice, would have stood out on a midwest american indian reservation, she said.

According to the FBI documents, an unidentified cooperating witness told agents that, "Robinson had been tortured and murdered within the AIM occupation perimeter, and then his remains were buried 'in the hills'."

Any search or excavation attempts would likely be complicated by the reservation's sovereign status. Buswell-Robinson and her two daughters, traveled to Wounded Knee in 2004 to walk areas that Robinson likely walked, but they came back without answers. For years, they've been trying to locate Ray's remains to give him a proper burial.

And for decades, AIM leaders have denied knowledge of Robinson's death. One witness told agents that AIM leader Vernon Bellecourt, who died in 2007, knew Robinson had been killed and, "made a statement to the effect that AIM had 'really managed to keep a tight lid on that one' over the years'."

Clyde Bellecourt, AIM's co-founder, when asked about Ray, questioned why the FBI wasn't spending its time investigating the many unsolved american indian deaths during 'Wounded Knee'.

"There's never been a grand jury hearing on any of them." Clyde said.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I'd like you to take this story into consideration the next time you or any other Black person wants to brag about having 'indian in your family'.

Recently, I got into a heated debate with a so-called native american, behind his extolling the virtues of the 'white moral highground'. Firstly, Black people are the real 'native americans', 'cause we were here before them; look up the 'Washitaw Moors' if you want to know who was in america before the american indians. Second, when I asked how this american indian could talk about the virtues of white people, after what they'd done to his people, he told me his people's 'casinos' were making them rich and they didn't pay federal taxes. When I asked if he was personally rich from his people owning casinos, I didn't hear back from him. Moreover, if they are indigenous people, like they claim, why are they paying any american taxes?

Moving on...

So, I'm relaying this story here to tell Black people, it's high time we stopped talking about the many benefits of 'multi-culturalism'. This mainstreamed multicultural campaign is just a ruse used by white and other non-white americans, to tell Black people that we shouldn't ever think about ourselves exclusively in the context of human rights struggles. And, it's telling us we shouldn't follow the examples of every other ethnic group, who only think about themselves. 

Like I've said before in this blog, the 'integration' initiatives of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King jr., were just tricks played on Black people to make us walk away from the thriving business economy we'd created separate from the american social order. Meaning, our dollars were getting too powerful, so whitey had to figure out a way to get them in his/her pockets. 

And again, the reason we did walk away from our own businesses, was we'd been conditioned by white fascists, especially in the american educational system, to love them and hate ourselves. So we thought, any closer proximity to whites would be a boom for Black people. And we bit the bait. And white fascists knew we would, 'cause they understood how they'd conditioned us. 

So I've said all that to say this...THE BLACK DIASPORA HAS NO FRIENDS!



Remember, our strength is not in our dollars, but in our UNITY! 

So that's what's needed to get outta' this white supremacist induced, mental strangle-hold we're in. 

Now again, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, ask yourself: do you care whether or not Black people unite for their betterment? Do you care about healing the rift between the Black man and woman so we can save the Black family?

Now, if you don't, you've wasted your time coming to my Blog in the first place. But if you do, the first step is not trying to convince every Black person to adopt your opinion, the first step is changing YOUR OWN MIND!

How we get outta' this, is ridding ourselves of the self-hatred bred into us by white supremacists and their institutions. It involves you doing the work, especially at the subconscious level, to stop feeling inferior to every other ethnic group because of your color. 

And even if you don't wanna' do any of the subconscious work to change, if we can collectively acknowledge what's been done to us, we'll be able to see ourselves and each other in a different light. 

So let's get to work!

Ma'at Hotep!

MontUHURU Mimia


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  1. I love your blog. Keep the truth coming

    1. ThANKHS for your comment Jareka!

      I hope you continue to see things you like here!

      Ma'at Hotep! (Roughly meaning peace and justice in the Medu Netcher)

  2. Great article...

    I've stated this once before and I will state it again....

    Black folks could very easily develop all kinds of businesses and possess a significant position in the economy of the WORLD if we could simply do one thing........ STOP COHORTING (kissing ass..... maybe literally ) with so many of these other folks (whites, indians, spanish, asians, etc.) and START tending to building up individual Black families and then Black communities. I know for a fact that the other races of people almost NEVER attempt to help Black organizations and shop at Black businesses. Most non-black women will never encourage a Black man to start a African American mutual investment group. Most non-blacks will never encourage a Black man to open a convenience store in the ghetto....she will say, "but honey, it's so dangerous over there, let's go to the whitey area where it's safer, then... I'll give you my money. "

    Over the years, I've learned a lot about how this game is played, some call it life. I call it nonsense.

    No one can start building a community unless the Black man FIRST go back to where he left his displaced kids and angry ex and start rebuilding trust and hope in the home again. It's amazing to see Black men trying to talk about something, but he can't say anything to help another brother, sister or his own children. IMO, most Black men are not given a privilege to tell me anything, especially if they have 5 kids that they can't locate or communicate with. Many people don't realize it's all about building that next generation that can do something positive and lasting for Blacks. Where is the next generation???? In all of the displaced children in the foster homes and at home alone waiting on momma to get off from work. Black women are in a spiritual and emotional struggle to keep producing the next Black generation of kids. The struggle lies in the fact that many Black men, in my own opinion, have gone mentally insane in turning gay/bisexual or simply plain ole cuckoo and choosing to forego having kids. My question is if Black man decides to cut off his seed and not reproduce, then where are the next generation of Black babies going to come from??? These types of men have no reason to be on Earth and are useless!!!

    YOU-->Black man, who can join whatever kind of stupid organization to justify being a weak a** gay, but can't make your child support payments......shut-up!

    1. 'Veronica'...

      I understand the reasons why you have some animosity towards Black men, but I'm hoping you'll take these facts into consideration...

      Firstly, I'm NOT any kind of exception, if you think I am; now what I'm meaning when I say this is, there's literally hundreds of Black men who ARE single, childless and financially stable if not secure, who are fully capable of loving their children, should they produce any. So, just the fact that you found my Blog, on some level, should kind of give you some confirmation of this.

      Second, there are not only hundreds of Black men who come from a stable home, but there's hundreds raising their children in one as well. Now, do we need more...absolutely, But let's not forget one factor, no one is taught to hate themselves, especially in the american educational system, like our people are. And this is purposely done to destroy the Black 'nuclear' family. Because again, we have the most genetic power to breed white people out of existence. So a Black man or woman existing anywhere, is a threat to them everywhere.

      Thirdly, I want you to think about this: no other ethnic group is taught that they're ancestors were slaves, except US! This is also done purposely to keep us hating ourselves and each other. What whitey won't tell you is, the very word 'slave' comes from the white 'Slavs' or 'Slavic' people, and again, YugoSLAVIA was an entire country named for its white slaves.

      So it's important that we see how over the course of decades, the only message we get about ourselves is a reinforced self-hatred meant to keep us apart.

      And it's imperative that we see this FIRST when we look at ANY kind of dysfunction displayed by the Black Diaspora, 'cause it's ALL a direct result of the conditioning we get in the so-called american educational system.

      If Black men and women can keep these facts in the forefront of their minds, then we can begin to see each other differently and hopefully this can heal the rift between us.

      And I think you already know that the mainstreaming of homosexuality is directly targeted at US! So we know the spreading of this 'deathstyle' is nothing organic at all...and we have to guard our minds against it.

      So I'm hoping this gives you some food for thought, and I'm hoping this can ease the animosity you're holding for Black men somewhat.

      What do you think?

      I'm curious to know if what I've said makes any practical sense to you, or do you think I'm just indulging in a Black Nationalist 'pipe dream' of sorts?

      Thanks for commenting...and I'll wait to hear back from you!

  3. I do apologize if I sounded as if I had some sort of animosity towards all Black men. That's definitely not the case and did not desire for it to come across as such. I realize there are some Black men who are taking care of their business and don't need to be told, coerced or forced. My earlier statement speaks to those who are reading the post and feel 'some type of way' because they know who its referring to.

  4. .......Moreover, although I do acknowledge and understand your processes of change from within. I also feel that their are some Blacks who will never love themselves or others like him/her, thus, these individuals should be left to their own wayward lives.

  5. I do apologize if I sounded as if I had some sort of animosity towards all Black men. That's definitely not the case and did not desire for it to come across as such. I realize there are some Black men who are taking care of their business and don't need to be told, coerced or forced. My earlier statement speaks to those who are reading the post and feel 'some type of way' because they know who its referring to.

  6. I do apologize if I sounded as if I had some sort of animosity towards all Black men. That's definitely not the case and did not desire for it to come across as such. I realize there are some Black men who are taking care of their business and don't need to be told, coerced or forced. My earlier statement speaks to those who are reading the post and feel 'some type of way' because they know who its referring to.

    1. 'Veronica'...

      No need to apologize, I do understand that emotions run deep when it comes to the topical schism or rift existing between Black men and women.

      I just want us all to keep in mind that whatever dysfunction we see exhibited in the Black Diaspora, has been conditioned into us by white fascists. ALL OF IT!

      And I don't think enough of us realize this, if we did, we could see ourselves and each other differently. Cause again, NONE OF US ARE BORN THIS WAY! We go through a very intensive conditioning process to become this socially destabilized.

      I also understand that some Black people are what I call 'anglophilic goners', and they don't want to or never will change their love for white people. But being the curator of this Blog, I have to hope beyond hope, that maybe something I say may get through to them. At least semi-consciously.

      As always, thanks for your comment!

  7. Of all the seminars and Pro-Black (sorry that was the name) meetings I attended in the course of my life, your blog is truly the very best.

  8. Been saying this for years. I used to ride that "multiculturalism" bandwagon until I saw brown men killing Black men, women and children when I lived in LA. I was infuriated -- I always thought Black and Brown was supposed to stick together? Yeah, I got my wake-up call from all that "rainbow coalition" bull. No more. WE (Black folks) gotta stick together, I no longer fight under that "people of color" banner anymore. Immigration and inclusionism has ALWAYS hurt Black people, and its been a very effective weapon to weaken the Black base here and abroad. From South Africa, to Uganda to the Caribbean/South America -- the US is no different. Those Latinos are NOT our friends, nor any other so-called minority group. Black folk have to stop this sick need to include 'others' in our struggle, or get involved with theirs. Let them work our their own issues, b/c at the end of the day, all isht rolls downhill, and we are at the bottom of it, we bear the brunt of it ALL. We don't need their support, history has shown time and time again, that all we need is EACHOTHER.