Saturday, November 8, 2014

The cult of the mini car...

Recently, cars like BMW's 'mini' Cooper have become fashionable in 'yuppie' circles for their enhanced parking capabilities and their sticker price. Even Mercedes-Benz has put out one of these 'smart' cars called the 'Pure Coupe' which a person could own for about $14,000.

I myself have seen these 'urban dune-buggies' zipping about the city and have witnessed their increased maneuverability in traffic, and they do seem like the perfect solution for 'city-dwellers' who are always looking for parking spaces near their homes.

With that said, there's a more insidious reason for the appearance of these 'smart' cars on our shores and abroad as well...and it has to do with white fascists and their agenda for Black people. Now, I could include spanish and asian people in this white fascist agenda, but since these people have an all-abiding love for whitey and they can't stand us, I say, to hell with them. 

Now, according to a 'Forbes' magazine article titled, 'The 10 most popular car colors' by journalist Matthew De Paula; in america, the most popular car color is white, hands down, since 1998, according to DuPont color marketing manager Nancy Lockhart. Now, over the course of the last few years, I myself have seen more white cars on the road than I ever have in my life, but I've noticed one thing about these 'smart' or 'mini' cars...and that is, rarely do I see a white colored one. 

Now, I'm not saying I never see one of these cars in white, again, I'm saying I rarely do. They're usually some shade of blue, Black or silver; and there's a reason for this.  

Ya' see, white cars attract white people. Now, people in general are tribal, but whitey is hyper-tribal. And one of the best examples of their hyper-tribalism is their 'acceptance' of Black music. I remember growing up, when Black people listened to every kind of popular musical genre and whites listened strictly to white Rock and Roll artists and european classical music. I also remember when Rap music was just starting out around the early 80's, and whitey wanted nothing to do with it, that is, until Rick Rubin put out the 'Beastie Boys'. 

Now, the Beastie Boys were originally a 'punk rock' band, until Rick noticed there was more money to be made with Rap music, so this was one way he exploited the culture. And I think we've all at least heard about what happened when Elvis arrived on the scene. White people were secretly listening to 'Little Richard' and 'Chuck Berry' records, but when Elvis arrived, this is what really got them to acknowledge their love of Rock and Roll. 

Remember, whites used to call Rock and Roll 'jungle music' because Black people created it and were the only ones playing it. But that's usually how whitey steals any facet of our culture, he laughs at what we're doing one moment, then in ten years, he's doing the very same thing himself, and in twenty years, he's claiming our culture as his own. 

But back to 'mini' and 'smart' cars...if these manufacturing companies offered too many of these cars in white, whitey might start buying them in droves, especially those white people in more 'rural' areas and white supremacists don't want that, here's why...

These small cars are kept primarily in Black and blue colors, so they'll attract our people, and with their decreased sticker price, whitey hopes we'll take to them in droves, 'cause an accident in one of these cars would most likely be fatal being that they're so small. 

These cars were put out primarily to decrease populations of Black people with their increased driving risk. And to thwart the notion of this, manufacturers are saying these cars have 'smarter' technological frames to keep the driver safer. But what they're not telling you is, if you get into an accident with a full sized SUV in one of these things, you're as good as gone. There's not enough 'smart' technology in the world to stop your mini car from being crushed like a can in one of these smack-ups. 

And what I've also noticed is the white 'mini' cars that are being offered are usually 'electric cars' with higher sticker prices. White fascists did this to dissuade the average Black driver because they know we'll usually shy away from these for fear of not being offered adequate numbers of 'fueling' stations, or we think the car's performance will have a lack of 'torque'. 

Remember, white birth rates are falling below replacement levels and whitey knows in a century or two, he could go the way of the dinosaur. So by all means, he's hyper-obsessive about 'depopulation' and 'population control'. I liken this to how the white medical establishment handles cancer patients, they basically guarantee that cancer victims are going to die with 'chemo' and 'radiation treatments' that destroy the body's immune system. And they do all of this understanding some of their people will be affected, but they just consider these people 'collateral damage' towards their white supremacist agenda. 

So, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, make the smart choice and stay away from these 'mini' cars...'cause your life may depend on it. 


MontUHURU Mimia

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