Sunday, July 16, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 17)...Roland Martin, Dr. Umar Johnson, free energy and the secret to winning any game...

Roland Sebastian Martin, was born on November 14th, 1968, in Houston, Texas. After completing middle and high school, Roland attended Texas A&M University, where he received a B.S. in Journalism, and he also attained a master's degree in christian communications from Louisiana Baptist University.

In the 90's, Roland cut his teeth in broadcast journalism on the set of BET's Sunday morning news show, 'Lead Story'. Thereafter, he hosted a morning talk show on 'WVON' in Chicago, and was a contributor to CNN from the years of 2007 to 2013.

For four years, he hosted 'TV One's' news show, 'Washington Watch with Roland Martin' before becoming the face of the station's weekly morning news show, 'News One Now', in 2013.

Dr. Umar Johnson, was born on August 21st, 1974 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the eldest boy of 11 children, and after he attended elementary school, he enrolled in a para-military high school. He then went to summer school in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he performed mandatory JROTC (Juniors Reserves Officer's Training Corps) duties.

Thereafter, he went to Millersville University, in Pennsylvania, where he attained three degrees. One, a B.S. in political science, another in psychology, and a master's degree in School Psychology. After this, he received an 'Educational Leadership' master's degree and 'Principal's Certificate' from Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Additionally, he received a PhD from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic medicine, in psychology. That makes 6 in all.

Now, on July 10th, of this year, Dr. Johnson was a guest on Roland Martin's news show, News One Now. And with Roland, was a cavalcade of coons, I mean, guest panelists, who are supposedly friends and/or colleagues of his. These panelists were: A. Scott Bolden, an attorney and former Chairperson for the Democratic Party, Eugene Craig, CEO of the Eugene Craig organization and Chairperson of Maryland's Republican party, and Lauren Victoria Burke, who's a news journalist and brand strategist living in the Washington D.C. Metro area.

Now with all that outta' the way, let's go in...

First off, I'd like to say that this was one of the most sickeningly repulsive displays of Black divisiveness I've seen in years. Roland Martin was not only biased in the way he addressed Umar Johnson, but he went out of his way to be abrasive, combative and offensive to a fault. And what made this fracas even more disturbing was you could see, and feel, just how threatened these anglophilic negro panelists were by Umar's challenging their love of white folks.

Right off the rip, Roland questioned whether or not Umar actually had 6 college degrees before Umar unraveled his academic pedigree. Now, for anyone who's wondering whether I checked Umar's collegiate credentials, I'll tell you, I absolutely have not and WILL NOT. Here's why—if any white man came on Roland's show saying he was a PhD, none of those boot-lickin', buck-dancin' anglophilic panelists would've questioned him at all. So as far as I'm concerned, I could care less if Umar has those degrees, cause I only wanna' know about the veracity of his work for our community. Period.

And when Umar posed the question of what white people have done 'systematically', not individually for our people, the panelist of Uncle Remus' and Aunt Jemima quickly called out the 'Civil Rights Act' and LBJ's (president Lyndon Baines Johnson's) 'Economic Opportunity Act' of 1964. Now, let's unpack this nonsense...

The 'Civil Rights Act' of 1964, was part of president Johnson's 'Great Society' american reform package, along with the aforementioned Economic Opportunity Act of that same year. Now, that's what white fascists tell us. But here's what really happened to Black folks under these initiatives: for starters, the Civil Rights Act, or integration period, was a trick played on Black people to get our money into white fascist pockets, cause we were building economic bases that were growing too strong in areas like the 'Black Wall Street' under segregation. So once we bit the bait of integration, we were categorically kept out of america's unions, especially Black men, and relegated to minimum-wage working jobs provided by america's 'Job Corps'.

Basically, this was the plan of white fascists for Black people post-integration: whitey was gonna' allow us the privilege of sitting next to them and drinking outta' the same water fountain they did, while they pocketed the monies we previously spent amongst ourselves. And while they disenfranchised Black men, they offered Black women gov't programs that would take care of their food, clothing and shelter. But there was one condition they held Black women to, and that was they couldn't have a Black man in the house to qualify for these programs. Now—half of Black women didn't go for this. And let me repeat, half of Black women DID NOT accept these programs—they opted to stick it out with Black men, cause there was still some cohesion between us.

Now, I know there's brothas out there thinkin'—yeah, right. You're probably saying, bruh, I know for a fact that sistas sold us out for them benefits, and how could you prove they didn't. Here's how—in the 70's, the collective median income for Blacks in america began to rise, even while we toiled in the trick of integration. So much so, that whitey said, nope, we can't have this. So in the 80's to completely destroy the Black nuclear family, those inbreds came up with the deadly troika that would all but terminate any semblance of community or familial ties amongst us—and that three-headed monster was, 'Reganomics, crack and AIDS'.

We been scramblin' to save ourselves ever since.

Now, one thing I'd like to point out is, out of all of Roland's boot-lickin' panelists, none was more vitriolic and venomous than Lauren Burke. Half the time, this woman wouldn't even let Umar finish an answer to a question, and she, more than anyone else, represented some kind of knuckle-draggin' neanderthal, or someone who was definitely off their meds. And I noticed this woman wasn't wearing a wedding band—Swirling sistas, please take notice. If you're a Black woman reading this who really in her heart of hearts, wants to get her swirl on, then this is the kind of sista you need to have a serious talk with.

Displays like the one Lauren put on with Dr. Johnson are the reason why Black women have such bad reputations with men. Now, I understand there's gonna' be Black women reading this who are thinking, well, why aren't you that hard on the male panelists who sided with Roland? Here's why—cause Lauren's a woman. Understand, women aren't suppose to comport themselves with these levels of aggression, especially if you hold your academic credentials so dear to your heart. Lauren came off like some street-raised savage. Remember, when a Black woman hollers and screams like a maniac at a Black man, it reflects badly on you, not us. Now, I'm not talking about instances where a woman is being attacked by a man, but in this case, Lauren wasn't under any kind of duress that warranted her attitude.

Additionally, every Black person needs to understand that what white and non-Black people see one of us doing, represents what we ALL do, to them. Now, if you don't care how you're viewed by the public, hey, that's on you—but at some point, we've gotta' care about the image we project to ourselves and others. No other group of people air out their dirty laundry in public, and neither should we.

Now, in regards to this interrogation, I'll say that Umar unequivocally bested Roland and his entire panel in terms of socio-politics and historical knowledge. He also handled himself with a poise and finesse that made him look like the living portrait of 'grace under pressure'.

But I was also saddened by this display for other reasons. One is, and you'll have to forgive me for using the 'f-word' again, both Roland and Umar are freemasons. white fascist freemasons at that. If you look at Roland's photo (left), you'll see his hands form a pyramid shape, and this is definitely a freemasonic gesture.

Now, you may be thinkin', bruh, if you know Umar's a freemason, then how could you say you were impressed by his performance in that interview? Here's how...

One great fact about energy is, it's neither good or bad, it just is. And when I listen to Umar, even though he's a freemason, I can take the Black Nationalist energy he expels and use it to better myself and my community at a grassroots level. Thus, the writing of this Blog post.

Moreover, we need to understand why Umar's a celebrity of the conscious community. It's because, white fascists know that their main pillars of Black leadership, namely Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are getting old and they're not gonna' be with us much longer. So they're grooming Umar to take their place. And even knowing who Umar really is, I'd still pay to see him speak. Cause what I'd be doing, is harnessing the crowd's energy, so I can affect changes in my neighborhood, or just in my household, for the betterment of us all.

Now, you may ask yourself, why in the hell would whitey go through all this just to keep Black folks down? It's cause we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence, at a time when white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels for the last quarter-century plus.

And speaking of white fascist methodologies, whitey understands that if you control one team of any sporting event, you're definitely gonna' have some influence on the game's outcome. But you're not gonna' be guaranteed to win the game, unless you control BOTH TEAMS. That's their secret to winning any and every game. They control the radical (Umar) and the conservative (Roland).

So in conclusion I'll say, it's time for the Black Diaspora to stop investing in cults of personality, and start looking to ourselves for answers to our problems. Even though people instinctively look for fellowship and leadership, it behooves us to understand that if any 'leader' of our community should fall, that ANYONE OF US is qualified to occupy that position, if we take the initiative to do so.

Remember, before and after a leader becomes a national celebrity, we should have a localized infrastructure in place that can function without them. That's a real democracy. And that's what this country has been promising us all along.

Grassroots organizing people—that's WHAT'S UP!!


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the interrogation, I mean, Roland's interview with Dr. Johnson, if you missed it. And if you'd like to see why I think Umar is a freemason, you can find out here.


  1. Great read as usual! I believe a paradigm shift is in order. The "Powers that Be" have figured out how to counter every strategy we've previously conceived, so we need a new way of thinking. Buck the need for a leader and a movement! I believe true change is only going to come when we change our thinking. The days of "leaders and movements" is over, I believe. Every one of us should be focused on our circle of influence and let it expand outward. Parents should be focused on nurturing self-love in their children. Individuals should focus on being kind to themselves and then kind to those that look like them. This Matrix has got us going round and round repeating the same patterns and getting the same (or worse) results. We need a quantum leap in thinking beyond the strategies of the material world. This challenge calls for harnessing the power of the "unseen". There is no greater force for good in the Universe. If their counter strategy is to control both teams, then how about we create a new game that doesn't require teams. Sometimes the answer is simpler than it seems.

  2. 'Linnea'...

    I too see the value in switching to a paradigm that eliminates 'teams'—but let's not forget this: the Haitian Revolution, from approx. 1791-1804, was listed as the world's ONLY successful (Black) slave revolt. Now of course, we know that's a lie, but still, modern day Haiti is under the rule of white fascists. Why? Cause Haitians have no unity in the context of dealing with white fascism.

    So basically, Haiti is an island FULL of Black master occultists, still being ruled by whites. Which is to say that UNITY is the most valuable resource of them all. Even MORE valuable than our people's occult powers.

    Now, when you say, “Buck the need for a leader and a movement”, very well put I might add, I do agree, to the extent that we remember to organize at more of a 'grassroots' level. It's natural for people to look for fellowship and leadership, I'm just saying that 'cults of personality' are what we should be wary off, especially ones that become national celebrities.

    Thanks again for your comment, and if you're not writing your own Blog, you should be.