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The gospel of white fascism (Part 19)...Question: How did asians become 60% of the world's population?

Recently, I conversed with a co-worker, and told her that the continent leading in rates of world hunger is asia, not Africa. And for a moment, she was dumb-struck. A second later, she said: “Well, that kinda' figures, 'cause there's a billion of them.”

But shortly thereafter, this Black woman and I agreed that we'd both been conditioned to believe that Africa was indeed leading in rates of global hunger. Then I told her how I'd grown up watching TV commercials for charitable organizations, where I saw African children with bloated bellies and flies swirling around them who were clearly starving, and how according to stats, those children should have been asian. Then I thought about her comment of asians outnumbering Africans, and being the world's most populus group period. So once again, being a curious type of fellow, I decided to do a little research to substantiate those numbers. And here's what I found...

First off, when it comes to the indigenous Black people of this earth, and how we're represented in global numbers, the whole of us are categorized as 'African', and our total numbers globally are said to be 1.3 billion throughout the entirety of our Diaspora. So there's literally more than a billion of us in the world, and we represent roughly 20% of the world's people, officially (wink, wink). And once again, this includes: Black americans, Brazilians, europeans, australians, etc. So according to stats, we are the second largest ethnic group on this earth. And these numbers were gathered by the 'United Nations Population Fund'. Also, at last count, there were 590 million white europeans, and 480 million more whites throughout their diaspora, which gives them roughly 13% of the world's population (mind you, 20% of europe in non-white). So rest assured, there are definitely more Black people in the world, than whites.

Now, this organization also says that the majority of humans live in asia, with its 4.3 billion people making up 60% of the world's population. And it says the two most populated countries in the world are China and India.

So when I pulled up a list of asian countries, I cocked an eyebrow when I saw that 'Russia' was listed as being in asia. And coincidentally, according to stats, Russia is the world's largest physical country (17.1 million square kilometers). Also, according to stats, there's roughly 145 million people living in Russia, and officially 40,000 of those people are Black. Now, anyone with a bit of common sense knows that ethnically, Russians aren't asians. But this is just one trick whitey's playing to cook population numbers—and this is just the tip of the iceberg, trust me.

Also, when we take a further look into one of the world's most populated countries, India, I found that there are roughly 200 million people who Indians have termed 'untouchable'. And this is because they're acknowledged as being 'Black-indians'. Google the term 'Dalit' sometimes. And what this term translates into is: 'oppressed' and 'broken/scattered'. And looking closer into asia, I found that Yemen also had a population of these same untouchables, who's numbers were counted as being in the 2 million residents range. And when you consider countries like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Palestine, the numbers of Black asians, shoots up by at least 2 million more.

Now, Black people in China at last count, were said to represent 1 million residents. And according to stats, there are 600,000 of us in the city of Guangzhou, China alone. Mind you, these numbers only include immigrant populations, not Black people who are native to the country.

Also, I was shocked to find that 'Isreal' was listed as an 'asian' country. And their population numbers were last counted at roughly 9 million. And once again, anyone with common sense knows that ethnically, isrealis ain't asians. Additionally, at last count, there were 200,000 Black people in isreal.

Now, when you get to South America, the numbers get even sketchier. First off, let's look at Brazil. So according to stats, Brazil has the largest number of Black non-African people in the world as residents. And their numbers are roughly 200 million. Additionally, I was reading an article that said for the first time, more than half of Brazil's residents are listing themselves as Black. In past decades, more of Brazilians identified themselves as white or bi-ethnic cause there was such a stigma for being labeled a Black Brazilian. But as of late, cultural norms have shifted, especially as the conscious Black movement has affected people's sentiments about Black being beautiful. Also, when you look at a country like Cuba, at least half of their 11.1 million people are Black. But according to stats, they're listed as Latino. Likewise with the Dominican Republic (DR), which is comprised almost totally of Black people (DR pop. is at 10 million). And Haiti, which is on the same isle as the DR, is also listed as having 10 million residents.

Now, when you look at the number of Black populations in South American countries like Panama, Peru, Equador, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico (my mother was born in Puerto Rico, by the way), and Mexico—note, our neighbor to the south, is said to have 1.4 million of us living there, collectively, we represent more than a third, or a little less than half of Latin American countries. Again, these numbers are unofficial, cause people who look like us and speak spanish, are counted as Latino/non-Black. And at last count, our official numbers in South America, were at roughly 20 million.

Now, nearly ALL of the tropical islands: Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Barbados, St. Lucia, Bermuda, etc. are populated with our people. And at last count, those numbers came up to 47 million (under Afro-Carribean).

Now, when we look at Australia, a lot of people will say, c'mon bruh—ain't no brothas out there playin' with no kangaroos. Well, not officially, but unofficially, there are tribes called the Australian 'Aboriginals', who are the native Black people of the continent—thus, their namesake. Mind you, whitey's slickness even applies to this name, cause on the low, Aboriginal translates into, 'abhorring the original'. And these tribes latest pop. numbers are 'officially' 700,000—and you can easily bump that up to 1 million, if you include the Black residents of nearby 'Oceania'. Mind you, these are the official numbers, which put our people at 3% of Australia's overall population.

Now, when we get to Europe, whitey's stronghold, we find that in France alone, there are 3.8 million of us. But the official numbers will only state that 8 million Black migrants are living in europe. They don't want to share the number of our people who were born and raised there.

And when we come to the u.s., our numbers are listed at 45 million residents, including bi-ethnic Black folks.

So I've said all that to say this—if you're a Black man or woman, understand that the majority of the world looks like YOU, not some asian person. Problem is, whitey doesn't want us knowing that, and here's why...

white fascism ultimately wins by keeping Black people, ya' know, the ones with the most genetic power to breed them out of existence, feeling inferior to them and every other kind of person. Cause if we knew the majority of the world looked like us, we might come up out of our 'minority' thinking, and realize that globally, it wouldn't be hard to rise up and stamp out these inbreds who are continuously doing us wrong.

In conclusion, from here forward, whenever you hear whitey refer to you as a minority, know that's just a trick to keep you from realizing they are. It's just like schoolyard politics, a bully keeps people in fear by making them think they're physically stronger than anyone else—but more often than not, once you fight this person, you'll find their bark is worst than their bite.

So when you see white and asian folks who have an arrogant air, you should look right through them. For the simple fact that whitey is not only being bred out of existence as we speak, but he's overdosing on drugs and committing suicide in droves, and asians, who are suppose to be the smartest people on the planet, represent the majority of people in the world who are starving to death.

And when it comes to these groups of people and their hardships, you know what you and I should feel? Absolutely nothing. The melanated earth is just cleansing herself of these folks who have the majority of the world's resources, and are still losing.

So I say, let mother earth do her work. Cause at the end of the day, it's justice—plain and simple.

And that's surely one thing the world could use a hell of a lot more of.

And as Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the double truth, Ruth.”



Here's some of my research sources: 1 2 3 4

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One mo' bald-faced lie about Black men...

Lie#5: Black women earn more than Black men

A couple of years back, a Black woman, who called herself 'Monique', came to my Blog and told me how she liked my speaking disparagingly on inter-ethnic dating and marriage. She also let me know that she was a blogger and a budding Black Nationalist herself. Additionally, she told me of her plans to create a new blog that espoused Black Nationalist/Pan-Afrikanist sentiments, and she asked if I could give her some pointers. So I was like, cool—she's a real down sista.

Two months into her writing this Black Nationalist blog, I saw how she would excoriate Black men who dated non-Black women, but how she'd give a pass to Black women who did the same. Then, I found out she herself dated white and non-Black men exclusively. Her claim was, that she tried to date Black men, but it was too hard—and this was at a time when she'd told me she wanted to be seen as more than a sex toy to white and non-Black men.

Finally, when I told this woman my aim was to help heal the rift between Black men and women, so I could possibly save a Black family or two, she responded by saying, the rift between Black men and women is irreparable, and the campaign to save the Black family is dead.

Needless to say, I was shocked.

Immediately after, I told her that her anglophilic mind-state was detrimental to my Blog's mission, and that she shouldn't comment here anymore. And for those of you who think that was harsh, I'll say that had I agreed with this woman's message, I would've had to stop writing this Blog. Moreover, I wondered what this woman expected me to say regarding her statement, knowing what kind of Blog I write. Understand, anyone can have their opinions, that's your prerogative, but I wondered why she would voice those sentiments here.

Also, a couple of months back, this woman commented on my Blog using a pseudonym that she'd gone under during our first correspondences. She wanted me to write something on the movie, 'Get Out'—and basically, she wanted me to talk about how the movie is a warning to Black men to stay away from white women. Needless to say, I erased her comment.

Now, about a week ago, I was looking at a particular YouTube video of a Black man who's somewhat of a Black Nationalist—although he wouldn't necessarily commit to that title. But, he let's it be known, that he's a brotha who's down for sistas. And the overwhelming majority of Black men who frequent his channel, share that sentiment.

But beneath this particular video, which talked about the unnecessary drowning death of a young brotha, a Black woman made a comment saying, 'I don't mean to be divisive, but Black men need to save themselves...' And then, she expounded on that point by saying that Black men are ineffectual leaders of our communities. Now, not only didn't she show any empathy for the young brotha losing his life, but she basically took a cheap shot at Black men on a forum where she figured we wouldn't take her to task on her statements.

Fortunately, brothas shot down this closeted coon—but what didn't sit right with me was the fact that she chose to make those comments on a channel where Black men clearly had the backs of Black women. I mean, if she felt that way about us, she could have made those statements on Christelyn Karazin's channel. She would've had a chorus of Black women who would've agreed with her.

Now, what both these Black women stated amidst their divisive diatribes is, how Black men needed to step up and take the leadership position of our communities, cause according to them, Black women are doing better, especially financially, than Black men.

So, being a curious type of fellow, I went about doing the research on the financial status of Black men and women—and here's what I found...

According to the 'Pew Research Center', in an article titled, 'Racial, gender wage gaps persist in U.S. despite some progress', dated July 1st, 2016, here's the financial data on the comparable earnings of Black men and women.

This organization's findings on the median hourly earnings of Black men and women nationally, show that Black women earn $13 dollars an hour, while Black men earn $15 dollars an hour. Additionally, median hourly earnings of Black employees ages 25 and older with a bachelors degree or higher, state that Black women earn $23 dollars an hour, while Black men earn $25 dollars an hour. So that says what? It says statistically, that Black men in america earn more than Black women.

Now, I can see the rolling of eyes and hear the sucking of teeth as I'm writing this. And many Black women will probably think, even if that's correct, Black men only make like two dollars more than us. True. But, for the last decade and a half, all the american social order has told me, and every other Black man living here, is that we unequivocally earn less than Black women across the board. So this was yet another bald-faced lie about Black men that I debunked with a little research.

And let me just say, this is why I find Black Nationalism so fun and therapeutic. It's cause EVERY negative stereotype that white fascists foisted on Black american men, at least the ones I've researched, have turned out to be nothing more than speculation at best, and flat-out lies at worst.

So, like I've said in the past, adhering to stereotypes of Black people in the american social order is poisonous to the Black psyche.

And speaking of adherence to stereotypes, there's a particular group I'd like to address inside the ranks of Black america. Now, to the left is a picture of the character, 'Calvin Candy', from the movie 'Django Unchained'. And as you can plainly see, this is an advertisement for the 'MGTOW' movement. And before I go in on them, I'd like to stress that the proper pronunciation of this organization's name is 'mig-toe', not 'mig-taow'. Again, the name ends with 'toe', as in 'big toe'. Obviously, they're trying to make themselves sound a bit better than they are.

But for those who don't know these guys, here's a brief primer on them: MGTOWs are a group of white men, who believe that america's social order has become too matriarchal. This group says they can no longer abide by america's double standards when it comes to a gynocentric bias, especially in the cases of how men are treated in america's court systems and in the institution of marriage. Additionally, these men say that women on the whole are hypergamous and intrinsically manipulative. And the highest levels in the MGTOW lifestyle are said to be attained when a man shuns women altogether. And supposedly, these men have spawned what many are calling men's rights activism. Some also call them 'meninists'.

Now, here's the straight dope on these oppressed white men—MGTOWs are a bunch of closeted homosexual caucasian men, who are using this organization as a recruitment tool for queers. Understand, gays can't reproduce themselves—so they use covert methods like this to not only expand the ranks of their brethren, but to mainstream homosexuality, especially to men who are heart-broken, or who are too socially inept to date and get into relationships with women. And their goals are really aimed at getting Black men into this sexually-confused non-sense, so we'll produce less offspring. That's why this group chose Calvin Candy, a notorious slave trader, as the face of their brand.

Now, I could care less what the fringes of america's white folks are fetishizing over lately, but what I'm noticing, is more and more Black men are becoming men's rights activists.

And truthfully, I've been wondering, what sane Black man is gonna' align himself with a bunch of white men who are acting like an oppressed miniority? Welp, turns out a lot of us will do whatever we see white folks doing, up to and including, joining the MGTOW ranks.

Now, these miguided souls seem to take aim at two types of people: 'liberal' Black women and woman-praising 'Pro-Black' men.

So here's their reasoning: Black men's rights activists say that the Pro-Black movement (Black Nationalism/Pan-Africanism) comprises too much preachy non-sense and inaction. Basically, they say all we do is talk. And they say the liberal Black woman, has abandoned the Black community in the pursuit of currying white fascism's favor. And even though they say 'Pro-Blacks' speak in code words, they don't realize how much they do this. Everyone of them seems to mention, liberalism, Pro-Black 'simpish' men, and Social justice warriors (those people who support any type of liberalism).

But here's why I really have a problem with this group—it's because they're constantly obsessing and speaking on Black america's dysfunctions, outside the context of the white fascism that created it.

What these, mostly young Black men, don't realize is, none of the dysfunctions they speak about in Black america are natural to us. NONE OF 'EM. See, subconsciously, these Black men are anglophiles who think that talking about Black dysfunction will separate them from the masses of Black americans. And that sounds good, until a white cop pulls your Black butt over.

And in one YouTube video, I heard one of these guys talk about the Black Power fist being a Marxist symbol, not a culturally Black one. What he doesn't realize is, Marxism and Socialism and Communism, came out of indigenous Black 'communalism'. Meaning, our ancient ancestors were about the collective, not the individual. And what really gets me peeved is when these guys say, if a Pro-Black man or woman mentions white bigotry or fascism, it's because we're using that as a 'crutch' to foster a co-dependent relationship between us and whitey. Now, the real reason they say this is cause they don't want to acknowledge that whatever dysfunction Black americans display is a direct result/response to white fascism. Cause consciously and/or subconsciously, these Black men don't like being Black. So their enemy is not white fascism, it's the majority of Black people.

Now, you might be thinking, wait a minute bruh—they do have a point about Pro-Blacks doing nothing but talking. Well, if that's what you think, let me remind you of Tariq Nasheed's 'Hidden Colors' documentaries, which are responsible for a good many Black folks finding out positive facts about their history, that they didn't get in american schools. Or, the Black Power Awards, which honor people in the Pro-Black community who are actively working in initiatives designed to help our people. Also, there are home-schooling collectives that are run by the Black conscious community that are teaching our children the three 'r's' (reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic), without the self-hating messages my generation got in america's schools. And today, I caught wind of a website called 'We Buy Black', which is an on-line store where the whole of the Black Diaspora can shop with exclusively Black companies.

Now, is the Pro-Black/Black conscious community flawed—hell yeah! But, there is positive work being done that doesn't subscribe to just paying lip service to the cause of Black liberation. Conversely, all I see these Black men's rights activists doing is making YouTube vids where they talk disparagingly about us. And let me say this, I made it a point not to write about (uncle) Tommy Sotomayor as of late, cause at this point, it would sound redundant. But I do want to say, that this fringe group of misguided Black men, are definitely his children. They're so mired in self-hatred, that they can't see how their real enemy is white fascism, not us.

And anecdotally, someone sent me a Tommy Sotomayor vid where he describes going to a supermarket. Tom being one of the only Black people in the store, had picked up some fruit juices near the check-out counter, and when he got to the register, the white guy behind it said, “Why don't you try this—“ And the inbred bigot showed Tommy some watermelon juice. And Tom is so confused, he asked his viewing audience if the white counter person was being racist towards him.

So I've said all that to say this, the only way white fascism will triumph over our people is to keep us disunified. So whether it be sistas who have a vested interest in berating Black men to curry the favor of white ones, or Black men's rights activists, who don't realize how much they don't like being Black themselves, we need to realize that we'll only win when our people collectively, can put aside any ideological or gender differences, and see that our common enemy, white fascism, is greater than any counter-productive behaviors we exhibit.

And like Samuel L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the double-truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


You can see the 'Pew Research Center's' study on the comparable earnings of Black men and women here.


Here's a vid on 'We Buy Black'. And you can view the We Buy Black website here.   

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The gospel of white fascism (Part 18)...Mike Vick, Colin Kapernick, Psy-Ops 101 and the deification of bi-ethnic Black men...

Michael Dwayne Vick was born on June 26th, 1980, in Newport News, Virginia. He was the second born of four children to his parents, Brenda Vick and Michael Boddie.

Mike's parents were teenagers when they met, and married when he was five. Mike Sr. worked long, hard hours in Virginia's shipyards as a sandblaster and spray-painter, while his mother worked two additional jobs to support the household. His family lived in the Ridley Circle Homes, a public housing tenement, where many residents saw sports as a way out of the neighborhood.

Mike Sr.'s job required him to travel often, but he still found time to teach his sons the finer points of football. And Mike was only three when his father began teaching him the game's fundamentals.

In 1996, as a freshman at Homer L. Ferguson High School in Newport News, Mike built a reputation as a gifted athlete. Once the school closed a year later, Mike took his talents to nearby Warwick High. There, during a game in his senior year, Mike ran for three touchdowns, and as a quarterback, threw for three more. And in 1998, he won a sports scholarship to Virginia Technical College. At Virginia Tech, Mike led the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) in passing efficiency in 1999, and he won an 'ESPY' (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) award and the first ever 'Archie Griffin' award as college football's most valuable player.

In 2001, after the NFL (National Football League) draft, he became a member of the Atlanta Falcons, and reportedly was signed to a six-year, $62 million dollar contract. Thereafter, Mike set numerous single-game career highs in completed passes, passing attempts and passing yards. He also set an NFL record for most rushing yards completed by a quarterback in a single game against the Minnesota Vikings on December 1st, 2002. Coincidentally, that record would later be broken by Colin Kapernick.

In August 2007, Mike plead guilty to federal charges in the 'Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting' investigation, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely without pay for violation of the league's 'player conduct policy'. In a letter to Mike, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the quarterback had admitted to conduct that was not only illegal, but was also cruel and reprehensible. Mike's admitting that his money financed the gambling side of the dog-fighting organization, led Goodell to hand him a harsher suspension. And at his July 26th arraignment, the terms of Mike's bail barred him from leaving the state of Virginia. Ultimately, behind his involvement in this dog-fighting organization, Mike received a sentence of two years in federal prison.

Psychological Operations, better known as 'PsyOps', are defined as initiatives to convey selected information for the purpose of influencing emotions, motives, and objective reasoning. And on national and global levels, these methods are ultimately used to form the behaviors of governments.

According to declassified info., there are three main types of these initiatives, and they are:

'Strategic'—defined as informational activities conducted by u.s. Government agencies outside of the military, although many utilize 'Department of Defense' assets.

'Operational'—which are conducted across the range of military operations, this includes during times of peace, in a designated area to gauge the effectiveness of the 'Joint Force Commanders' campaigns and strategies.

'Tactical'—conducted in areas assigned to a tactical commander across the range of military operations to support the mission against opposing forces.

Now, you might be asking, bruh, why are you talkin' about Mike Vick and PsyOps for? Cause as we speak, a PsyOps campaign is unfolding before us. And let me unpack what I'm talkin' about...

On July 17th, of this year, Mike made a statement about Colin Kapernick's lack of NFL opportunities, and pontificated on reasons why Colin remains an unsigned free-agent. Mike said, “First thing we got to do is get Colin to cut his hair...” Two days later, Colin retaliated by posting the definition of 'Stockholmes Syndrome' on his Twitter account. Now, in the days following, Mike has apologized for his outburst about Colin's jobless status as a pro athlete.

Still, Mike's earlier sentiment remains in the ether of the sports world, and in the public consciousness, as Colin has yet to sign with another sports team.

Now, what's really happening is more than just an beef between athletes, cause white fascists are making Colin out to be a martyr of sorts, so he can be viewed as having the moral high-ground in the eyes of Black america. Conversely, even after apologizing for his comments, Mike is being made to look like the notorious dark-skinned brotha. And this is all in an effort to further aggrandize bi-ethnic Black man as more virtuous, or more capable of being leaders on behalf of the masses of Black americans. This smacks directly of what Jesse Williams did at the BET awards and what Lavar Ball did in defense of his bi-ethnic basketball playing boys.

Now, you may also be asking yourself, does it really matter if Colin's bi-ethnic? Yeah it does, and here's why—the New York Times released an article on April 22nd, of last year, saying that suicide rates in america have skyrocketed to a 30 year high. Additionally, heroin overdoses are at an all-time high (pun intended) in the u.s. as well. Now, these incidences are disproportionately affecting white americans. And to top all that off, white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels for the last half-century.

See, what's really goin' on is the melanted earth has begun to cleanse herself of the white menance. The karmic ass-kicking that whites have feared Black people delivering to them, is actually happening on metaphysical levels. Because of this, whitey's scramblin' to make sure they don't get bred out of existence during the next century.

As a result, white fascist forces are doing everything they can to cast bi-ethnic Black men as the saviors of Black folk, in hopes that more Black men and women will date and mate with white people to create them. And you must forgive me for using the 'f-word' again, but Colin and Mike are both white fascist freemasons who are in on this particular PsyOp.

Now, you might be thinkin', you say that about everyone bruh—you got any proof? Well, if you take a look at a pic of Colin (left), you'll see him posing with his pet turtle. And I'd like everyone to know, I'm not much of a sports fan, so this is the first time I remember any pro athlete being photographed with a turtle as a pet. Now, there may have been one or two others like this, but none that I'm aware of. So after seeing this, I thought of a tid-bit of info. I came across a couple of years ago—and I'll share it with you here.

'Turtle Island' (And some actually call this Masonic Island), is a seven acre site in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, u.s.a. 

Originally named 'Park Island', it was founded in 1904, by a man named V.J. Noble, who just happened to be a member of the Masonic Tuscan Lodge #44. He not only owned this piece of land, but in 1906, he had it cleared for the purposes of holding masonic rituals on the property. There's also a freemasonic coterie called the 'Ancient Order of Turtles', and their pin is displayed next to Colin's pic. Additionally, indigenous Black americans say that Turtle Island was 'North America's' original name.

So I've said all that to say this—in the face of this PsyOp, Black people should be somewhat jubilant, cause what these masons are showing us is how whitey's in his last days of ruling over this earth. white fascists understand that they have no way to sustain themselves, and white men are so desperate behind this, that they're actually offering up their own women to Black men in hopes of offsetting birthrates of 'pure-bred' Black children. And this is cause, we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

In more layman's terms, God is showing us that the devil's time is up.

And it's about damn time.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see a post I wrote on Colin Kapernick specifically, you can check that out here.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 17)...Roland Martin, Dr. Umar Johnson, free energy and the secret to winning any game...

Roland Sebastian Martin, was born on November 14th, 1968, in Houston, Texas. After completing middle and high school, Roland attended Texas A&M University, where he received a B.S. in Journalism, and he also attained a master's degree in christian communications from Louisiana Baptist University.

In the 90's, Roland cut his teeth in broadcast journalism on the set of BET's Sunday morning news show, 'Lead Story'. Thereafter, he hosted a morning talk show on 'WVON' in Chicago, and was a contributor to CNN from the years of 2007 to 2013.

For four years, he hosted 'TV One's' news show, 'Washington Watch with Roland Martin' before becoming the face of the station's weekly morning news show, 'News One Now', in 2013.

Dr. Umar Johnson, was born on August 21st, 1974 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the eldest boy of 11 children, and after he attended elementary school, he enrolled in a para-military high school. He then went to summer school in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he performed mandatory JROTC (Juniors Reserves Officer's Training Corps) duties.

Thereafter, he went to Millersville University, in Pennsylvania, where he attained three degrees. One, a B.S. in political science, another in psychology, and a master's degree in School Psychology. After this, he received an 'Educational Leadership' master's degree and 'Principal's Certificate' from Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Additionally, he received a PhD from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic medicine, in psychology. That makes 6 in all.

Now, on July 10th, of this year, Dr. Johnson was a guest on Roland Martin's news show, News One Now. And with Roland, was a cavalcade of coons, I mean, guest panelists, who are supposedly friends and/or colleagues of his. These panelists were: A. Scott Bolden, an attorney and former Chairperson for the Democratic Party, Eugene Craig, CEO of the Eugene Craig organization and Chairperson of Maryland's Republican party, and Lauren Victoria Burke, who's a news journalist and brand strategist living in the Washington D.C. Metro area.

Now with all that outta' the way, let's go in...

First off, I'd like to say that this was one of the most sickeningly repulsive displays of Black divisiveness I've seen in years. Roland Martin was not only biased in the way he addressed Umar Johnson, but he went out of his way to be abrasive, combative and offensive to a fault. And what made this fracas even more disturbing was you could see, and feel, just how threatened these anglophilic negro panelists were by Umar's challenging their love of white folks.

Right off the rip, Roland questioned whether or not Umar actually had 6 college degrees before Umar unraveled his academic pedigree. Now, for anyone who's wondering whether I checked Umar's collegiate credentials, I'll tell you, I absolutely have not and WILL NOT. Here's why—if any white man came on Roland's show saying he was a PhD, none of those boot-lickin', buck-dancin' anglophilic panelists would've questioned him at all. So as far as I'm concerned, I could care less if Umar has those degrees, cause I only wanna' know about the veracity of his work for our community. Period.

And when Umar posed the question of what white people have done 'systematically', not individually for our people, the panelist of Uncle Remus' and Aunt Jemima quickly called out the 'Civil Rights Act' and LBJ's (president Lyndon Baines Johnson's) 'Economic Opportunity Act' of 1964. Now, let's unpack this nonsense...

The 'Civil Rights Act' of 1964, was part of president Johnson's 'Great Society' american reform package, along with the aforementioned Economic Opportunity Act of that same year. Now, that's what white fascists tell us. But here's what really happened to Black folks under these initiatives: for starters, the Civil Rights Act, or integration period, was a trick played on Black people to get our money into white fascist pockets, cause we were building economic bases that were growing too strong in areas like the 'Black Wall Street' under segregation. So once we bit the bait of integration, we were categorically kept out of america's unions, especially Black men, and relegated to minimum-wage working jobs provided by america's 'Job Corps'.

Basically, this was the plan of white fascists for Black people post-integration: whitey was gonna' allow us the privilege of sitting next to them and drinking outta' the same water fountain they did, while they pocketed the monies we previously spent amongst ourselves. And while they disenfranchised Black men, they offered Black women gov't programs that would take care of their food, clothing and shelter. But there was one condition they held Black women to, and that was they couldn't have a Black man in the house to qualify for these programs. Now—half of Black women didn't go for this. And let me repeat, half of Black women DID NOT accept these programs—they opted to stick it out with Black men, cause there was still some cohesion between us.

Now, I know there's brothas out there thinkin'—yeah, right. You're probably saying, bruh, I know for a fact that sistas sold us out for them benefits, and how could you prove they didn't. Here's how—in the 70's, the collective median income for Blacks in america began to rise, even while we toiled in the trick of integration. So much so, that whitey said, nope, we can't have this. So in the 80's to completely destroy the Black nuclear family, those inbreds came up with the deadly troika that would all but terminate any semblance of community or familial ties amongst us—and that three-headed monster was, 'Reganomics, crack and AIDS'.

We been scramblin' to save ourselves ever since.

Now, one thing I'd like to point out is, out of all of Roland's boot-lickin' panelists, none was more vitriolic and venomous than Lauren Burke. Half the time, this woman wouldn't even let Umar finish an answer to a question, and she, more than anyone else, represented some kind of knuckle-draggin' neanderthal, or someone who was definitely off their meds. And I noticed this woman wasn't wearing a wedding band—Swirling sistas, please take notice. If you're a Black woman reading this who really in her heart of hearts, wants to get her swirl on, then this is the kind of sista you need to have a serious talk with.

Displays like the one Lauren put on with Dr. Johnson are the reason why Black women have such bad reputations with men. Now, I understand there's gonna' be Black women reading this who are thinking, well, why aren't you that hard on the male panelists who sided with Roland? Here's why—cause Lauren's a woman. Understand, women aren't suppose to comport themselves with these levels of aggression, especially if you hold your academic credentials so dear to your heart. Lauren came off like some street-raised savage. Remember, when a Black woman hollers and screams like a maniac at a Black man, it reflects badly on you, not us. Now, I'm not talking about instances where a woman is being attacked by a man, but in this case, Lauren wasn't under any kind of duress that warranted her attitude.

Additionally, every Black person needs to understand that what white and non-Black people see one of us doing, represents what we ALL do, to them. Now, if you don't care how you're viewed by the public, hey, that's on you—but at some point, we've gotta' care about the image we project to ourselves and others. No other group of people air out their dirty laundry in public, and neither should we.

Now, in regards to this interrogation, I'll say that Umar unequivocally bested Roland and his entire panel in terms of socio-politics and historical knowledge. He also handled himself with a poise and finesse that made him look like the living portrait of 'grace under pressure'.

But I was also saddened by this display for other reasons. One is, and you'll have to forgive me for using the 'f-word' again, both Roland and Umar are freemasons. white fascist freemasons at that. If you look at Roland's photo (left), you'll see his hands form a pyramid shape, and this is definitely a freemasonic gesture.

Now, you may be thinkin', bruh, if you know Umar's a freemason, then how could you say you were impressed by his performance in that interview? Here's how...

One great fact about energy is, it's neither good or bad, it just is. And when I listen to Umar, even though he's a freemason, I can take the Black Nationalist energy he expels and use it to better myself and my community at a grassroots level. Thus, the writing of this Blog post.

Moreover, we need to understand why Umar's a celebrity of the conscious community. It's because, white fascists know that their main pillars of Black leadership, namely Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are getting old and they're not gonna' be with us much longer. So they're grooming Umar to take their place. And even knowing who Umar really is, I'd still pay to see him speak. Cause what I'd be doing, is harnessing the crowd's energy, so I can affect changes in my neighborhood, or just in my household, for the betterment of us all.

Now, you may ask yourself, why in the hell would whitey go through all this just to keep Black folks down? It's cause we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence, at a time when white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels for the last quarter-century plus.

And speaking of white fascist methodologies, whitey understands that if you control one team of any sporting event, you're definitely gonna' have some influence on the game's outcome. But you're not gonna' be guaranteed to win the game, unless you control BOTH TEAMS. That's their secret to winning any and every game. They control the radical (Umar) and the conservative (Roland).

So in conclusion I'll say, it's time for the Black Diaspora to stop investing in cults of personality, and start looking to ourselves for answers to our problems. Even though people instinctively look for fellowship and leadership, it behooves us to understand that if any 'leader' of our community should fall, that ANYONE OF US is qualified to occupy that position, if we take the initiative to do so.

Remember, before and after a leader becomes a national celebrity, we should have a localized infrastructure in place that can function without them. That's a real democracy. And that's what this country has been promising us all along.

Grassroots organizing people—that's WHAT'S UP!!


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the interrogation, I mean, Roland's interview with Dr. Johnson, if you missed it. And if you'd like to see why I think Umar is a freemason, you can find out here.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 16)...Ingenious jews and The continuing story of Jay-Z...

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr., father of JFK, was born on September 6th, 1888, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the elder son of politician Patrick Joseph 'P.K.' Kennedy.

After completing middle and high school, Joe followed in his cousins footsteps and attended Harvard. There, he focused on becoming a social leader and joined several frats that would foster life-long friendships and business partnerships.

Joe graduated from Harvard and entered the business world straight away. In his mid to late 20's, he made a grand fortune as a stock market and commodities trader, and also made a killing investing in real estate. So much so, that Joe amassed the kind of wealth that generations of his offspring will enjoy for decades. And that's a testament to his business ingenuity and acumen.

Now, that's what white fascists want us to think—but let me give you the straight dope on how Joe really made a killing.

On January 29th, 1919, america's Eighteenth Amendment was signed into law. This was 'alcohol' prohibition family. Meaning, it was illegal to sell, transport, or import, 'intoxicating liquors' for 'beverage purposes'. And once Joe heard this, he saw a golden opportunity.

Long story short, Joe formed alliances with italian crime bosses in Chicago, New York, Boston and New Orleans, to feed this underground market. And notice I didn't use the term 'Black' market.

Among Joe's 'mobbed-up' friends was Frank Costello, former boss of the Luciano crime family, and Sam Giancana, who would be a major source of funds for JFK's presidential campaign. On top of this, Frank was known to openly brag and say, “I helped Joe Kennedy get rich”.

Joe bought liquor from overseas distillers and shipped it to organized crime syndicates that made pick-ups on american shores. Joe's trap-house was a place appropriately named, 'Rum Row', which was a shipment point where police were paid to look the other way. From there, it was distributed throughout the country. Once the liquor was distributed, Joe and his crew fixed prices, established quotas and continued paying off law enforcement and politicians. And, they enforced their own law with machine-gunned contract killers, who performed bloody hits on Joe's command.

By the mid-1920's, Fortune magazine estimated Joe's wealth at $2 million dollars. And by today's standards, that would be like $100 million—and this was at a time when Joe didn't seem to have a 'visible' job. Joe used these profits to manipulate the stock market and finance his later film endeavors.

Now, you might be asking yourself, bruh, why are you tellin' us about Joe Kennedy?

Well, while I was doing some research on Jay-Z for my last post, I not only realized that I forgot to include a major point in my editorial, but I happened across a certain YouTube video that triggered this fact about good ol' Joe.

A couple of days ago, I came across a vid titled: 'Jay-Z isn't deep and neither is his album. His job is social control'. And this was created by a woman named Yvette Carnell. Since I was intrigued by the subject, I clicked on it, expecting to hear about Jay-Z's insidious ulterior motives for the Black community. But what I got was more like an emotional rant from someone with their own ulterior motives.

Yvette's whole discourse was centered around how Jay-Z doesn't have as much money as he's reported to have. Cause according to her, since Jay used to sell crack, he doesn't have that kind of 'business acumen'. And when she brought up Jay's reportedly giving Kanye West 20 million for one of his tours, Yvette pursed her lips and said, “Jay-Z ain't never gave anybody 20 million dollars, he don't have nothing worth 20 million dollars.”

Then I just saw her for what she was, an old, manless, bitter Black woman. Now, I don't use these terms lightly, cause throughout her diatribe, she had this scowl on her face and she radiated this air of negativity. And I know why she was so frustrated. In a nutshell, Yvette was told by the american social order that if you get a degree from some anglophilic american university, that you will definitely out-earn anyone who doesn't. And Jay-Z confounds that theory. You could just tell her rants were sour grapes behind her thoughts that she should have Jay's money.

And one of the most disturbing moments of the vid is when she shows a newspaper article that says, young Black men are looking to invest in stocks behind advice they heard off Jay's latest single, 'The Story of O.J.'. Behind this, Yvette replied, “They (young Black men) don't know nothing about price-to-earnings ratios, or stock portfolio management. And if you're just thinking about investing in stocks behind Jay's song, then you clearly don't have that kind of money to spend, so just move away from your computer.”

And if you're a young Black man with limited funds reading this, and you do wanna' start investing in stocks—there are financial instruments called 'Penny Stocks', and on-line brokers like 'Scottrade', 'TradeKing' or 'OptionsHouse' that'll let you invest in these for literally under $5.00 a share. Now, you won't see dividends like you would from shares of 'Microsoft' or 'Apple', but it's a great way to get started. And even if you don't wanna' start there, you can just research the markets and do 'paper-trades'. Meaning, you just follow certain stocks without investing any money, and see how they perform and figure out if you wanna' invest in them later. Remember, like anything else, the hardest part is getting started.

Now, even though I applaud Jay-Z for influencing our youth to be aspirational, I still see the white fascist hand in his music and his latest video. Now let me expound on that.

The whole Black Trans-Atlantic slave narrative, and showing that to us repeatedly, is meant to do one thing—keep us hating ourselves.

Understand, Black 'consciousness' is cool now. Especially in the wake of Tariq Nasheed's 'Hidden Colors' documentaries. So to counter that, the white fascist freemasonic order Jay works for has the 'Jaybo'—or 'Sambo' character, walking through cotton-fields and surrounded by Klansman. Towards the end of the vid, Sambo is even walking through the bowels of a slave ship. But the most insidious parts of the vid are when a 'Huey P. Newton'-looking character, who sits in a wicker chair with a spear and rifle in each hand is made to say, “Still Nigga”. Also, characters that resemble the brothas Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who raised the Black Power fist in the 1968 Olympics, are also made to say, “Still Nigga”.

This was done to tell Black people that we should never be proud to be Black, cause no matter what we accomplish we're 'Still Niggaz'.

Also, Jay-Z's cheating (whether he did or not) on Beyonce, was made known, so they wouldn't influence Black men and women to form stable, two-parent families. Cause the last thing white fascists want is Black men and women producing 'pure-bred' Black children, with the most genetic power to breed them out of existence. Especially since white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels for the last quarter century plus.

But what's even more insidious than that, is Jay's lyric, “You wanna' know what's more important than throwing away money in a strip club—credit. You wanna' know why jewish people own all the real estate in america? That's how they did it.”

Now, this takes me back to the question posed by so many Black people, and that's: why are jewish people so much smarter than Black folks?

Throughout my life I've heard Black people say jews are indeed the chosen ones, and how they were so gracious to give us jobs post-integration—so the logical question would be, how did they come to own so much more than we do?

Here's the answer...white jews are indeed the chosen people—cause white fascists chose to give them hundreds of billions of dollars in REPARATIONS!!

For instance, in a New York Times article that I'll leave a link to at the end of this post, it details how Germany has paid white jews holocaust reparations to the tune of $89 billion dollars (that's billion with a 'b') over the past 60 YEARS!

And that's just Germany.

white jews are getting these kind of monetary reparations from several countries. Now, let me ask y'all a question: what could Black people in america, or anywhere else, do with $89 billion dollars?

We could get ourselves free—like, for real free. Like free to segregate ourselves from these inbreds and be fine free.

And the reason Jay brings up jewish wealth, is again, to reinforce reasons why we should feel inferior to white folks—it speaks to reasons why we should continue to hate ourselves.

Now, I'll end this post on this point. In 2008, the Haitian 'gourde' (dollar) was completely devalued by it's government (white fascist forces), to the point where Black Haitians were shown to have wads of cash, but they couldn't buy food. So they literally ate dirt to survive. Now, Jay-Z and the powers that be would have us thinking, financial freedom is our only hope. Problem with that is, once white fascists devalue the dollar, credit, or whatever financial instrument we might have an abundance of, we're right back at square one. Meaning, we could have all the cash and credit in the world, but if white fascists devalue these, then we're broke.

What they don't want us to realize is our ultimate power lies in our UNITY!!! That's why at all costs, white fascists keep us hating ourselves and each other.

And whitey also knows that with unity, we can get everything else—without it, we can't get jack!

So by any and all means, let's get unified people—let's get fo' real free!


MontUHURU Mimia


You can read the article about (white) jewish reparations here.