Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gentrification and the Black Diaspora (Part 2)...The King Alfred Plan...

Fortunately or unfortunately, I've gotten a chance to visit several states in this country. Especially this country's sprawling cities. And whether you're talking about Chicago, New York, or L.A., the one thing they all have in common, is its population of poor and working class Black people being gentrified right out of their neighborhoods. 

Shamefully, the majority of Black people are so conditioned to hate themselves and their own kind, when this happens, we think it's making our communities better.

We actually think seeing some white faces ensures us that we'll be treated better by whitey on the whole. I remember Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X) saying of his old Brooklyn, NYC neighborhood, that an annual event in Prospect Park, near his home was cancelled due to the African drumming ceremony being a little too loud for new noise ordinances whitey had just instituted. Spike reacted to this by saying, "You can't just come into someone's neighborhood and just disrupt the order of things, or just stop traditional rituals taking place over the course of decades just 'cause you feel like it."

Now, if the practice of gentrification wasn't insidious enough, the real reason behind it is even more so. 

Anyone who's read this Blog for any amount of time knows I've talked extensively about white birth rates falling below replacement levels, and the effects of this on the white psyche; well, behind this we're seeing a 'white flight' in reverse because whitey feels that our diaspora is a little too close to necessary resources in these 'cities'. Meaning, Black people have too much access to public transportation and retail stores where they could buy necessary supplies like food, water, clothing, etc.

So what whitey's now doing is coming back into the city and kicking us out of our neighborhoods, so he can enjoy the close(r) access to these conveniences. 

But there's an even more insidious side to the 'endgame' of this new wave of gentrification, and it has to do with an initiative called 'Rex 84' or 'The King Alfred Plan'.

Now, this basically is a mission statement on how the white elite are going to round up the Black Diaspora in a span of eight hours, put them on trains, and have our people put into incinerators for extermination.

This was originally drafted in case an ethnic war ever broke out in this country, and it was revised in 1984, thus 'Rex 84' to include spanish people...ya' know, those people who think whitey loves them so much. 

Now, we're currently seeing the first phases of this, meaning, whites removing us from our neighborhoods to more desolate locations. See, if you move from say, Brooklyn, NYC to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, not only are you going to experience a major culture shock, but the nearest retail store is probably gonna' be at least a mile away AND you'll have nearly no access to public transportation. So, if you don't already have a car, you're screwed and stationary! 

Access to goods are going to be three times worse than we're used to, intentionally. 

And this has already happened in the case of Hurricane Katrina victims, i.e. Black people, and how the white elite bombed those levees and those who survived being flooded out of their wards were taken to places like Arizona and New Mexico to live. The white elite especially want to relocate Black southerners, 'cause according to them, that's where the majority of us are in this country. 

So, here's the 'timeline' of this plan once the 'emergency' happens with our people according to this document; and I'll leave a link at the end of this post so you can see this document in it's entirety. 

1. Local police and Minority leaders in action to head off the Emergency.

2. Countdown to eight hours begins at the moment the President determines the Emergency to be:
a. National
b. Coordinated
c. Of Long Duration (8th hour)

3. County police join local police (7th hour)

4. State police join county and local police (6th hour)

5. Federal marshals join state, county, and local forces  (5th hour)

6. National guards federalized, held in readiness (4th hour)

7. Regular Armed Forces alerted, take up positions;
Minority troops divided and detained,
along with all white sympathizers, under guard (3rd hour)

8. All minority leaders, national and local detained (2nd hour)

9. President addresses Minority on radio-television,
gives it one hour to end the Emergency (1st hour)

10. All units under regional commands into the Emergency (0 hour)

“0” Committee Report:
Survey shows that during a six-year period, production created 9,000,000 objects, or 1,500,000 each year. Production could not dispose of the containers, which proved a bottleneck. However, that was almost 20 years ago. We suggest that vaporization techniques be employed to overcome the production problems inherent in King Alfred.

Now, the 'committee report' part of this, refers to 9 million 'objects' that could not be effectively disposed of. What they're talking about, when they say 'objects' are people in concentration camps in nazi germany. They're basically saying, how the millions of people they were trying to dispose of didn't vaporize or 'burn up' fast enough, causing a 'bottleneck' or a blockage. So they in essence have created new techniques to dispose of those objects more quickly; basically with nuclear powered ovens that would vaporize these groups of people in an instant; so, again, there wouldn't be any kind of assembly line blockage when it comes to their plans for massive extermination of Black people. 

Now, do you still wonder who the devil(s) of this earth are?

But, here's the $64,000 question...when the deputized militias, a.k.a white klansmen, come knocking on our doors and pointing high powered rifles in our face, telling us to get on these trains or we'll shoot you dead, will we be ready to defend ourselves?

Or, will we still be mired in the self-hatred that's got us so dysfunctional, that we can no longer form stable and loving relationships or families any more?

As a Black man or woman reading this and seeing the first phases of this happening as this post is being written, do you even give a damn that this is whitey's plan for us?

Only time will give us this answer...but I hope it's not too late for our diaspora when it does. 

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


Follow this link to the 'King Alfred Plan' document, so you can read it in its entirety, here.


  1. My mother and I was just discussing white people's plans of total mass destruction and genocide of African people here in America. Your post just reinforced how serious this is and that I need to make the effort to get myself and family prepared. I will be back to comment more later.

  2. Your statement and I am probably paraphrasing "Black people have lost everything to our self hatred" comes to mind. The future of black people as I have stated above is in great peril in this country and I am afraid that many of us will lose our lives because of self hatred many continue to harbor. Many of us refuse to see the truth behind today's current events as well as years of warnings from our great revolutionaries about what's to come to past. smdh. Do you have any suggestions for us who are aware as to how to prepare ourselves?

    1. 'Nina'...

      Firstly, ORGANIZE with a group of like-minded people.

      What I've recently committed myself to is a pro-literacy/mentoring program some good brothas and I have organized in a nearby college, after having a good conversation with one of them. I'll write more about this extensively in a future post.

      But, get around some like-minded Black people and organize around SOMETHING! It could be something as seemingly frivolous as a community garden, but this does two things, one, it gets people near you, or in your group, used to conversing and sharing resources with each other; and two, the garden can provide food to those who immediately need it.

      What's imperative for our neighborhood(s) when a crisis hits, is having people already used to networking and SHARING RESOURCES...WHATEVER THEY ARE!

      Two, and this is the most important, that's why I'm mentioning this last...we MUST recondition ourselves out of the self-hatred that's been force fed into us.

      I don't know how long you've been looking at this Blog, but what I emphasize more than anything is meditation that will recondition us out of the decades of teachings we get to despise ourselves and each other at the sub-conscious level.

      You may not need this because you may have been reared on Black Nationalism, but the majority of us have been reared on white supremacy...i.e. the majority of us can't stand each other; and before we get to organizing, we have to WANT TO NETWORK WITH EACH OTHER!

      I have meditative techniques that I will share on my upcoming e-book, 'How to heal the rift between Black men and women', where I detail how to get our minds there, but I also share one traditional technique on this Blog, and I'll leave a link for that post at the end of this one.

      But this is the part everyone wants to skip, and I try to relate to our diaspora that without reconditioning ourselves out of our white supremacist induced self-hatred, NOTHING ELSE IS POSSIBLE! WE'LL SABOTAGE EACH OTHER EVERY TIME...AND THAT'S WHY WE GET TAUGHT TO HATE OURSELVES MORE THAN ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP ON THIS PLANET!

      I hope this helps in your pursuits of 'preparedness'.

      Thanks for commenting!

      The post where I share the traditional meditative technique is here:

  3. Great article! This is what's been bugging me for a while.

    1. This is much needed information for us Israelites.