Saturday, June 14, 2014

Do you have a Tommy Sotomayor addiction?

" were my addiction like a strung-out crazy, hit me like a fever when you left me baby."
--Bobby Gillespe of the band Primal Scream, from the song 'Damaged'.

In June of last year, I wrote a Blog post titled, 'Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor'. And to this day, it remains one of my most popular posts. 

Now, recently, this post has gotten over three thousand views, and I truthfully never expected it's views to exceed the triple digit mark.

I also wrote ancillary posts about (Uncle) Tommy which include; 'What (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor doesn't know about his hatred for Black women', 'Why did Tommy Sotomayor organize the 'real men's' tour'? and 'Why Black women should ignore Tommy Sotomayor'.

Now, the last of these, 'Why Black women should ignore Tommy Sotomayor', I expected to be a colossal failure; 'cause I never thought the tale of an emcee battle would translate well into the message of why the Black Diaspora should stop listening to Tommy's message. 

But something happened recently making me think I should write this post to tackle this topic. 

There was a woman who commented on how she liked my first post about (Uncle) Tommy, and told me all the ways she couldn't stand him; and recently, this same woman came back to my post a year later saying she just got through watching one of Tommy's newest videos literally minutes before she made a new comment on that same post. 

Now, as much as I want to point a finger and be critical of this woman, or ask myself, why don't Black men and women just stop watching Tommy's videos?; I can't be...because I know the reason they're doing this. And here it is...

Celebrity is a man made construct the white elite use to influence the masses. Period.

It's one of the greatest, if not the greatest propaganda tool known to mankind. They (the white elite) basically give certain talented people or persons (like sports teams) scandalous amounts of money and notoriety so the proletariat (us, working classes) will not only envy but live vicariously through them to make our lives seem a lot less mundane. 

'Cause if there's one thing the white elite know, it's that we--the working classes, don't like our jobs; or at least we don't like the fact that these jobs are at the nucleus of our lives.

Statistically, the majority of people suffer their first heart attack on Monday morning between the hours of 5 A.M. and 10 A.M. (and please don't take my word for this, go look it up); so they know the proletariat are going to jobs they don't like or outright hate, jobs that are in fact making us sick; so they give us the 'narcotic' of celebrity to ease the pain of our everyday lives. Especially if we're poor.

Now, they've bestowed this notoriety onto (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor. And just like how people stalk or obsess over celebrities, the white elite have us jonesin' for the next 'fix' or 'hit' of Uncle Tommy.

Now, combine this with the fact that Uncle Tom is spewing out a white supremacist based, self-hating message that the Black Diaspora has been conditioned to respond to favorably; and you've got the elements that propegate someone's, especially a Black person's, addiction to Tommy Sotomayor. 

So, if you're a Black person who tends to think the worst of the Black Diaspora, you too will be a fan of (Uncle) Tommy's...just like I was. Now, if you're a person who says they don't like Uncle Tom but can't stop watching him, what I'm saying to you is this...I may not be able to make you give him up, but I can at least put you and my people up on the game that's being run on us with Tommy as a focal point. And the only way to solve this problem is to 'see' it first. 

So how do we solve this problem? 

I know I'm gonna' sound like a broken record, but it's through meditation. 

Only through reconditioning ourselves subconsciously, can we hope to be less attracted to Tommy's white supremacist message. 'Cause if you're still conditioned to hate yourself as a Black person, you're gonna' agree with Uncle Tommy, whether you know it or not...and you're gonna' continue to watch his videos. 

You got how this works now?

So, my message to the Black Diaspora again is this, like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing said (check out her classic book 'The Isis Papers'), Black love is revolutionary...and until we pluck the white supremacist conditioning out of our subconscious, we'll never get to a place where we love ourselves more than we love our white oppressors.

And we'll continue to stay stuck on stupid watching (Uncle) Tommy's videos. 

Black man and black's time we ween ourselves off our Tommy Sotomayor habit; and like any 12 step program will tell's best done one day at a time.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I am not addicted to Tommy Sotomayor's videos. I watched several of his videos and his hate towards Black women made me sick. HIs and many African American males' hatred of the image of his own mother is one of the reasons why I refuse to date African American men in general. Why don't Black men protect their women against ridicule and being attacked in the media? That is what I wonder. This Black woman bashing is so ridiculous and it is sad that many Black men go along with the bashing Black women too.

  2. 'Coco'...

    Firstly, you start off saying that 'you' aren't addicted to Tommy Sotomayor's videos. Well, I didn't write this post with you specifically in mind...'cause I don't know you personally, OR as an acquaintance. So, don't take this as a 'personal' attack...if I'd titled this post 'Does Coco Sista have a Tommy Sotomayor addiction?', THEN I could understand your reaction.

    You also talk about Black men's hatred of Black women (and the image of their own mothers) and ask why Black men don't protect their women against ridicule, but you have to understand, Black women, especially in the eighties and nineties, had a FIELD DAY talking disparagingly about Black men.

    In magazines, on talk shows, in the movies; dissin' Black men became a 'sport' for a lot of Black women.

    Now, with that said...where does that leave relationships between Black men and women?


    Until we, Black men AND women, realize that we've been taught more than any other ethnic group in this world to hate ourselves and each other, then we'll never get to a place where we can HEAL THE RIFT BETWEEN US!

    And this may sound really glib, but that's the manifest of this Blog...and my life quite frankly, is to have the Black Diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women...then we can fix everything else.

    Now, I'm not gonna' say I'm absolutely sure I can do this before I leave this earth, but I'm gonna' do everything I can to. And maybe my position is optimistic beyond all rationale, but I'm not gonna' give up on it or my people.

    Now, you say that you REFUSE to date Black men, and that's fine, 'cause it's your business who you do and don't date; but understand, most collegiate Black men and women will go out of their way to date and marry anyone else but ANOTHER BLACK MAN AND WOMAN, because we've been so conditioned by our schooling, TV, media and our friends, relatives, and parents to think the best choice of a mate would be ANY white man or woman over any Black man or woman.

    So this says what? That in the majority of cases, even if Black men and women find their perfect mate in another Black man or woman, they'll DRIVE THEM AWAY, 'CAUSE SUBCONSCIOUSLY, THEY GOTTA' BE WITH WHITEY.

    And this is no theory, I've seen this happen right in front of me, SEVERAL TIMES!

    So, the Black Diaspora as a whole has GOT TO STOP THINKING IN TERMS OF JUST BLACK MEN AND BLACK WOMEN 100% OF THE TIME, we've gotta' start thinking about the Black Diaspora as a whole FIRST! AS IN, WHAT'S BEST FOR BLACK MEN AND WOMEN!

    This is the only way we'll win; and if we don't do the meditative work it'll take to get ourselves there, our people are doomed to die as self-hating anglophiles.

    Thanks for commenting and let me know what you think about my response!

    1. I think your response is excellent and refreshingly honest and accurate. Wow!

    2. ThANKHS for the compliment!

      I'm hoping my comments and Blog can shed some kinda' light on the self-hating sickness the Black Diaspora finds ourselves stuck in.

      And, I've got more practical ways to free ourselves of this malady to stay tuned.

      Again, thanx for commenting!