Saturday, June 7, 2014

The lowly nature of white women (Part 2)...The Black man's spell...

Give us a child 'til the age of seven and we'll show you the man.
--The Jesuits

John Wayne Gacy was known as one of america's most notorious serial killers and was executed for his part in the murders of approximately thirty three people. 

After his autopsy a psychiatrist named Helen Morrison was tasked with having Gacy's brain examined to find its abnormalities. 

After Gacy's brain came back from the lab, here's what she said they found: "They basically told us there's nothing abnormal; no tumors, no (unusual) growths, no sign of any injury..."

Now this proves two things: one, that Gacy wasn't born a serial killer, he was bred into one through years of ritualized child abuse; and two, that Helen Morrison is a quack who has no business in her industry. 'Cause if she really knew the nature of the human condition, she'd have known this fact and those scientists could have saved their monies doing something more productive than studying this man's brain.    

But this and the above statement from the Jesuits, shows the power of mental conditioning. ANYONE'S psyche can be corrupted to the benefit or detriment of someone else; especially in a person's 'pre-teen' years. 

Now, a sista made a comment on my last post titled, 'The lowly nature of white women', where she basically asked two questions on the nature of Black men's conditioning. She asked: One, where does the spell white women have Black men under come from? And two, how did I break this spell?

Now, I was gonna' write about another topic this week, but her questions were so weighty, they demanded an immediate answer. 

Firstly, when I referred to the 'Black man's spell' that white women had us under, I was talking specifically about the conditioning we get at school and church. 

At school we're specifically taught that white people are and were at the forefront of every modern and ancient ingenuity known to mankind; and added to this is how we're taught that our history begins and ends with slavery. Which gives us a profoundly deep sense of shame...inherent in that is young Black men being taught how their ancestors were incapable of protecting their women. That message is sublime but very devastating. 

Then, when we watch TV...the news especially, Black men specifically are portrayed as sub-human, gun-wielding, drug-selling predators on human life. I was privy to this throughout my teen years.

At church, we're surrounded by the message that everything sanctified and sacred is white; from jesus, to the pope and even heaven, how do you think that makes us feel as BLACK men? Again, sublimely, it teaches you that everything about your existence is wrong, since white fascism dictates that everything Black is negative and everything white is positive. 

Now, if you're a Black woman reading this, it should all sound very familiar; because THE BLACK MAN'S SPELL ISN'T EXCLUSIVE TO BLACK MEN!

And this is evidenced by the fact that I see Black men AND women almost literally throwing themselves at white men and women all the time. 

Remember, we (both Black men and women) received the same kind of conditioning from these pale-skinned, degenerate devils we know as the white elite. 

Now, here's where I, and other 'Black Nationalists', have to be very careful. 

Because behind the aforementioned statement about Black men and women receiving the same conditioning, we can reinforce the ill-feelings and rift between us. Here's how...if you're a Black woman reading this and thinking I'm saying you're predisposed to obsess over white men, that's gonna' further deepen your disdain for Black men. 

The message I'm trying to convey is this, if both Black men and women are taught since they've started walking, that everything valuable and sacred is white, how could we not be obsessed with white men and women on some level? And how could we not obsessively hate ourselves and each other?

I need Black men and women reading this to realize that the conditioning we get to hate ourselves is far and away WORSE than any other ethnic group in this country, or this world. 

We, Black people, are given the message that our very skin color makes us predisposed to being immoral and exceptionally dastardly. And that's because the white elite know that they're this way themselves, so they're projecting that onto us...and, they also know we have the genetic power to literally breed them out of existence.  

So, now, if you are a Black man or woman reading this, I want you to indulge me in a little exercise. 

I want you to think about every negative characteristic or trait that you dislike about the opposite sex. I want you to make a mental list of five things you can't stand about Black men or women. 

Got it?

Now, I want you to tear this list up in your mind and throw it away. 

What you should feel is a bit of relief from any enmity you have against Black men or women; and with this new energy I want you to focus on the fact that it is and was white teachers, politicians, cops, media titans, etc. who've had you hating Black men and women all this time. 


Too many Black men and women walk around spittin' mad at the opposite sex never realizing who's responsible for us hating each other...and it's these inbreds we adore and obsess over so much. 

Now for the second question: how did I break this 'spell'?

It was through meditation. 

The subconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool, probably the most powerful one in the world. Because it regulates so many biological functions without us realizing it.

Ponder this, what if you had to think about breathing? What if you had to actively think about keeping your heart beating? Any lapse in thought could be fatal. But we don't have to worry about that, thanks to the subconscious mind. Conversely, this is why it's so hard to recondition; because it's in the deepest recesses of our hard-wiring.  

And this is where we have to go to rid ourselves of the white supremacist conditioning we get throughout seventeen or eighteen years of american pre, middle and high schooling. And when I use the term 'white supremacist', I'm not talking about someone who wears a hood and is burning crosses on people's lawns. I'm talking about any white person working in an institutional capacity (teacher, politician, judge, etc.) who's tasked with carrying out the white supremacist agenda. 

Now, I've employed methods of self-hypnosis to get rid of the white supremacist conditioning embedded in my subconscious, but I think the most effective method of ridding your psyche of this is traditional meditation. 

And I'll explain one of the most basic exercises I've employed to do this here, but I will go into more detail in my forthcoming e-book on this subject, 'How to heal the rift between Black men and women'; I've tried relaying this information in Blog posts, but in order to give a more comprehensive view of what's needed to really accomplish reconditioning ourselves, I'll need a bigger platform to do it in. 

One exercise involves getting to a quiet place...and it's better if you didn't do this in public, there's just too many distractions to deal with. Once you've found a quiet spot, preferably at home, close your eyes and try to picture yourself in an ideal setting; a green pasture, in a forest by a waterfall or sitting under a tree in a peaceful meadow. You should do this for at least ten to fifteen minutes. 

Once you've gotten a clear picture of this in your mind, you should picture yourself getting up and going to an elevator...any elevator; doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a field or a more natural scene. Wherever you are, picture yourself walking towards an elevator. Once in this elevator, try to visualize the elevator car in as much detail as you can. What kind of carpeting is in the elevator, what color are its buttons, are the doors clear or opaque? I know this sounds kinda' hokey, but trust me it works. 

Hit the elevator's down button and watch the doors close, you should then feel yourself going downard. This aids in getting into your subconscious mind, don't worry if you can't picture yourself going down initially, this will come with time; you should try to engage in this part of the exercise for at least ten to fifteen minutes also. 

As you feel yourself descending, say to yourself, "I'm going deep into my subconscious, soon I will be in hypnosis."

Once your elevator comes to a smooth halt, the doors will open and you should picture yourself in a plush home theater; this is the imagery I use and find most effective; again, picture the elevator doors opening to reveal this theater, and step out onto its carpeting. 

Again, make the mental picture of your theater as detailed as possible, see the big screen and its curtains, see the leather or crushed velvet on the seats, and see the rows of seats and the several uniformed floor lights illuminating the row's path. Take a seat right in the center of the theater and imagine a movie starting to play. 

Now is when you should repeat this affirmation, "I will erase the idea that whites are superior in my subconscious." And on the screen picture the word 'erase' in big capital leaders; and repeat the affirmation again, "I will erase the idea that whites are superior in my subconscious." 

Try to do as many of these 'reps' as you can, 'cause just like physical exercise, the more you do, the more effective the exercise will be. After you've done your 'reps', go back into your 'elevator' and take it back 'up' to your 'conscious' mind. Again, in your mind, imagine the elevator car in as much detail as you can. Once you've taken your elevator back up, let your elevator doors open onto your ideal setting, back to your peaceful meadow, or mountain brook...and your done. 

What's most important is getting as deep into your subconscious as you can, and staying there as long as you can. 

This, and some other techniques I'll share in my e-book, is how I got rid of the white supremacist conditioning that had me thinking white women were the alpha and omega of feminine beauty. 

So, to the sista that made the comment on my last post, I hope you see this and I hope this sheds some light on a few things.

'Cause we (the Black Diaspora) should always be ready to share helpful resources with one another, whether they be financial, spiritual or in this case mental...which is the most important. 


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Great work. I'll try this. By the way, how old are you -- if you don't mind my asking?

    1. Hi 'clair'...

      I'm thirty-nine; that's like being 101 in dysfunctional family and 'old soul' years. *smiles*

  2. hi. it was me that ask you about breaking the black mens spell of the white woman. thanks for answering my question and sharing your meditation techniques. yes, we are conditioned from school and everyday life period to find white people attractive and smart when they are NOT. there is nothing special about those people. I just hope more and more black men snap out of the spell and find who they truly are so they don't need white women to validate them any longer. by the way, do you mind me asking what city you live in? thanks again.

    1. Thank you for your comments and being the inspiration for this post.

      I try to put out as much as I can about our conditioning so our people realize what's been done to them; now, my question is, what will they do with this info.?

      Will they take the initiative to recondition themselves out of whitey's 'spell', or are they content with being self-hating anglophiles?

      Ultimately, it's up to them to figure out...and all of the Black Diaspora.

      We all have a choice to make, because we know what doesn't work for us...we see it everyday.

      On a lighter note...I've noticed people's questions are gettin' kinda' personal *smiles*; as far as how old I am, and whereabouts I'm living (LOL).

      But since you're a regular commenter, I'll let you know, I'm currently living in Philly, PA.

      Hope you keep commenting and I hope you continue to like some of what you see here!

    2. I asked how old you are, because I wanted to get an idea about your past and also because it's not every day that women -- especially black women -- can find a man who "gets it" and wants to do something to "fix it". "It" is most certainly the lack of a better word for covering all of the horrible issues that plague the black community worldwide, but sometimes I suck at finding the right words. Anyway, I'm 33 and I think you're wonderful. I'd ask you to marry me, but I think that's poor etiquette. LOL.

    3. Hi 'Clair'...

      The personal questions are fine, I've just gotten myself into such a 'Black Nationalist zone', so to speak, that when I get other kinds of questions, I often do a double take.

      And your comments are beyond flattering, thank you for even thinking of me in the context of marriage...I guess my YouTube video 'Kem Brides' is having a positive effect *smiles*

      One thing I did want to address specifically, is how in my forthcoming e-book 'How to heal the rift between Black men and women', I will expound on my past and how it is I came into this 'work'; for lack of a better term.

      You know, I've wondered how many Black men and women have lost out on meeting their 'soul mate' or 'significant other' due to our being so conditioned to hate ourselves and our kind?

      How many Black men and women today would be happily married if not for the fact that we're taught how everything about our existence is wrong?

      That's why it's imperative that we do away with this self-hatred; 'cause it's causing us to dismiss and get rid of some Black man or woman who might've been perfect for us. *SMH*

      But fortunately, I think I have some answers to what ails us; if not, I think I could definitely pose the right questions to get those answers.

      This is just stuff I think about.

      But again, thank you for the kind words and continued support!

      I hope you continue to like what you see here.

  3. True but what if you prefer White men? That is the case with me. I don't want to date African American men because they don't respect me or Black women especially dark skin Black women like me and I can't culturally relate to them. Sexual attraction isn't always uprooted in White supremacy and programming from the White, racist media. And I also find myself attracted to White men especially the Meditterrean ones with tan skin and light eyes.

    1. 'Coco'...

      I 'GET IT' that you prefer white men (LOL!).

      I just want you to GET that your exceptionally strong attraction to them is no coincidence...this has been BRED INTO YOU ever since you've started walking!

      And I KNOW this because, what was force fed to me in school, on TV, and pretty much everywhere else in life is how WHITE WOMEN ARE THE EPITOME OF FEMININE BEAUTY PERIOD!

      So you and I went through the same conditioning. Now...we both have a choice to make.

      Do we go with what's been conditioned into us, or do we take the initiative to recondition ourselves at the subconscious level so we don't go to our graves being self-hating anglophiles?

      I know the choice I've made...what about you?

      And again, if you've made your choice to date white men exclusively, hey, do your thing.

      I just want you to know that this is the white elites plan for the Black Diaspora, so we'll never reach our full potential.

      Understand, this Blog and its manifesto AREN'T for everyone. It's for people who really wanna' be about the work of seeing the Black Diaspora WIN!

      It is truly for BLACK NATIONALISTS!

      Now, whether or not you want to be down with that, is up to you.

      Thanks for commenting.

    2. I am a former Black Nationalist. I left Black Nationalism because I have had a few bad experiences with Black Nationalists and because Black Nationalism doesn't condone interracial dating or marriage. And many Black male Nationalists were harassing me online and telling me not to date White men yet they dated and married White women. That turned me off to Black Nationalism.

      Honestly I love my people and my race. I find your blog to be very nice too. However I just can't see myself dating an African American male. Whether the African American male is ''conscious'' or not, most of them don't respect me or like my dark skin and features. So why should I date one?

    3. 'Coco'...

      This is happening more and more lately...your question is just too weighty for me to leave unanswered, but I don't think the 'comment reply' section will have enough room to support what I want to say.

      So please look at my next post, 'cause I'm dedicating it to this question.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hey Coco Sista,
    I used to be like you, not because I wanted to, but because as a dark black woman, I was ignored by black men all the way up to college. Asians liked me, whites, hispanics, et cetera -- but not black men. I didn't understand it. It saddened me. I did get a peek into this problem though when I read a fabulous book titled "The Color Complex," which I borrowed from my older brother. I read it in high school to get an idea as to why I was ignored, belittled, or worse not even considered as a love interest at all (except by scrawny white boys) while obese white girls were courted by all shades of men. Anyway, fast forward 20 years later and I'm still struggling with dating. Just a year ago, I refused to date white men. I get asked for numbers, but I tell them no, because I don't want to be seen as just a girl to hit -- and a black girl, which some of these fools see as exotic and not as, "Wow, I could marry this beautiful girl". So, recently, a Mexican guy asked me out. I'm at a crossroads. I read my man MontUhuru's blog post about Spanish speaking people and I have inhibitions about dating this dude too. I think I just want to be alone. But here's a bright end to my depressing and long comment . . . the other day I saw a fine a** brother riding his bicycle and I waved at him. He waved back with the biggest smile on his face. Did I fear that he was married to a white woman? Did I fear that he was dating a white woman? Damn straight, I did, but wave and smile I did anyway because I'm learning to love black men and I'm learning to love me. Finally.

    1. Wow, your story is empowering to me but I don't think I could ever date an African American male. I just can't and wouldn't. As a dark skin Black woman of Jamaican heritage, I prefer White males because I feel like they show me more respect and don't call me ugly, too dark or skinny the way African American males do. I can hold a conversation better with White males with ease. And they don't disrespect me the way African American males do. Because of the disrespect I have received from African American males, I am no longer attracted to them and don't see them as potential mates anymore.

      I am going to university this fall and I would love to date a White guy if I can find one that wouldn't mind dating a Black girl.

    2. 'Coco'...

      I'm dedicating my next post to the answer of your last question; and my post should cover your concerns of why you should or shouldn't date Black men.

      Thanks for commenting.

    3. Hey again, Coco Sista. My family is also West Indies. I was born here. My mom is from Jamaica and my dad is from Haiti. Unfortunately, the Caribbean people (especially Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, et cetera) have incredible issues with colorism and the like. I want to make something clear. I don't think it's necessarily wrong to date, love, or marry someone who is a different color than you; HOWEVER, I do think it's wrong and perverse for people to exclusively date one color over another. And that is why I think we as black people are having trouble. I live in Florida and most couples I see in my area are black men and white women. It used to not bother me, but now, I understand and I'm discouraged and disgusted. Why? Because I know that these black men were brainwashed into thinking that white women were better than black women. Even a successful Haitian teacher I deal with is married to a white woman. I asked myself, "In all the world, all he could find was a plain white woman to marry? What about all of the equally successful and beautiful black women he could have chosen?" Oh well.

    4. To 'Clair' and 'Coco'...

      Which one of us isn't conditioned to love white people more than we love ourselves?'s imperative that you don't hang on to the enmity you have for those Black men who are married to white's why...

      If you continue to harbor any anger towards them, it's gonna' manifest in you despising Black men in general and keep you from ever wanting to give one a chance to be with you. Furthermore, if held in long enough, this anger towards them will turn inwards and reinforce any hatred you have for being Black.

      The self-hatred that's been bred into us is a twisted foe. 'Cause it dictates that we can't hate any faction of the Black Diaspora without ultimately hating ourselves for being Black.

      Instead we all should look at any Black man or woman who's dating a white man or woman with a dollop of forgiveness and compassion.

      Now, would I rather these Black men and women be with one of their own kind...ABSOLUTELY! But I understand more than half of our people are what I call 'anglophilic goners'.

      This means they're so indoctrinated and dedicated to loving white people more than themselves, that they're too far gone to come back to loving their Black selves.

      Another reason we should look on them with forgiveness is so we don't again, turn the anger of seeing them with a white man or woman inwards where it could reinforce why we don't like our people and ultimately ourselves for being Black.

      Now, I'd love it if I could get half of the Black Diaspora, at least in america, to adopt my doctrine or my meditative exercises, so we could end our rift and create more Black 'nuclear' families. But I'm a realist before I'm an 'idealist', and I know the overwhelming majority of Black people won't even TRY my meditative exercises.

      But I don't need half the Black Diaspora to accept my message, I just need a chosen few.

      I'm looking for those 'needles' in haystacks.

      And just a handful will do to influence a good number of others.

      So Clair, don't be discouraged by the Black men in your neighborhood, 'cause understand the overwhelming majority of Black people don't realize the extent of their brainwashed conditioning...And they never will. And even if they were presented with the facts, they wouldn't be interested in knowing this info. anyway.

      So as for you, myself and Coco...we should just continue our 'haystack needle' search...and trust me, we'll be all the better for it when we do find that one luminous needle.

    5. Yes, you have good points.

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