Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The lowly nature of white women (Part 3)...The legacy of Lana Wachowski...

A couple of years back, I remember watching the 'reality' TV show, 'Going for Broke', starring comedian Eddie Griffin.

And in one particular episode, he went to consult with a spiritualist versed in the disciplines of astronomy, astrology, and an assortment of spiritual sciences; he was doing this to rid himself of some kind of emotional distress. Now, when he got to this person's house, the spiritualist turned out to be a white woman with African 'locks' in her hair. I was immediately taken aback.

I saw how she had altars erected in her house and several talisman strewn about her 'work-space', and basically, how she was copying the stylings of a Black vudun/voodoo priestess. And I was like, check this out. She successfully cured Eddie of his emotional ailment, and made some suggestions for him to build an altar in his home. Now, Eddie was sent to this woman by his white supremacist freemasonic handlers, the same ones who created his TV and Las Vegas show opportunities that were opening up for him. And in a later episode of his reality show, he affirmed his affiliation with these white secret societies by throwing up the hand gesture known as the 'Baphomet', which is almost exclusively used by these inbred freemasons. (Google 'the Baphomet hand sign' if you don't know what I mean) It was about this time that I realized how EVERY secret society’s biggest secret, is that they're ALL PRACTICING THE SCIENCES OF OUR ANCIENT BLACK ANCESTORS! Then the white woman spiritualist with locks made sense.

Now, a couple of months back, I wrote about sista Sophia Stewart and how she wrote the story that became the movies 'The Matrix' and 'The Terminator'; and how she won a multi-million dollar settlement from Warner Bros. Movie studios, for their theft of her script. On the frontlines of this theft were the Wachowski siblings, formerly known as the Wachowski 'brothers'. We can't call them 'brothers' anymore because one of the Wachowski's, namely Larry Wachowski, had a sex change operation and is now 'Lana' Wachowski. Which shows you how mentally stable he, or she, was and is. But recently, I was watching a movie clip of the Keanu Reeves documentary, 'Side by side', the same guy who played 'Neo' in 'The Matrix' ironically enough; and he spoke to the Wachowski siblings. And lo and behold, good 'ole Lana Wachowski now has 'locks' in her hair; as my header shows. My mind immediately flashed back to the Eddie Griffin TV show episode with the white female spiritualist. And that's when I knew why they both wore, and are wearing, the hairstyle of our ancestors.

The Black Diaspora needs to understand that not only do locks look good, but our knotted and coiled hair acts like an antenna connecting us to higher spiritual frequencies. To get a deeper explanation of this, see my Blog post titled, 'The cult of the curly-haired, light-skinned, bi-ethnic looking Black girl'. Our hair and melantated bodies are the reasons we can be more 'civil' and 'humane', 'cause our melanin especially, gives us a sense of empathy for living beings that white people are entirely lacking. This also results in our sense of rhythm, our heightened intuition and our ability to make good decisions under pressure; which is the truest definition of being 'smart'. You're probably saying, how smart are Black people if we're so quick to hate and hurt each other. Well, then you have to look at how we're conditioned to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet. Understand, the history lessons you and I got in pre, middle and high schools, were engineered to destroy our esteem. All that focusing on slavery, with the accounts of torture, rape and separation of our families, was foisted on us to make us hate ourselves more than anyone else. And it worked. The white supremacist inbred's campaign to fill us full of self-loathing was beyond a success.

Now, in the wake of Sophia Stewart's victory, she is being hailed as the 'Mother of the Matrix'. And this grates on Larry, I mean Lana's, last nerve. Because he, she or it, wants to be credited with the ingenuity of that script and story. Lana wants to be lauded, especially now that he/she's a 'woman', as the Matrix movie's true 'mother'. And what better way to tap into the essence of our Black melanted bodies and minds, than donning locks in her
hair. To the left is a picture of this she-male proclaiming her pride as a 'superjew'. Now, if Lana's so proud to be jewish, why's she wearing locks? And if you say this is in deference to the religion's African roots, remember, WHITE JEWS HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Now, I'm not talking about the jewish friend you have at work, or the isreali pal you might play badminton with on the weekends; I'm talking about these groups of white people collectively. Now, I know I'm dating myself with this statement, but I'll never forget the day myself and a Black woman friend went to go see 'Schindler's List' at the movies (if you've never heard of this movie, google it). 

I swear, I'd never been treated worse by a movie-going audience in my life. These pale-skinned degenerates were like, how dare you come see this film? And all the while, I'm wondering, why the hell are they mad at me and my woman friend? I tell you, I'd been better received that night if I was a white skinhead. That's why I have NO SYMPATHY OR EMPATHY FOR THEIR HOLOCAUST...NOT FOR A SECOND! At least they got billions of dollars for their suffering, Black folks haven't seen dime one of reparations for our holocaust in this country. And when we do bring up the subject of reparations to any white person, jews included, these inbreds actually get MAD at us! Unbelievable. I remember watching a public access cable show called, 'The jewish task force' years ago, and all these people talked about was how much they hated Black people. The host and whatever other inbred he had on, never talked about the rising wave of neo-nazism globally, they didn't see this as a problem, the only problem they saw in the world was having to co-exist with us.

But back to Larry, I mean Lana...

It's bad enough this she-male was exposed as a fraud, but now via wearing Black dresses and locks in her hair, she's trying to look as spiritually minded as the woman who created the Matrix mythology. But here's why this he/she will never look like anything but the sexually confused inbred she is...

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I want you to remember one thing from reading this Blog, if you remember nothing else; and that is, you and I, being born into Black bodies, means we WON THE ETHNIC LOTTERY!!

AND THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE, WE WON BECAUSE OUR GOD SAW FIT FOR US TO BE PUT INTO THE BODY OF THE CLOSEST REPRESENTATION OF HIM/HER THERE IS ON THIS PLANET!! This is why we are the indigenous people of this earth. We populated every continent on it, and were here before anyone else. And, the whole of the human race not only came through us, but we can create every other type of man/woman, while none of them can create one of us. Now, this is anathema to everything we get taught in schools; that's because whitey doesn't want us feeling superior to them—and they sure as hell don't want us knowing we have the most power to breed them out of existence.

And this is why they'll sing, dance, dress, and talk like you, while making you hate yourself. This is the game of white supremacy. If you're a Black woman reading this, why do you think Lana and the rest of these white women, inject silicone into their lips and backsides, to make them look like yours? Why do you think they tan themselves, if they can't stand dark skin? White women are even starting to wear weaves and extensions 'cause you made them popular. If you're a Black man reading this, why do you think white men not only spend millions tanning themselves, but millions buying and smoking cigars, which are really replicas of a Black phallus, to make them look as genetically dominant as you are? They, and their women especially, know how you have the ability to create every other type of man while none of them can create one of you.

So regardless of how much Black attire Larry, I mean Lana wears, or how many locks she puts in her hair, or how she might tan herself damn near brown; what she doesn't realize is these are all superficial affectations that won't get her/him any closer to the spiritual access/ingenuity needed to EVER replicate Sophia Stewart's work. Larry, I mean Lana, will always be stuck in the position of the pale-skinned degenerate; wanting desperately to be born into a Black body, so she can have access to the ingenuity/spirituality of the Black mind.

But that's what she gets for being a deceitful inbred.



MontUHURU Mimia 


If you wanna' look at my Blog post about our hair being spiritual antennas, you can see it by clicking here. 

And here's the video that inspired this Blog, showing Larry/Lana in all her/his sexually conflicted, she-male glory. Notice when she describes the editing of films, she uses the example of a baby's picture, then she follows it up by talking about a picture of a dead body. No matter what these inbreds do, they can't separate themselves from their intrinsically homicidal natures.


  1. I remember that episode of Eddie Griffin's show. My first reaction was WTF! Why is he going to a white woman for spiritual healing!?! Don't these Negros know these people are devoid of spirituality?!? Your post help me to further understand why that happened, but I'm not surprised because I have been studying for the last two years about the white appropriation of secret societies.I'm glad that Sophia won her lawsuit. For too long these creatures have been stealing our creations and making money off of them.

    I'M REALLY SICK of white women. I could be wrong , but they are more arrogant, in many ways than white men. White men put them on that mythical pedestal and they think that they can come into Black spaces and talk shit to Black people, especially to Black Women.They come talking that shit to Black Women about how "superior" they are cause these lost Negros choose them and when we don't bow down to their degenerate flat asses and call them out on their racism, we're "jealous" of them. *eye rolls* It's just becoming pathetic! This happened to a fellow Black Woman Blogger of mine the other day cause she told the truth about who white women really are :NO GOOD WHORISH, SLUTTY ASS PALE DEGENERATES. Best believe we knocked that bitch off of the pedestal! This is one problem that could be eliminated if we just separate from these people. **sigh** I hope I see that day...SOON!

  2. On another note I forgot to mention to you about the threat facing the open and free internet (net neutrality) in case you haven't heard. These big corporations like verizon, at&t, and comcast want to control what we see and do on the internet. I read that the FCC will be voting on FEB. 26th on new net neutrality rules and if any of these rules favor these big corps, then that could be the end of the free and open internet for us. YIKES!!! I'm asking you to read more and sign the petition at the ACLU's (American Civil Liberties Union) website a aclu.org/net-neutrality. Thanks! and Thanks, again I appreciate your support of my new blog!

    1. Nina...

      That episode of Eddie Griffin's 'Going for Broke' really reconfirmed to me how the white people running this world are doing it with OUR SCIENCES!

      And while they're demonizing our Black spiritual sciences like Voodoo and the Orishas, they're practicing it themselves and giving us their impotent 'religions'. So once we get our right minds back, we should reclaim our ancestors technologies, 'cause they left them here FOR US!

      And I do remember hearing about white corporations doing their level best to block public access to the internet. It's bad enough we have to actually pay to get on it, but that's not enough in terms of whitey's domination of resources. I have previously filled out petitions against this, and I hope that helped; but thANKHS for givin' me a 'heads up'!

      And as always, thANKHS for commenting!

    2. Nina...

      No problem showin' some reciprocity in the spirit of 'Ma'at' on you new Blog!

      Keep Write on Sistah!

  3. @Mimia

    Now ain't that a ugggly bitch 10x over! Giving us their impotent religions while using our ancient spiritual sciences/ religious systems and the bad part is they have done an EXCELLENT job convincing most Black People that our ancestors' religious/spiritual sciences are of Satan. SMDH. Black people talk down our ancient religious/spiritual systems but don't have a freaking CLUE that Voodoo for example is the world's first religion and we just may be doing some Voodoo while we praising "the lawd". lol. Correct me if I'm wrong Cause I read a while back that Christianity borrowed from Voodoo. I can see that as truth since religions are basically the same, just some of the rules, beliefs, etc are a little different. But my question to you is do you think it has worked for them (whites) being that they are devoid of spirituality? And if it ain't working for them is it just that prophecy being fulfilled (that the Black Muslims speak about) of a race of devils ruling the earth for 6000 years and the devil is just ruling for a season? If not, what is it then?

    As for the threat to free and open Internet, it's frighting to me because 1. I LOOOVE the Internet and I'm addicted, it opened up so many doors for opportunity for me that I could not have imagined as it did for millions, millions of people. 2. I'm new and want my blog to get a chance grow and I wanna keep blogging and keep in touch with the bloggers and readers, like yourself that I've formed relationships with. **sigh** From what I read many people are fighting hard and there are protest being held across the country, so I guess there's hope.

  4. continued....
    @ Mimia

    I'm telling everybody I possibly can about net neutrality so that we can sign these petitions, if we can't attend a march/protest then that's least we can do to protect our rights. A lotta whites aren't liking it either. That's one of the FEW things we have in common. While we're (African Diaspora) getting f***ked 10x over the average white man/woman is getting f***ked too on a lesser level by the so-called white global elites.

    I'm not surprised though since there is a push to take ALL our rights and freedoms away. These devils are trying to put us back into full blown slavery. I grew up Baptist, but since I've become aware I'm talking to the ancestors right now as often as possible and I need to get back into doing libation and start practicing other African spiritual practices as we all do cause we sho gonna need it cause the devil is working overtime. SMDH. It's gotta be the last days. *Sigh*

  5. Nina...

    If you ever saw the documentary 'the last days of Left Eye', the one featured on VH1 about Lisa 'left eye' Lopez, you've witnessed someone being killed with a form of white 'weaponized' spirituality.

    Now, the CIA has a technique called 'Remote Viewing', this is what they use spiritually, to kill someone from a distance. Now, this technique comes directly from Black people, only we called it 'Voodoo'. And I might write an upcoming post about this; but this feeds into your question of whether this type of spirituality will work for whites or is this just a prophecy being fulfilled; remember, our ancestors not only created these inbreds, but gave them these technologies to rule over the world with, IN A FIT OF SELF-HATRED. And you're right, christianity did borrow from Voodoo, 'cause Voodoo predates christianity...and our people, created BOTH!

    Remember our people created ALL THE SCIENCES AND ALL THE ARTS!! ALL OF THEM! So there is no technology that's beyond us!

    And since our ancestors were so ingenious, they could teach our spiritual sciences to these inbreds and have them work, even though they're only able to access the lowest levels of spirituality.

    And in the near future, I'm gonna' write a post about the mythology of 'Yakub' and how white folks came into being, and how they came into power.

    So, I hope that answers your question, and I'll be on the look out for any protests around 'net neutrality' myself, 'cause like you, the net's really been revolutionary in my life; and, also remember, one of our own kind CREATED IT! Soon I'll write a post about Dr. Phil Emegwali and how he created the internet which we use everyday to enrich our lives!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon; if you have any more questions about this or anything else, don't hesitate to ask...and as always, thanks for commenting and WRITE ON SISTA!

  6. @Mimia
    It's unfortunate that they can even access the lowest forms of spirituality cause you know anything to destroy us they'll use it. Again, unfortunate. I'm looking forward to the post on the three subjects you mentioned above because I want to know more about them. I just posted a new post yesterday and I'm looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for the encouragement!