Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Black Roots of white supremacy...

"The only thing white people created was the Patent Office, everything else they stole."
--Dr. Llaila Afrika

In my last post, 'Smashwords, Immeasurable odds and what makes my heart weep', I gave readers an account of my angst over whether or not I could accomplish my goals of spreading this particular doctrine, for lack of a better term, to the larger part of the Black Diaspora before I returned to the ancestors. 

And in that post, I also gave a short bio of one of my ingenious contemporary elders, Dr. Phil Emeagwali, and how his brilliance overcame an obstacle many deemed impossible (this being the programming of the american government's 'Connection Machine').

A day later, someone (I don't know the gender or ethnicity of this person) made a comment stating how the 'Black cubes' used for the hardware surrounding the Connection Machine were symbolically satanic; and this was what the machine really represented. Mind you, this was after I'd explained all the symbolism behind the Black cube as it pertained to our people. 

So this is a rebuttal to that person's comment. 

Now, the rock singer Marilyn Manson is a member of the Church of Satan that was headed by some guy named Anton LeVey. And he (Marilyn), said the main tenet of his church, or satanism period, was not to worship Lucifer, but to rally behind the concept of self preservation.

Now, this fits in with the philosophy of white fascists who know they are the world's minority. So they figure this concept gives them the ethical and moral right to do whatever is necessary to keep themselves around, no matter how dastardly the act. 

So when someone...or this commenter, said how the Black cube is a satanic symbol, even after I broke down what this means to the Black Diaspora, it tells me how relative this commenter's statement was...relatively white that is. 

Now, what this commenter is failing to see, is how white people have made a habit of taking something Black people have created, whether it's scientific, spiritual or cultural, and how they not only pervert it, but usually claim it as their own. 

For the record, I'd like to state one prerequisite necessary to being a 'Black Nationalist', or at least an independent thinking Black person; and that's some point you have to make up your mind to stop taking whitey's interpretation of everything as the 'gospel truth', and do the research to see what your ancestors have to say on the subject. Ditto with the mythology of the Black cube. 

And if you think this concept is too far-fetched, let me tell you the REAL origins of perhaps the most universally corrupted of symbols, the 'german' swastika. 

Mind you, the name swastika literally breaks down into Schwarze, which means Black person in german, and 'tika' which means symbol. So, this literally is the 'Black symbol'.

If you take a look at the first picture in my header's triptych, you'll see what looks like a swastika embedded in a window. Now, you'd be inclined to think this must be the headquarters of some hyper-bigoted white organization, if you didn't know the 'swastika' is one of the world's oldest African symbols...moreover, this pic is from an African church in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Originally, this was a symbol of peace and harmony; until the inbreds got hold of it, and turned it into something negative. 

I also doubt the commenter knows that the original skinheads were Black. If you look at the second pic in my header's triptych it shows an advertisement for something called 'Skinhead Reggae' (if you put your cursor over my header, you can click onto and enlarge it to see more of its details). The original 'Skinheads' were brothas from Jamaica who were hanging out with the 'rudeboys' of the island. 

When the Black skinheads expatriated from Jamaica they went to places in the UK like London and Britain; there, the local white boys liked the ethos of the 'Skins', which basically involved being proud of your working class roots. The white boys were especially fond of their style of dress, i.e. the combat boots and suspenders like the original skinhead brotha's pic above. So again, the inbreds took our culture, perverted it and turned it into something negative. 

And if you look at the final pic in my header's triptych, you'll see a poster which depicts the dragon god 'Kukulcan'. 

Now, the Olmecs, who were a mighty Black nation ruling the areas we now know as Mexico, worshiped this deity...and this is where the pale-skinned degenerates came up with the name of the 'Ku Klux Klan'. And one of the higher designations in the Klan is one called the 'Grand Dragon'. Now, the Grand poobah or dragon of the Klan doesn't wear white sheets, he wears a 'dark green' robe.   

Let's see...the color dark green and white robes...where have I seen those before? To the left is a picture of the ancient African diety Ausar, the greeks/freaks call him osiris. Note Ausar's hood...look familiar? This again, is where whitey got the concept for the Klan's white robes and how the holder of the position of 'grand dragon' got outfitted in dark green. And the diety Ausar is also where christianity got the concept of the 'Holy Trinity', i.e. Jesus, Joseph and Mary. You have Ausar (the father), Aset (who the greeks call Isis, as mother) and Set (who our ancestors called 'Heru', as the son/sun; also 'Heru' is not only where christians dreampt up the idea for the character jesus christ, but the name 'Heru' is where we get the word 'Hero' from).

Now, I've said all that to say this, again, I don't know the ethnicity of the person who made a comment on my last post, but had I subscribed to their point of view...which is the symbolism of Black cubes is satanic, It would completely negate all of Dr. Phil's accomplishments in my mind and it would further reinforce why I should hate myself for being Black. 

Ya' got how white supremacy works on the subconscious now?

So, to all the Black people reading this, it's time we stop acting like infants suckling at the pale breast of white supremacy and grow the hell up to find out who and what our ancestors really were...and what they've contributed to this world. 

It's time for us to deactivate the white supremacist chip in our brains, so we can really get free!

Not just free to choose between prada or gucci, or to choose between 'Dancing with the stars' or 'American Idol', but free enough to see through the white supremacist sham called the western status quo. 

And the sooner we do this, the better.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to know more about Dr. Phil Emeagwali, and how he created the internet, you can check that ouhere.

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