Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why I'm 'in love with love'...

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to the loyal readers of this Blog about the dearth of posts here lately.

I've always prided myself on being a prolific writer, problem is, my laptop's mother board is fried, so I'm scrambling to put out posts the best way I can on public computers. 

I'll soon purchase another laptop though, so hang in there with me...this is only a speed bump on my way down the road of the 'bloggersphere'.

Okay...now let's get down...

Recently, someone who viewed my YouTube videos, 'Kem Queens' and 'Kem Love', said since I'm 'in love with love', I should look at their music video and then subscribe to their YouTube channel. And this person happened to be Black. 

I immediately blocked this person.

You see, my life has never been that placid...and it's not now, for me to just go around obsessing about 'love'. 

My mission with these two videos was, and is, to give Black men and women positive, loving images of themselves; because we're not gonna' get that anywhere else in the mainstream american media. 

Seeing ourselves in a positive light is the first step to 'consciously' reconditioning ourselves out of our collective self hatred. 

Some may see this as frivolous or silly, but this is truly the first step in the Black diaspora gettting back to love.

Not the syrupy, hyper-sentimentalized kinda' love you hear about in songs, but the kind that can unify us so we can begin to mend fences and form functional relationships with ourselves and our communities. 

Is this 'hyper-idealistic'...probably; but the process has got to start somewhere; it's my small contribution to my bigger goal of Black people uniting and wanting to work together again. 

So don't misunderstand these videos as me trying to sell you something...other than the idea that we HAVE to heal the rift between Black men and women.

Our survival DEPENDS ON IT!

Recently, I saw an ad for a TV show called 'Swirlr'.

Now, this show is all about creating inter-ethnic relationships to promote the idea that love has no color. And, it has a Black person as its creator promoting it, so Black people will be more likely to tune in. 

But from what I saw, the emphasis was not put on spanish and asian people 'hooking up', the emphasis was always on Black men and women being matched with white men and women. 

Again, the white supremacist agenda is at work trying to keep Black men and women specifically from forming loving relationships. 


So when you look at my current and future videos, don't think I'm just trippin' on love; my agenda is to have Black people see themselves as something other than repugnant, so we have a chance at being around in the future. 

It's vitally important that we get this message out as much as we can!

So I hope you see my vids in a different light, if you thought I was just giving my people something pretty to look at. 

I'm giving you a glimpse of how we need to see ourselves, so our children can repair the damages we've done under the spell of the american white supremacist educational system.

So don't get it twisted...it's bigger than sensual photos and soul music; I'm hoping to inspire future minds to save what we have left of the diaspora, before we go the way of the dinosaur; and it starts with you...and us, seeing ourselves as worthy of being here. 

And I hope y'all feel me on this, 'cause as a Black nationalist I live by Gil Scott Heron's pithy and prophetic axiom, "The revolution will not be televised..."

It will be internalized...'cause it must start in our minds!


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I accidentally stumbled upon the part of youtube where tommy sotomeyers videos were. I did watch one, and saw that he is a government agent that is working the divide and conquer agenda for them. I must say I was sickened at the titles of some of the video's regarding the black woman but what sickened me more is the black males that are actually buying into this. the white man has surely done a job on us. my heart is truly saddened.

  2. As much as I can't stand Uncle Tommy Sotomayor, I will keep saying that he is NOT the problem...he's only a symptom of the problem.

    The self-hatred that the Black diaspora has been conditioned into is our BIGGEST problem, and until we resolve that, we're as good as gone.

    So, don't be saddened, be inspired to rid yourself of the gridlocked white supremacist mind-state we've been coerced into.


    'Cause as you see, we're under constant attacks and pressure to marry and mate with anyone besides ourselves.

    Let's be doubly focused to do the subconscious work needed to survive and thrive as Black men and women! 'Cause again, it's the most important work we'll ever do for our people and ourselves.

    Thanks for commenting!