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The gospel of white fascism (Part 26)...Trump's travel ban, DACA, ethnic cleansing and the price of loving whitey unconditionally...

When I first got into the work force, I distinctly remember working around a latino man who completely imbibed in Hip-Hop culture. Meaning, he dressed and spoke like a young Black man, and he listened to rap music almost exclusively. And I recall a day when one of our co-workers accused him of being “too Black”. This latino man then said, “I ain't Black, I ain't Black—I'm orange and white, that's why I'm alright.” I replied, “Well, you should join the klan then—they'll show you how white you are.”

A couple of years later, I recall catching an episode of the TV show, “Gangland”, on the History channel, featuring an outlaw biker gang called the “Mongols”. Now, these guys were basically founded and operated out of southern California, and this documentary told how the gang's first members wanted to join the “Hells Angels”. Unfortunately, they were rejected by the exclusively white Angels, cause they were latinos.

I'd also like to mention, that the Mongols got into a gang war with the Hells Angels. So they recruited “foot soldiers” from a local latino gang known as the “Surenos”. And oddly enough, the Mongols felt the Surenos weren't as “white” as they were—even though the Hells Angels made it abundantly clear to the Mongols, that they weren't white.

Now, here's the self-hating latino twist to this story...

Being that the Mongols felt the Surenos weren't as sufficiently white as them, they relegated the Surenos to lives of “serfdom”. Meaning, Mongols used Surenos to do and run errands they felt were beneath them.

But one thing Mongols didn't realize was this: Surenos were pretty much, a wholly owned subsidiary of a larger gang, who locals called the “mexican mafia”—but more officially, they were known as “La Eme”. Now, one day in a southern California motel, Surenos were dealing drugs for La Eme, and Mongol members just happened to be in the same motel. So thinking they had dominion over Surenos gangsters, the Mongols barged into their room, saw the drugs and demanded a “piece of the action”. When Surenos refused, an argument ensued and one of the Mongols pulled out a gun and shot a Surenos gangster dead. So what ultimately wound up happened was, the Surenos and Mongols found themselves at war with each other.

And the moral to this story is: these latino gangs fought behind trying to validate their “whiteness”, even though the Hells Angels years earlier, let them know they weren't white. So it's like I said so many times in the past—if you indulge in any kind of hatred, especially of people who look like you, it's ultimately gonna' result in a self-hatred. And it's too bad these latin gangsters had to find this out the hard way—but truthfully, it serves 'em right.

Moving on...

So several years after watching the aforementioned latino fiasco, I remember being on a lunch break and going to a certain eatery, where the cashier happened to be a dark-skinned asian man. When I got to the register to pay for my food, I saw right away that “habib” or whatever his name was, didn't particularly enjoy the company of Black people. So when I handed him a twenty, he gave me back a smaller bill for my change, that looked like someone had taken a bite out of it or something. When I demanded he give me a different bill, the curry-smelling arab said in a thick accent: “You people—you're always causing trouble.” So after I cursed him out, I told his manger that if he doesn't watch his mouth, he'd find a foot in his rear end—and I didn't use those words.

Years after that, I remember being in a pizza parlor, where I watched the store's wall-mounted, flat-screen TV. A “CSI”-type of dramatic show played, and on it was an episode where the main character was abducted by a group of swarthy, darker-skinned asians who threatened to kill him if their demands weren't met. And I thought to myself, man—they're still casting dark-skinned asian men as these stereotypical “muslim” terrorists.

Fast forward a decade later, to June 15th, 2012, when President Barack Obama signed america's “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival” (DACA) immigration policy.

This legislation gave latin immigrants who entered and/or remained in this country illegally as minors, a two year “deferment” from deportation. And on top of that, it allowed said immigrants to be eligible for an american work permit. And this year alone, 800,000 applicants, who've been dubbed “dreamers”, were enrolled in this program.

And laughably enough, Donald Trump, who half of latinos voted for, ended DACA.

So while Julio and 'em were yelling and screaming about the “Black” president not doing enough for their cause, the “Don” shut the whole damn thing down. And this was after Trump declared he was gonna' build a wall on the mexican border—which he wanted the mexican gov't to pay for.

And while we're talking about good ole Don, one more victory he had recently involved america's “Supreme Court” reinstating his “MuslimTravel Ban”. And this ban applies to the countries of Iran, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Now, let me just say this: I've seen both fair-skinned and darker-skinned asians dote on white folks for the better part of my life, and now that fair-skinned asians especially, are being given their “white status”, especially in countries like Japan, you can't tell these people they're not “whiter” than Blacks.

So in the wake of all these deportations and their people being blocked from entering this country, here's my question to them...

How ya' like whitey now?

And if you happen to be a latino or asian person reading this, understand that not only could I care less about Trump blocking your access into this country, but I put on a big ole Kool-Aid smile, whenever I hear about one of you getting kicked out.

Additionally, I'll never forgot a scene in one of my favorite movies, Spike Lee's “Do the Right Thing”, where some mature brothas on the corner were debating about how fair-skinned asians and latinos can come to this country one year, and open two and three stores a year later, while Black people, who've been here for decades, barely own any kind of real estate in their neighborhoods. And one of the characters says: “Well, it's gotta' be because we are Black...” Then, another mature brothas steps in and says, “C'mon man, I'm tired of hearing that excuse.”

Turns out that the first brotha was right, cause gov't stats bear out the fact that fair-skinned asians and latinos are able to get business loans at twice the rate of Black people, simply based on their ethnicity. And I'll leave a link to a post I wrote bearing these disparities out, at the end of this one.

Also, I'll never forget an episode of the Tavis Smiley show, where the musical artist, Santana, was a featured guest. And when the subject of Barack Obama came up, Santana dipped into the farthest reaches of his anglophilic mind and said: “Well—Obama's in the white house—no more excuses brothers (Black men).” As if Obama's presidency was gonna' magically make centuries of white fascism, directed squarely at us, disappear.

Moreover, I recall Santana telling a story about when he bought a large home in a white neighborhood. Carlos said that some white person put a note in his mailbox saying, no matter how many records he sold, in his eyes, Carlos is still nothing but a piece of trash—and I'm sure whoever wrote the note used a word other than “trash”. So whenever I hear about the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) deporting another truckload of latinos back over the border, I smile and drink a large glass of orange juice, knowing that one of the deportees probably picked the very oranges that went into my drink. And if the deportees themselves didn't pick those oranges, then one of their relatives probably did.

And while we're on the subject of deportation, everyone reading this should know that this year alone, ICE has deported more than 240, 000 “illegals”, and since Trump's been in office, that organization's removal rates have nearly doubled.

Now, I understand that some will be offended by my use of stereotypes when it comes to dark-skinned asians and latinos—and you know what I say to that? If you find this language crass or distasteful or completely sophomoric, let me just make three quick points...

Point#3: Don't think asians and latinos don't do this to us routinely. Whenever we're not around, trust me, they constantly slander us behind our backs.

Point#2: What these people are receiving is a good ole karmic ass-kicking cause they don't understand that there's a price to pay for loving whitey unconditionally. Especially when white folks, historically, have done your people wrong. And nothing stops karma—nothing.

Point#1: And point number one is this: you should take the language I use here as a “litmus” test in regards to your sensibilities. And what do I mean by that? Simple—if you disagree with what I'm saying and how I'm saying it, chances are you're some kind of anglophile who shouldn't be here in the first place.

I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to tell the hard truth about the nature of white fascism and those who've been brainwashed by it. And if you're one of those “Pro-Black” brothas who thinks I'm still being unfair towards latinos and asians, I say you're the most brainwashed of us all. That to me smacks of “multiculturalism”, i.e. someone who really wants to curry the favor of whites. And I started this blog with the intention of obliterating that sentiment in myself and anyone who's reading this, and that's how I'll run it 'til its end.


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the post I mentioned that details the disparities surrounding business loans for Black people, and how we're treated differently from everyone else.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 25)...Prince Harry, Meghan Markel, Cinderella theories, consensus thinking and the virtues of living vicariously...

If there's no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.
--Ancient African proverb 

A couple of years ago, I was walking back to work from a break, when I spotted a mature brotha busily picking something out of the gutter. Now, the item he pinched up off a sewer grate looked like some sort of small towel, but it was actually a sports banner from his favorite team.

So after this man pulled said banner up from below the curb, I saw that he noticed a steel rod in front of the bus cubicle he stood at. This man then proceeded to wipe the dirt off this banner, before he smoothed it out on top of this 3 or 4 ft. rod. So what he essentially did was put his favorite sports team, almost literally, on a pedestal. After that I thought, if fascists can inspire that kind of loyalty for a sports team, then what could they do with a religion?

Several years before the aforementioned incident, my “ex” had taken a trip to Las Vegas with her mother and aunt. On this trip, she ran into a fellow she shared one of her classes with, and had a crush on. This happened to be a white guy who went to Vegas to marry his “bi-ethnic” bride.

Mind you, at this point in our relationship, me and my ex pretty much knew we wanted different things from a mate. In her case, consciously, she wanted to be with and was still physically attracted to Black men. Subconsciously, this Black woman was a complete anglophile, who was just getting some closer proximity to the white men she lusted after, via her university.

While vacationing, my ex called me raving about how lovely it was that this guy had married this woman in Vegas—then she said we should get married. Now, even though this was something resembling a proposal, I said we should wait 'til she gets back from the vacation, to see if she'd feel the same way when she came home. Neither one of us ever mentioned the subject again, and we broke up shortly thereafter. *Note: If you read my post: “Why Kerry Washington and Dave Moscow broke up, and the plight of Black college grads”, the Black woman I call “Brenda”, was not only a good friend of my ex, but my ex looked up to Brenda as a role-model. Oddly enough, my ex is also the one that told me the story about how Brenda got done-over by the whiteboi in that post.

Sandy Banks, a Black woman who was a journalist for the “Los Angeles Times”, wrote an article on May 29th, 2010 titled: “Soul-searching on the subject of romance”. Now, this article was dedicated to explaining the reasons why “upper-scale” Black women, couldn't find Black men to marry. And basically the conclusion Sandy drew was, there just aren't enough “quality” Black men to satisfy the multitudes of corporate Black woman in the workplace—so their only option was to date white and non-Black men. And she asked the readers of her article, to give her their opinions.

Fast forward to June 1st, 2010. Sandy got several responses to her article, but none of them were what she'd thought they'd be. Case in point, here's one of the comments left by a “white, middle-aged man in Woodland Hills (California)” who called himself, Alan: “Any male, Black or not, would be intimidated by the raucous foul-mouthed 'braying' of so many Black women. They are often offensive in the extreme, obese or have a tendency to be so, and challenge the masculinity of any male.” And Sandy pointed out that the majority of comments to her article, reflected the same sentiment(s). And I'll leave a link to that particular article at the end of this post.

Now, on Monday the 27th, of this year, Prince Harry announced his engagement to one Meghan Markle. And coincidentally, just like the Sandy Banks article was published for the L.A. Times, Meghan herself, was born in Los Angeles, CA.

She's an actress who's claim to fame is portraying a character named Rachel Zane, on the USA network's legal drama, “Suits”. She had that gig for seven seasons, and she's had various other TV acting roles on shows like, “CSI” and “Fringe”. Mind you, what also makes her engagement to Prince Harry unusual, is the fact that she's “bi-ethnic”, meaning, her mom's Black and her father's white.

Now, I'd been hearing that Black women have swooned over this marriage, looking at it as a win for them. But then I thought, nah—those are just rumors. But being a curious type of fellow, I did some research on the topic, and when I read into some “Essence” magazine articles on this wedding, here's some of the comments I found sista's “tweeting”:

We got us a Black princess ya'll. You really can't tell me a damn thing for the rest of the day because it won't matter. Shout out to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their wedding will be my Super Bowl.” 

Black women, what y'all wearing to the royal wedding? It's a spring wedding. Got mines:” 

Meghan does pass and there are conversations we can have about that, but the reality is she is biological a Black woman who was raised by a Black woman. No one can take that away from her. So Imma celebrate.” 

Prince Harry's future mother-in-law is a black woman with dreadlocks. There are no words for this kind of joy.”

Now, these comments reminded me of three things: One, it had me recalling the vicarious living and concensus thinking mind-states involved in that brotha who fished his sport's teams banner outta' the gutter, cause he felt such a bond with them. And reminded me how people who aren't on these teams, often say “we're” going to the playoffs, whenever these teams play in championship games.

Two: this reminds me of the time when someone told me that on one episode of the TV series, “Scandal”, that Olivia Pope and Fritz, had sex in a closet. I said, “No way.” But once I did some research, sure enough, they had this scene on “YouTube”. And to add to this nonsense, After good ole Fritz was done with Olivia in their “closet tryst”, he told her, he'd made a mistake and it shouldn't of happened.

And three: this reminded me of the “Scandal parties” held by Black women, when this show would air.

Mind you, the comments of Olivia Dope, I mean, Pope, and Fritz having sex in a closet, were eerily similar to the tweeted comments about Prince Harry's wedding.

Now, inevitably, there's gonna' be some sistas reading this who say, aw—Black men are just mad at us being with white guys.

And for the record, I'm not mad—I'm puzzled.

And I can safely say that myself and multitudes of other brothas have the same question on this topic, and thats: why would Black women make themselves look this desperate to be with white men?

Mind you, if you're a “swirlin'” sista, and you're with the white man of your dreams, I say: good for you—go be happy. But for the life of me, I don't understand why sistas can't see that the Prince Harry marriage ain't a win for Black women.

Now, when Serena Williams married Alexis Ohanian, I could see how Black women would look upon that as a coup/win for Black women, cause Serena's a “pure-bred” sista. And I hope they're happy together—but once I heard about Black women doting on Meghan Markle, when I saw her, my first response was: “She's Black?”

Also, I know for a fact, if Meghan was dating a Black man, every Black woman seeing them, would think Meg's white.

Now, on the Tuesday before last, I wrote a post on the singer Jill Scott and the actress Halle Berry, detailing how consciously they're thinking they wanna' be with “good” Black men, while subconsciously, they're conditioned to hate us. And Black women's response to the Prince Harry wedding, just reinforces this truth.

Moreover, sometimes I wonder whether Black women care about their reputations or not. Cause collectively, you should know, that for women (or men) showing these levels of desperation is counterproductive to fostering long-lasting relationships. And once again, I'm not talking about how many whtie and non-Black men a Black woman's had sex with, I'm talking about getting into and being in long-term relationships and marriages with men.

And that's another reason why I'm glad “Alan”, the middle-aged man who wrote the comment on the L.A. Times, Sandy Banks article, was white. Cause if a Black man had written that comment, the overwhelming majority of Black women would quickly ignore it.

So I've said all that to say this: Black women, your behaviors towards Black men are not only getting harder and harder for me to defend, but the majority of you are giving marriage-minded Black men no other choice but to date and marry any other kind of woman, but you.

Now, like I told a smart, young brotha named “Kevin” recently, I'm not only a Black Nationalist, but I'm a “realist”—and realistically, a marriage-minded Black man doesn't have the time or desire to put up with the condescending, combative and altogether abrasive attitudes exhibited by more than half of Black women, towards us.

Additionally, brotha “Kevin” put the aforementioned sentiment this way: “in regards to 'Black' women (most), I'd argue that THERE IS NO RECONCILIATION WITHOUT ATONEMENT; until they (Black women) can confess to and suffer the consequences of screwing ('Kev' used a different word) us over, there's no use in talking about 'Black Love/Black Unity'.”

So if you're a “swirlin'” sista who winds up oversexed and alone at fifty behind being the sex toy of so many white and non-Black men, just do me a favor, and don't blame this on not being able to find a “good” Black man. Cause truth be told, just like sistas are displaying with their fervor over the Prince Harry wedding—you never wanted to be with one of us in the first place.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you wanna' read the Sandy Banks, "L.A. Times" article, you can do that here. 


Here's an alternate “header” I created for this post. And what struck me as odd, is how Prince Harry's hands look “bound” by “hand-cuffs” (you can click on the pic, to enlarge it. And you can click on any pic on my posts to enlarge them). This to me is no coincidence, cause the reason Harry is really marrying Meghan, is cause white elite's have tasked him with pushing inter-ethnic marriages between white men and “non-white” (and especially “Black”) women, so the offspring of the Black woman, will have a lessened genetic power to breed whites out of existence. It's also no coincidence that Prince Harry is getting married at the age of 33. And you can check out my post titled: "Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor", to see the significance of that number in white fascist freemasonry. The campaign of white fascists is all about getting rid of the “pure-bred” Black person y'all—period.

And here's a vid that went viral of a woman who goes by the name of “the QueenAplus”, when her name is really, “TaQuita”, crying over not being able to find a “Black man” to dance with. Mind you, this Black woman had a child with a white man. But notice how she doesn't call out white men, only Black ones, like we're obligated to be with her, regardless of how she acts around us. And to the sistas watching: understand, when it comes to Black men and copying behaviors like TaQuita's, trust that more and more of you will wind up like this.                                      

Monday, November 27, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 24)...Liangelo's UCLA, and the finer points of being "Blackballed"...

On November 7th, of this year, three UCLA students, namely: Cody Riley, Jalen Hill and Liangelo Ball, were arrested in Hangzhou, China for shoplifting.

Chinese authorities detained the three young freshman for stealing a pair of designer sunglasses out of one of the city's Louis Vuitton boutiques. And this particular store happened to be near the hotel the young men were staying at.

Shortly after this incident became national and international news, President Trump caught wind of the imbroglio and spoke on behalf of these young men to Chinese Prime Minister, Xi Jinping. And according to UCLA's Athletic Director Dan Guerrerro, the white House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, called the three students shortly after their arrest to tell them our government was working to get them free.

Within hours, the three freshman were released after Dan paid a $2,200 bail.

Once released, authorities sequestered the young men to their hotel until further litigating processes could be worked out.

Finally, on November 14th, the three freshman arrived back in the U.S. And after their plane touched down, the basketball players were swarmed by news reporters who lobbed questions at them like, “Did you guys disrespect UCLA?”, “Are you Donald Trump supporters?” and “Where are the sunglasses?” The young men said nothing as they boarded an awaiting bus.

On Wednesday, November 15th, at 11:00 a.m., Trump tweeted: Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!

And it just so happened, that at a press conference that very evening, the three young men did thank President Trump for helping them get out of jail. And at this same conference, the three young men also admitted to shoplifting and vowed from that day forward, to keep their moral compass pointing north so they don't let themselves, or the organizations they represent down in the future.

Now, this is the bogus narrative that america's media wants us to follow—but let me give you the straight dope on what really happened...

On November 7th,, several members of Liangelo's UCLA team and Georgia Tech's team (who UCLA's was slated to play) went on a shopping excursion in Hangzhou, China.

Now, being that China is mainly comprised of fair-skinned asians who don't like Black people anyway, and being that they believe every stereotype they've heard about us, the security factions of this particular Louis Vuitton store, felt that this group of young Black men were just there to steal merchandise. But the store's punk-ass security staff wasn't gonna' confront those young brothas themselves, for fears they might get their rear-ends kicked.

So they called the cops.

Now, what I need everyone to understand is, damn near all of the players in this internationally staged press event are white fascist freemasons—from Liangelo Ball and his UCLA playing brethren, to President Gump, I mean, Trump himself.

Don't believe me?
Then I'd like to point your attention to this Ball family photo (left). Now, I want you to pay close attention to “Tina” and “Lamelo” Ball (Lamelo's the one to the very left of Tina). Their hand-over-hand gestures are freemasonic. So what does that mean? It means this family is so “gansta” that even mom-dukes is down wit' the white fascist freemasons.

Now, I also want you to pay close attention to another fact I'm about to tell you regarding Liangleo, and the team members he was arrested with, and that's this: none of those young men, Liangelo included, were convicted of any crime.

Moreover, three players from Georgia Tech, the rival team that UCLA was slated to play, were arrested on suspicion of stealing as well. And they were released cause authorities had determined that they weren't involved in any theft. So here's the question: if Chinese authorities didn't catch any of these young men “red-handed” taking these sunglasses, then why were they arrested?

Mind you, all of these young men were picked up together.

Now, I can hear y'all saying—bruh, you're avoiding the obvious question: if none of these brothas committed a crime, then why did Liangelo and his friends confess to stealing?

Welp, I'd like to give you one definitive answer to that, but I can't—so, I'll give you three...

Reason#3: In order for any Black man, or in this case a bi-ethnic Black man, to stay in the good graces of his freemasonic order, he has to do something self-denigrating.

One example of this is Chris Rock, the famous comedian, and how his career sky-rocketed once he made the joke about “Black people and nigg@rs” on his “HBO” special.

After that, white executives gave him a book-deal (the book titled: “Rock This”), a TV show (The Chris Rock show) and a couple of stints as the host of the “Oscars”.

In the same fashion, Liangelo's freemasonic handlers, had him lie about stealing these glasses so he could essentially pay for the “sin” of his father. And what was that sin? I'll tell you in Reason#1—but in the meantime, let's get to...

Reason#2: Donald Trump doesn't like being thought of as a “racist”.

Trump and his father, were actually taken to court several years ago for specifically not renting out any of their properties to Black people. Also, the majority of his base is comprised of openly bigoted whites. To top all this off, Trump defended the white nationalists (klan members) who protested and fought with other groups in the Charlottesville, Virginia rally that took place on August of this year.

About them, he said, that the white nationalists had some “very fine people” in their ranks.

So to thwart this “Freudian slip”, he's trying to get people to see him as fair-minded—especially when it comes to Black people. And what better way to do that, than pretending to get a couple of young Black men out of jail.

Reason#1: And the number one reason Liangleo and his teammates lied about stealing merchandise was—so Liangelo could make up for his father's sin of correcting a white woman.

When Lavar Ball told that blonde-haired-bimbo-of-a-sports-journalist, Kristine Leahy, to “Stay in yo' lane” regarding the sales of his athletic shoes, he broke the cardinal sin that every Black man, and especially every Black man who's a freemason, must adhere to—and that's upholding and exalting the sanctity of white womanhood.

Lavar put that empty-headed floozy in her place—and the white fascist powers that be can't have that. For the simple fact that, if a woman is publicly attacked and the men of her ethnic group do nothing, it makes them look effeminate and emasculated. So this is whitey's response.

Now, Lavar Ball is a MAN. And he's got no problem letting the (white) world know that. So white fascists figured, if they can't get Lavar to repent for his sin—then they'll get the son to do it.

And in regards to Lavar, the latest press says that he's openly refuting the notion that chump, I mean Trump, had anything to do with getting his son out of prison.


And in conclusion, I'd like to say this: I watched a video featuring D.L. Hughley on this topic, where he said repeatedly, that he wouldn't bring shame to his family's name by doing something like stealing. Additionally, I saw some other anglophilic negros talk about the moral obtuseness of Liangelo behind this incident. And to them I'd like to say: If you'd can't recognize this devil (and his tricks) by now, then you either love him more than you love yourself, or hate yourself for being Black—or both.

So shame on your dumb-ass for taking everything whitey tells you as the gospel truth! And let me say that your day of reckoning is coming, if it hasn't already, behind loving your oppressor. Emotionally, spiritually, or physically—you deserve whatever happens to you for allowing this beast to make you your own worst enemy.

And like Samuel L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the double truth, Ruth”.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to read the original post I wrote on Lavar checking that dumb inbred Kristine Leahy, you can do that here.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 23)...What do Jill Scott, Halle Berry and Black Men's Right's Activists (BMRA's) have in common? (Special Thanksgiving week edition)

To the readers of this Blog: I need to remind everyone who cared enough to read this, that I always regret neglecting my duties here—but what I can promise is I'll always be back better and more focused than when and where I left off. Again, everyone's busy, so there's no excuse for the dearth of posts here lately. But I ask that you hang in there with me, cause I'm planning to expand this Blog in ways I'm sure everyone will enjoy. So do stay tuned, cause a project I've been contemplating for years is nearly finished—and you definitely won't want to miss this. Also, you can imagine after such a long absence, I've got a lot to say—thus, this post may be a tad long-winded—and that's something else I regret, but trust that you won't be bored by this editorial. And in the end, as always, you'll definitely learn something.

And once again, to everyone who cared enough to come back to this Blog, I sincerely say thank you, thank you and thank you!

Now, with that outta' the way—let's get down...

Jill Scott was born on April 4th, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She grew up an only child in North Philly and was raised by her mother and grandmother. And according to published reports, Jill recalls having a “happy childhood”.

After graduating from the 'Philadelphia School for Girls', Jill attended Temple University. There, she majored in secondary education and planned to become an English teacher. Unfortunately, after a couple of years of being a teacher's “aide”, she found herself unhappy with the position and left school. Afterwards, Jill worked a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet, up to and including: retail positions, construction site administration and working in an ice cream parlor.

From an early age, Jill says she had a love of singing and performing, and she began plying her trade at local poetry readings, where she'd showcase her work. Eventually, Amir “Questlove” Thomposon, the drummer from the Hip-Hop band, “The Roots”, heard one of Jill's soliloquies—then, he heard her sing. Shortly thereafter, he began collaborating with her in the studio. This resulted in a co-writing credit for Jill on The Roots song, “You got me”. The song went on to win a Grammy in 2000, for “Best Rap Performance by Duo or Group”.

A short time later, Jill worked with the likes of Eric Benet, Common, and Will Smith. But it was her meetings with Jazzy Jeff (Will Smith's Jazzy Jeff), and her recordings in his studio, 'A Touch of Jazzy Studios', that really got a buzz going around her music. And all of this resulted in Jill securing a spot on a touring production of the play, “Rent”, in Canada.

And behind the aforementioned goings-on, Jill was the first artist signed to music svengali, Steve McKeever's “Hidden Beach Recordings” label. Jill's debut album, “Who is Jill Scott” included the song, “Long Walk”—and it was this song, which she'd cut in Jazzy Jeff's studio, that ultimately catapulted her career into it's current celebrity status.

Since then, Jill's expanded her repertoire of creative endeavors to include several acting roles in movies like, 2007's “Why Did I get Married?” and 2014's “Get On Up”. And she's also done some TV roles, like “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” for 'HBO', as well as making an appearance on NBC's, “Law and Order”.

Maria Halle Berry was born on August 14th, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio and her name was legally changed to Halle Berry at age five. Her white mother Judith Ann was a psychiatric nurse, and her father Jerome Jesse Berry was an African-american attendant working at the same hospital.

Halle's parents divorced when she was four years old, and from that point on, she and her sister Heidi were raised by their mother. Halle recounted the tumultuous years of her parent's marriage in the press, saying she continually witnessed her father being abusive to her mother. Also, Halle was quoted as saying in published reports that she'd been estranged from her father since her parents divorced. “I haven't heard from him,” Halle was quoted as saying, “...maybe he's not alive.”

In high school Halle was a cheerleader, honor student, editor of her school newspaper and prom queen. While studying in Cayahoga Community College, she entered several beauty contests. She had previously won the 'Miss Teen' beauty pageant in 1985 and she'd also won the 'Miss Ohio' pageant in 1986. She was also the first Black woman to enter the 'Miss World' beauty pageant in 1986 (maybe this matters to someone, so I thought I'd include this bit of info.). There she came in sixth place.

Halle went to New York to pursue an acting career in 1989 and quickly ran out of money after she arrived. Behind this, she briefly slept in a homeless shelter. During this time, she did land a role in the short-lived TV series 'Living Dolls' which was shot in NYC. During the taping of Living Dolls, Halle lapsed into a coma and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After she recovered, she continued working on the TV series before she moved to Los Angeles where she went on to have a recurring role in the television series, 'Knots Landing'.

Now, we all know how the rest of Halle's story goes in terms of her film career—her movie debut was in Spike Lee's 'Jungle Fever' in 1991, and afterwards she was in the movie 'Strictly business'. She eventually went on to play roles in other flicks like: 'Catwoman', 'Swordfish', 'Monster's Ball', etc. But this post is dedicated to looking at Halle's relationship fiascoes.

Most recently, Halle and Oliver Martinez had filed for a divorce. As a result, their lawyers hashed out how their assets would be divided. Mind you, this is Halle's third failed marriage and she has two kids by different fathers. With that said, here's where I wanna' point out what Jill and Halle have in common.

Now, I remember one documentary I saw featuring Jill Scott, where she talked about being disciplined by her mother, Joyce, for some misdeed she'd done as a child—and how, according to Jill, her mother swung back her open hand and slapped her unconscious.

Mind you, this runs completely counter to Jill's talks of a “happy” childhood. Also, Jill's mother, on a different documentary talks about a pre-adolescent Jill, sneaking into bars to watch female “Go-Go” dancers perform. And when Jill's mother questioned her about what she wanted to do with her life, a young Jill declared: “I wanna' be a Go-Go dancer.” What I'm attempting to convey here, is that unbeknownst to Jill, she's suffered deep traumas in her life, which affect her relationships with men to this day. One of which, was growing up without a father.

Now, in Halle's case, she fully understands the kind of trauma she comes from, but she's clueless as to how to recondition herself out of it. Thus, she continues, and ultimately will keep being in unsuccessful relationships because of it.

But back to Jill...

Earlier this month, Jill filed for divorce from her husband, Mike Dobson, who she'd been married to for 13 months. And Mike came out publicly saying: “She’s got issues. There’s no men in that family, there’s only women. And when a man comes in, it’s like a challenge.” He added, “She’s made other men look bad, but I’m not the one. I said (to her) you’ve met your match.” She likes to have men that she can control. You’re not gonna control me. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong.”

Now to that, I'll say this: In my heart of hearts, I believe that Jill (and Halle) both want to find “good” Black men they can marry and live happily ever after with.

Now, I can hear the Black men reading this sayin', c'mon bruh, that's more of that “simptastic” stuff you “Pro-Black, Hotepin', Black Nationalist” brothas are known for.

And trust me, I do get where these brothas are comin' from.

Still, I need everyone to understand, I think Jill (and Halle), based on their words and deeds, sincerely want to find and be with that one 'good' Black man for the rest of their lives—consciously. Now, question is: what are these sistas thinking subconsciously?

What I'm saying is, both Jill and Halle are sistas who are conditioned to hate Black men subconsciously—and they don't know it.

And that means what?

It means, they've been so conditioned to despise Black men, that they'll never be in a successful relationship with one—period. Moreover, if they ever recognize this problem at subconscious levels, because of their success (i.e. the recognition of white folks), they'd never do the work necessary to recondition themselves out of their hatred for us.

And this is no theory, cause I've seen this happen plenty of times in my own life. One stark example of this was a particular Black woman who I knew a decade ago—(more like two decades ago *smiles*), who I'll call “Tamira”. Now, men found Tamira exceptionally attractive. But she couldn't understand for the life of her, why she wasn't in any long-term relationships. She'd ask out loud: “How come I don't have a man? Even the ugly women have men.” 

Unfortunately what this woman didn't know, was every time she'd start seeing a brotha regularly, within a month, she'd start saying some of the most egregiously offensive things to him, and she'd drive him away. And she had no idea she was doing this. That's how conditioned she was to hate Black men—subconsciously. Now consciously, when I knew her, she'd just got finished reading the autobiography of Malcolm X. And she would tell me how it felt like Malcolm was talking directly to her as she read those pages. Now, I contacted this woman recently—and she's still got the same opinion of Black men. And sadly, she'll take her opinion of us, and the consequences that go with it, to the grave.

And that's but one example of how much more powerful the subconscious mind is, compared to our conscious minds.

Now, this encapsulates the dilemma of Black men who are progressive, gainfully-employed, relationship and marriage-minded, and who prefer to date Black women exclusively—question is: can we find a Black woman who's not conditioned to hate Black men? And unfortunately, I have to say, the overwhelming majority of Black women are.

Now, I can see sistas pursing their lips and saying—please—the ratio of Black women to men is like 4 to 1. So any sane, sober and financially secure Black man shouldn't have a problem finding a respectable Black woman to be with. But again, what you're not factoring into this equation is that 9 out of 10 Black women feel the same way “Tamira” does. And what's worse is, they don't know it.

Now, let me throw another question out there for Black women to consider. If you knew you were conditioned to hate Black men—would you care? Additionally, would you care enough to recondition yourself out of that mental state?

Mind you, if you're a Black woman reading this, who subscribes to the tenets of “swirling”, then I already know the answer to that one.

Now, according to Census Bureau statistics, the percentage of Black women married to white men is at 0.3%. And I can already hear swirling sistas saying, that's a crock—as a Black man, you've picked the lowest percentage rate that you could find, cause you guys are mad that so many sistas are dating white men. And actually, I say to those sistas, that you should find love wherever you can get it—cause truthfully, it's better that you date outside our ethnic group, since your types are toxic to our community.

Now, not only did I get the aforementioned stats from the census bureau, but I see Black women's collective frustrations at not being able to get into long-term relationships or marriages with more white men. One prime example of this, is a novel from the “Black Women white Men” (BWWM) genre—and the book's title is: “Just marry me already”.

This gives voice to the quandary Black women are in about why more white and non-Black men, won't get into relationships and/or marriages with them, even in the wake of TV shows like “Scandal” and “How to get away with murder”. And please understand, I'm not talking about how many sexual encounters a Black woman's had with white and non-Black men—I'm talking about being in relationships with them.

Case in point, I was talking with one Black woman who made it her business to tell me that she's dated several white men. And when I asked her what those experiences were like, this Black woman became hyper-animated, before blurting out: “Well, you're not gonna' like what you hear, but they treated me better. They took me out more, and they bought me things...” Then I replied, “Well, why aren't you still with one of them?”


Now, oddly enough, I know a method that would have white and non-Black men marrying Black women at three and four times the rate they are now. And for any Black women who's interested, I'll share that secret with you—and the secret's this: Black women should go out of their way to be lady-like around Black men.

Now I can really hear the boo's and hisses behind this suggestion. And if you're a Black woman reading this, you're probably thinking or saying, bruh, you just want us to act more respectfully around Black men, so we can foster more relationships with them. And that's true. But, this would not only get more of you in long-term relationships with us, but with every other kind of man.

Here's why...

If white and non-Black men saw more of you being congenial, less combative and abrasive, demure and quieter around us, they'd consider more of you for longer-termed relationships and marriages. But because they see more of you than not being condescending, insulting and foul-mouthed around us, what they think to themselves is—man, I'd never get into a relationship with one of them. I'd have sex with them, but they're just not marriage-material.

Moreover, I remember a Black woman who frequented this Blog who called herself “Nina”. And she claimed to like the theme of Black Nationalism on this Blog so much, that she wanted to start one herself. Then, she asked me for pointers about creating and curating a Blog. After I gave her said “pointers”, she started her Blog, and straight away I noticed how she'd aggrandize Black women, while using the most excoriating language when it came to Black men. And in one particular instance when I called her on it, and told her I'm trying to heal the rift between Black men and women so we can form more families, she wrote back: ”The rift between Black men and women is irreparable, and the campaign to save the Black nuclear family is dead.”

I was shocked.

When I asked her why she'd ask me for pointers on starting this kind of Blog if that's how she she felt, her response was: “Who else was I gonna' ask?”

So if you're a Black woman reading this, especially if you're saying there's no good Black men out there, you really need to do some soul-searching to see if you subscribe to the tenets of hating Black men yourself. And once again, to swirling Black women, if you've done that soul-search and come to the realization that you really wanna' be with white and non-Black men exclusively, I just ask one favor—and that's this...if you find yourself between white and non-Black men to date and mate with, just double and triple your efforts to be with one. Whatever you do, PLEASE DON'T DATE A BLACK MAN!

Here's why...

What I've noticed about at least a third of Black female swirlers—and half of Black females period, is that unbeknownst to them, consciously, they're still physically attracted to Black men. And when the well runs dry in regards to white and non-Black men for them to date and mate with, at least half of them will resort to dating a Black man so they won't be alone.

Now, what always winds up happening is, this Black woman who's conditioned to hate Black men, will proceed to be condescending, abrasive and insulting to this Black man, and eventually, the brotha leaves.

And what happens after this is the same Black woman will use the brotha's departure to reinforce reasons why Black men can't handle a strong Black woman, and why there's no good Black men.

Conversely, the brotha's thinking, there's no way I'll ever date a sista again. So what this swirling sista just did, and is doing, is lessening the pool of available brothas who genuinely want to be with Black women.

Now, let me also tell you how anglophilic brothas contribute to this as well...

The other day, I watched two videos about Jill's break-up that were curated by brothas who consider themselves, “Black Men's Rights Activists” (BMRA's). Now, I essentially like the mission-statement of BMRA's, cause what they say is that no Black woman, or woman period, should get in the way of a Black man attaining his goals and/or reaching a point of financial security. And that's completely positive.

Moreover, I know of a young brotha who subscribes to the tenets of BMRA's named “Kevin”—I call him “Kev”, and this brotha is not only educated, but he's smart and has a lot of information that our people need. So when I listen to BMRA's, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt—but everytime I do, I realize why I'd never be one of them.

Here's why...

Yesterday, I clicked onto two vids by brothas with the YouTube handles of “BGS IBMOR” and “Oshay Duke Jackson”. And these brothas are considered to be two leaders of this movement.

Now, their take on the Jill Scott divorce was that Jill's husband, Mike, was a “bi@ch” cause he basically married Jill for her money. And now that she's divorced him, they say, his rants are sour grapes over his not getting any loot out of the deal.

Moreover, Oshay makes it a point to say: “...gone are the days where Black men are willing to build their own empires...today's Black man is looking to cohabitate with a rich woman to build his empire...”

Now, if Oshay would have done five minutes worth of research, he'd have found out about brothas like, Shareef Abdul-Malik, the founder of “We Buy Black” which is the largest online marketplace for Black-owned businesses, or Darial Clewis, the CEO of “Blaqspot”, which is a social networking site that is our community's alternative to “Facebook” and “YouTube”—and these are just two examples I'm giving you off the top of my head.

Also, many sistas out there might have the same opinion of Jill's former husband—which is, he only married Jilly for her money.

Now, one thing these new millennium negroes failed to realize is this...Jill said that being in a marriage with Mike was “dangerous”. And there's several ways we can take her comment—first, we can take this to mean that Jill's former husband Mike, was physically abusive towards her. But, any Black man with a bit of common sense knows that if any one of us puts his hands on a (Black) woman, the first thing that woman's gonna' do is call the cops. So if Mike had laid his hands on Jill, he'd be in jail right now. Another way to look at Jill's comment is that Mike was taking or selling drugs, and quite frankly, he's too fat to be a drug user, and if he were a drug dealer, he'd probably have more money than he does now—and more than likely, he wouldn't wanna' heighten his profile by marrying a celebrity.

So let me help these brothas out—what Jill meant by Mike's being “dangerous”, is he had the audacity to not let himself be abused by a woman who made more money than him. Mike said that there aren't any men in that family, just women. Meaning, Jill was raised thinking that any and every man, especially every Black man, should be complicitous and totally deferential to any and every Black woman. And Mike's speaking out against that, should be what these BMRA's are focused on.

Mike is a man. And he's got no qualms about letting Jill and everyone else know it. 

So what Mike was really saying is, the fact that Jill's got more money than him, is not gonna' change him. And this should be applauded. But it just goes to show that these BMRA's are really anglophiles dressed up as proud Black men. And let me ask anyone out there a question: if you think that Black men are no longer out to build their own empires, but are only interested in shacking up with rich women, then how could you not hate yourself for being a Black man? Moreover, if Black men and women keep talking about our dysfunction outside of the context of the white fascism that created it, how could we not hate ourselves for being Black? 

But more importantly, I need every Black man and woman reading this to know that this was the plan white fascists had for us, up to and especially after we fell for the trick of integration.

Now, you might be thinkin'—damn bruh, not everything's a conspiracy. And what does integration have to do with this?

Welp, you need to understand that under segregation, especially in places like 'The Black Wall Street', our people were getting too powerful. It's said about the Black Wall Street that the town's economic infrastructure was so robustly strong, that one of our dollars could circulate literally 100 times in that community, before it went elsewhere.

So after integration got us to walk away from our businesses—and by the way, the question you're probably asking yourselves is: If our people are so smart, than can you tell me why we walked away from our businesses bruh?

Well, the answer lies in the same reason Jill and Halle are having such difficulties being in successful relationships with “good” Black men—or any kind of man for that matter—it's cause the white fascist social order we grew up in conditioned us to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, since we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. And while doing that, they programmed us to think of all white people as divine—just like jesus.

Ya' dig?

So here's the real question: Once integration got signed into law, what wouldn't Black people do to be closer to their real god(s)?

And post-integration, a group of white fascists decided that they would do everything in their power to disenfranchise and incarcerate Black men, while empowering Black women. Thus, they proceeded to keep Black men out of jobs and labor unions, while offering Black women gov't programs that would pay for their food, clothing and shelter—under one condition: they couldn't have a man in the house.

Now, in all fairness, every Black man and woman reading this needs to know that more than half of Black women, DIDN'T take this deal.

And for brothas who think I'm just sayin' this to get in the good graces of sistas, understand, in the 70's there was still a sliver of cohesion between Black men and women. So much so, that even in the midst of falling for the integration trick, collectively, the income of Black men, women and our families, began to stabilize and rise. And whitey couldn't have that. Thus, in the 80's, white fascists attempted to put the final nail in the coffin of the Black nuclear family with initiatives like “Reganomics”, “Crack” and “AIDS”.

So I've said all that to say this, white fascists have plotted since before I was born to keep us away from the one resource that would help us defeat them—UNITY!

Now, not only am I a Black Nationalist, but I'm also a “realist”. And realistically, I know that the overwhelming majority of Black men and women over 35, are not gonna' do the subconscious work necessary to pluck the anglophilic tendencies out of them.

So the best thing we can do is make sure our kids don't get the self-hating (mis)education we got as children. That's why our priority should be to home school our children as opposed to sending them to P.S. (pick a number) in american neighborhoods.

Fortunately, a lot of us are currently doing that, and there are Black homeschooling networks dedicated to this goal. I've supported some of these schools in the past, and I suggest any Black man or woman who wants to give our children a fighting chance at loving themselves or each other should follow suit. And if you can't donate any money, then donate your time. And I'll dedicate future posts to this topic. 

So once again, UNITY is the answer y'all—and there is NO QUESTION!


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's Jill talking about her disliking of "inter-ethnic" or interracial dating, and it's effects on Black women. Mind you, this is a prime example of how Jill feels consciously, while not understanding how much she's conditioned to hate Black men subconsciously.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The end of white people (Part 4)...Black extremists, the Las Vegas shooting, fair-skinned inferiority complexes and the one thing Jim Jones and Stephen Paddock have in common...

To the readers of this Blog: First off, I'd like to apologize about the long-windiness of this particular post, but due to a whole host of new information I'd gotten about the Las Vegas Shooting, I felt it necessary to include what I'd found here.

Also, there have been some odd occurrences as it pertains to this Blog's feature functions. More specifically, I can no longer see the “Google +” likes at the bottom of my Blog posts. And I was not the one who turned off this feature. Moreover, this and other functions were turned off right after the last editorial I wrote about Dr. Umar Johnson—and if you're curious about what's in that post, I'll leave a link for it at the end of this one.

So if you value the content of this particular Blog, I ask that you be sure to subscribe to one of my other social media platforms. Cause if this Blog disappears one day, I'll use one of my other social media sites to let people know where I'll be posting next.

Thanks in advance,
MontUHURU Mimia

James Warren Jones (a.k.a. Jim Jones), was born on May 13, 1931, in the rural town of Crete, Indiana. His father, James Thurman Jones, was a World War II veteran, and his mother, Lynetta Putnam, was quoted as saying, that when she had Jim, she thought she'd given birth to a “messiah”.

The Great Depression-era economy, forced the Jones family to move to the nearby town of Lynn, Indiana, where Jim grew up in a home without indoor plumbing.

In his spare time, Jones was known to read copious tomes on the lives of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Ghandi and Hitler—and it was believed he fixated on religion in his pre-teens, due to his difficulties making friends.

Jim's parents would separate a couple of years later, and he'd live with his mother in Richmond, Indiana, where he'd graduate from Richmond High School early, with honors, in 1948. A year later, Jim would marry a nurse named Marceline Baldwin, and the couple would move to Bloomington, Indiana. Neither one of them could foresee how they'd perish in Jonestown, while Jim attended night school at Butler University, where he'd earn a degree in secondary education in 1961.

In spite of the fact that Jim began attending meetings with an organization called the “Communist Party USA”, a “Methodist superintendent” decided to help him start a church. And in 1952, he became a student Pastor at Southside Summerset Methodist. Jim was quoted as saying that he left that church cause it's leaders barred him from integrating Black members into the congregation.

A few years later, in 1956, is when Jim organized a massive religious revival with the Pastor William M. Branham as headliner—at the time, William was as revered a preacher as Oral Roberts. And following this revival, Jim had the funds necessary to open his own sanctuary, which he would go on to name, “The Peoples Temple Christian Church.”

Now, Jim first started building “Jonestown”, which was known as the “People's Temple Agricultural Project”, as a means to create both a ”socialist paradise” and a “sanctuary” from the media's increasing scrutiny of the nearby, counter-culturally friendly city of San Francisco.

So in the summer of 1977, Jim, with hundreds of Temple members in tow, abruptly left the u.s. headed for their socialist utopia—Jonestown, Guyana.

Mind you, 68% of Jonestown's residents were Black.

Long story short, on November 8th, 1978, Jim Jones forced 909 inhabitants of the People's Temple, 304 of them children, to drink and/or ingest cyanide, in what was at the time, the greatest loss of civilian life in america's history. And after Temple members had perished, Jim himself was found dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. Authorities ruled his death a suicide.

Stephen Craig Paddock, was born in Clinton, Iowa, on April 9th, 1953. He grew up in the towns of Tuscon, Arizona, and Sun Valley, California, and was one of four sons born to Stephen's father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock. Coincidentally, Stephen's father Ben, was a convicted bank robber who was on america's FBI's most wanted list—and after being caught and incarcerated, Ben escaped prison in 1969. Stephen was 15 at the time.

Stephen graduated from John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in 1971, and obtained a degree in business administration from California State Univesity (CSU), Northridge, in 1977.

After graduating from CSU, Stephen held several government jobs over the course of a decade from 1975 to 1985—first of which was being a “letter carrier” for the U.S. Postal Office. Thereafter, in 1985, he was a federal auditor for a year, with a focus on defense contracting. And for three years, he worked as an internal auditor for a company that merged with Lockheed Martin.

After the new millennium, Stephen became a real estate investor who seemingly set down roots in L.A. There, he acquired properties in Panorama City, Cerritos and North Hollywood, California. He also owned several other apartment complexes, which according to his family, put Stephen's net worth at somewhere north of 2 million dollars.

On October 1st, of this year, Stephen was identified as the gunman responsible for the Las Vegas mass shooting. This mass murder took 59 lives, including Stephen's, and wounded 489 other spectators at a 'Jason Aldean' concert. And for the uninitiated, Jason is a country artist, who just recently resumed his tour after this tragedy. Stephen's motives are unknown and he was found dead in his hotel room of a single, self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

Now, this is what white fascists want you to think happened to Jim Jones and Stephen Paddock—but let me give you the straight dope on why they really did what they did...

In the case of Jim Jones, he was actually a CIA agent tasked with gathering as many of San Francisco's Black population into his church as he could, for the expressed purpose of moving them out of the country, so they could be more easily killed. And the reasons for this were: one, the counter-cultural allure of nearby San Fransisco was inspiring too many americans to rebel against america's white fascist status quo, and two, Black people have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

So not only were these people moved to Guyana for the purposes of them "commiting suicide", but people who actually escaped the Jonestown “massacre”, said they saw people being forced to drink cups of Jim's cyanide-laced concoction at gunpoint. And those who still refused to drink, were either injected with this poison, or shot dead.

Now, you may ask, bruh—how would you know if Jim actually worked for the CIA? Well, Richard Dwyer, who was not only a well-known, but a high-ranking member of the CIA (he was also the deputy chief of mission at the american embassy in Guyana), was seen several times conversing with Jim and accompanying him on various plane trips. Additionally, during the actual Jonestown massacre, Jim is caught on audio tape saying, “Get 'Dwyer' out of here before something happens to him.” On top of that, journalists found out that the Guyanase locale that Jonestown was built on, was actually a CIA training camp for green berets who were plotting an operation in Angola.

Now, in the case of Stephen Paddock, journalists and “conspiracy theorists” found that on September 27th, of this year, Stephen met up with a man named Scott Edminson—and Scott has been identified as a CIA arms dealer, who's technical title was a “machinist”.
In addition, Mandalay Bay hotel room-service receipts confirm that on September 27th, “2 guests” were served meals in Stephen's hotel room.

Also, on October 1st, of this year (four days after he met with Stephen), Scott was stopped by troopers in Washington County, Tennessee, where it was discovered that he had several “bump-stopped” semi-automatic weapons and 900 rounds of ammunition in his car's trunk. On top of that, none of the weapons had serial numbers on them. Mind you, the gun's serial numbers weren't filed off—they were manufactured without them.

Also, when it came to the night of the Las Vegas shooting, Las Vegas sheriff, Joseph Lombardo, was quoted as saying that Stephen, “...did not act alone.”

Lastly, it's said that the reason Stephen gambled so much, is because that's how arms dealers launder their money.

But ultimately, what Jim and Stephen had in common, was this: neither one of them knew that the white fascist freemasons who hired them, were tasked with killing them after their assignments were over. Cause ultimately, they were expendable.

Now, you may be saying—well, I realize what might have motivated Jim Jones to do what he did—but I'm still wondering, what the motive behind Stephen's shooting was.

Well, let me break that down right quick...

This month, a “declassified” FBI memo, dated from August of this year, says that a new type of domestic terrorist is coming to the fore of american culture—and this newly-appointed menace, who just happens to come from the ranks of the “Pro-Black/Black Lives Matter” community, is being called a “Black Identity Extremist (BIE)”.

Now, white fascists say they predict an increase of violence against police officers by these factions, in the wake of Micah Johnson's July 7th, 2016 shooting in Dallas, Texas, where 5 cops were allegedly killed. And I say allegedly, cause you and I both know the white media's famous for its bold-faced lies—especially when it comes to us. And I'll do more research on that incident in another post.

Still, the FBI are citing six incidents of violence against police from 2014 to 2016, to justify their BIE theory. And in the span of those two years, they're saying 8 cops have been killed. But according to the Washington Post's database, in 2015 alone, cops killed 259 Black people—38 of which were unarmed. And of those, less than 40% of them were listed as an “attack in progress”.

In other words—american cops are the real domestic terrorists, not BIE's!

Now, if we group incidents of BIE “terrorism” with the Las Vegas shooting, and the white nationalist rally that turned violent on August 12th of this year, behind confederate monuments being taken down—and then add to that, varying rumors about the faces of Mount Rushmore being removed, then any sane person will have to come to one conclusion—and that's this: white fascists are running a major campaign to keep working-class white folks in a state of outright fear.

Now, that's really nothing new. A white fascist's stock-in-trade is fear-mongering. But here's 3 facts about whitey's latest fear-inducing campaign that working class white folks don't know—and even white fascists themselves would be slow to admit to.

Fact#3: Working-class whites have no idea that Trump and his constituents are behind the removal of those “confederate” monuments. 

And to keep it even “real-er”, working-class whites are dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to this kind of political maneuvering. Meaning, they couldn't fathom the white man they voted for could be manipulating them in such insidious ways.

One reason being, of course, that Trump would never openly admit to this, cause he and his coterie know that would be tantamount to political suicide. And it wouldn't get them any closer to their intended goal—which leads us to the next fact...

Fact#2: Trump and his white fascist handlers, are trying to get working-class whites to start an ethnic war. 

This is the real reason all those confederate monuments are coming down, even though Trump could sign an executive order to stop any of those initiatives from happening tomorrow. Also, another way white fascists are keeping working-class whites deliriously fearful, is evidenced by the fact that Stephen and his cohorts, shot up a Jason Aldean (i.e. a country artist's) concert.

Now, why would this be any different than shooting up any other kind of concert? Cause white country artists and fans, pride themselves on their “whiteness”—meaning, they're proud of their bigoted stance towards Black folks. Thus, a lot of them probably feel that not only are their lives in danger, but their culture (i.e. their bigoted “way of life”) is in danger as well.

Fact#1: And the number one fact that neither working class whites nor white fascists will admit to is this: ultimately, whitey's too scared to go toe-to-toe wit' us in any kind of ethnic war. 

No white person—and I mean no white person, will admit this to themselves.

And there's no place where this was more evident than in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the aforementioned white nationalist rally. Now, this was a march meant to galvanize factions of the “alt-right” (i.e. white klansmen) to show their power and prevalence in america's social order. But what wound up happening was whites from other organizations, started fighting with the white nationalists—and a riot ensued.

So understand, white nationalists showed up at that rally to show how powerful they were. And more than anything, this was really supposed to be a symbolic threat to Black americans. But whitey knows full-well he's not gonna' march in Black neighborhoods—cause we know what would happen if they did.

And they know too.

Which is the reason why they'd rather turn on themselves and cannibalize their own culture.

And let me just add, the reason(s) the “Rocky” movie franchise was created, and why it was so wildly popular, was and is because white men feel inferior, physically and sexually, to Black men.

And like I said in my post titled, “Floyd Mayweather Jr., Conor McGregor, and the reasons why Black Spirituality trumps white intellectualism”, this was the real reason the movie character, “Tony Manero”, from Saturday Night Fever was created. To thwart the idea that white men weren't good dancers (i.e. good “lovers”).

Now, to everyone reading this, I don't want you to take my word for any of the info. here—please go and do your own research. But I do hope this serves as a bit more of an explanation as to why the Las Vegas shooting happened.

Still, what I want Black men and women to keep in mind is this: nothing will stop whitey's inevitable demise—NOTHING! Conversely, nothing will stop the ascent of Black people. Now, does that mean white folks will go away quietly?


But like I've said in the past, it's when we see them fighting hardest, that we know their time to rule is over. And from what I can see, they're fightin' pretty darn hard...especially with each other! Which does nothing but put a big 'ol smile on my face!


MontUHURU Mimia


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