Sunday, January 18, 2015

The gospel of white supremacy (Part 4)...The mythology of William Shakespeare...

In my ninth grade english class, I remember my pallid teacher telling every student, including myself, “I don't know why you kids don't like to read, 'cause when you were slaves, you weren't allowed to.” Now, mind you, the overwhelming majority of the students in my class were Black. So, this said three things about the imbecilic inbred teaching us; one, he didn't realize that damn near everything we were reading, in this and every other american school, was teaching us to hate ourselves; two, the fact that we didn't want to read this white supremacist, self-hate inducing crap was a sign of intelligence on our part; and three, this white man had no understanding, or didn't want to have an understanding, of just how wicked an agenda his people had for us from the cradle to the grave.

Side note: A couple of hours before I sat to write this, I was in an elevator with a Black man who was sharing anecdotes about how he saw young Black men primarily, raising hell on the city streets. He was telling everyone on the elevator how these young Black men were 'idiots', to which I replied, “The real idiots are the parents who raised them to be that way.” He then went on to tell me how he had a daughter who had three children by different fathers, mind you, I didn't know he had kids; but I could tell my statements had, for the first time in his life, made him realize he was at fault for his daughter's behavior. He still kept trying to make the point that these kids not having any sense was solely their fault. I shot back telling him how the biggest determining factor of whether a kid is successful or not, are the parents that raised them; and I told him kids can't be adults, someone's gotta' provide them with a positive example. I could tell no one had really introduced him to this concept before. And he had a pensive look on his face telling me he really pondered what I'd said. After I left the elevator, he turned to a person who was still on the elevator car and asked them, “What do you think?” Ultimately, I don't think he changed his mind, but it did give him some food for thought. Unfortunately, this is the opinion of the average Black man and woman towards our children. And while this man is thinking this way about our children, he loves the white fascist oppressor who has him hating himself and his people. 'Cause like I've said in previous posts, the mental process this man is engaged in, whether he knows it or not, is this: his hatred of young Black men leads to him hating Black people and not wanting to be around them, and this ultimately leads him to hating himself. Damn this pisses me off, and we have no idea we're even doing this. And I was also thinking, one of the worst ways we've abused our children was during the whole 'integration' fiasco. I don't understand how any sane Black man or woman could send their eight to ten year old into an angry white mob to integrate a school. To push our children in the direction of a bunch of rednecks holding bricks and bats so they could sit next to one, is beyond child abuse; in my opinion.

But back to the topic...

In every one of my english classes, I'd been taught how the gold standard of literature, in any category, was 'the Bard' Shakespeare. From 'Macbeth' to 'Romeo and Juliet', I'd been conditioned to believe this man was the best writer of all times. Years later, I remember watching an episode of a PBS program called 'Theater Talk'; and on it was another white english teacher who had written a book called 'Contested Will'. Before he talked about the book, he shared an anecdote about his giving a lecture on Shakespeare and said a young person told him, his brother found out that Shakespeare didn't write those plays. This was the first time I'd heard that. I was determined to do some research on this at the time, but got side-tracked by other things I had going on. Recently though, I came across a movie entitled, 'Anonymous', about the fraudulent life of Will Shakespeare. After seeing some clips, I was determined to find out if Will's story, or stories, were fallacious or not. And here's what I found...

Now, there's a faction of scholars called, 'Anti-Stratfordians', being that Shakespeare was said to have come from the town 'Stratford-upon-Avon', who claim that Shakespeare's work doesn't match his life at all. For instance, it was said that Shakespeare only had a couple of years of grammar schooling at best, so there's no way he could have written so eloquently about the insular practices of the aristocracy and matters of law, medicine, the military and philosophy. There's another group of scholars called 'Oxfordians', who believe that Shakespeare was actually a pseudonym for Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, who was an 'Elizabethan courtier'. They say his life more closely matched the biographical canon of Shakespeare's work and the fact that he actually traveled in aristocratic circles, would have given him the more nuanced understandings of them.

Now, this to me isn't evidence enough to doubt Shakespeare wrote these works; plenty of people come from humble beginnings to go on to loftier lifestyles. And the reading of copious amounts of literary works would allow some clever persons, in terms of knowledge of various worldly subjects, to basically 'fake it' 'til they made it. But check out some other facts I'd found out about 'the Bard'...

Firstly, it was said that Shakespeare's daughter's, Susannah and Judith, couldn't read or write; now, don't you think that's kinda' strange considering how this man is suppose to have one of the world's greatest vocabularies and/or writing abilities? Why wouldn't he want his children to at least be able to read his work at some point in their lives? Second, the only evidence of Shakespeare's signature is on legal documents where the writing is inconsistent, illegible and clearly from the penmanship of different people. But this fact doesn't compare to the ultimate reason why I now know Shakespeare's a fraud. It's because thirdly, NOT A SINGLE MANUSCRIPT OR POEM WAS EVER FOUND IN SHAKESPEARE'S 'AUTHENTICATED' HANDWRITING...NOT EVEN A LETTER! The largest literary hunt in history produced not a single note in Shakespeare's own writing style.

So what does this mean?

It means, Shakespeare, was indeed the pseudonym for one or more 'ghost writers' crafting those revered works. This is yet another example of our taking whitey's word as the 'gospel truth' and thinking we outta' show them deference behind their abilities and intellect that we, the Black Diaspora, think we'll never have.

So I've said all that to say this, it would behoove every Black man and woman to question any and every piece of information white elites give them, 'cause they ultimately only serve to make us love them and hate ourselves. Like I've said in previous posts, how many times does this pale-skinned degenerate have to lie to us before we start treating him like the pathological liar he, and they, have proven themselves to be? Let's wake up to the fact that doing the right thing doesn't serve the white supremacist agenda, therefore, they'll never have any use for the truth or a 'humanistic' lifestyle.

Now, will the Black Diaspora realize this before it's too late? Again, that's the $64,000 question.

People, we got work to do, so let's get to it. 


MontUHURU Mimia 


  1. Quite a few Black people have said the same thing you said about serving Black children up to these devils is equivalent to child abuse. As far as Shakespeare is concerned, I have a scholar friend who shared some info with me some years back who said that William Shakespeare's real name was William Tynsdale (I think I spelled that right). Knowing what I know now about these devils I trust NOTHING they say or do. Every time some devil say another devil said this or did that (positive stuff of course) I say to myself...a Black Person most likely did it or said. Last, I think the man in the elevator kept asking other people their thoughts about his f**ked up opinions because he's of the belief like many Negroes that Black People don't tell the truth and he couldn't face the fact that the way he raise his daughter and how those young Black Men he was bashing was his fault and other Black People's fault for not raising their kids. Black people use to raise their children....until integration.

  2. Nina...

    There was a bunch of people who used the writing pseudonym, 'Shakespeare'; so I don't doubt Will Tynsdale was one of them. But what disturbs me most about Shakespeare's mythology, is no one told me about this fraud when I was younger, and the american school system had me thinking the world's greatest writer was some fictitious white guy. Being a lover of words, I take that personally.

    The same principle holds for the man I encountered in the elevator; his calling young Black men idiots had him looking like one himself, even though he didn't know it. The fact that he didn't recognize those young people as some of his own, is beyond horrific. Now, am I saying that EVERY Black person has to get along with every other Black person? Of course not. I'm just saying that our collective self-hatred is what we've lose EVERYTHING to. And that's the ultimate game of white supremacy, KEEPING US HATING OURSELVES...PERIOD!

    If whitey can keep us in this state, they've won and we've lost.

    And I hope we find this out before it's too late! And if it IS too late for my generation to get and internalized this message, we should at least try to impart this to our youth so they can change things.

    As always, thanks for commenting!