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The end of white people (Part 4)...Black extremists, the Las Vegas shooting, fair-skinned inferiority complexes and the one thing Jim Jones and Stephen Paddock have in common...

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James Warren Jones (a.k.a. Jim Jones), was born on May 13, 1931, in the rural town of Crete, Indiana. His father, James Thurman Jones, was a World War II veteran, and his mother, Lynetta Putnam, was quoted as saying, that when she had Jim, she thought she'd given birth to a “messiah”.

The Great Depression-era economy, forced the Jones family to move to the nearby town of Lynn, Indiana, where Jim grew up in a home without indoor plumbing.

In his spare time, Jones was known to read copious tomes on the lives of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Ghandi and Hitler—and it was believed he fixated on religion in his pre-teens, due to his difficulties making friends.

Jim's parents would separate a couple of years later, and he'd live with his mother in Richmond, Indiana, where he'd graduate from Richmond High School early, with honors, in 1948. A year later, Jim would marry a nurse named Marceline Baldwin, and the couple would move to Bloomington, Indiana. Neither one of them could foresee how they'd perish in Jonestown, while Jim attended night school at Butler University, where he'd earn a degree in secondary education in 1961.

In spite of the fact that Jim began attending meetings with an organization called the “Communist Party USA”, a “Methodist superintendent” decided to help him start a church. And in 1952, he became a student Pastor at Southside Summerset Methodist. Jim was quoted as saying that he left that church cause it's leaders barred him from integrating Black members into the congregation.

A few years later, in 1956, is when Jim organized a massive religious revival with the Pastor William M. Branham as headliner—at the time, William was as revered a preacher as Oral Roberts. And following this revival, Jim had the funds necessary to open his own sanctuary, which he would go on to name, “The Peoples Temple Christian Church.”

Now, Jim first started building “Jonestown”, which was known as the “People's Temple Agricultural Project”, as a means to create both a ”socialist paradise” and a “sanctuary” from the media's increasing scrutiny of the nearby, counter-culturally friendly city of San Francisco.

So in the summer of 1977, Jim, with hundreds of Temple members in tow, abruptly left the u.s. headed for their socialist utopia—Jonestown, Guyana.

Mind you, 68% of Jonestown's residents were Black.

Long story short, on November 8th, 1978, Jim Jones forced 909 inhabitants of the People's Temple, 304 of them children, to drink and/or ingest cyanide, in what was at the time, the greatest loss of civilian life in america's history. And after Temple members had perished, Jim himself was found dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. Authorities ruled his death a suicide.

Stephen Craig Paddock, was born in Clinton, Iowa, on April 9th, 1953. He grew up in the towns of Tuscon, Arizona, and Sun Valley, California, and was one of four sons born to Stephen's father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock. Coincidentally, Stephen's father Ben, was a convicted bank robber who was on america's FBI's most wanted list—and after being caught and incarcerated, Ben escaped prison in 1969. Stephen was 15 at the time.

Stephen graduated from John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in 1971, and obtained a degree in business administration from California State Univesity (CSU), Northridge, in 1977.

After graduating from CSU, Stephen held several government jobs over the course of a decade from 1975 to 1985—first of which was being a “letter carrier” for the U.S. Postal Office. Thereafter, in 1985, he was a federal auditor for a year, with a focus on defense contracting. And for three years, he worked as an internal auditor for a company that merged with Lockheed Martin.

After the new millennium, Stephen became a real estate investor who seemingly set down roots in L.A. There, he acquired properties in Panorama City, Cerritos and North Hollywood, California. He also owned several other apartment complexes, which according to his family, put Stephen's net worth at somewhere north of 2 million dollars.

On October 1st, of this year, Stephen was identified as the gunman responsible for the Las Vegas mass shooting. This mass murder took 59 lives, including Stephen's, and wounded 489 other spectators at a 'Jason Aldean' concert. And for the uninitiated, Jason is a country artist, who just recently resumed his tour after this tragedy. Stephen's motives are unknown and he was found dead in his hotel room of a single, self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

Now, this is what white fascists want you to think happened to Jim Jones and Stephen Paddock—but let me give you the straight dope on why they really did what they did...

In the case of Jim Jones, he was actually a CIA agent tasked with gathering as many of San Francisco's Black population into his church as he could, for the expressed purpose of moving them out of the country, so they could be more easily killed. And the reasons for this were: one, the counter-cultural allure of nearby San Fransisco was inspiring too many americans to rebel against america's white fascist status quo, and two, Black people have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

So not only were these people moved to Guyana for the purposes of them "commiting suicide", but people who actually escaped the Jonestown “massacre”, said they saw people being forced to drink cups of Jim's cyanide-laced concoction at gunpoint. And those who still refused to drink, were either injected with this poison, or shot dead.

Now, you may ask, bruh—how would you know if Jim actually worked for the CIA? Well, Richard Dwyer, who was not only a well-known, but a high-ranking member of the CIA (he was also the deputy chief of mission at the american embassy in Guyana), was seen several times conversing with Jim and accompanying him on various plane trips. Additionally, during the actual Jonestown massacre, Jim is caught on audio tape saying, “Get 'Dwyer' out of here before something happens to him.” On top of that, journalists found out that the Guyanase locale that Jonestown was built on, was actually a CIA training camp for green berets who were plotting an operation in Angola.

Now, in the case of Stephen Paddock, journalists and “conspiracy theorists” found that on September 27th, of this year, Stephen met up with a man named Scott Edminson—and Scott has been identified as a CIA arms dealer, who's technical title was that of a “machinist”.

Additionally, on October 1st, of this year (four days after he met with Stephen), Scott was stopped by troopers in Washington County, Tennessee, where it was discovered that he had several “bump-stopped” semi-automatic weapons and 900 rounds of ammunition in his car's trunk. On top of that, none of the weapons had serial numbers on them. Mind you, the gun's serial numbers weren't filed off—they were manufactured without them. In addition, Mandalay Bay hotel room-service receipts confirm that on September 27th, “2 guests” were served meals in Stephen's hotel room on that exact date.

Also, when it came to the night of the Las Vegas shooting, Las Vegas sheriff, Joseph Lombardo, was quoted as saying that Stephen, “...did not act alone.”

Lastly, it's said that the reason Stephen gambled so much, is because that's how arms dealers launder their money.

But ultimately, what Jim and Stephen had in common, was this: neither one of them knew that the white fascist freemasons who hired them, were tasked with killing them after their assignments were over. Cause ultimately, they were expendable.

Now, you may be saying—well, I realize what might have motivated Jim Jones to do what he did—but I'm still wondering, what the motive behind Stephen's shooting was.

Well, let me break that down right quick...

This month, a “declassified” FBI memo, dated from August of this year, says that a new type of domestic terrorist is coming to the fore of american culture—and this newly-appointed menace, who just happens to come from the ranks of the “Pro-Black/Black Lives Matter” community, is being called a “Black Identity Extremist (BIE)”.

Now, white fascists say they predict an increase of violence against police officers by these factions, in the wake of Micah Johnson's July 7th, 2016 shooting in Dallas, Texas, where 5 cops were allegedly killed. And I say allegedly, cause you and I both know the white media's famous for its bold-faced lies—especially when it comes to us. And I'll do more research on that incident in another post.

Still, the FBI are citing six incidents of violence against police from 2014 to 2016, to justify their BIE theory. And in the span of those two years, they're saying 8 cops have been killed. But according to the Washington Post's database, in 2015 alone, cops killed 259 Black people—38 of which were unarmed. And of those, less than 40% of them were listed as an “attack in progress”.

In other words—american cops are the real domestic terrorists, not BIE's!

Now, if we group incidents of BIE “terrorism” with the Las Vegas shooting, and the white nationalist rally that turned violent on August 12th of this year, behind confederate monuments being taken down—and then add to that, varying rumors about the faces of Mount Rushmore being removed, then any sane person will have to come to one conclusion—and that's this: white fascists are running a major campaign to keep working-class white folks in a state of outright fear.

Now, that's really nothing new. A white fascist's stock-in-trade is fear-mongering. But here's 3 facts about whitey's latest fear-inducing campaign that working class white folks don't know—and even white fascists themselves would be slow to admit to.

Fact#3: Working-class whites have no idea that Trump and his constituents are behind the removal of those “confederate” monuments. 

And to keep it even “real-er”, working-class whites are dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to this kind of political maneuvering. Meaning, they couldn't fathom the white man they voted for could be manipulating them in such insidious ways.

One reason being, of course, that Trump would never openly admit to this, cause he and his coterie know that would be tantamount to political suicide. And it wouldn't get them any closer to their intended goal—which leads us to the next fact...

Fact#2: Trump and his white fascist handlers, are trying to get working-class whites to start an ethnic war. 

This is the real reason all those confederate monuments are coming down, even though Trump could sign an executive order to stop any of those initiatives from happening tomorrow. Also, another way white fascists are keeping working-class whites deliriously fearful, is evidenced by the fact that Stephen and his cohorts, shot up a Jason Aldean (i.e. a country artist's) concert.

Now, why would this be any different than shooting up any other kind of concert? Cause white country artists and fans, pride themselves on their “whiteness”—meaning, they're proud of their bigoted stance towards Black folks. Thus, a lot of them probably feel that not only are their lives in danger, but their culture (i.e. their bigoted “way of life”) is in danger as well.

Fact#1: And the number one fact that neither working class whites nor white fascists will admit to is this: ultimately, whitey's too scared to go toe-to-toe wit' us in any kind of ethnic war. 

No white person—and I mean no white person, will admit this to themselves.

And there's no place where this was more evident than in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the aforementioned white nationalist rally. Now, this was a march meant to galvanize factions of the “alt-right” (i.e. white klansmen) to show their power and prevalence in america's social order. But what wound up happening was whites from other organizations, started fighting with the white nationalists—and a riot ensued.

So understand, white nationalists showed up at that rally to show how powerful they were. And more than anything, this was really supposed to be a symbolic threat to Black americans. But whitey knows full-well he's not gonna' march in Black neighborhoods—cause we know what would happen if they did.

And they know too.

Which is the reason why they'd rather turn on themselves and cannibalize their own culture.

And let me just add, the reason(s) the “Rocky” movie franchise was created, and why it was so wildly popular, was and is because white men feel inferior, physically and sexually, to Black men.

And like I said in my post titled, “Floyd Mayweather Jr., Conor McGregor, and the reasons why Black Spirituality trumps white intellectualism”, this was the real reason the movie character, “Tony Manero”, from Saturday Night Fever was created. To thwart the idea that white men weren't good dancers (i.e. good “lovers”).

Now, to everyone reading this, I don't want you to take my word for any of the info. here—please go and do your own research. But I do hope this serves as a bit more of an explanation as to why the Las Vegas shooting happened.

Still, what I want Black men and women to keep in mind is this: nothing will stop whitey's inevitable demise—NOTHING! Conversely, nothing will stop the ascent of Black people. Now, does that mean white folks will go away quietly?


But like I've said in the past, it's when we see them fighting hardest, that we know their time to rule is over. And from what I can see, they're fightin' pretty darn hard...especially with each other! Which does nothing but put a big 'ol smile on my face!


MontUHURU Mimia


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The gospel of white fascism (Part 22)...3 Reasons why the white elite fabricated the 'Black (male) privilege'...

Saul Stacey Williams (man pictured in header) was born on February 29th, 1972 in Newburgh, New York, which is 60 minutes north of New York City. He attended Newburgh Free Academy, before graduating from “Morehouse College” with a B.A. in acting and philosophy. From there, he attained an MFA in acting from New York University's 'Graduate Acting Program' at the college's 'Tisch School of the Arts'. And while at NYU, he became a star of the New York cafe poetry scene.

Now, the first time I heard of Saul Williams was on Russell Simmons' HBO series, “Def Poetry Jam”, hosted by Mos Def (who's now 'Yasiin Bey'). Shortly after, I'd heard he'd won the highly coveted, Grand Slam Championship at New York City's 'Nuyorican Poet's Cafe'—which he did in 1996. And it was a year later that I saw him in the film, 'Slam', where Saul portrays a drug dealing young man, who seeks redemption and resurrection from the hazards of urban blight through poetry (And trust—this flick is definitely worth watching).

Since then, I've read one of Saul's books, listened to his myriad albums, and have been a fan of his lectures more than any of his other artistic endeavors. But it was one of his talks in particular, that struck and stuck with me more than most...

Earlier this year, Saul spoke about his artistic life at Duke University, with Mark Anthony Neal, a brotha who's a professor of Black popular culture in Duke U.'s African-American studies department. And that evening, Saul told Mark about something he experienced in one of his acting classes.

Saul spoke about Morehouse not having a drama dept., and how he had to take those courses at neaby Spellman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Mind you, Spellman is a woman's college (More specifically, Spellman is a Historically Black College, so the overwhelming majority of it's student body are Black women). So Saul explained to Mark that he remembered how his professor, Glenda Dickerson, made all the young Black men attending those courses, participate in “menses” riutals, where they'd hold white candles and were told to sit in silence while Glenda led the female students, who were wearing white themselves, in whatever pantomimed ceremonies that Glenda planned for the class.

Now, even though these exercises were suppose to teach these young Black men to respect their women, here's what Glenda was really indoctrinating them into.

The white candles Saul and the other young Black men held during these rituals, really represented a white phallus (Washington monument). And what this told those young brothas, or was suppose to tell them, was their Black manhood, would always be inferior to a white male's. Moreover, Glenda was teaching them that this would be the case no matter what they accomplished—especially in the eye's of Black women.

And ultimately, it told those young brothas that the white man was the only one who could offer them the 2 things they craved most—security and a sense of ethnic purity.

Additionally, those Black women wearing white told those young brothas, how Black women, at least those in america's social order, would be completely obsequious and complicit to this country's (or world's) white fascist status quo. Even if it was to their detriment—which we now see that it was (Olivia Pope).

And I just gotta' say this—at a time when we had a Black man as the american president (Obama), it was a Black woman, Shonda Rhimes, who created a TV show, featuring an African-american woman who's the mistress of a white male american president. And Black women held parties to watch this show.

There was even an episode where Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald, have sex in a closet. And right after good ol' Fitz is done with Olivia, he says the act was a mistake in judgment on his part.

Now, a lot of Black women were thinking that Black men were just bitter behind this show featuring a Black woman sleeping with a white man. But what brothas were really asking themselves was: why would Black women wanna' portray themselves this way? And Kerry Washington lived the real life consequences of this portrayal, when she and her rainbeau, Dave Moscow, got a divorce. And personally, I'm still shakin' my head behind that show, and it's overall effect on sistas.

Moving on...

Fast forward from Saul's collegiate years, to September 19th of this year, when a Black male journalist named Damon Young, wrote and published an article for his VSB (Very Smart Brothas) website, titled: 'Straight Black men are the white people of Black people'.

Now, before I go in on this brainwashed, anglophilic, white kiss-ass-of-a-negro, let me throw one fact out there—the 'Very Smart Brothas' organization, came to prominence by way of the Black news site, 'The Root'—which is itself owned by the 'Univision' corporation. So Damon's clearly speaking for his white fascist benefactors—not us.

Anyways, what this crap piece of propaganda is really saying, is straight Black men are like the white men of Black people, insomuch as the violence perpetrated by us against our women, is tantamount to the violence that white fascism perpetrates against Black folks. And that's the anglophilic negro's argument for some sort of fairy tale whitey's calling the 'Black (male) privilege'.

Now, there's myriad reasons why Damon's diatribe is dumb as a box of rocks, but I'll expound on those below, in the '3 reasons whitey fabricated the fallacious Black (male) privilege'. 

So without further ado, let's go in...

Reason #3: Donald Trump is single-handedly making white men look like the dumbfounded bigots that they really are. So to distract from that, white fascists are throwing shade at Black men, in an attempt to make us look equally dim-witted.

On his presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump told a crowd of his followers: “I am your voice.”

And that's the main reason I love Donald Trump being the american president, cause with him, there's no veneer of whitey's feigned scholarly intellectualism or benevolent humanitarianism. There's just brute elitism, colorism and blatant displays of plagiarism, embedded in every second of Trump's oligarchic behaviors. And in more layman's terms, the man's a bully—and he can't hide his true nature.

So to take mainstream america's attention away from that, Damon's white fascist handlers commissioned him to validate and qualify reasons why Black men are just as privileged as white ones, so white men won't look like the empty-headed and morally bankrupted, predators on 'hue-man' life that they actually are. And the people they want believing that most, are Black women, Black children and gay Black men.

Reason #2: white fascists want us thinking that they're our saviors and straight Black men are the real enemies of our people.

Bottom line is, whitey's saying that straight Black men, emphasis on the word straight, are the enemy that's really holding our people back. So we should quit blaming whitey for our problems.

But anyone who's thinking beyond the brain-stem level should realize they've fabricated this lie, cause Black men—especially straight Black men, have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. Thus, a 'straight' Black man existing anywhere is a threat to them everywhere.

Reason #1: And the number one reason whitey wants everyone believing in the Black (male) privilege, is more than anything, white fascists don't want us to think that the white privilege exists, so whitey can say that he's smarter than everyone else—and that's why he's on top.

Now, white folks can give you chapter and verse on why they feel their people don't benefit from having pale skin. But the white privilege isn't part of some fantastic folklore, cause there's more than enough empirical evidence to back this up. Case in point, I vividly remember an article I read about an ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) employment study out of New York, showing how white men were given more callbacks for jobs than the study's Black men, even when the white job seeker had a criminal record, and the Black man didn't.

Moreover, I remember seeing the book, “Hillbilly Elegy”, written by J.D. Vance, stay at the top of the New York Times bestsellers list for more than a year. And in it, Vance tells of his working class roots and how he got to be a Yale Law School grad through sheer hard work and determination. And how his brethren (i.e. working class white folks) are all in the same boat. Mind you, if they didn't believe this, they'd have to admit how whites, whether they're working or upper-class, share an unfair advantage that gave them the social status (and all the resources that come with it) they now enjoy.

So I've said all that to say this, ultimately, whitey will do anything to get Black people thinking that we're our own worst enemies—but like the fallacy of the Black (male) privilege, and the myriad stereotypes they lob on straight Black men, we should understand that these are nothing but idiotic and ignorant, bold-faced lies—and not little white ones.

And like Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, “Do the Right Thing”: “That's the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia

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The gospel of white fascism (Part 21)...Prince, Black 'Roots', Issa Rae, and the cult of well-bred 'insecurities'...

 "I'm rooting for everybody Black."
--Issa Rae, at the Emmys

"How we gonna' let the elevator break us down? Oh no, let's go..."
--Prince, from the song, 'Let's go crazy'

Prince released his seventh studio album, 'Around the World in a Day' (left), on April 22nd, 1985. And the bulk of this recording was done during the six months of touring he and his band, 'the Revolution', completed behind Prince's most successful album and movie, “Purple Rain”.

Now, according to the media, the inspiration for the album's sound came from a demo that Dave Coleman, brother of band member, Lisa Coleman, recorded that eventually became the album's title track. And for the uninitiated, sonically, this album explored the psychedelic and more ethereal music genres, and was hailed as Prince's 'Sgt. Pepper's'—this being a reference to the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which is lauded as an absolute classic in the annals of Rock and Roll.

Also the album's cover art, has an amorphous, multi-colored, and tie-dyed 60's feel, reminiscent of that decade's mainstreamed psychedelia. And when asked about this, Prince responded by saying, “The cover art came about cause I though people were tired of looking at me. Who wants another picture of me? I would want only so many pictures of my woman, then I'd want the real thing...”

And even with the album's 'leftist' sensibilities and a dearth of label promotion, it went double platinum. It also spawned two top ten hits with, 'Raspberry Beret' and 'Pop Life'. In addition, the album wound up selling seven million copies worldwide.

Now, myself and every other Prince fan at the time thought, why would a bonafide superstar-of-a-recording-artist like Prince, seemingly wreck his career by putting out some weird album like this? Of course, being a Prince fan, I understand he was an eclectic artist, and I thought, well, he's going left, just for the sake of going left—still, this record seemed completely disassociated with his funk-rock aesthetic.

What I know now, that I didn't then, was the freemasonic order that Prince belonged to commissioned this style of album from him. The goal behind that being the continual reminding of americans, and the free world, that the Beatles (4 white men), were the greatest Rock and Roll band that ever existed. This is also why less than a decade ago, I saw Justin Bieber singing the Beatles song, “Let it Be”.

Anecdotally, I'll never forget when I documented the fact that Black people created Rock and Roll on a YouTube video, featuring the group, 'Earth, Wind and Fire'.

One liberal white person literally wrote: “LOL! What?” And I had to explain to him and another genetic dead-ender (white person), who declared that the Rock and Roll genre started in europe, that the 'Rolling Stones' actually named themselves after the 'Muddy Waters' song, “Mannish Boy”.

Cause in that song, Muddy openly declares: “I'm a rolling stone...” And the Beatles song, “I couldn't dance with another” (google this if you've never heard it), where John and Paul sing, “And I couldn't dance with another—whoooo!” Well, the 'whooo' sound they're mimicking, is one created by none other than Little Richard. Moreover, it was brothas like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Richard, who were the real kings and creators of Rock and Roll music.

Moving on...

Now, back in the 80's Prince was complicit with the freemasonic order he belonged to, cause they'd made him a star. Still, he couldn't help but see the scandalous amounts of money record execs were making off his music, and the music of other artists. Thus, he went about the difficult task of not only opening his own record label (Paisley Park), but he fought tooth and nail to get back the rights to his master recordings. *Note: This was in the 90's when Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable glyph and he was writing 'Slave' on his cheek.

Fortunately, Prince won back the rights to his masters in 2014. Unfortunately, two years later, he was found dead.

Now, rumors and speculation spread about Prince dying from a drug overdose and/or from an acute case of the Flu. But here's how I know he was murdered by the same freemasons who made him a star.

Prince was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park recording studio/home. Now, in his song, “Let's Go Crazy”, the chorus of the song says, “How we gonna' let the elevator break us down?” Now, the elevator Prince refers to is actually Satan. And this song is all about getting through life, (Thus, the song opens with: “Dearly beloved—we are gathered here today to get through this thing we call life...”) and our dealing with the battle(s) against evil. This is also why the song starts out with chords of organ music, cause Prince is taking on a 'preacher persona'—especially at the beginning of the movie Purple Rain.

Prince was saying, not only shouldn't we allow the devil to break us down, but we should also take the initiative, being that we're in an elevator (Satan's world), to punch the elevator's button to get to a higher floor (spiritual edification), so we can get with God. Now, freemasons are notorious for liking to leave their mark by hiding things in plain sight (Michael Jackson wearing his nazi arm band back in the day). Thus, they essentially identified themselves by killing Prince and leaving his body in an elevator. So in one fatal swoop, they let us know that they're representing the elevator, i.e. Luciferian white fascist freemasonry.

Now, it was on February 3rd, 2011, that the African-American actress, Issa Rae, debuted her web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”. Her inspiration to start this series was drawn from her experiences working at New York City's, New Federal Theater, where she'd had difficulties meeting and interacting with people in an unfamiliar place. So, she thought it would be fun to depict the uncomfortable situations people might encounter with one another, especially from an African-American woman's point of view.

We should also note that Pharell Williams (yeah, the star music producer from the group, 'The Neptunes') was an executive producer of this series. So, she did have some clout with industry execs right off the bat.

Fast forward to 2013, when Issa began working with co-creator Larry Wilmore, on a comedy-drama pilot based on her web-series. HBO picked up the pilot, and debuted the show with it's new name, 'Insecure', on October 9th, of 2016. Since it's release, the show's not only gone on to receive critical acclaim, but it was renewed for a second season on November 14th, 2016. And on August 8th, of this year, it was renewed for a third season.

Now, even though this series is supposed to showcase the awkward travails of Black women in america's social order, what it's really designed to do, is show how dysfunctional Black people and our relationships are. Cause quiet as it's kept, the execs at HBO are just white bigots, who are hell-bent on portraying our people in the worst light possible (The Sopranos).

The lead character, 'Issa', played by Issa Rae, and her friend, Molly (played by Yvonne Orji), prove themselves to be untrustworthy and unscrupulous in every conceivable way, when it comes to their relationships with Black men. Thus, more than anything, this series serves as a cautionary tale to any Black man who hopes to pursue any kind of relationship with a Black woman. And I know I've said this at least 100 times, but white fascists have to keep 'pure-bred' Black men and women away from each other, cause we have the most genetic power to breed their kind out of existence. And white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels for at least the last half-century. On top of that, whites are overdosing on drugs in droves and committing suicide like crazy.

Additionally, this show adheres to the stereotype of Black women being perpetually stuck, and kept by white fascists, in three states-of-being: well-paid, oversexed and alone (Olivia Pope).

Now, on September 17th, 2017, the head inbreds at the academy of Televised Arts and Sciences, were settled in to congratulate themselves once more, like they do every year, by putting on the annual Emmy Awards ceremony.

And on the red carpet of this event, a journalist from 'Variety' magazine asked Issa pointedly, “Who are you rooting for?” And Issa replied, “I'm rooting for everybody Black.”

Now, you may think this is hyperbolic, but in my opinion, Issa's statement is and was just as revolutionary as when President Barack Obama said of the cops who arrested Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., “The police acted stupidly...”

Now, let me tell you why...

Like Prince (and I'm not comparing Issa's ingenuity to Prince's), Issa showed she understood how to placate the white fascists who own the media, while knowing, or at least imbibing in, the zeitgeist of Black 'consciousness' that's affecting every Black person in america. And in more layman's terms, Issa not only showed how she's got whitey's number, but how she's ultimately down for her people.

Now, this doesn't completely absolve Issa from reinforcing the mores of Black dysfunction on her show. But, if anyone's thinking I've got several problems with 'Insecure', I'd tell you I have only one. And that problem is the same one I have with Black men's rights activists—that being, how they talk ad nauseam about Black dysfunction outside the context of the white fascism that created it.

Understand, as a Black man or woman, if you spend an inordinate amount of time talking disparagingly about Black people, or indulging in the media's portrayal of us in a negative light, how could you not hate yourself for being Black?

And I get the fact that most Black people who do this say, well, I'm critiquing Black people who aren't like me. Now, there's absolutely a time for that, but what makes this dangerous is, so many Black people denigrate other factions of Blacks in our Diaspora, to show white and non-Black folks how they're not like them. And this never works. Cause what winds up happening is, if whites and non-Blacks do think you're somehow more educated, or upper-scale than the rest of us, they'll start making bigoted jokes about Blacks around you. And I can't tell you how many acquaintances I've had to cut off behind that happening.

However, one other bone I have to pick with Issa, is how she vehemently denigrates the image of Black men who treat her like the tramp she portrays herself to be on her show. Now, I'm not an avid watcher of this series, but I remember one instance where she gets in the car of one brotha who sees the scowl on her face and asks her whats wrong. To which Issa exclaims, “Niggas!” She even wears a shirt that dons this word on her show.

Now, if I had a chance to talk with Issa, I'd tell her that it's these same brothas you're slandering on your show, that made it possible for you to comfortably make your statement at the Emmys. And right now, you might be scratching your head thinking, bruh—what the hell are you talking about?

So let me answer that real quick...

Brothas like Dr. Umar Johnson, Tariq Nasheed, and Brother Jabari (from the House of Konsciousness—google the brotha if you've never heard of him), would be considered “niggas” to Issa. Or at least to her character. And these are the same brothas who she, and the whole of Black american women, owe a debt of gratitude towards, for being able to express themselves so openly about being proud of who they are. Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't say there aren't sistas like the late Queen, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, who contributed to this too, but overwhelmingly, the people baring the slings and arrows for being “Pro-Black” have been brothas like the aforementioned ones.

But ultimately, the moral of this story is, even though Issa portrayed herself as a “negro nerd” in terms of calling herself the awkward Black girl, to win points with whites, she's seeing that the true power, especially in terms of creating any kind of cool culture(s), belongs to us.

So if you're a brotha or sista reading this, you need to understand that 'negro nerdom' will never lead you to anything that's culturally cool. Meaning, if you wanna' be legitimately on the cutting edge, at least in terms of cultural creation(s), the spiritual tools to build those kinds of social constructs belong to us exclusively. Moreover, Issa's statement is further proof that we need to be a monolithic group—cause it works to our benefit, not our detriment.

UNITY Y'ALL!—now and forever, that's what's really up!!


MontUHURU Mimia


9/27/17 - *Addendum: For those under 30 who are reading this post, here's the 'official' Warner Brother's issued video for Prince's song, "Let's Go Crazy". Note at 1:33 minutes of this video, Prince quotes the lyrics, "(Maybe it's cause) 'we're all gonna' die...'" Now, the 33rd degree of freemasonry just happens to be the highest in their fraternity. And that's cause it represents the 33 vertebrate of the spinal column leading up to the 'Pineal Gland', and this is supposedly where our sentient 'consciousness' is kept. So this song's all about our 'hue-man' mortality fam. Beyond that, it's a cool tune, so enjoy this clip.

In case you missed it, here's Obama telling whitey (and white cops especially) how stupid they are. Moreover, a Black man simply being the american president, is why whites in america, especially white women, voted for Donald Trump. And for those brothas and sistas who didn't like Obama (Mind you, I used to be one of them), we especially should understand that if he showed whitey he was all the way down for us, they'd have killed him a long time ago. Hell, white fascists nearly blew JFK's head off—and they liked him. Enjoy the vid!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 20)...What do Kenneka Jenkins, Sam Cooke, integration and the Black Wall Street have in common?

Sam Cooke was born on January 22, 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He was one of eight children born to Charles Cook Sr., a baptist minister. Early in his youth, Sam's voice and charisma made him stand out from his peers in his father's gospel youth choir, and people quickly noticed his star power.

By the time Sam was 20, his voice was honed into a finely tuned instrument, and he replaced R.H. Harris in the gospel group, the 'Soul Stirrers'. Now, R.H. was a legendary singer in his own right and the Soul Stirrers at the time, where one of america's most popular gospel groups—but when Sam took over as lead vocalist, their popularity increased ten fold.

After singing with the Soul Stirrers for six years, Sam decided to try his hand at secular music. And his hypnotically smooth vocal stylings won him a hit record with the 1957 release of 'You Send Me', which sold over a million copies. Sam is also credited as being one of the architects of the Soul/R&B genres, along with other giants of the industry like Jackie Wilson.

Now, as Sam's classic songs like 'Cupid' and 'Chain Gang' began to top the charts, he saw the scandalous amounts of money being made by record executives, and took the initiative to start his own record label, 'SAR' recordings. Supposedly, the name SAR was an acronym for 'Sam and Alex Records', being that J.W. 'Alexander' was Sam's business partner, song-writing associate and friend. Mind you, Sam opened this business at a time when music publishing and ownership of master recordings were strictly the domain of white 'mafia-affiliated' men.

Fast forward to the evening of December 11th, 1964, when Sam and a young woman named Elisa Boyer, arrived at the 'Hacienda Motel' in Los Angeles, California. Now, according to Elisa, she'd met Sam at a Hollywood dinner where he performed, and as they settled into their hotel room, Elisa said, Sam became violent and tried to rape her. After she dashed out of the room (with Sam's cloths in tow), reports say that Sam went to the night manager, Bertha Franklin's office, pounding on the door and demanding that Elisa return his clothing. Moments later, those same reports say that Sam kicked down the door, and that's when Bertha brandished a gun and fired the fatal shot that killed him.

Now—that's what whitey wants you to believe—but let's see what really happened to Sam.

First off, a month after Sam's death, Elisa Boyer was arrested for prostitution. And one more fact coming to light, was the Hacienda motel having a reputation for being a hooker's hang out. Also, in 1979, Elisa was charged with second-degree murder in the death of a boyfriend. And authorities found out that Bertha Franklin was a 'mob-affiliated' madam for a prostitution ring operating out of the Hacienda. To top all this off, forensics experts say that the shot that killed Sam, which pierced both his heart and right lung, was one only a professional assassin could have executed. And if that weren't enough, the nearly $5,000 in cash Sam had on him that night, was never found.

And if all of that wasn't enough, recording artists like Aretha Franklin and Bobby Womack recognized at his funeral, that Sam's body had been beaten and badly deformed. So the theory of his dying from a single shot, just doesn't make sense.

In other words family—Sam's death was a good ol' fashioned mafia set-up. And there's a long history of celebrity musicians, Black men especially, getting killed as soon as they try to own the rights to their music. But don't take my word for it, check out the stories of Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc. and see how the same shroud of mystery covered their deaths as well.

Moving on...

Now, during the early 1900's, the population of segregated Black americans living in northeast Oklahoma, around Tulsa, flourished into what we now know as the 'Black Wall Street'. The area was home to several lawyers, realtors, doctors, and prominent Black businessmen, many of whom were multimillionaires.

This area boasted a variety of thriving businesses such as grocery stores, clothing stores, barbershops, banks, hotels, cafes, movie theaters, two newspapers, and many contemporary homes. And mind you, these residents enjoyed many luxuries that their white neighbors did not, including indoor plumbing and a remarkable school system. The dollar circulated 36 to 100 times, sometimes taking a year for currency to leave the community.

Now, in the early morning of June 1, 1921, the Black Wall Street was looted, bombed from the air, and burned to the ground by white rioters. It was also reported that the bombing was announced in a newspaper article, before it got retracted. But even though bigoted whites had their boots on the ground to perpetrate these crimes, it was white fascists behind the scenes (i.e. the american government) who orchestrated this melee.

And even though the Black Wall Street has become famously renowned as a model of and for Black wealth, what's lesser known is after the bombing of the Black Wall Street, our people built it's businesses back up five years later.

Now, what happened next was a meeting between america's white fascists who figured out that under segregation, even if they continued bombing our business centers, our people would just rebuilt those companies and start recirculating our monies amongst ourselves. So they pondered how they could get our money into their pockets on a more permanent basis, without all the hassles of a physical confrontation. Then one bright inbred raised a finger and said, “Ah—we'll integrate them into our communities.”

Enter Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950's and 60's.

Now, whites not only wanted to control the dollars generated by Black americans, but they also wanted to kill off the Black nuclear family. So right after integration became law, their first order of business was keeping Black men out of jobs—and especially, out of american labor unions. Then they went about telling Black women, that in the wake of Black men not being able to provide for them, the gov't would give them programs to pay for their food, clothing and shelter—with one caveat—they couldn't have a man in the house. This more than anything struck a death blow to america's Black families.

One other thing I must mention is—the majority of Black women did not take this deal. And that's why in the 1980's, whitey had to up the ante of destabilizing Black nuclear families by rolling out the deadly troika of 'Reaganomics, Crack and AIDS'. But I'll expound on that in another post.

Now, before I speak on the tragedy that befell sista Kenneka Jenkins, I'd like to share a story with you regarding Chicago's crime stats—and I'd like to state that this info. comes from a news forum called, 'DNAinfo.' out of Chicago. And I'll leave a link for their site at the end of this post. Now, according to this news source, on September 9th, 2017, along with Kenneka, another four Black americans were killed in Chicago. One of those being a young man named Carlos Cortez, who was 22 and died from gunshot wounds—but the three others (in my opinion) died from much harsher circumstances than sista Keeneka did. Now, let me explain what I'm talking about...

On the same evening, at 11:38 p.m., in the Roseland section of Chicago, three individuals stood behind a parked car on Yale Avenue, when an assailant walked out of an alley and opened fire. Those victims were: Tyson White (36), Jacquell Mosley (26), and Dominic Morris (30). And they all died from multiple gunshot wounds. Sadly enough, two of these victims, namely, Jacquell and Dominic, were women.

Now, here's my question: If the white fascist media is so infatuated with gratuitously violent and sensationalized murders, especially when it comes to Black people, then why didn't this story go viral, instead of Kenneka's?

Here's why...

In my last post, 'The end of white people (Part 3)', I told anyone who read my Blog, that I feel a little relief or a healing between Black men and women taking place.

That is, I feel the intense and bitter animosity we have towards each other easing in the wake of three events specifically—and those are: one, Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s win over Conor McGregor.

Two, the white Nationalists and white protesters fighting each other in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

And three, the fact(s) that white americans are overdosing on drugs and committing suicide in droves. 

And I almost forgot to mention that white birthrates have fallen below replacement levels for the last half-century plus *smiles*. To top all this off, Black consciousness being 'cool' now, means that at least half of us are no longer stone-cold anglophiles doting on whatever's white.

Needless to say, whitey can't have this...

Thus, the white fascists who control the media, thrust Keeneka Jenkins' story into the american mainstream, so the majority of Black women can find new reasons to hate Black men. And one more story about the indiscriminate shooting of Black people, might not necessarily do that...but Keeneka's story should. Also, Keeneka being found in a walk-in freezer, and dying under unusual circumstances (like Sam Cooke did, chasing after a non-Black woman no less) adds to the story's emotional power. So once again, this is all being done to promote the one state-of-being that keeps us losing against whitey—disunity.

Now, let me tell you what I'm not saying in this post. I'm not saying that because of the white fascist agenda, we don't need to look into incidences of violence and rape against women in our community—cause we certainly do. I'm simply asking every Black man and woman reading this to put what happened to Keeneka in the context of white fascism, cause then we'll realize all of the dysfunctions exhibited in Black america, or throughout our Diaspora, have roots in the global system of institutional white bigotry. All of 'em.

And again, this is not to say that the young men who allegedly raped Keeneka shouldn't be brought to justice, if that's what happened. I'm just saying, peep the game that white fascists are running on us, before you let your emotions run away with you.

Now, we can expect more of these events from whitey—cause again, they fully realize that this is their last stand. Their days of dominance are growing shorter and shorter, and they're seeing that sooner than later, the lot of them will only be displayed in museum installations dedicated to their memory. 

And when that happens, I for one am betting that our people will heed the karmic lesson those imbreds taught us—so we won't make those same mistakes ourselves.

And like Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


You can check out the 'DNAinfo' website for the crime stories referenced in this post here.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The end of white people (Part 3)...Dave Chappelle, Black men's rights activism, Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina and Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s 'greatest' greatness...

"Have no fear for atomic energy, cause none of them can stop the time."
--Bob Marley, Redemption Song

This past Labor Day, I was in my city's downtown area, when I came upon the 20-seater shuttle bus that takes me to the specific office building where I work. Needless to say, I was shocked that it was operating on the holiday. And since I was looking for a particular movie theater, I thought who better to ask for some directions than the shuttle's driver?

Now, this particular driver I hadn't seen before—she was a sista with braids, who I found out just started working with the company. And when I asked her about directions to the Cineplex, she said she knew where it was. Then she told me which landmarks I should look out for on my sojourn there. Then, all at once, she stopped giving me directions and said she'd give me a lift to a small bridge that was right across from the theater. So I took her up on the offer.

While she drove, we conversed about which movie I was going to see, and then we started talking about Black movie directors and what kinds of films we liked. I guess I made some sort of good impression on her, cause she said that I should write a blog about the politics of movie making *smiles*. I told her funny enough, I do write a Blog, and it is partially about cinema, but from a Black Nationalist's point of view. And shortly after she said she'd give my blog a look, is when we arrived at the small walking bridge.

I thanked her and proceeded over the bridge—five minutes later, I was at the theater.

Now, just the other day, I was waiting for this particular shuttle bus again, and while I was putting a credit card back in my wallet, some destitute looking white dude asked if I had a dollar. I said matter-of-factly, that I didn't have one for him. Then, once I was on the shuttle, I was sitting in a grouping of brothas, when a disheveled-looking white female co-worker came on board. A moment later, she sat down among us. And I was thinking, why the hell would this white woman sit next to us, when there's plenty of other empty seats available? I got my answer a couple of seconds later, when this homely white woman took out her cell phone.

This trailer trash Tina almost immediately started talking in this loud, obnoxious manner about her personal problems over the phone. That's when I got up and took another seat. And this behavior is indicative of how most white women act around Black men. Meaning, they'll usually reserve their lady-like, demure and quiet femininity for white and non-Black men—but around us, they feel obligated to be foul-mouthed, loud and abrasive (Thus, why I wrote the post: 3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women).

Now, I opened this post with this kind of anecdote for one reason, and that's to express what I'm seeing between Black men and women as of late—and that's a healing, albeit a very small amount of healing, when it comes to the bitter rivalry between us. Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, you might be saying, c'mon bruh—you can't base your theory on an encounter you had with one sweet sista.

And for the record, I'm not. However, what I can say is, the zeitgeist of mainstreamed 'Black consciousness' is positively effecting the whole of Black america. Meaning, when we see a good many of our people watching the 'Hidden Colors' documentaries, and when we start frequenting on-line shopping networks like 'We Buy Black', and when we start leaving Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, for web destinations like 'Blaqspot', even the most jaded and anglophilic Black person has got to feel some sort of Diasporic paradigm shift happening.

And this is part of the reason I get so peeved at brothas who call themselves, 'Black men's rights activists'.

Now, I'm saying that cause the other day, I watched a YouTube video titled: 'Miss me with that solutions stuff' (mind you, the title ended with another four-letter word that starts with an 's'). And this vid was produced by a Black men's rights activist named 'Hardcore Tito'. Now, what Tito's alluding to in this vid's monologue is how 'Pro-Blacks' are always pontificating on 'solutions' for our community, but basically what we wind up doing is just talking. Mind you, it was a young and very scholarly brotha who introduced me to this guy's videos, so he's very well known amongst his YouTuber demographic—which tend to be Black 'MGTOW's' and 'meninists' (google these terms if you don't know what they mean).

Now, what I like least about this group of Black men is not only how they're completely clueless in terms of how they're being used to mainstream homosexuality to Black men specifically, but how the overwhelming majority of them are completely self-hating, so they have no aversion to imbibing in the stereotypes they were taught about Black men on the whole.

Case in point—in the aforementioned video, Tito opens by saying that when he talks about the 'Pro-Black Community' (PBC) and their solutions, he's hoping that we (Black americans) are past thinking there's any tangible ones, when it comes to our defeating white fascism. Meaning, he's resigned himself to being a coon for the rest of his life. And another fact that Tito and his cohorts don't realize is, there's absolutely no work required in doing this. So like most Black anglophiles, Tito's telling us, he'd rather dwell in the problem than find any kind of practical solution. Meaning, all he and brothas like him will do for our Diaspora, is talk.

Additionally, he'll never understand how spending an inordinate amount of time talking disparagingly about any faction of Black people, will ultimately do nothing but lead him to a place of hating himself for being Black. And that's made exceptionally plain by a comment someone left beneath his video.

One of Tito's anglophilic brethren, who calls himself the 'Straight Shooter' wrote: 'What's even worse is that even if you give them (Pro-Blacks) solutions, they won't execute!!!! Example: "The inner city schools are bad, what's da solution?". Homeschooling, Is a great solution, but hardly anyone does it because it's easier to complain.

Now, had this anglophilic idiot done five minutes worth of research, he'd have found an article by the 'Atlantic' magazine, dated February 17th, 2015, called: 'The rise of Homeschooling among Black families'. In it, the article's writer, Jessica Huseman, shows that the 'National Home Education Research Institute' calculated that an estimated 220,000 Black children are being home-schooled. And that Black people are one of the fastest-growing demographics in homeschooling. Also, if you go to Facebook, there's Black on-line homeschooling communities called: 'The Black Homeschoolers connection', 'Homeschooling Black families', 'Black Homeschooling for freethinkers', etc. And their memberships alone number in the thousands.

But if you've resigned yourself to being a boot-lickin', buck dancin' anglophile for whitey, you'll never know this—or even want to.

And no matter how much they try to deny it, Tito's MGTOW/meninist peers can't help but show their sexually-conflicted colors. Case in point, Tito talks in this same video about another 'red-pilled' (euphemism for men's rights activist) male who calls himself the 'Red Pill Philosophy' (RPP). He says RPP made a vid where he conducts a comparative study of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s and Conor McGregor's bulging genitalia during their fight's 'weigh-in' ceremony (The vid's titled: 'The Mystery of Conor McGregor's Bulge revealed). And even though Tito says he's repulsed by this, I notice he himself isn't married, nor is he in a long-term relationship, and if anyone were to ask him about why that is, he'd go into one of his 'red-pilled' dissertations about how marriage/long-term relationships (with women at least) are really a modern day form of ritualistic slavery (feminism).

Now, I previously mentioned how Tariq Nasheed's 'Hidden Colors' documentaries and websites like 'We Buy Black' and 'Blaqspot' are the results of a reinvigorated Black consciousness, but truthfully, in my opinion, what precipitated all of this were the fortuitous acts of one man: Dave Chappelle.

And I can hear y'all already saying—bruh, seriously? you're talkin' about Dave Chappelle, the comedian?

Yep. And let me tell ya' why...

After the 'Chappelle Show' became the biggest hit on Comedy Central, and after this show's DVD became a national best-seller, Comedy Central offered Dave $50 million dollars to continue the series. Provided that is, he'd play according to the rules of white fascist freemasonry.

And what did Dave do? He said: No, I'm not wearing a dress, no I'm not taking your money AND I'm going back to Africa.

whitey was left scratching their heads.

Cause they figured, surely no Black person would turn down that kind of money, based on anything they were asked to do. But they didn't factor in two equations: Dave's parents.

Dave's mother Yvonne, worked for the revolutionary Congolese Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, who fought tirelessly to get back the Congo's mineral resources for our people. And Lumumba chose Yvonne himself. Additionally, Dave's father, William Dave Chappelle III, was always in young Dave's life, which kept his moral compass pointing north. Also, William gave Dave some sage advice specifically about the entertainment industry, when he said, “...if the price (of fame) gets too high, get outta' there...” Thus, Dave had the mental and moral strength that helped him navigate around and resist whitey's myriad temptations. And when the Black Diaspora, and Black america especially, saw that, they were shown in one fatal swoop that money isn't our ultimate power, UNITY (Dave's going back to Africa) is.

And spring-boarding off that, I'll say Dave's triumphs influenced Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s recent win over Conor McGregor. How? Well, what is more priceless than Floyd's winning his 50th fight and breaking Rocky Marciano's record, or his billion dollar athlete's status, is the fact that he reconciled with his father over the course of the last several years, and had him in his corner while he not only won the fight, but bested Rocky's record. Again, reinforcing the fact that we win by unifying amongst ourselves, on intra and inter-familial levels.

And if you're wondering why the media's said nothing about Floyd Jr. and his father reconciling, then let me expound on that...

First off, let me reiterate that celebrity is nothing but a white fascist construct that used to influence the masses—period. That's it's only real function. Now, the artistry coming from that, whether it be in song, film, dance, or any kind of graphic design, are just byproducts of celebrity's social construct. So whitey shot themselves in the foot several times with Floyd, cause not only did he break the 'great white hope's' immaculate record, but he's a billionaire to boot, and he will influence scores of Black men and children to reconcile with each other, I believe, over the course of generations. Thus, bringing some healing and much needed repair to the Black nuclear family. And this, quiet as it's kept, will be Floyd's (Jr. and Sr.) truest and greatest standing legacy for us.

Mind you, the last thing whitey wants is for more 'pure-bred' Black men and women to have children, cause we've got the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence—and like I've said in the past, whitey's committing suicide in droves, overdosing on drugs by the boatload, and their birth rates have fallen below replacement levels for the past half-century plus. In other words, they've hit a dead end—literally.

And to put that in more layman's terms, whitey's going the way of the dinosaur, whether they want to or not. Thus, why I'm calling this series, 'The end of white people'.

Now, you may be thinking, bruh, how could you say white people are headed for an inevitable demise, when they're continuously afflicting us with newer and stronger biological diseases, and we're being gentrified right out of our neighborhoods, and they're ritualistically killing us off with 'un-natural' disasters like Hurricane Harvey?

Welp, here's the answer...

Even though whitey has the most resources to manufacture traumas on the world like the AIDS, EBOLA, and ZIKA viruses, and they've got technologies to create Hurricanes like Katrina and Harvey (google the H.A.A.R.P. Program sometimes), we should still be jubilant, cause it's when they're fighting the hardest, that we know their days of dominance are over.

Now, I never said whitey was gonna' go quietly. They're gonna' put up as much of a fight as they can, and quite frankly, that's why our ancestors created these degenerates. Cause our ingenious ancestors knew that the 'hue-man' race, needs trauma(s) to adapt to and survive through for the race to continue. And that's why whitey is here, to create and keep creating that trauma.

Moreover, our ancestors gave whitey a set amount of time to rule—and that time is UP—NOW!

So I've said all that to say this, NOTHING will stop the ascent of Black people, and NOTHING will stop the descent of whitey. NOTHING!


And with that, there ain't no more to say except—I LOVE BEING BLACK!!!


MontUHURU Mimia


You can read the 'Atlantic' magazine's article on Black 'homeschooling' here.


Here's a video detailing how whitey is perhaps able to 'weaponize' the weather that's creating these unusually violent storms like 'Harvey' and 'Irma'. And even if this is truly valid technology, what's truer is nothing will stop whitey's inevitable demise...NOTHING. Again, like Bob Marley said, "Have no fear of atomic (or any other) energy, cause NONE OF THEM CAN STOP THE TIME..."