Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The cult of the curly-haired, light skinned, bi-ethnic looking Black girl...

"Take the kinks out of your mind, not your hair..."
--Marcus Garvey

The TV series 'A Different World' debuted on NBC on September 24th, 1987; it was a spin-off of the wildly successful 'Cosby Show' and lasted six seasons on the network.

Now, I know I'm dating myself by saying this was one of my favorite shows on TV for several years. See, the Cosby Show was so rigidly catering to mainstream white audiences, that I really couldn't watch too much of it.

Actually, now, with shows like 'Basketball Wives' and the 'Love and Hip Hop' reality TV series, I wish the Cosby Show or something close to it would make a comeback.

Anyway, what the Cosby Show lacked, A Different World made up for in terms of being politically conscious at more of a 'down-to-earth' level; and even its 'earthiness' was tempered by all the young Black men and women in the show being college students. It was damn near perfection. 

Another reason I tuned in faithfully, is 'cause I had a major crush on Cree Summer. 

Cree played Winifred 'Freddie' Brooks on the show, and man, I was beyond smitten with this woman. 

She has the same alluring traits that have, or had me attracted to Jill Scott; and those are a quasi-regal aire, and that new bohemian/earth mother-type vibe; lovely. 

Fast forward a decade...or two later *smiles*; and I notice the ONLY kind of black woman I see on TV, is this woman. When I say this woman, I mean, the curly haired, light skinned, bi-ethnic looking black woman. 

And any time I see a pure bred, or darker-skinned black woman, they're purposely being portrayed negatively as having boatloads of attitude (ala Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, etc.)

Now, I readily admit, in the past, anytime I saw a curly haired, light skinned black woman, I'd almost drool; that's until I threw the white supremacist shackles off my psyche and saw them for what they really are...half-bred black women. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not casting aspersion on these women's characters; the majority of them that I've met are very endearing and sweet; but I'm the one who's different. Meaning, whenever I used to look at someone who's darker skinned, my white supremacist conditioning would kick in and I'd think, man, their skin's sooo dark!

Now, when I see anyone, especially a black woman, with a higher grade of melanin than mine, i.e. anyone who's darker skinned, I get real envious...and here's why...

Not only do increased amounts of melanin block the sun damage that causes most skin cancers in other people, it also acts to eradicate 'free radicals' in the skin. Meaning, your skin will tend to look younger (reference the saying 'Black don't crack'); and I think we've ALL noticed how darker skinned women tend to have flawless looking skin. 

At least I have. 

But there's another, greater advantage to having highly melanated skin; one rarely anybody talks or knows about.

Now, regarding this, here's a question: have you ever seen a white colored solar panel?

I didn't think so. 

They're ALL Black; that's because the color Black is a better conductor of light and electricity. 

And what are our thoughts biochemically? Answer: electric impulses.

So the Black woman or man who's got the darkest skin will literally be able to think more quickly than his white counter-part. Now, whether they capitalize on this is something different.

But don't take my word for this, go and look this fact up!

But I think we've all seen instances where Black people have shown they're quicker thinking; for instance, I remember when I was young, there was an incident where someone was running down the street waving a weapon in the air. 

As a group of people ran by me, I ran with them; even though I didn't know what was going on. There was one white guy who looked past us trying to investigate what was going on, until he saw the guy with the weapon, then he ran.

White people's propensity to make good decisions when they're put under pressure, or danger, is when you'll usually see how deficient they are...mentally (i.e. they've got no common sense). Or their complete inability sometimes to handle the pressures Black people endure everyday, speaks to our being mentally stronger...and quicker thinking, thanks to melanin!

I remember when I was in high school, a darker skinned young women literally told me, ", God didn't give us nothing...we've got big lips and kinky hair..."

Funny, how lately, white women are injecting silicone into their lips (and butts) to make them look like ours, and fashioning their hair like black women; to the point where they're actually wearing weaves and hair extensions 'cause black women have made them popular. 

Now, if you're a Black woman reading this, let me tell you why you should absolutely revere your kinkier hair--it's because it acts like an antenna allowing you access to higher spiritual frequencies...let me explain...

It's been proven that kinkier Black hair has higher levels of crystalline properties, and the most common component in quartz crystals is know, the material they use in computer chips. And they use silicone in computer chips 'cause it's a better conductor of electricity (just like your darker Black skin); and being that hair is at the top of your head, the increased amounts of silicone in it acts with antenna-like qualities to connect you to higher spiritual realms. And again, don't take my word for any of this...go look this fact up!

But, if you're old enough to remember TV antennas, remember they had the straight 'rabbit ear' antennas to get channels 1 though 13; but if you wanted access to the higher channels (13 and above), you had to have a 'rounded' or 'OHM' antenna. Well, the 'rabbit ear' or straight antennas act like a white person's straight hair, which can only access the lowest levels of spiritual frequencies.

And kinky Black hair is especially high in its silicone content when it's locked (Dreadlocks...actually, I just call them 'locks' 'cause there's nothing I dread about them).

Now, getting back to darker skin...I say, bottom line, darker Black skin just plain looks better!

For instance, check out this picture to the right of three sistas with varying skin tones.

Which woman looks the prettiest?

In my eyes, it's the darker skinned sista, hands down!

And white supremacists tried to get slick here, by flanking the darker skinned sister between two lighter skinned sistas to make her look less desirable. 

And the dark skinned sista still beats 'em both!

So, I've said all that to say this...especially if you're a darker skinned Black woman...


Praise and pamper both as often as you can; 'cause contrary to what white supremacists would have you believe, both your hair and skin are working for you...not against you!

Ma'at Hotep and Sutekh (colloquialism in the Medu Netcher for Black Power!)

MontUHURU Mimia


Shouts out to brotha 'Transcendenal Prodco' for creating this vid that explains the concept of Black hair acting as an antenna to access higher spiritual vibrations better than I ever could. 

Check out 'Ancient Dreadlocks'...and enjoy!


Some of the captions in this vid are too small to read on my Blog's miniature version of 'Ancient Dreadlocks'; in order to view them better, swipe your cursor over the vid's title and click onto it, this will take you to the YouTube page's expanded version of this vid; there, you can read all the captions clearly.


  1. Dark skinned Lupita nyongo named people magazine most beautiful woman of 2014

    1. Lupita played a slave in a movie...that's not a victory.

    2. It's a victory for dark skinned women with low self esteem, that faces colorism discrimination in the dating world, and the entertainment industry.With no role models, Lupita is there hero and role model

    3. Denzel washington played a slave an won a oscar in a movie too! Remember Glory

  2. She's the first dark skinned kenyan african to grace the cover! :-) She's not mixed race, she is 100% african. She also is lancome cosmectic first female of african descent to be signed with the top makeup brand. Her lancome cosmectic contract is said to be worth millions....


      White supremacists are saying that Black people need to be or play SLAVES TO GET MOVIE AWARDS!!

      Do you get the back-handed insult now?

  3. I wish my dark skinned sista's would stop letting black men make them feel bad about themselves. thr whole world says you're exotic and beautiful yet you are upset because the mentally damaged black man says something otherwise. wake up dark skinned sista's and know your worth!!

  4. To the dark skinned sista who wrote the last comment...

    I too agree that Black women are exotic and beautiful...I'm also saying you're too exotic and beautiful to be portrayed as slaves and maids in hollywood films like '12 years a slave' and 'The help'.

    I don't understand how a dark-skinned Black women can see Lupita winning an oscar for this movie as a compliment to her being dark-skinned.

    It's long are Black men and women gonna' thank the white elite for the privilege of being portrayed as crooked cops (Denzel in Training Day), or a slave, butler or some white man's concubine (Kerry Washington on Scandal) on TV shows and in movies?

    Are Black men and women that desperate for the attention and approval or white supremacists that we're blind to when and how they're denigrating us or having us playing in these self-debasing roles?

    Also, if you as a dark-skinned woman came away from reading this Blog post thinking I'm trying to make dark-skinned sistas feel bad about themselves, you clearly didn't understand what you read.


    'Cause ultimately, they're never gonna' do the right thing by us...but if you want to continue thinking playing a maid, butler, or slave is some sort of progressive move for dark-skinned Black women or men, then I truly feel sorry for you.

  5. I wasn't talking about you or your comments, I actually agree with what you are saying about her portraying a slave. what I am talking about is dark skinned black women in everyday life who hear BLACK MEN saying things like they don't date dark skinned women. once again I agree with what YOU are saying.

  6. The reason I created this Blog, as glib as it may sound, is to help eradicate the self-hatred that's so pervasive in the Black Diaspora.

    And an integral part of doing that involves us realizing that we (Black people), have been conditioned more than any other ethnic group on the planet to hate and hurt ourselves and each other.

    So I agree that there's a lot of Black men who say that they don't and won't date dark-skinned Black women; conversely, there's a lot of Black women who say they don't and won't date dark-skinned Black men.

    So we all need to be open to the fact that BOTH BLACK MEN AND WOMEN SUFFER FROM THE SAME SELF-HATING SICKNESS.

    And because of this, it's imperative that we treat each other with a measure of forgiveness, 'cause this is the first step towards truly healing the diaspora.

    Please read my next post 'cause it deals with this subject directly, and leave a comment telling me what you think pro or con.

    Thanks for commenting.

    1. There's nothing wrong with africans and people of african descent to date others races, or people in there race with lighter skinned. If lighter skinned is there type and what they are attracted to sexually that's there right as humans. Nobody should be forced to be with anyone they don't want to be with period. I think the problem is most of these individuals especially the men. Feel the need to constantly broadcast on blogs, youtube, rappers lil wayne, kanye west, asap rocky, actors terrence howard, tyrese gibson etc that they don't date darker skinned women or bash dark skinned women. That's more the problem that they want shut up about it. It's okay to date lighter just keep your mouth shut and date who you want without bashing dark skinned women....

    2. If these famous african descent male celebritys especially the rappers. Who are more known on a gobally scale worldwide will just shut the heck up with this light vs dark crap in there songs lyrics music interviews etc. Most darker skinned females wouldn't have some of these self esteem issues. It's the constant need for these famous african american male celebritys who are popular. Keep disrespecting dark skinned women to the whole world, world wide, gobally. The rappers kanye west, lil wayne, actors kevin hart and others have a gobally fanbase people of different races. That here them disrespecting the women in there race. Of course some dark skin women are going to have self esteem issue, when some in her race don't respect her and embarrass her to the world. That's why you had rest in peace bloggers like karyn washington with issues. Asap rocky the rapper making fun of dark skin women and what they choose to put on there face. Did he or any other african male celebritys really have to let there fans no this crap no.

  7. First off, I don't have a problem with people dating outside their ethnic group; but understand, I'm a Black Nationalist, and if you subscribe to this behavior, you're truly not gonna' like what you see on this Blog because it's dedicated to Black men and women eradicating the rift between them so they CAN BE TOGETHER EXCLUSIVELY.

    Second, I understand that dark-skinned Black women have been made to feel less than they're worth by some Black men; but I find it interesting that I never hear any complaints against white men or white supremacist institutions doing this. Moreover, you have to understand, Black men have been made to feel less attractive because they're darker-skinned too.


    Remember, our truest enemy is NOT a light or darker-skinned Black man or woman, it's the the pale-skinned degenerates who've taught the whole of the Black Diaspora to hate and hurt themselves.

  8. I for one am ashamed that I have been biased and also afraid of one of my race (Caucasion) growing up. Always beleiving that they were better than the darker-skinned people. When I finally realized that my grandmother was called a Mulatta, because her mother was Cherokee and her father was white. Well what does that make me? My father is a white man and my mother is the product of my grandmother. I believe they call that multi-racial since there's so many variegated colors combined. Call me black, African, Afro-American, I will never answer to anything other. We are humans first.

    1. Recently, I was sitting next to a brotha that was conversing with a white woman and he proudly stated he had Cherokee in his family on his mother's side or something. He said the Black slaves hid from whitey in the enclaves of 'native american Indians'.

      But what this idiot didn't know is Black people were here in america before the 'indians'; so Black people are the REAL 'native americans'. Moreover, Black people are the indigenous people of this PLANET! So we were on EVERY CONTINENT before anyone else!

      With that said, I agree we're ALL humans; but no other humans are conditioned to hate themselves by this pale-skinned degenerate white person like Black people are.

      Thus, and this might sound harsh, I DON'T CARE about any other ethnic group but Black people, 'cause no other ethnic group cares about us.

      So know that the mission statement and manifesto of my Blog is and forever will be ETHNICITY FIRST! I AM A BLACK NATIONALIST FIRST, BEFORE I AM ANYTHING!

      So to think about what blood lines might be or might have been in my family historically is irrelevant to me. I know I am Black and I will work for the empowerment of my people, period.

      Everything else is neither here nor there.