Sunday, July 9, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 16)...Ingenious jews and The continuing story of Jay-Z...

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr., father of JFK, was born on September 6th, 1888, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the elder son of politician Patrick Joseph 'P.K.' Kennedy.

After completing middle and high school, Joe followed in his cousins footsteps and attended Harvard. There, he focused on becoming a social leader and joined several frats that would foster life-long friendships and business partnerships.

Joe graduated from Harvard and entered the business world straight away. In his mid to late 20's, he made a grand fortune as a stock market and commodities trader, and also made a killing investing in real estate. So much so, that Joe amassed the kind of wealth that generations of his offspring will enjoy for decades. And that's a testament to his business ingenuity and acumen.

Now, that's what white fascists want us to think—but let me give you the straight dope on how Joe really made a killing.

On January 29th, 1919, america's Eighteenth Amendment was signed into law. This was 'alcohol' prohibition family. Meaning, it was illegal to sell, transport, or import, 'intoxicating liquors' for 'beverage purposes'. And once Joe heard this, he saw a golden opportunity.

Long story short, Joe formed alliances with italian crime bosses in Chicago, New York, Boston and New Orleans, to feed this underground market. And notice I didn't use the term 'Black' market.

Among Joe's 'mobbed-up' friends was Frank Costello, former boss of the Luciano crime family, and Sam Giancana, who would be a major source of funds for JFK's presidential campaign. On top of this, Frank was known to openly brag and say, “I helped Joe Kennedy get rich”.

Joe bought liquor from overseas distillers and shipped it to organized crime syndicates that made pick-ups on american shores. Joe's trap-house was a place appropriately named, 'Rum Row', which was a shipment point where police were paid to look the other way. From there, it was distributed throughout the country. Once the liquor was distributed, Joe and his crew fixed prices, established quotas and continued paying off law enforcement and politicians. And, they enforced their own law with machine-gunned contract killers, who performed bloody hits on Joe's command.

By the mid-1920's, Fortune magazine estimated Joe's wealth at $2 million dollars. And by today's standards, that would be like $100 million—and this was at a time when Joe didn't seem to have a 'visible' job. Joe used these profits to manipulate the stock market and finance his later film endeavors.

Now, you might be asking yourself, bruh, why are you tellin' us about Joe Kennedy?

Well, while I was doing some research on Jay-Z for my last post, I not only realized that I forgot to include a major point in my editorial, but I happened across a certain YouTube video that triggered this fact about good ol' Joe.

A couple of days ago, I came across a vid titled: 'Jay-Z isn't deep and neither is his album. His job is social control'. And this was created by a woman named Yvette Carnell. Since I was intrigued by the subject, I clicked on it, expecting to hear about Jay-Z's insidious ulterior motives for the Black community. But what I got was more like an emotional rant from someone with their own ulterior motives.

Yvette's whole discourse was centered around how Jay-Z doesn't have as much money as he's reported to have. Cause according to her, since Jay used to sell crack, he doesn't have that kind of 'business acumen'. And when she brought up Jay's reportedly giving Kanye West 20 million for one of his tours, Yvette pursed her lips and said, “Jay-Z ain't never gave anybody 20 million dollars, he don't have nothing worth 20 million dollars.”

Then I just saw her for what she was, an old, manless, bitter Black woman. Now, I don't use these terms lightly, cause throughout her diatribe, she had this scowl on her face and she radiated this air of negativity. And I know why she was so frustrated. In a nutshell, Yvette was told by the american social order that if you get a degree from some anglophilic american university, that you will definitely out-earn anyone who doesn't. And Jay-Z confounds that theory. You could just tell her rants were sour grapes behind her thoughts that she should have Jay's money.

And one of the most disturbing moments of the vid is when she shows a newspaper article that says, young Black men are looking to invest in stocks behind advice they heard off Jay's latest single, 'The Story of O.J.'. Behind this, Yvette replied, “They (young Black men) don't know nothing about price-to-earnings ratios, or stock portfolio management. And if you're just thinking about investing in stocks behind Jay's song, then you clearly don't have that kind of money to spend, so just move away from your computer.”

And if you're a young Black man with limited funds reading this, and you do wanna' start investing in stocks—there are financial instruments called 'Penny Stocks', and on-line brokers like 'Scottrade', 'TradeKing' or 'OptionsHouse' that'll let you invest in these for literally under $5.00 a share. Now, you won't see dividends like you would from shares of 'Microsoft' or 'Apple', but it's a great way to get started. And even if you don't wanna' start there, you can just research the markets and do 'paper-trades'. Meaning, you just follow certain stocks without investing any money, and see how they perform and figure out if you wanna' invest in them later. Remember, like anything else, the hardest part is getting started.

Now, even though I applaud Jay-Z for influencing our youth to be aspirational, I still see the white fascist hand in his music and his latest video. Now let me expound on that.

The whole Black Trans-Atlantic slave narrative, and showing that to us repeatedly, is meant to do one thing—keep us hating ourselves.

Understand, Black 'consciousness' is cool now. Especially in the wake of Tariq Nasheed's 'Hidden Colors' documentaries. So to counter that, the white fascist freemasonic order Jay works for has the 'Jaybo'—or 'Sambo' character, walking through cotton-fields and surrounded by Klansman. Towards the end of the vid, Sambo is even walking through the bowels of a slave ship. But the most insidious parts of the vid are when a 'Huey P. Newton'-looking character, who sits in a wicker chair with a spear and rifle in each hand is made to say, “Still Nigga”. Also, characters that resemble the brothas Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who raised the Black Power fist in the 1968 Olympics, are also made to say, “Still Nigga”.

This was done to tell Black people that we should never be proud to be Black, cause no matter what we accomplish we're 'Still Niggaz'.

Also, Jay-Z's cheating (whether he did or not) on Beyonce, was made known, so they wouldn't influence Black men and women to form stable, two-parent families. Cause the last thing white fascists want is Black men and women producing 'pure-bred' Black children, with the most genetic power to breed them out of existence. Especially since white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels for the last quarter century plus.

But what's even more insidious than that, is Jay's lyric, “You wanna' know what's more important than throwing away money in a strip club—credit. You wanna' know why jewish people own all the real estate in america? That's how they did it.”

Now, this takes me back to the question posed by so many Black people, and that's: why are jewish people so much smarter than Black folks?

Throughout my life I've heard Black people say jews are indeed the chosen ones, and how they were so gracious to give us jobs post-integration—so the logical question would be, how did they come to own so much more than we do?

Here's the answer...white jews are indeed the chosen people—cause white fascists chose to give them hundreds of billions of dollars in REPARATIONS!!

For instance, in a New York Times article that I'll leave a link to at the end of this post, it details how Germany has paid white jews holocaust reparations to the tune of $89 billion dollars (that's billion with a 'b') over the past 60 YEARS!

And that's just Germany.

white jews are getting these kind of monetary reparations from several countries. Now, let me ask y'all a question: what could Black people in america, or anywhere else, do with $89 billion dollars?

We could get ourselves free—like, for real free. Like free to segregate ourselves from these inbreds and be fine free.

And the reason Jay brings up jewish wealth, is again, to reinforce reasons why we should feel inferior to white folks—it speaks to reasons why we should continue to hate ourselves.

Now, I'll end this post on this point. In 2008, the Haitian 'gourde' (dollar) was completely devalued by it's government (white fascist forces), to the point where Black Haitians were shown to have wads of cash, but they couldn't buy food. So they literally ate dirt to survive. Now, Jay-Z and the powers that be would have us thinking, financial freedom is our only hope. Problem with that is, once white fascists devalue the dollar, credit, or whatever financial instrument we might have an abundance of, we're right back at square one. Meaning, we could have all the cash and credit in the world, but if white fascists devalue these, then we're broke.

What they don't want us to realize is our ultimate power lies in our UNITY!!! That's why at all costs, white fascists keep us hating ourselves and each other.

And whitey also knows that with unity, we can get everything else—without it, we can't get jack!

So by any and all means, let's get unified people—let's get fo' real free!


MontUHURU Mimia


You can read the article about (white) jewish reparations here.


  1. Great read as usual. I saw Yvette's video too and literally felt the negativity and bad vibes radiating from my computer. As I get older my intuition is becoming more fine tuned and I get vibes that turn out to be very accurate in most instances.

    I so agree with you on the call for unity. I keep coming back to the notion that money is only valuable because we all agree that it is, so tomorrow we could disagree on its value and where does that leave us? Self-love first, and unity will manifest as a result. This should be our focus. Thank you!

    1. 'Linnea'...

      Money's ONLY value is the confidence we have in it. Period. The american dollar isn't backed by any precious metals or raw materials, so when the proletariat decide not to use it, it'll revert back to what it truly is...worthless paper.

      Furthermore, white fascists only created money to BLOCK our access to resources. Meaning, if you don't have any money in your pocket and you're hungry, it's not like the supermarket and restaurants disappear, we've just been conditioned to believe we don't have access to those resources anymore, cause we're out of cash and/or credit.

      'Self-love first, and unity will manifest as a result'. You've very eloquently stated what should be our diaspora's mission and manifesto.

      If you've ever walked or driven around a working class Black neighborhood, you'll notice there's a church on every corner, but all the church's have differing denominations. Baptist, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, etc. white fascists do this so our people attending those churches won't pool their resources so they could ALL benefit.

      I remember how our people loved saying that Blacks are not a monolithic group, but we, more than anyone else, should be. Cause like Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, we have NO FRIENDS in other ethnic groups. There ain't no justice, it's just us. So I'm hoping this Blog is contributing to someone or someones amongst us understanding that UNITY is the only resource we'll need.

      Cause like I keep saying, with it, we can get everything, without it, we can't get jack. So we should all get with it, for the good of our people here and abroad.

      Thanks for your compliment and your comment!

    2. The issue with the "unity" talk (and what many have complained about the most) is that it centers around THINKING and TALKING as a group, BUT NOT ACTUALLY WORKING AS A GROUP. YouTuber Hardcore Tito made an excellent video breaking down the pillars of the B.S. behind "Pro-Blackism":

      Larmovement made an excellent video saying that "product is power, not money":

      The issue with all of these opinions (not guys like MontUHURU) is that they center around a bunch of emotionalism, preachy, preachy nonsense, and self-flagellation. Rarely is it ever based on critical thinking, accurate information and proper knowledge, and practical advice.

      You know why? Two reasons:

      1) Both the ruling class and these "revolutionary" groups,activists, SJWs, etc. financially, socially, and politically (even legally) benefit from "Black" Americans (Brothas in particular) being stuck in a confused, disadvantageous, and dysfunctional state of being. They don't wanna lose their meal ticket.

      2) It's because many of the above methods (including being autodidacts, taking up agricultural/vocational training, etc.) actually work. Pragmatic and effective ways of increasing willpower will inevitably expose how most of these so-called "leaders" (crooked spokespeople, charlatans, scam artists, cult leaders, etc.) are full of shit. As another YouTuber named Obsidian put it (and I'm paraphrasing), "people are looking for the silver bullet when really it's death by 1000 cuts."

    3. 'Kev'...

      What 'Hardcore Tito' is NOT telling you, is this: the reason he speaks almost exclusively about abrasive, belligerent Black women and 'Pro-Black' male simps, is cause he has no problem with america's white fascist status quo. And the reason he almost never discusses white bigotry is because he wants to be a part of america's white fascist social order. Also, the reason the majority of his vids talk about Black dysfunction outside the context of white fascism, is in his heart of hearts, he's an anglophile who doesn't like being Black.

      And like I said previously, this is the prevailing message I get whenever I watch three or more vids from any 'Black men's rights activist'. I remember Tito thanking whites for coming up with the term 'MGTOW', and I was like—what?! Now, Tito makes it a point to talk about how superficial and silly being 'Pro-Black' is, and you mention how it involves a lot of 'preachy, emotional' non-sense. Well, here's a question I'd love to ask Tito—if you're a Black man or woman, what's the alternative to being 'Pro-Black'?

      Furthermore, if you're a Black man or woman: what's the alternative to talking about unity? To me, nothing's more practical or logical than that.

      Now, you say all 'Pro-Black' advocates do is talk, and we don't build anything—well, myself, and some brothas I'm working with, have taken the initiative to open a home schooling co-operative for our children. And this more than anything, can help the next generation of brothas and sistas more easily work with one another. The idea is to teach young brothas and sistas the three 'r's' without the white fascist conditioning embedded in those lessons. Now conversely, I don't see Black men's rights activists building anything but more division among us. And I'd dare say that sometimes, even just speaking about unity, is more likely to bring it into existence.

    4. 'Kev' (CONT.)...

      Also, Tito, and Black men's rights activists on the whole, taking great pains to talk about everything that's wrong with Black people, is to me the epitome of being egregiously self-flagellating.

      Moreover, if any Black person obsesses that much on our communities dysfunctions, how can they not at some point, hate themselves for being Black?

      You also mention a person called, 'Larmovement' and how they say: “product is power, not money”. Well, if any group of people have no unity, they can't create the products that will make them money. So it ALL comes back to UNITY.

      Now, if Tito were to actually sit down with a couple of Black Nationalists or Pan-Afrikanists, he'd find that the majority of them, the Black men at least, DON'T subscribe to the notion that EVERY Black woman is God. Now, do they have that potential? Absolutely. But the majority of them/us would tell you that they'd only respect a woman who respected herself. I myself, wouldn't advise any Black man to put up with a Black woman's foul attitude—life's entirely too short, and our time is much too valuable. But my point beyond that is this, we shouldn't forget that the genesis of a Black woman's dysfunction is the white fascists who created the schism between us.

      Now, when you say, Black men shouldn't empathize with Black women cause they gambled on white fascism and lost—I GET IT! But once again, my point is focusing on that sentiment outside the context of white fascism can backfire on us, and turn us into self-hating Black men.

      Also, please tell your bretheren to stop thinking that 'Pro-Black' brothas are aligning themselves with the likes of white liberals. Black Nationalists, like myself, understand that neither white liberals or conservatives have our best interest at heart. So I'm not a democrat or a republican. Although, Tito seems to favor white conservatives—and here's another question I'd love to ask him: what have these people done for him and his community?

      Lastly, you say Black men's rights activists focus on building a person's 'willpower'. That's fine, but as far as the Black Diaspora is concerned, we could have all the willpower in the world, but it won't get us any closer to being liberated if we have no unity.

      Additionally, we understand that Black liberation is a marathon, not a sprint—so we're not obsessing over 'magic bullets'—at least I'm not.

      Once again, bottom line is this: I CAN NOT and WILL NOT subscribe to any ideology that doesn't focus on Black unity, cause to me, nothing makes more practical sense.