Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One thing the Black Diaspora has never seen...

Over the course of the last few years, I've come across my share of YouTube videos about social issues pertaining to Black people. And what strikes me as odd is, amongst Black people outside of america, the prevailing sentiment seems to be that Black americans are the dumbest of the diaspora.

I remember one instance when a Black brit was relaying this to the YouTube audience and one dark-skinned asian person agreed whole-heartedly. Now, with the history of Black brits and dark-skinned asians suffering injustices at the hands of myriad groups of british white supremacists, I was perplexed as to why they felt this way. When I challenged him on it, the Black brit basically said, that's what he was raised to believe. There were a couple of Black Africans who held these beliefs and when I reminded them how there are a good many of our people over there literally starving to death, and if that's the case, why would you call Black americans stupid? They conceded that I had a point. 

There were also a few times where Haitians published these beliefs, and when I reminded these commenters that they spoke french because these are the people who ultimately conquered them, they just kind of dismissed my point. I remember one instance about four or five years ago, when white supremacists had completely devalued Haiti's currency. 

I saw footage of Haitian men flipping through wads of worthless dollars, and the situation got so bad, that a good many of them resorted to literally eating dirt to survive; and the white media had footage of them doing this. But Black americans are idiots?

What I didn't understand about that situation is how Haitian citizens could be so proud of the Haitian Revolution of 1791, as they should be 'cause they defeated Napoleon's armies, but suddenly now, how they're so content to let white supremacists have their way with the island and their people. I guess the answer is during the Haitian Revolution they could physically 'see' their enemy, where as devalued currency doesn't really have a white face attached to it. Moreover, if the citizens of the island aren't the ones who had a hand in devaluing the currency in the first place, I wondered why their rebellious past didn't have them looting the stores to get what they needed. If white people are telling you your dollars are worthless, they're the ones dictating those terms...doesn't mean you have to abide by them. Why resort to eating dirt when you can do what your ancestors did, take up arms and get free. Then, when these same Haitians get to the states, they look down on Black americans and cater to whites like their gods. This still boggles my mind. 

Also, there's the reasoning of Black Haitians, Jamaicans and Africans that Black americans didn't fight hard enough to get themselves out of slavery, which is the excuse they use to diss us; but they fail to realize that the reason they're in america is because white supremacists have made it impossible for them to earn a living in their country. 

And when I related the facts of the recent Haitian crisis to a Black american co-worker, that person stated emphatically that Black Haitians are 'animals'. I just shook my head.

See, wherever Black people are in the diaspora, we may think we're superior to one another based on geography, but the one thing uniting us is the programming we get to hate ourselves in the white supremacist institutions of pre, middle and grade schools.

And if you're a Black man or woman reading this, whatever country you hail from, take comfort in knowing that you've never seen anything or anyone dumber in your life than one kinda' person...and that's a POOR WHITE MAN! 

Now, whether you're a Black Haitian, Jamaican, Brazilian, African, etc., you have to admit that the whole of this world, especially in america, is set up for EVERY white man to win. The white male privilege is alive and well...and being squandered by many a white male on every continent. I don't know about other countries, but in america, the majority of people on public assistance or welfare are white; and it's been that way for decades. This still puzzles me. 

On my way to work I pass scores of broke white men who are homeless or pan-handling in the streets and I'm like, are you that dumb-founded that you don't realize this whole country, continent and world has placed everything in your favor? Did you miss the e-mail that was sent to every white guy saying, if you only have half a brain you can lead a bountiful/wonderful life?

Not one of you can deny that this person exclusively has been given the most chance to thrive in this world, so when you pass one of these inbreds on the streets and they ask you for change, tell them to change their focus, so they can finally see and cash in their white male privilege chip(s)...this goes for gay white men too; 'cause the majority of them don't identify themselves as gay, so they still benefit from the (straight) white male privilege. 

So, again, if you are a member of the Black Diaspora, and you're ever thinking about dissin' one of your own kind in another country, take a minute to ponder the plight of broke white men everywhere...and give that brotha or sista on a different shore a pass. 

You'll be glad ya' did.


MontUHURU Mimia

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