Saturday, June 21, 2014

Smashwords, Immeasurable odds and what makes my heart weep...

"It always seems impossible until it's done."
--Nelson Mandela

Recently, I put out a pair of e-books on the 'Smashwords' publishing website; and thanks to all who downloaded copies of these tomes by the way. I never thought they'd get above ten downloads each, but they've both far exceeded that. 

So one day while I was on the Smashwords site, I decided to take a look at its 'African-American fiction' thread, just to see what it looked like. And when I clicked on to it, I gotta' tell ya' people, I was deeply saddened. 

It seemed every other book told the story of some Black man and woman, with some white man or woman...and it was almost exclusively what made up the overwhelming majority of tomes on the thread. 

I just shook my head and thought, damn... 

Then, a real dour sensation came over me...and I thought, can I really affect a good amount of the Black Diaspora with my message before I'm no longer here? Or am I just engaged in some Black Nationalist 'pipe dream' that's got me trippin'?

That's when I remembered one of my contemporary elders, Dr. Phil Emeagwali...or as I call him, the REAL 'DR. PHIL'. 

Dr. Phil Emeagwali was born in Nigeria in 1954; and like many African children he dropped out of school at age fourteen 'cause his father couldn't afford to pay for his studies. But his father continued homeschooling him; and one of his techniques for teaching a young Phil was having him perform 100 math questions in an hour. 

Living in a war-torn country, Dr. Phil saw academics as a way out; so he studied hard and eventually got a scholarship to Oregon State University when he was 17. 

He arrived to the american University system in 1974, and left with four degrees, one of which was a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Scientific Computing, the others were two Masters Degrees from George Washington University, and of course, the Bachelor's he got from Oregon U. 

His brilliance in the areas of math and computer science eventually led him to creating a method where a computer's microprocessors could 'talk' to six other microprocessors at the same time; this won him the 'Gordon Bell Prize' for building the world's fastest computer in 1989. 

His computers are now being used to forecast the weather and the effects of 'Global warming'; but for Dr. Phil...the Gordon Bell Prize was just the warm up. 

The united snakes...I mean states government has/had a multiprocessing 'super-computer' called the 'Connection Machine'; and it housed 65, 536 processors in total. It was so vast they said it couldn't be programmed. That was until Dr. Phil (pictured at the top) came up with his 'Hyperball computer technology' that did it. 

Dr. Phil basically programmed the 'Connection machine' (The Black cubes pictured besides him) to compute at a world-record setting pace of 3.1 billion calculations per second.

I'm definitely going to write a full post about Dr. Phil sometime in the near future, 'cause this wasn't even his grandest invention; but his example has served as my 'template' on how to overcome anything I deem impossible. When it comes to going about this, he's shown me how firstly, you should spiritually center yourself; secondly, you should laser-beam your focus, and finally, you should work like hell towards your goal. 

So, this took away the mental malaise I was momentarily mired in. 

And beyond this, let me tell you how it's no coincidence that the Black cubes of the 'Connection machine' acknowledge who our ancient ancestors truly are. 

Firstly, the Black cube in Islam called the 'Kabba stone' (pictured left), is what muslims circle around seven times to perform one of their most sacred rituals, called the 'Hajj'. And in the muslim faith, the 'Kabba' or the 'Black stone' is the symbol of God.    

The jewish 'Tefillin' (pictured right) are Black cubes placed on the head and various limbs of jewish practitioners to essentially get them 'closer to God' and their commitments towards him. Isn't this funny considering how jews don't care for Black people much. 

And in a more contemporary sense, the 'Mortar board', another example of a 'Black cube', symbolizes someone who's a graduate of the scholastic university's 'higher educational' system. But what it's really symbolizing or acknowledging, is the world's first university, the Sankore Madrasah, located in Timbuktu, Africa; and how ancient Black people are the creators of ALL the world's sciences. And you heard's the WORLD'S FIRST UNIVERSITY. This is where the romans and the greeks/freaks got all their sciences from. Actually, the Sankore Madrasah was called an 'omniversity', 'cause again, ALL THE SCIENCES were housed under its roof. 

But don't take my word for this, go look this up!

Plus, check the name of the 'Mortar Board'...Moors, which we and our ancestors are, plus 'tar'; now, what color is tar? This is making a direct link right back to our people. 

And my apologizes for the digression.

So, the sights of 'African-American' novels with the themes of torrid inter-ethnic trysts, no longer gets me down; it just hardens my resolve to do this work. 

Now, one thing I've been experiencing left and right lately, are Black men and women saying how tired they are of each other, and how their preference for white mates and dates has everything to do with their previous bad experiences trying to date their own kind. 

But I think I've done a pretty good job of exposing exactly why, where and how the Black Diaspora are taught to obsess over white people...but one funny thing I've found is this; even if you're a Black man or woman hell bent on dating and marrying a white person, the meditations or mental exercises I mention in previous posts to get the Black Diaspora out of our conditioned self-hatred will still help you. 

Here's how...

Once you've done these exercises to the point where you're eradicating the white supremacist dogmas in your subconscious, you'll feel better about being Black; thus, when you see your being Black as a blessing instead of a curse, your confidence will increase. 

And once that happens, whether you know it or not, you'll attract a better quality of person towards you; whether their white, Black, purple or whatever.

Of course, that's not my intention, but that's what will inevitably happen. 

And as I've told several people who still ride the fence on whether they wanna' be down with a Black Nationalist doctrine or have a choice to make. 

If you want to work in the best interest of your people by engaging in the meditations I've put forth, then do that; if not, ask yourself a question...why are you reading this Blog when you know what it's message will be?

Think about that...then make the right decision.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. The Black Cube is a Satanic (Saturn/Saturnic) symbol. Metaphysically, the Saturn Energy is a no-nonsense energy that whips one into shape (ex: New Years Resolution). So its no surprise that black cubes were used as the covers for the supercomputer(s).

    1. Anonymous...

      Please look at my next post; 'cause it'll be dealing with this subject.

      Thanks for commenting.