Sunday, July 30, 2017

One mo' bold-faced lie about Black men...

Lie#5: Black women earn more than Black men

A couple of years back, a Black woman, who called herself 'Monique', came to my Blog and told me how she liked my speaking disparagingly on inter-ethnic dating and marriage. She also let me know that she was a blogger and a budding Black Nationalist herself. Additionally, she told me of her plans to create a new blog that espoused Black Nationalist/Pan-Afrikanist sentiments, and she asked if I could give her some pointers. So I was like, cool—she's a real down sista.

Two months into her writing this Black Nationalist blog, I saw how she would excoriate Black men who dated non-Black women, but how she'd give a pass to Black women who did the same. Then, I found out she herself dated white and non-Black men exclusively. Her claim was, that she tried to date Black men, but it was too hard—and this was at a time when she'd told me she wanted to be seen as more than a sex toy to white and non-Black men.

Finally, when I told this woman my aim was to help heal the rift between Black men and women, so I could possibly save a Black family or two, she responded by saying, the rift between Black men and women is irreparable, and the campaign to save the Black family is dead.

Needless to say, I was shocked.

Immediately after, I told her that her anglophilic mind-state was detrimental to my Blog's mission, and that she shouldn't comment here anymore. And for those of you who think that was harsh, I'll say that had I agreed with this woman's message, I would've had to stop writing this Blog. Moreover, I wondered what this woman expected me to say regarding her statement, knowing what kind of Blog I write. Understand, anyone can have their opinions, that's your prerogative, but I wondered why she would voice those sentiments here.

Also, a couple of months back, this woman commented on my Blog using a pseudonym that she'd gone under during our first correspondences. She wanted me to write something on the movie, 'Get Out'—and basically, she wanted me to talk about how the movie is a warning to Black men to stay away from white women. Needless to say, I erased her comment.

Now, about a week ago, I was looking at a particular YouTube video of a Black man who's somewhat of a Black Nationalist—although he wouldn't necessarily commit to that title. But, he let's it be known, that he's a brotha who's down for sistas. And the overwhelming majority of Black men who frequent his channel, share that sentiment.

But beneath this particular video, which talked about the unnecessary drowning death of a young brotha, a Black woman made a comment saying, 'I don't mean to be divisive, but Black men need to save themselves...' And then, she expounded on that point by saying that Black men are ineffectual leaders of our communities. Now, not only didn't she show any empathy for the young brotha losing his life, but she basically took a cheap shot at Black men on a forum where she figured we wouldn't take her to task on her statements.

Fortunately, brothas shot down this closeted coon—but what didn't sit right with me was the fact that she chose to make those comments on a channel where Black men clearly had the backs of Black women. I mean, if she felt that way about us, she could have made those statements on Christelyn Karazin's channel. She would've had a chorus of Black women who would've agreed with her.

Now, what both these Black women stated amidst their divisive diatribes is, how Black men needed to step up and take the leadership position of our communities, cause according to them, Black women are doing better, especially financially, than Black men.

So, being a curious type of fellow, I went about doing the research on the financial status of Black men and women—and here's what I found...

According to the 'Pew Research Center', in an article titled, 'Racial, gender wage gaps persist in U.S. despite some progress', dated July 1st, 2016, here's the financial data on the comparable earnings of Black men and women.

This organization's findings on the median hourly earnings of Black men and women nationally, show that Black women earn $13 dollars an hour, while Black men earn $15 dollars an hour. Additionally, median hourly earnings of Black employees ages 25 and older with a bachelors degree or higher, state that Black women earn $23 dollars an hour, while Black men earn $25 dollars an hour. So that says what? It says statistically, that Black men in america earn more than Black women.

Now, I can see the rolling of eyes and hear the sucking of teeth as I'm writing this. And many Black women will probably think, even if that's correct, Black men only make like two dollars more than us. True. But, for the last decade and a half, all the american social order has told me, and every other Black man living here, is that we unequivocally earn less than Black women across the board. So this was yet another bold-faced lie about Black men that I debunked with a little research.

And let me just say, this is why I find Black Nationalism so fun and therapeutic. It's cause EVERY negative stereotype that white fascists foisted on Black american men, at least the ones I've researched, have turned out to be nothing more than speculation at best, and flat-out lies at worst.

So, like I've said in the past, adhering to stereotypes of Black people in the american social order is poisonous to the Black psyche.

And speaking of adherence to stereotypes, there's a particular group I'd like to address inside the ranks of Black america. Now, to the left is a picture of the character, 'Calvin Candy', from the movie 'Django Unchained'. And as you can plainly see, this is an advertisement for the 'MGTOW' movement. And before I go in on them, I'd like to stress that the proper pronunciation of this organization's name is 'mig-toe', not 'mig-taow'. Again, the name ends with 'toe', as in 'big toe'. Obviously, they're trying to make themselves sound a bit better than they are.

But for those who don't know these guys, here's a brief primer on them: MGTOWs are a group of white men, who believe that america's social order has become too matriarchal. This group says they can no longer abide by america's double standards when it comes to a gynocentric bias, especially in the cases of how men are treated in america's court systems and in the institution of marriage. Additionally, these men say that women on the whole are hypergamous and intrinsically manipulative. And the highest levels in the MGTOW lifestyle are said to be attained when a man shuns women altogether. And supposedly, these men have spawned what many are calling men's rights activism. Some also call them 'meninists'.

Now, here's the straight dope on these oppressed white men—MGTOWs are a bunch of closeted homosexual caucasian men, who are using this organization as a recruitment tool for queers. Understand, gays can't reproduce themselves—so they use covert methods like this to not only expand the ranks of their brethren, but to mainstream homosexuality, especially to men who are heart-broken, or who are too socially inept to date and get into relationships with women. And their goals are really aimed at getting Black men into this sexually-confused non-sense, so we'll produce less offspring. That's why this group chose Calvin Candy, a notorious slave trader, as the face of their brand.

Now, I could care less what the fringes of america's white folks are fetishizing over lately, but what I'm noticing, is more and more Black men are becoming men's rights activists.

And truthfully, I've been wondering, what sane Black man is gonna' align himself with a bunch of white men who are acting like an oppressed miniority? Welp, turns out a lot of us will do whatever we see white folks doing, up to and including, joining the MGTOW ranks.

Now, these misguided souls seem to take aim at two types of people: 'liberal' Black women and woman-praising 'Pro-Black' men.

So here's their reasoning: Black men's rights activists say that the Pro-Black movement (Black Nationalism/Pan-Africanism) comprises too much preachy non-sense and inaction. Basically, they say all we do is talk. And they say the liberal Black woman, has abandoned the Black community in the pursuit of currying white fascism's favor. And even though they say 'Pro-Blacks' speak in code words, they don't realize how much they do this. Everyone of them seems to mention, liberalism, Pro-Black 'simpish' men, and Social justice warriors (those people who support any type of liberalism).

But here's why I really have a problem with this group—it's because they're constantly obsessing and speaking on Black america's dysfunctions, outside the context of the white fascism that created it.

What these, mostly young Black men, don't realize is, none of the dysfunctions they speak about in Black america are natural to us. NONE OF 'EM. See, subconsciously, these Black men are anglophiles who think that talking about Black dysfunction will separate them from the masses of Black americans. And that sounds good, until a white cop pulls your Black butt over.

And in one YouTube video, I heard one of these guys talk about the Black Power fist being a Marxist symbol, not a culturally Black one. What he doesn't realize is, Marxism and Socialism and Communism, came out of indigenous Black 'communalism'. Meaning, our ancient ancestors were about the collective, not the individual. And what really gets me peeved is when these guys say, if a Pro-Black man or woman mentions white bigotry or fascism, it's because we're using that as a 'crutch' to foster a co-dependent relationship between us and whitey. Now, the real reason they say this is cause they don't want to acknowledge that whatever dysfunction Black americans display is a direct result/response to white fascism. Cause consciously and/or subconsciously, these Black men don't like being Black. So their enemy is not white fascism, it's the majority of Black people.

Now, you might be thinking, wait a minute bruh—they do have a point about Pro-Blacks doing nothing but talking. Well, if that's what you think, let me remind you of Tariq Nasheed's 'Hidden Colors' documentaries, which are responsible for a good many Black folks finding out positive facts about their history, that they didn't get in american schools. Or, the Black Power Awards, which honor people in the Pro-Black community who are actively working in initiatives designed to help our people. Also, there are home-schooling collectives that are run by the Black conscious community that are teaching our children the three 'r's' (reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic), without the self-hating messages my generation got in america's schools. And today, I caught wind of a website called 'We Buy Black', which is an on-line store where the whole of the Black Diaspora can shop with exclusively Black companies.

Now, is the Pro-Black/Black conscious community flawed—hell yeah! But, there is positive work being done that doesn't subscribe to just paying lip service to the cause of Black liberation. Conversely, all I see these Black men's rights activists doing is making YouTube vids where they talk disparagingly about us. And let me say this, I made it a point not to write about (uncle) Tommy Sotomayor as of late, cause at this point, it would sound redundant. But I do want to say, that this fringe group of misguided Black men, are definitely his children. They're so mired in self-hatred, that they can't see how their real enemy is white fascism, not us.

And anecdotally, someone sent me a Tommy Sotomayor vid where he describes going to a supermarket. Tom being one of the only Black people in the store, had picked up some fruit juices near the check-out counter, and when he got to the register, the white guy behind it said, “Why don't you try this—“ And the inbred bigot showed Tommy some watermelon juice. And Tom is so confused, he asked his viewing audience if the white counter person was being racist towards him.

So I've said all that to say this, the only way white fascism will triumph over our people is to keep us disunified. So whether it be sistas who have a vested interest in berating Black men to curry the favor of white ones, or Black men's rights activists, who don't realize how much they don't like being Black themselves, we need to realize that we'll only win when our people collectively, can put aside any ideological or gender differences, and see that our common enemy, white fascism, is greater than any counter-productive behaviors we exhibit.

And like Samuel L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the double-truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


You can see the 'Pew Research Center's' study on the comparable earnings of Black men and women here.


Here's a vid on 'We Buy Black'. And you can view the We Buy Black website here.   


  1. So much dysfunction, so little time. It all seems so simple to me that it makes me wonder if I'm living in an alternate universe. To Black men and Black women, we're all we got. What's magnificent about that reality is that we're all we need. Feminism and MGTOW have nothing to do with us. Neither of these "movements" have anything to offer us but more dysfunction and destruction. No one is ever, ever, ever going to love us as much as we should love ourselves. No one is ever, ever, ever going to be looking out for our best interest more than we should ourselves. If a "movement" doesn't involve uplifting Black men, Black women and Black children collectively, then it is meant for our collective destruction. Simple as that!

    1. 'Linnea'...

      For Black americans and the Black Diaspora at large, the process of attaining any kind of real unity is simple, but it's not easy. Here's why...

      Whenever I hear a good brotha or sista spit that hot Black Nationalitst/Pan-Afrikanist fire, it hits me in a very visceral place, and gives me boatloads of inspiration and energy. But I always wait to see what actions they'll take after their diatribe is done, cause subconsciously, those same strong brothas and sistas could be stone-cold anglophiles and not know it.

      I've met plenty of locked-hair wearing, dashiki-sporting, and Ankh ring flashing conscious brothas and sistas, who had an extensive knowledge of ancient Black people, but who still felt inferior to whites.

      And I'm not pointing fingers, cause I still got work to do on myself. But no one really wants to do the subconscious work that would really allow them to truly wanna' do for the community. They'd rather adorn themselves with superficial outerwear or quote catch-phrases that will identify them with us.

      Now I understand that anyone over 30, ain't thinking about REALLY changing at the subconscious level--so I think the best thing we can do is fund and support home-schooling co-operatives for our children, that will give them an education without the self-hating messages I got in american schools.

      Thus, I believe our best bet is to save the babies.

      In the meantime, I'll do my part, but what's really gonna' get us to a place of real unity, is our children not being conditioned to hate themselves, so they'll have an easier time than we did uniting and building with each other.

      So that's what I'll make it a point to advocate more for in the future.

      Again, thanks for commenting!

  2. It ain't really that many of these Brothas actually hate themselves, it's that they are aware of the B.S. that most Pro-Blacks have served us. Now I will agree with you that Brothas don't need to follow behind "White" MGTOWS, but as far as calling out the "Black" women and Pro-Blacks, these Brothas have accepted the fact that most of the two aforementioned groups are actually enforcing the same alleged "White Supremacy" that they claim to be fighting against by way of their amoral, dysfunctional, and hypocritical behavior.

    1. 'Kev'...

      When it comes to the case made by Black men's rights activists calling Black Nationalists/Pan-Afrikanists out on their hypocrisy, trust me, I GET IT. Especially in the wake of incidents like the recent 'UNITY' event held by Sa Neter's House of Freemasons, I mean, House of Konsciousness, where a literal fist-fight broke out. It was downright shameful. And I can't tell you how many of these brothas and sistas I've met, who are really stone-cold anglophiles subconsciously. And I definitely understand how detrimental it is for Black men to universally praise Black women regardless of how they act.

      But ultimately, my problem with Black men's rights activists is they don't realize the price that's paid for talking so disparagingly and negatively about Black people, when you're Black yourself. Meaning, you can't obsess on the negative traits of Black people on a continual basis, without ultimately hating yourself for being Black either consciously or subconsciously. Rarely if ever, do I hear these men talk about the white fascism that caused all the dysfunctions they can't stand in our people. More recently, I heard one of these men compare the Pro-Black community with white klansmen. Now I understand this analogy in terms of both groups being driven by their emotions more than any kind of hard research. But this Black man doesn't realize that no Pro-Black brotha or sista has access to the white privilege, or any institutions that can block a white person's access to resources—whereas klansmen, a lot of whom work for this government, do this on a regular basis to us. So we are NOT the same.

      I also liken the ethos of Black men's rights activists to Black integrationists. Cause they're so quick to talk about how lazy the Black youth are, when they don't realize the kind of mental sloth involved in walking away from the businesses they built, just to be able to sit next to their white oppressor(s). Could you imagine how dumb-founded an act it was to send a Black child into an angry mob of white people, to integrate a school?

      Moreover, I say it's a safe bet that Black men's rights activists have no plans or interests in building ANYTHING that would help the Black Diaspora. And like I mentioned previously, there are some strides being made by the grassroots factions of Black Nationalists/Pan-Afrikanists—there is in fact SOME work being done.

      Also, I've noticed that these Black men's rights activists tend to be sexually-conflicted—thus, they are following the edicts of white MGTOWs (#RPB). I understand that women can be conniving and under-handed to a fault, but to shun them altogether, which seems to be the gist of what it means to be a Black men's rights activist, is downright stupid. This is just another way for white fascism to mainstream homosexuality to Black men.

      Additionally, this methodology is wholly divisive amongst our people. We have enough fault-lines to keep us from being unified, and this to me, is one of the most egregious of them all.

      Black people are not a monolithic group, although we'd be better off if we were, but to me, Black men's rights activists seem to be using any kind of esoteric knowledge they have, to tell the world that they're not like the majority of Black people. And that kind of elitism is what was bred into us by whitey. Cause as you know, our ancestors were about the collective, and doing what they could to benefit the majority of us. And to me, the Black men's rights movement runs completely counter to that.

      Again, thanks for commenting!