Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's with white poeple's obsession with zombies and vampires?

Dawn of the Dead (1978/2004)

Return of the Living Dead (1985) 

Day of the Dead (1985)

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Interview With A Vampire (1994)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) 

28 Days Later (2002) 

True Blood (2008)

Zombie Land (2009)

The Walking Dead (2010)

And you know I could keep going...

Recently, I was in the library once again, and while I was between book racks, I overheard two white guys conversing.

I was poring over Randall Robinson's book 'Quitting america': A Black man's departure from his native land; and for the uninitiated, Randall founded the TransAfrica forum, which exposes the dastardly foreign political deeds of the western powers regarding their African agenda. He's also a Harvard Law graduate on top of his being a fine political activist and author.

I shamefully admit, I still haven't read Randall's classic book, 'The Debt': What america owes to Blacks, about mandating reparations for the diaspora; but I definitely will soon. 

Anyway, one of these guys was saying, "...yeah, we were working on the project later than usual and decided to order in some pizza; we cut on the tube, and me, Bob and my friends wanted to watch 'The Walking Dead'. But all the Black guys wanted to watch the 'All Star Game'; and some how, we got outvoted. So we watched that insipid game all night."

Insipid game? Compared to what? An even more insipid fictional drama about some damn zombies?

I then thought about the proliferation of zombie and vampire flicks I've seen come to movie theaters, TV and even live theater in some cases.

It made me pose the question, why do white people obsess so much over zombies and vampires?

Do we really need a new zombie or vampire movie every year to keep these people's appetites sated?

Then it hit know how whites always steal everything from Black people culturally? Like how we dance, sing, dress and talk. The reason they're so prone to doing that is, they don't have any kind of spiritual foundation to create anything cooler themselves. 

This reminds me of Oprah's 'Legend's Ball' back in 2005; where she held a celebration of celebrity Black women and invited a gospel choir for the entertainment. Now, there were some white folks in the audience, as is mandatory for any Oprah gathering, but when BeBe Winans went into the audience and passed the mic to the likes of Shirley Cesar and Patti Labelle, they started taking the audience spiritually higher; and white folks were wondering what was going on. 'Cause their pale skin is not only devoid of melanin, but it causes them to only reach the very lowest of spiritual levels. 

Whitey got shook, 'cause we were taking them places they couldn't go. 

This also reminds me of a white guy I know who swears up and down that Eddie Van Halen is the greatest guitarist who ever lived (If you don't know who he is, google him). Now, I know Eddie's no slouch, but when I mention Jimi Hendrix to this guy, he automatically says, "...oh yeah, well, he was very innovative, but I think Eddie had more technique...and he outlived Jimi by decades."

Firstly, Eddie is a virtuoso guitar player, and his techniques are and were very revolutionary; but anyone studying guitar over the course of years could very well pick up his techniques if they really tried. 

Jimi's techniques for his creative use of the guitar's 'feedback', has everyone to this day shaking their heads, like, how'd he get those sounds out of the guitar? And what white people can't fathom, is Jimi was infusing his 'spirituality' into his guitar playing; i.e. his intrinsic knowledge of our people's Black spiritual sciences...and that's something you can't teach. 

"Well I stand up next to a mountain, and chop it down with the edge of my hand...'cause I'm a VOODOO CHILD..."
--Jimi Hendrix

As for Eddie outliving Jimi, the white guy probably doesn't know, or wouldn't believe, that Jimi Hendrix was murdered

Moreover, Jimi's white manager had a hand in his murder. 

So, it's now crystal clear to me why whites love zombies and vampires so much; its 'cause these lukewarm-fleshed, spiritually vacant and highly homicidal creatures, remind them of themselves.

And we as Black people need to remind ourselves that this is who they truly are; and this is why they're incapable of doing anything but causing destruction wherever they go. 

And for the people saying not ALL whites are like that...I didn't say ALL OF THEM WERE.

I'm just relating to you how 99.9% of them are.

And if you don't believe me, hang around them for a couple of days, months or years...eventually, they'll show you their real selves. 

And no Black person should be shocked by what they find. 


MontUHURU Mimia


For those of you who thought I forgot to mention Wesley Snipes in the movie 'Blade'; I haven't. I didn't include that here because after 'Blade' was successful, white executives sabotaged the film by giving more face time to Wesley's white co-stars in the sequels. So much so, he sued them for that and for wages he was owed and never received. 

If you'd like to read more about that, you can see this Blog's short bio on Wesley Snipes here.


Here's the vid for the Oprah's Legends Ball 2005, where she had whitey shook over where our melanated minds could take us spiritually. 

Note how Maria Shriver (white woman at the beginning of the video with her daughters), says when the singers started passing the mic around, "I hope they don't come near us." 

This is nothing less than our people's 'spiritual ingenuity' at work...


Sunday, February 23, 2014

The defiling of Denzel Washington...

The other day, I watched the movie 'Flight' starring Denzel Washington.

For the uninitiated, this movie is about Denzel being a drug-addicted, drunk of an airplane pilot, and how a botched flight he was at the helm of goes down and crashes. After surviving the accident, Denzel's character is hospitalized and told by his airline's officials that not only is everything alright, but because only six people out of 109 perished, Denzel's character, will be hailed as a hero (or Heru--the word 'hero' comes from our ancient Black deity 'Heru').

Moreover, when Denzel is piloting the plane, his co-pilot is portrayed by some emotionally constipated looking white guy. Now, this fellow not only looks like the poster child for sobriety, but his starch-pressed, ultra-bright, white shirt, is used to symbolize how whites have a higher moral standard than us dastardly Black people (Cinematic Symbolism).

Unfortunately, the Heru/hero worship is short lived.

The cocaine and drinks in Denzel's character's system, shows up in a toxicology report before Denzel has a chance to fully convalesce from his wounds, and he sees the public's hero worship turn to hatred for his having flown impaired.

Now, I'll admit that I haven't seen this flick in it's entirety. So maybe some set of circumstances redeems Denzel's character and he gets his good name back, but I wouldn't bet on it. And in the first two minutes of this film, we see Denzel in bed with a woman while talking on the phone with his ex-wife, about child support payments. This is meant to cast him from the gate as an unscrupulous low-life.

Now, there's another scene in this film where Denzel is in a hospital robe, and he literally shows his ass. This inevitably reminds us, or is meant to remind us, of when Denzel was shot in the ass in the movie 'Training Day'.

You see, for the white elites, Denzel was a little too virtuous for a Black man. So his image had to be tainted. 

When Denzel did such a fantastic job in Malcolm X, which is my favorite role of his (and it's my favorite Spike Lee film, by the way), Denzel was seen as much too morally upstanding.

The fact that he was also on People magazine's cover as the 'Sexiest Man Alive', meant his image had to be soiled, less he makes white guys look less desirable.

But beyond these things, here's what really made Denzel so abhorrent to white elites:

1.) Denzel is a rich Black man who married a Black woman. 

If for no other reason, this is why the elitist inbreds had to assassinate Denzel's character. 'Cause white fascists definitely don't want the Black diaspora sharing resources with themselves. They want EVERY rich Black man to share his wealth with a white woman, so eventually, that money goes back to their community.

2.) Denzel was a Black father who produced Black children and stayed with his kids. 

White fascists really don't want Black men and women producing any more pure bred, or pure-bred looking, Black children, cause they'd have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

3.) In the movie 'Pelican Brief' where Denzel starred alongside Julia Roberts, he said he wouldn't kiss Julia, because he didn't want to upset his Black female fan base.


'Cause not only was Denzel saying he was completely down for Black women, he was also making white women look less desirable to Black men. 

And you know white fascists can't have Black men looking at white women for the pale-skinned, stringy-haired, flat-assed, less curvaceous, superficial, and less intelligent women, they really are. Black men have to be kept doting on white women, less a trend starts where every rich Black man would want to marry a Black woman. Heaven forbid. 

And notice how in the majority of his films, Denzel's love interests are usually white or fair-skinned women. Again, these inbreds don't sleep when it comes to their agenda.

So films like 'American Gangster' are being used to criminalize Denzel's once squeaky clean image. And linking him to an infamous drug peddler was a win-win as far as white fascism goes, 'cause it not only knocked Denzel off his moral high horse, but it kept a Black face on drug dealing. Cause any sane person should know how Black people don't own or operate the planes and boats that fly and float these drugs into the country.

American Gangster's Frank Lucas character also portrays a Black man going to southern asia to get a more potent drug product. So this makes it look like Black men are the ones who actually have a strong hold on the international trade. But if you wanna' find out the truth about the people who mostly run the drug trade, you might wanna' rent a documentary called 'Cocaine Cowboys'...and I'll give you a hint about the people in it...they're not Black.

You could also reference another of this Blog's posts, 'Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes and the cult of american patriotism'. There, you'll hear about Jean Jehan, the real life inspiration for the movie 'The French Connection'. And if you're too young to remember this flick, google it. 

This man was said to control the largest heroin dealing monopoly in the world from France...thus, the 'French Connection'.

So, that real question still stands, you know, the one I keep posing over and over again...and that's: How do we heal the rift between the Black man and woman? 'Cause whether we realize it or not, we're under constant attacks and pressure to hate and hurt one another. And this is the question no one wants to answer in the diaspora. 

The solution involves the Black Diaspora reconditioning ourselves out of the self-hatred bred into us, by white fascists. And as far as making Black people hate themselves, this is especially true of every book Black people are mandated to read in pre, middle and high schools. These books are meant to keep us in a perpetual self-loathing, by fomenting boatloads of shame in the Black psyche. 

Now, doing this is gonna' be a long, arduous task, but it's one we MUST undertake if we as Black people are going to survive and thrive, globally or locally. 

So again, let's get to work. 


MontUHURU Mimia


You can read the Blog post where I mention Jean Jehan here.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How can the Black diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women?...Part 2 (Kem Love)

As I've intimated in past posts, The Cinematic Symbolism Blog is at the nucleus of a multifaceted, multi-media project. 

With that said, I'd like to offer the readers of this Blog something in the way of a more visual take on the subject of casting out the self hatred that's so pervasive in our diaspora. 

The video at the end of this post, Kem Love, is a representation, to me at least, of what Black people should be viewing on a daily basis; loving images of Black men and women who are dedicated to healing themselves and loving each other.

Now recently, I've noticed...and you might have too, that this Blog may look a bit different. Meaning, the fonts of this Blog (both the ornate and regular ones) might look a bit smaller...understand this was NOT my doing. 

This has happened to me several times on YouTube, when someone, or someone Black, takes on or talks disparagingly about the white supremacist american social order, and has their Blog or YouTube channel manipulated in some way to dissuade them from continuing on with their message. 

This is now happening here.

Sometimes I think there's more internet agents than regular people who actually view these Blogs...or view mine at least.

But understand, when you take on this white supremacist beast, this is what happens; there are consequences to speaking against the white elitist status quo, and this is just the beginning of my travails with them.

But rest assured, I WILL NOT BE MOVED!

By that I mean, they surely can take away this medium, but I'll always find a way to get out my message!

I understand what I'm going through here is exceptionally light stuff compared to what my ancestors encountered fighting for their basic human rights, but even though my Blog is small in stature, it's gotten the attention of some white fascist who's figured I've gone too far.


I didn't make up this white supremacist social order, I'm just reporting on its machinations. And if I can't do that here, I'll surely find someplace where I can; or I'll create my own space unencumbered by the likes of white western fascism. 

And of course it won't be easy...but I'll always find a way to get it done!

Until's my video 'Kem Love'; enjoy!

Kem Wesir (Black Power!),

MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to take a look at my other video, Kem Queens; you can view it here.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

White supremacist conditioning and a lovely afternoon at the library...

"Give us a boy 'til the age of seven and we'll show you the man."
--The Jesuits

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to the readers of this Blog for the paucity of posts as of late.

I've been in the midst of moving, along with a myriad of other 'life' problems I'm dealing with; one of which is, I'm currently between ISP companies right now: so, I'm doing the majority of my Blogging from the annals of my local library. 

But rest assured, I'll be operating at my max capacity in the very near stay tuned, 'cause I've got a lot of cool topics I'll cover soon.

With that said, here's my latest post...enjoy!
The other day, I was at my local library and I had my laptop in tow.

Now, I knew from the previous hours of using it, how low its battery's power was; and when I looked around to all the seats near electrical outlets, I realized they were all occupied.

Fortunately, my local branch is mid-sized and has a couple of sections to traverse. So, reluctantly, I headed for the children's section 'cause it was the least crowded.

Now, I don't care for being in the company of pre-adolescents, but this was an emergency.

There were some kindergarteners roaming about their section, so I tried to look as innocuous and nonthreatening as possible; which was a lost cause on every front. But it wasn't a matter of parents or kids giving me any attitude, it was my feeling hyper-conspicuous that kept me unsettled.

But after a good while of finding a particular table to sit at, I gotta' admit the section's vibe was kinda' nice. After the better part of half an hour, the sun broke free from some oppressive cloud cover and glistened through the area's floor to ceiling windows. Right beyond the paned glass was an assortment of potted plants, angular shrubs and small trees making the area look more like a topiary; and directly across the street was a white church that seemed to glow in the sun's gaze.

The combination of the section's tan colored carpet and the mahogany desk I sat at was making this library feel more like a large Starbucks.

That's when what looked like a five year old boy, traipsed over to a section of books adjacent to my table. His father followed closely behind.

After a couple of minutes the two started conversing about different books. That's when this young white boy said “Dad, you know the southern part of the Sudan is one of the best areas (of Africa) to visit 'cause the people there are the most civil.”

Now, I hadn't heard the earlier part of the conversation and I'm paraphrasing what this young guy said, but the comment's inflection spoke to what he'd been taught and had been conditioned to believe about Africa. And what he'd obviously heard was what we've all heard about our mother continent, and that's how famine plagued and uncivilized its Black citizens are.

The father was a bit dismayed about his son's lack of discretion, but only for a second, 'cause right afterwards, they both returned to looking at books.

Then the young white boi said, “You know Dad, there are two Santas, one is white and one's Black.” The father didn't respond but you could tell he wanted his son to shut up. See, what the child didn't know, was he was exposing what kind of parenting he was getting from his father; and how he was being indoctrinated into a sublime form of bigotry.

The white boi reiterated, “Dad, the two santas are from opposite polls, one south and one north, the white santa is from the north pole...the African santa is from the south pole...and he's Black.”

That's when the father ushered his son to another section; inwardly, I was like, wow.

Mind you, this kid looked to be only about five or six, but what he already learned and was conveying to his father was how there's something intrinsically wrong with being Black. The kid hadn't developed an internal filter yet, so he was just saying what came to mind. And again, he was exposing what his father taught him.

That's when I thought about the Jesuit's saying that I wrote at the top of this post.

By the time a person is five or six years old, they have the personality and character traits that will ultimately follow them throughout their lives, unless they do the subconscious work to recondition themselves out of whatever trait they don't like.

It blew my mind how this kid already got the message that he shouldn't like Black people. And his father obviously felt the same way, but he didn't want to air out his mental dirty laundry.

Then I looked over at the church I mentioned earlier and noticed it was painted white; and even though this church had a weather-beaten look to it, and could have definitely used a new paint job in a different hue, the proprietors seemed not to want to change its exterior.

And the church had a clever saying on its marquee; it read: Seven days without prayer makes one weak. Now, even though that's catchy, it's telling of how this white supremacist message spewed by the church and other institutions, is one the white elite want us to carry with us everyday and everywhere.

This made the church's mission, as well as the mission of every institutional facet of the white supremacist social order, even clearer to me.

Why do you think we're given a white bottle of milk to drink as infants?

Understand, cow's milk is strictly for its calves, it's not suppose to be for human consumption. But we're given this so throughout our lives so we'll always have positive connotations to the color white...moreover, we'll always associate the color white to thoughts of wholesomeness, safety, and if we're given these bottles while we're with our mothers, we get the message that this color is necessary to our mothers are.

Then, several minutes after the white father and son left, something else happened.

A lone Black man was looking over another book shelf near my table, and I shamefully admit, what came to my mind first comes trouble.

I shook my head clear.

See, I can spout out all these posts about reconditioning the subconscious I want, but I still have work to do on myself; 'cause I still have prejudices against my own people I need to recondition myself out of.

A lyric popped into my head from a heavy metal band I once listened to: “Agony is the price that you pay in the end, domination consumes you and calls you a's a twisted foe.”

This is the plight of every person, especially every Black person, living in this global white supremacist social order.

And like myself...we've got a lot of work to do to resolve this brainwashed condition we're in.

So, like I've said a thousand times, it's imperative the Black diaspora work to get ourselves back to a place of loving one another...ASAP!! And it's imperative that we do the meditation and other mental exercises that will help us accomplish this.

'Cause we desperately need to internalize one of our African ancestors great ancient axioms, and that is: IF THERE'S NO ENEMY WITHIN, THE ENEMY WITHOUT CAN DO US NO HARM.



MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa were paired for daytime TV...(Special Superbowl edition)

Micheal Anthony Strahan was born on November 21st, 1971. He's a retired football player who spent the majority of his athletic career with the New York Giants franchise and he attended Southern Texas Univerisity after high school. 

Strahan set a record for the most sacks in a single season in 2001 and he won a Superbowl in his final season playing with the Giants in 2007. On February 1st, 2014 he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

After his athletic career, he became a media personality in front of and behind the cameras, he's currently an analyst on the TV show 'Fox NFL Sunday' and he co-hosts Live! with Kelly and Michael alongside Kelly Ripa. He's also produced and starred in the short-lived TV show 'Brothers' on the Fox network, and he's appeared as host for the TV show 'Pros vs. Joes'.

Kelly Maria Ripa was born on October 2, 1970 in Stratford, New Jersey. She's an actress,TV producer and host who got her start on the daytime soap opera 'All My Children', she was discovered while performing in local theater productions in and around her hometown.

The other day I had the Live! with Kelly and Michael show playing while I checked e-mails, and Kelly commented on how people think she and Mike are married.

She went on about how people say they have the rapport and look of a post-nuptial set, and Kelly actually down-played the fact that she's married to her real husband, Mark Consuelos.

Now, I don't think I was the only one who scratched their head when it was announced that Mike Strahan would be this show's new co-host alongside Kelly, after Regis Philbin retired.

Mike's strapping and hulking physique looks incredibly odd coupled with Kelly's pixie-like frame. And understand, I have no problem with Mike being successful at whatever he endeavors to do, more power to the brotha, I just wanna' elucidate the real reason this odd couple was paired in the first place.

Mike and Kelly's odd pairing was the result of the white elite's agenda to endorse inter-ethnic relationships and marriages between Black men and white women. Moreover, Mike's brawny phsyique coupled with Kelly's blonde-haired, petite frame is specifically designed to make people think they're having sex, even though they're not.

Elitist white men are so committed to keeping Black men and women apart, they're willing to give up their own women to make sure the Black Diaspora doesn't produce anymore pure bred Black babies. (Again, the original 'Immaculate Conception' was the birth of a pure bred Black baby, 'cause only a Black man and woman could create one)

Now remember, back in the day, Black men and even Black boys were killed just for whistling at a white woman (Emmett Till). But now, with white birth rates falling below replacement levels, elitist whites have to make sure Black men don't literally breed them out of existence. So, at all costs, they have to keep Black men and women separated and hating each other.

So here's the question: in the face of the white elite's agenda to keep us apart, how committed is the Black Diaspora to healing the rift between Black men and women so we can build functional, stable relationships and marriages again? And do we realize the endgame of all this, is the innihilation of pure bred Black people, or at least Black people who look pure bred?

As I've said in my past post 'How can the Black diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women', we need to be as vigilant, if not more so, than the white elites about Black men and women mending fences, cause we see how far white elites are willing to go to make sure we, meaning pure bred Black people, no longer exist.

This is the reason I laugh when klansmen or dumb white bigots talk about 'race purity', if anyone should be worried about 'race purity' it's Black people, 'cause we have the dominant DNA.

They're recessive-traited, not us.

Remember, white people are the world's smallest ethnic know how they're quick to call Black people 'minorities'? They do that to offset the fact that THEY are.

So again, the answer to all this comes back to reconditioning ourselves out of the white supremacist gridlock in our subconscious minds, so the Black Diaspora can rise to prominence.

The ONLY way the Black Diaspora will prosper and survive, is if we're reconditioned to love ourselves and our people again, period.

And this is not hyperbole, we are in a state of downright triage and it's imperative we love ourselves enough to work together again. 

That's why when you or I encounter a negative, dour or mean-spirited Black person, it's imperative that we don't condemn them as being 'typically Black'.

Remember what our people have been put through and how we are taught more than any other person on the planet to hate ourselves. And I know this may be hard when someone's in your face being a jerk, but it's important that we understand what created this person's attitude, so we don't turn that hatred inwards on ourselves.

And you and I both know that as Black people, this kinda' thing happens every day to us and our kind.

So again, let's be vigilant and diligent about the work we need to do on ourselves and the Diaspora...cause this really is a matter of life and death. 


MontUHURU Mimia