Saturday, January 31, 2015

The virtues of segregation (Part 2) The movie 'Selma' and the cult of Black masochism...

Originally, I wasn't going to write about the movie 'Selma'; 'cause I basically knew, this movie would serve as another trigger to get Black folks to hate themselves via more imagery of us being brutalized trying to get the right to sit or stand next to a white person. Then I had a change of heart, behind a gathering I was within earshot of at my local library.

A middle-aged Black woman led five young Black girls, the oldest appeared to be about seven or eight, into the library's lounge; which I happened to be seated next to. She began waxing philosophic about Black women heroines of the past, and I thought that sounded pretty positive. The girls took a vote on which biography they wanted read to them; the choice was between Coretta Scott King or Rosa Parks. Being that we've all been force-fed the iconography of Dr. King, the girls voted on Coretta. But somehow, the Black woman mentor gave up talking about Coretta and began speaking about Rosa.

The woman mentor went through the usual paces of talking about Rosa Parks not giving up her seat to a white man, before the lecture took a strange turn. This woman began asking the girls whether or not Rosa was brave for not giving up her seat to the white man on the bus, so she could start the initiative to integrate the bus system and this country. The girls all agreed Rosa was indeed brave. Then the Black woman began talking about Rosa having to go to jail to start the integration initiative, i.e. the 'Civil Rights' movement. A second later, this woman asked the girls, would they be willing to go to jail in support of the integration movement? Then I turned around and shot this woman a perplexed look. She didn't see me 'cause her back was turned to me. The woman continued asking the girls in different ways, if they'd be brave enough to go to prison in support of integration. I was thinking about saying something to this woman, when another Black woman working for the library, came and told her that the room they usually use was now free; so the small class moved out of the lounge and into this room.

After the small group of girls went in this room, a sign was put on the door saying, 'Meeting in session, do not disturb'. My head couldn't stop shaking.

Now, this would be insidious enough if it were a group of young Black boys being asked this, but this woman was asking this of young Black GIRLS! What this woman was imparting to these Black girls was the notion that they should be ready to literally lay their lives on the line for the privilege of standing or sitting next to a white person.

And this again, ultimately, is the message of the movie 'Selma'.

Now, I'm not gonna' lie and say I saw this movie, 'cause I haven't...and I won't. To me, this is one in a long line of cavalcade of stars coon show flicks, in the spirit of: '12 years a slave', 'The Help', 'The Butler', 'Django Unchained', etc. And when I watched the trailer of this flick, what I saw repulsed me. There's one moment in the trailer I'll include at the end of this post, where a state trooper at the march on the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, puts razor wire around a bat, for the up-coming slaughter of our people. There's another moment where the actor playing Martin King introduces himself to a white man, who punches him in the face a second after. A moment later, you see Martin with an ice-pack on his face, uttering the words, “Man, that white boy sure can hit.” Now this is doing two things, one, it's quelling the white man's inferiority complex around his being physically weaker than a Black man; and two, it's telling Black adults, like the woman mentor in the library was doing with those children, that we as Black people, should be masochists when it comes to trying to gain, or keep, a close proximity to white people...who are killing us!

And that's the main tenet of this film folks, to tell the Black Diaspora how we should continue to love these inbreds, literally, TO DEATH!

And, at the base layer of this crap flick, again, is the good 'ole psychological trigger of Black people watching themselves being brutalized, so as to make sure our minds stay anchored in the self-hatred these people have bred into us. Good night at the pictures, huh?

Now, as of late, I've begun talking on this Blog about the virtues of segregation, hence, the title of this post. And what I always want to make perfectly clear is, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I'm not telling you to pack a bag and get on the next thing smokin' to Africa. But if you have the financial wherewithal to do so and that's the choice you've made, more power to you. For myself and the overwhelming majority of Black folks in america, it's not that simple. Not only have we built lives here, but it takes an organized infrastructure to make this transition on a massive scale. And we all need food, clothing and shelter in the meantime. But, I say our 'long-term' goal should be building a nation, or nation state where ethnic homogeneity, on our terms, would mean we could work for an economy that is literally, for us, by us. But before we can achieve any of this, we have to rid our selves of the self-hatred that movies like 'Selma' are hell-bent on reinforcing. And, whether we, the Black Diaspora, like it or not, we're going to face another period of segregation in this country. What's coming behind this massive wave of gentrification in america, is our people being put into areas where we have less access to resources, especially the resource of public transportation. Whitey feels we have too much access to stores, trains, buses, and other vital goods in the areas he's sequestered us into. So, white fascists are hell-bent on putting poor Black folks in rural areas, where you have to get pretty much of everything, and where you have to get everywhere, by car. And if you don't have one, then they can more easily restrict your access to damn near everything.

But again, before building any kind of sovereign nation, our diaspora has to get back to square one, which is, how do we recondition ourselves out of our self-hatred?

Now, my answer will always be, by accessing the subconscious through a means of meditation. And, beyond the fact that I'm working on a technique allowing anyone to access the subconscious in under five minutes, which I'll share with the family soon; I understand, the majority of our diaspora are really not gonna' take to this. So I say to those who really want to rid themselves of this self-loathing, that you should find what works best for you. Whether it be positive visualization, self-hypnosis, or some sort of chanting ritual. But whatever you do, don't think you're gonna' pray this away, 'cause you won't. Like I said in a previous post, prayer changes things, but one thing it doesn't change is behavior. Find a way to get into your subconscious, so you'll see some tangible results. 'Cause again, ten 'hail marys' and five renditions of the 'lord's prayer' ain't gonna' cut it.

And, it could be that my generation is too far gone to be saved from this self-hatred, but we should do all we can to help our youth rid themselves of this. 'Cause if we do this seriously and diligently, we could see a change in our people in a matter of two or three decades.

Now, will we do all this before it's too late? Ultimately, that's the greatest question of all. So let's get to work...and the sooner, the better.


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the 'Selma' trailer I spoke about earlier, this footage let me know that this was a movie I needed to miss.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The lowly nature of white women (Part 3)...The legacy of Lana Wachowski...

A couple of years back, I remember watching the 'reality' TV show, 'Going for Broke', starring comedian Eddie Griffin.

And in one particular episode, he went to consult with a spiritualist versed in the disciplines of astronomy, astrology, and an assortment of spiritual sciences; he was doing this to rid himself of some kind of emotional distress. Now, when he got to this person's house, the spiritualist turned out to be a white woman with African 'locks' in her hair. I was immediately taken aback.

I saw how she had altars erected in her house and several talisman strewn about her 'work-space', and basically, how she was copying the stylings of a Black vudun/voodoo priestess. And I was like, check this out. She successfully cured Eddie of his emotional ailment, and made some suggestions for him to build an altar in his home. Now, Eddie was sent to this woman by his white supremacist freemasonic handlers, the same ones who created his TV and Las Vegas show opportunities that were opening up for him. And in a later episode of his reality show, he affirmed his affiliation with these white secret societies by throwing up the hand gesture known as the 'Baphomet', which is almost exclusively used by these inbred freemasons. (Google 'the Baphomet hand sign' if you don't know what I mean) It was about this time that I realized how EVERY secret society’s biggest secret, is that they're ALL PRACTICING THE SCIENCES OF OUR ANCIENT BLACK ANCESTORS! Then the white woman spiritualist with locks made sense.

Now, a couple of months back, I wrote about sista Sophia Stewart and how she wrote the story that became the movies 'The Matrix' and 'The Terminator'; and how she won a multi-million dollar settlement from Warner Bros. Movie studios, for their theft of her script. On the frontlines of this theft were the Wachowski siblings, formerly known as the Wachowski 'brothers'. We can't call them 'brothers' anymore because one of the Wachowski's, namely Larry Wachowski, had a sex change operation and is now 'Lana' Wachowski. Which shows you how mentally stable he, or she, was and is. But recently, I was watching a movie clip of the Keanu Reeves documentary, 'Side by side', the same guy who played 'Neo' in 'The Matrix' ironically enough; and he spoke to the Wachowski siblings. And lo and behold, good 'ole Lana Wachowski now has 'locks' in her hair; as my header shows. My mind immediately flashed back to the Eddie Griffin TV show episode with the white female spiritualist. And that's when I knew why they both wore, and are wearing, the hairstyle of our ancestors.

The Black Diaspora needs to understand that not only do locks look good, but our knotted and coiled hair acts like an antenna connecting us to higher spiritual frequencies. To get a deeper explanation of this, see my Blog post titled, 'The cult of the curly-haired, light-skinned, bi-ethnic looking Black girl'. Our hair and melantated bodies are the reasons we can be more 'civil' and 'humane', 'cause our melanin especially, gives us a sense of empathy for living beings that white people are entirely lacking. This also results in our sense of rhythm, our heightened intuition and our ability to make good decisions under pressure; which is the truest definition of being 'smart'. You're probably saying, how smart are Black people if we're so quick to hate and hurt each other. Well, then you have to look at how we're conditioned to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet. Understand, the history lessons you and I got in pre, middle and high schools, were engineered to destroy our esteem. All that focusing on slavery, with the accounts of torture, rape and separation of our families, was foisted on us to make us hate ourselves more than anyone else. And it worked. The white supremacist inbred's campaign to fill us full of self-loathing was beyond a success.

Now, in the wake of Sophia Stewart's victory, she is being hailed as the 'Mother of the Matrix'. And this grates on Larry, I mean Lana's, last nerve. Because he, she or it, wants to be credited with the ingenuity of that script and story. Lana wants to be lauded, especially now that he/she's a 'woman', as the Matrix movie's true 'mother'. And what better way to tap into the essence of our Black melanted bodies and minds, than donning locks in her
hair. To the left is a picture of this she-male proclaiming her pride as a 'superjew'. Now, if Lana's so proud to be jewish, why's she wearing locks? And if you say this is in deference to the religion's African roots, remember, WHITE JEWS HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Now, I'm not talking about the jewish friend you have at work, or the isreali pal you might play badminton with on the weekends; I'm talking about these groups of white people collectively. Now, I know I'm dating myself with this statement, but I'll never forget the day myself and a Black woman friend went to go see 'Schindler's List' at the movies (if you've never heard of this movie, google it). 

I swear, I'd never been treated worse by a movie-going audience in my life. These pale-skinned degenerates were like, how dare you come see this film? And all the while, I'm wondering, why the hell are they mad at me and my woman friend? I tell you, I'd been better received that night if I was a white skinhead. That's why I have NO SYMPATHY OR EMPATHY FOR THEIR HOLOCAUST...NOT FOR A SECOND! At least they got billions of dollars for their suffering, Black folks haven't seen dime one of reparations for our holocaust in this country. And when we do bring up the subject of reparations to any white person, jews included, these inbreds actually get MAD at us! Unbelievable. I remember watching a public access cable show called, 'The jewish task force' years ago, and all these people talked about was how much they hated Black people. The host and whatever other inbred he had on, never talked about the rising wave of neo-nazism globally, they didn't see this as a problem, the only problem they saw in the world was having to co-exist with us.

But back to Larry, I mean Lana...

It's bad enough this she-male was exposed as a fraud, but now via wearing Black dresses and locks in her hair, she's trying to look as spiritually minded as the woman who created the Matrix mythology. But here's why this he/she will never look like anything but the sexually confused inbred she is...

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I want you to remember one thing from reading this Blog, if you remember nothing else; and that is, you and I, being born into Black bodies, means we WON THE ETHNIC LOTTERY!!

AND THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE, WE WON BECAUSE OUR GOD SAW FIT FOR US TO BE PUT INTO THE BODY OF THE CLOSEST REPRESENTATION OF HIM/HER THERE IS ON THIS PLANET!! This is why we are the indigenous people of this earth. We populated every continent on it, and were here before anyone else. And, the whole of the human race not only came through us, but we can create every other type of man/woman, while none of them can create one of us. Now, this is anathema to everything we get taught in schools; that's because whitey doesn't want us feeling superior to them—and they sure as hell don't want us knowing we have the most power to breed them out of existence.

And this is why they'll sing, dance, dress, and talk like you, while making you hate yourself. This is the game of white supremacy. If you're a Black woman reading this, why do you think Lana and the rest of these white women, inject silicone into their lips and backsides, to make them look like yours? Why do you think they tan themselves, if they can't stand dark skin? White women are even starting to wear weaves and extensions 'cause you made them popular. If you're a Black man reading this, why do you think white men not only spend millions tanning themselves, but millions buying and smoking cigars, which are really replicas of a Black phallus, to make them look as genetically dominant as you are? They, and their women especially, know how you have the ability to create every other type of man while none of them can create one of you.

So regardless of how much Black attire Larry, I mean Lana wears, or how many locks she puts in her hair, or how she might tan herself damn near brown; what she doesn't realize is these are all superficial affectations that won't get her/him any closer to the spiritual access/ingenuity needed to EVER replicate Sophia Stewart's work. Larry, I mean Lana, will always be stuck in the position of the pale-skinned degenerate; wanting desperately to be born into a Black body, so she can have access to the ingenuity/spirituality of the Black mind.

But that's what she gets for being a deceitful inbred.



MontUHURU Mimia 


If you wanna' look at my Blog post about our hair being spiritual antennas, you can see it by clicking here. 

And here's the video that inspired this Blog, showing Larry/Lana in all her/his sexually conflicted, she-male glory. Notice when she describes the editing of films, she uses the example of a baby's picture, then she follows it up by talking about a picture of a dead body. No matter what these inbreds do, they can't separate themselves from their intrinsically homicidal natures.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dr. Phil Valentine and what the Black christian and 'conscious' communities have in common...

I remember back in late 2013, one of my favorite metaphysicians, Dr. Phil Valentine, was slated to have one of his lectures in Harlem, NYC. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule and other commitments, I didn't attend this lecture and regretted it afterwards.

Fast forward to 2015. Recently, I was poring over YouTube videos, and came across a recording of the Dr. Phil lecture I missed in 2013, so I clicked on to watch it.

Now, to my surprise, this lecture was about proving who Barack Obama really is. I say this was surprising 'cause Dr. Phil usually deals with the occult practices of our ancestor's Black spiritual sciences. He's usually waxing philosophic about themes like sacred geometry and how whites have stolen our spiritual sciences and given us religion so the Black Diaspora will be less powerful. But since it was Dr. Phil, I watched the lecture anyway. When I finished viewing his speech, I was actually glad I didn't attend his lecture. Here's why...

Now, Dr. Phil went through the paces of showing how Barack Obama is tied to white supremacist freemasons, no surprise there; but he also exposed how Barack's original name was Bari Malik Shabazz, who was born in New York City instead of Hawaii, and how 'Barack' has several social security numbers associated with his name. But truthfully, I understood who Barack had to be to even get his position, so again, that stuff wasn't a surprise to me. Beyond this, Dr. Phil said he'd been contacted by white 'birthers' who wanted to discredit Barack and said he'd went on a radio show with one to bring out some of the evidence he found. The reason I thought that was a mistake was white people don't really want to know the truth about Barack's past, they just want him discredited because he's Black. Period. I notice none of the 'birthers' ever acknowledge the fact that John McCain was not born in america. John McCain was born in Panama! Don't take my word for this, go look it up. Now, what they'd come back with is the fact that McCain was born on an 'american' army base in Panama, so technically, this makes him american. But could you imagine if this was the case with Barack? These gun-toting, survivalist inbreds would wage a full-blown revolution in this country. Then, the lecture took an even more dastardly turn.

About mid-way into the lecture, Dr. Phil read from one of his books, 'The wounded womb', and basically said that 'jews don't like white people'. He also went on to say, some pale-skinned degenerate calling himself a jew, told him how their main objective is to have their 'race' proclaimed as kings of this earth and how they wanna' make the 'gentiles', all the rest of us, their slaves.

Now, let's get a few things clear right off the bat: 'judaism' isn't an 'ethnicity' or a 'race', it's a 'religion'...PERIOD! Meaning, NO ONE IS BORN JEWISH!

Every Black person reading this needs to have a crystal clear understanding of that fact. Now, there are certain facial features or traits we attribute to jews, like dark hair and eyes, but ultimately, these are WHITE PEOPLE WHO'VE ADOPTED THE JEWISH RELIGION...PERIOD! So the statement that 'jews' don't like white people is just meant to confuse the Black Diaspora, because in this case, the JEWS ARE WHITE PEOPLE. 

Every white jew can trace their ancestry back to some country in europe; their 'religious' home though, they will attribute to isreal. But another thing they don't want Black people to know is that isreal IS IN AFRICA. This is where the religion began and this is the continent isreal is connected to. Some people say isreal is connected to 'middle eastern asia' which is geographically incorrect. Firstly, if you look at a map, you'll see isreal is clearly tethered to Egypt, which of course, is also in Africa. And what whites call the 'middle east' is really 'southern asia'; and this is where whites claim isreal really is. Funny though, I've never heard a jew refer to themselves as 'asian', have you? Isreal sits on the tectonic plate of the continent of Africa, but don't tell a white jew that unless you're ready for an argument. Even the titles jew and judaism come from one of our ancient Black African deities 'Djehuty'; and europeans just abbreviated this name to call themselves 'jews'. Truthfully, half of them can't even rightfully call themselves jews because the majority of them don't practice their religion. They just give themselves this title.

Now, the sentiment that jews don't like whites coming from someone like Dr. Phil, a Black 'master teaching' metaphysician, makes the message all the more dangerous. Now their might be some tribal or 'class' issues between jews and other white people, but that all goes away when these two groups of whites continually gang up against the Black Diaspora. That's why my 'religion', if I have one at all, will always be Black Nationalism. 'Cause this does away with any petty tribal or 'clique-ish' in-fighting that might arise between Black people with differing ideologies. And what makes Black Nationalism exquisitely dope is any Black person can keep whatever religion or ideology they're tethered to, just so long as under the auspices of Black Nationalism, we put those nonsensical differences aside when it comes time to fight off whites, asians, or any other kind of non-Black people.

Now, as I continued listening to the lecture, it got even more insidious. Because Dr. Phil stated that the elite coteries of jews, in the interest of some sort of ethnic harmony, would forbid the mating of whites with other whites. So their greatest and most dangerous enemy, the 'white man', could be bred out of existence. So, what Dr. Phil specified, according to this jew, is they will force Black men and women to mate with white men and women in an effort to rid the planet of the pure-bred 'white' menance. 

Now, before I respond to the last point, I want everyone reading this to know that Dr. Phil began his lecture with a ritual blessing ceremony. He recited a blessing in the Medu Netcher (our people's original language) and at the end of that, he asked the audience to recite the words 'Ma'at Kheru'; this roughly translates to the term 'truer voice'. Now, I do know a few words of the Medu Netcher myself, and I know the word or diety 'Ma'at', not only deals with truth and justice, but also 'balance'. And what viewing this lecture told me was for far too long I've been hard on the Black christian community, and not hard enough on the Black 'conscious' community. And I think the Black conscious community may be just as bad as the christians. Here's why...

The majority of Black people have christianity forced or foisted on them in childhood as the only way to attain any kind of moral compass. But when we get older and can decide for ourselves where we'll invest our energies, as far as spiritual matters go, a lot of us turn to the Black conscious community looking for some sort of ethical alternative. I know I did. And if you don't have the intellectual curiosity, or the time, to research and investigate the info. you're getting out of the conscious community, you'll take what they say, internalize it, and live your life accordingly. Case in point, the aforementioned statement Dr. Phil made saying that elite jews are going to manipulate whites into mating with Blacks, so whites could be bred out of existence. Now, if you were to take this statement at face value, it could make some sense. But if you filter this statement through your melanated mind, you'll see this is a trick white jews are playing on 'conscious' Black folks. 'Cause who the white jews will really be getting rid of by manipulating Blacks and whites to mate with each other is the PURE-BRED BLACK MAN AND WOMAN; WHO CAN BREED BOTH WHITES AND WHITE JEWS OUT OF EXISTENCE! See what I'm saying.

There was another instance recently, where I was watching a lecture given by the occultist teacher 'Brother Panic'. Now, this brotha's teaching style deals with the use of too much profanity for my tastes, but, his methods are right on and righteous. I've used one of the divinations I've learned from him quite extensively and it's helped me a lot. But in this particular lecture of his, he was talking about people signing up for his classes. He said he had a reasonable payment plan for those who might be hurting financially; then he said, one of the payment methods he discontinued was one where he collected the course fee after his lectures. He then said he had to stop that because, and I quote: “You know...nig@ers”. There was another instance where a very knowledgeable brotha named 'Tariq Nasheed' was speaking at a radio show, and when someone called in and said a fight broke out amongst some 'conscious' brothas, Tariq said, “Yeah, I heard they were acting 'nig@erish'. Now, brotha Tariq is also very knowledgeable and created a very powerful series of documentaries called 'Hidden Colors', that talks about the Black roots of every ethnicity and culture.

Now, if you've looked at this Blog for a hot minute, you know I've written posts about the origins of the 'n-word'; and for the record, this word comes from our original language I mentioned previously, the Medu Netcher. In that language the word 'Negus' means 'King'. It was a title. Coincidentally, this is where the english get the word 'Regis' from, which also means king, as in the words 'registrar' or 'registration'. The word 'Nagas' was the name of a ruling ancient Black tribe in asia, and that very word means divine. Now, the words Negus and Nagas is where the river 'Niger' got its name from. And when the pale-skinned degenerates we know as white people came to take us from our home land, especially around the areas of the Niger river; when they got us to the shores of ameica, they would crook their fingers and say to us, “Come over here you 'Niger'.” And from this use of the word Niger, came the white deragatory term 'nig@er'.

But back to my point about brothas 'Panic' and 'Tariq'; now, I understand they know the history of this word, but for the Black person just getting this information or looking to these brothas for some kind of alternate spiritual guidance or ethics, what are they to think? Know that when you as a Black person hear the 'n-word' used in a context of negative behaviors exhibited by our people, this triggers your white supremacist induced hatred for not only yourself, but your people too. And I'm sure they understand this but they're not doing anything about it. They must also know or should acknowledge, how Black people are made to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet.

But getting back to Dr. Phil's lecture, after he finished, he opened up the floor for questions. One Black woman asked how could we survive the rise of jewish power and the next world war as he explained in the latter part of his lecture. And Dr. Phil said, “Well, that will take some has to do with coming together in coalitions...” Which means that Dr. Phil and I have come to the same conclusion, that being, what we need and the only thing that will save us, is UNITY!!

Here's the problem though, a people can't have any unity if they hate themselves and each other. And this is why I talk ad nauseum about meditation and reconditioning the subconscious mind, 'CAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY WAY WE'RE GONNA' GET OUT OF OUR WHITE FASCIST INDUCED SELF-HATRED!!


Now, the last picture on the right of my triptyched header, is one of a 'conscious' brotha who puts on a lot of conscious 'debates' and his name is Sa Neter. He is the leader of a think tank called the 'House of Konsciousness'. And in this think tank you have every stripe of conscious Black brotha, you've got Black Moors, Muslims, Black Isrealites, Atheists, etc. Only this organization is just like the Black church, whereas they have so many denominations and dueling ideologies, that they never get together to get anything done. And you also need to know that at the head of every religious or conscious faction I've named, is a group of white supremacist freemasons running the show. Sa Neter's one himself.


And again, you don't have to give up your current religion or philosophies to be for Black unity, you just have to understand one thing: when a group of us get together, we should drop ALL our petty differences so we can fight off any force attacking us.

This brothas and sistas, is our ONLY salvation.


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The gospel of white supremacy (Part 4)...The mythology of William Shakespeare...

In my ninth grade english class, I remember my pallid teacher telling every student, including myself, “I don't know why you kids don't like to read, 'cause when you were slaves, you weren't allowed to.” Now, mind you, the overwhelming majority of the students in my class were Black. So, this said three things about the imbecilic inbred teaching us; one, he didn't realize that damn near everything we were reading, in this and every other american school, was teaching us to hate ourselves; two, the fact that we didn't want to read this white supremacist, self-hate inducing crap was a sign of intelligence on our part; and three, this white man had no understanding, or didn't want to have an understanding, of just how wicked an agenda his people had for us from the cradle to the grave.

Side note: A couple of hours before I sat to write this, I was in an elevator with a Black man who was sharing anecdotes about how he saw young Black men primarily, raising hell on the city streets. He was telling everyone on the elevator how these young Black men were 'idiots', to which I replied, “The real idiots are the parents who raised them to be that way.” He then went on to tell me how he had a daughter who had three children by different fathers, mind you, I didn't know he had kids; but I could tell my statements had, for the first time in his life, made him realize he was at fault for his daughter's behavior. He still kept trying to make the point that these kids not having any sense was solely their fault. I shot back telling him how the biggest determining factor of whether a kid is successful or not, are the parents that raised them; and I told him kids can't be adults, someone's gotta' provide them with a positive example. I could tell no one had really introduced him to this concept before. And he had a pensive look on his face telling me he really pondered what I'd said. After I left the elevator, he turned to a person who was still on the elevator car and asked them, “What do you think?” Ultimately, I don't think he changed his mind, but it did give him some food for thought. Unfortunately, this is the opinion of the average Black man and woman towards our children. And while this man is thinking this way about our children, he loves the white fascist oppressor who has him hating himself and his people. 'Cause like I've said in previous posts, the mental process this man is engaged in, whether he knows it or not, is this: his hatred of young Black men leads to him hating Black people and not wanting to be around them, and this ultimately leads him to hating himself. Damn this pisses me off, and we have no idea we're even doing this. And I was also thinking, one of the worst ways we've abused our children was during the whole 'integration' fiasco. I don't understand how any sane Black man or woman could send their eight to ten year old into an angry white mob to integrate a school. To push our children in the direction of a bunch of rednecks holding bricks and bats so they could sit next to one, is beyond child abuse; in my opinion.

But back to the topic...

In every one of my english classes, I'd been taught how the gold standard of literature, in any category, was 'the Bard' Shakespeare. From 'Macbeth' to 'Romeo and Juliet', I'd been conditioned to believe this man was the best writer of all times. Years later, I remember watching an episode of a PBS program called 'Theater Talk'; and on it was another white english teacher who had written a book called 'Contested Will'. Before he talked about the book, he shared an anecdote about his giving a lecture on Shakespeare and said a young person told him, his brother found out that Shakespeare didn't write those plays. This was the first time I'd heard that. I was determined to do some research on this at the time, but got side-tracked by other things I had going on. Recently though, I came across a movie entitled, 'Anonymous', about the fraudulent life of Will Shakespeare. After seeing some clips, I was determined to find out if Will's story, or stories, were fallacious or not. And here's what I found...

Now, there's a faction of scholars called, 'Anti-Stratfordians', being that Shakespeare was said to have come from the town 'Stratford-upon-Avon', who claim that Shakespeare's work doesn't match his life at all. For instance, it was said that Shakespeare only had a couple of years of grammar schooling at best, so there's no way he could have written so eloquently about the insular practices of the aristocracy and matters of law, medicine, the military and philosophy. There's another group of scholars called 'Oxfordians', who believe that Shakespeare was actually a pseudonym for Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, who was an 'Elizabethan courtier'. They say his life more closely matched the biographical canon of Shakespeare's work and the fact that he actually traveled in aristocratic circles, would have given him the more nuanced understandings of them.

Now, this to me isn't evidence enough to doubt Shakespeare wrote these works; plenty of people come from humble beginnings to go on to loftier lifestyles. And the reading of copious amounts of literary works would allow some clever persons, in terms of knowledge of various worldly subjects, to basically 'fake it' 'til they made it. But check out some other facts I'd found out about 'the Bard'...

Firstly, it was said that Shakespeare's daughter's, Susannah and Judith, couldn't read or write; now, don't you think that's kinda' strange considering how this man is suppose to have one of the world's greatest vocabularies and/or writing abilities? Why wouldn't he want his children to at least be able to read his work at some point in their lives? Second, the only evidence of Shakespeare's signature is on legal documents where the writing is inconsistent, illegible and clearly from the penmanship of different people. But this fact doesn't compare to the ultimate reason why I now know Shakespeare's a fraud. It's because thirdly, NOT A SINGLE MANUSCRIPT OR POEM WAS EVER FOUND IN SHAKESPEARE'S 'AUTHENTICATED' HANDWRITING...NOT EVEN A LETTER! The largest literary hunt in history produced not a single note in Shakespeare's own writing style.

So what does this mean?

It means, Shakespeare, was indeed the pseudonym for one or more 'ghost writers' crafting those revered works. This is yet another example of our taking whitey's word as the 'gospel truth' and thinking we outta' show them deference behind their abilities and intellect that we, the Black Diaspora, think we'll never have.

So I've said all that to say this, it would behoove every Black man and woman to question any and every piece of information white elites give them, 'cause they ultimately only serve to make us love them and hate ourselves. Like I've said in previous posts, how many times does this pale-skinned degenerate have to lie to us before we start treating him like the pathological liar he, and they, have proven themselves to be? Let's wake up to the fact that doing the right thing doesn't serve the white supremacist agenda, therefore, they'll never have any use for the truth or a 'humanistic' lifestyle.

Now, will the Black Diaspora realize this before it's too late? Again, that's the $64,000 question.

People, we got work to do, so let's get to it. 


MontUHURU Mimia 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why you can watch Django Unchained for free on YouTube...

The other day I was proof-reading one of my past posts about Quentin Tarantino, and afterwards, I happened to click on my Blog's link for my YouTube page.

I mistakenly typed in Quentin's name on YouTube's topic search bar and I was immediately taken to a list of his movies; at the top of this list was 'Django Unchained'. Now, what struck me as odd, was this particular video for 'Django' claimed I could watch the entire movie for free. And I've seen these kinds of claims many times, when you click onto these vids, what you usually get is some message telling you to click on a link for another site where you can watch  all the free movies you want. But when I clicked on this video, low and behold, the listing wasn't lying, the entire movie began playing right before my eyes; and this YouTube window of 'Django' had been up for a year.

Now, anyone who's been looking at YouTube for more than two or three years knows that before the corporate darlings who own 'Google' took it over, YouTube stated it wouldn't allow copy-written clips from movies aired on its windows; but, the administrators at YouTube were relaxed about that rule’s enforcement, so you could frequently find entire movies to watch on their website. This was back in the day when you could customize the whole of your YouTube channel; before Google made it mandatory that every one of its pages adhere to strict rules of uniformity and their institutional looking colors. Nowadays, Google administrators have cracked down on YouTube’s copy-written clips with a gestapo-like passion. The only way you're gonna' see a movie on YouTube, especially a popular and more recent one, is by paying for it's viewing on their site. But the rarest exception, seems to be Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'.

And there's not only one place you can watch this flick on YouTube, there’s a few channel's playing it. To the point where on some of these channel's commenters ask, how did this movie survive on this channel for a year? One commenter said he'd uploaded a few minutes worth of some movie clip and YouTube administrators were ready to terminate his account. Then, when I went to look at every one of Quentin's other flicks: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Death Proof, Kill Bill (volumes 1 and 2) and Inglorious Basterds; ALL of them required a fee for viewing. So I continued wondering why Django was free to download and watch; then the answer struck me...

The white fascist bastards who made Quentin a celebrity, also control the whole of the american and the world’s movie industries; and the reason they want as many people as possible to see this movie, especially Black people, is so the white supremacist self-hatred that was force fed into us can be reinforced with the viewing of this crap flick.

Now, ever since Obama's been president, we've had a deluge of these cavalcade of stars coon shows to choose from; some of these include the movies, 'The Help', 'The Butler' and '12 years a slave'. Understand, Black people especially have to be kept inferior-minded, less we start wanting what whitey has, not only a good paying job, but a business we control apart from whitey's fascist system. And what these inbreds really don't want to happen again, is our building communities like the Black Wall Street where our people created an economy/economies that rivaled and in some cases, bested whitey's financial infrastructures. And if you think it's a fallacy that some of our economies back in the early 1900's bested whitey's, you can look up an episode of 'The Actor's Studio' hosted by James Lipton, featuring Chris Rock. In it, Chris talks about why his grandfather's family had to leave the american south during the depression era. See, a trend started where white people came into the homes of Blacks to steal their food. Now, when this happened to grandfather Rock, he wasn't having it; so when whitey tried to raid his cupboard, he proceeded to beat their asses. Now, why would a Black family have food to eat when white people were starving in the 1930's? It's 'cause Black people lived in segregated communities that kept our dollars circulating exclusively in them.

But I'll come back to this topic in a sec'.

Understand, the Black Diaspora's viewing of our people being whipped, tortured, hung and forcibly separated from each other triggers thoughts of why we should hate ourselves and each other for being Black. That's why we got a steady diet of that crap in pre, middle and high school. And that again, is why you can see Django Unchained for free on YouTube. Also, this flick keeps whites ‘superior-minded’. It tells them this is the way things should be, so they’ll continue to uphold and adhere to the american status quo they benefit from and their white fascist peers have created. Understand as well, that with the free viewing of this movie, white fascists have our children in their cross-hairs. They know our young people more than anyone are gonna’ be quick to watch or download this movie, so they’ll have these same triggers reinforced in their minds. So, it’s imperative that we stop the viewing of this movie for our children’s sake if for no one else’s. I’ve flagged the channel’s I saw playing this movie and I’ll tell you the results as I get them, but don’t hold your breath, ‘cause it’s gonna’ take more than this to stop their agenda, even on YouTube. 

Now, you might think viewing movies like this would serve to make us angry at these inbreds, but what it does most is make us angry towards ourselves and one another. That’s why Black men and women can be spittin’ mad at each other and not have a third of that hatred for white people; the ones who’ve put us in this mental condition. I've seen instances where a Black person was quicker to ostracize another Black person before a white person would; and if you don't understand the game that's being run on you, you'll think our people are exceptionally loathsome and low-down for doing this. 

But let me tell you why it makes perfect sense. 

See, white people don't get half the conditioning we get to hate ourselves, so they can be less critical of themselves and one of us, provided they weren’t brought up to be bigots; but if you've been conditoned to hate yourself and your own kind, damn near since you've been walking, you're gonna' be more critical of someone who looks like you. And, if you as a Black person, don't know this when you see it, you'll think our people are the most wretched of the earth, thus, reinforcing why you should again, deepen your hatred for yourself and your people. It's a brutally vicious cycle, and for reasons of our people continuing this cycle, the white fascists who pay Quentin, want you to see Django once, or several times, for free. 

Now recently, some anonymous whiteboi commented on my post '3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women'; and said he stumbled upon my Blog by accident and couldn't help but notice the 'raw, seething hatred' I'm espousing for his people in this forum. 

Now, I want to make something abundantly clear, especially if you're a young Black person reading this, I do not advocate hating anyone; white people included. Understand, any hatred you imbibe in, is ultimately gonna' result in a self-hatred; and if you've read my Blog for any length of time, you know my main goal is helping my people get rid of their/our self-hatred. So again, I don't hate whitey—but I know him; I know him better than he knows himself. And I’ll admit, when I see whitey’s agenda playing out before my eyes with covert actions like Django being free to view on YouTube, it pisses me right off. 

And what makes me even madder is when so-called white liberals like this fellow don’t see, or are in denial about the dastardly actions of his people, but when he looks at my Blog he wants to call me out for my ‘raw and seething’ hatred towards them. See, these inbreds like to have their cake and eat it too, meaning, they like to call us out on our angry reactions to their people’s degenerate behaviors while enjoying the perks of what white fascists continually do to us. They never wanna’ talk about how their people have dedicated their lives to destroying ours.This guy also said, if I dislike white amercians so much, why am I still here? To this I replied, if it weren’t for your pale-skinned ancestors taking mine out of their native country and bringing them here in chains, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. These mongrels forget that we didn’t come here through Ellis Island. Speaking of this, I’d like to address my current stance on the topic of segregation. 

Now, I want to make some things clear about why I think segregation should be the long-term goal for the Black Diaspora. Firstly, am I telling every Black man and woman who reads this Blog they should pack a bag and get on the first thing smokin’ to Africa? No. Now, if you have the financial means to do this and you have made the choice to, more power to you; but for the vast majority of Black people in this country, this kind of geographic transition isn’t that easy. There needs to be some kind of organization to facilitate this kind of massive exodus, and even though I’d love to have one, I don‘t. I’m reminded of Marcus Garvey’s ‘Black Star Line’ of ships that took our people back to Africa. Garvey had an organization he’d built over the course of years that oversaw these proceedings and he’d gotten his followers to invest in his corporation. And even then, whitey still sabotaged those ships with the help of undercover agents. Ultimately, my message regarding segregation is, as hard as we fought to integrate with these degenerates to no avail, is as hard as we should fight to build our own nation, or nation-state, so we’ll have more control over our living conditions in the future. And we'll be better able to make sure our children are not shot down in the street like dogs by thrill-kill white cops; (Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner,etc.). THE ONLY THING OUR CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THESE PEOPLE CAUSES US IS PAIN! AND THAT’S ALL IT WILL EVER CAUSE US! AND LIKE I TOLD ONE OF MY BLOG’S COMMENTERS, AT SOME POINT WE’RE GONNA’ HAVE TO COME TO TERMS WITH, OR WE’LL BE FORCED TO COME TO TERMS WITH, THE FACT THAT THESE PEOPLE WILL NEVER LET US PEACEFULLY CO-EXIST WITH THEM. 

With this in mind, there are steps we must take to do this on a massive scale. Firstly, in order for the diaspora to collectively work to get this done, we still have to GET RID OF OUR SELF-HATRED. THIS IS THE FIRST AND MOST NECESSARY STEP PEOPLE! IF WE DON’T GET THIS RIGHT, NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER! If the majority of us are still walking around hating ourselves and each other, we’ll never get to the point where we’ll work together on this or anything else. We have to especially end the rift between Black men and women so we can at least form loving relationships and ‘nuclear’ families again. I have and will continue to post meditative techniques to get this done on the subconscious level, ‘cause once again, that’s where we have to go to really change this behavior. I’ll mention once more that after the first meditative technique I posted proved too labor intensive, even for myself, I began working on a new one; and have come up with a method that gets you into the subconscious in under five minutes. I’m still trial testing this, but once I’ve found it proves results on a regular basis, I’ll share this with the family. I will leave a link for the post where I detail my older meditative method for anyone who’s interested. One last thing on this topic, I understand not everyone is for meditating no matter how painless I might make it. For those people, if you and the majority of our people like you, can at least acknowledge how the american white supremacist school system has conditioned us to hate ourselves over the course of 17 or 18 years, and everything we don’t like about our people are symptoms of this conditioning, this can at least lead to some conscious healing that will result in lessening the hatred we have for one another. And it could allow us to more easily work together towards any common goal. Second, once we have or are in the midst of ridding ourselves of this white supremacist induced hatred, we can begin sharing resources with each other and forming organizations to improve our quality of life in this country. Once the fog of self-hatred has lifted, we can go about the task of pooling our resources, whatever they are, to get over the travails of being behind enemy lines. This should include coalitions that bridge the gap between Black Haitians, Jamaicans, americans, muslims, christians, buddhists, jews, etc. If you belong to a christian church, you should think about forming a coalition with all the churches in your area. If Black christians really wanna’ empower themselves, what they’d do is join a coalition with twenty other churches to form ONE church. Doesn’t mean you have to change the denominational signs hanging outside your church, you and yours just have to know the deal ‘bout what’s going on inside. That would be a definite coup for Black Nationalism. Lastly, once we have enough of these organizations who’ve amassed a good number of resources, we should then make our plans to form some sort of nation or nation state either inside, or preferably, outside of america. ‘Cause whether we know it or not, we, the Black Diaspora, are being moved as I’m writing this by a massive wave of gentrification in this country. So, one way or the other, we’re gonna’ be moving to other locales on this continent, only if we follow through with our own segregationist agenda, we’ll know where we’re going and how we’re getting there. Furthermore, that’s why the term ‘Black Nationalist’ has the word ‘nation’ in it. It’s telling us, this should be the ultimate goal for our people—Nation-building! 

I apologize if this was long-winded, but I had some things I needed to get off my chest. And I hope this clarifies where I'm coming from when you see the word 'segregation' on this Blog. And even though this post was kinda' lengthy, there's one more point I failed to make about the movie Django Unchained pertaining to our children, so stay tuned for part 2 of this post.


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's where you can see my older meditative method, for anyone interested.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The virtues of segregation (Part 1)...The Legends of Sam Cooke and Jimi Hendrix...

Johnny Allen Hendrix, better known as 'Jimi' Hendrix, was born in Seattle, Washington on November 27th, 1942. Son of James Allen Ross Hendrix and Lucille Jeter, young Jimi so adamantly strummed on a broom like it was a guitar, his father thought to buy him a one-stringed ukulele. Jimi was so prodigious in the stylings of Robert Johnson and B.B. King with this one-stringed instrument, that his father bought him a used acoustic guitar when he was 16.

Jimi left high school and enlisted in the army; it was there he met bass player Billy Cox who he formed a fast friendship and a band with called the 'King Casuals'. After a parachuting accident, Jimi was honorably discharged from the army. Thereafter, he earned a reputation as an exceptionally competent backup guitarist/session player. Over the next few years, Jimi played with such notable groups/acts as the Isley Brothers, Little Richard and Ike and Tina Turner amongst others.

Sam Cooke was born on January 22, 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He was one of eight children of Charles Cook Sr., a baptist minister. Early in his youth, Sam's voice got him noticed as having the intangible 'it' factor that made him stand out from his peers in his father's gospel youth choir. 

By the time Sam was 20, his voice was honed into a finely tuned instrument, and he replaced R.H. Harris in the gospel group, the 'Soul Stirrers'.  Now, R.H. was a legendary singer in his own right and the Soul Stirrers at the time, where one of america's most popular groups; but when Sam took over as lead vocalist, their popularity increased ten fold. 

After singing with the Soul Stirrers for six years, Sam decided to try his hand at secular music. His hypnotically smooth voice and stylings won him a hit record with his 1957 release of 'You Send Me'; which sold over a million copies. Sam is also credited as being one of the architects of the Soul/Rhythm and Blues genres, along with other giants of the industry like Jackie Wilson. 

Now, the story of these two brothers converge when they find initial success emulating the uptight and passionless music of the white mainstream; Jimi with
his band 'The experience' and Sam Cooke who was doing his level best to sound and mold himself, especially vocally, in the fashionings of Frank Sinatra.

Side note: I shake my head when I think of the band Procol Harum's song, 'Whiter Shade of Pale'; the ghastly pallid lead singer tries to sing the song as soulfully as he can, while talking about someone's 'ghostly' skin turning a whiter shade of pale. I guess they had no idea, or didn't wanna' admit they were emulating, or trying to emulate, Black soul music. Recently, when I told a white woman on line that Black people created Rock and Roll, one dunce of a white man responded saying, 'what?lol'. They have no idea how the music they identify with so much was once called 'jungle music' 'cause Black people created it and were the only ones, in it's inception, who were playing it. I told the inbred to google the names, 'Chuck Berry' and 'Little Richard'; I haven't heard from them since. 

But back to Jimi and Sam... it was after these brothers came up outta' trying to emulate white mainstream artists and started discovering their own melanated stylings, that they created their masterworks. Case in point, Jimi's album 'Electric Ladyland' and it's song 'Voodoo Chile' (Slight return). In it Jimi says: "Well I stand up next to a mountain and I chop it down with the edge of my hand...'cause I'm a Voodoo Chile, Lord knows I'm a Voodoo Chile..." And Sam with his album 'Live at the Harlem Square club' pictured above; Sam accessed his Black spirituality, i.e. soul, and found out, that's what whitey wanted most. Understand, because caucasians have nearly no melanin, they can't access the depths of emotions we can; therefore, whenever they hear our soulful stylings in their rawest form, they immediately gravitate to it. They envy our access to spirituality 'cause they're incapable of getting there themselves, you feel me. 

And at the latter stages of their lives, they were both murdered by corrupted crakas when they tried to reclaim monies stolen from them by an assortment of pale-skinned degenerates. 

Now, ever since I was young I heard Jimi Hendrix choked on his own puke because he accidentally overdosed on barbiturates.  And it was a young sista who told me emphatically that Jimi Hendrix was murdered. Now evidence points to the fact that the man who actually put the hit out on him was his manager Mike Jeffries. Mike was an interesting fellow, to say the least; he formerly worked for british intelligence before becoming a music manager and had ties to organized crime families. Jimi was killed right before he was gonna' take Mike to court for monies Mike stole from him; and it's said that years after Jimi died, Mike confessed to having him killed saying, "I had to do it, he would have ruined me." 

In Sam's case, he was reportedly killed by Bertha Franklin, manager of the Hacienda motel in Los Angeles, CA. Now, newspapers reported that Sam was shot by Bertha, but upon seeing Sam's body at his funeral, singers like Etta James said his head was so badly disfigured that it looked like he'd been beaten to death. It's funny how this happened right after he opened his own publishing and record companies, and filed a lawsuit against a former manager who had ties, again, to organized crime.

Now, I've said all that to say this, Sam especially was very mindful about playing to integrated audiences and he was very vocal about his support for the Black 'Civil Rights movement'; now, had he known how he was going to wind up, do you think he'd have tried so hard to sing to whitey?

Had Jimi and Sam performed for their people exclusively, they'd still be alive today. 

Now, this was just a tale of two extraordinarily talented brothas in the arts; think of how much more our people have been affected politically, by literally dying to sit and go to school next to a white person. Socio-politically, we've lost everything trying to get close to whitey, up to and including our lives. And I've already talked about the price we've paid in terms of these fascist bastards making us hate ourselves. 

Why is it that the Black 'nuclear' family was more in tact in the 1920's than it is now? Homogeneity, i.e. segregation, is what the Black Diaspora needs to thrive in the coming years, decades, etc. We need to be able to work by ourselves, for ourselves, exclusively. 

Now, I understand that we've built lives here, so we can't just pick up and go; but we should start making preparations to get the hell from around whitey. Now, the first step in this migration is mental. We have to know we can not only survive, but ultimately thrive away from white folks. And it starts by getting rid of our love for these inbreds and getting rid of the hatred we have for our own kind. Pretty soon I'm gonna' divulge a quicker meditative method for doing this subconsciously, so stay tuned to this Blog for that technique. 

But beyond this, is this something the Black Diaspora as a whole, sees that we need to do? How many more Mike Browns, Eric Garners, Trayvon Martins, etc. do there have to be for us to understand we'll never peacefully co-exist with these beasts called white people? Hurricane Katrina should have been the LAST STRAW!! We should have revolted behind that...but we're so conditioned to love whitey, that half the people celebrating in Louisiana's marde gras right afterwards, were us.  

We need to make a decision people, do we want to perish trying to be with whitey, or do we want to survive what's coming and thrive in a nation full of our own kind? The choice is ours, and it's one we need to make before it's too late. 


MontUHURU Mimia