Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dr. Phil Valentine and what the Black christian and 'conscious' communities have in common...

I remember back in late 2013, one of my favorite metaphysicians, Dr. Phil Valentine, was slated to have one of his lectures in Harlem, NYC. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule and other commitments, I didn't attend this lecture and regretted it afterwards.

Fast forward to 2015. Recently, I was poring over YouTube videos, and came across a recording of the Dr. Phil lecture I missed in 2013, so I clicked on to watch it.

Now, to my surprise, this lecture was about proving who Barack Obama really is. I say this was surprising 'cause Dr. Phil usually deals with the occult practices of our ancestor's Black spiritual sciences. He's usually waxing philosophic about themes like sacred geometry and how whites have stolen our spiritual sciences and given us religion so the Black Diaspora will be less powerful. But since it was Dr. Phil, I watched the lecture anyway. When I finished viewing his speech, I was actually glad I didn't attend his lecture. Here's why...

Now, Dr. Phil went through the paces of showing how Barack Obama is tied to white supremacist freemasons, no surprise there; but he also exposed how Barack's original name was Bari Malik Shabazz, who was born in New York City instead of Hawaii, and how 'Barack' has several social security numbers associated with his name. But truthfully, I understood who Barack had to be to even get his position, so again, that stuff wasn't a surprise to me. Beyond this, Dr. Phil said he'd been contacted by white 'birthers' who wanted to discredit Barack and said he'd went on a radio show with one to bring out some of the evidence he found. The reason I thought that was a mistake was white people don't really want to know the truth about Barack's past, they just want him discredited because he's Black. Period. I notice none of the 'birthers' ever acknowledge the fact that John McCain was not born in america. John McCain was born in Panama! Don't take my word for this, go look it up. Now, what they'd come back with is the fact that McCain was born on an 'american' army base in Panama, so technically, this makes him american. But could you imagine if this was the case with Barack? These gun-toting, survivalist inbreds would wage a full-blown revolution in this country. Then, the lecture took an even more dastardly turn.

About mid-way into the lecture, Dr. Phil read from one of his books, 'The wounded womb', and basically said that 'jews don't like white people'. He also went on to say, some pale-skinned degenerate calling himself a jew, told him how their main objective is to have their 'race' proclaimed as kings of this earth and how they wanna' make the 'gentiles', all the rest of us, their slaves.

Now, let's get a few things clear right off the bat: 'judaism' isn't an 'ethnicity' or a 'race', it's a 'religion'...PERIOD! Meaning, NO ONE IS BORN JEWISH!

Every Black person reading this needs to have a crystal clear understanding of that fact. Now, there are certain facial features or traits we attribute to jews, like dark hair and eyes, but ultimately, these are WHITE PEOPLE WHO'VE ADOPTED THE JEWISH RELIGION...PERIOD! So the statement that 'jews' don't like white people is just meant to confuse the Black Diaspora, because in this case, the JEWS ARE WHITE PEOPLE. 

Every white jew can trace their ancestry back to some country in europe; their 'religious' home though, they will attribute to isreal. But another thing they don't want Black people to know is that isreal IS IN AFRICA. This is where the religion began and this is the continent isreal is connected to. Some people say isreal is connected to 'middle eastern asia' which is geographically incorrect. Firstly, if you look at a map, you'll see isreal is clearly tethered to Egypt, which of course, is also in Africa. And what whites call the 'middle east' is really 'southern asia'; and this is where whites claim isreal really is. Funny though, I've never heard a jew refer to themselves as 'asian', have you? Isreal sits on the tectonic plate of the continent of Africa, but don't tell a white jew that unless you're ready for an argument. Even the titles jew and judaism come from one of our ancient Black African deities 'Djehuty'; and europeans just abbreviated this name to call themselves 'jews'. Truthfully, half of them can't even rightfully call themselves jews because the majority of them don't practice their religion. They just give themselves this title.

Now, the sentiment that jews don't like whites coming from someone like Dr. Phil, a Black 'master teaching' metaphysician, makes the message all the more dangerous. Now their might be some tribal or 'class' issues between jews and other white people, but that all goes away when these two groups of whites continually gang up against the Black Diaspora. That's why my 'religion', if I have one at all, will always be Black Nationalism. 'Cause this does away with any petty tribal or 'clique-ish' in-fighting that might arise between Black people with differing ideologies. And what makes Black Nationalism exquisitely dope is any Black person can keep whatever religion or ideology they're tethered to, just so long as under the auspices of Black Nationalism, we put those nonsensical differences aside when it comes time to fight off whites, asians, or any other kind of non-Black people.

Now, as I continued listening to the lecture, it got even more insidious. Because Dr. Phil stated that the elite coteries of jews, in the interest of some sort of ethnic harmony, would forbid the mating of whites with other whites. So their greatest and most dangerous enemy, the 'white man', could be bred out of existence. So, what Dr. Phil specified, according to this jew, is they will force Black men and women to mate with white men and women in an effort to rid the planet of the pure-bred 'white' menance. 

Now, before I respond to the last point, I want everyone reading this to know that Dr. Phil began his lecture with a ritual blessing ceremony. He recited a blessing in the Medu Netcher (our people's original language) and at the end of that, he asked the audience to recite the words 'Ma'at Kheru'; this roughly translates to the term 'truer voice'. Now, I do know a few words of the Medu Netcher myself, and I know the word or diety 'Ma'at', not only deals with truth and justice, but also 'balance'. And what viewing this lecture told me was for far too long I've been hard on the Black christian community, and not hard enough on the Black 'conscious' community. And I think the Black conscious community may be just as bad as the christians. Here's why...

The majority of Black people have christianity forced or foisted on them in childhood as the only way to attain any kind of moral compass. But when we get older and can decide for ourselves where we'll invest our energies, as far as spiritual matters go, a lot of us turn to the Black conscious community looking for some sort of ethical alternative. I know I did. And if you don't have the intellectual curiosity, or the time, to research and investigate the info. you're getting out of the conscious community, you'll take what they say, internalize it, and live your life accordingly. Case in point, the aforementioned statement Dr. Phil made saying that elite jews are going to manipulate whites into mating with Blacks, so whites could be bred out of existence. Now, if you were to take this statement at face value, it could make some sense. But if you filter this statement through your melanated mind, you'll see this is a trick white jews are playing on 'conscious' Black folks. 'Cause who the white jews will really be getting rid of by manipulating Blacks and whites to mate with each other is the PURE-BRED BLACK MAN AND WOMAN; WHO CAN BREED BOTH WHITES AND WHITE JEWS OUT OF EXISTENCE! See what I'm saying.

There was another instance recently, where I was watching a lecture given by the occultist teacher 'Brother Panic'. Now, this brotha's teaching style deals with the use of too much profanity for my tastes, but, his methods are right on and righteous. I've used one of the divinations I've learned from him quite extensively and it's helped me a lot. But in this particular lecture of his, he was talking about people signing up for his classes. He said he had a reasonable payment plan for those who might be hurting financially; then he said, one of the payment methods he discontinued was one where he collected the course fee after his lectures. He then said he had to stop that because, and I quote: “You know...nig@ers”. There was another instance where a very knowledgeable brotha named 'Tariq Nasheed' was speaking at a radio show, and when someone called in and said a fight broke out amongst some 'conscious' brothas, Tariq said, “Yeah, I heard they were acting 'nig@erish'. Now, brotha Tariq is also very knowledgeable and created a very powerful series of documentaries called 'Hidden Colors', that talks about the Black roots of every ethnicity and culture.

Now, if you've looked at this Blog for a hot minute, you know I've written posts about the origins of the 'n-word'; and for the record, this word comes from our original language I mentioned previously, the Medu Netcher. In that language the word 'Negus' means 'King'. It was a title. Coincidentally, this is where the english get the word 'Regis' from, which also means king, as in the words 'registrar' or 'registration'. The word 'Nagas' was the name of a ruling ancient Black tribe in asia, and that very word means divine. Now, the words Negus and Nagas is where the river 'Niger' got its name from. And when the pale-skinned degenerates we know as white people came to take us from our home land, especially around the areas of the Niger river; when they got us to the shores of ameica, they would crook their fingers and say to us, “Come over here you 'Niger'.” And from this use of the word Niger, came the white deragatory term 'nig@er'.

But back to my point about brothas 'Panic' and 'Tariq'; now, I understand they know the history of this word, but for the Black person just getting this information or looking to these brothas for some kind of alternate spiritual guidance or ethics, what are they to think? Know that when you as a Black person hear the 'n-word' used in a context of negative behaviors exhibited by our people, this triggers your white supremacist induced hatred for not only yourself, but your people too. And I'm sure they understand this but they're not doing anything about it. They must also know or should acknowledge, how Black people are made to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet.

But getting back to Dr. Phil's lecture, after he finished, he opened up the floor for questions. One Black woman asked how could we survive the rise of jewish power and the next world war as he explained in the latter part of his lecture. And Dr. Phil said, “Well, that will take some has to do with coming together in coalitions...” Which means that Dr. Phil and I have come to the same conclusion, that being, what we need and the only thing that will save us, is UNITY!!

Here's the problem though, a people can't have any unity if they hate themselves and each other. And this is why I talk ad nauseum about meditation and reconditioning the subconscious mind, 'CAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY WAY WE'RE GONNA' GET OUT OF OUR WHITE FASCIST INDUCED SELF-HATRED!!


Now, the last picture on the right of my triptyched header, is one of a 'conscious' brotha who puts on a lot of conscious 'debates' and his name is Sa Neter. He is the leader of a think tank called the 'House of Konsciousness'. And in this think tank you have every stripe of conscious Black brotha, you've got Black Moors, Muslims, Black Isrealites, Atheists, etc. Only this organization is just like the Black church, whereas they have so many denominations and dueling ideologies, that they never get together to get anything done. And you also need to know that at the head of every religious or conscious faction I've named, is a group of white supremacist freemasons running the show. Sa Neter's one himself.


And again, you don't have to give up your current religion or philosophies to be for Black unity, you just have to understand one thing: when a group of us get together, we should drop ALL our petty differences so we can fight off any force attacking us.

This brothas and sistas, is our ONLY salvation.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Hmm...Saa Neter is a freemason? Did not know that. Do you have any proof?

    1. Kevin...

      If you take a look at this vid:, you'll see one of the biggest clues to Saa Neter's white supremacist affiliations. If you look at his hands especially, with his thumbs and forefingers touching like he's making an 'okay' sign; this tells of someone's affiliations with white supremacist freemasons, 'cause what looks like someone flashing an 'okay' sign, is actually meant to represent 'three sixes'. And I understand how the three sixes are indicative of carbon atoms and man in the flesh, but this is very popular amongst entertainers and the like to show their allegiances to white secret societies. And you can look this up as well. And notice in the graphic, he's hovering over all the people who are under the 'House of Konsciousness' umbrella; this is saying that they're under the tutelage of these white supremacists as well.

      Now, let me make something emphatically clear; I would not accuse a 'conscious' brotha of being down with white supremacist freemasons frivolously. I wouldn't talk disparagingly about, or indiscriminately diss the Black 'conscious' community. Firstly, because the majority of the information I've gotten about my people has been from them. With the exceptions of maybe what I've talked about concerning meditation and what's been done to us in american schools, the info. I'm imparting on this Blog comes from this community.

      But what I'm trying to also say with this post, is I know some 'conscious' brothas who are complete anglophiles 'subconsciously'. And even when master teachers like Dr. Phil Valentine, who I'm a fan of by the way, spew erroneous information like 'jews don't like white people, it's imperative that we as Black 'conscious' people, can filter these statements through our melanated mental lense and see it as false. It's mandatory, that we as conscious brothas, can make a distinction between information that caters to the white supremacist agenda, and info. that is right on and righteous and will make the lives of Black people on the whole better and more productive. Then we are 'truly' conscious.

      So, this is in no way a whimsical attempt at casting aspersion on the whole of the Black conscious movement.

      And if you need more proof, what you'll need to do is your own research; 'cause nothing I could say can convince you more than finding out this and other facts for yourself.

  2. Man...gee, thanks. This shit really is like the matrix. Everywhere you turn, there is an agent (Mr. Smith) working to keep the system alive and kicking. The worst part is, they really think that doing that will save them....and it never will.

    1. Kevin...

      I'm not talking about being paranoid either. In the spirit of 'Ma'at' what we're striving for is balance.

      We can still be conscious while enjoying pleasurable experiences in this life.

  3. Is not all this racial BS on both sides merely the ego using the superior self and inferior other (other in this case means different skin color) mind meme to elevate itself?

    1. No. These ethnic (racial) issues are based on people who have the most access to resources solely based on their color, and how they refuse to acknowledge that advantage.